11-Year-Old Schoolgirl Hit and Killed by Black Audi Driver

Family wail beside the body of an 11-year-old schoolgirl who had been hit by a speeding black Audi in Xi'an.

Family wail beside the body of an 11-year-old schoolgirl who had been hit by a speeding black Audi in Xi'an.

From QQ (additional photos from NetEase):

Xi’an 18-year-old driver driving an Audi hits and kills a little girl

June 5th afternoon, in front of the Dabaiyang Primary School in Daxing New District of Xi’an city, a black Audi fled after hitting an 11-year-old elementary school student, sending her flying over 10 meters. The schoolchild that was hit died. Around 10pm that night, the driver Zhu X and the vehicle involved were arrested and impounded, with the case currently being processed. Photos: Di Xiaoxue

Grieving famil members at the scene of the accident in Xi'an, China.

At the scene of the accident, the young female victim’s family members mourned painfully, the surrounding crowd unwilling to disperse for a long time. As it is understood, the driver responsible, Zhu X, is from Xi’an, born 1994, and had just turned 18 years old this year. That night, Zhu X was arrested at home on Qingnian Road in Xi’an.

Grieving family members at the scene of a tragic traffic accident where a young Chinese schoolgirl was hit and killed by a car.

The father of the 11-year-old schoolgirl, hitting and slapping himself blaming himself for his daughter's death.

The child’s father kept blaming himself, slapping himself on the face repeatedly crying, “I’m so sorry, baby, I came late.”

Grieving parents and family at the scene of the accident.

The little girl who was hit and killed was named Zhu Qian, 11 years old this year, and had finished school late today because of make-up lessons. Witness Mr. Li says the little girl was walking properly on the crosswalk, but the Audi was going too fast, hitting the little girl after running the red light, stopped for maybe 2 seconds, before speeding away. Later when he saw the traffic police examining the scene. The little girl was thrown over 10 meters, and then dragged a further 26.5 meters.

Grieving family at the scene of a traffic accident in Xi'an, China, where a young 11-year-old girl was hit and killed by a speeding black Audi.

The body of an 11-year-old girl being carried away after being killed by a speeding car in Xi'an, China.

Zhu Qian’s family in inconsolable grief.

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A bouquet of white flowers placed at the site of a tragic traffic accident that killed a young girl in Xi'an, China.

June 5th, at the scene of the accident, a city resident placed a bouquet of white chrysanthemum flowers for the girl in mourning. China Business News reporter Wang Jing.

A bouquet of white flowers placed at the site of a tragic traffic accident that killed a young girl in Xi'an, China.

Bricks placed on the road surrounding the scene of a tragic traffic accident that claimed the life an 11-year-old Chinese schoolgirl in Xi'an, China.

The black Audi with an obvious dent on the hood where an 11-year-old primary school girl was hit and killed.

June 5th, Xi’an Lianhu district traffic police, the Audi car involved in the incident was found by the police, with obvious damage at the site of impact, the Audi badge lost in the impact, left at the scene of the accident. Reports say this is an Audi S5, with a retail price of 718,000 to 998,000 yuan. Someone familiar with the matter told this reporter that this car was given to the driver Zhu X by his father as a birthday present, and that the car has not been modified.

Zhu, the 18-year-old driver of the speeding black Audi S5 that ran a red light, hit and killed an 11-year-old schoolgirl.

As a result of the intense emotional trauma, Zhu X’s face was pale white in the interrogation room, his entire body trembling continuously. According to Zhu X, he is a native Xi’an resident, and after he came home from the Shaanxi Wushu Administration Sports Center due to an injury, he has been resting at home. On the afternoon of June 5th, he was driving his black Audi S5 with the license plate number “陕A747V7” westward towards Liyuan Road and had the accident while in the right-hand lane crossing the traffic light.

From QQ:

腾讯河池市网友 玉画黛眉:

Poor child. In heaven there are not cars coming and going, so it will be much better than existing in the world. The hearts of parents cry for you.

腾讯网友 想你:

18 years old, driving an Audi! If he isn’t the child of government officials, then he’s the child of rich parents!

腾讯网友 小建:

There are unscrupulous drivers every year, but there seems to be an unusual amount this year!! Drivers, learn from some professionalism from Wu Bin!

腾讯网友 稻草亻:

“The little girl who was hit and killed was named Zhu Qian, 11 years old this year, and had finished school late today because of make-up lessons. Witness Mr. Li says the little girl was walking properly on the crosswalk, but the Audi was going too fast, hitting the little girl after running the red light, stopped for maybe 2 seconds, before speeding away. Later when he saw the traffic police examining the scene. The little girl was thrown over 10 meters, and then dragged a further 26.5 meters.”
——-Too horrific, I bet the killer’s family has money, and after paying some money won’t get more than 2 years.

腾讯上海市网友 白杨礼赞:

If he had hit and killed my family member, I would want him to pay the price, kill his entire family.

腾讯网友 安静:

According to our country’s laws, this driver will at most get 1 year.

腾讯邢台市网友 bie在说:

Baby, rest in peace. This driver must be given the death penalty!

腾讯安徽省网友 物物元无物,:

Seeing these images is truly heartbreaking. Child, rest in peace!

腾讯网友 木子:

So horrific, reading this I couldn’t stop myself from tearing up. Hope these kind of things won’t happen in the future.

Comments from NetEase:

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Fully 18 years old! He can be sentenced to death!! Those in support, please click ding, thanks!


Damn second generation rich [children of rich parents]!

拆迁队陆政委 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

18 years old, Audi… bet it’s yet another child of the rich…
Poor little girl, next time you reincarnate [respawn?], be sure to choose the right difficulty level!


A moment of silence. China, underneath the wheel of a car.


This fucking society!

酒醉的秧歌 [网易青海省西宁市网友]:

I bet this bastard will definitely get a commuted death sentence [escape punishment].

vincentqin1 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Seize that bastard, death by a thousand cuts.

专业PCB线路板生产 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Sigh, what a waste of a virgin… This one should be even more tender and pink than that 13 year old one in Guangdong…

呐喊的小强 [网易陕西省西安市网友]: (responding to above)

Are you even human! You’re as inhuman as those civil servants/government officials!

国防部发言人 [网易山西省晋中市网友]:

Poor child, choose easy mode in your next life.

Have you been involved in a hit-and-run accident before? What is the worst accident you have caused?

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  • mp

    Hit and killed by “black Audi driver? It doesn’t surprise me that the driver was not white. Most whites can driver pretty well. Negroes, on the other hand, are almost as bad drivers as are Asian women. Zhu X? Must have been related to Malcom.

    • fenqing

      in my 7 years of driving, three white dumb asses almost got me into serious accident. Why don’t white people check the damn lane before merging in?

      • John S

        Do Chinese drivers check the lane before merging in? I think not.

      • Xiongmao

        I think that’s kinda funny. I’ve had a car in China for just about a year now and the disregard for safety, rules and, well, everything that SOME Chinese people show in traffic is disheartening. I assume you’re trolling but if you aren’t you’re a true halfwit. If I should venture a guess I think white foreigners are the most attentive, careful and law abiding people on the road in China.

        • TAKE5

          But this is what you get from lame driving school in china. They teach what you would need to know if your driving race cars. They don’t teach obeying traffic laws and respect for pedestrians.

          • Alan

            Most chinese drive like they learned from reading instructions off the back of a box of cornflakes.

            I am not surprised.

      • TraderPaul

        In my neighborhood in Canada, where it’s 90% white, drivers don’t even bother stopping at stop signs or slowing down for children. But they’ll come to a full stop to let a cat or dog cross the road.

        • TAKE5

          Come to America, you will see Whites , Blacks and Asians obeying traffic laws for fear of paying a fine and out of respect for the law.

      • xiaohouzi

        In Qingdao, i see accidents all the time because someone pulled out in front of someone else without looking so i’m surprised to hear you say that, fenqing. Where do you live?

    • DeVitaVackra

      That’s racists! We’re all the same and skin color doesn’t make you a good driver! There are more differences between two whites than a white and a black or yellow! In fact white doesn’t even exist. Actually, black and asians are the best drivers.

      • s.pockets

        No they’re not!

        • DRaY

          i see more white people in car crashes than i have ever seen blacks or asians… FACT!

          • Jeffli

            I have to agree there, more young whites wrapping their cars/ motorbikes around street lighting poles in AUS / NZ.

            Hey by the way,
            what happened to LiGangs son? That teenage cold blooded killer that killed two young girls and no remorse, told everyone his father would get him out of trouble? One thing for sure in Aus/NZ there’s non of that monkeying around he does hard time in jail and the judge would count his lack of remorse!

          • moop

            considering about 68% of NZ population is caucasian and 92% of australia is white, of course that would be the case

          • jeffli

            @ moop
            Is that right? 68% and 92%??
            and the absolute figure of the population?
            the population density?
            road quality?
            and other variables?

          • moop

            you said “more young whites wrapping their cars/ motorbikes around street lighting poles in AUS / NZ.” given that both countries have majority white populations, its more than likely, especially in australia, that most accidents involve whites. thats to be expected. it doesnt prove that whites drive worse than anyone else.

            it’s like me saying here in china,”i’ve seen more chinese people getting into car accidents in china” and then saying that chinese are therefore worse drivers than whites

          • Frank Zappa

            what you see isn’t a FACT, just a very limited point of view.

          • Josh


            TL;DR, you’re not only racist, but don’t understand proportions and probabilities

          • anon

            Josh, something that is incredibly common amongst the commentariat of chinaSMACK, is it not?

          • moop

            anon, that’s the third time today you’ve made condescending remarks about everyone on this site. we’re too dumb and things fly over our heads, “Amazingly rational and sensible comments on chinaSMACK.”, and now this. it’s real clear you don’t respect any of us here. i know you like to think of yourself as the smartest guy in the room, but you’re quickly becoming the biggest asshole in the room as well

          • anon

            I thought everyone already thought I was arrogant. What do I have to be afraid of?

            I don’t think I’ve ever hid the fact that I have a certain impression of many commenters here. I’d be amused if people wanted to prove me wrong given how many inane comments there are in nearly every post. But what’s wrong with me posting my agreement with a comment that I liked, with complimenting someone to show my respect for their words? Don’t you do the same thing? Doesn’t everyone? Are you feeling insecure about the rationality and sensibility of the comments you make? If so, that’s your own guilty conscience, it has nothing to do with me. I don’t think I’ve ever beat around the bush when I disagree with you. I just tell you directly.

            If I have to put up with people who think they’re the smartest guy in the room when they’re the biggest asshole in the room, you will to. Can’t avoid it. My opinions are just as strong as yours, even if they’re sometimes different. You’re neither the first nor last person to think me arrogant and an asshole. Get in line.

        • Nyancat

          apparently you haven’t seen initial D or Tokyo drift

          • Alex

            Haha, yes, a movie – that’s surely representative of the facts. Btw, why are some of those Chinese people smiling like it’s a freak show? A child died, the corpse right there, the parent(s) right there, who the fuck would stand there and smile like that. Fucking sick Chinese people – no hearts.

          • mr. wiener

            Asian people smile for all kinds of reasons, embarrasement, distress, emotional discomfort etc.
            Jumping to conclusions is a poor form of exercise.

          • sunnyata

            that’s not a smile, you idiot! it is called a grimace

    • mr. wiener

      I think you are all missing the point here. Some DUM-ARSE killed a child and then ran away because he was a coward unable to face up to his actions.
      The color of this DUM-ARSE is imma-fucking-terial.
      You should all be ashamed of yourselves particularly mp.

    • s.pockets

      I think you need to learn to read. The driver of the car was not black, the car was.

    • 404namenotfound

      Racist son of a shit, seems like you have a problem with comprehension.

    • Pollster

      Has this turned into a meta joke or something? It seems everyone is taking mp seriously.

      I think he’s just making a play on words – the translation “black Audi driver” rather than “driver of a black Audi”. Also, usage of the word “negro”… I think it’s a joke, folks. But please, keep foaming at the mouth.

      Jesus. I think people only come to this website to get mad. Pretty lame.

    • Li Wen


      You’re a dick – flat out. Go fuck yourself.

    • Nyancat

      mp posing to be someone he is not is especially pathetic ‘ can driver pretty well ‘ ? can’t even close the quotation marks, tsk tsk….

      • mp

        Nyancat: No. It’s just ‘s what happens when one is in a hurry, and the fingers don’t keep up with the brain. And there is no edit function for after the fact errors. So I am guilty of sloppy posting. In any case, I’d never want to post as someone else. What would be the point of that?

        Of course my post was a play on the wording of the article. But think about this: it was no more absurd than a parent giving an 18 y/o kid an S5. What were they thinking? The person, Pollster, at least is not so dense, and understands a little dark humor, even if it was admittedly lame.

        On the other hand, I’ve noticed that blacks often drive horizontally, so that could be one reason they are bad drivers. Not sure about Asian women. I think it is because they must have tunnel vision, and are almost always overly cautious.

    • milamilo

      idiot. the car was black.

    • lishui

      Black here is the color of the car, not the driver, it’s a grammatical mistake.
      And I really don’t like your way of thinking.

    • donscarletti

      Most obvious troll in history and it still worked.

      Only on Chinasmack folks.

      I bet the people who fell for it are mostly Melanesians, Magyars and Cree Indians.

      • Little Wolf

        As a Creek, there are 2 things I can’t stand. People that are intolerant of of Native American cultures. and the Cree.

    • southernortherner

      did you really just do that? on the sofa. You my friend will most likely be forgiven for your ignorance in the afterlife, however that doesnt mean you have to be an absolute troglodyte about while youre alive.

    • ChineseFighter

      how does this reflect on the driving skills of an average chinese driver in any way?
      this is a damn teenager driving some car which requires an average chinese person to work for more than 15 years to acquire. So at this point it is Debatable whether he acquired his drivers license legally or not. (as the cost of it wouldn’t mean much to him considering he already purchased an audi)
      to drive a car in china is not an easy job, it’s almost breathtaking to just sit in one. I don’t know what are you comparing because 99.9% chinese didn’t drive when they were an teenager.

    • cb4242

      That was funny. Most whites? I didn’t know you knew every Black person. Anyway, you are a complete moron. I have seen shitty drivers of all colors. Race has nothing to do with it. I will say, at least in Japans case, you don’t have enough police patrolling the streets, so people think that they can do what they want, that is the main reason most Japanese drive badly and many foreigners as well (that includes whites) heck, of course you will become a speed demon, anyone would.
      But Mp, we can always count on you to make a lame brain, comical childish and racist statement. lol

    • Sherry

      WTH?! it wasn’t about a black driver, it was about a Chinese driver driving a black audi *roll-eye* Read carefully, look at the pictures carefully and you will see a black car and a Chinese young person…

      • Boris

        If you have any offspring, kill them. Then kill yourself. Goodnight.

      • Dr SUN

        that was cleared up days ago for those that take the the time to look at at the OP and posts after.

  • danforce

    sofa! sorry its my first time doing it. I hate myself a little on the inside now…..

    • Young Man

      The first two comments on this page- left by the scum of the earth.

      Sorry, I’m done with this site.

      Never coming back

      • KDog

        That’s what they all say. You could just avoid the comments section 么么

      • Shanghairen

        Have people on this site ever heard of trolling? Get a fucking clue.

  • Joe Cool

    My sofa has been run over and dragged for a few meters…

    • LW

      Just as I thought it wasn’t possible, ChinaSmack comments has sunk to a new level….
      I’ll follow Young Man’s example, and never go back to this website.
      So long, you pathetic wankers.

  • Bryan in the USA

    In the United States he would be charged with Vehicular Homicide, also known as Vehicular Manslaughter and at 18 years old he would be considered an adult. He would get 5 years to life in prison, he would lose his driving privileges from 25 years to life. His parents would be sued for everything they have because they are financially responsible for him and bought him the car and pay for the car insurance. Even if he got out of jail in 5 years his criminal record would prevent him from having a carrier. I doubt he could get a job in a fast food restaurant. And, his parents would be poor from the millions in damages the victims family would be rewarded, that`s millions of American dollars, not Chinese dollars.

    • Capt. WED

      Would that be the “carrier” where he takes off with his F-18 and bomb the shit out of the court house where he was sentenced?



      BTW what happened to the suspect? Did he eventually gets charged? Bryan in the USA seem to want to know about those things. LOL.

      • pada

        Thanks for the links. I thought that there were no rich-poor gap in America and OWS were about sex and that, well, the poor in America were richer than the rich, lol!

        • Capt. WED


          WE KNOW.

          • pada

            But why “WE”?
            Seems you can live only with groupies, if not with lynching mobsters, on a bandwagon. ;)

          • mr. wiener

            I think the correct response to this would be “my submarine is full of eels. Your nipples are exploding with indignation”.

    • Notorious

      not exactly… they would have to find negligence on his part. and there have been drunk drivers who are repeat offenders that have killed others in accidents like this and did not get time. depends on the person and whether they have the money for an attorney.

    • Tony

      I wish this was always true in America but it’s not as others have shown with links. Certainly, though, I don’t think what happened in Zhengzhou where a boy drowned in a fountain onlookers just gawked and waited for someone else to act would ever happen in the States.



      • pada

        You are not well informed that just 3 days ago, four boy students died of saving one girl drown in Songhuajiang River in Harbin city. Then you will defintiely call them idiots instead.

      • pada

        This wouldn’t “ever happen in the States”?
        Of course the names like Kitty Genovese, Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax and Raymond Zack are too unfamiliar to you with your selective reading.

        • mopedchi

          Sigh… what page is Kitty Genovese listed in the wumao instruction manual? That happened in 1964. Hmm… in 1964, China was recovering from Mao’s famine that killed millions and millions of people. Should we bring that up each and every time one of you fenqings say something bad about the USA?

          • anon

            Kitty Genovese is just the most famous example of something that continues to happen to this day and will for the foreseeable future. I don’t see how it is a strange response to someone making a comment about bystanders in China.

            When a Chinese person makes a comment about incredibly disastrous government policies as if it doesn’t happen in China, we should definitely bring up Mao’s famine.

          • moop

            but the kitty genovese story was proven to be partly false. neighbors did call the police, the police just didnt come, and the story about the 38 neighbors doing nothing was planted by the police in the new york times. it’s actually featured in superfreakonomics

          • anon

            Right, but it’s still commonly used as the poster child for bystander effect. Just because it turned out to be inaccurate doesn’t lessen the reality of the phenomenon which is what is being argued here.

      • Alan

        There are no danger warnings at dams, deep rivers and lakes in most rural locations in China, the NGO said.

        While I think the UK has gone too pc, and health and safety mad, and so is HK to an extent, I still think this is safer.

        I grew up near a dangerously cold and deep reservoir, around the edge deep water and no swimming signs were abundant. The overflow was also signed with steep drop, and possible flooding signs, or basically stay the fuck out!

        What troubles me more is signs are ignored here. Quicksand warning signs along the river bank, but idiots still walk on to collect herbs and stuff….insane.

    • Xiongmao

      Now, while I doubt a real foreigner would name himself ‘Bryan in the USA’, you’re also wrong on many points. I believe you’re just making this up without checking facts. His parents would NOT be financially responsible for an 18 year old’s legal driving (needless to say). Also you’d be damn hard pressed to find a judge or a state that pass down a sentence of life for vehicular manslaughter to a first time offender.

      • Rick in China

        You’re right about the financial responsibility part for sure. The sentencing, well, life – not likely – but a heavy sentence – likely. It was vehicular homicide, he ran a red light – and in addition, he fled the scene. He’d also be charged with a hit and run, maybe other things tacked on as prosecutors tend to do, with the expectation that he’d plea bargain down for a lighter sentence. I’d totally see this guy getting 10-15 for his crime, especially since it was a little girl by a school – also, keep in mind, with the privatization of prisons in US there is incentive to lock m’fers up – a financial one..that’s largely why there are so many more people going to jail now than 15 years ago.

  • Notorious

    may this baby find peace. may her family find hope, even in their sorrow.

    • pada

      Interesting that some funny commenters feel real bad only when an Audi hit somebody, while ignorant of that little QQ also hit daily and that in the first 5 month of 2012, Audi’s sales in China rose 12% to 600,000 cars.

      As I love proletarians new-born from 3 decades of reform, I wish the baby peace in heaven, which must be a nicer place without rich and poor gap.

      • moop

        you truly are pathetic. nothing to offer at all. do you have anything useful to say? at least hongjian has a point buried under his/her/it’s hate. just another nationalist doucher trying to save face

        • pada

          Moop I feel amazed why you always insist on throwing first punch while standing no chance and ending up with a broken azzhole bleeding.
          Go find a mirror and gaze into it and say “f-o-o-l” before throwing up, ;)

        • mr. wiener

          Yeah moop, consider yourself properly told off.
          Pada also strongly demands that you wear a bra of much smaller size tomorrow while wondering why you are putting on shoes if you have no foot! Zing!
          I’m also thinking you shouldn’t spread butter on your grandfather if you don’t know how to break wind in E flat. Doosh! you have been served.

          Insert new Pada giberish insult here…………… The loser gets to buy Eattot a drink in a hiphop club.

          • moop

            you can’t make this stuff up.

          • mr. wiener

            But you can make this stuff up, you just have to be so smart , that if you were any smarter your foot would fall off.
            Explanation: Pada esteemed grandsire had the smart idea of cutting his toenails with a sickle one day. It worked so well his foot fell off.

  • dim mak

    Accidents happen but driving away after you hit someone makes you scum

    • linette

      I agree. Accidents happen. You may still able to forgive the driver for being reckless and careless. Hit and run automatically make you guilty. Fleeing from crime scene. I want to see how the parents of this kid get their son out of this one. How much money they will use to bribe the Chinese gov’t officials. The reporter needs to follow this one.

    • Xiongmao

      Not trying to defend this douche but tests and studies have found that up to 30 percent of people leaving a severe traffic collision do it due to shock, denial or having a mini mental breakdown (sometimes a combination of all three).

  • Notorious

    is there a department of motor vehicles? Do people have to have driver licenses or something related before they drive.

    • El Puma R.

      Yes there is a department. But over here you BUY the license.. then once you’re on the streets, you can get 12 (twelve) “marks”. Each mark represents a traffic violation and for each one of them you’ll have to pay a little fee. After you get 12 marks, your license gets suspended, you get fined and you need to take a driving exam that once you’ve finished it (and passed it… maybe by paying more, this is China after all) you can go back to drive.

      This is how it works around here.. I couldn’t believe it the first time I heard it.

      I live in Changchun (northeast, they make all the cars here) and the traffic over here is the worst that I’ve seen in china, and in my life. When I came to China 4 years ago I never thought I would see so many deceased people because of the traffic.

      What I really think about is how many people die in the streets of this 5000 -year-culture-thrown-into-the-trash country and nobody ever hears or sees anything about it…. Just like the ones I’ve seen.


      And these kids think they’re so special too ! God, his own parents should be lying dead in the street instead of an 11 year old girl ! What else did you expect? an extremely ignorant 18 year old kid driving an Audi S5. My dad was right when he gave me that crappy Renault 12 when I was 17. He said “this is your first car, it’s a piece of shit, I know, but the very shame of driving such shit will push you towards earning a good car by yourself in the future” … Thanks dad, I know it was a piece of shit car, but I had a hell of a good time in it. I wonder if I would have had the same good time in an Audi S5.

      • Notorious


        wtf, chinese people should love their children as much as everybody else if not more. I admit that my children are spoiled brats when it comes to the things they have. this will push them to be successful in life so that they can strive to keep what they have and gain more. i hug them, i tell them they are handsomer than other people kids, i’m protective, i cater to them. i treat them like they are special because they are special to me. if i made them, well how couldn’t they be perfect? Every parent should feel the same way. raise your kids with more love than they can stand.

        • El Puma R.

          Yes, you are right. Children have the right to be loved, indeed.

          But then again… this -also- beloved girl died because some 18 years old kid thinks too high of himself to be driving like a normal person, high enough to hit and run. He does it because that’s what he has learned that from his parents. Yes, all children must be loved and each one is special and different from the other… but .. Arrogance, disrespect, materialism, envy, hatred, selfishness, etc. those are the things a lot of parents are teaching their children these days while they overrate them. So it’s the boys parent’s fault. Like George Carlin said, not everyone can be famous or recognized worldwide, therefore you gotta accept the fact that most children are gonna be a bunch of losers so you better rise your child the best that you can.

          Notorious, I see this everyday at the middle school that I work. I treat each one of my students individually and specially according to their personalities, etc. But it’s a heavy burden for the teachers because they have to do the parents job, which is impossible since the students parents never taught them shit about respect , nor common sense. I’m not their parents so I don’t need to treat them like gold, if a kid’s stupid, I will make sure he/she knows about it and I’ll try to help with it, even though sometimes there’s nothing you can do. 18 year old kid with the balls as big and hairy as ours, doing over speed, taking a little young girl’s life, and fleeing from the scene. He’s nothing more than an idiot with money.

          I usually go longboarding to a little park behind my place and there’s this student of mine (14 year old, female) who once tried to beat me up with her skateboard because since my board is more expensive than hers and she couldn’t show off anymore in front of the other kids in the park. I didn’t mind, it was easy to stop her. Problem is that her mother was there and she only told here “baby, let the man have fun, he didn’t do anything to you”. Even worse, the next day her father tried to hit me with his car (or he was just trying to scare me). Either way, there’s a serious problem with parenting in China. I won’t deny your statements but please tell me if I’m wrong.

          • linette

            Parents should not spoil their kids. Rich or poor don’t matter. Hardship builds character. They will appreciate more the reward result from their hard work.

        • moop

          “if i made them, well how couldn’t they be perfect?”

          oh my god, the feminits were right! god really is a woman!

          being spoiled does not push children to succeed, it hampers them. you’re be surprised how many retards don’t learn the meaning of the word “no” or learn that actions have consequences until they get to college or out into the real world. they are completely unable to compete.

          • El Puma R.

            You see, I might write too much, but I’m not wrong this time, serious parenting problems, man ! Thanks Mom and Dad for teaching me to earn each and every thing I own in this life !

          • the ace of books

            “being spoiled does not push children to succeed, it hampers them. ”

            This. Giving a child anything they want doesn’t make them work for it. Working for things, and figuring them out for oneself, is how a child improves them. Builds character, as you might say. Children who have never encountered adversity are ill-equipped to handle it once they go out into the real world; they have no coping mechanisms, nor no mental explanation why they aren’t, for once, getting what they want.

            So no. Spoiling a child is not good. It gives them a handicap. Moop, above, mentions they’re “unable to compete”; I’d go a step further and say they’re unable to cope. Spoiling a child gives them an unrealistic worldview; when the big scary world happens, they don’t know what to do.

      • linette

        12 (twelve) “marks”. Each mark represents a traffic violation and for each one of them you’ll have to pay a little fee. After you get 12 marks, your license gets suspended,,,,,,,,,,,,

        This is insane. This is how China regulate motor vehicle driving? I got a speeding ticket the other day and I was only going 43mph on 35mph highway. It wasn’t intentional. I was just careless. I was only following traffic. It was late and the hwy was empty. I got caught but not the other vehicles. This ticket will cost me like close to US$260. Like my God! Plus points on my record means insurance goes up up up. Another two moving traffic violation and my driver license will be suspended. USA is very strict.

        • El Puma R.

          Yes. That’s the way it works here (where I live in China, dunno ’bout other places) After you get your license suspended, you get your first -full of stupid questions- exam. No wonder why these things happen… I always say that if China reinforced their laws JUST A LITTLE BIT, it could make not only a lot of cash but also would make people aware, and better drivers.

          It’s just that the craziness for money you see around here everyday overcomes any expectation of social development.

        • Thor

          Having you paying more insurance for some overspeeding is way over the top if you ask me. If you were waylaid in France for this you’d have to pay 90 € (113 $) , lose 1 point out of 12 but nothing would change in your insurance fee.

  • Jeff

    How much money will his father spend to buy the son out of this? My guess is a little girl’s life is worth about 300,000 to the family and 250,000 to the police.

  • Teacher in China

    Drivers in China….don’t even get me started….
    That poor kid. Hopefully the father can forgive himself for “coming late” (I can only guess he was meant to pick her up from school but arrived late – that must be a horrible thing to bear).

    • lonetrey

      Yeah, that was the part that really got me too. -sigh-

  • Sponge Monkey

    Maybe the title should have been “11 year old schoolgirl hit and killed by driver of black Audi.”

    The current title left me thinking something else.

    • Nick in Beijing

      I was also confused by what it was exactly supposed to mean. It was easy to figure out what ‘black audi’ usually refers to in the context of China, but still…

      • Notorious

        yeah i thought it was a black person driving an audi.

      • Loopins

        Funny the way peoples mindset changes. I thought …”black Audi” as the government cars first. But if I was in the UK or US I would have thought the other way.

        • Sponge Monkey

          Problem was, I had just finished reading some old articles about Chinese married to Africans… so I guess that’s what I had in my head.

          • Notorious

            that is odd… why would a chinese person be married to an african. sounds like an unholy union to me.

          • mr. wiener

            Not really, did you see the pictures of some of those kids? Beautiful I tells you!

          • SuperHappyCow


  • Dawei

    Well when I cross the road in China I look right, then left, then right then left then right then left repeat until across the road, not a bad idea to also do that when on the pavement as well. I know we are safe in the apartment as it is on a higher floor, though anything is possible. Two things you teach your kids over here how to cross the road and how to swim.

    Interesting that we only see the huge luxury sporty rich kid car v small diminutive young, elderly or poor victim stories. It happens to everyone from all walks of life, see enough road accidents myself to confirm this.


    Anyone have a picture of the black guy?

    • El Puma R.

      You’re either being funny or you don’t understand the Audi is black, not the driver.

  • Notorious

    SOme of those chinese netizens were right. There was an article on yahoo today that the number 1 immigrant coming to america are Chinese investors. In order to get an investor EB Visa you have to invest 1 million dollars into an american business or 200,000 that maintains jobs for at least 10 americans for two years. during that time you can come, as well as your entire family to america. China had the highest number of investor visas last year. out of 6,900 investor visas, 3,500 were from china. Interesting. so that many people are spending a millioin dollars or 200,000 in businesses to get american citizenship (which they can apply for in two years).


  • Notorious

    [专业PCB线路板生产 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:
    Sigh, what a waste of a virgin… This one should be even more tender and pink than that 13 year old one in Guangdong…]

    how much do you want to bet that the person who made this ghastly comment is a laowai? Only someone like that would be heartless enough to make a joke like this at the expense of a dead child. see that kind of stuff on yahoo all the time.

    • dim mak

      Luckily that wasn’t one of the top comments like the rest.. it was just included with the comment responding to it below

    • moop

      “how much do you want to bet that the person who made this ghastly comment is a laowai? Only someone like that would be heartless enough to make a joke like this at the expense of a dead child. see that kind of stuff on yahoo all the time.”

      please offer proof or shut the fuck up. you just insulted pretty much everyone here, including yourself you dumb bitch, considering we are mostly laowai, with the exception of the nationalist trash that trolls this site and people like dim mak who are nationalist but don’t troll.

      or did you mean only white laowai could be so cruel as to say that statement?

      you, talking out of your asshole again, trying to troll again.

      • Alan

        people like dim mak who are nationalist but don’t troll.

        dumb mac doesn’t troll, that is a new one to me?!

      • Little Wolf

        Took the words right out of my mouth, moop.

      • Capt. WED

        Couldn’t agree with you more Notorious, there are not child molesters in China! The Great Chairman known to slept with 14 year olds (prolly more like 16). ALso your assessment of the religion Islam was right on the money! No white people in Middle East not CIA!


        • Notorious

          i didn’t say there were no child molestors, i’m saying that depraved thinking and making light of situations that aren’t funny is typical of a laowai behavior. especially american ones who are particularly depraved and ghastly when it comes to certain types of people.

          • Brett Hunan

            Still a bit of a retarded comment, don’chyathink?

          • moop

            i hope cb comes back, you two really deserve eachother

          • Little Wolf

            Oh fer fuck’s sake! Rock bottom just doesn’t exist for you does it? Keep digging your own grave.

          • Notorious

            no. my comment was a perfectly logical assessment of the way people act on the internet. i’m american, i know evil mean-spirited american humor when i see it. just because he wrote it using chinese symbols and that he’s typing from guandong doesn’t mean it wasn’t typed by laowai.

          • moop

            i’m sure she could go lower.

          • Notorious

            don’t wish for cb, fight you’re own battle bitch. You motherfuckers get on here and say everything under the sun about chinese people but can’t take one bit of c riticism about yourselves. you are a bunch of pussies. the second cb comes back all of you will be on your knees, head bobbing.

          • Brett Hunan

            I think you should look up the definition of “perfect”. Then Google the word “logic”.

          • moop

            “no. my comment was a perfectly logical assessment of the way people act on the internet. i’m american, i know evil mean-spirited american humor when i see it. just because he wrote it using chinese symbols and that he’s typing from guandong doesn’t mean it wasn’t typed by laowai.”

            illogical assessment, by a moron. lets see, there are a little over 70,000 Americans in China out of close to 600,000 total foreigners living in china. and 30% of all foreigners in china live in guangdong, so maybe 20,000 or so Americans in a population of 100,000,000 chinese. of that 20,000 how many can type chinese well enough to form that statement? maybe 25% at most? so of these 5,000 people out of 100,000,000 in guangdong could have made this post according you. retarded

          • moop

            if we are all pussies then why re we all voicing how full of shit you are?

          • Notorious

            oh moop, you little fledgling… it’s easy to talk “smack” on the internet. there’s nothing brave about arguing with someone who is clearly trolling you. it just means you’re a fucking idiot. comprende?

          • moop

            “it’s easy to talk “smack” on the internet. there’s nothing brave about arguing with someone who is clearly trolling you.”

            yeah it is, your retarded post is case in point. you really aren’t too bright

          • Notorious

            you’re so fucking obtuse.

            if i’m not bright then you must be a few watts duller for even arguing with me. that being said, i’m done with you poop. my man is here and fortunately for you, i actually have a life to enjoy.

          • Little Wolf

            I’m trying really hard to not dislike you, notorius. But this is not one of your better moments. I know I can accept criticism just fine if someone makes a reasonable and persuasive argument.(I think most of us can) But pulling such an absurd comment out of your ass is ……….uh….shit, I can’t even think response.
            Maybe in the future you should write your comments and let them sit for 24 hours and read them again before you post. That’s the friendliest advice you’re gonna get.

          • moop

            oh really? you’re actually going to pop your teat out of your kids mouths and go on a date? what a poor poor man.

          • moop

            let us bow our heads in silence for the poor bastard going on a date with notorious tonight. forgive him o lord, he knows not what he do. we can only pray that he learns from his mistakes and repents

          • Capt. WED

            Notorious i’m kidding. I’m glaaaaaaddddddddd you’re making people MAD.

          • Notorious

            yes, i am about to go on a date. but let’s get something straight, pal because it’s time I let the cat out of the bag.

            Hypothetical here… how do you know if i really even have kids? If i’m really a woman? That i am who i say i am or not someone whose been having fun at your expense and everyone else’s? Can you truly confirm that? that i’m not, for that matter arguing with myself even, from two different names from two different computers, one your trusting comrade the other your truly despised? What do you know old man? Huh fuckface? You don’t know your dick from a pile of shit all you know is that it stinks. i am playing with you dickbag. i’ve been playing with you. if you take half of what i say seriously you are truly fucking as dense as they come. oh sweet christian woman ohhhhhhhh jebus. yeah? Really? whatever you believe, you’ll never know the truth. so why bother?

            let your inner crazy out and have some fun poopy. why so serious?

          • Notorious

            oh moop, pray i let him take his head from my lap and maybe get a taste of something else before i send him home with blueballs

          • moop

            then you’re even more pathetic than i thought. either way you’re a… CUNT

          • Notorious

            _____ __
            _/ ____\_ __ ____ | | __ ___.__. ____ __ __
            \ __\ | \_/ ___\| |/ / < | |/ _ \| | \
            | | | | /\ \___| < \___ ( ) | /
            |__| |____/ \___ >__|_ \ / ____|\____/|____/
            \/ \/ \/

          • moop

            oh, look, you finally wrote something that made sense

          • Notorious

            yes i wrote something that made sense. thanks for provingmy point laowai, that you sit here in a topic about a deceased child arguing over stupid things.

          • moop

            as opposed to…. trolling in an article about a dead child? i guess you lied about your date, or, he was smart enough to stand you up

          • Notorious

            oh my comment was perfectly valid … but it seems the hypocritcal police couldn’t stand the same shite they dish out. i have seen some of the most outrageous stuff said about chinese people on this site and you have the fucking balls to say it while living as a guest in their country then get mad when i do the same or make a sideways comment about laowais lol i think it’s funny … sue me.

            my date is here, but he is outside talking to my neighbor who is also his friend. now this guy is a real man. and he is sexy and i’m going to go stick my tongue in his mouth right now. he’s so hot im excited. okay gotta go buh bye

          • linette


            ………….. You motherfuckers get on here and say everything under the sun about chinese people but can’t take one bit of c riticism about yourselves. you are a bunch of pussies…………..

            Amen! That’s what I say. These foreigners always call Chinese this and Chinese that, but when the Chinese call them foreign trash this and laowai that..they complain and call us racists. Like what????? If you call them Chinese bitches, They will call you laowai dirty male whores.

            ………….what a waste of a virgin… This one should be even more tender and pink than that 13 year old one in Guangdong…

            When I first read that, two things came to my mind also. Male + Western. Most likely American. This is not to say all American men are perv though. I am sure there are plenty Asian men perv. But it does sound like a sarcastic remark from American.

          • moop

            oh shit, another retard is at the gates! sound the alarm!

          • Notorious

            ah! Linette, i have to go but i can’t resist adding this response before i do. Yes, american and western men are pervs! I mean, in other countries its perfectly legal to be a perv, like the age of consent is much lower and it’s the cultural norm. but western society know its wrong. yet you have all these western men going to asian nations like thailand looking for ladyboys or flying their perverted arses to asia to find some young pussy (pardon my french!)

            the only reason they look for business opportunities in china is because they want to find some asian ass. it’s so phoney! so yes they are perverted, and they have a perverted and mean sense of humor. i have seen enough of this wickedness on yahoo to know how they think so when they talk to me, i stick my nose so far up in the air i think you damned dirty dog i know what you are really like in your rotten insides. but they talk nice in a sweet voice and they seem so logical, calm, and liberal when on the inside they’re fucking animals.

          • Notorious

            i see moop finally put his picture up. he has the face of a dog.

          • moop

            let’s see, the guy who made that post’s user name is 专业PCB线路板生产 (Professional PCB circuit board production). he probably posts a lot of adds for his company and in the downtime posts stupid things like he did. kind of an odd name for a laowai to have

          • Little Wolf

            Been a while since I’ve witnessed such a complete meltdown, but I think “WOW!” just about covers it.

          • moop


            they guy who said it’s account. pretty sure he’s chinese.

          • mr. wiener

            As soon as I read that remark all I thought was it was a mean remark from a cowardly internet troll. Why the hell are we bringing race into this as the sand soaking up the child’s blood is only now being washed into the drains.
            Judge not less ye be judged hon.

          • moop

            read some of his posts. he’s from 广西.

          • Little Wolf

            That’s some excellent cyber-sleuthing there, moop. I’m sure Brett will take it into consideration for your annual work performance evaluation.

          • linette

            mr. wiener

            I was just being honest of what came to my head first. Unfortunately it’s like a stereotype thing. Again not to say all American men are pervi and sarcastic.

            Definitely a comment from a heartless, pervi, sick person.

            It’s so very sad what happened to this little girl. The car dragged her down the street after she was hit. So horrible! I wonder if hit and run is very common in China. In USA or HK, you are in deep shxt if you fled the crime scene whether it’s your fault or not.

          • moop

            “I was just being honest of what came to my head first”

            yeah, and you were wrong. because you were stupid

          • Brett Hunan

            moop, I’m signing you on, it’ll be good to have someone who has accounts with weibo and t.163 (I never bothered to sign up). Get ready to play with the big boys. LW- make sure you take note for the next episode of Cyber Sleuth.

          • moop

            i’m down

          • linette



          • mr. wiener

            Notorious et al.
            I honestly think this mountain need not have been erected on the mole hill of bloodsoaked sand in the middle of the street if some people would learn to think a little before they speak[type] and others did not fly off the handle at them. Also it often takes the larger hearted person to back down..yes?
            I propose a wager to settle this then…..
            If it can be proven the bag of dicks that wrote that offensive note is a laowai I will have a picture taken of myself holding up a sign with “I apologize on the behalf of stupid loawai everywhere” in a prominent landmark in the city where I live , in my case the Taipei 101 building. Brett, moop, lil’ Wolf, capt. Wed are you down with this?
            I will then publish the link to the photo record of this on this thread.
            ….If however it is proven that the aformention fuckwit poster is Chinese, and I mean Chinese Chinese, not an ABC, then Notorious and Linette must reciprocate with “I must not ASSUME or I make an ASS out of U and ME” signs , in prominent locations with photos to prove it.
            Anyone else game or are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone?

          • Brett Hunan

            I would proudly take a picture in front of the King Sehjong statue here in Seoul if that were the case wiener. Sign me up.

          • Little Wolf

            Shit, weiner. Not only would I pose for that photo, I’ll wear a pink thong.

          • linette

            Little Wolf

            ,..I’ll wear a pink thong………

            hahaha….you are so crazy. Do you have tattoos also?

          • linette

            Brett Hunan

            Since Little Wolf is going to wear a pink thong. You should wear pink lace bra to match with Little wolf. Make sure both bra and thong are from Victoria secret.

            Mr.Wiener should wear pink 6 inches spike heels. And then you all hold the sign. haha….

          • mr. wiener

            Thanks brett and LW, by the way it’s going to take a lot of alcohol to erase of the mental image of you wearing a thong. No reply from moop yet. Linette has chickened out and Notorious is doubtlessly out dating [I hope she was kidding about the tranny thing or her date is in for a nasty shock if he gets past 1st base]D:

          • moop

            the guy is from 广西, he says so in a separate post i already looked at his netease account. so no pink thong from little wolf

          • mr. wiener

            Too bad, I was trying to talk Linette into wearing a dominatrix outfit :)

          • moop

            dare to dream my friend

          • Little Wolf

            Well linette, I have a few tattoos but they are kind of low key and have personal symbolism and all but 1 are on my right shoulder. I have a wolf howling under the moon connected to a dreamcatcher with tailfeathers symbolizing my family and a red wolf’s paw that used to be cool but now appears to have been stolen for the Baidu logo. On my neck are the characters 独狼 in honor of my deceased friend, James Lynn Strait, the singer from Snot. I don’t plan on getting any more.

            What about you? Any tattoos or pierced nipples?

          • This is ridiculous. There are both Chinese and foreigners who make heartless comments.

            The translated comment is most likely by a Chinese person but he is actually making fun of government officials, not being serious. However, it is still not a tasteful comment in this kind of situation so of course many other people will criticize him. This happens on chinaSMACK everyday.

          • anon

            So…lessons of the day:

            1. Notorious made a stupid bet, may have a false persona, may be posting under multiple names.
            2. moop hypocritically gets really offended and defensive when a negative generalization is applied towards laowai but not Chinese.
            3. Little Wolf is willing to wear a pink thong.

          • Brett Hunan

            Yea Fauna, the original comment was tasteless but, like you mentioned, we do read similar things at chinaSMACK all the time.

            I think people were amazed that the accusation of it being a laowai (she meant ‘Foreign Expat’ in China) came from notorious, someone who has never set foot in China and has probably only interacted with past and present Chinese expats through this site (although some of us make a bad name for all expats in China). After being called out on labeling this “typical .. laowai behavior”, she became really really defensive. She has been straddling the ‘stupid comment line’ for some time now and I think today people got tired of it and called her out.

            Chinese or foreigner, the reason for this thread seems to be to prove notorious wrong. I honestly think that if she said “yea, you’re right guys, that was pretty thoughtless, I was just trying to get a rise out of everyone here”, she would have been spared.

            After that we were just messing around with each other. Something good came from all this: even linette found a sense of humor.

          • Little Wolf

            Well….I’m pretty sure I won’t have to wear the thong though I would keep my word if it came to that.

            Maybe we could make a calender to raise money for the little girl. HUNKS OF CHINASMACK! It could be huge!

          • mr. wiener

            I think Linette reeeeeeaaly wanted to see you in that pink thong though :)

          • Little Wolf

            Well, I’ll show her mine if she shows me hers. (hope that doesn’t sound too perverted) Or she can buy the calender.

          • Little Wolf

            anon: As for moop getting offended (and myself and a few others)…it had nothing to do with the negative generalization and everything to do with the source.

            I think Brett is right about the way this thread got derailed into some humor and I’m thinking maybe the the whole topic is just too sad. I’m sure everybody feels sorry for the young girl and her family but other than sympathizing and venting rage at the driver there doesn’t seem like there’s much to comment about and maybe we just need some laughs as if it was some mass reaction to keep from getting depressed about this story.

          • linette

            mr. wiener

            ……..Too bad, I was trying to talk Linette into wearing a dominatrix outfit :)……………

            Yes, I will do that. I will be in my black leather knee-high boots and black leather corset and thong. I will even have a whip and handcuffs. I will post a link for you and Little wolf. But you and Little wolf must put on pink bra and thong holding a sign saying “I am a loawai and I love to have my ass whipped by an Asian dominatrix.”

          • Notorious

            mr. weiner, may i ask what youre’ talking about? You mention something about people and laowai and taking a picture. can you enlighten me as to what you’re referring to and why I am even being thrown in to this discussion?

          • whiskersthecat

            Thanks, guys and gals, I rather enjoyed this. I love seeing people get destroyed on internet threads for being half-wits. I am a white American male in my mid-to-late 20s of Welsh and German descent, earning a decent salary. If there is any other information you need for stereotyping reasons, please ask.

          • linette


            Are you are pervi laowai? hehehe…

          • SuperUnhappyCow

            …notorious, are you on fucking drugs, dude?

            : (


      • Notorious

        @ moop.

        if the shoe fits…

      • Notorious


      • red scarf

        Or hes a sockpuppet, there seems to be a growing trend on the internet of Chinese trolls, especially from ABCs needing some sense of belonging, pretending to be laowai trying to stir up nationalist feelings.

        Either way you can’t prove nor disprove that he was.

    • mr. wiener

      Like I was saying earlier hon. I’m not going to jump to your defense if you write things I don’t agree with.
      Trolls is trolls love , whether they are black white or yellow, they are just a coward with a keyboard.

      • Notorious

        and i wouldn’t want you to, mr. weiner. apples and oranges.

    • the ace of books

      This just in: trolls and internet-dicks can be from any country, of any nationality, of any color, and of any ethnicity.

      • Sponge Monkey


        • La Mano Gaucha


          Lots of ignorant, cunt posters here, regardless of nationality.

    • donscarletti

      “Laowai” means “non-Chinese”, e.g. you.

      Given it was posted on a Chinese forum, in fluent Chinese, in reference to two pieces of recent Chinese news, I would be willing to bet my life savings against an ice-cream cone that you are wrong.

      • Notorious

        donscarletti, I’m not an OLD FOREIGNER, i’m in the states. So I’m not a foreigner at all. If I was, I would be a wàiguórén 外国人 – a foreign person not a LAOWAI ie, “Old person” ie, slang for white male (ex pat hanging around in china).

        I think you guys are just a weeeeeeee bit sensitive. I mean, no one is ever this sensitive when they’re talking about someone else. I guess that’s why I took the subject and ran with it my little chelloveck dedoochka. So please accept my appy polly loggy for this bit of chepooka. Okay? No need to blub or creech or get yourself all fashed or act all gloopy about it. it’s over now, a brand new day. My intent was to have a guff, that’s all. Don’t be an old nazz about it.

        • donscarletti

          Expatriate is “侨民”, “老外” means “foreigner”, nomatter where they are and nomatter their gender and colour of their skin (rarely for east Asians though). It works just as well for blacks and also works for women too, although you can say “洋妞” if they’re hot.

          I am not offended, I just think this compares to having your snowmobile stolen in some villiage in the Russian far east by a Chukotka speaking assailent, then blaming it on inner city black street hoodlums. It’s just comically disingenious.

          • Notorious

            I make a Myump Myump myump sound when I eat.

        • mr. wiener

          Just so long as you don’t give him a bit of the old ultra violence me old clockwork oranges and apples:)

    • linette

      Little Wolf

      Sue Baidu for copyright violations. Dreamcatcher with tailfeathers is nice. You have so many tattoos. Wow. I like them but not too many on the body. When I was in high school I wanted to get one but my mom told me NEVER…and she will kill me if I do. I wanted a black swallowtail butterfly on my back a bit below waist or whatever butterfly. I thought it would look nice wearing low rise jeans. I don’t think tattoos mean bad girl, but my parents(Asian) are so old fashion.

      • Little Wolf

        Well linette….there are a lot of places you could put a butterfly and your parents would never know. (unless your family showers together)
        Personally, I think a small tattoo on the back of the neck just above the back is very attractive on girls and you can just brush your hair over to keep it discreet.

        • linette

          Little Wolf

          I thought about putting one there on the back of my neck, but the problem is I wear ponytail. I have long hair and in the summer I always tight a ponytail. It’s too hot in the summer. :(

  • Brett Hunan

    The dink nozzles are back lurking around chinaSMACK again…

    • anon

      Who are the dink nozzles?

      • Brett Hunan

        Not that you couldnt figure it out for yourself, but today its mp, Joe Cool, notorious, and FREDDY. I have to say though, notorious and mp arent always “dink nozzles”.

        • anon

          I don’t usually read Notorious’s comments and I don’t really remember an mp or Joe Cool. FREDDY, yes, but he’s always been making obnoxious troll comments. I don’t think he ever left.

  • Dr SUN

    A terrible tragedy for the family, RIP Zhu Qian.

    Young men in fast cars is recipe for disaster in any country.
    Regardless of whether he’s rich, connected, whatever he has to live knowing he killed this girl for the rest of his life and he will be reminded every time he sees a young girl enjoying life. He carries a heavy load with him now.

    • Notorious

      Well said. I really wish some respect was shown to the family of the victim. showing the child’s spilled blood is too much and too sad.

      • Nick in Beijing

        If that’s the case then how can you perpetuate such a silly argument as it MUST have been a laowai — an American no less — who made that post you quoted.


        • Dr SUN

          I didn’t say anything of the sort !!

          • mr. wiener

            I think he was talking to notorious.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Yes, that was directed at Notorious, not you Dr. Sun.

            Should have made that more clear in the first reply.

    • Little Wolf

      Dr SUN: Scuse my language but….POPPYCOCK! You really think a shit head that would drive away from bumping an 11 year-old girl 10 meters and then dragging her another 26 has a conscious and is going to be haunted the rest of his life? Shit. He’s only concerned about the inconvenience it’s caused him.

      My sister’s husband is a Placer County Sheriff at North Lake Tahoe, California and he had to answer a call on a Christmas morning where a young man, also 18 was driving down a quiet lane and killed a 3 year-old out riding his new tricycle. The driver was not speeding or being reckless and the little boy’s parents saw the whole thing and blamed themselves for not watching closely enough. It was………an accident. The young man was inconsolable, bawling his guts out and the parents of the little boy tried everything to ease his pain. According to my brother-in-law, it was an amazing and surreal sight. The parents of a dead toddler trying to console the person that had just killed their little boy. THAT young man carries a heavy load and will be reminded every time he sees every time he sees a little boy out playing. And it wasn’t even his fault, his only crime was to be driving down the road at the wrong time.

      That’s the difference between a human being and a piece of shit.

      • Dr SUN

        I think you underestimate the complexity of a situation like like, the massive rush/ release of emotions, adrenaline, etc.. people react in many different ways and “flight” is not a uncommon one.
        Doesn’t mean he’s a bad person, scared shitless more like.

        • Fu ZhiGao

          I don’t think hit and runs attract national media attention in the U.S. someone would also have to check traffic statistics to see how often it happens in the U.S.

          I think fatal hit and runs are felonies and the driver would be charged in criminal court with a jury that would probably not be very sympathetic.

          When I studied the traffic laws here to get a driver’s license, the law said that a hit run brought a mandatory 5 to 7 year sentence plus a revocation of the person’s license. I don’t remember what it said about a fine though.

        • mr. wiener

          I have actually been in this situation before. I hit a pedestrian back in Australia back in ’95. She was walking against the light because she thought the turning lane had stopped. I never saw her until the last minute, then is was BANG! and she must have been thrown a good 6-7 meters. [put a big dent in the front of my EH holden and that is one solid car]
          I sat frozen behind the wheel for about 5 secs thinking:”Shit! I just killed a woman”. Then I was out the door and bolting over to where she was lying. God I was happy to see her moving, even though she was a mess. Got a blanket out of the boot of my car and got a yuppie to ring for an ambulance the. The cops came and by this stage I had the shakes really bad and i think I was babbling a bit. They pretty much cleared me then and there from witness’s statements and check my brakes as well. all up to snuff thank god.
          I spent the rest of the day on the phone finding out which hospital they’d taken her to, and asking if she was OK.
          Every time it was the same conversation. They’d ask if I was a friend or relative and I’d reply I was they guy who hit her.
          The last time I rang they put me on the phone to her husband! Not a pleasant conversation. After I’d said sory a lot and explained what happened he calmed down a bit and told me she was OK, just some really bad bruising. Can’t tell you how relieved I felt. It was like some one had just moved a semi trailer off my chest.

          • linette

            Accident do happen. It will be hard to live with myself knowing I hurt or killed someone and I just left driving away.

            I am thinking, could it be because the way the China law is set up. Maybe it’s safer for them to deny of wrong doing no matter what. They can get off more easily or completely free of charge. If they remain at the scene of the accident, they will for sure be found guilty no matter what. That is why the Chinese parents in China teach their kids like that. I don’t know. Again where is my vomit bucket. I can’t talk about the China gov’t without a vomit bucket next to me.

          • Notorious

            You hit someone with a car, and I was actually hit by a car. When I was a little girl I was balancing myself on a street curb, walking home from the store when I slipped and fell. Needless to say, my face made contact with a moving car. Left me with my left eye practically hanging out the side of my head. I stumbled to my feet with my sister holding me and went home. didn/t wait for an ambulance, just walked into the house with my face, hands and shirt covered in blood, screaming bloody murder.

            A strait jacket and sedation is pretty much what it took to let a nurse stick a needle in my eye. My injuries were minor other than the eye gash, a big concussion, stitches, some scrapes and bruising and that was it. I looked like the elephant man until the swelling went down then after that i was fine. I have a scar but it must not be too bad, i don’t think a single person has ever asked me about it. lol

          • linette


            ……. i don’t think a single person has ever asked me about it. lol…………..

            wow…So are you feeling ok today. I hope you are and be healthy :)

          • Notorious

            I’m good linette, that was like more than twentyyears ago. kids are resilient, I was better in a couple of weeks and back to normal. Until i k nocked my tooth out riding my big wheel. fortunately it was not one of my permanent teeth. i was very accident prone. i should have been kept in a plastic bubble.

        • Little Wolf

          Yes Dr, I’m certain you’ll show that same kind of understanding if you ever have a daughter get hit by a speeding, reckless shit-head that drags her 30 feet and then drives off.

          • anon

            I have to agree with Dr. SUN’s caution here. We don’t know if he knew he dragged the girl another 26.5 meters. I’m having a hard time understanding how the impact threw her into the air and then dragged her unless he hit her and then ended up running over her again and dragged her further as if she were caught in his wheel well or something. There’s not enough information about that. However, it does say he stopped for a few seconds (which confuses me further about how she was hit and dragged) before running off and I do think a lot of people run off not because they have no conscience but its just an emotional response. As much as we want to stereotype rich kids in China, I still think most of them (despite a few cases) are still relatively human and panic in such an unexpected situation. The report says he was still visibly shaken after the arrest and while it may be tempting to say he’s just pretending, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

            It sounds like he may have been driving too fast or otherwise unsafely, not exactly unexpected from a teenage male with a powerful car, and it was an accident. I too am tempted to say a person who stops and tries to help shows good character while one who runs away shows bad character, but then I think of just how often people run away…

          • Notorious

            I would be very angry that someone hit my child and i don’t expect the parents to have a forgiving heart in this situation. but someone outside of the situation can have a bit a bit more objectivity. I honestly don’t believe this accident was done in malice. He is an 18 year old KID and regardless of the “legal” age, a mind that age is still not fully developed to an adult. He probably panicked and drove away. The kid looks scared shitless, he isnt’ brazen or bragging about it. It was probably an accident and he handled it poorly.

            i can’t help feel compassion for the young man. His life is over. no one sets out to run over a child when they wake up in the morning. Blame the SYSTEM that allows people to drive without the proper training. It’s the government’s fault. No way he should be on the street as he is. China needs to clean up the driving situation to keep the public safe.

  • Mop

    1994? He’s younger than me!

  • Sponge Monkey

    Notorious – “All western men are pervs.”

    You don’t even know me. And my grandfather? Sitting at my desk looking up at a picture of my grandfather, I remember one particular day.

    I was about seven or eight years old. My grandmother had just passed away a year earlier. My father had left my mother when she was pregnant with me, so I never actually met him. My mother and father had only been married for about 5 years.

    I asked my grandfather, “Grandpa? Why did you and grandma live together so happy for more than 50 years and mom and dad couldn’t stay together even 5 years?”

    He said to me, “Love is a very special thing, but it has to be treated properly, and both people have to be a part of it. Every morning, when I would wake up, the first thing I would think of is ‘What can I do to make my wife happy?’ And every morning, when she woke up, she would do the same. When your focus is on your wife’s happiness, and her focus is on your happiness, love will never go away. I guess your father didn’t really understand that.”

    I’ve always lived by those words. In every serious relationship, I’ve always made sure that it was give and take, and that my selfishness never destroyed a relationship.

    It disturbs me that you don’t even know me, my friends, my family, and you’ve suddenly come to the conclusion that they’re all pervs. I would definitely not class any of my male foreign friends as “pervs”.

    I’m very disappointed to see your comments. I’m sure you are a nice person who has simply had some bad experiences. I hope you can learn to open your mind a little, the world is not as simple as you think.

    • I hope you will make the same effort to defend Chinese people when people make a similar accusation about Chinese people.

      • tai wai

        Why would anyone defend those pervs?

        • mr. wiener

          I think Fauna meant if anyone makes a sweeping generalisation about all Chinese being pervs, unfeeling selfish bastards or subhuman. People were irate today because of something someone said about a particularly callous comment “probably made by a laowai”.
          Fauna is concerned that people should also be fair minded about Chinese people.
          That is one of the reasons the site exists, to show us we are not so different.

          • hess

            “That is one of the reasons the site exists, to show us we are not so different.”
            I was under the impression here that most think that we are indeed very different?
            Then again, we’re all idiots. Just in different ways

          • Notorious

            sometimes the best way to teach someone something is to hold a mirror in front of his face.

          • tai wai

            Fauna is concerned that people should also be fair minded about Chinese people.

            Oh, of course. And the people getting irate were concerned that people should be fair minded about laowai.

            That’s kinda the point. People usually stick up for the groups that they identify with, even while giving lip service to the notion that “we’re all the same.”

            In this case, Sponge Monkey gave an excellent anecdote on why he values fairness (universally), and Fauna replied with b-b-but Chinese people! I just thought it was a little gauche. So I replied in kind.

          • anon

            You can interpret her response as “b-b-but Chinese people!” but I actually read it as being rather earnest and sincere, perhaps because Sponge Monkey seems more rational than some of the other knee-jerk hypocrites on here who would never see their own hypocrisy when simultaneously spewing offence and getting indignant when its reversed on them.

        • whiskersthecat

          No worries, the humor wasn’t lost on me

      • Sponge Monkey

        Of course I would. People are people. Countries are countries.

  • candy

    i think part of the reason is that Chinese dont recognize that a car is a killing machine but instead see it as a symbol of wealth :/
    Getting a license in China is more difficult that in some other countries like the US but their drivers are crazy

    • Nick in Beijing

      When my Chinese friends brag about saving to buy a car, or talk about their family having bought a car, and more commonly when they ask why I am not interested in owning a car my go-to response is; “A car is essentially a one-ton death machine and in a place like Beijing where people drive on the wrong side of the road, drive on side walks, speed during times of dense fog/smog, and without headlights on at night it’s not worth risking my life or the lives of others just to wait in heavy traffic while I idle away precious fossil fuels and drain my bank account keeping the car fueled and in good condition.”

      They rarely understand more than superficially, and then get indignant if they themselves own a car or know someone who does regardless of if I had directed any criticism at them or not.

  • [email protected]

    Sigh. It wont be the last time this happens.
    This shit just goes on and on and no one ever learns or does anything to change it. Congratulations China for continuing to be totally out of control.
    How about a story reporting on the tens of thousands of head injuries sustained daily by people not wearing helmets while riding motorbikes here?

    • Little Wolf

      Now wait a minute Appalled……I see plenty of motorbike riders wearing helmets. It’s just that most of them are not motorcycle helmets, just flimsy construction hard hats and such.

      Personally, I’m against mandatory helmet laws although I always wear a helmet myself if for no other reason that combing my hair out after a ride is unpleasant. Also….my eyes get teared-up, I’ve lost several pairs of Ray-Bans™ and if you ever gone really fast and had 1 of your eyelids bubble up you’ll always want to wear a helmet after that. I don’t really expect a helmet will save my life in a major crash but I still believe it’s common sense to wear one. And I can agree helmets should be mandatory for children.

      • [email protected]

        I might not agree on all that you said, Wolf, but I mean, you gotta agree, wearing no protective headwear is stupid. Letting kids sit, stand, ‘float’ in front of the rider’s feet is insane. I don’t know where you live in China but my sightings of helmet wearers in Shanghai are about 1 in 100 persons. Which blows my mind. I sometimes (seldom) see a real, true motorbike here too, and sure enough, the dumass riding it is not wearing leathers, or gloves or a helmet. It is like I said, out of control. Sad and stupid and laughable. Except I don’t actually like laughing when people get hurt, so it is mostly horribly depressing. Anyway, thank for replying, Wolf, always nice to hear from you. :)

  • Sponge Monkey

    It is an incredibly sad story. As a father, it scares the living bezeesus out of me.

    I have said for years that proper policing and better safety education will make a huge difference in China. I always have to wonder how many of these tragedies will happen until there is a change to this? I just saw someone killed two nights ago outside my house. It was an older person on a bike. I didn’t see the accident, just the aftermath.

    It’s so sad that good people needlessly die for reasons that could have been totally avoided. For the sake of the people of China, I hope this changes.

    • the ace of books

      A resounding “this” to your comment, but I gotta add: the problem here is enforcement and education. Actually getting proper policing methods past just theory and big talk and into practice, and actually having safety education (both for self and for others) incorporated in schools (because then at least you can make it mandatory) would be the first and hardest steps. They’d take a wide and concentrated effort, and I don’t know if China is able to allocate the manpower and resources to them.

      • Nick in Beijing

        @ the ace of books —

        Problem with that is parents would probably be in a bitch fit if school administrators and teachers took time away from test preparations to give this sort of social education to children, and get upset that those admins and teachers are interfering with “domestic responsibilities of parents”.

        I have one friend who is a teacher in the elementary school in the neighborhood I live in. She told me last year that when she tried to admonish a little girl in her class for cheating, the parents came and threatened to have her fired (whether or not they actually could is not the point) for making her child loose face in front of class, and taking time away from her class work to give her the admonishment.

        They would likely consider any sort of meaningful social education (how to deal with others, safety while outdoors, things like that) an affront to the parents ability to teach these things (which is obviously woefully lacking).

    • Nick in Beijing

      With the “me first” and “it’s not affecting my family, so I don’t care” mentality that many Chinese have it won’t change.

      No one is willing to be the first to stand up and demand improvement.

      No one is willing to sacrifice an opportunity to flash wealth before their neighbors to avoid buying a car.

      No one is willing to block the way of a car that is driving recklessly and reprimand the driver regardless of the situation (except all those “damn dirty laowai pervs” who force government vehicles and black audis to back out of the bicycle path).

      Just a few days ago I saw a traffic police car full of disgusting looking fat shirtless men driving the wrong way on a one way street and honking furiously at people who wouldn’t get out of their way.

      I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve actually witnessed a traffic cop more than argue with a person who violated the law and actually issued a ticket or attempted to make an arrest.

      • Alan

        With the “me first” and “it’s not affecting my family, so I don’t care” mentality that many Chinese have it won’t change.

        Well said, NIB. Nice to know I am not alone in thinking this arrogance is only unique to certain places of China, it’s damn well all over the whole place.

        Macau will be wonderful breath of fresh air, what with fines for jaywalking, orderly traffic and rule of law…..

        • Nick in Beijing

          Never been to Macau, Alan, so not sure if that’s sarcasm or not. But if it’s anything like HK then yes it will indeed be a breath of fresh air for you.

          Only been to Hong Kong once, and it is clear as daylight that it has it’s share of problems, but the rule of law and all the police at least appearing to do their jobs was indeed a breath of fresh air for me.

          • el negro pedro

            5000 thousand years of the same shit. nothing is ever going to change. the only hope for the Chinese is escape to a developed country.

            This jackass below responds to this incident by saying “accidents” happen everywhere, totally disregarding “degree” and “frequency”. It’s a typical response, one that deflects responsibility. If people want a change for the better, they’d first have to learn how to admit when they’re wrong or have a flaw. But we all know that face is the most important thing, so sadly, nothing is ever going to change.

            The sad part about nationalist is that while they’re busy defending their shitty government, The rich who truly don’t give a fuck and are stealing fist over hand at any and all opportunity are already concocting their exit strategies to get the fuck out of this sinking ship called the PRC.

            How many wealthy locals do I know that snake their way to the U.S. to birth their Child, so that Child can later claim U.S. citizenship and bring said locals to the U.S. later in life? More than you’d think.

            Everyone educated will tell you the PRC is just another dynasty and it will fall, sooner or later. How many have risen, ruled and then been displaced over the past 5000 years? Those guys on top know their card gonna get pulled sooner or later. It’s only a matter of time.

          • anon

            You’re getting awfully inflamed. I’ll have to read down further to find that jackass to ascertain what he really meant but have you considered that someone who responds “accidents happen everywhere” isn’t necessarily trying to deflect responsibility but begging reason in the face of comments they think might be unreasonable? Again, I have to read down further but is this guy really saying accidents happen everywhere specifically to defend the Chinese government? Or are you unreasonably broadening something into a larger rant about your views of China?

          • anon

            Was it this comment by dilladonuts?


            Look at all the white people acting like their has never been a single incident of a hit and run tragedy in the west……….

            Wasn’t it pretty obvious that he thinks there are a lot of white people here who act like there has never been a hit and run tragedy in the West? How is he deflecting responsibility? Defending the shitty government? How is this being nationalistic? He’s jut reacting to hypocrisy. Don’t you react to hypocrisy too? Especially from Chinese people? I’m trying to understand how you read this guy as a jackass or nationalist for simply taking issue with what he perceives to be hypocrisy. If that doesn’t make you a jackass or nationalist, why does it make him one?

          • mr. wiener

            The “jackass” in question who is the source of black Peter’s ire would be Dr. Sun’s response to Castro:

            “Be fair , there are reckless drivers all over the world, traffic accidents happen everywhere, every minute of everyday”.

          • anon

            Ah. Castro who turned out to be using another identity?

            If it is Dr SUN, I still don’t see how a call to be fair is being nationalist or a jackass.

        • Sponge Monkey

          My friend told me that Qingdao was quite different from other parts of China with traffic laws as well. Because traffic laws are more respected, people, in turn, can drive faster. My buddy said he almost got killed jaywalking and a local warned him, “This is Qingdao, you have to wait for the green light or you will die!”

          There’s a tourism slogan for you!

  • linette

    mr. wiener

    That sounds like too much work for me. No thank you. But I don’t mind you take a photo of you holding a sign saying “I am a loawai and I am a dick” hahahaa……..Best yet. If all of you Brett, moop, lil’ Wolf, capt. Wed do that, I will tweet you my twitter acct.

    So you are in Taiwan. I love Taiwan. Definitely on my top 5 best places to live. I have many taiwanese friends. Love them.

    • mr. wiener

      Burck! Burck! Burck!
      I’ll think of you the next time I’m eating gong bao ji ding.
      You are right though, China lite is the place to live.

      • linette

        mr. wiener,

        I love Taiwanese xiao long bao. I will think of you when I eat them.

      • whiskersthecat

        Why, I am in Taiwan right now as well. I’m here for the Summer. Just because. Taiwan is definitely the way to go. I love how the whole place shook and then turned into a giant water park for my arrival.

        • mr. wiener

          We aim to please.

  • Castro

    I’m depressed.

    Nietzsche was wrong. God isn’t dead. God never was.

    Stupid question, but why do so many people drive recklessly? This may sound like a stupid question/statement,,,,,,, but don’t they care if they kill someone ? Seriously, someone smart answer this ! Please don’t explain it as a numbers game either! It is not a numbers game. Drivers in China drive recklessly. Period.

    Now what we need to do is to be able to explain WHY ?????? Why, why, why ?

    • Dr SUN

      Wait a minute, just in China ? I think not.
      Be fair there are reckless drivers all over the world, traffic accidents happen everywhere , every minute of every day.

      • Castro

        Thank you Captain Obvious.

        • Dr SUN

          your welcome, but if you write stupid things like you did, capt Obvious will always bite you in the ass.

          • diverdude1

            What was stupid about what I wrote ?

          • diverdude1

            ooops,,, dd1 = castro. different computer log-in…

      • hess

        Obviously not just in China, but more often.

        • Nick in Beijing

          It does indeed happen all over the world, every minute of the day as Dr. Sun pointed out.

          I however feel compelled to point out that I have never encountered people speeding down the wrong side of the road in moderate traffic!

          There is indeed a air of stupidity the way that the majority of drivers drive in China.

          I live in Beijing, and by all accounts of my Chinese friends, Beijing’s bad traffic is mild compared to out in the countryside and in second-tier cities. If it’s this bad in the Capitol then the countryside must be the set of fucking Death Proof!

          It may be something as simple as a combination of lack of education coupled with lax enforcement of the law, but the traffic here is something to behold for how bad it is.

          I have never been to other third world or developing countries, but I have also never seen the sheer number of bad driving-related stories coming out of other places except for warzones.

          Funny thing is while many Chinese know that the traffic here sucks, many of them are also unaware of the sheer balls-explodingly-hillariously-ridiculously stupid way that many people drive here until we walk down the street together and i point out traffic violation after traffic violation in an unending stream of vehicular stupidity. Then they are appalled.

          • Little Wolf

            I pretty much agree Nick. As fucked up as Beijing traffic is, it’s slightly better than every other city I’ve been. As if being the capital, Beijing shows the best face. It was fairly noticable to me anyway, that Beijing operates slightly smoother than everywhere else. Nothing to boast about though.

          • anon

            You probably think more stories come out of China because, well, you live in China and you’re consuming news and information about China. As someone who has been to and lived in other third world AND developing (sometimes even parts of developed) countries, I can safely assure you that it’s just as bad elsewhere. If you don’t notice it, be sure to stick around for a while and start consuming local news. The thing about China is that the sheer size and density of the population does make it seem more intense there, something I’ll readily agree to.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Anon – – Fair dues. I reckon other developing or third world countries with corrupt and lazy police and uneducated people would have similar results, but I can’t accept the population density thing just on principle.

            I suppose my main argument here is that with more people driving more cars more frequently logically people would also be more cautious when driving. This however is obviously not the case.

            There has to be something more basic than population density to account for the large number of incidents that occur here.

            But I suppose if we got to the cultural/ideological/philosophical root of why people struggle so hard against logic as simple as: don’t drive like a fucking donkey got locked in the car and the roads will be safer, then we would also get to the root of corruption, parental negligence, and the generally rampant selfishness that occurs here.

  • Zebadee

    What kind of retarded parents give their equally retarded child a sports car too powerful beyond their limited intellect to handle?
    Should be neuted before they lay any more eggs.

    • Dr SUN

      We could say the same thing about computers, right ?

      • lonetrey

        Slightly correct, though less applicable to computers than cars.

        At least you can’t accidentally drive a computer with the force of a truck and hit someone. Though, intentional malevolent usage of the computer has been on the rise (duh, since computers-use has been on the rise too).

  • KDog

    The girl was hit late at night, but the pictures are all in the daytime, did they leave her remains on the concrete all through the night? Didn’t a crowd gather at the scene of the crime? I don’t have ‘a point’ here, I just wonder a bit.

    • Dr SUN

      no the accident occurred in the day, the driver was arrested that night.

  • Fu ZhiGao

    Hey Fauna,

    In the U.S., news people would say “driver of a black Audi” or just “black Audi” to decrease the likelihood that readers would think the driver was black. The way you’ve translated it, unfortunately, lends itself to that kind of confusion. Thus some of the juvenile remarks above.

    There are some special rules with the order of adjectives in English. We say “the American heavyweight champion” not “the heavyweight American champion”.

  • 404namenotfound

    “Reports say this is an Audi S5, with a retail price of 718,000 to 998,000 yuan.” Mother of zeus!! that’s Porsche 991 911 Turbo money back home O.o

    • anon


  • Sean

    That’s what happens when you give a fucking 18 year old an Audi. Shit happens in the U.S. all the time.

  • barack obama

    i want to kill that motherfucker

  • heminator

    Anyway… the fact of the matter is that someone driving irresponsibly killed an innocent child. Who fuckin cares what he was driving! it could have been a mini van for all I care, maybe even a micro machine, and who fuckin cares who he or his parents are and how much money they have. Is a farmer driving a tractor any different than a rich kid driving an Audi? not really,… the point is we are all humans with eyes, brains and freedom of choice…. don’t go pointing fingers because of money and status, it doesn’t really mean shit in this case… this young girl is dead because of wrong choices, not because of the make and model of his fkn car. M.P .NIS!

    • Slob

      Idiot. A farmer in the same situation running over a young girl and fleeing the scene would be caught and punished because he has no money to buy his way out. This rich little fucking cunt will have his family pay for him to get out of it. See the difference?

      • heminator

        @ Slob… Idiot! Its not about rich little fucking cunts! It’s about the girl and her family!

        • Slob

          Of course, it’s a terrible thing to have happened for the family but what’s happened has happened and cannot be changed. The only thing that can be changed is justice for the family and to see some resolve to put their minds at ease knowing the perpetrator has been punished for taking away their daughter/sister/grand-daughter/niece etc.

          If your daughter was killed by a speeding driver, sure you would be upset and distraught…but wouldn’t you want the son of a bitch who took her away from you to be punished? Or just let him go? “Hey, you killed my daughter. Good luck in the future!”

          • heminator

            Yes of course I would want them to be punished! Some hard jail time after a kick in the head would be good… both tractor and audi drivers can be sent to prison!

      • Dr SUN

        That’s just ridiculous Slob, top speed on a tractor here must be little over 10mph and you can hear them coming about a mile away, even the snails avoid them.

        • Nick in Beijing

          All too true Doc!

  • Jahar

    I think this story is more about an 18 year old driving an audi and getting into an accident than about that a girl got killed.

  • dilladonuts

    Look at all the white people acting like their has never been a single incident of a hit and run tragedy in the west……….

  • Slob

    18 years old with an audi. Father is rich and important. Father will pay money to alter the police cameras or simply buy them out and find some reason for his dickhead son to get away scot-free.

    Awesome society is awesome.

  • Wonneproppen

    Fully realizing that this is besides the main issue here, but what is an eleven year old girl having make-up classes for?

    • Sunshine

      Make-up, not makeup.
      As in, she most likely didn’t do so well in one of her courses, or is wanting to advance ahead, so she’s taking extra classes after school = make-up classes.

  • Sunshine

    I want to say something useful/contribute.. but all I can do is cry at the shocking red, and the faces of the family members……

  • Jf

    As long as Chinese people keep on driving like lunatics this kind of things will happen. Implement laws, enforce them on everyone (also the rich kiddies and their daddies). Where I am half of the drivers is stone drunk every evening.

    These days you see six people run after a small toddler. Of course nothing good can come out of that. Learn your kids some discipline and respect for life. Not everything is about money, not everything is about showing of your latest gadgets. How good do you think the cleaning woman can raise your kids?
    If you don’t put the time and energy into raising them … chances are you raised the next criminal and all your money is going to be worth nothing when they lock him or her up for life.

    As this will not change, we will have more of this type of theater. Really sad, but no one wants to implement the laws.
    How did one Chinese business guy put it again “don’t study the law, study the strategy to the law” meaning…. know how of avoiding to comply with the law makes you rich and powerful.
    Pure anarchy thats what this is about.

    Really Really sad

  • thunderkat211

    The parents are crying and shouting to everyone.

    “Why didn’t I teach my child how to look both ways when crossing the street?!!!!!

    “Why do I still not look both ways when I cross the street?!!!!”

    “WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?!!!!”

  • Sana

    I couldn’t help but crying when i saw the familys reaction.

  • Dat Ankle

    Im a little concerned at how closely people are standing around the scene without any barriers.

    • Nick in Beijing

      There are never barriers or police lines here. There might be a fist full of bao an, or sometimes even the cops or cheng guan standing around, halfheartedly telling people not to get to close, and giving up the moment someone does step closer.

      • Slob

        Where I live, the traffic police actually wave people to go through red lights and blow their little whistles while waving their arms to say “Fucking go through already”. Sometimes when the light is red, one person will start up the huge chain reaction of bikes – One goes, 2 people see this and say “well fuck it, I’ll go too” and suddenly 100 bikes are tearing through the red light together. The poor little traffic cops usually just walk away or turn their backs…because really… how are you going to stop 100 motorbikes? And it happens every 5 minutes so it’s pointless to even try.

        Shit, I’ve even seen some noob traffic cops who are new to the job actually trying to stop people only to have them drive away or swing in another direction. Few times I’ve seen people forcefully stopped and just gave the copper a cigarette and all was good.

        Cool shit – a 5 mao cigarette is worth more than a potential life.

  • Most of the fatal accidents are caused by all these wealthy bastards of China! Why are there lesser fatal accidents caused by the locally made China cars? It is because of these show-off young bastards that killed the innocents. Will they be seriously dealt with in the China court of law? I don’t think so simply because they are wealthy. Now this does not only happened in China but in a global scale from street racing in America to dashing on red light, which also killed the innocents in Singapore. China is a great nation if not because of these social scums!!!

    • Dr SUN

      How do know any of this ?

      Where are your studies, stats and links, post them please.

      • Hello

        It’s when people get a little right that we start asking for stats… Although I do not fully agree I must tell you that there’s some truth in what he said… Ok?

    • Little Wolf

      Well…your comment is understandable…but in truth most accidents in China usually have those crappy blue trucks involved. Those drivers are the least educated, and shittiest drivers and those trucks are the worst maintained. I’m sure you can find the stats somewhere.

  • Dconn

    In America that call Involuntary Manslaughter, 5 years in jail 3 if good behavior ans a huge fine. Chinese drive wayyyyyyyy too fast. There should also be polic posted and well as signs to make drivers aware of “school zones”. This death is senseless. you must take better care of youth

  • Anus Presley

    What difference does it make what car he was driving? This shit happens every day in China. There are approximately 300 road deaths every day in this country, mostly due to the drivers stupidity.
    India and China have the two highest per capita annual traffic accident fatalities in the World. With India the problem is mostly due to bad infrastructure – poor quality roads and bridges, e.t.c. In China the problem stems from stupidity.

  • Anus Presley

    Why don’t people in China know what the mirrors in the car are for? Why don’t they know that their lights have two settings, and that you shouldn’t drive at night with your lights on full beam?

    Just the other day I was in a car with a Chinese girl and I noticed her rearview-mirror was wonky. It was positioned directly facing her. She told me she thought the mirror was there so she could see herself in it and fix her hair, e.t.c. And she wondered why the day before she’d reversed into another car and been fined a few hundred RMB. She said it had been too dark to see anything out of back window, and hadn’t known that there were lights on the back of her for reversing at night.
    I was telling her these things and yet I don’t even fucking drive.

    • Nick in Beijing

      Similar experience.

      I used to drive in China when I lived with my ex (a Beijinger) in her car.

      I had driven for years in the U.S. and I had a good record there, so I know what I am doing when I drive.

      She got upset at me for taking too long to make turns when I would turn on my turn signals, give the 3 second warning, then merge into another lane of traffic, or make a turn.

      She thought she had good driving skills although she had only driven a fistful of times. She thought that doing tricks with the emergency break while stopped made her a skillful driver.

      We had taken an outing to Huairou to go camping, which necessitated a 2 hour drive. After that trip I positively refused to get into a car for the whole following year we stayed together. Speeding. Not stopping at traffic lights. Driving too close to the shoulder on cliff roads without guard rails. Swerving into oncoming traffic to try to edge past cars in front of us.

      I ended up shouting at her and told her I will drive, or I will take a taxi from one of the nearby villages back to the city if she didn’t give me the driver’s seat.

      She never recovered from my nearly-stopped-heart at being strapped in beside her while she drove like a maniac, and was too proud to admit she made any mistake in her driving.

      I have demanded taxi drivers pull over and let me out of their cars, and refused to pay fares more than once at having white-knuckle gripped the holy hell! handles at the top inside the doors.

      The silliest thing is people can never understand why I, or others, get upset at their driving skills.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Wow! I really wasn’t paying attention when I typed that sentence about my ex’s car! I meant to say I used to drive my ex’s car in beijing, not that we lived in her car!

  • James E

    These pictures almost brought me to tears in my office this morning. This is truly horrible. Why can’t people just follow the rules? Why is it such a difficult concept to understand? How many cases just like this will need to happen for the rules and regulations of the road to change? To Chinese people just not care for the safety of their own people?

    Now, I want everyone to look at the 8th picture. There is two young men smiling and laughing about the scene of a little girls death. Good representation China!
    I would like to demolish those two little fuckwits.

    • Anus Presley

      Because there are no ‘rules’. The police don’t give a shit. In fact, I’ve seen police cars here in my city casually drive through red lights on many occasions – and they weren’t in hot pursut of anyone. They just didn’t feel like waiting for the lights to change.
      I think the problem is the driving lessons here, the driving tests, and the fact that you can just buy a driving license if you don’t want to pay for lessons, and can’t be bothered to learn how to drive. As an example, the girl I mentioned above only took 3 lessons before deciding to just pay for a license.
      Though even she had taken 20 or 30 lessons she’d probably still be a shit driver as appaently all they teach you is when and how to sound your horn.

      I used to actually think that they simply sat you down in a room with a t.v set, showed you the movie ‘Death Race 2000’ and then said “Any questions?” before handing you the keys.

      • Anus Presley

        ‘Pursut’ = pursuit.

        I’m too used to having an edit function.

  • Roy

    The problem is that when someone gets behind a sheel in China they think that they have now become a God, able to do as they please, ignore the law of the road and expect lowly pedestrians to get out of their way. It is time for these disgstingly bad drivers to be given fines and jail terms for their unbelievably bad driving habits! Cities are wondering how to earn more revenue, well… here is your chance! Start enforcing the road laws with traffic fines and if they are not paid, confiscate and sell the cars!

    • Nick in Beijing

      Problem is that most of the high profile accidents are caused by the very people, or friends and family of the very people who make and enforce the laws.

      Tons of lower class peasants, farmers, and workers cause shit tons of traffic accidents, but it’s still the cops that need to enforce them, and when the cops themselves are driving just as poorly as those other violators, they can’t address the problem without looking at themselves in the mirror.

      No face-loving Chinese is going to look in a mirror.

  • Matt

    I have a request to make of the ChinaSMACK webeditor:

    Can you please censor the word “sofa”, or otherwise block posts that contain that word? I’m sure this is technologically feasible, as many similar websites censor vulgarities and such. And if it isn’t, maybe if you could just manually delete any sofa comments at the top of each new article.

    I’m tired of reading articles about some horrific tragedy, and then seeing a bunch of lowlife fucks patting themselves on the back with a “SOFA!!!!! OMG FIRST TIME!!!!!”.

    • Sponge Monkey

      Yes, that lowlife would be me. Read the thread.

      • Sponge Monkey

        Sorry wrong thread

        • Sponge Monkey

          Sigh, that would have been a good time to be moderated :)

    • Ming

      what does a sofa have to do with it? don’t get it?

    • Nick in Beijing

      Yes, censorship! That is that answer to all that woes you!

      You must be a Chinese government official.

      • Matt

        Yes, I approve censorship of stupidity. I’m not the least bit ashamed of that.

  • Ming

    Poor girl and her family must be heart broken. Hope he doesn’t get away with it and gets jail time. His family should have pay compensation to the victim families

  • Justin

    Damn, this just ruined my day.

  • Australia

    dip him in honey, sitt him on ants nest and wait to collect the bones.
    who in hell keeps driving with a little girl dead by there hand is gutless and ruthless, no less than a criminal.

  • Sponge Monkey

    There’s two angles I have on this story. One, if it’s a matter of wealth and irresponsibility, then this kinda proves the point I was making before about how the rich are rich off the backs of hard working Chinese people and don’t appreciate it. (see the abortion story)

    The other angle…

    I am an English teacher. Currently I teach primary students in Shanghai.

    One of the things that bothers me is when school is finished and the children are going home, the parents and grandparents all wait outside the school to pick up their kids. 75% of them wait on the street. The school is next to a driving school and is on a bus route, and is on a bend in the road so you can’t see what’s coming. But for the last few years, every day, they’re out there waiting. And there have been accidents, several.

    It’s even worse when the kids get out, as they all run out into the street to meet their respected family members. It’s frightening to watch.

    I read “Rick in China”‘s story about his brush in with the law. How a car hit him and he ended up getting charged. I’ve read numerous stories like this (the man who helped the old man get up and was accused of committing the crime).

    Running from the police. If you were driving a car, and, through no fault of your own, hit a child, and you have been raised in a culture where law enforcement is “guilty until you buy your innocence” what would you do?

    Of course, if it was me, I’d have stopped and done everything I could. But I was raised in a country that has fairly decent law enforcement.

    Sorry, my favourite colour is grey.