2010 World Expo Expo 3-Day Walk-Through: Day Two

2010 Shanghai World Expo Guide Day 2

The following is the third part of a 2010 Shanghai World Expo guide originally written in Chinese for Chinese visitors from around the country by a Chinese World Expo worker. The walk-through aims to help visitors enjoy the entire World Fair over three days. Since it has become very popular on the internet for many Chinese netizens who plan to visit the Expo, chinaSMACK has translated it into English should it be of help for non-Chinese visitors this summer.

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2010 Shanghai World Expo Expo 3-Day Guide & Walk-Through:

Day 2

On day two, just like on day one, you should arrive at 8:30. Try entering through the gates at Changqing road. Once again, the first thing you do should be to make your reservations; I recommend the United States, England, France and Switzerland pavilions. You can choose to see them in the morning or afternoon.

As you come in you’ll see Thailand Pavilion on the right. It’s really easy to find, it looks very Thai. Inside there is a green mascot called “Tai”. You can get your photo taken with Tai, and after having a look you’ll leave and continue going through pavilions.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Thailand Pavilion

Thailand Pavilion

The large rust colored building in front of Thai Pavilion is Australia Pavilion. The Australians have been quite enthusiastic about the expo, and their pavilion is worth a look.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Australia Pavilion

Australia Pavilion

The music box shaped building on the right of Australia Pavilion is Singapore Pavilion. It’s quite small, has a garden on top where you can relax, and there’s a fountain in the pavilion’s plaza.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Singapore Pavilion

Singapore Pavilion

Next to Singapore Pavilion is Malaysia Pavilion. Its design is traditional southeast Asian. Inside is a stage where you can see performances from Malaysia’s 47 ethnic groups, and there are also displays that introduce some of Malaysia’s tourism destinations.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Malaysia Pavilion

Malaysia Pavilion

After Malaysia you come to New Zealand, but before even entering you’ll see a Maori performance. Once you go inside you’ll be enthralled by pictures of New Zealand’s breathtaking scenery. This is because the team in charge of special effects were the ones behind Lord of the Rings, and it makes you feel as if you’re really there.

2010 Shanghai World Expo New Zealand Pavilion

New Zealand Pavilion

Coming out of New Zealand Pavilion look for the building next door with the bamboo sticking out of the roof; Indonesia Pavilion. In between Indonesia and New Zealand is Cambodia Pavilion. It’s rented so don’t feel like you have to take a look. Actually Indonesia Pavilion isn’t so great either; you could just take some photos and be done with it.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Indonesia Pavilion

Indonesia Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Cambodia Pavilion

Cambodia Pavilion

After Indonesia you can have a look at the International Group Pavilion, Brunei Pavilion, the Philippines Pavilion, and then you’ll realise that you’ve come in a complete circle, and should take a rest and have something to eat in the square.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Brunei Pavilion

Brunei Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Philippines Pavilion

Philippines Pavilion

Next, go along the elevated walkway towards the Huangpu River. Come down when you see the blue UN Pavilion, which you shouldn’t miss. Beside is the World Meteorological Organization’s pavilion (MeteoWorld Pavilion), which is pretty great. It’s the only pavilion that has been built by an international organisation. On days with good weather you can see that there’s a rainbow on the outside.

2010 Shanghai World Expo United Nations Pavilion

United Nations Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo MeteoWorld Pavilion

MeteoWorld Pavilion

Keep going straight and you come to the Red Cross Pavilion, which is shaped like a white tent and is also worth a look. The light blue building next door is the Pacific Pavilion, have a quick look.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Red Cross Pavilion

Red Cross Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Pacific Pavilion

Pacific Pavilion

Come out and you’re at the theme area, where you can see performances going on. Towards the UN Pavilion are two more rented pavilions, the World Trade Center Association Pavilion, and the International Development Information Network Association Pavilion. If it isn’t too crowded, give it a look.

2010 Shanghai World Expo WTCA Pavilion

WTCA Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo DEVNET Pavilion

DEVNET Pavilion

By this time it’s probably midday. Eat up, because the next part of your day is going to be great. Cross the road that is next to the UN Pavilion (it’s actually Changqing road) and you’ll see a wicker basket, which is actually Spain Pavilion, which is a must-see.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Spain Pavilion

Spain Pavilion

Next to the square are Monaco Pavilion and Serbia Pavilion. They are both rented so you can give them a miss. But on the other side of the square is the Belgium-EU Pavilion. – You can have free chocolate, and if you’ve done your homework you can enter their quiz and win diamonds or even the major monthly prize of a trip to Europe.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Monaco Pavilion

Monaco Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Serbia Pavilion

Serbia Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Belgium EU Pavilion

Belgium EU Pavilion

Next to Belgium is Poland, which you should also see. The building looks like a box that has had parts cut out of it by hand, and there is a cafe on top. Next to Poland Pavilion, alongside the Huangpu River are cablecars, which are part of Switzerland Pavilion. I think that they are the only highlight; the IMAX isn’t as big as Saudi Arabia Pavilion and the content isn’t very interesting. But the outside of the building flashes, and everyone can use the flash on their camera to take photos. It is powered by wind and solar energy.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Poland Pavilion

Poland Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Switzerland Pavilion

Switzerland Pavilion

Next to Switzerland is France Pavilion, which features artistic curios, including Rodin’s “The Age of Bronze”.  They also hold large scale weddings. Next to France Pavilion, on the side near Poland Pavilion is Germany Pavilion. Inside is a metal sphere that is covered with LEDs that are activated by the noise you make. There are lots of interactive exhibits, so everyone take care of your cameras to protect against thieves and have fun while inside.

2010 Shanghai World Expo France Pavilion

France Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Germany Pavilion

Germany Pavilion

After enjoying Germany Pavilion cross Beihuan Road and go to Ireland Pavilion. After a quick look go to Norway Pavilion. It’s not big, and was made from wood and bamboo. Next to it is Ukraine Pavilion and Iceland Pavilion. Take a look and you won’t regret it.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Ireland Pavilion

Ireland Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Norway Pavilion

Norway Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Ukraine Pavilion

Ukraine Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Iceland Pavilion

Iceland Pavilion

Continue on and you come to Sweden Pavilion, and I suggest walking through all four cubes. I recommend having a look at them. Next is Denmark Pavilion. You can take a ride on Denmark Pavilion’s bikes. These 500 bikes only have front brakes, all you need to do to use the back brakes is start to pedal backwards. You can also see the Little Mermaid statue, a national treasure, which you must must see.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Sweden Pavilion

Sweden Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Denmark Pavilion

Denmark Pavilion

Next to Denmark Pavilion is Finland Pavilion. The Finns have been quite enthusiastic about the expo, and the service and exhibits are all first rate, the northern Europeans don’t lack money. Opposite Denmark and Finland are Lithuania Pavilion and Estonia Pavilion; if you’re tired take a look at them after having a rest in the square.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Finland Pavilion

Finland Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Lithuania Pavilion

Lithuania Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Estonia Pavilion

Estonia Pavilion

After Finland, go across the elevated walkway, and go to Portugal Pavilion, Slovakia Pavilion and Czech Pavilion. These are all rented pavilions, although the Czech pavilion isn’t too bad. After the Czech Pavilion comes the European joint pavilions one and two, Hungary PavilionBosnia and Herzegovina Pavilion and Belarus Pavilion are all around that area. They are all rented or self-built, so if you don’t have enough time you can skip them.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Portugal Pavilion

Portugal Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Slovakia Pavilion

Slovakia Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Czech Pavilion

Czech Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Hungary Pavilion

Hungary Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Bosnia Herzegovina Pavilion

Bosnia Herzegovina Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Belarus Pavilion

Belarus Pavilion

After seeing Hungary Pavilion, cross Xiying Road and you’ll come to the Caribbean Community Pavilion. Opposite is Cuba Pavilion, but you needn’t spend a long time on them. Past Cuba Pavilion is Venezuela Pavilion, the building that looks a little like a figure eight is Chile Pavilion. Inside is a well, take a photo, because Chile is on the other side of the globe.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Caribbean Community Pavilion

Caribbean Community Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Cuba Pavilion

Cuba Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Venezuela Pavilion

Venezuela Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Chile Pavilion

Chile Pavilion

Next to Chile is Mexico, and if you’re tired you can have a rest in their kite forest. The area is underground, which keeps it cool!

2010 Shanghai World Expo Mexico Pavilion

Mexico Pavilion

Past Mexico Pavilion is Canada Pavilion, where you can see Cirque du Soleil, who are fantastic.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Canada Pavilion

Canada Pavilion

Next is Peru Pavilion, where you can have some great food! After that is Columbia Pavilion and Brazil Pavilion. If you go during June they will be broadcasting World Cup games and replays.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Peru Pavilion

Peru Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Colombia Pavilion

Colombia Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Brazil Pavilion

Brazil Pavilion

Coming out of Brazil Pavilion, can you see USA Pavilion? Don’t go in yet, have a look at the Joint Pavilion of Central and South American Countries. It was made with scrap metal from the Shanghai Third Steelworks, it’s an interesting Pavilion. Then you can go to USA Pavilion. At the entrance there’s a waterfall and a huge screen, the USA almost wasn’t able to come to this year’s expo, they had financial problems of some kind and almost had to cancel, so you must have a look.

2010 Shanghai World Expo USA Pavilion

USA Pavilion

By this time it’s probably time for dinner. The USA Pavilion has a restaurant and there are also quite a few options in the area, so you can take your pick.

After USA Pavilion are a whole row of rented pavilions: Argentina, Slovenia, South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Angola, Nigeria, Libya, Lithuania and Croatia.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Argentina Pavilion

Argentina Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Slovenia Pavilion

Slovenia Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo South Africa Pavilion

South Africa Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Egypt Pavilion

Egypt Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Tunisia Pavilion

Tunisia Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Algeria Pavilion

Algeria Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Angola Pavilion

Angola Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Nigeria Pavilion

Nigeria Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Libya Pavilion

Libya Pavilion

After a quick look go to Russia Pavilion, there are twelve flower petal towers that go together to make a fairytale world. Then you’ll see an apple that has been cut open, which you can enter and see a film, and you’ve come to Romania Pavilion.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Russia Pavilion

Russia Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Romania Pavilion

Romania Pavilion

After Romania comes Austria Pavilion, then Netherlands Pavilion and Luxembourg Pavilion. Although they aren’t rented, don’t feel like you have to spend a long time on them.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Austria Pavilion

Austria Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Netherlands Pavilion

Netherlands Pavilion

2010 Shanghai World Expo Luxembourg Pavilion

Luxembourg Pavilion

Italy Pavilion is quite good, If you look carefully you can see that the building was made using transparent concrete and is almost see through!

2010 Shanghai World Expo Italy Pavilion

Italy Pavilion

Next to it is the spectacular United Kingdom Pavilion and although it’s small, it’s beautiful, with thousands of lit slim transparent acrylic rods moving with the breeze, which you can imagine even if before going.

2010 Shanghai World Expo United Kingdom Pavilion

United Kingdom Pavilion

Finally, go to the Joint African Pavilion to end your day. There’s an African market, and you can even purchase a souvenir. After coming out you’ll see a ten hectare playground, which isn’t very interesting actually, just wait for 2014 when Disneyland comes! Past that is the only wetland park in the city centre, Houtan Park, suitable for romantic couples, although in summer there are quite a few mosquitoes.

Exit from the Houtan gates and you’ll be at the number 7 Metro line, and here your second day ends.

Next: Day 3 itinerary & walk-through.

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  • Damn long walk through. Best sit on the sofa and drink some beer to rest up.

  • Johnny

    Why are the African pavilions so crappy?

    • Jean

      I guess they don’t have that much money to build fancy things.

      • Afro

        You’re wrong. It wasn’t about money. It’s just about that image Africans are portrayed as. Africa is not poor at least those African countries in the theme are not. The Chinese still undermines anything Africa.

  • whichone

    It’s really a waste to destroy most of these buildings afterwards, they should be leased out to become themed restaurants or something, then Shanghai could transform them into another landmark, ultimate destination for foodies everywhere.

    • keius

      And have everyone inside die in horrific glory as the next miniquake or storm blows it over, crushing everyone in to little bits of red pulp. Honestly, i doubt most of these buildings have been built to actually last. They prob used subgrade materials and construction if it was only intended to be used for several months.

  • ken

    During the trial opening of the Expo, the North Korean Pavilion has almost been empty. What a shame that visitors did not pay the attention to this incredible piece of art

  • Name (required)

    Most of them are cube shape. I am surprised that UN and Red Cross also have one.

  • JoeH

    That UK one should look cool. I wish I could go to the Expo!

  • Thanks I am from Singapore.

  • elenore

    The American Pavilion is supposed to be disappointing according to New reports here,which aren’t really many.My guess is because most Americans think of World Expos as sorta an Guild Age Era thing like the London,Paris,and Chicago World Expo.In fact I haven’t really heard of them for years until this recent one,and mostly because of funding raising problems for US pavilion.

  • elenore

    Really Central and South America had a joint pavilion.Why?And culturally central America is different than South America.The only thing in common is that they have a Latin based language.Even then they are French,Spanish,and Portuguese.That’s weird and they call the U.S. cheap in our pavilion.

  • elenore

    Never mind I should have looked at the pictures better.They do have some pavilions form Central and South American countries.

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