2009 Shanghai Auto Show…Or Pretty Model Show?


Some pictures and Chinese netizen comments about the current 2009 Shanghai International Auto Show. Big shows and expos in China usually have many pretty models. If there are pretty models, then the media and many men will be there to take many pictures. If there are many pictures, they will be on the internet on many BBS forums. If they are on many BBS forums, there will be many men talking about them. This happens every year.





Comments from Tianya:


Not bad, the guys photographed with the cars as the main subject, hehe, I went yesterday and basically it was all the pretty girls as the main subject. And the cars instead were not photographed much! Although this car show was promoted heavily, the amount of eyeballs it attracted was actually not that many. I originally headed for the Volkswagen Scirocco but not only did they not open the doors to allow people to experience it, simply being near it was not allowed. Sigh, disappointed, very disappointed, Volkswagen is truly stingy. Look at Mercedes Benz, other than Maybach, too expensive, everything else including the S600 all allowed people to look and sit in them as they please.


Only this few pictures, wasn’t this show supposed to be of unprecedented scale?


Appears to be mainly car photos, I am going to change posts to look at pretty girls.


All good cars, and one day one of them will be mine, I have faith…ha.


We are all awaiting the development/progress of China’s domestic brand cars, but this time they all debuted so many new cars and even their badges have changed, so who knows how effective it was. Moreover, I am not really clear on the functionality of the new cars, and it needs to be known that there are very few people who will spend 1 million RMB to buy domestic luxury cars.


If you are going to look at cars, then do not look at the pretty girls. Pretty girls and cars are not related.


LZ completely misses the important point. Him going to the car show was a waste!


This model for Maybach (below) was very popular. Her picture appears in many many many posts by many many many people. Many posts. Many people.







Comments from Tianya:


Everyone in the front row sit down. Moving a bench to sit down and look at the car models.


Those who are truly there to look at the cars will not like that there is someone blocking their line of sight

Foreign car shows do not have that many messy car models, at most one or two for decoration.

Honestly speaking, the way these girls are done up does not look much different from whores.


Foreign car shows have even more messy car models, even nudity. Have you gone to foreign car shows before?


Cars are a piece of metal, having a few models standing beside them during a car show is to give the static cars a little liveliness. This kind of human with car combination is the most exquisite, and I bet so far there has not been a mature discussion, so many car companies hiring the highest level most pretty models, only to have them steal the limelight from the cars when they stand with them.


Very low quality in general this year.


Thank you for providing me good material for masturbation.


With such marketing—– each car probably costs +5000 RMB!

Korea has such high incomes yet they do not hold such large car shows!

A huge car show like this is insane!

Some 2009 Shanghai Car Show pictures from Tianya (80 pictures):

More auto show and car model pictures on these BBS posts:


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