19-Year-Old Man Buys Replica Guns, Gets Life in Prison

19-Year-Old Man Buys Replica Guns, Gets Life in Prison

A 19-year-old gun enthusiast has been charged with arms trafficking and has been sentenced to life imprisonment for buying 24 replica firearms from a Taiwanese website. The court has determined that 20 out of the 24 replicas have the capacity to maim. The defense attorney has argued that his client knew nothing of the replicas’ power, which are being legally sold in Taiwan, and that they were bought for recreational purposes. The guns were hidden inside a water dispenser when they were discovered by customs. The gun enthusiast plans to appeal.

Source: Tencent

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  • mr.wiener

    Harsh, but this guy knew what he was getting into.

    • Vance

      It sounds like he claims he did not know they were real. Of course they were hidden when found so maybe he did know.

      • Amused

        What, you don’t compulsively hide your legal stuff?

        • Vance

          No. I’m just to lazy. I don’t want to have to dig through the hideout to access my legal or questionable items.

  • Super Bunny!

    i wanna buy gun from vitnam or burma too.
    kill these animals who killed my mother’s granny and father first, then…hahaha!

    • jetlyf

      that isn’t very rabbit like of you.

    • Vance

      Then what?

      • Super Bunny!

        it will never happen, so no then. hahahaha!

    • helsic

      you’re a troll right?

      • bujiebuke

        No she’s the real deal. Life is strange sometimes…

  • James

    life sentence??? wow

  • Jahar

    So many stories, so little content.

  • Maximus

    Poor guy

  • Foreign Devil

    I see lot’s of kids in China with replica toy guns playing around. These must have been real guns that are disabled somehow.

    • Vance

      That would make me nervous. I hope they took the right peices out of the gun before giving it to the kids. Also, I don’t suppose anyone is teaching those kids to respect guns? Here, guns are legal and our right to own guns is Constitutionally protected, but we are taught to respect them for what they are. At least, my friends and I were. We would be in serious trouble if we even pointed our finger at another person and pretended to shoot them. I was taught never to point a gun at another person (unless, of course he was attacking), and always treat any gun as a loaded weapon unless I personally unloaded it at that moment.

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