20 Million Taken By Government 10 Years Ago

20 Million Taken By Government 10 Years Ago

20 Million Taken By Government 10 Years Ago

In 2004 a man had over 20 million in cash seized by the government for crimes he had committed but already paid off. For 10 years he has asked the government to return his money, but to no avail, and his company has gone bankrupt and closed down. He recently applied for government compensation, and the government has agreed to give him back his principal. Netizens say that 20 million ten years ago is equal to 100 million today! And how should the interest be calculated!

Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    Better than nothing I guess.

  • Amused

    Sounds like he got hosed a lot less than the folks in the ’40s and ’50s….
    Of course I guess that’s like saying someone didn’t get raped that bad.

  • Foreign Devil

    He should have bought real estate in Vancouver and Toronto. .that is what his peers are doing and I’d like to see the Chinese government get their hands on that.

    • Jahar

      I wish they wouldn’t.