12-Year-Old Chongqing Girl Raped & Imprisoned Has Baby

Sad Chinese girl.

Rape victim lies on hospital bed.From Sina, “12 year old girl forced to live with a man, gives birth to a son 1 year later“:

As parents who are too busy with careers and no time to discipline their child, a 12-year-old daughter met a bad man at an Internet cafe, and not only suffered rape, but was also forced to live with him for 2 years. Consequently, the child gave birth to a son before she was even 14 years old.

October 14th, the man who caused so much trauma was sentenced to 9 years prison by the Shapingba district court on a rape charge, the judge revealed yesterday.

Passing time at the Internet Cafe – meeting a rapist

Xiaohua (alias), whom is 15-years-old this year, is from Hechuan. A few years ago, she moved to the Shapingba district with her parents. Her mother works as a rice and noodle seller at the farmer’s market, and her father is a motorcycle taxi driver. Because her parents normally are unable to look after her, young Xiaohua often visits the Internet cafe to pass time. In September 2005, 12-year-old Xiaohua met a young man 6 years her senior. Eyeing Xiaohua cute/lovable looks, he formed a devious plan.

That year on the National Holiday, as Xiaohua was at the Internet cafe surfing the web, she was coerced by the man into his apartment.

Raped at 12 years of age – being held against her will

Upon realizing his intent, Xiaohua broke into tears saying she was only 12-years-old. However, her pleas did not get her any pity. After being raped by the man, Xiaohua was then imprisoned in the man’s apartment. He threatened: “If you date to leave, I will kill your entire family!” From that moment on, scared Xiaohua didn’t dare bring up the subject of returning home, and also didn’t dare to contact her family.

With Xiaohua’s disappearance, her parents bitterly searched without results and finally reported her missing to the police. However, the local police station kept saying they didn’t have any leads.

One day a few months later, Xiaohua suddenly returned home. Her parents found out that she had frequently been abused, but finally escaped by slipping away while the man left the house which was merely 1 kilometer away. Her timid parents did not report it to the police. Instead, they let Xiaohua go into hiding at her grandmother’s home in Sichuan.

Escaping his clutches – only to be threatened again

To their disbelief, just as Xiaohua left for her grandmother’s, the rapist burst into her parent’s home. Under interrogation at knife-point, the mother called Xiaohua’s grandmother. “If you don’t come home, you can collect your mother and your older sister’s corpse!” the man’s voice boomed through the telephone line.

Xiaohua obediently returned to Chongqing immediately, and have since been using the status as the man’s “girlfriend” to visit the Internet cafe, karaoke bars, and other social locations. Last year March 8th, not yet 14-years-old, Xiaohua gave birth to a baby boy.

March of this year, due to a friend’s blackmail, the man let Xiaohua return home to get money. Because they were unable to get the money, her parents eventually told the police about their daughter’s rape. On March 20th, the man was arrested at an Internet cafe.

Parents lacking discipline – leading to tragedy happening

“Xiaohua’s parents didn’t fulfill their responsibility [as parents]” Shapingba District Judge Wang Xinli said, this tragedy happening as a result of Xiahua’s parents not educating their child to protect herself and be assertive.

Wang Xinli said: actually, Xiaohua had many opportunities to escape the dangerous situation: During her rape, she could shout for help, getting the attention of the neighbors; Upon successfully escaping and returning home, she could have told the police, etc. Not only did she not do any of these things, she even accompanied the rapist to the Internet cafe and other public places, so everyone thought she was his “girlfriend.” It is exactly because of her surrender/compliance that the man was even more fearless.

Comments from Sina:

The girl is too timid! And even more so, she doesn’t have a desire for self-protection! Also, the criminal was let off too easily, only sentenced 9 years. These kind of people should have gotten their roots cut off, sentenced for 40 years, or even 80! 90? See if he will be the same after 90? So infuriating! Who judged this?

Something is wrong with your head

Feel sorry for the guy. Just a little sex stuff and it turns out so not worth it, 9 years is too long. At most 1 or 2 years is enough

This waste of a human! They should bring him to conduct “Humanitarian destruction”

What a pity to the girl

I feel he should have gotten 99 years

Seriously, so young and these things happened to her, when she grows up it’ll be worse. Don’t know what the parents taught her… sigh.

What’s the point of these useless parents

Comments from Vnet:

Kids nowadays…

Actually, it’s mostly all because the parents don’t have time to look after their own kids.

The parents are greatly responsible. They should have reported this to the police a long time ago. Because they were afraid, they even watched their own daughter enter the wolf’s den.

Comments from Leshan News Web:


Comments from Sohu:

Why only 9 years? According to the country’s law, If the victim is under 14, it doesn’t matter if the victim consented. It’s all classified as “malignant” rape, at least 20 years imprisonment, or life, and even the death sentence. There’s something wrong with this judge.

The sorrow of modern times!

What kind of dog-fart parents are these? They should be on Animal Planet, Most Extreme Failures.

It’s all modern society’s resulting this kind of garbage. Hopefully this girl’s life with get better. I believe you’ll find a man that will treat you well someday.

9 years, If the judge’s daughter was the victim, would you still only give 9 years???

Things like this happen?

If I was the girl’s parents, 1. I would kick the girl out, 2. Get a knife and kill that bastard. He willingly arrives are your house doorstep and you don’t kill him? Kill him and report a robbery

Why didn’t they think of reporting this? Is it because they didn’t have faith in the police?

14岁女孩生下女婴 称办公室内遭老师强奸

Images: These pictures are not related to the incident of 12-year-old Xiaohua. They were found on Google and are images from other news stories about rape victims. Click on them to see their original Chinese sources and information.


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