11-Year-Old Chinese Boy Donates Organs to Save Others

Liang Yaoyi, an 11-year-old Chinese boy who decided to donate his organs to save others before he died from a brain tumor.

From QQ:

11-Year-Old Primary School Student from Shenzhen Donates Organs Before His Death to Save Others

The only 11-year-old primary school student Liang Yaoyi from Shenzhen suffered from a brain tumour and shortly before his death, he decided to donate his kidneys and liver. On June 6th, his wish was fulfilled and within eight hours, the organs that he had donated were able to save several lives. Photo is of his room in the intensive care unit, where little Yaoyi had already lost consciousness and no longer able to close his eyes by himself, so the nurses put a thick layer of medical cream onto his eyes.

Chinese doctors bow to the body of an 11-year-old boy who donated his organs to save others after dying from brain cancer.

The suffering caused by the tumour even caused him he to change his personal dreams and aspirations. If he could only survive, he would become a doctor, and cure everybody’s illnesses. Previously, he had just want to become a big boss that earned lots of money, so he could take care of his mother in the future. Regrettably, he would not be able to become a doctor, and thus he decided to donate his organs as well as his own body to a medical school, therefore fulfilling his dream of entering a medical university in this way. Photo is of after the operation was completed, when doctors pushed his body out of the operating room, and bowed to Yaoyi and his mother three times. At this moment, his mother covered her face, and cried bitterly.

Comments from QQ:


I hope the medical school will honour the dignity of the deceased after they have dealt with the body. They should not just randomly discard the bodies of others but instead give them an honourable burial.

書 生鹅卵石 (responding to above)

Have you been to a medical school? Where did you see that they randomly discard bodies?

469328539 (also responding to 举报鹅卵石)

The remains must be returned to the family.

酒中仙鹅卵石 (also responding to 举报鹅卵石)

Every part of the body is of use to medical science, so it will not be discarded much less buried.


*crying* Whenever I see such a scene I feel completely dejected. The best explanation for life, is exactly this. Rest in peace little Yaoyi. In heaven there will be no more sickness, there will be no more pain.


Liang Yaoyi, you will touch everybody [with your action]! Rest in peace.

1 2 3 木头人~

What a good child! I believe humans have a soul, and may his wishes come true in the world of spirits.


The life of the child will continue in the people who received the transplants!


Rest in peace. I hope that you will find more happiness and cheerfulness in the other world.


Rest in peace child, you will live forever in our hearts.


Good child… may you rest in peace. In heaven there is no sickness and pain…to see such a fine child with such a fate… fate really likes to play jokes on people!


A great soul originates in a noble mind.

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  • NeverMind

    Much Respect. Rest in Peace dear Child.

  • DavidisDawei

    God Bless You Liang Youyi for thinking of others as you were suffering.
    All of us have great plans, but this is a reminder how fleeting time is and that tomorrow is never guaranteed.

  • Boris

    An article like this will get little comments but I echo the words of the two previous commenters. Much Respect.

  • Dax

    “So shines a good deed in a weary world…”

  • How many iPads did his parents receive in return doe

    • Dr Sun

      Probably the most insensitive, asinine and stupid comment ever posted on this site .

      • Germandude

        Nah, checking his comment history, he is constantly lowering the bar of where the bullshit begins.

        • Dr Sun

          yes, checked him out, really is a complete moron.

      • Kai

        Nah, not the most.

    • Pharenheit

      Please go hither and partake in the consumption of fecal matter and expire.

  • ClausRasmussen

    The picture of the doctors bowing is dignifying and moving. You can’t help sense the gravity.

    • whuddyasack

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. It truly is touching and shows the amount of respect the doctors had for the young man. After all, he was one of their own and a doctor by nature.

      I too am completely moved and humbled from the first picture alone with Liang’s eyes wide open. Young Yaoyi has a maturity far beyond his years and more heart than people 10 times his size. It’s a pity that death always claims the good ones first. May Liang rest in peace and condolences to his family.

  • fabulous

    If you donate your organs to individuals, you can’t be sure who they will go to. Maybe they will go to some undeserving sod.
    Donating your organs to a medical university, so that healers can be trained; that kid was all class.

    • Dr Sun

      “If you donate your organs to individuals, you can’t be sure who they will go to.”

      Tell me how do you decide who is deserving, by their cast as what happens in India, or by their their wealth as happens in Singapore, or by random chance/ lottery ?

      • Germandude

        First the young, then the old. Save a life that has potentially 60 years ahead is worth more than a life that only has 10 years ahead (on average life expectancy of course).
        I know, it’s brutal, inhumane to judge “worthiness of a life” like this, but there has to be some standard implemented.
        And I have seen a 60 year old getting new organs while a 8 year old was waiting as well. 2 years later, the 70 year old died. The boy was still waiting.

      • wnsk

        it is currently illegal to buy/sell organs in Singapore. a local tycoon tried to use his wealth to procure a kidney; he was jailed and fined.

        priority is given to registered donors, i think.

      • fabulous

        Mr Sun

        Let me first assume that you are being facetious, so I’ll not have to change my perception of you. I’ll reply as if you were being serious, so that your questions aren’t merely rhetorical.

        First of all, who isn’t deserving or who is at the end of the queue?
        People who ruined their own organs.
        People who ruined other people’s _____.
        People who ruined their own organs, got new organs, and then ruined those.
        People who are very, very old.

        Secondly, who is most deserving or who is toward the front of the queue?
        People who had someone else ruin their organs.
        People who are supporting other people.
        People who would do the same thing for others.
        People who are/are about to help society.
        People who are young.

        Then you go ahead and put people along that scale.
        It doesn’t have to be a big deal Mr Sun.

        • Dr Sun

          I can only assume you know nothing about organ donation , selection or procedures in the US, Europe, etc, ie that its done on tissue matching and a lottery, not on “how valuable or deserving” you believe someone to be .
          You may think you are worthy, your daughter is worthy, but if others don’t ?
          Thats why a random lottery is the answer, and has been for a long time.

          • fabulous

            That’s a great wikipedia entry, and if I had asked how such things are done in the US, Europe, etc you would probably have saved me a trip there. But, as it stands (and this may take some re-reading on your part) you are arguing in some sort of parallel conversation.

            My original comment said that if you put your organs up for a donor scheme you won’t know who they will go to; maybe they will go to someone who doesn’t deserve them.

            You then, sensing that my comment was maybe a horse high enough for you to be seen from, asked me how I decide who is worthy. Do I follow your lazy argument of three obviously flawed options?

            Nope. So I go to the lengths of explaining how I would decide who is worthy. And did you argue against that?

            Nope. You wrote that there is a lottery, which, in addition to not being true, just further reinforces the idea from my original comment. If you can’t be sure that your organs will go to a nice person, you should donate them to a medical university.

  • Dr Sun

    “The picture of the doctors bowing is dignifying and moving. You can’t help sense the gravity of the scene.”

    and who was it that said Chinese are selfish horrible people, our resident trolls and all the chinese haters on here will be choking on this.

    The Fred Fong “a selfish country….willing to poison themselves and live in their own filth, How can China build an army when its own people don’t respect each other or their own country?”

    • mr.wiener

      Two nice stories in as many days, it must be a record.
      …though the netizins seem hardly convinced.
      Faong would fit in well with the most negative of them.

      • Dr Sun

        This is a story which happens all over China every day, I know most people on this site hate and despise all things Chinese and Chinese people, but I disagree. I think ordinary Chinese people are wonderful people, but thats just me having a wonderful wife and family here, great friends and colleagues who look after each other and care for each other and their society.

        • Germandude

          I don’t think most people on this site hate and despise all things Chinese. It’s just that negative & shocking news tend to create more reactions than good ones. This holds true everywhere. Check out your country’s online news and see which ones create the most reactions.

          Government decreases taxes by 5%? Silence, as everybody is busy figuring how much that makes him.
          Government increases healthcare taxes by 2%? Everybody comments in disgust due to high tax burdens again.

          I am not really different, I know that.
          That doesn’t mean I don’t see the good in this country and its people.

        • Don’t Believe the Hype

          I think a lot of people just like to vent at perceived differences and the darker side of China, but at the same time many of the same people love and respect a lot of other aspects of China at the same time.

          • Mighty曹

            I think I’m in this category.

          • whuddyasack

            I think most of us are in this category whether we like it to admit it or not. I most certainly am. The important thing is not to be so one sided as to appear unreasonable and ridiculous. You’re definitely not one-sided bro. Even if you were to say you are, I won’t believe you. Absolutely not ;-)

          • Mighty曹

            Hahahaha… you know me too well, Bro. You’re right, no matter what an ass I make myself appear to be but when it really matters I’m deeply defensive about China/Chinese.

          • whuddyasack

            I wouldn’t be your brother if I didn’t know you from the inside out and vice versa. We have the BC connection and that makes us brothers for life ;-)

          • Mighty曹

            Hey I’m driving up to YVR in September (got a new car!). I can’t wait to enjoy the food up there. Seriously, food is way better there.
            That’s right! Brotha fo life! You got two months to get back there to meet up.

          • whuddyasack

            Congratulations on the new car bro. Is it a Honda or Mitsubishi by any chance?

            You know, I was reading the reviews at urbanspoon and it seems SF isn’t really famous for its food. I heard there was also a shortage of women in SF too although it’s probably an urban legend. It definitely isn’t as much of a sausage fest as the rural areas in China haha.

            Sadly, I don’t think I can make it in two months to join you as I’ll still be studying overseas by then. Sorry about that my brother. Btw, I also have to apologize for the email, it’s something I’ve been working on for a while but I’ll get there, eventually.

          • Mighty曹

            How could you leave out Toyota?? But thanks, Bro, I got the Avalon Hybrid Limited. Yeah, I know, the Avalon used to be an “old people’s car” but the new style is aggressive enough to suit me and the interior is quite luxuriously appointed. It’s a poor man’s Lexus. LOL
            Actually SF is one of the world’s renown dining cities with top chefs in int’l cuisine. Sadly for Chinese food it’s losing its touch, even among popular establishments.
            LOL! There’s definitely no shortage of hetrowomen here. SF was rated among top metropolitans in which one of the categories was to meet single females.
            No problem. There’s always a ‘next time’. Australia/New Zealand will be on my list of places to visit. :)

          • whuddyasack

            Ugh… see this is my problem. I just had this huge hunch it was a Toyota (it’s what I drive) and really wanted to mention it but somehow did not. I guess deep down I’m afraid that my “right” answer is wrong and somehow just won’t say it. I just think it would hurt my pride less if my alternate answer was wrong rather than my “true answer”. This gets me every time haha.

            Ahh yeah, don’t worry I think the New Avalon is awesome too and I won’t call you an old man even if you drive the older models. Otherwise, you can call me “gay” because I drive a woman’s car (Yaris NCP130R). Well, I’m driving a Sedan so it looks less “gay” and the 2013 model isn’t as bad as the previous ones ;-P. It’s not really my car though, so that explains it haha

            I really would want to visit San Francisco because it is a very important area when it comes to Asian Americans. Historic sentiment haha. I honestly am more interested in that place than L.A. and heaps better than Detroit (YUCK). Just remove all the white and black Americans, put in the Asian Americans from Southern and Northern states and it’ll be perfect. J/K of course. I’ve been to other American cities, and personally got my ques from this garbage article:

            Good cuisine, nice women, what’s there not to like? I’m sure glad I’m proven wrong in this haha.

            As for visiting Australia, definitely do. There’s a lot of countries on my places to visit.

          • Mighty曹

            It’s all about stereotype. Asians are associated with Honda/Toyota and Benz/BMW’s. I was at this bar and two Middle Eastern looking guys come over and said, “Hey, I have a Honda to sell” while grinning at each other. Obviously they were making some jokes earlier about Asians and cars. I replied, “Wanna trade it for my camel?”. Haha…they didn’t find it funny and backed away. It goes to show how alive and well ‘stereotyping’ is.

          • whuddyasack

            Definitely, stereotypes affect the way we treat and act around others. They affect our perceptions and views of material and immaterial items, like brand names ;-)

            I loved the way you handled the situation with humor. It really showed who the sore losers were in that situation. You’ll need to add “You guys camel jockey for a living, camel hump for fun and eat and drink camel piss for sustenance. Camels are really useful to you guys, huh?” Haha, j/k

            Btw, I’ve made some comments recently that can be quite offensive for “Americans” although in reality, I would never target Asian Americans, only white, brown and black Americans, aka whi-ggers. They are always beating on the Central and South Americans, but I’ve always found people from Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, etc. are far more interesting and fun to be around than the “nigs with turd-colored hair” here in America. Honestly, I can almost tell a “nasty” white American from a white Canadian, Australian, European, etc. and other white Americans just by appearance alone. If I can find a photo, I’d put it up.

            I should have been concentrating on an email instead. Crap like this really does fill me with disgust and makes me wonder why people don’t think America is the house divided? If you disagree, you’re welcome to let me know, I just think that your country is in a mess and hope that all the whites, blacks, browns have their own “flights” and stay the hell away from Asians in SF.


            There’s also that worthless fucking hobo in Melbourne who raped and murdered a Chinese student. Unfortunately, some old hag’s “racism” stole the spotlight. Hobo should have been castrated and shot to be honest.

            Not even Asian countries are safe from criminal activities of those fucking non-Asian “thugs”. Thugs because sane, respectable normal people of these respected races should not commit and defend crap like this:

            Read the comments, it’s so disgusting yet so typical. Who cares if she’s Japanese or American? Or if she were white, Japanese or half? The problem is that white male loser who can’t get laid resorts to rape (haven’t we heard that one before?). I don’t know, there’s something I can’t stand about this clannish Euro male group think that’s going on. It’s so archaic and uncivilized. Sorry for ranting again, but some of these guys get “pissed off” and cry racism over just words. For me, actions speak louder than words and words defending vile actions might as well count as actions.

          • Dr Sun

            Whuddy, thats a damn racist post, I must say, don’t become an asshole like Rick in singlewide , donmario,POS, Probobactor..etal

          • Surfeit

            NAME DROPPING! …that’s racist.

          • Dr Sun

            stop smoking/ eating those drugs Surfeit, over the last few weeks we have all seen how they’re fucking your head up.

          • Surfeit

            TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO DO! …that’s racist.

          • Dr Sun

            OoPS surfiets has lost all touch with reality

          • Surfeit

            It’s true! I just don’t understand this world anymore; Today I have upvoted you, and Alex Du’o’ng.

            Absolute madness!

          • Germandude

            You are faaaaaaaaaaar too late for that warning. That train has departed long long time ago… Don’t try to catch up with him!

          • Dr Sun

            would hate to see him becoming like Rick in china, just another racist troll

          • Rick in China

            Yes, I’m such a racist I have a multicultural family! Man, I sure do hate my wife and baby, I hate myself too.

            You’re so beyond clueless, delusional, and hate-fueled, it’s nearly disgusting..except the fact it’s to be expected and I doubt anyone takes anything you say seriously whatsoever, since almost all of it is vitriol for people rather than points of argument. Calling others a troll, YOU? Haha, epitome of projection.

          • Probotector

            Just forget this prick, I sure did… the guy’s simply high on himself, with his one-sided morals interpreting criticism of China as racism, because that’s a more convenient argument for him, and it makes him look some kind of foreign white knight to ingratiate himself with the Chinese. Frankly, this routine was old long before he started doing it. Forget about it, have a nice afternoon with your wife and daughter, and realise that it’s your commitment to them that makes you a good person, not winning an argument with a crazy person.

          • Rick in China

            Indeed that is the case.. I should be clear though: I don’t get frazzled or give two shits, or allow any of the nonsense to influence my attitude or behaviour in reality – and while it’d be more mature and probably simpler to ignore the posts altogether, sometimes it’s an amusement tool.. did you see the one the other day where he replied completely freaked out, something like: SHOW THE PROOF PRICK IN CHINA!!! OR SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

            or something to that effect. It was hilarious :D Maybe he’s like me and types with ‘false emotion’ sometimes, but I’m guessing no – and he was actually raging.. at least I’m hoping, otherwise I’m in verbal battle with a doppleganger.

          • Kai

            Dude, as far as speech goes, whuddyasack’s racism is at least a few levels higher than the prejudices Rick may harbor but not own up to. Rick is also more characterized by reactive contempt while whuddyasack is on an active crusade. Both can be rightfully criticized for their comments, attitudes, and behavior but it’s incredibly hard for me to take seriously any fear of whuddyasack “becoming like Rick”. He’s far beyond Rick. Your characterization of their position on a spectrum is grossly inaccurate.

          • Kai

            You really need to stop with the petty name-dropping and grudge-holding. Go ahead and be critical of these people when they say something you find even typically objectionable of them. But please stop going around pre-emptively predicting it. You’re behaving as they often have, and that makes you no better.

          • Surfeit

            He used your name recently, Kai. HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL?!

          • Kai

            Did he? I get annoyed whenever anyone name-drops people for no other purpose than to indirectly make a dig at them. It’s childish, it’s like grade school shit-talking and schoolyard bullying.

          • I say this because I think Mighty might be too polite and amicable to say this himself, not wanting to strain ties with you:

            I really don’t think Mighty shares your racist sentiments, and I can just imagine him cringing as he reads your friendly banter casually interspersed with incredibly offensive racism. I have never seen him make any comparable remarks about white, brown, or black Americans (his “camel” retort was nothing more than a lighthearted comeback in response to being provoked), and I honestly don’t think he feels too comfortable dignifying them with any sort of implicit acceptance, although I can imagine he still congenially converses with you because you are a genuinely friendly person when you intend to be.

            I could be wrong, and perhaps Mighty endorses your racist views (which would be unfortunate), but that’s not the impression I’ve gotten after having read many of his comments, so I just thought you might like to have this pointed out to you. A number of times, you’ve made earnestly friendly gestures toward me, but I was so uncomfortable with the casual racism accompanying them that I decided it’s best if I just don’t say anything.

            At the end of the day, racial generalization is just an inherently flawed concept. When there are so many overt racists who have willingly volunteered to make their racism explicitly known, why waste time going after innocent people who haven’t even said or done anything? “Presumed innocent until proven guilty” is a fundamental value of American society, and I don’t think Mighty or I will be jettisoning that value anytime soon. The more white racists who expose themselves, the more justified targets you have and the less need there is to go after people who you assume must be racist simply by default of their genetics.

          • Dr Sun

            maybe you should let Mighty answer for himself Matt, hes a grown up after all.

          • If what I said is incorrect, I welcome him to correct me. Otherwise, I see nothing wrong with pointing out to whuddyasack that his racism is probably not as widely shared as he’d like to believe, even among amicable acquaintances.

            It’s hardly offensive for me to surmise that Mighty isn’t racist. And if I’m wrong, well, then I’ll just have to live with the guilt of having offended a racist.

          • Dr Sun

            If you felt a need to address Whuddy,you should have done so and spoken for your self, not as another (mighty), kind of smacks as either mighty is a sock of yours or your dependent child.
            If you “Matt” have something to say to whuddy, have the guts to say it as you- Matt, not try and cloak it as you believe “he (mighty) was trying to say this,but I(you) believe he really thinks or that” but wont say so as he’s” too polite”.

          • I apologize for accusing Mighty of possibly-not-being-a-racist. I promise it won’t happen again, Officer.

          • Dr Sun

            you should be apologizing first and most importantly to mighty and then secondly, with less concern to the forum for being so arrogant and presumptuous that you felt you could speak for him ?(not support him) but put words in his mouth, so to speak.

          • It’s neither arrogant nor presumptuous to state your opinion and present it as such.

            If you wish to state your opinion that you suspect Matt supports child slavery, then go right ahead. It’s not my businesses to police your expression of your own opinions.
            I would not expect anyone to conclude that Matt supports child slavery just because Dr Sun says so.

          • Dr Sun

            what the fuck are you talking about, i never said that or anything of the sort, read dude before you post.

            try and stay on topic, ie you hijacking and talking as another member= mighty.

          • I was giving an example; the point was that I don’t care if you comment on what you think I might think. You have a right to express whatever opinion you wish; and if I decide to call you out on it, then that’s my right as well.

            You take this shit far too seriously––relax. It’s just a Disqus comments section. No need for all the drama and hostility.

          • Dr Sun

            point being you were not saying what you think directly,which is respected on this site. Instead you twisted things by saying this is what another member is saying, to sneakily make your own argument.

          • Wrong. Whuddyasack already knows damn well what I think. I do not need to “sneak” my opposition to racism into anything. I have no problem whatsoever admitting that I am fully and utterly opposed to racism (DO YOU HEAR THAT WORLD??? I OPPOSE RACISM!!!). I made my comment specifically because I felt embarrassed on Mighty’s behalf for him repeatedly receiving friendly comments from Whuddyasack that are chock full of casual racism, even though, to my knowledge, Mighty has never expressed any racist sentiment whatsoever. My comment said explicitly and overtly what I wished to say; I have not even the slightest care to “disguise” my opposition to racism.

          • Dr Sun

            twisting again wont help you, you hijacked mighty to sneakily support you, without his consent. A low blow and a loser move in any debate, even a High school one.

          • Good lord, you’re insufferable. I have absolutely no need to “hijack” anyone to take an anti-racist stance. There is nothing remotely controversial about opposing racism. Whuddyasack is the one with unorthodox views; and frankly in this respect he’s braver than I am, because it doesn’t take any courage to speak out against racism, unless you’re on Stormfront.

            Just use your brain. Why on earth would I feel the need to “sneak” in my opposition to racism? I was simply giving my earnest opinion about how I think Whuddyasack’s comments are more offensive than he realizes.

            Sorry, but you just completely and utterly missed the point of my comment. Period. I have absolutely zero need to hijack anyone else’s identity in order to call out Whuddyasack’s racism. That was not the point of the comment I made.

          • Surfeit

            This is the part where you turn off the computer and forget about ChinaSmack. Debate is going to shit, but you got out a clear summarizing point and you don’t really want/need to see the replies.

            Have a cuppa tea and wait for all this to blow over.

          • moop

            when did Sun get so angry?

          • Dr Sun

            year of the horse,bad year, don’t you know ?

          • moop

            i thought next year is supposed to be bad? or at least bad to have a baby.

          • Surfeit

            Having a baby is always bad!

          • Probotector

            Possibly, in some way, but what makes you think so?

          • Surfeit


          • Probotector

            lol, okay, only that?

          • Surfeit

            Aye. Expense, expense, expense.

            Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take my foot out my mouth. Sorry mate, I didn’t mean to be so imprudent. I’m a glaikit – don’t think things through.

          • Probotector

            This year was bad for me to have one, so maybe he’s right

          • moop

            yeah, me too, lost our baby in April

          • Rick in China

            What… you and probotector both lost babies? Post-birth?

            That’s *devastating*, I can’t even imagine what I would do.. hope you two figure/figured out a way to deal with it, and wish you the best next time – Karma owes you~.

          • moop

            moved out of the city for a less stressful environment. i take a long commute into work, but its worth it. she’s quit her job and we’ve got a place with a yard in a quiet neighborhood. good place to recuperate

          • Probotector


          • mr.wiener

            That sux mate. My sympathies to both you and probector.

          • Probotector

            Wait… mine was in April too, which date? Ours was the 23rd.

          • Surfeit

            “Ladies and Gentlemen! You’ve read about it in the papers! Now witness, before your very eyes, that most rare and tragic of nature’s mistakes! I give you: the average man. Physically unremarkable, it instead possesses a deformed set of values. Notice the hideously bloated sense of humanity’s importance. Also note the club-footed social conscience and the withered optimism. It’s certainly not for the squeamish, is it? Most repulsive of all, are its frail and useless notions of order and sanity. If too much weight is placed upon them… they snap. How does it live, I hear you ask? How does this poor pathetic specimen survive in today’s harsh and irrational environment? I’m afraid the sad answer is, “Not very well.” Faced with the inescapable fact that human existence is mad, random, and pointless, one in eight of them crack up and go stark slavering buggo! Who can blame them? In a world as psychotic as this… any other response would be crazy!”

  • Rick in China

    There is a good point in there. It’s a touching story and I’d like to believe it’s fully as stated, surely there are incidences like this and it’s not unbelievable or anything.. but, while crudely put, the point I question along with you is:

    Livers & kidneys to “save several lives” before he’s dead, and later it says donated organs/entire body to university, so part of it he donated before he died to people, then rest he donated to university rather than people? It’s a little confusing. The eyes glued open is a little creepy, too, is there a medical reason why they were wired open and had to have cream put in them as opposed to like……..shutting his eyelids for him? Or are the eyes next to go?

    Touching photo either way, whatever the circumstance, seems an innocent child died and that’s always a tragedy.

    • Kai

      Pretty sure he died, the usable organs were transplanted to others saving them, and the rest of his body was donated to science (the school) for whatever they could use it for.

      • Connor

        Medically dead means the body is still functioning. Once his body dies and shuts down the organs are useless. He was still “alive” when the organs were taken out.

        • ClausRasmussen

          Wikipedia disagrees: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organ_donation

          Quote: Organ donors may be living, brain dead, or dead via circulatory death. Tissue may be recovered from donors who die of circulatory death, as well as of brain death – up to 24 hours past the cessation of heartbeat

    • Dr Sun

      showing your ignorance yet again Rick

      • Rick in China

        Your copy/paste trolling old posts bores me.

        • Guest

          And therein lies your problem Prick in jail, no one likes you

          • Rick in China

            Did you seriously post this as Dr Sun, then change to “Guest”, and add your stupid image?

            My god, such a sad, sad thing you are. You realize when you edit, the original still stays in my e-mail received box, right? What kind of tactical manoeuvre do you really think you’re engaging in by changing to Guest? And “Prick in jail” is Genius.

        • Dr Sun

          Im sure it does as everyone sees you for the racist ignorant that you are,

          • Rick in China

            All you do is try to insult me personally, and you must _actually_ think it has any effect whatsoever… keep going if you must, maybe that’s what failures with fake internet personas do to give themselves rage boners?

          • Dr Sun

            working for you is it ?

  • rarkmobinson

    The body is just the shell. Like a car, it has a driver. The driver is gone. But the parts can be used .

    • mr.wiener

      Don’t forget to thank the driver.

    • Rick in China

      Are you trying to say you have 机油?

  • Kai

    I’m pretty sure they waited until the kid died before removing his organs and it’s just the article that didn’t make that clear.

    As for leaving the eyes open, that struck me as odd as well, but there’s a possibility it lies in the various meanings of 失去了意识. It could mean loss of consciousness or just loss of certain mental facilities, similar to perhaps alzheimer’s patients being conscious but not quite knowing who they are or what’s going on.

    We don’t have enough detail to know for sure but it’s really unlikely they killed the kid to take out his organs as opposed to doing it after he was gone. There’s a general narrative in the article that the kid expressed his wishes when he was still able to, his condition deteriorated, and we’re to assume he died and then the doctors took his organs out.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    they are taking what they can get, donating organs isn’t generally practiced in China yet

    • Dr Sun

      go away, come back once youv’e grown up.

      • Don’t Believe the Hype

        what? I’m being serious. Explain to me how organ donations are popular in China? It is true that it has failed to gain traction due to beliefs over the importance of certain organs and certain religious beliefs. It is also well-documents that many of the organ transplants that actually occur come from prisoners (despite the fact that it was made illegal).
        I don’t really have the patience to look up any other source than wikipedia right now (you can do your own research on this topic) but suffice it to say that, as i mentioned, organ transplants are not generally accepted yet.


        “Organ donation, however, has met resistance, and involuntary organ donation is illegal under Chinese law,[14] as it is against Chinese tradition and culture, which attach symbolic life affirming importance to the kidney and heart.[15][16] China is not alone in encountering donation difficulties; demand outstrips supply in most countries. The world-wide shortage has encouraged some countries—such as India—to trade in human organs.[13][17] Reports of organs being removed from executed prisoners in China for sale internationally had been circulating since the mid-1980s, when a 1984 regulation made it legal to harvest organs from convicted criminals with the consent of the family or if the body goes unclaimed.[18]”

  • Dr Sun

    a tumor is not necessary cancerous.

  • whuddyasack

    After the operation was completed, doctors pushed
    his body out of the operating room, and bowed to Yaoyi and his mother
    three times. At this moment, his mother covered her face, and cried

    Not going to lie, I felt like doing the same too. Yaoyi, rest in peace noble little brother.

  • done

    I know what gave me this mindset — watching Chinese people for a decade, that’s what.

    • Fredstar64

      Or most likely outright ignorance and racism.

  • Mighty曹

    May adults learn much from you. RIP little fella.

  • alice.

    “A great soul originates in a noble mind.” RIP.

  • Boris

    For those reading the stories about Yulin then coming back to this, it helps your anger subside. For every cunt out there, there are those that do what they can to make the world better. The only shame is we are losing one in Liang Yaoyi.

    Again, much respect to the him!

  • Dr Sun


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