2012 Movie Insults China, Chinese Netizen Reactions



If you have not seen this movie, perhaps you should not continue reading.

From Sina:

2012 insults China, did Chinese people understand?

The first one was when the main characters were on the snowy mountain and encountered the People’s Liberation Army.

I didn’t expect that the PLA’s first words would be that only the people who had green cards could board the ark to be saved.

And then the remaining people were abandoned

The second one was when the American official saw the Chinese-made arks
and said, “This is something only the Chinese could build”

This is definitely ridicule.
The first meaning is that we have a lot of people, a lot of workers.
The second is that Westerners building this kind of thing would definitely be publicly revealed,
and only Chinese wouldn’t because, in the beginning of the movie, it showed China’s government telling the ordinary common people that they were building a big dam there, not the arks

Continuing on, there was the American scientist asking, “We have all boarded the ark, but what about those workers?”

All abandoned.

In the end, it was still that American who says, “We cannot abandon anyone.”

I don’t understand.

How could there be people who said the Americans were praising us?
How is it possible?
Use your brains a little.

Various country’s fenqing after watching 2012:

American fenqing: Using an aircraft carrier, a symbol of our military strength, to crush the our White House, the symbol of our power, the director is seriously sinister, alluding to saying our America destroyed itself, traitor!

Russian fenqing: Our largest cargo plane [Antonov] AN-225 can’t make it to China? Isn’t this just showing off the Air Force One!! What cannot be forgiven most was letting all the animals onto the ark, but not letting the Russians board, which is simply insulting us Russian people as being lower than animals! The movie is alluding to Russian nouveau riche, fuck, this you even dare talk about! Be careful, those nouveau riche might use their money to buy your head?

Indian fenqing: We are also in the Himalayan mountain ranges, so why weren’t the arks built in India? It is clear the director looks down on our India! Were it not for our Indian scientist being the first to discover [the impending disaster], you would all be extinct! The director obviously wants to say that us Indian people saved the entire world but viciously overlooked the heroes that saved the world, letting them be buried under the ocean, are we Indians simply your slaves? Thinking of us when we are useful, sacrificed when we are not useful? The director is deliberately insulting us Indians.

Japanese fenqing: Baka! This director scum has Japan sinks yet again, siyasiyada [pretending to be Japanese]! Our Japanese flowers [women] waiting on/serving American men, this disgraceful topic is brought up yet again, siyasiyada!

French fenqing: How could our Eiffel Tower in in America? Isn’t this too YY, so all good things are your’s [American’s]? Deliberately too malicious!

Brazillian fenqing: You guys even dare joke with he Jesus statue on Jesus mountain [Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado Mountain]?? This is simply antagonizing us Brazillian shit youth, antagonizing everything under the sky!

German fenqing: Is the director still a German? Us Germans do not even have their own ark? A traitor that has forgotten his roots and ran off to America to be someone else’s running dog!

British fenqing: Fuck! 2012 has too many images insulting our Queen, using different ways of insulting us, fuck your 8 generations of ancestors!


Comments from Sina:


Yeah yeah, any plot with China is always insulting China, yeah, I really do not understand why you are this insecure!


Bangzi [Korean] fenqing:  The disaster was created by us.


It is obvious that they [the various country’s fenqing statements] were all written by the LZ, why are you making such a big deal for? You fenqing, just looking at your I now you are immature!!
You’re just a attention-seeking clown!


Moreover, the problems you talk about are indeed China’s shortcomings. If one does not change/improve, can one really forbid others to criticize and seal their mouths?


It is impossible to speak with you lou zhu, why is it that any American movie that mentions China is insulting China? You being so strongly for remaining in the Qing Dynasty closed-off from the world period, you couldn’t be from the past, could you?! There were people who also said Kung Fu Panda insults China, Mulan also had people saying it insulted China, and now 2012 also has people saying it insults China, do you all have nothing better to do, always finding some unimportant and ridiculous topics to tell people that you exist? Even though your guys’ existence can only add a bit of inconsequential weight upon our great country’s heavy burden, I feel very sorry for you guys—–you so-called big shits.


Only a pig would be this way,

your nerves being affected regardless of what is raised,

you are truly too self-abased/insecure.

Who cares if he is flattering China or otherwise? As long as there is no obvious intent, isn’t it just for fun?

I didn’t want to yell at you but…


This kind of movie is not even worth going out of your way to watch, a pirated DVD would be enough!
No matter how many disasters are on earth, they all still crises created by lao mei [Americans], and they still have the face to go invest in making movies, stupid cunt~!


Boring, always trying to seek attention.

Is this interesting [to you], finding so many issues with a single movie?

I bet the director did not even think of so much at all.

Hollywood has always been freely commercial, not thinking of politics, able to film anything.

If you think this way, then it is a problem in your heart.


LZ, does your brain have a problem? It’s just a movie, why do you care so much? If you’re so patriotic, just go to the Diaoyu Island and claim sovereignty. Plus, this is not a political movie, it is not necessary for you to be this serious…


How could it be insulting China~at most it is just insulting the Communist Party!


Comments on Mop:


Let’s have another world war–! This way there will no longer be high housing prices, high medical costs, high education costs, high fuel prices, because the earth’s people would vanish! But then we would be buried with a lot of Westerners and Little Japanese and Bangzi~~ <font color=#0000FF>【狗仔队】各国愤青2012观后感(补充网友观后感)</font>


Tickets too expensive, cannot afford to watch, waiting to see the pirated version. <font color=#0000FF>【狗仔队】各国愤青2012观后感(补充网友观后感)</font>


Still that same phrase…
“Let the leaders first board!!!”


Chinese fenqing: Dammit, expensive housing prices is one thing, but movie tickets are this expensive too!?


Obama came these few days, whether to have China rescue the world or not I do not know, but China should clearly understand, the job of rescuing the world should still be left to the Americans to do. What China should rescue are the unhappy Chinese people living under high housing prices, high medical expenses, high education expenses, and high fuel prices rather than the hypocritical American people who never think of us when things are going well!


[The movie makers] added some Chinese elements [in the movie]
to come here [to China] to make some money…
Chinese people’s money is easy to earn.


Did you not see? In the end it was still a lao mei [“Old American”] who saved the ark. Had that guy not pulled out the electrical cable, no matter how well-built the ship is it would be useless!!! China is simply their coolie [cheap, hard] labor!!! I’m very conflicted~


Being strongly curious about “China rescuing the world”, I spent 90 yuan and went to watch 2012. To be honest, with regards to American’s film special effects, we can only say we cannot help but admire, and to say something self-abased, up to the day the world ends, Chinese filmmakers may still not have the level to produce the nearly visually blemish-free movie special effects that Americans can make.  However, with regards to the media’s so-called “China saves the world” aspect, the more I watched the more upset I was. What “China saves the world”? What I saw was instead Americans sneering at the Chinese!

The movie’s basic logic/premise is this: Indian astrophysicist discovers sunspot changes, reports to America, Americans secretly hold G8 summit meeting, provide the money to have Chinese build “Noah’s Ark”, and in the end those who have money and power and those meaningful animals get on the ark that Chinese people built to continue the planet’s species.

If we insist on saying who rescued the world, it should be the Indians and not the Chinese! The Chinese people in 2012 are still the same as now, as workers, or to put it negatively, as laborers. Americans collect from each person 1 billion euros for tickets onto the ark, then have the Chinese build the ark (of course the design drawers were also provided by Americans), and the Chinese complete the construction task before they are able to make a shanzhai version of “Noah’s Ark”. If someone can see this as China saving the world, then it is truly fantasizing too much. Fantasizing is fine, masturbating is fine, but it is best to do it while in your home at night, and not while spending money to watch an American movie in the cinema.

After the Americans believed the Indian scientist’s predication and held the G8 summit meeting, was China involved? That was this world’s bosses’ summit meeting, and had nothing to do with China. Even the Russians whom we do not really look highly upon managed to squeeze into the G8, while we can only yearn night and day to enter. We can only be outside the G8 and mass purchase America…



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