17-Year-Old Boy Tries to Help Driver Avoid a Fine, Beaten up

17-Year-Old Boy Tries to Help Driver Avoid a Fine, Beaten up

A kind-hearted 17-year-old boy cyclist who urged a motorist against using a small bridge to cross a canal was repaid with a beating. The boy, who had on a previous occasion successfully deterred other drivers from taking the shortcut, was riding in front when he stopped his bike, forcing the guy to stop. He told the driver that the bridge doesn’t permit motorized vehicles to pass, fines are imposed and doing so is dangerous with all the pedestrians on it. The boy continued, but soon after was pushed off his bike by the pursuing driver, who grabbed his collar and beat him up.

Source: Netease

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  • Boris

    Before the website finishes loading fully, I get redirected to another site. What is up with that?

  • Zappa Frank

    he forgot the rule number one in china…

  • donscarletti

    He wasn’t beaten up for helping driver escape a fine, he was beaten up trying to stop a selfish arsehole from doing whatever that selfish arsehole wanted to do.

    The public service ads you see on TV these days often feature a small child chastising a social deviant. When you accept this going against Confucian norms (after all, we are to criticize Lin, criticize Confucius), you really have to think about whether or not you really want to encourage young children to confront strangers who probably have poor character and are probably not willing to accept such criticism.

    I have a lot of fondness for young Chinese, I think young people in this country are in many ways superior to young people in other countries, though I have more reservations as they get older. I know that they have been considered to be the salvation of the nation during many eras in recent history and apart from during the 60s and early 70s they usually did well. I think it’s good that some young Chinese still feel that it is worth confronting someone for doing something obviously wrong. I just worry that this is being exploited.