15-Year-Old Gets Extensive Plastic Surgery, Netizens Intrigued

15-Year-Old Gets Plastic Surgery

Recently a group of pictures from a girl netizens are calling “Snake Face” have gone viral. The girl, who claims she is a 15-year-old from Zhengzhou, Henan, has become a subject of hot debate online after drawing so much attention from social media users. She wrote that she receives expensive gifts on a daily basis, has luxury cars to drive her around and receives over 500,000 RMB in spending money each month. Many netizens criticise her excessive claims and extensive plastic surgeries, while others think it is a scheme to promote plastic surgery.

Source: Netease

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  • Aerosmith

    …..dude looks like a lady

  • g_in_beijing

    You do realise that this story is nearly a week old? It has even been featured on the dailymail.com, who always copy there stories from a number of sources and is always late.
    You have taken away the netizens comments from a 95% of new content being put out there, which was the reason everyone came to ChinaSmack and even these new “fluff” pieces are pointless because they are all old articles already featured on other China news sites.
    Again just my 2 cents, but this is a terrible strategy (even just for clicks). It so sad to see what is happening to what was such a great site.

  • Amused

    Not exactly a good endorsement of plastic surgery, what with her being fugly and all.

  • redwhitedude

    She messed up her body.

  • Mighty曹

    If this is how she looks now I can only imagine how hideous she must have looked before.

  • mr.wiener

    Kill it with fire!!!

  • UserID01

    Man… did she need parental consent for this cosmetic surgery? I think it’s pretty messed up that her parents would consent to this to such an extreme. You don’t know shit at 15 year sold. This is a pretty big decision for such a young person.

  • Vance

    She looks like a painted porcelain statue.

  • James


  • Chaz

    And she’s got farmer hands. Makes you wonder what all that makeup and surgery is hiding???

  • guest

    Looks like something from a Japanese horror movie, I hope she isn’t really only 15…she’s got a long road of side effects ahead of her.

  • Teacher in China

    Holy shit is that disgusting. I feel really sorry for her. No 15 year old should be allowed any purely cosmetic plastic surgery. Shame on her parents for allowing this to happen. She looks totally fucked up – and that’s probably a true reflection of her insides if what she brags about is really true.

    • KamikaziPilot

      I’m wondering if she actually thinks she looks attractive with all those surgeries? Kind of how like those with anorexia or other eating disorders always think they look fat no matter how skinny they are. SO besides being very superficial, she has a distorted view (compared to the average person) of her body image. The only thing with this case is that it’s too late to change some of the damage she’s done to her face at only 15.

      • Teacher in China

        That’s a good point, and she is exactly at the age where that kind of mental illness can manifest strongly. The blame definitely falls on her family for letting things get this bad.

  • KamikaziPilot

    Kind of reminds me of that Filipino guy who had countless surgeries to look like Superman. Some people are really nuts. Honestly I’m perfectly happy with my looks, except want to be a little taller but I would never do a surgery purely to “improve” my looks.

    • mr.wiener

      You mean I didn’t need to get that horse member transplant after all?
      Aww nuts…

  • hyuugasaki

    Dunno, maybe taste difference, but I once got showed this kind of girls photo by local friends, they actually think this creature is cute (the one they showed me was indeed looks better and less fake, but still looks fake). And what’s wrong with the parents as well, it’s more like ego, “Do plastic surgery with whatever money dad have, and try to seduce some rich chinese guys who will pour us with money, so we can be rich”.

    Oh well it’s not like she got any money from me anyway, not really my business. I just hope that all their plans meltdown and their family’s idiocy stop there.

  • dumdum

    who knows her parents pushed her for the surgery. atleast thats kinda common in korea for parents to push their kids to have plastic surgery

  • daz

    Pretty sure this was a guy initially. Surgeon was top notch.