13-Year-Old Girls Fake Virginity to Sell Sex & Extort Men

A gang of Chinese youth who used underage girls pretending to be virgins to prostitute themselves to men who would then be extorted.

From NetEase:

Criminal gang uses 13-year-old girl pretending to be “virgin” to sell sex and commit extortion

March 16, during patrols of the railway station, police in Nanchang of Jiangxi province discovered a suspicious male and female couple. During questioning, they found on the girl (13-years-old) a bag with a sponge soaked in blood and a bag with an unknown white powder. When asked about its purpose, the girl became hysterical. Later investigation revealed that they were a criminal gang using underage girls pretending to be “virgins” for prostitution and extortion. Photo [above] is of March 29th, Nanchang, of criminal suspect Hong X and two other female suspects.

A gang of Chinese youth who used underage girls pretending to be virgins to prostitute themselves to men who would then be extorted.

According to reports, criminal suspect He X, drawing from the “successful experience” of fellow townsman Wu X, used “virgins” using pigeon blood to prostitute and extort. 2012 January, they used this method and successfully extorted a man of 300,000 yuan. Photo is of March 29th, Nanchang, of Diao X, He X, and Hong X.

A bag of alum and a bag containing a sponge soaked with pigeon blood used by the girls to fake virginity.

According to criminal suspect Hong, on January 12th of this year, a business-owner surnamed Zhou had arranged to go to a hotel with Diao X. After Zhou X fell soundly asleep, Diao X contacted Wu X. Wu X then pretended to be Diao X’s older brother, and barged into the room along with the gang’s other male members. Upon entering the room, Wu X slapped Diao X’s face, “angrily shouting”: “We’ve been looking for you for so long, what are you doing here in a hotel?” Afterward, Wu X “discovered” Zhou X, immediately grabbing the other shouting: “You dare to rape my little sister?!” Afterward, they successfully extorted the man of 300,000 RMB. Photo is of March 29th, Nanchang, the sponge and alum used to fake virginity.

A gang of Chinese youth who used underage girls pretending to be virgins to prostitute themselves to men who would then be extorted.

According to the police, other than extorting 300,000 yuan in Nanchang, on 2012 February 26th, this group also successfully extorted victim Feng X of 12,000 yuan in Chongren county of Fuzhou. March 7th, during an extortion attempt in Jiujiang city, they failed because the other party refused to open the door. Through preliminary interrogations, criminal suspect Wu X, He X, and others handed over the money they had extorted, the culprits splitting 75,000 yuan each, while the other participating girls had not yet gotten their split. Photo is of March 29th, Nanchang, of girl He X and boyfriend Hong X.

One of the male teenagers part of the gang who would pretend to be a girl's brother to extort money from the men who slept with them.

Wu X and others required the girls to not dress in revealing clothing, not wear makeup, and must dress like fresh and pure schoolgirls. Photo is of March 29th, Nanchang, culprit Wu X.

Comments from NetEase:

阿里的海 [网易辽宁省网友]:

Wha…? 13-years-old and already needs to pretend to be a virgin…?

命若天定艹我就破了这个天 [网易吉林省吉林市网友]:

I remember having sexual relations with a young girl under 14-years-old is considered rape… What sucks is that I actually foolishly believed this back then…

黄易萝卜 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Yep, you didn’t read that wrong, it is indeed a 13-year-old girl.

包公二世 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Selling cunt,
sooner or later one will pay the price.
You can not think of your own body,
but you should still think of your descendents.
Do you guys really not want to have children?
If your children come from such a dirty place,
do you think you’ve done right by your children?

NBA0 [网易江苏省常州市网友]:

What is wrong with society these days?!

曾经的蟀哥 [网易江西省九江市网友]:

So this is the legendary selling false virginity? Lying is one thing, but also extorting? These days, there truly isn’t much we can trust in.

网易陕西省宝鸡市网友 [皇马女球迷爱小贝]

When older sister [referring to self] was 13 years old, I was still just in first year of middle school. [Back then] just touching hands with a boy I would quickly pull back, blushing and heart-racing… Truly each generation is more incredible than the last!


So who took away a young teenager’s first time, how could you have it in you to do such a thing? Were it not for that first time, would all of this have happened? Please don’t ridicule these children, they are the victims.

大元首千秋万载一统江湖 [网易云南省昆明市网友]:

Blame it all on the LD for liking virgins…because then they don’t have to use plastic bags [condoms]!


These days, what can’t be faked?


Those who can sell anything for money is indeed shameless, but those who have money and can use it to buy certain things are even more shameless!

美女2281782480 [网易吉林省延吉市网友]:

My goodness, even a 13-year-old girl has to pretend to be a virgin in order to con someone. I wonder just how old she was when she lost her virginity?


There’s risk in picking up girls, one must be cautious when taking a girl’s virginity.

瑞凌王勇华 [网易广东省广州市荔湾区网友]:

Had that before! After a few times, it’s no longer interesting! Young married women are better!
Just like not knowing whose wife is on your bed! And whose bed your wife is on!

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  • guy somewhere in china

    Sofa? No way.

  • K

    Virginity sofa!

    • juicebar

      more like pigeon blood virginity sofa!

  • guy somewhere in china

    Well, I have to tell you folks, I never thought I’d be that guy claiming sofa. Never in a million years…that was until several minutes ago when I showed up here and saw it sitting right there. I really can’t describe what went through my head. It was just there and I took it. I don’t know what to say.

    • typingfromwork

      Well done on taking the thread’s virginity! Have some applause.

      • Interested

        Yes, indeed, a fake one. Victim of scam. But he might believe he got real thing.

    • JAYJAY

      Nice speech…

    • sm

      You were really excited,weren’t you?

    • Rod

      Chestbump brohan. I just had my first time too.

  • typingfromwork

    Man this is fucked up.

    Why are so many people obsessed with virginity.

    • Yeah seriously….

      Honestly speaking, virgins are not worth the hype at all, it’s such a silly notion of being the “conqueror”… Insecure men demand/desire it.

      I’ve had a virgin, it’s terrible. There’s blood, extreme pain on her side (and some for me), she’s totally inexperienced and has no idea what to do or where (same as male virgins I suppose), she’s not going to enjoy herself and forget about any orgasms for her, that’s just a porno myth. Not to mention that if you try to be gentle and let her guide herself, she’ll re-position herself for half an hour because there is no pain-free position, so in the end you need to take control and just do it.

      In fact it’s like that for the first few times, it’s only after a handful of times that the pain subsides and they’re comfortable enough to get into it and have fun.

      The biggest thing is that it usually has a huge impact on there life and especially their sex-life, so it’s a big weight on your shoulders.

      Like I said, not worth it, all hype.

      • [email protected]

        Yup. Agree completely.

      • Archie

        Spot on.

      • elizabeth

        Virginity or lack of it may reveal as much about technique as a person’s morality and values, if not more.

        • elizabeth

          Actually, it’s more about morality and values than technique.

          • cc

            Do them up the poop chute, they keep there virginity that way

          • mr. wiener

            A bit too Greek wouldn’t you say..?

          • I don’t understand the connection Elizabeth, sorry.

            Being a virgin is an indicator of morality? Depends on the culture and the person I suppose. For me, I lost my virginity to a random girl from a dance-club (condoms FTW!!!) who I knew for less than an hour. Didn’t know her name, didn’t care, still don’t. My wife on the other hand is quite proud that she gave her virginity to her future husband.

            As for technique, like I said above, virgins have none except for some possible theoretical knowledge (from watching porn or reading something), but this doesn’t extend to practical ability.

            @cc: Had a Filipina ex who said “why would you want that if my pussy is right there?”. Fairly sound logic.

          • cc

            Eli, the flip wouldn’t be a virgin then would she?

          • elizabeth

            Elijah, what I meant to highlight is that what is no big deal to you is a big deal to some, especially Asian women, because to them, virginity is not about technique but an indication of her moral standards, which may albeit ancient to most of you guys here.

            No offense, just pointing out another perspective so we may understand why virginity is a big deal to others. Many Chinese men, although they may no be virgin themselves, expect to marry virgins.

            For me, think would also prefer virgins, simply because it is safer. I wouldn’t want to marry someone who has slept around.

            In short, HIV/AIDS.

          • John

            One of my female Chinese friend told me that her female friend’s bf dumped her because he blame her not to be virgin anymore. And my friend ask my opinion about it and I said the guy is really stupid. In my country it’s impossible to find any pretty 20+ girl who is still virgin. Most of the girls will lose their virginity in their 13-16-year-old.

            Of course guys in China wants to have sex but only with virgins but girls can be virgin only for one time. That’s like double standard. Guys demands girls to be virgin and then guys has really big power over girls and says that no-one would marry women if they are not virgins anymore.

            In my youth in junior high, guys changed their gf’s after couple of months if girls are not interested to have sex. Nowadays sex is not even a question in relationship, and doesn’t even require relationship. China is full of double standards. I don’t understand.

          • elizabeth

            I am a little curious. Granted that some may prefer virgins due to a sense of inferiority/insecurity. But given a choice between a virgin and a prostitute (extremes of a continuum), which would most choose?

            Right, maybe those in-between seems fine, so then, where do we draw the line?

            Any takers?

          • mr. wiener

            Every man wants a virgin who is a whore.
            That’s everyman. As for me I’d settle for someone I could deeply like for the rest of my life. Love wears of about the time you’ve been around each other long enough to feel comfortable about farting in each others presence.

          • elizabeth

            “…the time you’ve been around each other long enough to feel comfortable about farting in each others presence.”

            That my friend, is when true love begins, imo.

        • cc

          Or Arabian

      • China Mike

        Honestly, this is the post of the day. Elijah hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t have said it better myself. The allure of having a virgin is totally an insecurity complex because there’s nothing remotely fun and enjoyable about being with a virgin at any age —let alone a 13yr old one.
        But clearly the sad issue here is the fact that happens. Another poster wrote about the supply and demand issue. Sure it’s disgusting that a man would even prey upon these little girls, but some men believe in the age old adage —“If there’s grass on the field, play ball.” And if a young girl is going to allow it and put herself into that situation, then both parties are equally disgusting and are at fault. The man should be castrated and I frankly can’t think of a punishment for the girl(s), but clearly something should be done. She’s using her vagina as a means to an end; and while it’s been going on since the dawn of time and prostitution has always been around, the simple truth is that sex, or to be totally crude, PUSSY, is as much a commodity as coffee beans and pork bellies. And if the women (or in this case, girl) is selling it, there will be a buyer. Everyone has a preference. While I find sex with underage children is absolutely disgusting and deplorable, let’s not forget that some of these kids’ parents even “pimp” them out. What would have truly been more reprehensible and horrible would have been if these men were raping these girls. But the girls are in on the scam. So both parties are equally at fault.

        • cc

          Deplorable yes, but where do you draw the line, 14 years for the age of consent? Hardly mature enough to know about there own bodily functions let alone having sex with someone old enough to be there father. Different standards for different countries and cultures.

        • notorious

          i always thought guys who wanted to marry women who were virgins had small dicks. A virgin would know the difference because it would be big enough for her if its the only thing she ever had. They don’t have to think about the men before them and whether or not she is comparing him to her old lovers.

          • coala banana

            agree with china Mike, he nailed it down pretty good….

            i don’t think that having a small dick has necessarily something to do with marrying a virgin. It might be a cultural thing or an inferior complex thing, or both.

            I had a couple of virgins in my life, especially when i was younger. I didn’t search for them specifically, it just happened. From my point of view there is nothing exciting about fuxxxing a virgin, its a bloody mess, and for her a painful one on top of that. Had a bunch of virgins in china too, already in their 20s, 2 of them even 30 and above….not really a pleasure, if you ask me….

            However, i think virgins are completely overrated. I know that muslims by example are obsessed about them, cause their future wife has to be a virgin at any price. Well, i have fucked a good portion of turkish and north african women too, before they went to marry one of this wannabe machos….many of this girls told me a thing or two….like its quite common (in case they are no longer a virgin) that at the first night with her looser husband, her mother or aunty gives her a chicken heart, which she stuff into her puxxxy, or they hold it in the hand during the action and at the right moment just squeeze it out under the legs, the dumb fuck of husband wouldn’t know the difference anyway….

            on the other side there are a lot of “virgin clinics” (even in china), where girls, with the help of a particular amount of money, can get their virgin skin back, so they can pretend they are still a virgin, even they were the biggest whores before….

            its a dumb cultural thing, totally useless and senseless, just to please some man which are not man enough to handle a real women. Inferior thinking form the men’s side, that a virgin might not run away later, or have no one else to compare her husband with sexually. Thats a hard thing to do in the information age i guess, its just a question of time, when a women which is not satisfied sexually, look out for someone else who can handle business…..

      • typingfromwork

        Absolutely. Some men get a sense of power over it instead of just trying to have a good time. Pretty dumb behaviour.

      • Little Wolf

        Reminds me of this gem from “RESCUE ME” with Denis Leary as “Tommy Gavin” (1 of the all-time greatest TV shows)

        Tommy: So, what’re you? You a Muslim?

        Taxi Driver: Yeah.

        Tommy: So what, you believe that you die and you go to heaven and you get what? Seventy…seven virgins?

        Taxi Driver: Seventy-two.

        Tommy: Seventy-two, right. I mean…what’s the point of that? If you think about it…I mean, virgins? When you go to heaven, I mean wouldn’t you rather have whores?

        Taxi Driver: You think that there are whores in heaven? There are no whores in heaven.

        Tommy: I mean, I would prefer that if I went to heaven I would get seventy-seven—

        Taxi Driver: Seventy-two!

        Tommy: Okay. Seventy-two…whores. Chicks that know something, chicks that know how to blow ‘ya—chicks that know tricks.

        • John

          Amen for that.

      • The Dude

        Kind of ironic Elijah that you actually married a virgin (or as good as, bearing in mind it was you that took it), in view of all you said about it being ‘not worth the hype’.

        I’m sure you would say that had nothing to do with it, and so on, but you can’t deny a certain ‘thrill’ at the time… If you say you didn’t, at least in some way, then honestly, that’s unbelievable.

        Nice try with the ‘good guy who doesn’t care about virginity’ thing though.

        By the way Elijah, I’ve known ‘virgins’ who made sure it was around their time of month so the guy cared more and felt he was special. So… hmmm.

  • Jeff

    Ever see a 13 yr old Chinese girl? They look 10 by Western standards. Who could want sex with this girl?

    • For sure dude.

      Funny thing here is that the report makes it seem like the extortion was the worst thing….

      It’s like “OMG some rich guy got robbed a lot of money” and of course the amount of money makes it bad…..

      Totally forgetting that these guys intentionally went after a little girl (when they say 13 do they mean real 13 or 13 in china where they add a year and it’s actually 12?), possibly a pre-teen.

      These guys are pedophiles, check their computer and it’s quite probable that they’ve got videos and photos of little girls. This isn’t something you grow into, this is a perversion of the mind that simply is. Having that perversion is bad enough, but to intentionally act on it is morally reprehensible.

      In Canada, they’d all be permanently listed as sex offenders and they’d be raped in prison for being pedophiles (even prisoners have families).

      And yes, the girls and boy should be punished as well, but that shouldn’t be the focus of the story…

      • john digmeme

        [off-topic] I thought raping in prison was an American thing, they rape each other in Canadian prisons as well? Crazy. [/off-topic]

  • Interested

    Look at poll, we have a lot of 40 y old virgins on this forum.

  • [email protected]

    What’s with the ridiculous poll? “When did you lose your virginity?” Seriously? Is this Degrassi Junior High? or Chinasmack.

    How about another option for – Mind your own business.
    Or – Why are you asking me this?
    Or – Who writes these idiotic polls anyway?
    Or – I lost it but it grew back and then I lost it again.

    A better poll would be: “How often do you receive oral sex by girls/give oral sex to men in subway station toilets? Because there are seriously signs down there showing an illustrated girl giving an illustrated man a blow j, with a big line through it of course. Another part of the same sign showed a man on all fours like a dog, lifting up one leg to pee into the urinal, like a dog, again with a big line through it. Someone please remind me which planet I am on again?

    • Ruaraidh

      Virgin with rage detected. There is an option to just not answer the poll if it upsets you so much.

      • [email protected]

        read my username. Call me a virgin again. Then kill yourself.

        • jin

          OOH hes mad, we have real badass here.

  • A GUY

    Song of this post

    “Ain’t no rest for the wicked” Cage the elephant.

  • rick


  • Harland

    Well, the age of consent in China is 14. Could have just waited a year.

  • Egolite

    It serves the men right to lose their money while trying to have sex with under age girls. The newspapers should print their names so that everyone will know what POS they are.

  • wzy0136


    We should really consider what the hell the schooling and parenting system is going on?

    The essence of this matter is same as one in

    They are young, should not be perverted and decadent. They can go to factory as a worker instead of prostitution or Extorting.

    But this worker issue also reflect other issue. Nowadays, nobody young want to go to factory as a worker.

    • elizabeth

      You are so right. It’s the ‘instant noodle’ generation – everything has to be instant – instant gratification, instant riches, instant rewards. Few will want to work hard, not only because it is easier, but also perhaps for fear of being left behind.

      I blame it on the Japanese, no, technology that enables us to get/do what we want so easily and immediately. But when things get tough, lives collapse like a house of cards because the kids have not been trained to be tough.

      Schools and parents should re-focus on character development over the soft approach, which may have its strengths, but also tends to nurture jelly beans instead of decent human beings if done excessively.

      • The Dude

        Yes, it’s always the Japanese fault.

        Rape, murder, global warming, Donald Trump.

        It’s always the Japanese fault. A very intelligent observation.

  • eattot

    can not believe it at all!!!!
    girls at this age just entered middle school, some even no mc yet….
    again,poor people should not poison the earth by poor gene.

    • The Enlightened One


      “Poor people should not poison the Earth by poor gene.”

      That’s what you have concluded from this post?

      You ma’am, are a complete moron. She is a young girl that probably believes she is in love with her boyfriend and he, among others, convince her to sleep with these older man. Young girls are naive and gullible and Chinese girls are even more so.

      Even you type your responses with the maturity of a girl that would be about 8-10 by western standards. Am I wrong?

      • but then again: dumm fickt gut. eattot, would your husband second that?

      • The Dude

        ‘She is a young girl that probably believes she is in love with her boyfriend and he, among others, convince her to sleep with these older man. Young girls are naive and gullible and Chinese girls are even more so.’

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        These men are scum. Have sympathy for the girls. They are the victims.

      • Jw

        I agree

    • whichone

      Stupid people should not poison the earth by stupid gene either. Help the earth, help us. Become a hero.

      • B-real

        eattot is the dumbest cunt in the world

      • Brett Hunan

        I believe the correct term is “an hero”.

        Example in context: Help the earth, help us. Become an hero.

      • Jw

        Whichone,don’t say that about poor people,if u do ur a bitch

    • Jw

      Poor people should be allowed in school bitch

  • Song of the Article

    Like a Virgin



    • john digmeme

      saw this coming a mile away…

  • bscalled

    the pimp should get his weenie cut off and fed to the pigs. how he ever hatched a plan like this is something only a sociopath would do – no concern for the kids or others just himself.

    • if there is demand there will be supply. that isn`t a chinese problem only.
      but with such corrupt role models here in china, i guess it`s particularly hard in china to develop a concept of right and wrong.

    • Jack

      The pimp is her boyfriend! He’s the dude that took her virginity for real. That is crazy ass sick

  • Miki

    The fact that they’re more concerned about the girl faking her virginity and less about the man who bought sex from a -13 year old girl- says something, I’m sure.

  • Sea Biscuit

    I don’t like these comments. Disgusting!!!

  • Cleo

    I hope and pray that post-war, the Japanese never got their hands on another Allied virgin and have been messing with transexual hybrids with these blood bags. Multiple generations of modest ordinary Hong Kong families have taken inexpensive holidays in Thailand and had their family photos taken with the attractive transexuals of Bangkok. When the news pops about Akishino’s chickenlover behavior in Thailand, those family photos will have deeper significance and greater entertainment value to those marginalized Hongkong families. Here’s to going viral.

    • mr. wiener

      ….WTF? Cleo just what the hell is it with you and the Japanese? It doesn’t matter what the story is you somehow manage to stick in something about the Japanese.
      Elvis dies- The Japanese whaling fleet killed him for scientific research.
      A suicide bomber kills hundreds- The trigger came from a Toshiba radio.
      Lassie come home- The Japanese ate him.
      Have you considered seeking professional help?

      I’m hereby opening a competition for the best, “most tenuous link to the Japanese-done -it story”.
      Elijiah can adjudicate. Moop I’m expecting good things from you. Hongjian…….insert “Japatwat” for “Americunt”.

      • I shall take my responsibilities seriously.

        Posting with the greatest amount of non-logic and spelling errors win.

      • The Dude

        The most tenuous link to ‘the Japanese done it’ is ironically ‘the Chinese done it’.

        The anthropology is pretty strong on the fact that the Japanese came from a mountainous region in south China originally. Most Chinese know this, but like to ignore the fact.

        The Japanese are Chinese. I guess you can ‘blame the parents’. The Japanese didn’t do anything in Nanjing, the Chinese did it to themselves.

  • Foreign Devil

    Notice how all the Chinese comments condemn the 13 year old girl and are sympathetic towards the rich pedophiles who paid for sex with a virgin child? Poor guy guy got ripped off they say!

    Tells you a lot about how valued females are in China.

  • Justin

    Reminds me of the book “Brothers” by Yu Hua

    • eattot

      is that you again?
      damn you?

  • Dogbert

    Business like this that causes money to change hands is good for the economy. I praise the girl for her creativity and daring. But she should get to keep the old pervert’s G8 as a souvenir.

    • The Dude


  • jiayi

    Guys whose been trolling the poll wahahaha.

  • Jack

    Typical. Do you think Chinese girls are traditional? Most are whoring cunts that would cut your throat for several thousand yuan. There are many many examples…just look around any Chinese city. Did you ever date an Asian girl that didn’t want to sell herself in some way? Some want money. Some want protection. Some want a house and car. Whatever it is they are ALL willing to sell their bodies eagerly to get it.

    • The Dude

      the only difference with western women is that they hide it better.

  • Strangerland

    Virgins are more desirable in the ancient times- even in western hemisphere- when we havw no DNA test or any advance understanding about pregnancies. Some of you may forget, but even in our grandparents’ day paternity is no laughing matter. If you marry a virgin, any kids borned from her especially the first born is guaranteed to be yours- and that means securing the wealth of the family by making sure they don’t fall upon the bloodline of outsider. For the royal families it also means the heir to throne really comes from the royal blood. Now that we have DNA test, still some men raising children they thought were theirs- and these kind of deceptions is damaging.
    Ofcourse we can say what we want about their backward thinking. But can you really consider their disposition too? An asian friend also made me mad the other day when he states western girls are cheap- they’re easy to open their legs in the name of sexual pursuit. He said- “give them silly promises of true loves or simply be patient enough as loyal boyfriend, and they will open their legs for you without asking for anything in return. You can even make them pregnants and you can have fun experiments with pregnant bodies. If you’re bored then have a lot of fights with them- they will agree to divorces or walk away and you’re back to the singlehood with no troubles.”
    We may think they’re backwards- they think no better of us.
    I think- if men are honest enough, generally they’d choose a lady with fewer sexual experiences than the ones with vast experiences. The number may varied, some may think 3 men before them is ok, some may think 15 before them is ok. But some may also wish to be the first and the only man in his wife’s life. The tolerance limit is different, each to his own. Let’s not belittling men who can’t see himself sleeping with a girl who’d slept with tons other guys before him okay.

  • dim mak

    Newsflash: virgin sex is awkward and terrible

  • ukman

    Who cares if they got ripped off they should not be trying to sleep with Kids anyway that’s gross, shes 13 still a baby why in the world would a big man want to sleep with a child disgusting they deserve much worse than being robbed.

  • Georga

    Why would they do that?

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