3 Killed After Argument Erupts Among Toy Store Owners

3 Dead in Toy Store Murder

Sichuan Police are on the lookout for 41-year-old Mi Shanjie, who is suspected of killing 2 of his brothers. After the 3 brothers got into an argument about the roadside toy stall they ran together, Shanjie killed his older and younger brother and then fled the scene. Shortly after, he killed his older brother’s girlfriend Mrs. Huang. The three brothers have a history of fighting, and in the past have been heard making death threats to each other. A top-voted netizen comment expressed the sentiment of many news readers: “The era of money above all. Money is more important than brotherly love.”

Source: Netease

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  • Amanda….it is time for you to resign if this is the best you can do.
    There has to be more to the story. Get some information and expand upon this please.

    • mr.wiener

      This is the “digest” part apparently. Small bite sized chunks o’ China. More development to follow.

      • OK Thanks Mark, I’m sure all of you folks have your hands full, but it would be nice to know what’s going on, even if it is still a work in progress; eliminate all of the speculation

        • mr.wiener

          No worries bro.

      • just my two cents; I think this format stinks if this is the proposed change going forward. There’s no meat on the bones

    • bujiebuke

      That’s pretty harsh man. I’m not a fan of these one paragraph summaries but it seems like they’re trying out a rolling news format with short stories mixed with longer ones that have netizen comments. I’m more inclined to believe that Amanda is doing what they want her to do.

      • Perhaps bujiebuke…
        I wrote it that way in case Amanda is a pseudonym for Fauna.
        The new format has posted some stories that sounded interesting, maybe more interesting than some of the fluff pieces CS was posting in recent months, but had no more information that an elongated headline and no comments from native Chinese.

        • bujiebuke

          “I wrote it that way in case Amanda is a pseudonym for Fauna.”

          What does she gain from doing that? Isn’t Fauna already a nickname of the ChinaSmack founder?

    • If you look at “Amanda’s” profile (who may or may not actually be Fauna) the website and Facebook link to a new mobile app called, naturally, “Amanda” which for some reason is a sort of Chinese news digest aggregator that purports to teach a modicum of Mandarin by highlighting a word or two in each article with translation. That’s apparently going to be a serious focus and going to tie in with CS.

      Personally I think this app thing is a pointless, profitless misadventure. Nobody is going to learn Chinese a word a day (with no grammar, lol), and curating digests isn’t new or special.

      • Good Info – Thanks Sophia
        I’m not familiar with that, but notice a lot more “people” in China going to this format you describe.
        Do you ever watch Winston Sterzel (Serpentza) on Youtube? He recently started to do these words/phrases of the day as well.

  • mr.wiener

    Toy sellers don’t play around apparently.

  • Guest


  • Max Kolodka

    I used to push toys on the street corners of East Philadelphia(did a 2 year stint for selling Kinder Surprise eggs..I’ve gone legit now tho..), there were a lot of people who were up to no good in my neighborhood – yet never anything like this…China is becoming out of control..

  • Amused

    If I were to speculate, I’d guess this was a family conflict over a woman and a roaming dick.
    He gets in an argument that leads to him geeking both of his brothers, and then instead of fleeing the province, he takes the time to go do in his older brother’s woman.
    I know I’m reading into it, but *shrug*

  • crimsonarmor

    Wow is this even real? not much to go by without the rest of the story. Brothers fight, but killing?

    • China Uncensored

      The CCP will decide how much we can know.

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