100,000 Condoms For The 2008 Beijing Olympics

From Tianya: Olympic Village 100,000 Condoms is For Who to Use?

Olympic rings condoms

If it were not for the “announcement notice,” I would not have thought this “Beijing Olympics AIDS Publicity Campaign” was a big deal. But through the notice, I understood, the real purpose of the Beijing Olympics AIDS Publicity Campaign is to “place 100,000 high-quality condoms in the Olympic Village clinic with AIDS precautions and anti-discrimination publicity booklets printed in English, French, and Chinese, available for use by athletes and competition personnel.” According to this news, these 100,000 rubbers are made by the company everyone is familiar with: Jissbon. Our special domestic product at least is considered in this international feast

Continuing on, the next question is: 100,000 condom, for whose use? To use with whom? Although the notice also says they are for “competition personnel” use too, it is obvious the “condoms” are still mainly for the athletes. The first question of “for whose use” is answered.

Then, the big question is “to use with whom?” One single person alone has no use for a condom. Two people having a chat also do not need a condom. There is only one situation that requires using a condom–making love. To continuing the investigation: Athletes do not bring their spouses, so why do they need condoms? The official answer should be: Take it home, then use. And the answer that cannot be made public is: Not necessarily only use with spouse.

Then, use it with whom? The proper answer should be: Athletes who do not bring spouses can only use it with two types of people, one type being people in the Olympic Village, the other being people outside the Olympic Village. People in the Olympic Village are the athletes themselves or competition personnel. Outside the Olympic Village? Take a guess.

Just like when someone invites you to hunt and gives you a gun, there will definitely be hunting. Right now, condoms have been given to you, and what you do with them and with who you use them with is your own business.

2008 Beijing Olympics hostess girl with Olympic rings hairstyle

The poster also included a poll. Here are the results (as of 08/08/07 1:05pm):

1. Do you think athletes having sex before competition is appropriate? (11,437 votes)

Appropriate, athletes also have needs, should not be repressed.
Not appropriate, this is not good for athletes condition, may affect their performance.
Not a big deal, just repress a little and it will pass.

2. Do you support the Olympic committee’s decision to provide the athletes with free condoms? (11,381 votes)

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Support, people have needs.
Do not support, would this not be supporting debauchery?
Hard to say, there is good and bad, depends on how it is done.

3. Do you believe the Olympic committee providing free condoms to athletes before the competition is a humanistic gesture? (11,314 votes)

Yes, not only does it help prevent AIDS, it also evokes the “humanistic Olympics” spirit.
No, this has nothing to do with humanism.
Not sure, let us see first.

4. What brand do you want the 100,000 rubbers to be? (11,239 votes)


True Man


Are not our hostess girls dressed and ready…?

Lou zhu‘s” head was kicked by a donkey. Obviously, when coming to China, one definitely must enjoy the Asian girls. So, we better keep an eye on our daughters…

Well, I think it is very normal, just use it with whoever you want to use it with. Also, they are only making the condoms available, not begging or forcing everyone to use them, or asking that the athletes use up all 100,000 of them. There will inevitably be someone who needs them.

“Lou zhu,” you are really bored.

Reportedly, Beijing now forbids people using bottles to carry liquids [when entering competition locations].

So, people are forced to use “high-quality condoms” to carry water.

Jissbon? They cost on average over 2 RMB for one, right? Pretty expensive. What I want to know is, can those who purchased tickets freely get some condoms too? If so, let us go get some, it is free~~~~

Foolish, “lou zhu,” you do not understand this?
Of course it is given to foreign athletes to use, even if they did not bring their spouses. Did you not notice that there are many “volunteers?” If we do not get the foreigners out of the way, how can China get first place for gold medals?
I think 100,000 is not enough to guarantee this, we need more.

Keep a close eye on your daughters and sisters. Women these days are worse than the men!

Ha, definitely will not be used by Chinese men~

2008 Beijing Olympics hostess girls training smile with chopstick

Man and man,
Man and woman,
Woman and man,
Man, Man, and women……

2008, August, I reckon half of the volunteers will volunteer to make love…
2009, May, I reckon Beijing will experience an increase in births of babies with mixed-blood.

Good thing my daughter is not a volunteer there!

Volunteers in 2008, mothers of mixed-blood babies in 2009.

Do you think not providing rubbers will stop foreign athletes from looking for girls?

100,000! My god!!!

First, let me use what my primary school music teacher taught me to calculate:

100,000 condoms / 16 days / 24 hours / 60 minutes = 4.34 condoms/minute

On average every minute, approximately 4.34 condoms will be consumed.

In other words: Each minute during the 60 minutes of each day’s 24 hours of the Olympics’ 16 days, there are 4.34 couples having sex.

If the international average is 15 minutes per session, then every time there are 4.34×15≈65.1 couples in the middle of having sex…..

If the international average is 90 minutes per session, then every time there are 4.34×90≈390.6 couples in the middle of having sex…..

If the international average is 250 minutes per session, then every time there are 4.34×250≈1085.1 couples in the middle of having sex…..

Since the above-mentioned 65.1 couples, 390.6 couples, 1085.1 couples are pairs, then we also need to multiply by 2, so that means every time there are 130.2, 781.2, 2170.2 individuals having sex……

–Every time there are 2170.2 individuals having sex–My god! What kind of event is this!!!

Is 100,000 enough is another matter…..

Exhausted athletes!
Exhausted volunteers!!!

Everyone motherfucking exhausted!!!

2008 Beijing Olympics hostess girls training standing with legs together using books between knees

Without the condoms, one year later Beijing will add 100,000 mixed-blood babies, giving birth to a brand new nationality.

Maybe the Olympic Organizing Committee is afraid of a river of semen forming? he he

Beijing has a lot of university girls, how can there be no use for the condoms?

China’s government already said, foreign prostitutes cannot come to China.
Obviously, this is to reserve all the business for us Chinese only!

If we cannot defeat them in athletic prowess, we must overwhelm them with the desires of the flesh.

Stupid cunts, why do we need to provide condoms when holding the Olympics? We are holding an athletic competition, so if condoms are needed, they can bring their own! Motherfuckers, if the foreigners want to get high, are we supposed to provide white powder?

20 years later, there will be a lot of mixed-blood children who will bring Olympic glory to their motherland!

Foreigners coming for half a month can use free rubbers.
What about the billions of migrant workers who endured over the decades? Who has cared for them?

Hehe. This was the government’s own fault. Originally, it was supposed to be a humanistic thing, but why is everyone so against it? Because the government is always sanctifying itself, making itself like a saint. At least, that is how it seems. Now, suddenly becoming secular and produces condoms. There will certainly be some feeling that it is hypocritical. Why is it that when foreign governments do this, everyone has no reaction? Because other people long ago stopped sanctifying themselves, long ago “Pay to Caeser what belongs to Caeser–and God what belongs to God.

Five 2008 Beijing Olympics hostess girls

What are they doing?? They might as well pair them up with 100,000 prostitutes…

One rubber to defile one virgin girl.

Today’s university students are all more open, those Olympic hostess girls are all the pretty ones from each university, who are more forward-thinking. Think about it, what a rare opportunity to be so close to foreigners! (not all of them, just a few of them)

China’s future hoodlums will increase.

Sigh, nowadays, whether the [Communist] Party does good or does bad, they get scolded, beat like the mouse that crossed the road.

Did they distribute female condoms? Must respect women’s rights!

They can take away the gold medals, but leave us their seeds? Is this the plan?!

Olympic prostitutes…hm, not bad. If China is ranked first for gold medals, they will have been the number one reason!

Friends, the “lou zhu” have captured you in a rubber.
I am on my way to get soy sauce.

I think these people are exceedingly disgusting. Chinese women do not stand for your insults. You think Chinese women are all convenient prostitutes for foreign devils? Before insulting other people, first check if your own house has females. Such degenerate scum.

Blow up the Fuwa and install a silica gel vagina. 250 USD each. Buy five and get 20% off. Spend 1000 USD and you can do it with five Fuwas at the same time. Let us earn foreign devil money.

If they cannot use them all, give them to me! Jissbon is very expensive! I can resell them and then get rich! Ha….

I saw some news earlier that when one athlete takes off his clothes, immediately there were five volunteers fighting to wash him. So you can imagine, when one athlete puts on a rubber, oh my god, immediately there will be X volunteers…..

What do you think?

2008 Beijing Olympics hostess girls welcome foreigners

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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  • Veer Left

    The above answers and opinions have been provided by the sexually unfulfilled internet nerdizens of ZhongGuo.
    Hey nerds…There are as many females at these games as Males… the fittest from around the world. WHo the HELL wants soft little doughy unathletic commoners?
    As one who actually knows an Olympian or two, I assure you that they are having championship sex all over the athlete village.
    BTW. 50% of the Olympians are FEMALE…no need to leave the Olympic Village.

  • Anonymous

    why do you think the Olympic committee recruited only pretty and leggy girls? Don’t forget the hordes of bikini clad Chinese cheerleaders who will make enticing moves on and off the stands. With the new sexually open generation, this might end up as the Sexual Olympics. In view of this prospect, condoms must be used to prevent an epidemic of sexual diseases.

  • Kai

    @ Veer Left:

    You’d be surprised how many people want “soft little doughy commoners.” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (just look at the comments in Nanchang long-legged beauty post), and I wouldn’t make the assumption that all the female/male athletes in the Olympics are the ideal paragons of beauty. There is a difference between being at the top of your sport and being sexually attractive.

    I’m pretty curious as to whether or not boinking pre-competition would indeed affect your performance as an athlete though. LoL.

  • Rick in China

    This whole thread is stupid. Whether they provide condoms or not is irrelevant – people who choose to use protection or not to use protection often do so whether or not condoms are free. It’s not like “Oh there’s a condom, I guess I’ll find someone to f*ck” is a common thought. If it’s there, it’s there, if it’s not, they’ll be bought, if it’s there and the pair doesn’t practice safe sex, it’s a moot point anyways. Whether or not they provide free condoms doesn’t make a difference. Anyone who thinks different…well, probably doesn’t get laid much.

    As Veer Left mentions – there are so many fine ass females in the Olympic village, there wont be much need to hit up the scrungy ‘happy ending’ parlors which are usually occupied by straight-off-the-rice-field or equal-sexiness-to-ai-yi wenches. We all know that the chances of f*cking while traveling is multiplied, everyone bunking in the same venue while not in their home town will take advantage of that and the fact there are some of the sexiest firmest bodies around to have fun with. Yum, this makes me want to try out for the London games… (too bad there’s no beer bong event.)

  • I have also made a post of related to your topic plz check it out… Olympic 2008
    Can i use your image at my blog?

  • Rick in China

    RE: “There is a difference between being at the top of your sport and being sexually attractive.”

    This is true, however, being athletic often increases the sexual pull one has. There are reasons society has connotations of, say, the quarterback with the cheerleader squad captain, etc. The chances are, being athletic earns you a harder, firmer, more sexually attractive physique than someone who doesn’t exercise – and may look fantastic in clothes – but softens up into skin on mush on bone when naked. I’ve met enough “apparently sexy” bodies in China that, when naked, change – I think the majority of men or women in the world would agree (based on pop culture norms) that having a firm fit body is a turn-on. That being said, athletes generally have higher testosterone levels and as a result, a stronger sex-drive. Google “testosterone sex drive” to read about the links. This boosted sex drive combined with many hard young bodies in a far-from-home environment while staying at the same ‘village’, uh….yeah, denying the sexuality present would be silly.

  • DiabloIII

    haven’t they had hidden cameras in placed within each room of the olympic village? it’s a surprise if the big brother is not watching this

  • Kai

    @ Veer Left:

    “I’ve met enough “apparently sexy” bodies in China that, when naked, change…”

    LoL, so you get around then? ;)

    Anyway, I think we largely agree that modern society does place positive connotations on physical fitness. I just thought it important and worthwhile to moderate some of your comments that I thought were a bit absolutists. After all, plump women were in vogue centuries ago, heroin chic still gets plenty of play, and different cultures often prefer different endowments. After all, I don’t find some of the grotesquely muscular or disproportionate ladies in the Olympics to be all that attractive. Take a gander at some of them, look down, and tell me if we can agree on that point. ;)


  • Rick in China

    Based on quote, I think you were replying to me, for the most part at least.

    To answer your first question, Yes. :D

    I agree with your point that not all women in the Olympics are hot. Of course that’s the case. There are some *butch* bitches. I don’t expect Hilga from the Russian quick-snap heavy weight lift team to be grabbing up any free Jissbons during this Olympics (then again, there are some husky grunts out there who might be able to handle that kind of beef). To speak in ratio, however, I think there is likely a far greater ratio of what a statistically average man (not centuries ago, not fetish-lovers) would consider “hot” skirting around the Olympic village than the average university campus or shopping mall in pretty much any city of the world.

  • Kai

    LoL. Nice.

    I think insofar as “hotness” is associated with athletic bodies, then sure. But that’s one of those “correlation not causation” things. For example, for me and many men, beauty is often associated not just with one’s body but with one’s face. No doubt many Olympians have physically fit bodies, but there’s no automatic guarantee their faces are good-looking. Of course, we can always brown bag it (heh), but I think you understand my point. Oh, and I would probably opt to hunt in a university or shopping mall than the Olympic Village, while fully acknowledging that there would likely be far more hot bodies in the latter. What attracts me and many others, however, isn’t so singularly defined. Cheers.

  • brtp

    You two should visit the olympic village together to take a look, record some data and then compare =D

  • Kai

    @ brtp:

    LoL, yeah, seriously, go scouting for talent. ;)

    Well, for anyone who watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony, we know there were plenty of hotness and plenty of not-so-hotness, both in terms of face and bodies. But of course and again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  • This is quite a useless yet funny thread. They recruited tall girls because (I think) tall girls are aesthetically pleasing to likewise tall foreigners.

    • Honibaz

      The irony is that they actually tend to have preference for shorter women.

  • tOTF

    i hope they got enough extra smalls for all the chinese athletes.

  • Anonymous

    snide comments on small penis size of Asians is a refuge for the insecure of mind.

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  • I think they had a similar number shipped in for the Greek olympics. Let’s face it, if your event was on day 1, what are you going to do for the rest of your time in the village?

    I bet it’s a free-for-all, fur-flying, f*ck-fest in there!

  • Kai

    LoL, interesting update on these condoms at Yahoo:

    Condoms just sit on shelf at Olympic Village

    BEIJING (AP)—If the amount of free condoms being handed out is any indication, it seems the sex life of Olympic athletes isn’t what it used to be.

    Two-thirds of the 100,000 condoms available to competitors at the Beijing Games are sitting unused in the Olympic village’s medical clinic—in stark contrast to previous games.

    Organizers ran out of prophylactics at the 2000 Sydney Games, which forced Athens organizers to nearly double the total available to 130,000 four years later.

    “Athletes should know about the condoms—it’s a tradition of the Olympic Games,” said Vhao Wyanli, assistant director at the medical clinic inside the Olympic village. “It’s nothing new.”

  • Bob Smith

    If we can’t get them out…we will breed them out!

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  • Wen Jia Bao

    Wearing condoms sucks when fucking innocent young Chinese girls in their asses.

  • Rick in China

    @Wen Jia Bao
    I have enough trouble causing pain penetrating them vaginally, I can only imagine the pain riding rough-shot in a tight little ass.

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  • Garth

    Mixed children? I was under the impression that children were just that, children. Actually, the government should have encouraged and be subsidizing the girls to have sex with the top foreign athletes. Logically, it would be great for China. Produce the best athletes and intellectuals for the future and start a strong new gene pool, which is needed constantly to strengthen future generations worldwide. Every isolated area in the world is suffering from gene strain and only prospers genetically from outside breeding. Just think, beautiful girls, strong athletic men, what a perfect combo, just ask Mr. Goebbels!