18 Schoolchildren Buried & Killed in Yunnan Yiliang Landslide

Soldiers are digging the buried.

A house collapsed in the landslide.

From NetEase:

18 Elementary School Students killed in Yunnan Yiliang Landslide

October 4th around 8 o’clock, a landslide happened in Yunnan Province Yiliang County Longhai Village Zhenhe Country Youfang Villagers’ Unit. This landslide completely buried Youfang Elementary School, with 18 students buried under the collapsed school building.

A house collapsed in the landslide.

A gaint rock brought down by the landslide.

A side of the mountain is collapsed.

October 3, Yunnan Yiliang, the landslide caused houses to collapse.

People are at the scene where the school is buried.

People are at the scene where the school is buried.

People are trying to save the buried.

Soldiers are digging the buried.

At October 4 around 8am, in Yunnan Yiliang County, a landslide happened in Longhai Village Zhenhe Country Youfang Villagers’ Unit.

From QQ:

Before and After Photos of the Elementary School Buried in the Yunnan Yiliang Rockslide

Before and after the elementary school is buried in Yunnan Yiliang landslide.

The upper picture was taken in September 2009, the original state of Tiantou Elementary School before the landslide. The lower one was taken on October 4, 2012, the devestation following the landslide.

The original state of Qiantiantou Elementary School before the landslide.

The original state of Qiantiantou Elementary School before the landslide.

At 8:10 am, October 4, a landslide happened in Yunnan Yiliang, causing the entire school building of Tiantou Elementary School to be buried. So far, the landslide has taken the lives of 18 Tiantou Elementary School students. Pictures are of the original state of Tiantou Elementary School before the landslide.

Comments from NetEase:

天梯 [网易安徽省合肥市网友]:

A country that has realized 62% of its Great Revival, yet still provides children with houses built from mud and grass.

[Note: The “Revival of the Chinese Nation” or “Common Mission for the Revival of the Chinese Nation” figure refers to an index created by Yang Yiyong, director of the Institute of Social Development Research at the Academy of Macroeconomic Research under China’s National Development and Reform Commission. It attempts to quantify China’s progress towards becoming a first-world nation through statistical data such as China’s Gross National Income. In 2007, the figure was at 46%. Recently, Chinese netizens were amused when the figure was cited as 62%, and soon became an internet meme, which has appeared multiple chinaSMACK translations.]

秋意正浓0 [网易山东省潍坊市网友]: (responding to above)

Fuck, a building like this, where the fuck is the happiness supposed to be? Get lost CCTV.

朝鲜平壤市网友 [网易浙江省宁波市网友]:

Now matter what problem is used to explain this, ultimately it’s still an institutional/systemic problem.

红妆巅峰 [网易山东省威海市网友]:

18 young and precious children’s lives!
China [referring to government officials], if you just drank one less bottle of alcohol each year, the several thousand kuai [saved] would be enough for them to build/repair/improve their buildings!

qd112277 [网易山东省青岛市网友]:

Students, students, schools, classrooms. Which bastard dares to step out and take responsibility?

蒋大光头 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

Why were students still having classes during the holiday?

loly001 [网易河北省承德市网友]:

Seeing a classroom like that, there’s nothing that can be said.

铁花村刘书记 [网易上海市浦东新区网友]:

The Education Bureau ought to be the first to be eviscerated [have people fired]!

不说会死啊 [网易江苏省南京市网友]: (responding to above)

The Education Bureau has spoken: “Let’s talk about it after the holiday is over.”

网易江苏省徐州市网友 ip:180.124.*.*:

Damn, right now children nationwide don’t have classes, yet something bad happens to those attending class?

高级趣味的人 [网易广西北海市网友]:

Take a look at their county government building, then look at the school these kids were in! I so want to skin these beasts alive!

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯怀化市网友 425244245:

I have no words for this! Last night at home during Xinwen Lianbo, it was only barely mentioned, with no deeper report whatsoever, so the moment I got to the office in the morning I had to read the news online. Just what kind of homeland is this???

腾讯网友 九头鸟文化传:

From here several problems can be seen: 1. The construction of the village schools are not sturdy enough, the ZF only cares about superficial appearances, and only builds the schools in the cities well and proper, and sturdy. 2. The building materials of this village school is still wood, and one can easily imagine just how uncommon that is in this day and age 3. Ultimately, it’s also that the higher authorities did not do their jobs well. Schools are a nation’s most important source of human talent. An old wooden school building should’ve become an antique/relic long ago, so why is it still in use??? Perhaps to ask one more question, how is the local party secretary going to solve this??

腾讯甘肃省网友 舂□迗□の□:

Aren’t [schoolchildren] supposed to be on vacation/holiday? Why are there still children having classes?

腾讯网友 □ □ 獨洎 、:

Brother has shed tears, man’s tears!!

腾讯网友 草青青:

My heart aches so badly, I, too, have a child, and if I were a parent whose child was lost in this disaster, I don’t know how I would face it. I’m in tears.

腾讯网友 流星:

October 4th about 9pm, provincial Deputy Party Secretary and provincial Governor Li Jiheng arrived at the disaster area, visiting and consoling refugees and armed police officers and soldiers, and held an emergency meeting at the scene to arrange and deploy search and rescue missions for those buried and other work /// Being a government leader sure is difficult.

腾讯网友 鬼□キョ:

How small man is in the face of nature. Rest in peace, rest in peace. Don’t know if these children will get help from the 30 million yuan donation.

腾讯网友 409242214:

Is this reporter an idiot? Why not report detailed information of the building’s structure/construction and who built it, so our country can know where the money invested in education goes every year? It must be reveled to the public.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • linette lee

    omg! ……….. :(

  • mr.wiener


  • Snazzy_Brett

    Confucius say “grass mud house fuck your mom. His mother’s stone house cow pussy.”

    I dont know how many of you have visited the Chinese country side, but there are far too many schools built at the base of tall hills. I’m really surprised that we dont read articles about landslides devastating schools every week.

    • Terrik

      I spent the holiday in the Anhui countryside from Fuyang to Dangshan and some of the buildings I saw looked like they wouldn’t even be able to weather a stiff breeze. Why? According to locals, the local officials more or less steal all the money doled out by the central government for building and road maintenance. Surprise, Surprise.

      • BigJ

        I’m sure they steal money, but what kind of school would you need to build to withstand a landslide? Blame the guy who built it on the edge of mountain.

        • linette lee

          I am pretty sure they don’t follow building codes. They pretty much just stick the building anywhere there is room and used the cheapest materials. Don’t you see? Corruption in the China gov’t is the root of all their problem. You need funds to improve the country. How can people live better if the officials constantly stealing all the money and use bribery to get away with inspection or following the laws? The first thing China needs to do is create a central gov’t department to fight corruption.

          • BigJ

            Linette….So your telling me government corruption caused a landslide that destroyed a building? That school could have been built to code with all the best materials and that same shit would have happened. Do you not know how stong a landslide can be? you would need a bomb shelter to live though that. And even then it sketchy.

          • linette lee

            no..I am saying don’t the architect who are professional have better understanding where is a more stable ground to build a structure? Hong kong has a lot of mountains and roadsides too(until they removed some of them). You don’t see them just build a building anywhere by the roadside. They need to hire professionals and follow building codes. That will require money.

          • BigJ

            This is a poor chinese village. And shit happens…..It’s like people who live where earthquakes happen or volcanoes erupt all the time. You can’t always stop mother nature. You can’t predict where land slides will happen. If you choose to live in a place like that, don’t blame the government when shit happens. Are you going to flatten all the surrounding mountain for a few hundred people? If people are so concerned about this kind of shit happening….don’t live there. It’s like Hawaii, People know at any moment that whole place can blow up. People still choose to live there.

          • linette lee

            They don’t have to flat down all mountains. Just the area where they are going to build public buildings. I won’t be surprised if they used cheap materials for this building.
            China is not poor. I can understand those other poor countries they have to use mud and wood with some concrete to build public buildings, and it’s at risk of collapsing during hurricane or heavy rain. China however can afford better materials like steels and full concrete. Like those buildings in HK. China can afford to flatten a few hills and build a strong building for their children. It’s worth it.

            And Japan has earthquake so the gov’t build buildings that can withstand the shaking. The buildings flex. The Japan gov’t is doing a great job. If they have earthquake in shanghai, they will all die.

          • BigJ

            I understand what you’re saying. They should build schools a bit better then that. And im sure the school was made like that and the funds that were suppose to be used for the school, went to some guys new car or house. Im saying that shit happens. For example, My house is close to the ocean in Canada. Say if there is tsunami that hits there by chance and my house gets destroyed, Do I blame the guy who build my house? Am I at fault for living there? No. That’s just the hand I was dealt that day, and that hand was shitty.

            Lots of people live at the base of mountains and places that have a chance of some natural disaster happening. Thats just a chance they take.

            I’d like to be under the sea
            In an octopus’ garden in the shade.
            But we all don’t have that luxury. :)

          • linette lee

            hong kong had flattened many hills and mountains in order to build buildings and roads. The architect and engineering crew do that.
            They will not build a building next to a hill that looks like some big rocks will come tumbling down when heavy rain.

            You need money to do that. To create a better living environment for the people. Give them a better life. Where is the money?

          • Irvin

            I beg to differ, I think education (not just the one from school) is always the root of the problem. If people were better educated and able to properly recognize injustice and unfairness, then can they truly object.

            As of now alot of chinese people just accepts their situation because they don’t know any better. They don’t know HOW to object. The comments you read just reflects a small portion of the people in china, and even that portion don’t have unified agreement on any matter.

            Just like people breaking japanese cars owned by chinese have little to do with government corruption, neither does this tragedy. If people were properly educated, they wouldn’t send their children to such a school and such a school may not even be build in the first place if they themselves were knowledgeable regarding building codes.

            “What? build a school here? with these materials? are you outta your fucking mind?” is what I imagine people would say if they were more educated.

          • linette lee

            you need money to build school and reform public school teaching and hire qualify teachers. You need money. If the gov’t officials constantly stealing money, how can they do that?
            China needs to harshly punish corruption. Stealing money and bribery. Then once they get full control of their money they can allocate the fund into reforming education and build schools throughout rural. Advocate one child policy in school and on TV and explain why it’s important for earth and for the country. Also educate on recycling and proper manners and etiquette.
            Do sterilization if necessary.(it’s a short term solution. With the next generation who are more educated, you don’t need to sterilize them. They can figure it out on their own. They probably don’t even want kids. Women in hk and taiwan who are more educated you can’t even get them to have kids. They have one of the lowest birth rate in the world. The birthrate in hk are mostly by mainland women, not hk women. Hk and taiwan women they want to go travel and wear fashions.)

            So yes, education is the key, but corruption needs to be tackled with first.

          • anon

            Hong Kong didn’t resort to sterilization and they managed to improve building codes, education, and corruption (depends who you ask and in what industry but overall it has gotten better for the average resident). The Chinese central government does have anti-corruption department but they can fail just as they can fail anywhere. In a place like China where corruption is rampant and rule of law is flimsy, it is even more prone to failure. It takes a lot of coordinated effort, the determination of those with power, and time to improve these problems. They’re often chicken and egg problems. Better education could lessen corruption, but corruption can suppress education. It can be done, most of our home countries did it. But China has some large obstacles for itself.

  • BigJ

    First off this is a shame, poor little kids….

    I can’t belive some of the chinese comments. Talking about the structure of the school…There was a fucking landslide. Blaming government officials for this is just retarded. I don’t know much about this village but it doesn’t look too rich to me. Looks like a farming village. What do they expect them to do? Build a school with 4 foot thick steel walls? Stupid fucking people. Landslides are powerful, it would hard to build something to stand up to that. You can have rocks the size of cars coming down at very high speeds. Maybe next time don’t build a school on the edge of mountain where earthquakes happen alot. If anyone is to blame here its mother nature.

    • Rick in China

      I agree with most of your point. It was a natural disaster, but it seems like it’s in many netizens *instant reply* to be outraged against 1. Japanese, 2. Government, or 3. (other) Laowai.

      In this case they just went with the closest association to the result, a school that collapsed, *government*! In this case I don’t think the school’s location mattered much, Yunnan (fix spelling in title) is really hilly/mountainous in general and the soil seems both rich and muddy or relatively loose all around. The school doesn’t look like it’s really close to a mountainside relative to the landscape, either…just that some of those rocks must have struck it like they were bowling balls rattling down the hill. Hopefully this kind of incident can spin a positive future of prevention, and those farmers can sort out that they are able to prevent/limit this kind of disaster by doing what many highways do – strap loose rock areas in with cheap metal grating, it’s not expensive nor is it difficult to implement.

      • BigJ

        Yeah true, but those metal grate things are just for loose rocks that fall, not a landslide. Yeah bad things happen, and some times people just can’t realize that sometime no one is to blame.

  • linette lee

    Confucius say grass mud house fuck you. His mother’s stone house cow pussy…………

    What? I don’t understand.

    • Snazzy_Brett

      Confucius say “草泥家, 草泥马。 TMD stone house NB.”

      • Snazzy_Brett

        Sounded better in my head. I’d change it but I don’t want to edit it out and break the interwebs.

        • Wayne


      • linette lee

        草泥家, 草泥马……..

        oh….hehee..the only thing I am familiar with confucius is the confucius joke….lol.

        not yet? You both must be nervous and excited at the same time.
        When it’s time she will be like “give me the epidural like NOW!!!” as soon as she gets to hospital. :)

    • xoxo xi

      what does confucious wants to tell us from thatt phrase?

  • linette lee

    I like confucius say…..

    Confucius say
    A man is only as faithful as his options.

    Confucius Say
    Never argue with a fool…he may be doing the same thing.

    Confucius Say
    He who thinks by the inch and talks by the yard deserves to be kicked by the foot.

    Confucius Say
    A Penis is the only thing that a woman hopes she will find hard to handle.

    • fabulous

      I don’t wish to tell you off but maybe you could write this sort of thing in the “Learn A Pop Song” articles.

    • Irvin

      “A man is only as faithful as his options” I thought that was Bill Maher lol, I didn’t know he was quoting confucius, I seriously gotta real more confucius.

      • Rick in China

        Chris Rock..

        That being said, those weren’t actual confucian quotes, they were ‘jokes’ told in a modern ‘confucian’ way…

  • linette lee

    Brett…..didn’t you say that your baby is coming in October? You are a daddy now? I hope everything is fine with your wife. Congratulations to you both.

    • Snazzy_Brett

      Our due date was yesterday, but no happy stories yet. Just waiting for my wife to be writhing in pain and I can start to get excited. Lol

      • xoxo xi

        Why do people downvote this comment?its harmless.isnt the criteria for down voting is if it offends anyone or something?

        • Snazzy_Brett

          Harland took offense to my happiness. Thx @xi_a:disqus!

        • BigJ

          Hey, you want to be happy you best take that shit elsewhere. ;)

          • xoxo xi

            Ttake what elsewhere dude?you should be clear

          • bigj

            Ssorry that was ment for brett;-) i was just being a smart ass.

      • Wayne


        • Snazzy_Brett

          Thanks Wayne!

      • BigJ

        Right on man. Hope everything goes well. Do you know if it’s going to be a boy or girl?

        • Snazzy_Brett

          Yea we’re waiting on our girl. First name: Sandara, middle name: Kim.

          Living with a pregnant woman is like Tengu’s favorite Chinese saying; “May you live in interesting times”… times sure are interesting.

          I’ll be sure to check in and let everyone know when she arrives.

    • Harland

      Hello, we’re talking about Yunan landslide? What is this, a private message chat? Take it to QQ. The rest of us don’t care and it clutters the conversation with informationless junk.

      • Snazzy_Brett

        Interesting remark from someone who didnt talk about the Yunnan incident at all…. Isnt that a bit hypocritical?

        We have a community here at chinaSMACK and a lot of us are friendly with each other. I can see why you are left out of the group.

        “The rest of us…” Do you speak for everyone who reads chinaSMACK? Sorry I missed that memo.

      • vincent

        You must be new here =.=”

      • Kate

        Hey you, stop being a rude jackass and many people here DO care about Brett’s bundle of adorableness. This and corresponding sites are a community and I find Brett’s personal stuff as interesting as the stories. Dont speak for me.

      • anon

        Just minimize the thread like chinaSMACK taught you. What’s the point in them giving us this fancy new commenting system if we don’t use its abilities?

  • 5000 years of history.

    God will judge you on how you treat his children. Period.

    • wafflestomp

      lol he believes in god

    • Irvin

      And who’s to judge god of how he kills those 18 school children?

      • patko

        If people take bad care of the land god gave them, the land loses its qualities and becomes unstable, than this can happen. God had no hand in it as most things, people bring this upon themselves even though the cause and the result can be far from eachother.

      • fabulous

        Which god are we talking about?

      • grovesman

        @Irvin: God doesn’t control these events. The best and worst thing God gave humankind was freewill. Freewill to live in dangerous areas; freewill to strip the mountainside of its vegetation so it becomes unstable; freewill to use poorly constructed and outdated facilities…etc…

    • Guest

      I know that ‘period’ is the American word for ‘full stop’, and I understand how Americans say it aloud to add emphasis in a conversation… but isn’t it totally redundant in written communication.

      Clearly English has a clumsy way of denoting emphasis and sarcasm, relying on stress and tone that cannot be understood from writing except by implication. If you didn’t feel your comment was reflecting the intended gravitas of the statement you were attempting to make, you might at least have tried for a more elegant and nuanced solution, rather than lazily sticking ‘Period.’ on the end.

      If you believe in god, surely an invocation of his judgement should be powerful enough, it’s just funny to me that you thought it necessary to enhance it in such a cheap way.

      • BigJ

        I thought “period”was when a girl is on the rag. :)

        I can’t belive you wrote all that because of how she worded her sentence. Thanks for letting us know you’re a Chinese english teacher.

        • fabulous

          It’s easy to see when some people have run out of assignments to grade.

      • Jen In NY

        FYI, that last bit was a run-on sentence.

  • cc

    This just doesn’t work

  • Nanny Hiccups

    This is very very sad and tragic. May God bless them.

    • Irvin

      I thought god already blessed them with a landslide.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        What are u trying to say asshole?

  • xoxo xi

    The picture of the school taken from 2009 showws it will collapse to 6 magnitude earthquake.probably it is on worse condition this year.
    The story fell short in delivery.what does the 18 children doing on that building if it is holiday?do they have classes?are they are there to play or what?dont they have a teacheror any adult with hem during that time?how much time has passed before anyone notice they are missing the school and report it?
    If this story published before people attempts to rescue the victims i hope they found a survivor.probably they wont but miracle happens..

  • Foreign Devil

    Quick let’s put up another newscast about the Daoyu Islands! The citizens are becoming critical again!

    • El Puma R.

      No one could have said that better !

  • El Puma R.

    These things are unfortunately meant to happen in a country with such a wealth gap like China. Seems like most people haven’t figured out that outside the big cities (just right outside) people live in a very different situation than those I mentioned before. China, in it’s totality is still a poor country with a development rate that only affects those who can afford it, which are a minority compared to those who have to send their children to schools made of bricks and mud, and pay a fee for it. Sad but true, those fees pay some kid’s iphone 3G connection. Many countries are not the exception but if this happen where I am from I am sure the government would get in trouble. Whatever, it’s sunday, let’s go shopping and forget about this.

    (my last sentence was tremendously sarcastic)

    If I was Chinese I definitely couldn’t let these things happen so often… but then again, if I was Chinese, I probably couldn’t (or won’t be able to) see it from such point of view.

    May God or whatever is beyond take care of them.

    • El Puma R.

      If I was Chinese I would be watching a soap opera right now

    • linette lee

      but if this happen where I am from I am sure the government would get in trouble………………

      The same thing with my gov’t. They will get a big slap in the face and demand improvement by the angry citizens.

  • Ruaraidh

    Bloody hell, there are too many people in China. If you live in a valley that steep and narrow, you’re asking for trouble. If you farm slopes that sheer, a rock slip is pretty much inevitable.

    • This times a million.

    • China_Aussie_Bull_Bear

      “too many people in China” is a lie that hides laziness…
      Case in point: couldn’t some of the “too many” be put to work building infastructure that might prevent these sorts of disasters?

      • Ruaraidh

        Corruption is so rife in Chinese construction that roads and railways routinely collapse. How on earth are they going to build something capable of holding a mountain up?

        The real lie is that you can cram more and more people onto land that is increasingly degraded, and pump up an economy by employing them all in massive infrastructure projects.

  • Irvin

    China is one of the few countries in the world where people blames the government for natural disasters.

    • anon

      That’s not really true. People in China blame the government for inadequate precaution and inadequate response just like everywhere else. At most there is some hyperbole but most people know natural disasters are natural disasters. They just want someone to blame and a government is meant to use its resources to protect its citizens.

  • MrT

    I thought these kids where put into this old school because the earthquake in their town a few weeks earlier flattened their school.
    So they survived the first disaster then this happens to them.

  • vincent

    Truly tragic, RIP little ones.

  • BigJ

    Song of the article ” Landslide” by Fleetwood mac


  • MoralDrift

    This is one of those tragic stories that breaks your heart but at the same time….not much can be done. As others have said, the wealth in China is not spread around very well. One can literally walk less than a mile and go from swanky to slummy in many major Chinese cities.

    To be fair, the urban-rural divide is everywhere….hopefully some good can come of this and other dangerous schools will be carefully looked at and fixed

  • powbob

    At least Americans aren’t the only ones who have to suffer from “made in china” products!

  • haha, chinasmack sold out to fucking disqus

    • Snazzy_Brett

      What do you mean by “sold out”? Is Disqus too trendy and therefor uncool? It seems easier than the old system to me.

      • If you know anything about how that system works and why it even exists, then yes… it’s selling out.

        • Snazzy_Brett

          That isn’t an answer. Why is it “selling out” to use Disqus?

          • anon

            I agree, is there something more specific you can tell us about how chinaSMACK is “selling out” by giving us a commenting system that has a better user experience? Are they being paid to give us more features? Sounds like a rather harsh accusation against a site you don’t pay money to enjoy.

  • Kate

    Poor babies :*(

  • YourSupremeCommander

    I blame the japanese

  • bill stack

    They have gone to a better place

  • Any reason ever given as to why they were in school during a national holiday?

  • Dr Sun

    I wonder if the village bosses houses are so badly built, what do you think ?