13 Classic Sleeping In Class Positions By Students

Chinese student sleeping positions.

Chinese student sleeping positions.

From Mop:

Collection of post 90’s generation students sleeping in class positions; take a look and see which poses you made while in school

Chinese student sleeping positions: Boring

Boring Style
Novelty Factor: 1/5
Normally this posture can be commonly seen during a class with a teacher speaking with a tedious, monotonous tone. Students who have listened to the entire lesson/lecture will become so bored that they will have gnawed their pencil eraser to bits.

What this body posture is saying: Your class is really boring.

Chinese student sleeping positions: Classic.

Classic Style
Rarity Factor: 1/5
Equivalent to a basic, classic style that allows one to fall asleep easily; however, the trouble [factor] is not high because [the student] is afraid that the teacher will see them sometimes in this position and become greatly angry.

What this body posture is saying: Teacher, I am very tired.

Chinese student sleeping positions: Disdain

Disdain Style
Novelty Factor: 2/5
Students who do well [with high marks] and don’t need to listen to the lesson can be often be seen in this very lazy pose in which their body language shows them to be full of [smug] self-confidence.

What this body posture is saying: Whatever you say/ask of me, I can do/know the answer to.

Chinese student sleeping positions: Pray

Prayer Style
Novelty Factor: 2/5
With fingers of both hands clasped together as if in prayer, this type of sleep posture clearly says one thing:

“Teacher, I beg you to quickly dismiss class soon, okay?

Chinese student sleeping positions: Dejected

Dejected Style
Novelty Factor: 2/5
Don’t understand the lesson, at the point of crying tears of mourning, transition automatically into this sleeping position.

Body Language: Listening, but still not understanding.

Chinese student sleeping positions: Ostrich

Ostrich Style
Novelty Factor: 2/5
It can be seen from this sleeping posture, that a person who lacks a sense of security and is conflicted by wanting to sleep yet at the same time is afraid of being caught will naturally adopt this posture.

Body language: You can’t see me, you can’t see me…

Chinese student sleeping positions: Beauty

Beauty Style
Novelty Factor: 3/5
Normally the girls who attend class without any interest in it, like for example those preoccupied with boys on their minds, can adopt this emotionally-laden pose.

Body Language: My good brother, you are slow and dull-witted.

Chinese student sleeping positions: Boss

Boss Style
Novelty Factor: 3/5
In general, those who don’t look mean/evil enough will find it difficult to have the courage to sleep like this, its level of disrespect to [the teacher] can only make others shake their heads [in dismay].

Body Language: I fucking want to sleep, what business is it of your’s?

Chinese student sleeping positions: Double

Double Style
Novelty Factor: 4/5
In my personal experience and opinion, if this kind of sleeping position appears, then it can no longer be called “attending class”. Two people completely ignoring the teacher sputtering away in toil at the front of the class, this level of disrespecting the teacher to a level paramount to destroying her ancestors.

Body Language: One on each side and feelings will last.

Chinese student sleeping positions: Triple

Triple Style
Novelty Factor: 4/5
Were it not for the good disposition of the teacher [to allow this behavior] then these valuable students would be considered too mischievous. When wanting to sleep the students will even form large groups rather than gathering together to resist having this feeling, and by paying no heed to the respect of their teacher/elder they can already even be called having “burned the books and buried alive Confucian scholars” [an allusion to the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang (259-210 BC), who destroyed historical documents and suppressed/murdered scholars out of fear his reign would be compromised if compared with earlier kings.]

Body Language: Three people sleeping, must piss off the teacher.

Chinese student sleeping positions: Pillow

The Pillow
Novelty Factor: 4/5
This type of behavior could described as defiant. Disregarding the rules and sleeping is one thing, but going so far as to attempt building a cozy sleeping environment? This already exceeds what normal people people can understand/accept.

Body Language: Good pillow, no worries.

Chinese student sleeping positions: Table

Table Style
Novelty Factor: 5/5
Simply going too far, putting the desks together to sleep on them, sleeping freely as if one were at home, no concerns at all, the teacher standing at the front of the class having completely lost her position [of authority and respect in the eyes of the student].

Body Language: If sleeping then sleep, and sleep well.

Chinese student sleeping positions: Standing

[Word Bubbles – Teacher: Student, wake up!]

Standing Style
Novelty Factor: 7/5
This posture already far exceeds the intended purpose of ordinary sleeping postures, standing like this proclaims: “I’m not tired, but I’m still going to sleep.” A teacher seeing this kind of student, after being horrified and rendered speechless, presumably can only shake her head and sigh, and helplessly just continue with the lesson.

Comments from Mop:


Fuck your mother, LZ… haven’t you ever slept like this before??? Don’t put all post-90s generation into this category…


[Someone who] uses a book bag as a pillow passes by…


All of these are “classic” styles.


I have no choice but to ding this, truly classic.


Other than the one of “sleeping on the table top”, the rest I have all seen before.


[I’ve] basically seen all of these before.


Life has always been about eating when hungry, drinking when thirsty, sleeping when tired, and worrying when poor.


Haha… good thinking lou zhu, but the question/problem is why [specify] post-90s generation?


LZ, have you ever seeing running or jogging while sleeping?! In my high school I had a classmate who could do this… impressive, right?


Why do you have to add a “post-90s generation”? Have everyone else never slept while in class?


Truly too talented.


[referring to the last picture, “Standing Style”] When I was in middle school, my class had an incredible kid who slept just like this!


I’m the pillow style. The next day, I was punished.


Once, embarrassingly, when I was in high school, while trying to see the blackboard that the classmate in front of me was blocking, I had half my body leaning off to the side of my desk only to fall asleep at this very moment.


Do you have shit for brains? Is the entire world comprised of the 90’s generation?


S+M style.

Comments from GZO668 (the Sunshine BBS):


That last one [Standing Style] I have tried… but you need to lean against a window.


There are a few that I have tried before…


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Double Style, even Triple Style.  chinaSMACK personals.


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