2-Year-Old Imitates Father and Drinks Chinese Spirit, Dies

2-Year-Old Imitates Father and Drinks Chinese Spirit, Dies

A 2-year-old boy has died from alcohol poisoning after ingesting approximately 2 liang (100g) of Chinese spirit. The boy was brought along when his father, Wang, and two others were invited to a friend’s, Jia, for drinks. Wang then became drunk and went to rest in another room. After his father left, the boy also wanted to toast the adults like Wang did. He was encouraged by Jia and drank. The three later didn’t tell Wang that his son had drank. When the boy didn’t wake up for a long time, he was brought to the hospital, where he died 2 days later. The three have been charged with manslaughter.

Source: Tencent

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  • 250

    Who brings a 2-year-old to a place where four men are getting off their face with noone to look after them? They are all irresponsible idiots. I’m pretty sure ‘went to rest’ means passed out.

    • Jahar

      the father should be charged too

    • Teacher in China

      Yeah seriously. Too bad an innocent little kid has to die because of the extreme ignorance of adults. The fucking drinking in this country (at least up here in Dongbei) is out of control. Everything has to be a competition to see who can get the most loaded the most quickly. Even guys in their late 40’s still acting like college kids would back home. And doing it several times every week, too. Grow the fuck up already.

  • im a beautiful nigerian prince and i move 20 steps closer to allah (in a bad way) everytime I drink baijiu
    no wonder this little boy died
    very bad alcohol
    also looking for someone to transfer some money for me

    • There is, like all categories of booze, good baijiu and bad baijiu. It’s just what’s good is hard to come by, and who drinks anything that’s 120+ proof straight? Use it as a mixer.

  • helsic

    this is real karma working on. I always wonder how fathers can drink and smoke in front of their toddlers! like come on! you’re supposed to set an example for your offspring! If you can’t quite drinking or smoking at least do it alone!

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