2-Year-Old Child Smokes & Curses In Sichuan

From Sohu:

2-year-old child who can’t even eat candy knows how to smoke skillfully and curse shocks people.

The user that made the post says, this video was recorded by a friend while he was eating barbecued fish; it was him that put it on the web. The child’s parents sell fish at a food market, and since there are some bad people there, the bad behavior of the adults present led to what we see in this video. The original poster also says that this child’s behavior fully illustrates the meaning of the saying “With good people you learn to be a good person, with bad people you learn to be a bad person.”

The innocent and angelic child is blameless. With the exception of a small number of people that take this as a form of entertainment, most people vehemently condemn the adults in this child’s life. Many people think this child’s parents are disgraceful, and many also insult those that stand and gawk at the scene for a laugh. This ruins the child, their conscious has completely disappeared.

[In the video] we only see the child dexterously take the cigarette tucked behind his ear, his right hand with a cigarette and his left holding up a lighter. Possibly because his hand isn’t strong enough, he flicks the lighter but fails to light the cigarette. The child simply places the cigarette directly in his mouth, both hands holding the lighter to light up the cigarette. After it’s lit, he uses all his strength to inhale twice, and then rests the cigarette between the index and middle fingers of his right hand. Glowing with pride, he starts smoking in front of the adults.

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Comments from Sohu:

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Poor kid.


God, what kind of father is this? Really shameless.


How in the world is there a dad like this, purposely teaching his kid wrong. Such a small child, can his body take it?


Is that his dad there behind him? He should be killed!


First, are there any lawyer friends out there who can check if child protection laws say it is illegal to incite a child to smoke? What kind of liability should that person have?
Secondly, this behavior is even worse for a child than domestic violence. There ought to be clear institutions that have clear attitudes and actions regarding this, otherwise the head of the family will think that because it is his own child, other people can’t stop it. [These institutions] should be like they are in foreign countries; if a parent abuses a child, neighbors all have the power to report it to the police. Other people should also report to the police and not simply put pictures they took on the internet to give people a laugh.
For a parent to be so ignorant and confused is really worrying.


You don’t need to blame anyone, this is completely the responsibility of the adults who only know how to make money and nothing about taking care of children. Poor kid, after seeing this I am really distressed. This is the difference between people with knowledge and those without it.


This shows that the citizens’ character have improved substantially…
All a result of always looking towards money…


Isn’t this kid already ruined? It would have been better to not have given birth to him at all. Do the child’s parents not care? I pity this child, just beginning to learn how to be an upright person and already becoming like this. This will also affect his growth/development.


The child is innocent, it’s just the parents failed to educate him.


Without culture, one’s character is low just like this.


This kid is talented, the gates of the reeducation and reform center are already wide open for him, wish him well!

Note from Fauna: I saw this video and prepared this post 5 days ago but did not have time to post it. Here are the comments I collected before for this story. Thank you to Chris for doing this post.

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Comments on Mop:


Are the adults in his family 草泥马 [Grass Mud Horses, “cao ni ma”, pun for “fuck your mother“]?


Sichuan folk legend lives up to its reputation! How many tobacco factories did you rescue??? How many prisons have you rescued???


This little child is truly an expert at J8 [being cocky/impressive]. I must say they way he flocked his cigarette shocked me…


Pretty cute~~


These few adults are SB. Such a small child and teaching him this rubbish. I do not know if they are malicious or mentally retarded and do not understand the consequences. I BS these trash [the adults]. Just looking at these second-rate goods makes me angry.


80s, 90s, 00s, each generation stronger than the one before.


There is this kind of dad? Worse than a beast!


Fuck your grandfather, our motherland’s next generation have all been led astray by this bunch of bastards with nothing better to do. Fuck.


Seeing how experienced this little child flicks his cigarette, I felt very sad.


Motherfuckers! Human flesh search his parents!!
Treating having a child like buying a toy???


The people around him are all motherfucking trash. Our countrymen’s characters truly are motherfucking low. Seeing this child like this, not only is it not education, it is motherfucking corruption! I hope your entire family dies~!~!~! All of you are a bunch of cunt-raised lowly bastards~!

扑倒一头猫 :

The 00s generation is much more “niu bi” than the 90s.


With children, what you teach is what they will learn. This child’s parents are trash.


I am very sad to say, this is from our Chongqing [city in China]…


This baby’s appearance is not bad, will definitely be a “fei zhu liu” in the future.


Children should not smoke~
It will affect his development, his nerves…
Sigh…such a clever child.


“The earthquake shook the child stupid”!!!
His father is very NB.


All Sichuan people are like this, there are a lot of children smoking. It is hard to find a Sichuan girl in her teens who does not smoke. If you do not believe me, just go to Sichuan and have a look.


Even animals all know how to protect their babies and avoid danger!! Staying away from anything that might harm their babies!!
Why is it that we [humans] do not? On one side, we use poisonous milk powder to kill our own children, on another side we happily teach our children to smoke (smoking harms the health, find a cigarette carton and it is covered with warnings).
Are we superior because we are humans, or are animals even more superior for protecting their children?
Animals protecting their children are superior — we are no better than beasts.
If there are more of this kind of thing, these kind of parents, our people will very quickly become extinct!!!
Jia you jia you!!! I will die with you all!

See more crazy things young Chinese do:

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  • The Grudge

    This is old news, I saw this video 3 years ago, I think in the end they finally helped the monkey quitting smoking. I guess the Zookeepers finally pitied him. It was great to see the zoo employees around the monkey man up and do something about it.

    Poor monkey…

    He looks younger on these pics

  • kILL

    that kid is a f*&%ing badass!

  • Lwalt

    amazing he smoked like a pro

  • Teaching a two year old to smoke is just stupid. How can a little kid pay for smokes? As the parent you are the one that is going to pay for Junior’s habit!

  • Peteryang

    will he succeed Daniel Craig?

  • Tom2


    Is Grudge correct and this is a clip from three years ago?

  • Adnan

    Is this the future of CHINA’s next generations….. I don’t know what Communist parties are controlling about CHINA, Fuckin’ contempt people.
    They violate HUMAN RIGHTS….. I don’t categorize, what kind of voilation and free environment they are giving to their nationals.

  • Hi Tom2,

    No, I do not think so. If it is, I have never seen it before. The video on Youku was upload 22 days ago. The topics on Sohu and Mop were posted on 2009 February 3. I think The Grudge is joking.

  • The Grudge

    Social Criticism, disguised as a humor… ;)

  • Rick in China

    It’s not a big deal. It’s irresponsible of the parents, but uh, buddy wont have a ‘ruined childhood’ or ‘fruitless life’ because he learned to smoke and swear as a toddler, such allegations are ridiculous.

  • Mike

    Rick in China… may I say your comment is stupid, you are right, he won’t have a ruined childhood, he’ll likely have a non-existent childhood and a lifeless life. Do you thinking smoking for the lungs of a 2 year old is the same as smoking for the lungs of an adult? Don’t you think if he’s already smoking by two what other insanity he’ll be doing by the time he’s ten, twenty? Anyone who doesn’t see clearly how abusive this is is just as worthless as this kid’s parents.

  • Kellen

    he’s referring to a video from a few years ago of a chimpanzee smoking cigarettes thrown in by zoo visitors. really he’s just calling chinese people chimpanzees, or, well, monkeys as he says.

    very classy, grudge.

  • Chris

    I am inclined to agree that it isn’t going to ruin the child necessarily. Smoking is bad for your health but it doesn’t hurt your morals.

    This is the behavior we associate with hicks and high-school drop outs in the US, though.

  • The Grudge

    Not at all, it was an analogy and a criticism of the society here.

    I actually saw a whole documentary about the smoking monkey and how everyone was devoted to help him quitting. So many resources for a monkey, but nothing being done for this 2 years old child.

    Sarcasm. Ever heard this word ?

    I just find it appalling that nobody tried to stop the father from doing this. If I was there I would have grabbed the cigarette and slapped the father in the face.

    And I’m a smoker myself.

    Serious, serious need of education here.

    • BBSguy

      I take it you’ve never been to Amsterdam lol? Especially if you think education somehow will stop people from fooling around.

      • Promo

        U’re so wrong about Amsterdam. Funny enough, those smokers in Amsterdam are mostly Foreigners.

  • Rick in China

    RE: “Stupid”
    May I say _you_ are stupid? Can you make more speculations, perhaps you should realize the kid smokes *when the parent* gives him a smoke..likely to ‘show off’ what he has taught his kid. I doubt the kid chainsmokes all day, but that information is unavailable. Perhaps you should make up more bullshit that fits your argument that “the kid will have a lifeless life”, do you think a kid will get lung cancer and die from smoking for 6 months? How about the kids who grow up in chainsmokers homes across the world, no problems there? How about growing up in an industrial neighbourhood or urban center with carbon monoxide bellowing out of cars into your kids face, oh no, lifeless life, give me a fuckin break. You’re the type who succumbs to fear-mongering, the type who voted bush in 2004.

  • Rick in China

    I forgot.
    RE: “What other insane things he’ll be doing by 10, 20”


    I wont even justify this with a legitimate response. Are you implying because his ignorant father gave him cigarettes (likely as a joke) and taught him to smoke them (and act like a ‘big boy’) he’ll be snorting K by 4 and injecting H by 10? Maybe the boy’s parents aren’t the only peasants here…

  • bob

    I think most Chinese, even in the rural parts of China will not condone children smoking or drinking. In a country of 1.3 billion, you will see exceptions like this. If you really think this is the norm in China, then you are the one who needs more education.

  • The Grudge

    “If you really think this is the norm in China, then you are the one who needs more education.”

    No, I don’t think it’s the norm.

    About education, I was speaking about the father, not the 1.3 billions Chinese people!

  • VeerLeft

    I think that the adults who are encouraging him are the same kind that think that you’re just not a man if you don’t slam Baijiou at lunch and smoke a pack a day. They’re just overjoyed that their little Cheech is growing up so fast. He’s gonna be a good man! He’ll be in the pink light shacks very shortly thereafter!!!
    Atta China boy!!!

  • Peteryang

    if he continues he’s going to get cancer by 20 and enjoy a slow and torturing death.

    and its definitely not a norm, not in china, not in any country, no one cares about what adults do but not kids.

    luckily, I succeeded in quiting smoking years ago.

  • Peteryang

    oh I just noticed chinasmack’s wordpress got more features, any chance you guys can enable rich-text in comment??

  • Green

    I’ve seen this happen in front of my own eyes. A father sitting outside at a restaurant with his child on his lap, putting a cigarette into his kid’s mouth. It was disgusting. All of his friends were sitting around laughing at it. What is so funny about that??? Shocking behaviour.

  • Tom2

    Is the issue:

    The baby smoking? The passersby enjoying the show? The poor parenting skills? The ability to swear in ‘sichuanhua’ at 2?

    Can the parents be considered bad? They are entrepreneurs, and seemingly providing well – with love for the child – he looks happy enough? This is an example of the economic system growing quicker than the education of the population. It is a combination of poor health, child raising, and public behavior education being non-existent. It is an isolated situation that magnifies a greater public problem. The exposure of the clip can only improve and educate.

    Hopefully the parents get the message. I am sure the dad will – as inevitably someone knows who he is, and he will cop a deserved Sichuan beating. You won’t see any videos of the kid smoking after that.

    • Green

      Yes I agree that it’s a problem of the economic system developing faster than the education system. It’s wrong and things need to change.

  • Rick in China


    The father wont, nor should he, receive a “sichuan beating”


    I don’t understand why people are so outraged. First of all, google images of kids being put in situations to do ‘amusing’ things, which may be deemed compromising, fuck, look at pop culture, haven’t any of you seen Meet the Parents? The kid with the bottle of jack D glued to his hand? That was one of the funniest moments in the show. Putting a cigarette into a kids hand and laughing at the “oldness” appearance of the ultra-young unknowing kid is NOT going to turn him into a chronic smoker. Nor is giving a 5 year old a beer going to turn a kid into a morally corrupt alky with a dead liver. Get over yourselves, soapbox ranting fools, it’s not a big deal.

  • Name

    No he most likely won’t die by 6 month but if he is doing this regularly he will have a much higher chance of getting lung cancer and most likely have a harder time quitting in the future

    This is the first time I’ve seen a child smoke and I’m not sure how other Chinese would feel about this but giving alcohol to kids is pretty normal in my experience.

    When I was in China 15 or 20 years ago I saw parents or other people give some alcohol to infants to shut them up. When I asked them about it they said they’ve done it before to other people’s kids with their parent’s knowledge and thought it was funny. But this was a long time ago.

    More recently I had some people tell me some moms still drink a little during their pregnacy. But I didn’t see this and have no details.

    I know even today quite a lot of parents, especially dads, will let kids (8 or so) taste alcohol.

    A lot of people also drink on the job. I’ve seen lots of drivers drink a couple or more beers on their lunch or dinner break. I also saw a drunk plant worker stumble back to work after lunch with a couple bottles of beer. I’ve even seen a drunk underground coal worker. This was all a few years ago in Eastern China

    China does have a serious alcohol and tobacco addiction problem

    • Elisa

      This stupid son of a bitch i feel like killing that father!

  • chengdude

    The kid has obviously practiced his little routine and with every puff his not-yet-fully developed lungs and/or mucous membranes are quickly absorbing nicotine. Whatever your view on the morality of it all, addiction is just around the corner; if not and his parents wise up, there’s no doubt this kid is going to experience some extremely unpleasant withdrawal symptoms for such a tender age. Terrible twos indeed.

  • Tom2

    Rick in China;

    Can I have the soapbox back please?

    I don’t know how much time you have spent in the west, but this guy is going to get a beating. Maybe not today, but the next – the exposure from the clip, the street food culture, the beer and ‘baijiu’ – he will either have his wife working the cooker for the next few weeks, or the beat down will come.

    I respect your comment – but to be clear as your reply to me and your comment are together – I am not one of the outraged people. These things can be amusing. If you have any photos of your family’s young ones (under the age of 2 is the prerequisite), smoking under adult supervision or swearing like a drunk ‘bangbang’ in public, please put them online. I agree with you – it would be hysterical.

  • Rick in China


    The reply was separated by —, the rest wasn’t meant for you, sorry for the confusion.

    That being said, I live in and have lived in Chengdu for almost 6 years…I’m confident the peasant community buddy hangs with doesn’t give a shit, in fact, finds it amusing that his kid has his little smoke skit down.

    Here’s one for you, http://www.stereogol.com/images/kid-finger.jpg This is one of my favorite images, was my MSN photo for a bit.

  • Tom2

    Rick in China

    ‘Yaode’ – pronounced as you would in Chengdu

    I think you are correct on the beating issue, and I accept your logic. Perhaps too much of my own feelings coming through, and I am too long removed from the local element.

    I was in the west for many years – but have now been in the east for a while. Dare I say it I miss the real China, and the local element. We don’t have 2 year olds smoking and swearing on the street in Shanghai!

  • The Grudge
  • kasia

    ojca i kolegów jego przed sąd za to, dziecko nawet nie wie że to smieszne jest widać definitywnie

  • river

    when i was in high school i teased a kid and gave him a smoke. i didn’t show him the lighter not to mention to allow him to light the cigarette.
    anyway the kid faking smoking without fire.

    thinking back i still feel shameless for what had done at that time.

    i really don’t understand what the hell are the parents doing.
    to me it makes no difference from killing a kid. his parents should be jailed untill he grow up

  • yakmanyunnan

    People are making statements against Chinese society as a whole or even more unbelievable trying to defend the entire society based on the actions of this small group of people in the video clip. So let’s not try to insult an entire nation but I would hope that those of us that love this nation (Chinese nationals and any foreigners that fall into that category) could reply with a cool head and wise words.

    A few observations: 1) No one, certainly not a toddler, learns to smoke so effortlessly without MUCH practice. So we can safely assume this child has smoked his fair share of cigarettes. 2) You can find fools (i.e. the father or whoever the adult male is on the motorcycle) in any country or any society. I’m not so sure you can find a group of people that will gather around and cheer such foolishness in every country, but perhaps you could. 3) As to the comments about what health problems the child will face in the future, it is also sheer foolishness to say that the child will suffer no ill-effects from smoking at such a young age because no country (developed or developing) or reputable research institute has carried out any research on the effects of smoking from such a young age. We certainly know that second-hand smoke can have devastating health effects on people from in-vitro until old age (something that some countries still choose to ignore even after other places like America have seen the death and suffering that comes with smoking).

    Bottom line, this child deserves better than this, no matter how poor or uneducated or funny he or his guardians are. If anyone deserves our wrath, it’s the fools that gather around and cheer him on, only adding fuel to the fire and encouragement to the father/adult male to place his child at further risk.

    Yes, we in the West have a hyper-sensitive social welfare system where children can be taken away from their parents just for the accusation of neglect or abuse without any hard proof. That is one extreme. Perhaps we have just viewed another extreme where children are put at risk definitely before an age when they are intelligent enough to weigh the dangers and benefits of such risk. And this is all documented for millions to see with apparently no fear of any repercussions (unless the gentlemen is correct about the Chengdu beat down).

  • @yakmanyunnan
    Yes, the crowd cheers them, but it’s a crowd cheering the fool for their personal entertainment.
    I guess, none of the bystanders would do that to their own kid.

    I feel sorry for that kid.

  • Just a word to describe: Terrible!

  • Tony

    Not surprising at all.
    Mainland Chinese are still very ignorant about a lot of things, the dangers associated with smoking is one. Not only are they ignorant, but smoking is seen as ‘cool’ or ‘manly’ among Mainland men. I personnally know of a Mainland doctor who smokes, when asked why a medical professional smoked, he answered – “because this is what a real man does”….
    I just feel sorry for Mainland children, having to grow up in Mainland China.

  • Yabo

    This kid is a P.I.M.P. When does his first album come out? I’ll bet it’s double platinum, ’cause he is $$$$$

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  • Mike

    So… Rick in China… a parent that will turn their kid into a smoking trick monkey won’t do the same later on and have him getting drunk for kicks when he’s 8 or worse? Do you really not think a parent who will have their kid smoke won’t do something worse? According to your “logic” a little bit won’t kill you, why not have him smoke a little bud? It’s better than cigs. Why not have him drink a little whiskey? 1 shot won’t make him an alkie. You really seem to be condoning what this parent did. Just because your parent’s whored you out to the neigbors for their crack habit when you were 6 doesn’t make this normal. The Bush jab was low… real low. It’s funny… in your bizarre world someone who links childhood smoking to illness must be a raving lunatic conservative. If I’m not mistaken, it is generally democrats who support regulating smoking, smoking in public etc. and have sued the pants off tobacco companies, and conservative republicans are the ones who own the cig companies like Phillip Morris.

  • Mike

    One more thing Rick in China… to prove how not a big deal this is you should let your head master or principal read your comments on this situation and see what they think. They might not want you around their little kiddies anymore. And yes, most foreigners in China are “teachers”.

  • hey

    Sadly to say, I find this kind of amusing. I don’t know how to describe the kid as being smart or not. At the age of two, he has learned his surroundings. Smoking and swearing. He also knows how to flick the cigarette. I am sure his parents are proud of his child not that he smokes. They are proud how well their child imitates the adults and adults find it amusing because they see themselves in him. If the child changes his surroundings or environment, I am sure he will forget how to smoke and swear in no time. His mind seems innocent.
    When I was in high school, I volunteered for an after school program with kindergarten students like around 4-5 years old. This girl walked out of the door and I followed her. I did not talk or touch her. She was swearing, screaming, and spitting at me. I think she has lost her innocence. I am sure her foul mouth came from her parents. She taught me a lot of foul ways of yelling at my mother. I think she took my innocence away.
    Comparing the boy in the video and the girl, the boy is really not that bad. The girl needs therapy. Swearing and smoking does not make a person bad.
    Nonetheless, parents giving a child a cigarette is not a good thing. I hope the parents is only showing off what his child picked up from his surrounding and smoking is not a ritual thing.

  • Yabo

    The people condemning mainland Chinese society for this one parent’s actions are going a little too far.

    I’ll bet this kid will still grow up healthier than most of you fat ass Americans. He’ll probably have less chance of disease than any American of any age and income level. You guys are really, really fat.

  • Kellen

    @Yabo: i agree with your first sentence 100%.

    meanwhile your second and third are exactly the same thing as that which you’re condemning. especially in the case of “less change of disease than any american at any income level”. that’s just absurd and really not based on anything since you know nothing of this kid beyond smoking a fag and also nothing in terms of being able to judge every single american’s health risk.

  • SirBi

    I’m not surprised there are families out there like this.

    What is he going to do at 10? Have a baby?

  • I think that’s against the law.
    But I’m not completely sure.

  • Ian

    As a parent I’m utterly shocked by this hideous freak show.

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  • WTF…?
    Of course a child can be able to smoke; even monkeys do. But why you have to teach him to smoke? Damn mankind.

  • dlfmlpdh

    was probably a heavy smoker in his past life

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