13-Year-Old Girls Fake Virginity to Sell Sex & Extort Men

A gang of Chinese youth who used underage girls pretending to be virgins to prostitute themselves to men who would then be extorted.

A gang of Chinese youth who used underage girls pretending to be virgins to prostitute themselves to men who would then be extorted.

From NetEase:

Criminal gang uses 13-year-old girl pretending to be “virgin” to sell sex and commit extortion

March 16, during patrols of the railway station, police in Nanchang of Jiangxi province discovered a suspicious male and female couple. During questioning, they found on the girl (13-years-old) a bag with a sponge soaked in blood and a bag with an unknown white powder. When asked about its purpose, the girl became hysterical. Later investigation revealed that they were a criminal gang using underage girls pretending to be “virgins” for prostitution and extortion. Photo [above] is of March 29th, Nanchang, of criminal suspect Hong X and two other female suspects.

A gang of Chinese youth who used underage girls pretending to be virgins to prostitute themselves to men who would then be extorted.

According to reports, criminal suspect He X, drawing from the “successful experience” of fellow townsman Wu X, used “virgins” using pigeon blood to prostitute and extort. 2012 January, they used this method and successfully extorted a man of 300,000 yuan. Photo is of March 29th, Nanchang, of Diao X, He X, and Hong X.

A bag of alum and a bag containing a sponge soaked with pigeon blood used by the girls to fake virginity.

According to criminal suspect Hong, on January 12th of this year, a business-owner surnamed Zhou had arranged to go to a hotel with Diao X. After Zhou X fell soundly asleep, Diao X contacted Wu X. Wu X then pretended to be Diao X’s older brother, and barged into the room along with the gang’s other male members. Upon entering the room, Wu X slapped Diao X’s face, “angrily shouting”: “We’ve been looking for you for so long, what are you doing here in a hotel?” Afterward, Wu X “discovered” Zhou X, immediately grabbing the other shouting: “You dare to rape my little sister?!” Afterward, they successfully extorted the man of 300,000 RMB. Photo is of March 29th, Nanchang, the sponge and alum used to fake virginity.

A gang of Chinese youth who used underage girls pretending to be virgins to prostitute themselves to men who would then be extorted.

According to the police, other than extorting 300,000 yuan in Nanchang, on 2012 February 26th, this group also successfully extorted victim Feng X of 12,000 yuan in Chongren county of Fuzhou. March 7th, during an extortion attempt in Jiujiang city, they failed because the other party refused to open the door. Through preliminary interrogations, criminal suspect Wu X, He X, and others handed over the money they had extorted, the culprits splitting 75,000 yuan each, while the other participating girls had not yet gotten their split. Photo is of March 29th, Nanchang, of girl He X and boyfriend Hong X.

One of the male teenagers part of the gang who would pretend to be a girl's brother to extort money from the men who slept with them.

Wu X and others required the girls to not dress in revealing clothing, not wear makeup, and must dress like fresh and pure schoolgirls. Photo is of March 29th, Nanchang, culprit Wu X.

Comments from NetEase:

阿里的海 [网易辽宁省网友]:

Wha…? 13-years-old and already needs to pretend to be a virgin…?

命若天定艹我就破了这个天 [网易吉林省吉林市网友]:

I remember having sexual relations with a young girl under 14-years-old is considered rape… What sucks is that I actually foolishly believed this back then…

黄易萝卜 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Yep, you didn’t read that wrong, it is indeed a 13-year-old girl.

包公二世 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Selling cunt,
sooner or later one will pay the price.
You can not think of your own body,
but you should still think of your descendents.
Do you guys really not want to have children?
If your children come from such a dirty place,
do you think you’ve done right by your children?

NBA0 [网易江苏省常州市网友]:

What is wrong with society these days?!

曾经的蟀哥 [网易江西省九江市网友]:

So this is the legendary selling false virginity? Lying is one thing, but also extorting? These days, there truly isn’t much we can trust in.

网易陕西省宝鸡市网友 [皇马女球迷爱小贝]

When older sister [referring to self] was 13 years old, I was still just in first year of middle school. [Back then] just touching hands with a boy I would quickly pull back, blushing and heart-racing… Truly each generation is more incredible than the last!


So who took away a young teenager’s first time, how could you have it in you to do such a thing? Were it not for that first time, would all of this have happened? Please don’t ridicule these children, they are the victims.

大元首千秋万载一统江湖 [网易云南省昆明市网友]:

Blame it all on the LD for liking virgins…because then they don’t have to use plastic bags [condoms]!


These days, what can’t be faked?


Those who can sell anything for money is indeed shameless, but those who have money and can use it to buy certain things are even more shameless!

美女2281782480 [网易吉林省延吉市网友]:

My goodness, even a 13-year-old girl has to pretend to be a virgin in order to con someone. I wonder just how old she was when she lost her virginity?


There’s risk in picking up girls, one must be cautious when taking a girl’s virginity.

瑞凌王勇华 [网易广东省广州市荔湾区网友]:

Had that before! After a few times, it’s no longer interesting! Young married women are better!
Just like not knowing whose wife is on your bed! And whose bed your wife is on!

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