2014 chinaSMACK Year in Review

2014 chinaSMACK Year in Review

2014 chinaSMACK Year in Review

And so another calendar year draws to an end…

2014’s Top 10 Most Popular Articles

Below are the translation articles chinaSMACK published in 2014 that received the most pageviews over the past year. Combined, they accounted for approximately 9% of our total pageviews over the past year. It may be easy to speculate why some got so much attention while others may simply be headscratchers and testaments to the whimsy of what goes “viral” on the internet.

1. Shanghai Girl Broadcasts Suicide on Instagram, Reactions


2. “Hong Kong Elementary School Admissions Test Question #21″

Hong Kong Elementary School First Grade Admissions Test question: What parking space number is the car parked in?

3. Chinese Parents Abandon Children at Guangzhou Baby Hatch

Two women are send a baby to Baby Island.

4. “Wife’s Memory” Korean Web Comic Viral with Chinese Netizens

"Wife's Memory" Korean web comic.

5. Chinese Girl Bludgeoned to Death in Shandong McDonald’s

The body of a young girl who was bludgeoned to death with a metal pole inside a McDonald's in Zhaoyuan city Shandong province, China.

6. Chinese Man’s Life with Beautiful Ukrainian Wife Envied


7. 15 Chinese Artifacts That Will Change How You Look at China


8. Japan Breast Fondling Charity Fundraiser, Chinese Reactions

Japanese AV idols (porn actresses) solicit donations for an AIDS charity by offering to let donors touch their breasts.

9. “But You Didn’t” Poem Translated & Illustrated by Chinese Netizen

"But You Didn't" poem, translated and illustrated in Chinese.

10. Cheating Wife Murder Mystery Photo Scares Chinese Netizens

A husband took this photo of his wife and then killed her. Why?

Of the above ten articles, the gruesome murder of a female diner at a Shandong McDonald’s was arguably the biggest “news” story, an incident that prompted national public discourse in China about not only the Church of Almighty God involved but about relgiious cults in general.

See also the most popular articles by number of comments.

Notable 2014 chinaSMACK Articles by Theme

There’s always some significance to be divined from each article chinaSMACK puts out. If it isn’t the “story” itself, it’s often in the netizen reactions, and the significance to be gleamed is often different for different people, depending not only on our familiarity with China, Chinese society, and Chinese internet culture but also our own subjective interests.

A lot of stories were translated over the past year. Here, we’ve organized a small fraction of them into some themes. Some are specific to the year’s events and incidents, while others reflect broader, on-going trends and issues that weigh on or even define the lives of many Chinese netizens. Some are connected and even shared with the world, while others are domestic and intimately their own.

These are of course far from the only “notable” articles of the past year, but in grouping these, whether loosely or tightly, perhaps a larger or even different picture emerges, providing a more sophisticated appreciation of the modern “Chinese” zeitgeist, in all its diversity and plurality.

Cracking Down


Japanese fans clean up their section after World Cup match

2014 Brazil World Cup

Malaysia Airlines

A dog peddler is lifting up a dog with a fork.

Animal Cruelty and Activism

Hong Kong and Taiwan

Foreign Television Entertainment

A group of middle aged women are dancing on the freeway.

Generation Gaps

Social Aspirations and Pressures

Long lines at the 2014 Spring Henan province job fair.


Facing History

State Propaganda



Heroes Both Ordinary and Extraordinary

Strange and Silly

(too many to list, but here are two of our favorites)

Bars/railings installed on school desks at a primary school in Wuhan, China help students develop good habits and discourage the development of myopia near-sightedness.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage in 2014! If our translations of trending Chinese internet content were useful to you and provided you insights into this enormous country, we’d love to cover more in 2015 and we’ll need the your help to do so. Become a patron of our editorial mission and independence. Thank you and have a Happy New Year!


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