1,300 Graduate Students Compete to Sell Pork

A Chinese graduate with a master's degree sells pork.

From Sina, “1,300 Graduate Students Compete to Sell Pork, Who Should be Ashamed?”:

Summary: The financial crisis makes it hard to find a job. People used to be shocked if “a good student at Beijing University sold pork.” However, more and more college graduates accept this reality now.

Recently, there was a pork retail chain store in Guangzhou looking to hire 30 employees to sell pork, and the annual salary would be 80,000 to 100,000 RMB. More than 1,300 graduate students showed up to apply. Those graduate students just graduated from different universities including Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Sun Yat-Sen University, and South China University of Technology.

People who were in charge of the hiring said that this year was a good time to hire. 35 graduate students got their jobs as pork sellers.

Chinese graduate students applying to sell pork for a Guangzhou company.

The first run of pork-selling-position competition.

A Chinese graduate student from Sun-Yat-Sen University sells pork.

Deng, Sun-Yat-Sen University graduate student, is selling pork

Three graduate students in China are promoting pork.

Three graduate students are promoting pork.

Comments from Sina:

If the salary for selling pork is 10 times higher than your current salary, you would also go and sell pork.
It is market economy, whoever pays more money, go there to work.
Stop always college student this college students that. When college students give up their seats for others on the bus, no one writes about that, but when college students cannot find jobs, everyone writes about this and that.

The effect of the financial crisis really is huge.

There is no advantage to being a college student anymore, and in fact, they have become a burden on society. I don’t know whether knowledge is still of any use in this society.

A thing is valued if it is rare. It is normal that graduate students sell pork. No need to make a fuss. They have good ability to study and create. They might change their job to a better job or run a business by themselves. Plus, the salary the chain store pays is not bad, what is the reason for not going and applying? What is rational is actual and what is actual is rational. Don’t refuse to accept the reality just because it is rare.

Maybe with the rise of the post-80s generation and the appearance of the post-90s generation, China’s next step in reform will begin. People are increasingly willing to speak out, and the strength of public opinion is becoming increasingly powerful, so I hope everything will slowly become better.
The discouragement we have now is the motivating force for future progress.
China, jia you!

A failure of education produces people who fail!

I suggest that the Ministry of Education establish a major in selling pork for doctoral students and a post-doctoral fellowship in pork-selling, and they should invest greatly in this major to resist economic crisis!!!

There is still use for getting more schooling. Communicating with a person who only has a primary school education is definitely different from communicating with a person who has a master’s degree. Likewise when doing something, as long as both are doing it seriously, the thing the person with higher education will produce will be better/more advanced.

It is okay, at least they still have pork to sell, which is still much better than having nothing to do. Everything needs to start from the ground level up, so selling pork today does not mean selling pork for the rest of your life. As long as you keep climbing, keep learning, you will not be overlooked. Gold will always glitter/shine; a hero will find a place to display his power.

Heh heh, China’s human resources are wasted badly. I really don’t understand what is the use of studying hard in college?! There are not many people in my class who are still doing something related to our major. Just what exactly is going on with China?
That there are now so many undergraduates that they must go sell pork, we can understand. But graduate students also selling pork? We are wondering if this is really a good thing or a bad thing!

The reason why the graduate students couldn’t find good jobs is because to find a job in China depends on “guanxi” [social relations]. There are too many back doors.

As society develops, it cannot avoid all sorts of problems. There is nothing wrong with selling pork, and there are many people who want to sell pork but do not have the chance. I am an associate student who has been a pig butcher. Different life experiences mold different people, as well as this society.

I don’t know who truly cares about China’s education. Those who truly care have no power/right to interfere with China’s education.

No matter how you look at it, graduate students selling pork is unbelievable. However, aside from selling pork, what else are our graduate students able to do? How many graduate students can truly be called graduate students?

Comments on Xiaonei:

We are so unlucky! Running into an financial crisis!

Those graduating this year,
even if it was selling dog meat, we would go for it.
Why is it always us who are unlucky?

Working in China nowadays and except for highly specialized jobs, there is no difference between graduate students, undergraduate students, and high school students! It is just that the country set up some fixed educational regulations, so we have to pay and work more before we can get a job!

No one should feel ashamed. Just do whatever helps you adapt to society. Selling pork is not illegal. There is nothing to feel shameful about.

China’s talented people are so many that graduate students can do nothing but sell pork?
It is not that selling pork is bad; it is just a waste of human talent.

MD, I am an associate degree student so does that mean I will have to go be a beggar?

“Rrrrrrr…” I don’t think I need to study anymore, I am just an associate’s. There is no need to live anymore, society is perverted.

Who should be ashamed?!!! The officials at the Ministry of Education should be the most ashamed!!! Just look at what your education reforms have achieved, take a look at the universities you have built, and the students you have taught! These are master’s degree holders who have studied for ten plus years! These are China’s senior intellectuals! These are the pillars of the country! These are all students from key universities!!!
What are they doing?! Selling pork! If I was the Minister of Education, I would kill myself. So shameful. How could I face the thousands upon thousands of numerous students? Ever since we were small, they told teach us to “好好学习,天天向上” [study hard and improve ourselves daily]. Okay, so now we have gotten our master’s degrees, and we can go sell pork. Those who study, we become low/contemptible to this degree.

A China graduate student tries to sell pork.

An applicant trying to sell pork.

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