2 Days If ATM Swallows Money, 5 Minutes If It Gives Too Much

Chinese woman walking away from an Agricultral Bank of China ATM.

From NetEase:

When ATM swallows money, bank tells you to wait 2 days, but when a customer pretends it dispensed too much money, the bank arrives within 5 minutes

Summary: When Nanjing city resident Mr. Ding was depositing money and the ATM machine swallowed 10,000 yuan, he immediately contacted bank personnel and was told that he’d have to wait two working days before it could be dealt with. Afterward, Mr. Ding changed phones and called customer service again, pretending that the machine had dispensed 3000 yuan extra, and customer service arrived just 5 minutes later. The bank explained that when the machine swallows a customer’s money, this money is still safely in the machine, but when the machine spits out extra money, it affects the safety of the cash.

A China Merchant's Bank ATM.

Comments on NetEase:


Motherfucking chicken country banking industry. [China geographically resembles a chicken.]

卖身葬二奶 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

A tree without bark will necessarily die! A man without shame is invincible!

官肥民必瘦 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

You’ll never find another bank as shameless as this in the world.

中华一统天下 [网易陕西省商洛市网友]: (responding to above)

How is the bank wrong? Protecting the bank’s assets is equivalent to protecting the country’s assets. Is even such basic rationale lost on you?

网易河南省郑州市登封市网友: (responding to above)

Since ancient times, the “second floor” [referring to the first comment replying to an internet post or another comment] has always been a SB

[This comment was repeated in at least 10 other replies to the above commenter.]

jnf1024 [网易上海市黄浦区网友]: (also responding to 中华一统天下)

My money is saved in the bank, how did it become the country’s?

zhoushuiq [网易广东省广州市网友]: (responding to above)

You’ve all been trolled, they’re [referring to 中华一统天下 and a few others who defended him] just trying to get your attention. Haha~~~~~~~ What he’s saying is obvious.

无锡可儿 [网易江苏省无锡市网友]:

NetEase, were you all raised by beasts, what is this “a certain bank”, are you not allowed to reveal the name of the bank? Are you afraid of being sued for libel, or is this kind of news simply fabricated by you guys?

115782012 [网易广东省深圳市网友]: (responding to above)

Child, do you still need to ask which bank this is?? All the banks in this country are fucking like this.

enixasdf [网易黑龙江省网友]: (also responding to 无锡可儿)

Asking [for the name] is wasting your effort. You can boycott this one, but the other banks are the fucking same.


China’s banks are all bastards, without a single exception~

wxs0592 [网易福建省厦门市网友]:

This bank has set a new Guinness world record for shamelessness in banking!

天天愚人节 [网易山东省东营市网友]:

A shameless bank, why can they demand back the extra money dispensed but I can’t demand back the money their greedy mouths have swallowed? Remember, next time just say, “I’m going to pry open the ATM”!

吉尔瓦伦丁 [网易辽宁省鞍山市网友]: (responding to above)

Then it won’t be an employee of the bank coming, but the JC.


A person who takes extra money that was spit out is committing a crime, but is the bank committing a crime when it swallows money?

骑着砖家的老婆写评论 [网易广东省珠海市网友]:

China’s current situation:
1. ATM dispenses counterfeit money — Bank is not responsible.
2. Online banking robbed — Depositor’s responsibility.
3. Bank gave too much money — Depositor has obligation to return it.
4. Bank gave too little money — Not responsible if you already left the counter.
5. ATM malfunction results in less money dispensed — Customer’s responsibility.
6. ATM malfunction results in too much money dispensed — Customer theft.
7. Guangdong Kaiping bank president embezzles 400 million — sentenced to 2 years.
8. ATM spat out an extra 70,000 to ordinary commoner Xu Ting — life sentence.

选择用脚投票 [网易加拿大网友]:

The cash is safe, and from the bank’s perspective, it is indeed safe.

网玉主编 [网易江苏省连云港市网友]:

Strongly request that foreign banks enter the country, the national banks can all TMD go to hell.


Motherfucking bank~~~ This is what China is like~~~ Our great country~~~ You’ll never guess will happen next~~~

kaka3369 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

Other people’s loss can be ignored, while one’s own interests are always first. This bunch of sons of bitches repeat all day long about providing good customer service but actually will never know what customer service is.

Three China Construction Bank ATMs.

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  • The Enlightened One

    Foreign banks would destroy these Chinese run ones on customer service alone. They would never be allowed into the country. Not a chance!

    • mouse

      Yeah, an American bank it would take at least 2 weeks before you heard about your lost money, and if you invented a story where it gave you extra they’d demand it back and sue you if you didn’t pay them

    • asdf

      You’re so naive….

      • Angry Panda

        After this comment, I am starting to think you are no so much enlightened after all, maybe perhaps after getting some action with some skanky woman the last time you visited China, as judged from some of your other comments on specific topics. You’re leaving a trail bro, and it does not look pretty.

    • BigJ

      The Enlightened one is kind of right……I use banks in 5 countries and Chinese banks service is not bad….but it’s not good either. The service they have is O.k. I’m talking about customer service. For customer service my favorite bank is TD Canada trust banks.Awesome service. In China I use China construction bank. TD blows them right out of the water in service. I’m not talking about what the bank offers….just the service. TD would still blow them out of the water.Mitsubishi UFJ bank is also very good.TD calls me every few months just to talk. They ask me if there is anything they can for me. They ask me if there is anything question and concerns I have, also tell me me about changes in rates and whatnot. And the bank branches are open longer then any other bank I use.
      And why get up get up in this guys face about what he said….nothing he said is false.
      All Banks are like whores….They treat you very well if you give them lots of money…..just some better then others.

    • BigJ

      This is not just something a Chinese bank would do. All banks in world would do the same thing…..The difference is the the time scale…2 days seems a bit long. Most banks would tell you to come back when they open and they would sort it out if the transaction happened in off hours. If the machines is spitting out free money….they has to be looked at right away. This guy never lost his money…The money is there…and the cameras they have would see that. It’s kind of big deal but it can be fixed easily. If the bank machine is spitting out free money….and word get around about it…then you will have to track down everyone who used that machine and got free money. That is alot more trouble then your money just not getting deposited.
      In all fairness the machine should have been looked at right away because there is a problem.Giving or taking money it should be looked at right away….but if this thinks this problem can be looked into in off hours….he’s dreaming.

      • The Enlightened One

        Exactly, long and drawn out…. and with money that is not good. People tend to get especially impatient when you take their money and tell them to wait. That’s how it is inside the bank usually too with the customer service. How many of you have actually tried to use your bank account for something like… attaching it PayPal or something outside of the norm here in China?

        OMG, it’s almost impossible they HAVE no idea where to start. They will tell you they can’t even do it “mei you”. When in actuality they can, but you have to find that out from PayPal or someone else and then TELL the bank teller how to do her job. Tell me you have never done this before in China. You have never told someone how to do their job because they didn’t know? I bet you have, be it a nurse, a bank teller, a doctor even or something else.

        Well, that’s the experience I have had with banks in China (and other situations).

        Never had a problem with an ATM other than just be out of order.

        • rollin wit 9’s

          best and most accurate post ever.
          Damn i hate the idiots that can’t do their jobs! Brings to mind a certain restaurant I frequent. I told the idiot waitress no onions and she insisted there were no onions in the dish. Mind you, i’ve ordered this dish 3+ times or more. I know wtf is in it. Nevertheless when it arrived i had to point out the goddamn onions.

          • Kevin

            That’s just typical ham shank that is. Always wanting to alter the menu. Why not just order something that didn’t have onions in it instead of bleating about something they probably cook a hundred times a day to everyone else’s satisfaction??

        • DRaYphLy

          You guys are ridiculous … this happens at any bank when you ask them to do something that isn’t very common… they say they dont know or NO and you have to ask them to call a supervisor or someone else. Especially when a foreigner comes in and asks the bank for a service they aren’t familiar with. ./… you guys are fucking stupid!!!

          • The Enlightened One

            No they DON’T call their supervisor over most of the time. They don’t want to because they are embarrassed to lose face in front of their co-workers and boss, you insignificant moron!

            AT GOOD BANKS, they will usually take the time to find out or ask a co-worker or supervisor.

            They simply say they can’t do it or to go somewhere else (some other branch), when most times it isn’t true. They CAN do it, they just prefer to NOT to do it, because it requires more thinking and less copying.

            Don’t reply to my posts with your dumb shit responses.

          • mr. wiener

            Foreign banks would still have local employees and managers. The [lack of] “service” culture in China would be very hard to root out.
            Also banks in the west haven’t exactly covered themselves in a mantle of glory and compassion over the last decade either.

    • The Enlightened One

      Well I guess that would depend on WHICH country and WHICH bank. It’s not always about AMERICA all the damn time. There are some good banks in Europe and other places. I am not relating to the American Banking system which I think sucks as well. Although, depends on the bank.

      Sure, they may do the same thing but have you actually went into a bank and talked with the people. Most of the time they have no idea what they are doing and usually take 30 minutes to do something while there is a line-up of like 50 people.

      Banks back home also deal with the customer with a little bit of optimism and kindness as they ARE taking your money. In China, they act like they don’t want to be there and hate their job as a poster mentioned below.

      I bet most of you use the ATM only and don’t even go inside the bank.

      • linette

        Two places I really really hate going in USA. One is the bank and the other is post office. The line is like 20 people with 2 windows open. I do online banking and use ATM. I hardly ever step inside the bank.

        • The Enlightened One

          Yeah, I have heard that from a lot of Americans. So I can understand a lot of them don’t agree with me. But if they tried some banks in other countries and compared it to China they would see China is lower-mid par.

          Exactly, most people do that in China too (using the ATM or online banking). They don’t want to actually step into the bank except for the elders that don’t trust or know how to use machines.

          • eattot

            Enlightenede one:
            your avatar always recall me an old chinese swordman sitcom named 白眉大侠! hahaha! white eyebrow hero….hahahaha!

          • The Enlightened One


            Actually that was just an effect, I was messing around with the picture.

        • Fenqing basher

          Hey, you mixed something here, the Post office sucks i agree, but the place you pick up your welfare checks is not a bank (even though your only source of currency), got that?!

          Anyway, Banking is factor 1000 better in the US than in china, no matter in customer service or simply compared to using ATMs.
          Just see how freaking complicated online banking is in china, omg.

          • MrT

            I use online banking all the time in China, its sweet and really easy to use, I even login and just hangout in my account because its such a pleasant place!
            Very easy to transfer money to anywhere, i pay my bills with it one click, use it on my phone , very secure (dongle and sms check)and was very easy to set up. I also like going in the bank because the chicks are hot and don’t look like old battle axes.
            True if you go into banks in a pikey area take a flask and be prepared to bang your head up a wall but that’s down to my piss poor Chinese.
            True it sucks being in a different province, much like China Mobile and China Unicom, but I put that down to the size of the country
            , I’m sure that will change when they catch up.
            I mostly get the VIP room treatment at the banks anyway.
            I don’t get ludicrous charges here for bullshit and have to chase that money back for months.
            China needs to keep the Western mafia banks out of here and step up there own training.
            Long term Chinese banks are far safer.
            Who do you think caused the massive collapse of the economies in the West and sent all the westerners to China to survive? Why would any one ever trust Western banks ever again is beyond me, short memories the lot of ya.
            BOC and Communication for me so far because they got branches in the UK.
            The truth is western banks are desperate to get into China, its there only hope of survival and will go to any lengths to achieve this including spinning bullshit over here.

    • grovesman

      Foreign banks would still be run, at least at the local level, by chinese. Just like other foreign service oriented companies (i.e. Wal Mart, KFC, etc.). So I doubt that the customer service would be greatly enhanced.

      And I believe there are a few foreign banks already operating within China’s borders, such as HSBC.

    • El Puma R.

      come on man… the american companies pay call centers in India and south america so instead of yourselves, others have to put up with all the shit the banks put americans through. And other companies too, so many.

      Peope is stupid enough to believe banks, governments and media could actually do an honest job.

      What that man did was a very smart and subtle move to prove to everyone that banks don’t give a shit about their customers. Truly smart, I doubt most people could have the balls to do what he did. But then again, it’s their own fault for being so shamelessly proud and confident of a system that has innumerable fowls.

    • BigCAD/Mao’s Corpse

      Standard Chartered every time boys:
      -Good looking receptionists and counter girls.
      -Non of the 农民银行 flea market atmosphere we all know and love.
      -No deli counter style service number, as there is hardly ever a line and the other customers know how to queue if there is more than two people in the bank at one time.
      -Real security guard who knows how open a door and smile.
      -Free polo mints!!!

      • eattot

        hahahahahaha! u make me laugh !
        there is no 农民银行, it’s 农业银行!
        what bank would call itself bank of farmers, then even farmers wont put money in. hahahahahaha! bank should sound rich and powerful, not 农民银行! anyway,hahahaaha!

        • rollin wit 9’s

          Eattot your being naive. Even if he did make the mistake, in English it makes sense 100%. Maybe its a play on words too. Did you think of that? Could be referring to the type of people in the bank and not the bank itself as he did say ‘atmosphere’
          anyway, carry on..

          • BigCAD

            Sorry should of mentioned, yes it is indeed a play on words, last time I went to the peasent/serf/bumble f@*k bank of China. I had to slap a muppet down for ignoring the queue, apparently those ticket machines have a use. However the logo change for 农民银行 in 2009 was just as offensive as the customers to my senses, bosses daughter must have been an intern that year.

        • sonny

          ??? there definitely was to a 農民銀行. now they’re part of TCB.

        • sonny

          ??? there definitely was a 農民銀行. now they’re part of TCB.

          • sonny

            sorry for double post… ignore…

        • Jeffli


          男子银行?- that get s a bit scary! I think there already is one……

    • Justin

      At least in China you don’t get ass-raped by overdraft fees. It’s like a private tax on the poor/people who are bad with money. I used to be both. Now, I’m just bad with money.

  • Carlito Johnny Briganti

    i certainly agree,this country hasnt got a clue about customer service, I have been served well in china, dont get me wrong, I can still remember each time I did get good service in china. Overall, the rest of the unskilled idiots and nonce for banks can fuck off. I always feel that I should do the same,because alot of people dont really a shit about service, but I choose not to, even after the number of years I have been here. I hope that by setting an example, people will appreciate good customer service and see the BLOODY importance of it.

    It does my head in, bllody pathetic

    we cant even get a service with a smile or even a fake one. If your gonna do a job, do it properly, take initiative for gods sake.

  • lonetrey

    This article is pretty amusing, love how the guy thought of a way to harmlessly get the bank’s attention like that.

  • Rick in China

    Um..common sense?

    If the machine faulted or you took too long to manage keypad vs. deposit etc.. obviously they’d need to verify what you’re telling them – ie. wait for the cash count and faulty transactions to identify any over or under counts. I don’t know the details on how the machines programming works so can’t go further than just “obviously” they wont just give some dude a bunch of money when he says it ate his. I took out 2k once and the machine ate it back before I had a chance to grab it – had a call which occupied my hands at a bad time – and waited my couple days then it returned to my account. Big deal. Wait in line to deal with a real person if you don’t want to put up with small errors in machine operation. if you say it dumped extra cash out – obviously that’s a HUGE problem, once money goes out good luck getting it back – and if a machine is faulty pushing out extra money it’ll likely happen repeatedly.

    Not sure why people are so demanding and expecting everything to “just work” in the world around them, to their convenience..that’s not how it works, SUCK IT UP CUPCAKE. The bank requiring some time for verification before it hands over a stack of cash isn’t “oh my god the GALL” worthy, and this story is lame.

    • Dan

      Totally agree with you.

      Relevant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r1CZTLk-Gk

    • Brett Hunan

      I think its more like “no one trusts anyone else in China, and no one trusts banks anywhere.”

      • Cooljackal

        Very true!

      • El Puma R.

        yeah! you tell them, man!

      • the ace of books

        Preeeeeeeetty much.

  • MrT

    I have had far better service from Chinese banks then ever from UK banks.
    God knows why Chinese moan at the slightest thing over here, they always feel they getting hard done-to on everything.
    Perhaps they not well informed on how the western banks have stolen,over charged,ripped people off blind, how they send snotty letters out, how they phone you up and threaten you, the list is endless of how the Mafia run western banks operate and there’s fuck all you can do about it accept pitch a sofa outside one and get beaten by the police.
    Oh yea when you put your money in a UK bank somehow it ends up in American bank an then fucking disappears into thin air and they tell you that’s your risk, criminal bastards.
    My money stays in Chinese banks now and will never enter western banks ever.

  • k

    Western banks aren’t any better. My husband went to deposit a tax return check, was told their machine could not read the check, and that he needed to request a 2nd check from the IRS. Okay, requesting a 2nd check from the IRS……would take FOREVER to get and what bank can’t deposit a government check with the person’s name clearly on the front, when said person is a customer at the bank? So I told him that’s ridiculous, go to Wal-Mart, they’ll do it for $3 in 5 mins, and sure enough they did. Wal-Mart gave us better service then the fancy bank and could do the job that the bank couldn’t.

    • linette

      Chase no doubt has very high fee. Chase charge you a fee for everything. If you have their credit card the late fee is like us$40. That is just ridiculously high. And if you use the phone to pay another $10. Like wow……Chase is one of the biggest USA bank. They rob you.

      • Brett Hunan

        The big banks in America actually charge more fees to low income households. In other words, if you were rich they wouldn’t risk losing your business.

        • linette

          if you were rich they wouldn’t risk losing your business………..

          Is that right? So Chase is discriminating because of low income. Then I must work harder to try to marry to a rich man. Where is my doped up drink at the night club?

          Brett, your gravatar is getting boring. Why don’t you put a new photo. You are boring me.

          • Brett Hunan

            Not just Chase, but every major bank. Most of the rich people I have talked to have switched to community banks. The community banks will even make house or office visits if you can’t get over there during their office hours.

            Hah, okay I will get a new pic up after I get onto a real computer. My phone doesn’t want to cooperate with Gravatar.

          • linette

            You mentioned on a post about a baby is coming in October right. Congratulations! A boy or a girl? Maybe you can post his/her photo on gravatar too. Must be so cute. Mixed kid are cute and unique.
            hehehe..now you will definitely be broke. Kids are very expensive.

          • Brett Hunan

            Girl! Super excited! But my wife wants pink everything, and I can’t stand it.

          • Brett Hunan

            Changed my gravatar… I think my face looks kind of wide, but thats the best I can do on my phone.

          • linette

            oh…I love girl. So cute. :P Pink is nice.

            No, you are fine. You have nice smile.

          • The Enlightened One

            Congratulations Brett!

          • eattot

            i want girl…
            pretty girl is a treasure…boys are mainly burden…have to struggle a lot for him. for average family, better have a girl…

          • linette

            The Enlightened One, where is your new photo for gravatar. Post it or I will tell eattot and K not to update anymore photos. It’s not fair we update it and you guys don’t.

          • linette

            eattot, girls have to struggle also in this world. Not just boys. It’s a jungle out there in the working world. I think it’s even harder for women believe it or not.

          • eattot

            yes,i know!
            men are also very snobish, marry rich ,fuck pretty, a lot !
            but at least, girls can change future by marriage, guys difficult…
            especially in china…the truth is being pretty helps a lot, no matter girls or guys.
            marriage is women’s second reborn chance,everywhere the same.

          • eattot

            your from hk, you know these mixed actress from poor family, they changed their lives by beauty…if their mother did not have sex with white guy, then really no any chance to get out slum.

          • linette

            marriage is women’s second reborn chance,everywhere the same…….

            Is it true? So in big cities like shanghai, there is no chance to study in school to get some skills or education, so women can work in big corporation and get rich on her own? Can a poor family send their daughter to study something like accounting in shanghai? Does the china gov’t offer student loans? I would think in big city like shanghai should be more similar to HK. no?

            Beauty and youth no doubt is a girl’s best asset. That is why so many plastic surgery.

          • eattot

            u mixed sth, linette…
            to get a good husband, u need to study need to be pretty need to have a rich daddy…this and that….but still, beauty is a big dice.
            even a woman is indepentent , no good marriage still a big lose.
            not mean not do anything just try to catch a rich guy….

          • Brett Hunan

            Thanks Enlightened One, linette and eattot. I’m sure its going to be a lot of hard work but regardless Im super excited. We’ve even bought clothes for when she’s 2, 3, 4, and 5!

            BTW marriage is okay except most young couples dont really understand the concepts of commitment and responsibility. Once you accept that you can be happy living with the same person (including pooping in the same bathroom) you will be okay.

          • linette

            wow eattot. You just said in order to get out of slum Chinese girls need to fuck with white guys. I am not sure what to think. Is it really true? wow….

          • eattot

            your either too naive or whatever!
            i just take some examples…beauty can change women’s life…
            and u think …..what the hell are you thinking!!!!!!!

          • linette

            eattot, trying to catch a rich guy, so go to the club after work. You should know which club have more business men. If it’s money most likely you will end up with much older men with his own business and vacation houses. There are men like that looking for younger wives. But marriage should not be about money. You have to love him first. You don’t marry a man because of his money or race. Make sure you love him first.

          • eattot

            u do not have to teach me a lesson.
            i am not naive as you. i know the world is realistic, it’s you, u do have some probelm…ur too idealistic or still dreaming….

          • eattot

            u should walk out from ur dream world….
            try to get more real dates, try to know different type of men, then u will understand what i say more. u even do not know what is love…men do not know either. for men more like lust, for women more like safty…not draw a pince on the wall, and deam u may find him one day.and he loves u, u love him,even you do not care for his money, he will care for urs. be careful!

          • The Enlightened One

            Okay Linette, I changed it… I think…

            It still shows the old one sometimes and sometimes the new one. Anyways, if yo hover then it should show the new one. Just used my phone so not really good quality.

            Gravatar is weird, Brett your picture changed back to the old one after a few posts… I dunno if you did this or gravatar just does whatever it wants lol.

          • linette

            our either too naive or whatever!
            i just take some examples…beauty can change…

            Not naive. We were raised under different environment. I know beauty is important but beauty is not everything. I think you are trying to say having beauty is so important because it can change a girl’s life. I don’t see it that way. oh well.

          • eattot

            all i gotta say is wake up, find dates and realtionship, young girl!

          • linette

            eattot, I do go on dates. Men from all different race and professions. I am not living in a dream world. I am a very realistic person. I believe I am older than you and definitely been working in a real world longer than you. To me marriage is a life long commitment. So he better be someone I love because I have to live with him until I die. That’s all.

            I feel sad about China….it’s the gov’t’s fault. People have no security.

          • The Enlightened One

            Hey hey hey ladies… calm down.

            You are both right actually lol.

            Of course, some foreigners do break the mold, take care of themselves and aren’t going to the bars every night or have no money in the bank that are old, fat baldies.

            But like good Chinese men they get scooped up real quick!

          • linette

            The Enlightened One, Yes I see. It’s nice. How old are you I am just curious. I thought you were like much older.

          • The Enlightened One

            Why did you think that?

            I am 30 and look it when I let my beard grow out. But when I shave, I look like I am in my early twenties. At least, that is what people tell me.

          • linette

            no doubt good men get scooped up real quick!

            The Enlightened One, you sound very mature and responsible. You have mature thoughts. Very nice. :)

          • rollin wit 9’s

            I like you linette, at least your online persona that is but in that 2nd paragraph you sound reeeaal gold diggerish ‘chinese style’

          • The Enlightened One

            Thank you, since you asked (I know I shouldn’t) but how old are you? Instead, you could just say the year you were born.

            I am horrible at guessing an Asian women’s age.

          • linette

            The Enlightened One, I am 28. :)

          • I was in China last year for 10 weeks to be with my chinese GF. She has 3 sisters, one older and two younger. The older sister is only interested in money and sleeps with her married boss to obtain more money and cars and houses. From what I gather , she would go with any man who gave her more money. She went behind my GF back and asked me to marry her and get her in to England. Is this sisterly love? Her other two sisters are money motivated too. Fortunately for me, My GF would rather be poor and loved

        • eattot

          haha,happy for you!
          always pink for girls, blue for boys!
          i wanna have baby asap too! hahaha!and i want a girl….

          • Eattot you sound like a typical chinese gold-digger …..I’ve been treated as a blank check by women here in China. The answer is simple: If a woman is looking at you as a wallet. . .then, gentlemen, you look at her as a sex slave. Give me what I want from you when I want it, how I want it, where I want it as many times as I want it, and then I will give you gifts.

            Simply put, if you want to behave like a high priced hooker, then men need to start treating women as high priced hookers.

          • Jennster

            actually beauty does help teh women as you mentioned. however to land one you also must have a good wealthy background, have accomplished skills (i.e. skills in arts). ever wonder why you usually see a 8/10 guy with 8/10 girl. same thing darl :D

          • eattot

            nolly flethcer :
            your wrong, in fact i was in shanghai, i met a lot white gold diggers. men in shanghai made me cold hearted.
            i dated rich and poor, i do not judge men by money but they way they treat me.
            that’s all. i just do not want women believe in love too much, it’s just an excuse for those broke ass,once they can find a rich one, and see, what will happen.

          • Boris

            Eattot, your recent posts are essential viewing for all male foreigners who’ve just rocked up in China, their egos swelling from all the female attention. I know foreigners who’ve given up entertaining the idea of romantic relationships in China, because they feel they’ll never find someone other than the coldly calculating type of character you so accurately represent. If that’s being naive, so be it. I don’t have any friends back in the West that would tollerate such a relationship.

          • eattot

            who cares!
            i do not have to please anyone. i am just telling the truth……
            some white husband tried to seduce me even his wife just in the next room, tried to seduce me by money…even myself was so scared…and some of my frinds, their married white lovers fuck around and tell them how disgrace their chinese wives’ family are…i date good man i share the bill i am still happy, but bad and tight ones, fuck off and waste his money is a big fun.
            that’s it.

          • linette

            Maybe I never been to China so I don’t understand life in China. In HK and USA, if you have the will and put in the effort, you can advance. The Chinese both girls and boys in HK and USA they study hard in school knowing they will need the education and the skill to land good jobs. Even kids from poor family have access to good education because of student loans being available. When you land a good job, you gain financial independence. You can buy your own car and house. Banks in HK and USA loan out mortgage so it’s very possible for anyone to become homeowner. You don’t have to be millionaires. You have medical coverage from jobs or welfare if you are poor. Your have some retirement pension and medicare. You have enough money to be comfortable. You have freedom and independence. So money at the end is not everything. You want love in your marriage. You are looking for love. Someone who’s your equal to share life with you.
            This is life in HK or USA. I don’t know about China. I don’t know if it is true the living condition is tough in the big cities in China. There is lack of security of the future. Chinese in China want to leave China to seek for better life. More security maybe. That is why the girls behave like that maybe.

          • eattot

            u do not have to make hk or usa the wonderland, there is no wonderland,if there is, i think should be north euro, not hk or usa…naive….and we all know that…
            but, keep it. wish u find a good husband, u deserve it.

          • linette

            eattot, There is no wonderland in this world. Life is very hard. People work very hard in order to succeed. Success is achieved by tears and blood.(literally, I almost died because I was silly at one point.) Life is not free and is not easy. It’s very competitive. In the working world it’s a jungle. You are struggling to survive. It’s life.

          • eattot,you are just confused between money and a white dick .money is actually your primary target and white men the cash cow as stereotypically perceived by mianland gold diggers.Love is not for sell and marriage is a life time commitment between two compatible individuals with true love for each other .There are bad and good apples in every race or society and a white man doesnt represent all men as you stupidly think.

          • eattot

            nolly flethcer ,
            哈哈哈!i do not need money from my husband,i even do not wanna move out from china… i have job, gold credit cards,if i want, i can run a store, if i like i can find anothe pt job…
            i just take some examples,and want women to know,do not take men too serious…and keep far away from white fuckers.

          • linette

            I can also understand what eattot is saying. Women need to protect themselves. There are also too many male players out there. They just want sex and play. You see all these old men trying to have sex with young women. Women need to protect themselves and not get hurt.

          • moop

            the same could be said to men to watch out for gold diggers. for every creep who tried to bag as many girls as possible there is a golddigger. i only hope they find each other and are both equally miserable

          • Boris

            it seems like you hang around with some morally upstanding folk (sarcasm).
            It’s ironic that I’m replying to your posts here, yet I’d do everything I possibly could to avoid spending more time than was absolutely neccessary with someone like you in the real world. I don’t blame you. China can be tough.

          • eattot

            can not care less…i hope your not one more fucker just.
            respect women!women are very naive.

          • linette

            Boris and moop, don’t judge Eattot. You folks don’t know anything about her relationship with her special man. The way she described him he seems like a very nice young gentleman. And how do you know they don’t love each other? I wish eattot the best.

          • moop

            i never said anything to eattot. she’s a mindless drone like most people in this world. i was actually talking to you in my post for your comment ” Women need to protect themselves. There are also too many male players out there. They just want sex and play. You see all these old men trying to have sex with young women. Women need to protect themselves and not get hurt.”

            i’d say that for every player there is also a golddigger and men should be just as careful as women and be very wary and protect themselves. a have no respect for players and i have no respect for golddiggers. i hope they all find each other and live unhappily ever after. you, as usual, put forward a lame attempt at female solidarity which really just lumps you in with people who say stupid shit.

          • linette

            lame attempt at female solidarity………..

            Me? Really? So let me reword it. No all men are players and not all women are gold diggers. But women should because with male players and men should because with gold diggers. Good enough for you?

          • linette

            No all men are players and not all women are gold diggers. But women should be careful with male players and men should be careful with gold diggers. Good enough for you?

      • BigJ

        Well linette don’t be late on your credit card payments and you can avoid that fee.

        “if you were rich they wouldn’t risk losing your business………..

        Is that right? So Chase is discriminating because of low income. ”

        Think of banks as drug dealers….If you come to me and get a gram every now again I need to charge you top dollar for it…you are my customer..and I like you..but that’s how shit works….. the guy who comes and spends thousands of dollars at a time and is a steady customer….well I give him deals and discounts for being such a good customer…I will treat customers who are late on payments and only give me small amounts of money differently then the guys who give me lots of money. And if my good customers say they found a dealer who has better deals then me…I will match or give them certain incentives to stay…but for the other guy who only give me small amounts of money and who is late payments say that to me….I couldn’t give 2 shit. It’s not a big loss to me. It’s just business.

        • linette

          BigJ,Yeah, that is why Chase is losing a lot of middle working class clients.

        • rollin wit 9’s

          doesnt that guy who is late end up dead? Im just saying, cuz you said think of it like drug dealers. I dunno maybe i watch too many movies.

        • the ace of books

          BigJ, that is a pretty damn awesome analogy. Business is business. Business runs on deals and keeping your best customers and playing favorites and protecting your interests, 无论如何 that business might be. You get a big fat thumbs-up for this post.

      • Fenqing basher

        well how about avoiding late fees? i have 3 credit card from chase and never payed a late fee in 15 years。

      • eattot

        do not be too good, men like Scarlett more than Melanie,because Scarlett is more real! men respect Melanie but wanna do Scarlett.

        • linette

          Thank you eattot. I totally understand your point. Women need to protect themselves too. Trust me. I know. I am also very realistic about things in life. Love alone don’t put food on the table. Both partners need to work hard together to achieve things in life.

    • Fenqing basher

      Hahaha, again someone who has no clue whats going in china。
      Depositing a check at a ATM?! Could not even imagine that in china。
      Before posting about the crappy service of your bank you should come to china and enjoy real ignorance and non existent customer service。

      • Rob

        China pretty much doesnt use checks apart from business. It’s all account to account transfers and it’s instant. No, you dont have to wait 3-5 days to use your money. Most of the world doesn’t use checks, mainly because they are absolutely retarded.

        • Fenqing basher


          another guy that never enjoyed banking nightmares in china… hahaha

          ever transferred money from one bank to another?
          Bank of china to Agricultural Bank for example?
          No way to do it at the ATM, so you got to wait in line for the next retard post office style rep giving you a hard time…. while a bunch of grandmothers enjoying the AC talk about that laowai in front of them and take pictures.

          Hellllll no way, you cant tell me a check is not a useful thing after that experience.

          • Rob

            Yes, I go online and it’s done. And they don’t have to dodder off to an ATM or a bank to cash or deposit the check, or pay fees to deposit it remotely. What’s your point?

    • k

      @ Brett, Much better picture, for awhile I thought you were a magazine advertisement and yes, you do have a lovely smile and I bet your little halfie is going to be adorables :) like mine :) I bet your wife is more then ready to get her out! I know I was when I hit 35 weeks, I was more then ready to stop being pregnant and see my LO :)


      Okay my top hottest men in no particular order:

      1. Ha Jung Woo (who looks like a thinner version of my hubby): http://eyvette.blogspot.com/2012/04/aiint-nothing-but-g-thang.html (He recently just broke up with his super model gf, so he’s single too!!)

      2. Daniel Dae Kim: http://www.disneydreaming.com/2010/04/22/losts-daniel-dae-kim-gets-a-movie-role-in-deathgames/ *He looks like a mongolian warrior** ^_^

      3. Jenson Ackles (I’ve had a crush on him since I was a teen): http://celebritieshype.com/jensen-ackles-american-model-actor-director/

      4. Joe Maganiello (OMG LOOK AT HIS BODY): http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/alcide-herveaux?before=1342035919

      5.Daniel Henney (Half white/half Korean and super cute): http://www.spcnet.tv/Daniel-Henney-ac644.html

      6. Lee Byung Hun (Beautiful, Beautiful man): http://www.allkpop.com/2012/09/lee-byung-hun-to-reveal-his-body-for-upcoming-hollywood-film-red-2

      7. Alex Skarsgard (The sexiest vampire ever…looks like a sexy viking): http://www.thebluemidget.com/star-spotlight/alex-skarsgard/

      So that’s what I find hot :) But I can’t imagine many women disagreeing :)

  • Bo Xilai For Emperor

    Who the hell translated this? Engrish please?!!!

  • tai wai

    “My money is saved in the bank, how did it become the country’s?

    Aaah, “socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

    The Party needs to remind the people of who really owns “their” money.

    Everyone is a nationalist, until they think about their pocketbook.

  • Big Ben

    Most businesses in China have really poor customer service. Even though service has improved over the past 10-years the locals need to expect more from banks, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, ect….

    If more foreign companies we allowed to open businesses in China the local companies would be fu*ked. Most of the local business owners/managers are too lazy to care about their customers.

    • markus

      No competition is the reason for this however supermarkets are doing ok
      customer service in Tessco in China seems to be good. in the city im in they even drive a free bus around the city to take people to Tessco. i think walmart does that aswell.

      banks are the worsed by far
      followed by mobile networks like china mobile

      i mean i get a text saying i have less than 20 then i wonder why i havent had any phone calls and i find out ive been cut off coz i have no money left…
      Where im from even when your phone has no money people can phone you, you can even phone the network and borrow some money for a call.

  • Too funny!

    Many years ago in my home country I was a bit drink and went to an ATM to take out $300. I used a bankcard that was empty with no overdraft. Since all my cards used the same pin, I didn’t realize I had used the wrong card, especially when it gave me the $300. A few hours later when the banks opened I got an angry call from the bank saying I stole their money and if I didn’t return it immediately, they were going to phone the police. So I said “shouldn’t you be asking who’s responsible for the machine giving out money that wasn’t in the bank?” Anyway, I gave it back as soon as my hangover cleared.

  • markus

    Chinese banks charge you for everything and anything they can..

    it costs me money to put money into my back account and to take money out when im out of the area the card was created in… so why the fuck should i even have the bank account im just losing money..

    MY UK bank doesnt charge me for taking money out even while im in China yet the Chinese bank does even when im still in China?????…

    its funny that its called the peoples republic of China when in fact they just screw the people over.

    • MrT

      you UK bank don’t charge you to withdraw in China?
      UK banks charge you to use other bank machines in the UK.
      All transfers incur charges.
      Whats this wonderful bank you use?

      • Fraser

        I think the guy is understandably upset. If you lost 10,000 RMB and were told you have to “wait 2 days” you’d be pretty pissed off too. 10,000 RMB is a lot of money. They should have looked at right away.

        I think the main point of this article is that the bank cares more about itself than its customers.

      • markus

        i dont use it now but i used it a lot in 2008/2009
        although i said bank its not its the nationwide building society.
        my account couldnt have both rmb and gbp in at the same time so i had to leave it from 2010 onwards while in China.

      • Mrnightcat

        The vast majority of UK ATMs owned by primary banks do not charge a penny for withdrawals no matter where you are in the country. 100% of ATMs in my hometown shopping centre are free for any transactions as long as you have the usual logos on your card like Visa, etc. It’s competition – if bank A offers free service to customers of even banks B and C, where are the customers going to go when banks B and C still charge from their ATMs? Nobody likes a withdrawal charge.

        The only ATMs that charge money for transactions within the circle of major UK banks are the privately installed small ones, i.e. the corner ATMs in convenience shops, and they are hated so much that most would rather walk an extra mile than get charged over 10% of their withdrawal value.

        In China? Within my city, it costs 4% of my withdrawal to use another bank’s ATM. Move as little as 30 minutes outside my city to the next, and it costs 4% from my own bank and 8% from another bank’s ATM. Dare to go outside my province and it’s a flat 8% on every transaction, regardless of bank. That’s a Bank of China plain and standard account. The bank charges for pretty much any type of online transfer too.

        • Rob

          Where the hell do you get 4% from?

          They are all fairly low and there are caps on the fees. Different banks have different fee structures and serve different purposes. If you only have one bank account, you’re doing it wrong and are pretty much retarded.

          • Mrnightcat

            The 4% and 8% come straight from the policy booklet that came with my bank account at BOC. You’d understand if you realise that not every bank account type follows the one same fee structure.

            Up to you if you don’t believe me, regardless the Y4 per Y100 withdrawn is indeed gone as per the policy stated to me, though there is an upper cap to the percentage charges if I withdraw a higher amount, say over Y400.

          • Rob

            中行 按汇款金额1%收取 最低每笔1元,最高每笔50元


            Same City – Different Bank: 4 kuai
            Different City/Province – Same Bank: 1 kuai minimum, 1% fee, 50 kuai max fee
            Different City – Different Bank: 9 kuai
            Different Province – Different Bank: 12 kuai
            Overseas: 15 kuai

            They charge flat fees for withdrawls and if you are whining because you are only taking out 100 at a time… well, you’re fucking retarded and a waste of space.

            Honestly, who the hell goes to an ATM to take out a whopping 100 kuai? If you’re so dead set on doing it, just find a BoC and do it there. Your total cost will be 1 kuai regardless. Idiot.

        • Dr Dust Cell

          Rob you are my hero. Thank you so very much for the link.

      • red scarf

        “UK banks charge you to use other bank machines in the UK.”

        No, only a few ATMs in UK will charge you, it depends on if the ATM is a “bank” issued one. I can use my UK bank card in another banks ATM and not be charge and that card is the lowest basic current account possible.

        If I used the self service ATM in the local shop which is not associated to a bank it does charge but people try to avoid these ones.

        You will only be charged

        a) if you have a credit card, store card or charge card and your card issuer charges a cash advance fee
        b) if you use a pay-to-use cash machine which imposes a charge, sometimes called a convenience fee for which is like only 3% of machines nationwide.

        As for taking money out in China for it depends on your account but most UK Banks made their money in the exchange rate but if they do charge its something like 2% or 2 pounds.

  • eattot

    who holds the money who takes the control…
    always like this, everywhere…
    even it’s ur money….

    • Jeffli

      money is like mens balls!
      They belong to you (if you’re a man) but who ever holds your balls is the boss!

  • wafflestomp

    Would any of you in the same situation as this guy say ok I’ll wait two days and walk away like that? I’d sure as shit not. I don’t trust any of these corrupt banks, and more likely they’d just fuck the person over if he wasn’t going to cause a shitstorm.

  • Rob

    Chinese honestly have no idea how good they have it when it comes to banks.
    If an ATM eats your money they need to do a full audit and accounting. Cash safes connected to the ATMs have 2 drawers, one for deposit, one for withdrawl. Logs are kept for every transaction, and it’s honestly rather simple to figure out what happened when as long as it’s reported.

    If an ATM is spitting out extra money, again, not too hard to figure it out, but they don’t want to see the machine continue to spit out cash that will lead to potential prosecution. They need to shut down the machine immediately.

    Banks here are stupidly cheap, personal accounts are basically free and transfer fees are very reasonable. The online banking is also very good in terms of what can be done. It gets annoying when you need to do things in person, but them’s the breaks.

    I have yet to find a foreign bank here that isn’t scammy as all hell in multiple regards. The only decent setup is using HSBC as a quick way of funneling money for free, pulling it out in USD and then exchanging elsewhere at a much better rate.

    Guangdong Kaiping – I have no idea why people are so daft as to continually whine about this. He stole a pile of cash, ran off to Vegas, got caught and it was the US who dictated the maximum sentence of 2 years in return for handing him over. How is that China’s fault? If you want to complain, complain about the slack sentencing and pathetic law in the US.

    • UpRising

      “…banks here are stupidly cheap…
      …personal accounts are basically free…
      …transfer fees are very reasonable…
      …online banking is also very good…”

      Omg with such a perfect banking systems why isn’t everybody putting their money in chinese banks? LOL

      • MrT

        They really should, at least you know where you money is…

      • Rick in China

        Actually Rob’s analysis is pretty good. The banking convenience here *is* actually pretty good for the average customer. The amount required to get a “VIP” status card is relatively low, too – so big line-ups can be avoided, at BOC it’s like 200k RMB deposited for VIP status. I also don’t notice any sort of “hidden fees” like most foreign banks have. I actually closed an account in Canada before where I *owed* the bank money, because I hadn’t used the account in a while…and some account fees applied. I had to pay them like $40 to close the account. SERIOUSLY? In China, nothing like that. It’s simplified banking from customer perspective, and I have yet to experience any real problems after 9+ years banking here.

        HSBC, he’s also right. I used HSBC to pull in a bunch of cash for house/other things and it worked out well via opening HSBC premier in Canada and extracting it on this side, now it’s easy for me to pull money both in or out. For anything other than int’l transfers, forex, and good ‘personal’ service tho I find HSBC sucks balls..like for simple money transfer or cash extraction way too much paperwork.

        • Rob

          The other absolutely wonderful thing here is the way that you don’t need to open up multiple accounts at the same bank just to get basic service. You don’t need have a billpay, savings, checking and investment account to do everything. Just a single account and you’re all set. No minimums on the accounts either (apart from foreign banks). Sucking out cash overseas with Union Pay is cheap as all hell compared to what US banks and their cards charge. Online banking has token security with SMS verification. The variety of banks, each having their own niche is also rather nice.

          And everything is INSTANT or damn near it. No such thing as overdraft. No waiting days (or weeks) to be able to use your own damned money. I can walk into a bank and pull out 100w and walk next door and drop it into another bank in cash if I want to. No stupid paperwork, no “I’m sorry, but we can only give you a tiny amount”. They don’t run a horrible forex scam. I can have multicurrency accounts, and hell, I can pay my taxes straight from the account, giving my accountant access to set everything up, but with me having final approval.

          BOC is the best for forex
          CMB is the best for moving money around online (cheap as hell) and buying securities. Also good for free withdrawls from other ATMs.
          ICBC is best for gold/silver/business
          Shanghai Pudong is best for ATM withdrawls around the country
          CCB is good for the BoA connection

          Various others out there that also have their own niches, but just sitting around with a single account? That’s kinda just… stupid. Look at the ACH system in the US. It costs the bank a penny, they charge $3, and then you get to wait a week for the money.

          Doing things in person… yea, that’s a giant pain in the ass pretty much 100% of the time. Best suggestion is to find a branch that is sad and lonely and open your account there. My CCB has no lines, CMB no lines, ICBC… my mistake there, but I have never had to go there in person again after opening, and same goes for pretty much all the others. The secret to good service in China is to hunt down employees who are so bored out of their minds that they forget to ignore you.

          • simon

            Agreed, The service and knowledge of branch staff also differs from place to place. I’m based in beijing and hebei so i have 2 accounts. In beijing i’m able to open internet banking with the usb dongle without much of a hassle, in hebei on the other hand, they have to phone the county head branch for approval bla bla bla and it’s a really long winded process. The other thing i find is when you lose your card you have to close your account and open a new one, the process takes forever, whereas overseas it’s as easy as sending you a new bank card in the mail. But this is just a minor thing, not many people tend to lose their bank cards, i’ve done it twice now however..

          • Rob

            Yep, they close the account entirely when ya lose the card, then you get to reopen a new one and all that fun shit that goes with it. The reason is because if you lose the card they must assume it was stolen and assume that you did something retarded like write your pin on it. It’s for your own security that they do it. They are dealing with regulations that have to accommodate for 1.x billion people from all walks of life. Card is given to you in person and it’s not personalized, they know for a fact that you got it, and it was not stolen in the mail. It’s a hassle, yes, but the end result is that you have your new card instantly and don’t have to wait.

          • Rick in China

            RE: ” The other thing i find is when you lose your card you have to close your account and open a new one, the process takes forever”

            While they usually *suggest* this, I do believe it’s not a regulation. You can file paperwork to get a new card on an existing account, but it’s faster and less paperwork to just open a new account, so they almost always go this route. I’ve lost lots of cards. I’ve opened lots of accounts. I asked specifically about this before :) I really think it’s just a paperwork issue, unless something has changed. HSBC lets you access via passport, and your password is literally your signature .. which I hate, because my signature differs quite a bit each time.

  • Getrealson

    Banks are like government – the necessary evil that everybody hates. In China there is no competition because they are state owned and no shareholders to answer to, so no pressure to keep customers happy. They are the same everywhere.

  • Cleo

    I’ve never used an ATM in my life and never want to.

  • Jennster

    banks there are third world. they dont know about the concept of liquidity management/liability management for balance that’s why they have to steal from customers?

  • Shanghairen

    The Chinese get so butthurt over everything. 2 days is a little long; one day would be better. A machine putting out too much money is clearly a much bigger problem.

    • Efe the foreigner

      i love the term “butthurt”, thank you workaholics, from the bottom of my butthurt heart

  • lxpatterson

    I’ve had my money eaten by an ATM at TD bank in Canada and it takes a day or two to sort it out on their end. But the difference between TD bank and China bank is probably the attitude and civility of both the service reps and customers(ie. the customers aren’t paranoid about being cheated). That’s what happens when you have rule of law. I went to some China bank branch the other day (in Canada) to sort out my Hong Kong money, and man people don’t know the meaning of queues. The workers there are also unmotivated…I suppose they don’t receive any commission or other incentives common in Western banks.

    • Pilot82

      Yes most major banks suck….wether it be Western or Chinese….Thats why I’m a proud member of the Credit Union of New Jersey! I’ve been banking with them for 4 years now since 2008….It also didn’t hurt that when I signed up with them I won $500.00 in a new member drawing contest…they called me to the branch….took my picture with the big check and I’ve been a happy member ever since….Free checking account and you only have to keep a minimum of 5.00 for your savings account to remain open. Courtesy pay for overdrafts…and online banking second to none….they have served me well during my time in china and abroad travelling in general……

      While some chinese banks I’ve dealt with cant even process a simple Westeern Union transaction….had me waiting there for damn near close to 2 hours! I had a Bank of China account and would use ICBC ATM’s to withdraw money. For me preparing to deal with chinese customer service is like preparing for a camping trip!

      • David.is.Dawei

        Hi Pilot,

        Curious to know…How did your Credit Union in NJ serve you well when you were in China?
        Did you avoid bank/ATM fees in China?
        How did you handle deposits to that account when in China?

        I agree Credit Unions have advantages…mine offers lower rates (than banks) on mortgages/loans…but the flip side is, they pay less on savings accounts.

        I have a Bank of America account because it allows me to use China Construction ATMs without any fees.


        • Pilot82

          Hello Dave,

          You’re welcome, glad you agree! If I’m not mistaken whenever I made an ATM withdrawl using my bank card it was a small fee of 1 dollar, not so bad I think. I deposited money to my account through western union or money gram. I believe the draw for my Credit Union service is it’s online banking service…

          • Rob

            You were also paying for an exchange fee that is typically hidden in the rate.

          • Rick in China

            The hidden exchange fee can *really* hurt. That’s where something like HSBC premier accounts are wonderful. You can convert and deposit anywhere at any rate you like, and deposit it into the currency account you want, accessing it anywhere you are – no hidden fee.

  • Boo

    This seems reasonable to me.

  • s.pockets

    Well played, sir!

  • Efe the foreigner

    all banks suck, in every country. stuff the mattress yo

    • Pilot82

      Proud Credit Union member here since 2008….Credit Unions are the way to go!

  • Xiongmao

    Unfortunately, that’s pretty much how banks everywhere operate. To look into the claim of swallowing money they have to go in and physically count the money inside. If I were the Chinese I’d be MUCH more worried about the fantasilions of loans the banks have been ordered to give to provinces, cities, towns, land and property development and to all sorts of government levels. How big a percentage the banks will never get back will determine whether China will get a recession, a depression or a full blown financial melt down. The way things look these days, it’s going to be one of the three. Also, financial analysts (even in China) have begun talking about a very real possibility of 1 or more collapses of the major Chinese banks.

    • Rick in China

      That’s why banks have changed their loan practices, significantly. The CN gov’t had recently bought (ie. bailout) significant shares in BOC, BOA, etc..not sure the exact date but they announced they were purchasing in late 2011.

      Now, you’ll find tons of private loan (companies?) sharks. They’ll loan money if you own property exceeding the value of the money you want to borrow. These are everywhere now, because it’s WAY harder for both individuals and corporations to get loans from banks than it was in the recent past where many were left unpaid.

    • Justin

      Those loans are pretty tightly regulated by the banking regulatory commission, which sets a non-performing loan ratio that all banks have to adhere to along with other macroeconomic controls, such as the reserve ratio. The financial meltdowns in other nations were caused by a paucity of regulation and the unbridled use of new financial instruments like credit-default swaps, something that isn’t a problem in China, where the government keeps a pretty tight lid on things in that sector.

      Also, Chinese banks are seeing lots of new opportunities overseas that will help keep them afloat even if they aren’t doing so hot back home. They have strong reserves, which will enable them to issue much-needed loans to struggling European companies at a time when European banks can’t step up and fill that need. They are also making inroads in emerging markets, such as Africa and South America. I don’t see any Chinese banks going under in the near future.

      Probably the biggest threat to the Chinese economy is the real estate bubble. Something like 50 percent of the nation’s GDP is tied up in construction and related industries, which is why the government spends so much money funding these construction projects. It’s classic Keynesian economics. Paying people to dig holes and fill them back up. Also, there’s a squeeze in the profit margins of downstream industries, such as steel.

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