139 Japanese High School Students Sick After Visiting China

Japanese high school boys.

Japanese high school girls.

From NetEase & Sohu:

139 students from Japan visiting China manifest infection symptoms

According to news from Kyodo News on June 18th, after high school students from Ishikawa Prefecture who had recently participated in a school trip to China experienced diarrhea, fever, and other symptoms following their return to their country, the Kanazawa Health Department found in their investigation that there are already 139 people who are exhibiting the aforementioned symptoms. The Health Department believe the students may be suffering from an infectious gastroenteritis.

According to the school, 357 second-year high school students traveled on the 11th to Shanghai, Suzhou, and other places for a 4-day 3-night trip. After returning to their country on the 14th, there were 16 people who did not show up for class the next day, and 16 people who left school early. The school immediately contacted the Kanazawa Health Department. At present, already one student has been determined to have the norovirus, but the infection has not spread to the family of the student or his classmates.

Noun Explanation: The “noroviris” is a nonbacterial virus that causes gastroenteritis. Can be abbreviated as “NV”. The norovirus tends to infect places with relatively high population density and poor sanitation, such as ocean liners. The norovirus is contracted through excrement and saliva. A person may also be infected from eating contaminated shellfish.

Japanese high school boys.

Comments from NetEase:

咋又被你襶諘啦 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Poor Japanese students, they haven’t consumed enough drainage oil [to develop an immunity]. Just remember, before coming to China next time, you must at least eat one month’s worth of drainage oil first for your stomach and intestines to first adapt to China’s conditions.

曲线革命 [网易上海市金山区网友]:

Incredible, right?!!! We’re invincible to all poisons!!!

xoe5m [网易湖北省襄阳市网友]:

If one doesn’t eat the entire periodic table of elements once, one can’t even say in good conscience that one is Chinese.

造谣局丨局长丨 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

You little Japanese, not asking around first about what kind of place China is! That we are still alive is already a wonder.

小学数学练习机作者 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

Strengthen food safety supervision, as giving the ordinary common people clean food is the most basic duty of the government.

上帝是娘们 [网易河北省保定市手机网友]:

If one dies and there isn’t a full periodic table of elements remaining, then they definitely weren’t Chinese. I leave this saying to archeologists 5000 years in the future.


That’ll teach you never to play “hard mode” again. [A Chinese internet joke is that life in China is like playing the higher difficulty levels of video games.]


Haha, not used to the Chinese regional food specialty: Drainage oil.


Haha, drainage oil.

Comments from Sohu:

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Did you guys think just anyone could eat China’s food? We’ve all been trained since we were small! Fortunately the time was short, otherwise you guys would’ve been poisoned to death!


Did you think you guys are the same as Chinese people? Who have been ingesting poisons since we were small so that we’re not immune to all poisons? Who will live at most to 70 years old, and have to retire at 65!?


Congratulations, you! Go take a shit.


Fuck, never imagined that Chinese people have truly become immune to all poisons after long-term consumption of poisonous foods, truly we must thank our motherland and those [food manufacturing] companies!


A tragedy, the tragedy of a people. Problems with our food and instead of reflecting on that, we actually are proud of it. This is the tragedy of the Chinese people.


We’re used to it, trained for it, they can’t handle it. This was also a meticulously planned national defense measure by our leadership, you guys wouldn’t understand.

REDL1314 [搜狐辽宁省葫芦岛市网友]:

I want to say, regardless of whether it is because they weren’t acclimatized or whatever, they were still made sick and they were students. We don’t have any grudge with them, we have grudges with the [Japanese] devils of the past. And those people who are criticizing our own country, I want to say, how come you don’t criticize yourself? To love oneself requires that one first love this country. China indeed has many things that are bad, crappy food, drainage oil, an environment that isn’t very good, but this is your motherland that has given birth to you and raised you. A lot of garbage comes from abroad, that no one would complain about had it not come to China. And those of you who are calling for China’s destruction, how come you don’t go die first. Cursing Chinese people, aren’t your parents Chinese, your entire family??? The rest I won’t say, but if you don’t want to be Chinese, fine, take out a knife and kill yourself now but remember, don’t miss your heart, and first kill your entire family before committing suicide. I truly wonder, can you have just a little face [shame]? You say Chinese people ought to be exterminated, then your entire family should die. May those who curse our China, may their entire family be exterminated. China at worst doesn’t want to cause problems and at best advocates peace. You think Chinese people are terrible? Don’t forget, when we unite, we are more united than anyone else. The 2008 earthquake and the Olympics both showed this, as well as many other things. If one day we were really to go to war, China would definitely be okay, we wouldn’t be worse than anyone else. My country, I love it. You’re not human, so go die, and I hope you will be reincarnated soon, reincarnated in some other country. I also hate Japanese devils, my grandfather was from that time, but I don’t hate Japanese people, because so many of them are good people, so I wish these students well, that they recover soon. If that person who is cursing China is a Japanese international student, then you can disregard everything I said above and may you and your Japan be exterminated. If you’re Chinese, be a little more conscientious with your words, don’t make your ancestors ashamed. Don’t forget, your ancestors were also Chinese. If you don’t want to consume drainage oil or whatever, you’re better off going to live in another country. Even drainage oil was invented by other countries! You can express your opinion, but you have to watch your words. Complaining and criticizing is fine, everyone more or less has complaints, but for having been born and raised in this country, you must love it [be patriotic].


Laowai need to bring their own food when coming to China, you guys can’t adapt to China’s poisonous food. We grew up eating poisonous food, and have antibodies/resistance.


We long ago became immune to all poisons, what poisonous thing haven’t we eaten before? Let’s thank our great government, thank our great party. If the earth were to have only the people of one country left on it, it would definitely be Chinese people…

What is the worst illness you have had as a result of eating food in China? Or have you remarkably never gotten sick from food in China?

Japanese high school students in uniforms and holding up peace signs.

Note: Photos above are not related to the story.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Cool Matt

    Didn’t stay long enough to let the immune system adjust.

    • The Dude

      Yep, if they stayed over a year or more they would have had insides like iron. It’s almost a super power.

      The irony is they ate shell fish possibly contaminated by the Japanese radiation fallout. The article doesn’t say that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Jeff

      Note: Photos above are not related to the story

      hahaha what is this YAHOO NEWS?

      • Rick in China

        I found that hilarious too man…how useful eh.

      • tai wai

        “Here is a helpful picture of what a Japanese student might look like.”

    • Young Man

      Yup, when i first came here I was sick as a dog for a month before i got used to it. Chinese people who’ve been to the UK complain about similar things though- change in diet.

      Half a school in Wales came down with a novovirus or something- this happens all the time. Shame for the Harmonious People’s Government that it happened to foreigners so that they can’t cover it up.

  • Regina


  • Little Wolf

    Why is this news? Takes most people a year in China before they finally take a solid shit.

    • Patrick

      Took me about three years.

      • tai wai

        I’m still looking forward to taking a solid shit.

    • Ruaraidh

      It’s interesting that many react with pride about how supposedly hardcore their digestive systems are. I wonder if they’ll feel the same way in a few decades when the heavy metals really start to bio-accumulate and carcinogen exposure has time to lead to cancers.

      If only the Chinese Communist Party released trustworthy statistics on cancer rates and heavy metal poisoning, it would probably be fascinating to follow.

      • sm

        don’t you understand? Sarcasm.

    • Brett Hunan

      “Takes most people a year in China before they finally take a solid shit.”

      Then they move to Hunan and have to start their first year over again.

      After living in Hunan, when I moved back to America I began eating mild foods and that got me sick. I had to eat spicy and greasy portions at each meal until I was balanced out.

      • sm

        haha, that’s true.

  • Castro

    I love the joke about the Periodic Table of the Elements. I tried to use that one the other day, my weiguoren friends did not get it at first. :-p
    I also love making the funny little ‘V’ sign with one’s fingers when snapping photos ! I lived in Japan (Ota) for a while, I can tell you, we did that funny pose for Every photo !!

  • Zebadee

    Not surprised considering all the crap that passes for “food” that is eaten here. Did they get bad breath too?

    • Cleo

      Just think how many more Korean and Chinese girls would have been plucked by Orc and Goblin opportunists if they had been de-garlicked. Now I understand the vaccination that deformed all the teeth in Vietnam.

  • ChineseFighter


    • moop

      “noobs”. i doubt they are missing parts of their arms

      • lonetrey

        “newbs”. i doubt they are all part of a videogame or the internet.

        • Patrick

          “厨房” or “ヌーブ” I doubt they all would appreciate the English version.

          • whiskersthecat

            Nubians. Their intestinal contents flow like the mighty Nile.

      • Winterbitten

        nub is a varient of noob.

  • Brett Hunan

    I’ve experienced gastroenteritis and believe me it is painful. I wouldnt wish that pain on an enemy.

  • GodsHammer

    Maybe they ate some of this ancient delicacy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=789he-8T_-E&feature=share

  • Hongjian

    Chinese are Spartans who are dining in hell, every single night.
    Forged in mercury contamined milk and hardened in the fire of battle that is a drainage oil hotpot. Having consumed all of the world’s poison and constantly living in a gas-chamber, they fear nothing for they are fear incarnate.

    If there’s a global nuclear war, the Chinese Legions will survive it, will thrive in the world after, and will finish off all those degenerated and mutated survivors of the western world who stand no chance to the super-warriors that are invulnerable to a hostile enviroment that could kill a pussified americunt or japanese in the instance they take breath.

    Glory to the XIV Legion!

    • cc

      We would fuck you with pie, mash and liquor in an instant. Proper nosh for proper people.

      • Jon


    • moop

      so will twinkies and roaches. you’re such a flatter

      • mr. wiener

        If the immune Chinese XIV legion don’t take you down with their automatic weapons, they’ll get you with their dragon breath.
        Fortunately Taiwan has the measure of you mainland devils. Prepare to face the wrath of the unholy trinity of Gaoliang! [clear sorgum alcohol], binlung! [bettlenut] and cho dofu!!![stinky tofu] MUHWAHWAHWA!!!!

        • whiskersthecat

          I thought China had an open sewer problem the first month I was there until I learned about dat stank tofu. So I think they aren’t afraid of that. Also yes, they do have a sewage problem, too.

          Kaoliang is bad, but I’ll take a bottle of it before baijiu. Really binlang (and the girls) is all Taiwan has. Well, that and relative decency.

          • Alan

            Really binlang (and the girls) is all Taiwan has

            Except the girls from there are the most materialistic, snobby cows you can expect to meet anywhere.

            Personally I have no interest in that confucian hellhole island, like HK and Macau, just other crappy consumerist places with no culture for the sheeple except conform, consume, cultivate…..


          • mr. wiener

            tsk. tsk Alan. The grass is always greener.

          • whiskersthecat

            Haha out of all of my time spent in both countries, I have the opposite experience. It’s all vice versa. When I said “and the girls”, however, I was talking about the binlang girls. The trashy, scantily-clad binlang girls. I wouldn’t really call it “just other crappy consumerist places with no culture for the sheeple except conform, consume, cultivate…..” when comparing it to China, though.

    • linette


      Chinese this and that..blablabla…you mean to tell me if you go eat in restaurants and cafe in Beijing and Shanghai, you will get sick? For those tourists they should know better not to eat off from street vendors. I heard there are a lot of street vendors selling treats and snacks.

      One time I ate from an ice cream truck and I got so sick in USA. I had diarrhea and vomiting.

      I agreed with the safety food regulation thing though. China needs to do better. It’s not enough what they are doing. Look what happened to the baby milk powder. It’s nonsense and sickening.

      • D. Tective

        Yea, try washing your hands next time before you eat. Just tonight, I was at a busy restaurant and after I washed my hands, all the moms at the table sent their princes and princesses to follow suit. Adults, no…

      • Patrick

        Ok you got sick from eating in the USA. I got hospitalized from eating here – twice. And that was from the same meal. Not from a street vender, from a pretty popular restaurant with foreigners in Suzhou. That being said, I seem to be immune from everything now.

      • Hongjian

        I never got sick in China after my very first few month there. I’m totally immune against pretty much anything they throw at me now.

        I’m actually happy that Chinese people are getting hardened by the substandard food-safety there, for clean food is a luxury that will be ever more scarce in the future, no matter what technological advances or political changes. I want my people to be best prepared for the inevitable Struggle for Lebensraum to come.
        Legions recruited from a population that is living in constant poison, will crush any enemy in their path.

        • mr. wiener

          Yes but Hongjian , as soon as the invincible legion crush the West and settle down to a nice dinner of captured food, say a nice garden salad and a steak with scaloped potatoes and mushroom gravy followed by a cheeky California red, they will shrivel up and die like slugs that have had salt sprinkled on them.
          You’ve never seen war of the worlds?

      • tai wai

        diarrhea and vomiting

        Yep, sounds like food poisoning. Ice cream man probably didn’t wash his hands. Or, it could have come from your hotel.


        Researchers from the University of Houston swabbed 19 hotel room hideouts, from door handles to headboards, and found the fecal bacterium E. coli hiding on 81 percent of the surfaces, including the remote control, the telephone and the bedside lamp.

        • linette

          tai wai

          I will not eat from street vendors again. My stomach is very weak. I lost like 5or 6 lbs in 2 days because of diarrhea and vomiting. Terrible.

      • Anon

        Honestly, I’ve had food poisoning (of the stay in bed all day except to throw up variety) twice, and I think I got it at an Indian buffet in the US and a daipaidong in Hong Kong. I never really had much trouble with food in China, other than my shit being loose and sometimes (exceptionally) nasty-looking. Oh, and the time Sichuan peppercorn slid down my throat, causing it to contract so badly that I couldn’t breathe until I dashed to the restaurant bathroom to puke.

        • Tengu

          “Indian Buffet” says it all.

          • moop

            tengu? where have you been hiding? i dont remember the last time i saw you post

          • mr. wiener

            We have been the poorer for your absence :)

  • Slob

    If I see another Asian doing that V sign, I’m gonna snap their fingers…

    • lonetrey

      better than us Americans and our ridiculous ghetto signs and what not. =_=

      • Xiongmao

        Only the underclass does that in photos.

    • Ruaraidh

      I went around Japan doing the other V sign in photos. Immature it may be, but it makes me smile to think about me in dozens of photos with random people I met, giving the viewer the two fingers.

  • Fang Rui Qiu

    I’ve been in Northeast China for 6 months now, and I’ve gotten the squirts all of once. I probably get sick with the shits about once every six months (on average) back in the states anyway. The only thing in particular that I do is avoid street food (like chuanr).

    I remember before I came to China, this overfed housewife who had lived in a Shanghai expat compound tried to tell me that I was gonna need to wash all my vegetables in a bleach solution, and that I should start a 3 week cycle of antibiotics upon arrival. She also said the *supermarkets* were terrifying, and that they sold shrimp-flavored toothpaste. Some people should just keep to their suburban lives, I guess.

    • jeffli

      “they sold shrimp-flavored toothpaste” and bamboo salt tooth paste! no flouride!!!

      “wash all my vegetables in a bleach solution” In China it is common for human feces to be dumped in vegetable gardens.

      “*supermarkets* were terrifying,” Yep! even convenience stores will store “fresh” milk at 21 degrees celsius. the refrigerator is something new in China OR Chinese don’t care about selling spoiled goods. Even Carrefour smells like an ammonium and urethane factory in its seafood department in the summer.

      I’ve seen half a factory of 3000 workers have belly aches shits and headaches after lunch (eating deep fried carp or mudskipper)

      Local fruits are covered in black shit.

      want to reduce your heavy metal intake? stop listening to Slayer! lol, don’t eat meats, fish, shellfish, eggs etc. go vegan with all import food!

      this place is too dangerous!

      • Fang Rui Qiu

        Why are you even in China? Go back to the safety of home if the reality of the rest of the world is too intense for you.

        Go vegan with all import food? I won’t knock a vegan diet, but why would anyone waste their money and contribute to a massive carbon footprint by buying all their food imported?

        Local fruits and vegetables are almost certainly not covered in black shit. I buy almost all my produce at the morning farmer’s market, and the only thing I do is wash it sorta-well with water. I eat lettuce and fresh greens all the time — just peel off the outer leaves and rinse well. Never had so much as a stomach ache. If I’ve been eating shit this whole time…well, I guess eating shit’s not as bad for the body as you’d think it’d be.

        Also, I love bamboo salt toothpaste. Have you noticed Darlie brand toothpaste’s Mandarin name is “Black Man” and gotten capslock offended over that, yet?

        Have you ever been called a “little bitch” before?

        • mr. wiener

          It used to be called “Darkie” toothpaste. For the racial sensative amongst us you can buy “whiteman” toothpaste instead.

      • Alan

        he refrigerator is something new in China OR Chinese don’t care about selling spoiled goods.

        I will agree. I was in Wenzhou recently where the local brewery has a brand of beer called Chill or something in the 7/11 type shops on the street. But this bottle that one would expect chilled, from the fridge, was just left standing in high humidity on the shelves.

        Warm beer, and the shop assistant looks at me like I am crazy laowai for demanding a cold beer for my 4 rmb?

        • Feces Masticator

          “Hmm, I’m gonna go into a store which doesn’t sell the product I’m looking for and then demand that they sell that product.”


    • linette

      Fang Rui Qiu

      shrimp-flavored toothpaste…..

      What??? No way……I don’t believe you. hahah.

    • Harland

      People like that don’t have a choice about being in China. Wherever husband goes, they go. 10 times out of 10 those people would be happy in their home countries, but have no choice but to live internationally.

      But hey, go ahead and look down on other humans because they have different opinions than you. It feels good, doesn’t it?

    • Frank Zappa

      start a 3week cicle of antibiotic upon arrival without any problem is really stupid. one of the reason why now bacteria get more resistant and more difficoult to kill.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    Since no one has claimed it, I will:

    The sofa is mine… and I just deposited a very fluid, greasy shit on it, so piss off! :-)

    • Slob

      Hehe I claimed sofa I’m so boss.

      Kill yourself idiot.

      • La Mano Gaucha

        Geez, some of you assholes take yourselves way too seriously. Why don’t you go and suck on your mother’s rotten crotch instead and leave “idiots” such as me claim whatever the fuck we want? Friggin’ twat.

        • whiskersthecat

          I understood the first sentence. The second sentence made less sense as it went on. Regardless, you still carried on the “sofa” thing that everyone hates…but over two hours late.

          Why are you not gently swaying from the rafters yet?

          • La Mano Gaucha

            That’s more like it, Cat. Thank you. Anyhow, it’s odd that so many people get so completely bent out of shape over something so trivial and insignificant. I mean, to desire someone’s death over something so dumb is patently indicative of a person that should seek therapy along with perhaps some mental medication. Besides, like spitting, littering, staring, pushing, cheating, stealing, bribing, teching kids to poop in the streets, etc., the “sofa” thing is a time-honored tradition that will not die out. Still, if reactions are going to be so outright irrational, hostile and insulting, then I won’t bother anymore. I do have much better things to do. Cheers.

  • eattot

    as i always said: japanese their skin really much better than chinese women,but always with that o legs or x , hahahaha!

    • Cleo

      Chinese immunity and therefore skin has never been as beautiful as before the Japanese germ warfare. I remember girls and their mothers having wonderful and delicate skin. Korean and Japanese skin is likened to tofu but our skin is translucent and apparently so enviable as to inspire the flaying of our young people and then the flayed skin was WORN by the Japanese serial killers – which inspired the line in Apocalypto in the last half hour of the film.

      They SKINNED us not because we were so ugly but because we were as Marco Polo described so pretty. That’s NOT about the Mongolians whose looks were never handicapped by the war – if anything the Mongolians are prettier than they were at the time of the war and definitely the Koreans are MUCH prettier than they really are.

      • eattot

        do not know what the hell your saying…just a simple thing, u blahblahblah with this annoying long english.they are richer,women take care more of their skin, and they are both islands,air and humility is better.and their makeup and cosmetics are really much better than chinese. i never feel korea and japan can grow out big beauties, especially korean, ugly as shit without plastic surgery.but, small island, find top beauties also hard.the worst i want to say is sgp,my boss put some so called magazine in office,omg,those models on magazine,i only can say omg!

        • linette


          small island, find top beauties also hard…….

          Majority of girls in small island are 100% natural beauty without plastic surgery. cheers…. :)

          • eattot

            no, korean is famous for plastic surgery.
            japan is a bit better,at least do not cut their face bones.

        • eattot

          and the most classic korean beauty is that one called : Sandra Oh…omg! white must feel so good to have some asian represeative, give her chance show how ugly asian can be,choose her on beauty magazine…
          and some say mix baby is pretty, take a look at Nicolas Cage’s mixed son…korean super gene…have to admire!!!!

          • linette

            Sandra Oh has a very typical Korean look but I don’t think she is ugly. I think she is fine the way she is. She is nice. There are prettier 100% natural Korean beauty. It’s better to be natural than look plastic. I can understand people get dental braces or get skin treatment for acnes. But to under surgery just to get rid of their ethnic look is ridiculous. Women should learn to love themselves and not let the society they live in tell them how they should look. That is a low self esteem inferiority complex.
            Spend more energy on educating themselves and armed themselves. It’s a jungle out there girlfriends…

          • Dripping Third Leg

            My white hot tonic male juice has incredible healing power, it cures pimples, freckles and winkles as well. With a few sips of it every day, you won’t have to wear a muzzle and confidence will grow back on your face.Most importantly, we can make some top beauties together .

          • eattot

            if she is not ugly then u tell me what is ugly? so, big eyes, white skin, small and tall nose, small face is ugly???
            she is already ugly as fuck for most people,at least chinese people.we always use her photo to make fun.
            and that black mf, fuck off! your ugly as fuck from outside to inside,much worse.

          • linette


            …..big eyes, white skin, small and tall nose, small face ……

            Those features are doll like. And doll features are considered beautiful. But even if a girl don’t have doll like features she can still be considered attractive. I think mono eyelids are cute. Most of my Chinese friends have double eyelids, but when I see one with mono eyelids and small eyes I think she looks cute.

          • eattot

            just because your not men.to you, they are cute, because one rival is out already.and u feel better when face them.
            my eyes is not big, reduced some marks for me already.

          • linette


            hahaha…no no no. It’s not like that. I have many girlfriends from all colors and they are all nice. I am happy to be surrounded by pretty girls. Like we get free stuff some time when we hang out together. Or we get in front of the line…hehehe…got off police ticket for wrong turn..hehe

            I think you are very cute. A pretty girl.

          • Dripping Third Leg

            Let’s make this a threesome conversation here. Double penetration ! I’m coming from the back end.

          • mr. wiener

            I think they’re ignoring you dude. The only action you’ll be getting tonight is with Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters.

          • Wang that!

            Who says Sandra Oh is attractive? only the non Asians… personally I think she is pretty ugly like your personality… zing!

          • Wang that!

            WTF!!! Eattot… stop taking about beauty!!!! I just clicked on your avatar and it went to some pictures of you… and you are pretty fucking gross and in BAD need of surgery.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

            I think I get it now why your so bitter towards Korean’s… just a theory… your boyfriend dumped you for a Korean girl who had surgery? or one that did not?

            Enough fun for me for one day… hate on, you hater… hate on… LOL going to puke now.

          • Alan

            korean super gene…have to admire!!!!

            Korean super gene?

            Are you Korean?

          • linette

            Wang that!

            You be quiet. Who are you talking down to Sandra Oh and eattot. Who are you to talk down to women who appreciate what parents gave them. They are no where near ugly. They are cute. Just because you like plastic don’t mean natural women are ugly. No women should listen to men like you telling them they need surgery. Why? How do you look in real person? I dare you to post your photo here. Now go back to Korea bang and play with your plastic dolls.

            Such a typical Korean. All day long Chinese and Japanese ugly need surgery this and that. blablabla….

          • Notorious

            “my eyes is not big, reduced some marks for me already.”

            See what globalism has done? Why are eyes that are not big considered a mark against ones beauty? Who defines what beauty is? Beauty is subjective. There is someone who finds large eyes ugly and small eyes beautiful.

            This is an acute lack of self awareness. Do not decide your beauty based on the appearance of others.

          • Wang that!

            Here we go again… Linette the savior to all the Chinese in the world. You are such a pretentious HK cunt…

            Please remind me where I stated Japanese are ugly?

        • Wang that!

          I say the same thing about Chinese… Both North and Southern… pretty revolting.

          • Dripping Third Leg

            Holy shit, You are right dude. She has a typical Asian pig face,squinty eyes and seemingly there is a undergrown moustache right under her nose.. I take back what I said above ! ! !

            Go get shaved babe ! You look like a man who just had a transgender surgeory. ughh

          • eattot

            wang that!
            ur funny! hahahaha! i do not care what u say about me, i know how i look like.as long as i still can have dates, i do not care at all. hahahaha!

          • linette

            Dripping Third Leg..

            Hey you faggot, why don’t you post your photo. Let see how pretty you look.

          • linette


            My brother just saw your photos and he said you are cute. You have nice skin. cheers :)

          • Wang that!

            Linette you can tell your brother he is blind.

            BTW I am not Korean I am Japanese Canadian, thank you very much.

            Stating Eattot is ugly and that is my opinion. So is my opinion about Sandra Oh.

            Eattot – I could not care what you think about yourself. Thank you very much.

          • linette

            Wang that!
            You are blind. My brother is not blind. You are probably blind by watching too many Japanese AV.

          • linette

            Wang that!

            My Japanese girlfriend told me to tell you anata wa baka.

          • Wang that!

            Linette… congrats! you learning a little romaji… tell your atama ga okashi friend to damare… (*^▽^*)

            What’s wrong with a little AV? LOL you HK folk buy that shit by the boat load!

            My HK buddy say (all the time due his love of JP AV)… Ngaw ho serng bok yap-bun-moi… HO SERNG_AH!!!!
            I then ask him… Deem-gai-ah?
            he says…
            HK lui-won ho-lun-wot-dut… HO-LUN-WUT-DUT!!! moi boh, hai mo see-fut…
            Sorry I cannot write Simplified and don’t know the romaji equivalent for Cantonese… But I do speak your language very well… Surprise!

            On that note.. ding-le-ga-fai-bat-poh! sec-sea-ah lay! fai-de-sai-jol-lah!


          • linette

            Wang that!
            You and your friend are both sick in the head. Such a typical Japan and Hk guys. All day long watching in front of the computer. Dosen’t your hand get tired? Go get help. They do have counseling for your condition. 你去死 nai hui say.

          • Wang that!

            Linette… let’s take a second here and reflect on something…

            You post something… then I poke… then you fire back in a high and mighty manner… I poke… you repeat… I poke… etc..

            You are obviously very involved in these forums and get really caught up. I am not a troll but do find humor in your responses to my pokes… well I did find humor… now its a little over played.

            Me caring on as such was just a “fishing line” of sorts because of boredom (I’m on vacation so got a lot of free time… can you tell?). Please don’t take anything I post as serious (unless the mood is serious).

            Olive branch to you.

          • Huan Jing

            Came out of the closet right there, didn’t you? Probably only came out cause eattot stated Japanese looked better than Koreans or something silly like that. Let’s not be hypocritical, you put in a lot of effort in your arguments, so obviously “internet perceptions” means a lot to you. Doesn’t it, cherry kim?

            “BTW I am not Korean I am Japanese Canadian, thank you very much.”

            I like this line. Gives an opposite affect to your claim. Sounds wannabeish.

            By the way, Linette’s first guess was correct. You ARE Korean Canadian. You’re most likely the same nigger poser that’s always harrassing eattot too.

        • Brett Hunan

          What about Kim Yuna? She’s natural.

          • eattot

            nothing great without that ray.that ABC in usa is much better.

          • linette

            Kim Yuna is very beautiful. Beautiful girl. God bless her.

          • Brett Hunan

            eattot, she is praised by people in every country for being one of the most beautiful women in athletics, AND she’s natural.

            What is “that ray”? Who is “that ABC”?

          • eattot

            Michelle Wingshan Kwan,but it’s not her time now,she is old.
            anyway only admit is these russian sports girls are really so beautiful.others,just old chinese saying: looking for general among shorties.
            a lot chinese sports girls look much better,just different sports and also the ray of fame.

        • Capt. WED

          eattot ditch your fiance and come party with me and sister Feng in America. America good! Road paved with gold! I smoke pot all day!

    • linette


      There is this thing call bleaching with vitamin C and chemical. Every body White, black, Asian..can have beautiful skin if they take care of it. And wear sunscreen. Protect from poison UV light. People who don’t have beautiful skin is because they don’t take care of it.

    • Frank Zappa

      i’ve noticed too, barely seems legs of a human beeing.

      • Cleo

        crab people who won’t let anyone have it better than them

    • Xiongmao

      I ran this through Google Translate but I still haven’t got a clue as to what you’re saying.

      • Brett Hunan

        I think she meant Japanese women have nicer skin than Chinese women. However, their legs bow out (make an O shape) or bend in (make an X shape).

        You have to follow her posts for a while, but you will be able to sift through and find her true meaning in no time.

        • Nick in Beijing

          Not worth the effort to sort out what her nonsense wannabe fashionista opinions may be.

          Seriously. How does a discussion about food safety get turned into a debate between two airheads about fashion and borderline racist attitude towards the beauty of others based on their nationality?

      • linette

        ……I ran this through Google Translate but I still haven’t got a clue as to what you’re saying…………….

        Hahahha…..you are funny. That’s a good one.

  • whiskersthecat

    I got standard food poisoning from time to time. The worst illness I had in China was an upper respiratory infection that happened about a week after I arrived, lasted for a month. By the end of it, I had a cracked rib or two from the constant coughing. Finally, one day, I coughed up this giant ball of phlegm. Seriously it had to be the size of my fist. I felt so much better after that.

    • whiskersthecat

      I was in China for three and a half years, so maybe two or three food poisonings might not be so bad, all things considered. I have no idea what living there actually did to my health in the long-run, though. I guess we can have a ChinaSMACK get-together at the COPD clinic in the future.

      • mr. wiener

        Only thing I ever ate in China that gave me diarrhea was when I *ahem* went down on an Irish girl one night….I think the dear colleen had been…well..wiping forward rather than backward as I came down with a dose of the shites that was damn near the end of me.
        They discovered me in a dead faint face down on a chinese toilet floor with my pants around my ankles and took me shivering and shit stained off to hospital.[lovely town Dali, bloody awful hospital though]
        And she wonders why I never wrote her back!

        • DeVitaVackra

          I had a dirty encounter myself in Dali last summer, wont bore you with the details but there was neither washing before or after. I guess I got lucky because I came out clean.

        • whiskersthecat

          I got giardia once back home from drinking from a mountain stream I assumed would be safe (considering the elevation and how crystal clear it was). I had been backpacking for a couple of days and ended up dehydrated after a while. I ended up having to hike back two days with extreme stomach cramps and green shits every five minutes.

          • simon

            the food quality in China is terrible. In 2 years i’ve been here i’ve had to go to the doctors 3 times for colon/stomach problems. At the moment the doctor tells me i’ve got “慢性胃炎” Apparently treatment can take anywhere from 1-6 months.

            Sucks balls.

          • whiskersthecat

            They gave me a bottle of, well what the label said is “100% Snake Bile” for my respiratory infection. Tasted like 100% snake bile and worked about as well as you’d expect 100% snake bile to work for respiratory infections.

        • redgirl

          mr wiener you manky whore.
          Shit happens.
          Check in with a health center.

    • Boris

      Probably a furball.

  • linette

    ……..If one doesn’t eat the entire periodic table of elements once, one can’t even say in good conscience that one is Chinese……

    hahaha…..so funny

  • Cleo

    I have only been to Beijing twice and ate as the locals did but I didn’t get sick. However, I have to say that if this is norovirus and you never hear of a big case like this involving other foreigners then you should remember that the Japanese young people practice Sex and the City lifestyle long before the television show even aired. Bass to Mouth for paying customers like Akihito will give you norovirus and if you get to enjoy an overnight class trip for so many nights, you are going to see if not an orgy than at least a smorgasbord type of bacchanalia as anyone familiar with foreign dorms will attest – the Japanese are the majority of foreign students in foreign dorms and the girls change partners not just with Japanese but with Australian YOUNGER boys as well.

    NOROVIRUS – would you really kiss that mouth?

    • Nick in Beijing

      Generalize much?

      Just because a small but outspoken group of sexually liberated people get busy doesn’t mean the whole society is that way.

      I lived in Japan for a while and I have to say that on the whole society there is very conservative. Much more so in many ways than China is.

  • hooots

    Why would any of you want to stay in China? I’ve never felt worse physically than when I lived there. Get out while you still can. China is killing you.

    • Chunghwa

      Simple – don’t be a poorfag and skimp on money all the time. I don’t buy those RMB2.50 pancakes from the side of the street, on a stall with a pedal bike at the back. Going to a cleaner store will save you a world of hurt. Have a look at food safety inspection notices – in Shanghai they colour-code food outlets with green, yellow and red classifications for this very purpose.

      • simon

        I’ll have you know, those pancakes are now around 4块 and they are delicious!

      • hooots

        Ooh yeah great idea! I should take the Chinese government’s advice on all my health related decisions! Hmmm, now which pack of Chinese government made cigarettes are the healthiest? Any advice???

        • Alan

          Hmmm, now which pack of Chinese government made cigarettes are the healthiest? Any advice???

          The best advice if you are living long term in China and wish to avoid heart surgery in a Chinese hospital is simply stop smoking.

          Adopt a plant based diet, after washing those greens of course. +1 to the Chinese for eating healthily.

          Walk, instead of taking taxis.

          Not only will you save money, you will also be taking steps to improve your health.

  • Lee

    I bet these Japanese students ate the sushi on the plane when they were on their way home; why blame the food in China? lol

    Everyone knows plane food is complete junk.

  • Cleo

    On a hardworking good girl’s worst day, she would probably deign to marry some Orc foreigner just to get adopted even if it means his goat hands reach for her whenever he wants but as a loving parent, you’ll keep her awkward and working a hard day’s slog otherwise how long must one wait to see her become a widow?

    • eattot

      what the hell r u saying?

    • linette

      Cleo, you use internet translation. The translation is backward. Are you Japanese, Korean, or Spanish? Subject–object–verb type of language. You hate Japanese so much you must be Korean.

      • mr. wiener

        Cleo is actually I giant ball of mucus that achieved sentience during a japanese nuclear reactor accident in the late ’80s. Scientists in china have been keeping it under control with large doses of irradiated milk power formular , but have also kept the creature in a cage where they daily torment it with pointy sticks, whilst wearing “hello kitty” masks in hopes of one day unleashing the beast on the Japanese.

        • linette

          mr. wiener

          hahah..you are too funny. Hello Kitty mask?? Where can I find them.

          Do you like hot soy milk and fried bread(chinese donut) for breakfast? MY taiwanese friends eat that all the time.

          • mr. wiener

            only after a big night on the turps.

  • Sponge Monkey


  • Web of Lies

    Was in Wuhan, Suzhou and Shanghai a few months ago and ate like a beast at every dirty back alley possible. Must have been a lucky sob – never had any diarrhea.

  • Cinimod

    For scientific nit-picking, what’s the point of saying “non-bacterial virus”? That’s like saying non-mammalian bird or something.

    I also love the periodic table joke. I must be having a massive science geek day.

    • I don’t know. I just try to translate the original Chinese as best as I can.

    • An anonymous boy…

      Cinimod, there is such a thing as a bacterial virus. Basically the translation is saying this virus is not a bacteriophage, but rather a virus that infects people’s cells.

      However, bacteriopage rarely cause harm to humans, so people usually the leave the bacterial/non-bacterial part off in English because it is implied the harmful ones only affect our cells and not our bacteria.

      • Cinimod

        I think the confusion has come from the term “nonbacterial acute gastroenteritis virus” (from a quick google search), which just means it’s a gastroenteritus causing pathogen that’s not a bacteria basically.

        I’m guessing (but don’t know) bacteriophage never cause harm to humans because the difference in biology between viruses and human cells is too big.

        Sorry Fauna, I didn’t mean to be such a pedant. I’ve been reading Chinasmack for probably about 2 years now and you do a great job of translating all these articles. I just can’t get enough smack!

        • An anonymous boy…

          Yes, the term usually is “nonbacterial acute gastroenteritis” or “acute gastroenteritis virus”. Scientifically speaking, using nonbacterial+virus together makes it sound like they are saying virus that does not infect bacteria (which is true, but probably not what was intended).

          Yes, bacteriophage can only bind to certain receptors on certain bacteria. Thus, they cannot bind to human cells. However, the human body is filled with bacteria, and in theory a bacteriophage could destroy say the e. coli lining of our gut. However, once all the bacteria is destroyed the body can easily remove them since they cannot replicate anymore. Thus, they rarely cause harm to people.

  • Strangerland

    Huh, in a way, the Chinese mainland reminds me of cockroaches…..they can ingest poison others would not be able to stomach for, live in highly poisonous environment, and if you dismantle the child policy then would quadrupple faster than you can say “OMG”. Note to anyone, I was reminded by cockroaches when the last Chinese commenter wrote about Chinese being the last humans on earth……once I read somewhere that cockroaches is likely to inherit earth because of their ability to survive in many kind of extreme circumstances.

    • linette


      ……they can ingest poison others would not be able to stomach for, live in highly poisonous environment, and if you dismantle the child policy then would quadrupple faster than you can say “OMG”. Note to anyone,…………..

      That sounds like a western society or people who are living in a more western society. Using tones of synthetic chemicals/poisons like medicines…Aspirin, Acetaminophen, hydrocodone, morphine,,etc… Using hair spray tons of chemicals and pesticides, household chemicals. Only the those people can stomach and endure so much chemicals surrounding them destroying the environment. Tons of abortions but they are still fxcking with their sisters like rabbits.

      • gew625252fesq

        Isn’t the internet great. It allows shitheads like yourself to say shit that would, in real life
        get your head cracked open.

        Hopefully you’ll suffer the same fate fucking cunt.

        Please turn to the loaded gun in your drawer, put it in your mouth, and pull the trigger,
        blowing your brains out. You’ll be doing the whole world a favor. Shitbag.

        I would love to smash your face in until it no longer resembled anything human, faggot.

        Die painfully okay? Prefearbly by getting crushed to death in a
        garbage compactor, by getting your face cut to ribbons with a
        pocketknife, your head cracked open with a baseball bat, your stomach
        sliced open and your entrails spilled out, and your eyeballs ripped
        out of their sockets. Fucking bitch

        I would love to kick you hard in the face, breaking it. Then I’d cut
        your stomach open with a chainsaw, exposing your intestines. Then I’d
        cut your windpipe in two with a boxcutter.
        Hopefully you’ll get what’s coming to you. Fucking bitch

        I really hope that you get curb-stomped. It’d be hilarious to see you
        begging for help, and then someone stomps on the back of your head,
        leaving you to die in horrible, agonizing pain. Faggot.

        Shut the fuck up faggot, before you get your face bashed in and cut
        to ribbons, and your throat slit

        • moop

          but how do you really feel?

          • Brett Hunan

            He’s the same guy as that feafewfwgaefwawe. You may know him from posting such classics as “die painfully, fuckwit” and “chug draino, dipshit”.

            Only here once in a while. Randomly makes rounds over at koreaBANG.

          • moop

            he should come on more often. he clearly has a lot to teach us

          • linette

            ………..he should come on more often. he clearly has a lot to teach us……..

            mooooooop dear pleasssse…….

          • moop

            linnette, surely you know sarcasm when you see it

          • linette


            Yes dear, I am just busting your chops. Why your dog has a mustache? Is that your dog? This is my cat. He is kind of territorial and jealous.

          • moop

            that is my dog stella. she is back in the states with my family though because i didnt think it would be fair to bring her here without a yard to run in. she is a pekingnese and jack russell mix and has a lot of energy. stella already has a kickass natural beard (just like me, thats actually why i adopted her. because of the beard), so one morning (actually more like 1-2pm) after heavy drinking, i decided to add the mustache for a pic.

          • linette

            Brett Hunan

            oh..now I remember. That “die painfully, fuckwit” and “chug draino, dipshit” guy in Koreabang.

        • xiaohouzi

          Ouch. Is there any history of abuse in your family?

        • Boris

          Still no luck curing those piles?

        • Huan Jing

          Whoa, whoa, such a loser. Isn’t the internet great indeed. It’ll save you from being laughed at as you bang away on your keyboard.

          It’ll also save you from being torn apart by faggots who want to rape you.

    • Alan

      What you wrote reminds me of mad Vlad the russian nationalist, against the turks:


  • Xiongmao

    139 out of 357 fell ill. That means 218 didn’t. Hence a large majority of the students did perfectly well. Anyway, the food was prepared by temporary workers. I’m adopting a Chinese official view on things these days.

  • Xiongmao

    What the hell is this crap and where do they get it from? I don’t even think the educational system propaganda spews out this kind of puke:

    “And those people who are criticizing our own country, I want to say, how come you don’t criticize yourself? To love oneself requires that one first love this country.”

  • Xiongmao

    Avoid getting sick in China? Bring your own cutlery, plate and glass. Too hard yes, but that’s one way to go at it. Every single restaurant either: Sends their lowliest worker out with all the dishes, glasses and chopsticks and a giant bowl of water that once was warm and had soap in it, but now just takes away the most visually unbecoming sights. Alternatively they ship it off to a place where they supposedly wash it and bring them back wrapped in plastic. I don’t know how safe that is but I wouldn’t get my hopes too high. Still better than the On-street washing though.

    Either way, you can get used to that. Worse is how they prepare the food. Of course we all know that kitchen hygiene and cleaning is abysmal but watch at your local eatery for this and avoid such places: They cut veggies and meat up for the dishes, the put the ingredients on a plate. The cook takes the plate, throw the contents in his wok and when done he puts it back on THE SAME PLATE. Now, you might be thinking that the hot oil and such will kill off any bacteria but there’ll always be some left near the edge of the plate. Vegetables are actually more dangerous than meat dishes in this context since they’re virtually all grown in animal or human faeces and rarely cleaned or washed sufficiently. Avoid any restaurant that practices this or demand the finished dish be placed on a newly washed plate (good luck with that).

  • sickman

    Every time I visit China, I get sick. Never with anywhere else in the World… and I was born there.

    • Dan

      You have become weak and you shall not survive.

      • simon

        haha, gold.

  • red scarf

    Difference place, not so good food safety, difference germs, its no wonder they got ill.

    Fuck!!!! Two years of living in China I had 4 cases of GIT problems, Hell in the within the first two weeks of living in China my digestive system had shut, couldn’t shit for a for 4 days as nothing was moving all I could do was eat little to, burp gas as the food as fermenting inside me while waiting for the medicine to kick in.

  • red scarf

    Difference place, not so good food safety, difference germs, its no wonder they got ill.

    Fuck!!!! Two years of living in China I had 4 cases of GIT problems, Hell in the within the first two weeks of living in China my digestive system had shut down, couldn’t shit for a for 4 days as nothing was moving all I could do was eat little to, burp gas as the food as fermenting inside me while waiting for the medicine to kick in.

  • jon

    Anybody know if the fleshlight mushroom story is real or an Onion story? I didn’t think Chinese could be that stupid.

  • Scott

    “If one doesn’t eat the entire periodic table of elements once, one can’t even say in good conscience that one is Chinese.”

    This is precious, charming even. A person worth knowing.

  • Dynasty

    Heh, did someone shit in their food because they were Japanese?

  • xiaohouzi

    Not surprising… it’s very common, even among Chinese to eat bad seafood and get sick. Back in 2002, i ate some fried mushrooms with what may well have been MSG at a restaurant in Qingdao and thought i was going to die. I made it to a military hospital… you know the kind where the doctors smoke. They poked around my stomach and told me i’d have to have an emergency appendix operation or i might die. I didn’t believe it so i went to see another doctor in the same hospital who said the same thing. I didn’t believe him either so i decided to leave and by the time i got home, i felt better. Turns out that, at least in the past, doctors were often persuaded by their hospitals to make up fake surgeries to generate more income for the hospital or face losing their jobs. I sincerely hope things have changed since then but either way, i don’t plan on having any surgeries in China.

  • DRaY

    Ive been in CHina so long , last time I was in the USA I spent the entire time on the toilet…. sigh….. i remeber when it was the other way around

    • Little Wolf

      That’s because as soon as you got back to USA you ate at MACHO TACO for 3 weeks straight.

  • tai wai

    Getting traveler’s diarrhea is news now?

  • Alejandro

    “nonbacterial virus”


  • jeffli

    I believe the medical condition the students are suffering from is called Montezuma’s revenge, locally known as Mao’s revenge.
    pwpwpwpwppwpppwpwpwpwp Oooops sorry lah!

  • TAKE5

    Lots of chinese students get sick with they go home on spring break to China. Can you believe the “fake” chinese food in America is healthier than authentic chinese food.

  • tinyzither

    I don’t recall ever having gotten “sick” from food in China. Over the course of the study abroad programs in China I’ve participated in, there have been a few times where several students in the group would get acute GI infections, likely from food or water contamination, and I feel lucky that I was never one of them. I haven’t gotten sick in years though, and I think my immune system acclimated quickly to the Chinese environment.

    There are norovirus outbreaks regularly across the globe – I remember one in WA, U.S. a few years back when I got it – so I don’t think this is really a China problem. Norovirus infections are generally very short-term and, while quite unpleasant, are non-fatal for healthy young adults like these Japanese students. I’m surprised this minor outbreak is even news-worthy!

  • Zhang

    These Japanese dogs just want to give China bad reputation. All lies. Japanese should be careful when visiting China. If I see any Japanese in my neighborhood, my friends and I will make them regret it.

    • moop

      are you going to scratch them with your extra-long pinky finger nails? maybe you’re all going to stand around them with your eyes wide and your lower chin jutting out, trying to intimidate them but atucally looking like you are surprised you just shit your pants. fuck off

    • badger


  • El Puma R.

    It’s amazing how proud Chinese people are…. of eating shit.

    Since 2008 when I came to china I’ve been sick more than any other time in my life. Pneumonia, Gastritis, food poisoning (more than 10 times) . Urinal infection, eye infection, sudden rash in random parts of my body, fungus in my feet, etc.

    I’ve chosen to cook at home everyday and even that couldn’t keep me safe sometimes.

    God Bless me for this is my last year in this shit hole.

  • Horatio Caine

    Horatio: It appears that this story has gone………….. viral


    • lieutenant

      Horatio is a very interesting man…

  • Xinxin

    it’s worth of note that this Chinese are not ready for a brighter future as they damn any one in their country.they are not ready for peace with any of it’s neighbors if i still read awful comments above.i’m sorry because the fall of China will be disastrous.a country that every complains and people live in fear.what a shame seeing youths that will be leaders of China writing of more bloody comments that spill.

  • lieutenant

    Well, I never got sick~~but my mom said if I said words like this then I will got sick soon…

  • megan

    A few years back, when I was visiting Chongqing, I got food poisoning at a restaurant and had a miserable 24 hours. When I was working in Chengdu, I had food poisoning for an entire week after eating street food (vegetable BBQ — a real shame since it was delicious). My roommate had the same food but she didn’t get sick at all (which proves that Chinese-born Chinese develop iron stomachs). I didn’t have a fever and I didn’t throw up, but every time I ate something, I would get stomach cramps and diarrhea. TMI I KNOW

    I mostly ate in sketchy hole-in-the-wall type restaurants, but I never got food poisoning from those places. I guess in my case, it was just that the vegetables had been sitting out too long.

    I’m betting that many Chinese citizens would also get ill visiting western countries, though. Maybe not due to bacterial or viral contamination, but just because of the difference in diets (like all the cheese in western diets, for instance).

    • Chef Rocco

      Did you try hot pot in Chongqing? I believe that many westerners would have digestive problem with the food simply due to too much hot pepper irritating your stomach and intestines. The dish is indeed delicious and additive if you get used to it. But if you keep eating hot pot in a row, the problem would switch from mouth to butt, oh, the inflaming feeling when you are on toilet…

      • Uncle Jeebers

        Another angle you should consider is the use of opium in hotpot. If you don’t know about it, look it up. Something like 80% of all dishes served use opium in them, and the government is mildly trying to discourage it.

  • KongMingQin

    Maybe we should give some of those nice food,delicacies to our enemies and let the bodies hit the floor… very healthy food I think!! ^_^

  • Slam Blam

    Translation of the Wang That!’s replies:

    Hi I’m Wang That! Here’s what I really feel in my reject heart:

    I’m an inferior and dirty little gook living in Canada. One minute, I’m white Canadian, next minute I’m Japanese Canadian, bla bla bla. Inspite of the fact, I talk and argue exactly like how an unappealing Korean faggot would. I like claiming to be people I hate hehehehe.

    But I show my true colors the minute my true ethnicity and people are insulted. Of course, my self hate means I would cowardly add a little flame on my own people. Oh dirty, dirty me.

    Rofl. Couldn’t be anymore obvious.

  • Dr SUN

    Did they eat at Cleo’s place ?

  • Grniewnie

    Here’s my story of the worst food poisoning I ever had in my life–in China, of course. In 28 years, I only had food poisoning once in N. America, from a really shitty Chinese restaurant, ironically, though it seemed only white people worked there.

    Anyway, I was living in a small town near Nanjing. We went out for crawfish at this restaurant on the water. Everyone else was freaking out about these crawfish but they weren’t really my thing. I ate maybe two, then spent the rest of the night eating Xinjaing bread.

    About two hours after I got home, I started vomiting and shitting. The first time I went to vomit, I ran to the bathroom and opened the door and projectile vomited so hard that it landed on the wall literally at least 4 feet away. My bathroom walls had more vomit on them then the floor. Luckily, Chinese bathrooms are easy to hose down. Anyway, I was shitting so much water after several hours that I became convinced I was going to have to go to a Chinese hospital (my next worst fear) so I started drinking tons of water to stave off dehydration. I was still vomiting about once every fifteen minutes or so, and I remember at that point it was mostly water–water that was still cold because it hadnt been in my body long enough to warm up to room temperature.

    I think I stayed in my room for a week. That was, and remains, hands down, the sickest I have ever been. Lesson learned: don’t eat the seafood.

    Oh, and everyone else at that dinner? Perfectly ok. wtf.

  • Tom

    I am an American, and my wife is from Guangzhou. I have been visiting China every couple of years since 1999, and have never yet gotten more than a mild cold there. I have also visited Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, and even the little village in Guangdong where my wife’s family originally came from. If I were going to get sick, surely it would have been in that farming village.

    My friends in China, maybe you’re not really immune, because it’s not as dangerous as you believe it is (okay, I understand about things like heavy metal poisoning). I like China very much, and I am not afraid of visiting. I hope that more of you can come visit us, too.