139 Japanese High School Students Sick After Visiting China

Japanese high school boys.

Japanese high school girls.

From NetEase & Sohu:

139 students from Japan visiting China manifest infection symptoms

According to news from Kyodo News on June 18th, after high school students from Ishikawa Prefecture who had recently participated in a school trip to China experienced diarrhea, fever, and other symptoms following their return to their country, the Kanazawa Health Department found in their investigation that there are already 139 people who are exhibiting the aforementioned symptoms. The Health Department believe the students may be suffering from an infectious gastroenteritis.

According to the school, 357 second-year high school students traveled on the 11th to Shanghai, Suzhou, and other places for a 4-day 3-night trip. After returning to their country on the 14th, there were 16 people who did not show up for class the next day, and 16 people who left school early. The school immediately contacted the Kanazawa Health Department. At present, already one student has been determined to have the norovirus, but the infection has not spread to the family of the student or his classmates.

Noun Explanation: The “noroviris” is a nonbacterial virus that causes gastroenteritis. Can be abbreviated as “NV”. The norovirus tends to infect places with relatively high population density and poor sanitation, such as ocean liners. The norovirus is contracted through excrement and saliva. A person may also be infected from eating contaminated shellfish.

Japanese high school boys.

Comments from NetEase:

咋又被你襶諘啦 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Poor Japanese students, they haven’t consumed enough drainage oil [to develop an immunity]. Just remember, before coming to China next time, you must at least eat one month’s worth of drainage oil first for your stomach and intestines to first adapt to China’s conditions.

曲线革命 [网易上海市金山区网友]:

Incredible, right?!!! We’re invincible to all poisons!!!

xoe5m [网易湖北省襄阳市网友]:

If one doesn’t eat the entire periodic table of elements once, one can’t even say in good conscience that one is Chinese.

造谣局丨局长丨 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

You little Japanese, not asking around first about what kind of place China is! That we are still alive is already a wonder.

小学数学练习机作者 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

Strengthen food safety supervision, as giving the ordinary common people clean food is the most basic duty of the government.

上帝是娘们 [网易河北省保定市手机网友]:

If one dies and there isn’t a full periodic table of elements remaining, then they definitely weren’t Chinese. I leave this saying to archeologists 5000 years in the future.


That’ll teach you never to play “hard mode” again. [A Chinese internet joke is that life in China is like playing the higher difficulty levels of video games.]


Haha, not used to the Chinese regional food specialty: Drainage oil.


Haha, drainage oil.

Comments from Sohu:


Did you guys think just anyone could eat China’s food? We’ve all been trained since we were small! Fortunately the time was short, otherwise you guys would’ve been poisoned to death!


Did you think you guys are the same as Chinese people? Who have been ingesting poisons since we were small so that we’re not immune to all poisons? Who will live at most to 70 years old, and have to retire at 65!?


Congratulations, you! Go take a shit.


Fuck, never imagined that Chinese people have truly become immune to all poisons after long-term consumption of poisonous foods, truly we must thank our motherland and those [food manufacturing] companies!


A tragedy, the tragedy of a people. Problems with our food and instead of reflecting on that, we actually are proud of it. This is the tragedy of the Chinese people.


We’re used to it, trained for it, they can’t handle it. This was also a meticulously planned national defense measure by our leadership, you guys wouldn’t understand.

REDL1314 [搜狐辽宁省葫芦岛市网友]:

I want to say, regardless of whether it is because they weren’t acclimatized or whatever, they were still made sick and they were students. We don’t have any grudge with them, we have grudges with the [Japanese] devils of the past. And those people who are criticizing our own country, I want to say, how come you don’t criticize yourself? To love oneself requires that one first love this country. China indeed has many things that are bad, crappy food, drainage oil, an environment that isn’t very good, but this is your motherland that has given birth to you and raised you. A lot of garbage comes from abroad, that no one would complain about had it not come to China. And those of you who are calling for China’s destruction, how come you don’t go die first. Cursing Chinese people, aren’t your parents Chinese, your entire family??? The rest I won’t say, but if you don’t want to be Chinese, fine, take out a knife and kill yourself now but remember, don’t miss your heart, and first kill your entire family before committing suicide. I truly wonder, can you have just a little face [shame]? You say Chinese people ought to be exterminated, then your entire family should die. May those who curse our China, may their entire family be exterminated. China at worst doesn’t want to cause problems and at best advocates peace. You think Chinese people are terrible? Don’t forget, when we unite, we are more united than anyone else. The 2008 earthquake and the Olympics both showed this, as well as many other things. If one day we were really to go to war, China would definitely be okay, we wouldn’t be worse than anyone else. My country, I love it. You’re not human, so go die, and I hope you will be reincarnated soon, reincarnated in some other country. I also hate Japanese devils, my grandfather was from that time, but I don’t hate Japanese people, because so many of them are good people, so I wish these students well, that they recover soon. If that person who is cursing China is a Japanese international student, then you can disregard everything I said above and may you and your Japan be exterminated. If you’re Chinese, be a little more conscientious with your words, don’t make your ancestors ashamed. Don’t forget, your ancestors were also Chinese. If you don’t want to consume drainage oil or whatever, you’re better off going to live in another country. Even drainage oil was invented by other countries! You can express your opinion, but you have to watch your words. Complaining and criticizing is fine, everyone more or less has complaints, but for having been born and raised in this country, you must love it [be patriotic].


Laowai need to bring their own food when coming to China, you guys can’t adapt to China’s poisonous food. We grew up eating poisonous food, and have antibodies/resistance.


We long ago became immune to all poisons, what poisonous thing haven’t we eaten before? Let’s thank our great government, thank our great party. If the earth were to have only the people of one country left on it, it would definitely be Chinese people…

What is the worst illness you have had as a result of eating food in China? Or have you remarkably never gotten sick from food in China?

Japanese high school students in uniforms and holding up peace signs.

Note: Photos above are not related to the story.


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