22-Year-Old Student Recruited to 6 Top American Schools

22-Year-Old Student Recruited to 6 Top American Schools

22-year-old Tang Gong, a senior at Qinghua University, recently became a sensation in her hometown Shangluo, Shaanxi, after receiving recruitment letters from 6 top American Universities, including M.I.T., Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Columbia and Duke. The girl’s parents claim that she loves playing, and wasn’t a serious student until in college. One person told reporters “Tang Gong is just talented, her parents didn’t really discipline her. Her experience would be difficult to replicate”. She chose M.I.T., and has received a full ride scholarship.

Source: Sina

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  • Amused

    This is news? I mean, I understand if this is someone’s cousin and they’re happy for her and all, but….

    • bujiebuke

      Pretty every Asian parent’s wet dream is to have their son/daughter get accepted in an Ivy league school. To have her get recruited is extremely rare given that almost every applicant from China have near perfect SAT/ACT scores. This girl has probably accomplished more than most people in their life time.

      • Amused

        Yeah, but how does “happy parents” translate into a sensational internet story? Besides tons of parents beating their poor kids over the head with this girl’s successes that is.

        • bujiebuke

          I would guess that getting recruited by not one, but six Ivy league schools is rare to the point of being unheard of that it registers a small blip on sina.

          • Amused

            Ahhh, I guess.

          • David

            Also, it is Amanda, where no news is still news.

    • ClausRasmussen

      It is an impressive list of universities

  • I’m shocked by the very last words…”received a full ride scholarship.”

    It was my understanding that US Schools love the Chinese(and other foreigners) because they pay full price/no financial aid, no scholarships – maximum profits for the school.

    With that being said, the new world is not going to be kind to most average Joes (White males) who only speak English and don’t have some special talent.

    • Alex Dương

      With that being said, the new world is not going to be kind to most
      average Joes (White males) who only speak English and don’t have some
      special talent.

      The world was never really kind to such people. For schools like “M.I.T., Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Columbia and Duke,” you’ve always had to have some special talent or otherwise be a child from wealth.

      • haha – you ‘ain’t’ seen nothing yet….

        • Alex Dương

          Give an example of “the old world” being kind to “most average Joes.”

        • bujiebuke

          If you were referring to the shrinking middle-class and the widening wealth gap in the US, then I’m inclined to agree with you except that it’s not exclusively a “white male” problem.

    • KamikaziPilot

      I was surprised by that too because I also got the same impression as you regarding US schools often receiving full tuition payments from foreigners, therefore coveting them. She must be some kind of superwoman.

    • guest

      I am just surprised this made news considering Qinghua University (Tsinghua university) is the Chinese equal to Oxford/Cambridge.

      However, the same is also For the UK with undergraduate/masters degrees, but went it comes to Ph.Ds funding is more likely to occur and scholarships for non-nationals only are also likely to occur.

      So it’s it really surprising that a possible top student from Qinghua University (Tsinghua university) got so many offers!

  • fakeusername

    I know this is only a short article, but it’s way too vague. For instance, what exactly is she studying? In my PhD program, all the students including the foreigners get full funding, and ‘scholarship’ might mean fellowship (as opposed to an assistant position). If not, some students from China and Taiwan here get full scholarships but from their own governments. MIT certainly has the endowment to fund incoming foreign students, but it would be interesting to hear the details.

    On another note, maybe this woman is just really brilliant, but I like that the pre-college stuff wasn’t a huge determining factor. The gaokao for getting into a good college is just insane, and I hope that as higher education becomes more accessible in China that there is greater leniency. I nearly failed out of high school, but am fairly accomplished academically (and it would be nice for others to have similar opportunities).

  • Wow..so much admiration!

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