14-Year-Old Beijing Boy Starts University

14-Year-Old Beijing Boy Starts University
A 14-year-old boy from Beijing has began his studies at Fudan University in Shanghai after passing his college entrance exam with a final mark of 692/750. Xiao Yuhe was admitted to the School of Mathematical Sciences on gaining a perfect score on the math section, and is one of three new undergraduates born in the noughties attending the university. Xiao says he was inspired by his mother at an early age after she bought him a “Horrible Science” book series, and took a particular liking to the math parts. Netizens were impressed that the Beijinger had had the resolve to attend a Shanghai university.


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  • hard to say!
    the boy i loved in university was so excellent, news website even wrote a lot about how excellent he was. then what? only 31, MIIT sent him to malaysia for some meeting, then died. just married, no kid yet.
    sigh! if could choose, better have a silly life.