2 Chinese Nationals Arrested Trying to Illegally Enter Turkey

2 Chinese Nationals Arrested Trying to Illegally Enter Turkey

On April 10th, the Turkish military arrested 134 people trying to illegally enter Turkey, including 6 Chinese citizens. 2 more Chinese nationals, who are suspected of joining ISIS, were arrested by the Turkish military when trying to illegally cross from Turkey into Syria. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the arrest of the 2 ISIS members during a routine press conference, saying the East Turkestan Islamic Movement has began to work internationally with other terrorist organisations, and that they hope the international community will come together to fight terrorism and keep the world safe.

Source: Tencent

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    So when are we going to get that announcement from Kai and Fauna? Are they even still running this website?

    • mr.wiener

      Hopefully after this weekend. It is make or break time, my fingers are crossed.

      • 山炮 ShanPao

        I doubt it. Why would they choose to lose their readership in the process? Less is more. If you need a break, take a hiatus. Don’t put out worthless tripe that no-one want’s to read and stop people from dropping by to pick up quirky netizen comments etc. It just doesn’t make sense.

  • MeiDaxia

    Hooray! More reasons to look down on/attack/be prejudice against Uighurs! :(

    • redwhitedude

      You can count on the CCP to do that.

    • RAWR

      if domestic and international terrorist isn’t a reason, then I don’t know what is.

    • Brido227

      I think Uighurs have already given more than enough reasons for their community to be looked down on. 197 on 7/5 alone.

      • MeiDaxia

        You might’ve bypassed the “more” part of that statement?

        I have several Uighur friends, and the way China (who am I kidding, everyone does this) tends to lump the actions of a few, especially in the case of minorities, into a stereotype for the whole, worries me for their safety.

        • Brido227

          “You might’ve bypassed the “more” part of that statement?”

          Fair enough. “197 more on 7/5 alone.”


  • Amused

    Got to be desperate if you’re in a gun fight and you’re accepting volunteers who’re known for their knife work.

    • gregblandino

      ISIS’s “style” requires a constant influx of fresh foreign volunteers to be the suicide bomb drivers (Chechens and other Caucasus recruits, Yemenis and Jordanians excluded)…in either case their knife work and marksmanship will be irrelevant. Most of the fresh recruits from other countries fall prey to indigineous diseases (read that twitter report’s indicate an outbreak of Jericho button’s) or die before of being any use. ISIS relies on Iraqi and Syrian locals to do most of the actual grunt work.

  • JayJay

    Title sounds like a case of necro-zoophilia gone bad…

  • crimsonarmor

    maybe they just love the food there!

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