264 Hubei Students Denied Bachelor Degrees

264 Chinese university students protest being forced to graduate.

From Mop, “The College Forces 264 Bachelor’s Degree Pursuing Students to Graduate with Associate Degrees” (no longer accessible):

On September 1st, 2008, the College of Arts and Science of Yangtze [Changjiang] University in Jingzhou city of Hubei province suddenly announced that we have 264 bachelor degree students must immediately graduate associate degrees~and there would be no room for discussion. Upset, we sought out school officials to discuss but without results, we eventually had no choice but to hang banners on campus hoping to get attention from the media.

Chinese university students hold banners and posters protesting a Hubei university.

But many days passed without any attention from a reporter or the media. We even traveled to the television station and newspaper office to solicit reporters, but not a single reporter was willing to accept our visits. We are all children of the 80s. Why did something like this happen but television stations and newspaper offices ignore us. We all only want to finish studying our four years of university, but why does society not support us and the media does not care about us?

Underneath the big sun, we struggle on. The school’s major leader only came several times, even sitting in the security guard’s room drinking tea, smoking, and chatting, completely dismissing us/not taking us seriously, even saying to us “If you guys have any evidence, go to Ministry of Education or Department of Justice to sue us. We are not afraid.”

Also, when we were hanging the banners, there was a teacher who come over and said to some student, “I remember you; you were applying to join the Party [basically means if he wanted to be a Party member, how could he do things against the school].” Even more outrageous was when there were people who came to look on, there were teachers who verbally abused the onlookers to drive them away. Us 264 children of the 80s need society’s help, need your guy’s support. Please help us~

Chinese students protest outside the front gate of Yangtze University.

There were many updates on what happened over the next few days:

Update 1–
Author: cjdx1234 Reply Date: 2008-09-10 11:17:56
Updated~ updated~ updated: 264 students and 100 parents came from different places in China all worked together for 10 days to impose pressure on the school. Last night, the school finally agreed to send a representative go to Department of Education and government of Hubei province with the students and parents’ representatives to report the whole thing. They had set off to Wuhan (capital city of Hubei, where the Department of Education and the government are) this morning. However, the school rejected the parents and students’ request to let the students go back to class. Now all 264 students remain on campus, doing nothing but wandering aimlessly. Indeed, the school officials do not care, pretending these 264 students are invisible. The leaders of the school sent advisers and the director to “talk” to some of the students. They said some threatening things to the students. The school leaders, through various methods, even asked the companies or offices that some parents work for to interfere, asking them to stop the students and parents to not “stir up trouble” at the school or go to the school.

Update 2–
Author: lieren987 Reply Date: 2008-09-10 13:30:01
The latest news~~!!!!!!!!!!!
This morning, school told us that an officer of the Department of Education came to school to deal with the event, and asked all parents to go to the meeting room. The parents were waiting for the officer with hope, but what they got to see was brutal and violent police men from the local police station.
We were extremely angry and disgusted by the school’s rogue action. Now, all the parents and students are on their way to Wuhan (the capital of Hubei).
The promise the school had made that send a representative to go to Wuhan with the parents and student was just a lie.

264 Yangtze University students protest in Wuhan.

Update 3–
Author: cjdx1234 Reply Date: 2008-09-11 14:25:36
Latest news, latest news, latest news
We student representatives and parents went to the Department of Education of Hubei together this morning, trying to report what had happened to the officers. However, on the gate of the Department, there were dozens of security guards waiting for us, trying to stop us. The parents explained to them, and told them that we wanted to see the officer, but they rejected us ruthlessly! What happened next was the security guards assaulted the parents and verbally abused the students. They tear our banners and report letters into pieces. They were really brutal to us! We could not do anything but waiting outside of the Department of Education, hoping someone would come to see us. We were waiting under the hot Sun for hours since the noon. Nobody wanted to see us.

A protest banner torn by security, police, and government officials.

Update 4–
Author: zhuzhouxiaozi Reply Date: 2008-09-11 15:16:12
The latest news, the latest news, the latest news: One o’clock: we were waiting on the gate of the Department of Education; One ten: Officers from the Department of Education, police men, and security guards came out to tear the banners, threaten students, and assaulted parents. Parents resisted hard, and they went back to the building. One twenty-five: the officer, police, and security guards came out again to tear our banners, and assaulted us. The whole situation was such a mess!

Update 5–
Author: cjdx1234 Reply Date: 2008-09-11 16:09:11
2008-9-11 16:00 sharp the latest news, the latest news, the latest news
At this moment, student representatives and parents are still waiting for reporting what had happened to the higher officer at the gate of the Hubei Education Department. The police and security guards still prevent us from going inside. There is no officer come out to see us either. We have been waiting miserably for hours~!

Update 6–
Author:cjdx1234 Reply Date: 2008-09-11 20:27:41
The latest news, the latest news, the latest news:
7: 45 P.M. : Finally, there was an officer showed up. There were some girls’ parents were so worried that they kneeled down in front of him, but he left waving his hand with a smile on his face. He looked so unhurried, and left the heart-broken parents totally alone. 8:06 P.M.: The students and parents did not eat anything the whole day. When they questioned him with a couple of sharp questions, he even didn’t know how to answer any of them. If the school was running legally, why didn’t the so called officer know how to respond? He tried to stop the conversation several times with the excuse that the students were recording the conversation and had taken pictures of him. Can we just assume that he was afraid that he might take responsibility in court for what he had said? He finally ran away from the crowd, hiding in the security’s office, and never came out from there. How can he be called an officer who represents the Department of Education of a province? How can he just leave without answering any of the questions that students and parents raised?

Update 7–
Author: cjdx1234 Reply Date: 2008-09-12 0:25:42
The latest news, the latest news, the latest news. I just got this message sent by my classmate from Wuhan at midnight. I uploaded it now.

We student representatives and some parents got to the Hubei Province Education Department [hereafter HED] this morning around 8 o’clock. Five parent representatives got to talk to three officers and some school heads. They didn’t reject any of our questions during the conversation. However, all the officers of HED left one by one shortly after the conversation started, and at the end no one was there to answer our questions. We had no choice but to hang our banners at the gate of HED.

Shortly after we got the banners hung up, police, security, and an officer (about 10 people) rushed at us, tearing banners and starting to assault students including girls. It was a huge mess. The parents started to beg the police, and they finally went back to the building. But they came back again in less than 5 minutes. They kept tearing up our banners while telling us they wouldn’t assault us. Some girls were scratched and frightened to tears by them.

A Chinese girl cries after being bullied by government officials and police.

Finally one officer came out telling us that they would answer our questions at 2:30 P.M. So we got banners down, and waiting in the building of HED. No one showed up until almost 8 P.M. He came from inside. There were 3 worried mothers who kneeled down in front of him because they felt they had no choice. The officer turned around, and sat on a couch. He had a smile on his face, but the parents and students were weeping. After we brought up our questions again, he stood up, saying that he suspected we had taken pictures of him and recorded the conversation, and he entered the security office, hiding inside. Why was he so alert if he was innocent? This so called officer, he actually has been helping other officials hide the dirty thing. He did not report what had happened to the chief officer of HED, but lied to us that he would deal with what has happened to us on behalf of HED. He didn’t answer any of our questions but kept changing topics. We asked him to write a document for us that we could use to report to the higher department, but he refused.

A government official sent to waste students' and parents' time.

Update 8–
Author: cjdx1234 Reply Date: 2008-09-12 11:01:23
The latest news, the latest news, the latest news:
2008-9-12, about 9:15 am. A group of students was riding a bus heading to HED from College of Arts and Science of Yangtze University. When they almost got to the exit of Xiantao Highway, the bus driver answered a phone call. He parked the bus by the road after he hung up the phone, and told the students that the bus had some problem; he could not drive them to Wuhan. Another bus came to pick up other passengers, but did not allow the students to get on the bus. More than 20 students are still stuck on Xiantao Highway. It’s so obvious that the school and the bus station are working together. They don’t want a large group of students to come, because a large number of people would bring some pressure to the provincial government. So they began to use all social means to stop students.
What the school had done is completely violent and brutal, which makes us indignant. We wish we could have your help to help our classmates who are still stuck on the highway. I give thanks to you all on their behalf~!!!!

University students intentionally stranded on the highway to prevent them from protesting.

Update 9–
Author: cjdx1234 Reply Date: 2008-09-12 11:29:00
The latest news, the latest news, the latest news:
Right now the students and parents who are in Wuhan and the school officials are all in the “Xinfangban” [the office of “letters and calls,” it accepts civilians’ reports/complaints and delivers them to relevant departments of the government]. After they submitted the report, they entered the office to talk with the officer of “Xinfangban.” They are still talking.

Update 10–
Author:cjdx1234 Reply Date: date: 2008-09-12 12:33:32
The latest news, the latest news, the latest news:
The students who were “abandoned” finally got on the bus to Wuhan after a hard imploration. However, when they got the toll gate of West Wuhan Highway, the bus was stopped by the vice-chair of College of Arts and Science Wang Bangzhu (汪邦柱) and other officials led by him, and they were nasty to the students~!!! (despicable rogues.) The driver refused to drive the bus again, and the students were stuck on the highway again.

Update 11–
Author: cjdx1234 Reply Date: 2008-09-12 16:26:12
The latest news, the latest news, the latest news:
Our classmates who were stuck at the toll gate of West Wuhan Highway finally got to the “Xinfangban” to join the students and parents. What a long and tough journey! Many officials and teachers followed them to “Xinfangban” (they are worried their dirty laundry would be shown to the people soon!).
Now, in “Xinfangban,” student representatives, parent representatives and school representatives are still talking to the officers in “Xinfangban.” Other students and parents are waiting outside anxiously.

Update 12–
The latest news, the latest news, the latest news
Because of Mid-Autumn Festival, we have already come back from Wuhan [People have 3 days vacation during Mid-Autumn Festival, so there was no one working at the HED or “Xinfangban”]. These pictures [not shown here] were taken on the last night we were in Wuhan. We waited there until after 8pm. It rained on and off that day. Because everyone did not eat that night, we were all both cold and hungry. Although right now we have returned, after Mid-Autumn Festival is over, we will go continue to organize ourselves, and demand our justice. Also thank everyone for support us. We will keep trying~ and also keep updating~

Note from Fauna: When this post was first prepared (a long time ago), the above update was the latest one. Since that time, the Mop topic has been closed and is no longer accessible. Fortunately, cjdx1234 also had a Tianya topic with the same information. It is still accessible. This is the latest update shown in the original post there:

Author: cjdx1234 Reply Date: 2008-9-17 20:56:46
The latest news, the latest news, the latest news
We are still continuing, but we are no longer like how we were before. We are contacting a big newspaper office, television channel reporter, hoping someone can help us.
Someone said they got a 600+ on their university entrance exam but let me ask you what is the significance of this 600+ score? Throughout the 3 years I have been at this school, I have gotten all manner of certificates N times (I am not bullshitting) and not few bonuses/awards. If the school was not so strict, I could forward [not sure] it to you guys to see. I admit my studies are not good, but beyond studying I also know many other things. You think your 600+ score is meaningful? Just being good at studying is not enough in today’s society. Without other abilities you cannot survive. We strive for this bachelor’s degree only as a stepping stone for finding a job in the future. If you really believe in depending on it [the degree] to feed yourself, then you would be mistaken.

Comments on Tianya:

[I] support you…!
They cannot cheat students by so-called education with a purpose of profit-seeking!

The trustee of your school probably has a high official as his patron. I am sorry for you guys, but I have a suggestion for you guys. You better choose 6 representatives (6 is a figure of success, heh heh, I am just kidding), one is in charge of reporting the whole story; the second one is responsible for reminding and adding information if the first one forgot something when he is reporting; the third person is in charge of recording; the fourth does the job of filming, and the others help them. (The filming and recording thing needs to be done secretly). Go to the HED directly talking to the head; call the local media and CCTV on your way to HED, telling them the story, and telling them this would be a “big bomb” news. Remember, talk to them in the third person. If the HED ignored you guys also, go to the Xinfangban of the municipal government. If they ignored you guys also, go to the government of the province. If this still does not work, go hang banners on the chairman of the province’s way when he goes back home from work. (I think you are smart enough to figure out on which road the chairman drives home. If the cops came to chase you guys away, you better record it). If it still does not work, go to Beijing after the Paralympics (Don’t go now, or you guys will be sent back home). There may be some flaws of my idea. Hey, every one, come to help them; give them some ideas or suggestions!

I feel lucky that I had graduated already.
If I was still in Yangtze University, I would tear down that school, and I doubt they dare to do anything to me.
Fuck their grandmothers.
Fight them! It is such a poor education-quality school, and they even try to get rid of you guys?
LZ, what I can say is good luck!

I am also a student of that school. What LZ has said is true. I was trying to take some pictures the other day, and a disgusting guy approached me, threatening me that I would be sent to the police if I did not stop taking pictures. I was so frightened. What a good dog of the school.

I am so sad when I see those pictures. Students are such a weak group, they are always fooled by the school.
I don’t know what I can do to help you, but I will tell my friends and people your story. If the local government does not help you, go to the provincial government; if the provincial government does not help you either, go to the central government. I believe some kind-hearted people will help you. Be strong, and don’t be scared by the dark society. We believe the government will give justice to you!

How awful! What a shameless school.

Gather evidence, I think some media will be interested.

Phone the Ministry of Education of China to report the whole thing, phone CCTV. I am also a student; my heart goes out for you guys. So angry. Go to the highest administrations, there are some people will help you. I totally support you!

Yangtze University is just a pile of junk!!!!!
I had suffered a similar thing in that school too!!
The teachers were negligent, and they even did not tell us the date of the important exam for getting our degrees. We still did not get our degrees! They kept saying it was not their fault! A despicable school! Some professor just pretended to be nice. Once something wrong happened, they just totally ignore it! If you went to school like this, that is your own bad luck!!!!!

Learned your lesson? ~~~Spend your money other things, not on buying a degree.

We can’t say you are uneducated, and we can’t say your conscience was eaten by a dog. To what you have said, we only could say you are not a human. Because you don’t even have a little basic emotion of sympathy!

In fact, the quality of education should be highlighted (not just educate for profit, or exams)
My heart goes out for the students; they are the victims of the current education system.
But, there are some students, their college entrance exam scores just reached the requirement of second-level colleges, but did not get accepted by the second-level colleges, ended up going to the schools only can give associate degrees, are struggling under the students who don’t have high enough scores, but pay large amount of money to go to so-called private schools or the second-class-colleges of public universities. [The College of Arts and Science (private school) of Yangtze University is a second-class-college run by Yangtze University (public school)].
This is the system of our society. A student with an associate degree, no matter how skillful and smart he is, he is not qualified to be accepted by companies who require their applicants to have bachelor degrees, and he is also not qualified to take the government exams for those who want to work in the government. Bachelor degree is always better; even if it’s a bachelor degree from a distance learning program; associate degree is always lower, even you get it from a public school.
Is associate degree really that bad? … I am speechless…Does the bachelor degree really mean something?
Anyway, I still believe hard work and the skills one has are more important. There are many graduate students who cannot even find a job. Degree is just a key you use to open doors, but after you open the door, the skill and good attitude are the tools you can really use.

There is not enough human rights for Chinese people. Schools cheat students for money, the Department of Education leaves the school alone for its own benefit; the cops bully civilians to make the officials happy. Where is the justice!!!

The school does not educate people, but destroy people. What a sad thing that the school makes the students disappointed or even despair. The people care about nothing but money, can you not make your fortune from students? You are destroying people. I am not a student from this school, and I had not heard about this school before, but I just could not stand what the school did to their students. 264 students, no matter what will happen next, I hope all of you could be cheered up, and don’t let this beat you down.

The education is China is a pile of sh*t.

Comments on Mop:

I have an idea for you guys:

  1. The night before, all 264 students go watch “300.”
  2. Prepare 264 brooms and large trash can lids, one pair for each person.
  3. The next morning, line up in front of the school entrance, and loudly shout together: “This is Yangtze School!” and collectively charge into the school president’s office (on the way, pay attention to keeping formation). You guys will become famous…Yangtze School’s 264 warriors.

In the future, a tombstone will appear in front of the school, saying: All students who come to this school to study, upon passing here, please remember that once there were 264 students who died here defending their bachelor’s degrees.

Do not anger university students. If you think this is angry, wait till you see their real anger. They will not even fear the heavenly king [meaning they will not be afraid of anything].

Everyone, do not believe LZ’s trouble-making! The truth is that they are associate degree students. Some teacher said that as long as they give money they can become bachelor degree students, and they believed him! So they simply started thinking they were bachelor degree students (NB), but in the end when they graduated, that teacher was arrested and they could not become bachelor degree students! However, that teacher was arrested when they were supposed to graduate, and of course they could not change to bachelor degree pursuing students! But these people still insist they are bachelor degree students! JJWW [唧唧哇哇?] making a ruckus!!! I personally know some of them!!! What I said is true!!!
[This passage was posted 3 times]

Your college entrance exam scores were not good enough to be accepted as bachelor degree students. Your original admittance was not in accordance with the regulations~you guys do not have anything to argue/complain about~But, nowadays, a lot of many junk schools use this way to cheat money [from students]~~

Yes, we did fail the college entrance exam.

Does that mean we don’t have the right to continue studying?

We searched everywhere to find a place to study, just so we could earn a bachelor’s degree.
The education committee we found said the College of Science and Art was willing to accept us, as long as we pay 40,000 kuai each. They guaranteed that they would give bachelor’s degrees upon graduation. Our studies would also be the bachelor’s degree program.

We paid the money, and entered the school to study. The school throughout these three years also continuously stressed that we were bachelor degree students, letting us study without worry.

So why did they wait until we were entering our fourth year to tell us that were were associate degree students and wanting us to graduate?

If we were associate degree students in your College of Science and Art, why did the school not tell us to do our practice/internships [required during university in China] during the second semester of our third year? Why did the school not begin the preparations for our graduation in the second semester of the third year?

But instead waited until we came to report for our fourth year, where even our names are not included in the school’s tuition payment database?

I will even dare to ask one more thing: Are no better associate schools than the College of Science and Art of Yangtze University? Did we students from 10 different provinces all insist on coming to study in your third-class college? If it was not the school who registered us after we paid, why would the middleman send all 260 some of us to this school?

May the 79th [referring to the 79th commenter] honestly dare say you are not a teacher of the College of Science and Art? Or are you brave enough to tell us your real identity and address?

Why not go hang banners in front of the provincial government? There will eventually be someone who will deal with it.
With it being like this already, what are you guys still afraid of? If you do not sue those cheats, even more people will be cheated.

A bunch of trash! Are you guys shameless? It was the middleman, okay! You guys did not study hard, threw money at a mediator, were cheated, and you still blame the school? Are you all not shameless!!! Why do you guys not talk about your own problems/mistakes/stupidity?

Frankly, you guys were fooled, and the only thing you can do is accept your bad luck, even though you guys do not want to. In reality, this is the same thing as people spending hundreds of thousands to buy a Beijing hukou [residence]. If you find the right person, it can be done, but if you find a cheat, you will be screwed. The whole process is a secret, it cannot be talked about in public, LZ you yourself should understand how it works; these things all cannot be dealt with through legal means.

Anything can happen in this world. Why didn’t you guys just go buy a fake bachelor’s degree? It would save money and time. We do not have the time to waste our youth, going to that kind of place to suffer…I sympathize, am angry, that today’s leaders [officials] who motherfucking have a bit of power simply let people live like that makes me want to kill their entire families in the future.

LZ, not to criticize you, but what the hell were you doing back when you were in high school??? Now that there is this mess, you start complaining. You know what you are made of, and what kind of degree you can get you need to admit/accept in your hearts. Do not think that just because you have money anything can be arranged/overcome. You were asking for this outcome by choosing to go study at this kind of trash school. If you had the ability and wanted to prove your own worthy, why did you not retake the university entrance exam after you first failed it in high school??? It is simply because you do not have the ability but enjoy shouting and screaming!!! Finally, please remember one thing: Those without ability do not have the right to complain!!!

See also:

Police in Wuhan try to take banner from university protesters.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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