3 Men in Wuhan Crawl in Leashes to Promote Women’s Equality

Kang Yi licks the shoe of a woman, while wearing a chain link collar and leash, in a performance art in Wuhan promoting respect for women.

Three men in metal chain collars and leaches crawling on the ground like dogs, led by a woman, in a performance art piece promoting women's equality.

From NetEase:

3 men crawling on the ground in chain leashes led by a woman, claim to be promoting respect for women

February 8th, on Guanggu Road in Wuhan, a woman leads three men in chain leashes crawling on the ground. Amongst them is a man crawling prostrate on the ground, licking the shoe on the woman’s foot. The organizer claims this performance art is to show opposition against a male society, and call for equality between men and women.

[Above] 25-year-old Kang Yi (center) majored in oil painting in college. In 2005, he threw himself into creating contemporary art, and in recent years has been exhibiting throughout the country various thematic performance art. Amongst them includes exchanging slaps with someone who was suffers paralysis of the face and kneeling on the ground thanking sanitation workers. This time is him and his team’s first time coming to Wuhan.

Three men in metal chain collars and leaches crawling on the ground like dogs, led by a woman, in a performance art piece promoting women's equality.

February 8th, Wuhan on Guangu Road, a woman leads three men crawling on the ground in metal chains. According to reports, these 4 people are all young artists studying fine arts, and got their inspiration for this performance from the Li Yang wife-beating incident, their goal being to promote “respect for females”.

Kang Yi licks the shoe of a woman, while wearing a chain link collar and leash, in a performance art in Wuhan promoting respect for women.

Kang Yi explained, that females as the vulnerable group often are the victims of domestic violence, sexism, and other undesirable phenomenon. This one work of theirs is mainly to slam the thinking of men being superior to women, and call for the safeguarding of females’ legal rights and interests. When this reporter inquired whether using this method was too extreme, Kang Yi replied honestly: “Art is always exaggerated, and only in this way can it attract eyeballs”. Photo is of Kang Yi licking the woman’s shoe.

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Kang Yi and cohorts in Wuhan for a performance art involving three men being led around in metal chain leashes by a woman.

Kang Yi and his people’s “performance” stopped many passersby to watch. Many older interviewees uniformly expressed that they didn’t understand what they saw. One old man directly expressed his disgust, saying “simply sensationalism, too disgusting”.

Comments from NetEase:

不不惊心 [网易加拿大手机网友]:

So putting a dog leash on men is respecting females?


Our countrymen’s understanding of respect is frequently to step on others, rather than raising oneself up.

blhcgq [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

I’m a man, I too want equality, but for decades my wages have been controlled by my wife, and my coworkers are the same, so women’s position in this society is not the least low! [This is] bullshit, and sick.


When you want society to respect females, have you respected males?


This world is too crazy. Yes, we should respect females, but look at the things women have done, how do you expect people to respect them?

tgy1966 [网易安徽省宿州市网友]:

So this is equality? Bullshit! If you have the skill, it’d be better to go to a factory or a rural village to find some material to sketch. If this can produce an artist, then the whole population of China are artists.

实话直说 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

Don’t care what kind of art it is, it should not be so filthy, stupid, and vulgar! Leashing people like animals, using a tongue to do such a vulgar performance!


Truly fucking sick. I never leave comments on these things, but today I want to say something, those guys, are SBs.
Respect should be mutual. Licking shoes, I really don’t understand what these crazy people are still wandering outside.

苹果兎 [网易河南省焦作市网友]:

If you want to play S&M in public, just say!

yanpingshuang [网易福建省莆田市网友]:

Young people are too ignorant, too naive, truly crazy.

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Written by Fauna

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  • jiayi

    The ironing is delicious.

    • hanyucha

      I think you mean the irony.

      • hanyucha

        Or are you being ironic?

      • JoE

        What they didn’t show was that they later had to iron some clothes.

  • Beanz McGhee

    I think I’ll have a rest on this nice sofa

    • mr. wiener

      You’ll have to lick it clean first.

  • Tengu

    Licking boots, wearing chains, that’ll cost you big money in the US.

    I’ve been to Wuhan, not a veritable hotspot of women whose boots deserve licking…

    • marsvin

      I gotta say I always enjoy it when I see some of the outraged comments from guys about what they think is feminism gone wild. I have a feeling this post will be a gold mine :D

      • marsvin

        That actually wasn’t meant as a reply. This website’s comment system seems a little borked some times ^^

    • mr. wiener

      Very amatuer hour compared to some of the sick action the Japanese are into. Hongjian damnit can’t you show those wussies how it’s really done?…It’s a lack of pride in what you are doing methinks.
      Seriously though. Most performance art is always pretty dicky, particularly when done by students. This is no stupider than most. I’m not sure about the merits of licking someones boots to promote gender equality, not to mention the illadvisedness of doing this in Wuhan [less dog poo than Paris though I’d guess]. The only reason I can recall for doing performance art in Uni was so girls with art majors would sleep with you :)

    • Justin

      Yeah, Wuhan has possibly the ugliest girls in China. I went there briefly with my girlfriend and, boy, what a dog show.

  • Ryo

    You know… Growing up in the US, I’ve always been told Chinese men are very “manly” where women knows their place in the home (the kitchen of course) and he always wears the pants in the family.

    Now that I’m here 20 years later, it’s a whole different story. I see guys holding purses for women. I see them buy very expensive cars for them. I see them obey like dogs. I see their balls in her purse.

    I know someone that actually married a rich guy, had a kid with him, then divorce him and said to his face “I only married you for your money!” Needless to say, she had enough to buy a Merc SLK, a house, and he has to give child support every month.

    Then in a restaurant, as a couple was leaving (in a bad mood I presume), the girl threw her purse on the chair and yelled at her boyfriend: “pick it up!”. He hesitated for a moment and she said “are you gonna pick it up or not?” And what does he do? Yes, he picked it up with his tail between his legs.

    China men are very pussy whipped today. It’s almost like these men are afraide they can’t get another pussy!

    • Boy

      You’re correct. Women these day gone very far, far more worse than men.

    • typingfromwork

      Yeah, it’s fucking pathetic. It happens all the time in Shanghai. An entire generation of men taught to follow with no initiative. And they call such behaviour “gentlemanly”. There’s a few like that in the West but nowhere near as much as in China.

      They really need some fight clubs to get their shits together again.

    • Gary

      What do they expect after the females/males ratio was all messed up thanks to the one child policy? The men know there’s strong competition and the women know they are in high demand.

      • Ryo

        Naw… With 1.3 billion, there are still plenty of good looking girls out there. Most of these guys are young. Still got plenty of time but they just don’t have game. They think the first pussy they find is gonna be their last one. But reality is that there are still plenty of fish in the China sea.

    • E Puff

      i think it is the fact that he KNOWs she is his ONLY outlet to getting laid for the rest of his life. lol

    • Patrick

      They make up for it later, when she’s older and he has squirreled away the money he always gets a piece on the side. Then when she has calmed down her B.S. and actually is kind he turns into a rude bastard…. ah the circle of life.

  • Boy

    I always followed this web site, but I never write any comment. But this time I really can’t hold anymore. Licking shoes?? Only this 3 bastard can do it. Because of you, men look like shit, no mutual respect at all. These day female did abused men and totally show no respect to male at all, do you know that stupid bastard???

  • 山炮 ShanPao

    China and equality are two words that should never be used in the same sentence.

    • JAYJAY

      Well said ShanPao.

    • donscarletti

      Agreed, it just don’t work like that in China.

      Either you oppress someone yourself or they put a leash on you and make you walk on all fours. In a Chinese relationship the man dominates the woman or the woman dominates the man, great for those who like to kick around others or be lead around, but not for someone who wants a relationship built on mutual love and respect.

      • swatdowg


        SOUNDTRACK: Eurythmics – Sweetdreams.

        Can’t hold myself…saw the article pictures and had to copy the lyrics:

        Sweet dreams are made of this
        Who am I to disagree?
        Travel the world and the seven seas
        Everybody’s looking for something
        Some of them want to use you
        Some of them want to get used by you
        Some of them want to abuse you
        Some of them want to be abused

        Loving my Saturday in Beijing…LOL.

      • Boris

        Agreed. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Almost all of my friends who’ve married Chinese people have divorced because of this reason. I met a Chinese guy who was cycling from Paris to London. We spoke about marriage, and he told me he had a domineering wife in Beijing. His parting words to me were, ‘Don’t get married’. I’ll never forget the expression on his face… shell-shocked… empty… as if he’d had the very life sucked out of him.

    • abc000

      I agree and that goes for us and europe too.
      Slavery anyone?

      • B

        abc 000: Hell no, my country is one of the most equal in the world. To the point of extreme, where we quotas women into, law enforcement, fire deparment, politics, companies, art, movie productions, music industry.

        Most gender equal countries in the world.
        38. China

        Top 9 all european nations, and you abc 000 compare China with Europe and claim that we have the same gender equality.
        Slavery? are you really taking this 200 years back in time? Or are you talking about the cheap labor goods produced in China, now who controls those workers what nation?.

        I strongly dislike when we people just throw something out there without having a single clue he’s talking about.
        “oh yeah !? but its just like in Europe it’s the same” No, it’s very much different.

      • donscarletti

        Slavery in Europe? Roman Empire’s been gone for a while now.

  • dim mak

    I wonder what Lady Hongjian thinks of this…

    • Tengu

      Oh boy…..that’s like releasing the Kraken!

      • She will show you chinasmakers fucks her 14 incher while I get paid. Fuck ya’ll.

    • Guangjoe

      He’s busy crawling on the ground….

  • typingfromwork

    Fuck this is stupid. Fucking post modernism, can’t stand this shit.

    • boy

      I can’t stand that 3 bastard also. Shame on you shit, shame to your family, to your generation…..

  • Yurp

    Hahaha oh wow, how can someone be that beta?

  • Robert from Sweden

    It puts more meaning to the phrase “to be a slave to the pussy”.

  • themig

    “Our countrymen’s understanding of respect is frequently to step on others, rather than raising oneself up.”

    i totally agree with this netizen. Chinese will see equality with Japanese,Singaporeans or American Born chinese. by stepping on their heads too. its the only way we mainlanders will be equal to them

    • donscarletti

      If you’re interested in American Born Chinese, check out [email protected], from what I’ve read, a bit of head stepping in that direction wouldn’t go astray.

  • Strange way to promote equality…

  • Starfox

    What did I walk into from Reddit?

    Anyways, I have no comment about this really. On how my GF told me guys treated her back in China, I guess they kinda deserve a little humiliation.

    but I agree with this poster “Our countrymen’s understanding of respect is frequently to step on others, rather than raising oneself up.”

    • themig

      and i bet this is the same sentiment CHinese women have of white women and western girls also. Chinese women will acheive equality with western women by stepping on their heads.except for black women. they already think they are superior to dark or black women

      • E Puff

        Not in America. In America when we yell at them they sit in the corner and cry. Or become extremely afraid. White women too. Everybody know that black women are the top dog in america and every woman is trying to emulate our strong characteristics, round bums, and lips.

        it’s actually a little irritating because they get all kinds of praised for imitating us.

        • Puffy…. I understand that you’ve got a massive chip on your shoulder about what a strong black woman is and all of that. but this comment is just ridiculous.

          Look at the most successful women in the US, how many of them got where they are by following BET and ghetto culture? How many of them got where they are by “hollering” on the streets? When it comes to strong characteristics, who do you think really emulates who to be successful?

          I’m not talking about stupid high schools kids of college kids or low-class retards, I’m talking about mature, stable successful women.

          And please don’t tell me you’re actually going to try and start a conversation about aesthetics based on race…..

          Big lips… When do you suppose that might have started? Maybe around the time that Angelina Jolie started topping lists of sexiest woman alive, when she became an international superstar, maybe when she hooked up with Brad fucking Pitt (even I have a guy crush on him). Yeah sure thing, you’re right it’s cause of black women….

          Round bums… My wife is Asian, she has a round bum, it’s springy, it’s firm and it’s perfectly average in size. So what’s your point? That a grotesquely over-sized butt is nice? That having an ass that looks like is the result of some deformity of the lower spine is attractive?

          Unsurprisingly, as a black woman, you’re blind to your own racism.

          Oops, I forgot, only Whitey can be racist right?

          • E Puff

            yes, whitey invented racism. but i will say that angelina made the top ten beauty list because of her full pillowy black woman’s lips. we are not going to mention how white women in america spend billions a year tanning themselves to be significantly darker.

            as for BET , it’s not ghetto culture. It’s just an entertainment channel geared toward entertainment and pandering to black americans. I don’t kn ow what you mean by hollaring in the street or any of those racial stereotypes you mention. lol please dude, get out of your trailer home every now and then. you are probably one of those fat old baldy white men with the asian wife who will divorce you as soon as she can apply for citizenship and take all of your money. they don’t really like your fat bald self.

          • E Puff

            i also find it amazing that a man can think he knows what women think, idiot.

          • “yes whitey invented racism”

            “you are probably one of those fat old baldy white men with the asian wife”

            “i also find it amazing that a man can think he knows what women think, idiot.”

            “the most vocal black american women make it very clear very publically that they only like black men”


            Racist, sexist, ignorant and blind to it…. You really think you’re a catch eh?

            Women tan themselves because having a tan looks healthier than not having one and healthy is beautiful/sexy…
            But if you really want to be racist about beauty, let’s look at the most popular or sexy black women in the world… How many are partially Caucasian or Asian? How many are really dark-skin instead of light-tanned?

            You say I’m throwing around racial stereotypes when you have the audacity to say that non-Black girls strive towards Black culture? According to you, BET represents Black culture…BET is the ghettoest channel on tv…. It’s worse than frigging Jersey Shore and I refuse to watch any kind of trash like those 2 things.


            Watch it and take the blinders off your ignorant racist eyes.

            PS. You really are slow on the uptake considering that you can easily find my photos by clicking my name and following the paths there….

          • TojoFan10000

            “BET is the ghettoest channel on tv…. It’s worse than frigging Jersey Shore”

            you were good until your euphemistic and politically correct way of words sprung a bullshit leak.

        • dim mak

          >black women are the least sought after by men, even black men prefer other women
          >she thinks strength is yelling at her subordinates
          >actually has the audacity to call others racist

          Some people never grow past high school.

          • E Puff

            i didn’t even see that remark. most people are afraid of black women, because so many black women don’t mince words . they are also afraid of being judged for dating outside of their race even though they are attracted to black women, what will people say? It depends on the person. but overall, the most vocal black american women make it very clear very publically that they only like black men (except a special few) and so, most people know it’s not even worth their time to try .

          • Patrick

            @E Puff

            I wasn’t afraid of black women, then I married one. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t her. Her mother was the SCARIEST bitch. The ex had some skills but alas it didn’t work and we divorced. She was still good to me years later, she just wasn’t the settle down type.

        • DRaY

          @E Puff,
          Black women aren’t on top of anything, except single mothers list… most black women in America are a hot mess, and a fucking disgrace…. Don’t make it seem like the majority are all Beyonce, Oprah and Condolezza….. You are funny.

        • Dat Ankle

          Nigga you must be blind to think that black women get any praise at all. Sure people what fat asses and nice thick lips like us, but black women are the bottom of the food chain with that shit. The only black women that will get praise is the light skin ones, everyone else can go home because we are always portrayed as loud, ugly, too black, fat, and ghetto. In American, white is might, and usless you a light skin black chick then you aint getting no praise. You must have missed the papers on that.

  • YaoZhao

    A good message (because China is one of the most chauvinist countries in the world) but raised in public in the totally wrong manner. If China’s women want to be treated as equals in marriage and in the work place, etc., then there needs to be some serious changes in social attitude.
    Steer away from tradition and head towards emancipation women of China, JIA YOU!

  • jeffli

    I hope this is not the best of what China art students have to offer their world.

    So Stoopid!

    • typingfromwork

      The art world is full of dipshits.

  • Dillon

    ONLY in China can you expect someone to post men grovelling at the feet of women and calling it “respecting women”. How stupid can you people actually be???

  • Rod

    Women’s rights? Good idea.

    These guys? Douchebags

    I think there are more productive ways to get stuff done, but then again my countrywomen burned their bras and most recently sat in a park to attempt to cause change. These guys look like they’re in a fashion show or some sort of promotional event.

  • Castro

    ‘Performance Art’ is supposed to be odd, quirky, strange, unsettling, eccentric, peculiar, weird and bizarre. I say- Mission Accomplished.


    I just hope that as they crawled around on hands and knees they occasionally made ‘woof,woof’ sounds; that would’ve given it just the right touch…

  • jiayi

    Chinese women in general have always been strong and have become stronger still over the years, but not in a particularly good way.

    ‘Our countrymen’s understanding of respect is frequently to step on others, rather than raising oneself up.’

    Exactly. Demanding your husband’s money and sucking cock to get where you want in life is NOT empowerment. It’s called social climbing, and it’s something the Chinese have perfected and pretty much have no problem with. For men it’s who you know. For women it’s who you blow.

    The thing with Chinese girls is that they are completely satisfied and happy with being the doctor’s WIFE, the lawyer’s WIFE, the CEO’s WIFE…not the doctor, the lawyer or the CEO!

    My good friend’s fiance who was head over heels in love with, just cheated on & dumped him literally out of the blue, just a month after meeting a rich old fart who owned a big house and 3 cars. Meanwhile my Chinese brother was sending her 1/2 his wages in rent which she was using for her and the sugar daddy’s love hotel. So it works both ways. Women in China have just as many rights as the males. They are educated and attend university and know what they want. Which is, money. They really irritate me. They have this very quixotic attitude to life and constantly whine that they want romance and to be treated like a lady, yet when any rich bugger comes along they get dollar signs in their eyes and turn into money grabbing hoes. It’s really sad and then they have this terribly cunty attitude about it. Refusing to sleep with your husband for months and then wanting to kill the woman who does. LOL.

    Sadly I think the netizens have failed to understand the irony of it all.

    • E Puff

      understand something gentlemen, women don’t necessarily care about wealth, they care about COMFORT. If you have a comfortable home for them/us we never want to leave, even if he has less than other men.

      luckily, some of us women have our own comfortable things.

      • swatdowg

        @E pUFF
        So what are you saying with this CONFORT idea….???

        • Queen Puffy up there is from the land of double standards…

          Where apparently it’s bad if a man cheats for some pussy on the side, but a woman is entitled to cheat for material gain.

          Next, she’ll try to tie in race….

          • E Puff

            oh, i already tied in race in some post below. you sure have me pegged lol.

          • Boris

            E Puff/Elijah…
            Kinda reminds me of the flick ‘Kentucky Fried Movie’:
            He was a short Hassidic Jew.
            Together they were… CLEOPATRA SCHWARTZ!
            …coming soon to a cinema near you.
            (it coulda been beautiful)

          • I hate to tarnish the awesome movie idea, but I’m not Jewish (despite the AWESOME name).

            WASP all the way, perfect target for Puffy’s racism.

        • E Puff

          that women want to be comfortable. Make a beautiful home, and she wiill cherish it and want to be there. What can rich men provide that poorer men often don’t think to provide? Rich men have COMFORTABLE homes or a comfortable lifestyle. You can m ake a comfortable home, and that will attract women there. It doesn’t have to be “rich” just nice and sweet.

    • dim mak

      >they are completely satisfied and happy with being the doctor’s WIFE, the lawyer’s WIFE, the CEO’s WIFE…not the doctor, the lawyer or the CEO!

      Sad but often true
      Some girls think their career is to be somebody’s wife

      • Snarl

        If a woman wants to be a housewife, there is nothing wrong with that.

        • epuff

          Snarl, I agree with you. I’m probably going to get blasted for this but If I could be a housewife, I WOULD (but only if it was a good man who knew how to be a good companion as my companion).

          The feminist movement had it wrong. Feminism’s idea is that, women can be happier and more successful by acting like men. It gave women the opportunity to create change in society, instead what we have is the idea that the putting on a suit, walking into an office, and being the boss is success. Some of the meanest nastiest people I have ever worked with were women!

          They try so hard to measure up to their male counterparts that they forget to be human. They are extremely cold.

          As women, we had the choice to make the world more like us, more softer, gentler and more comfortable we might have made things better. REAL CHANGE. Instead, we have women fighting alongside in wars — stupid. If we wanted to do something significant with our newfound power, we might have changed the way we settle our differences and maybe not have a need for war.

          Today, women not only have the responsibility of being housewives, but also being providers next to their husbands. Children are missing out on having a parent at home, because the moms are at work as soon as the child turns six weeks old. How is this good for society? Kids are raising themselves.

          As a working mum, I would have LOVED to stay home and raise the children while my husband worked. But unfortunately, he was functionally mentally ill (ie, as a businessman he could hold his job but he was still batshit crazy). So I had to leave him.

          So if you’re going to be equal to men, don’t bring children into the world until you can stay home with them.

          What we have today that women who were unequal did not have, was CHOICE. If you want to be a businesswoman, be a business woman. If you want to be a mother , STAY HOME and be a mother.


          • Dat Ankle

            Youre wrong on the feminist theory. It is true that women have to be mean in order to be successful, because then men won’t take us serious. Your entire comment is just so full of errors.

            Not every women is loving, gentle, or caring, and being mean has nothing to do with feminism, its called having a personality. And you think women being allowed into the military is stupid? Are you? The way the world works is that fighting does happen, placing women as the head of world leaders wouldnt change that one bit.

            My mom is a working women and she spends plenty of time taking care of me. Blaming women in having to work is fucking ridiculous, its not women fault that they dont have maternal leave in the States, you can blame that shit on the men in politics. Wtf is this not having children until you stay at home business. I didn’t know in other to qualify as a mother you can only be a stay at home mom. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?

            Feminism is about choice, you dont go around telling women what they can and cant do based on some bullshitted outdated theory.

    • Regina.

      I think everything you said is true, however there’s a reason why Chinese girls behave this way. I mean, shouldn’t there be?

      I personally believe Chinese girls are this way because they feel they have nothing else going for them. They’re insecure and they have extremely low self-esteem. Why? Because a lot of the time their family wanted a son, and I’ve noticed that when a family wanted son but ended up having a daughter, to “make up” for her being a girl, they’ll spoil her with money and material things. This doesn’t happen with the boys. Parents are less likely to spoil their sons rotten. Instead they push them to focus on their studies and their career. They push them to strive and become something. They don’t do this with their daughters, at least not to the point they do with their sons –

      This is because Chinese parents are opportunists. If they have a son, that’s great because he can go to college, get a good career, bring in the money and ultimately take care of them when they get older. But if they have a daughter, they think she’ll probably have a slim chance in the working world. Why would a female get hired over a male? I mean this IS the attitude that a lot of Chinese people have. So they figure they might as well spoil her when she’s young, and when she gets older make sure she marries a rich man. This happens all. the. time. and when living in China you’ll really begin to notice just how different a son is treated from a daughter, and what that does to their psyche. Of course any girl that’s showered in money and material things when she’s young will grow up to really value money – and being a female, she’ll learn that she can use her body and her looks to get money or other things that she wants.

      So in the end, I feel Chinese girls in this generation that are vapid, money hungry, selfish whores were created. They were made this way due to Chinese society putting the son/males first. It’s really not who they are but who they HAVE to be. Who they have to be to get anywhere in this world.

      • well maybe some are like that. When I was in college there are a lot of female Chinese students. I know a few of them get good grades but that really doesn’t mean a lot. No doubt a few will become world class.

      • jiayi


        Yeah well that’s true. The reason Chinese girls are that way, is basically down to the way Chinese patriarchy has played itself out for centuries and now men are facing the consequences. Girls are born eternally indebted to their parents simply because they are female. Chinese parents are notoriously openly critical of their children, I should know. Some think it toughens them up but mostly it just leads to low self esteem and feelings of resentment, which are then often channeled into unhealthily excessive interests, such as money – bingo. It’s true, Chinese girls are opportunists – and who can blame them? Do you want to live with a rich clean dude in a mansion or stand next to the unwashed guy shitting in the street? Who doesn’t want a comfortable life filled with the finer things? China is only just experiencing it’s first wave of the 2nd generation born of wealthy parents and the nouveau riche – there is no ‘old money’ in China. They are simply experiencing what has been happening for centuries in the West – finding and marrying a well to do man who could ‘take care’ of everyone and everything. Maybe after some time, they will wake up and see that there is more to life than fancy houses & trashy status symbols. But hey, if that’s what your goal in life is, hell, I say go get it.

        I don’t mean to downtalk the soulful Chinese women. I mean to downtalk the silly girls that follow suit and have never grown up. There are money grabbing golddiggers all over the world, not just in China. Maybe Chinese girls are simply saying what everyone else is thinking, and doing what they do best – copying each other. In case you haven’t noticed, if one sparks the bright idea, the others will soon follow. That’s kinda how they roll.

  • boy


  • Song of the Article

    Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon
    -Urge Overkill



  • equality don’t mean the other extreme, some sort of S&M reality. What.The.Fuck.

    Oh wait this is “art”. Oh also I recently saw some similar lame what.the.fuck performance “art” on youtube so fuck off.

  • Jesus

    I doubt they know what is equality. China women by all means are no simple. Equality? Bullshit!

  • k

    yeah…e puff I can assure you that whites and asians are really not trying to emulate black women….. the CDC just reported 71 percent of black women were single mothers with absent fathers…..maybe you shouldnt yell at your men and emasculate them so much and they would be more inclined to stick around.

    • E Puff

      bullshit, the yelling at the men is just a racial STEREOTYPE and that is another misquoted statistic of “71%” of black women being BOTH single and fatherless, what is this, adding both statistics together LOL just stupid. 71% of what number? So you are telling me, that roughly 18-20 million black women (there are a total of 39 million black people in america) don’t have fathers? What city was polled? Certainly every black woman was not included considering, no one ever asked me about my parents or my maritial status, so get out of here, bitch. Every black woman has a father, otherwise they would not be here.

      WE don’t put up with black men or their bullshit, and all of you white whores, that they run around with learn sooner or later, while you’re dreaming behind your father’s backs about stuffing somebody’s big black cock in your mouth, what black men are really like.

      1. Black men are MORE OPEN MINDED and will date women of any race. Whereas black women ONLY like black men. A very small percentage will even consider dating a man who is not black. We like our men! (myself excluded, they get on my nerves).

      So you have an imbalance of one side being open minded and the black women side, if you ask them them about dating other men they will be appalled. More black women today are starting to allow themselves to date other men and that will balance things more evenly.

      I find myself laughing at white women here in my city, when you end up with a black man and find out what he’s like. Many brothers are good people and they don’t get a lot of press but the ones who date white women (not that many date asian or chinese women, like my brother he finds all asian women extremely unattractive and specifically has dated black white and latina only), are usually the ones we don’t want.

      white women go to college to find a husband (you care about nothing else). While black women go to get an education. You all are the biggest whores on the planet, will fuck or suck anything, and are sexually immoral (in America), and then when you finally get a man to commit to your worn out pussies you try to become a housewife, pulling your ugly tow-headed kids around in a wagon like you are so good. I live and went to school with you, I know about the lifestyles you all have.

      My brother got his first blowjob from a white girl. My innocent nephew who was still a virgin, had aw white girl beg to give him a blow job. the family was pissed! Same thing happened to my teenage son, but he declined (or so he says). I just think you girls are slutty and black men are slutty and that’s why you are a perfect match made in slut hell.

      But understand something. Black men will not sacrifice for his family, he will put his own needs first. If he wants to have an affair, or leave you stranded with your kids to take care of another woman (ironically she may have kids with another man but he will leave his own to take care of hers), HE WILL DO IT. HIs happiness is paramount. Sometimes he is simply just being difficult to live with, I say, you bitches can have them. trust me, when you find out that oftentimes their dicks come in small packages just like any man of a different race, you’ll get enough. When you find out how they objectify sex, it just cheapens it.

      And yeah, we yell at them because they act like boys due to being coddled by mommy. All you hear is black men talk about how much they love their “mamas”. Even my handsome teenage sons do it, talk about how they want to live with me forever, and how they don’t want to get married and I tell them no, you will get married and take care of your family or you will not become a man so now they are more thoughtful of providing for someone else. They can live with me until they are 24 (when they finish college) and they must save all of the money they earn or move out.

      And by the way, I am a DIVORCED (now one of those single black women) and we already have our families and children which is all most women want anyway. I’m in no rush to get married again or have a boyfriend – inviting some man into my house will to bring me trouble. They can stay outside of the home as I would rather bring the dog inside and let him sleep in the dog house. I’m captain of this ship.

      • Song of the post


        No other comment.

        • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Some dumb bitch lost her man to a White girl and she’s got a hard-on against all other races!

          Good job on substantiating the stereotypes.

          Props for the good song DJ Capt.

          • E Puff

            who lost their man to a white girl? lol I hope that wasn’t to me. First, i would never so much as touch a man whose penis has been inside of a white girl’s whorish snatch.

          • mr. weiner

            umm… e puff, that last comment could have come straight out of leblanc’s mouth…chill out a bit and don’t let them provoke you.

          • epuff

            never, mr. weiner but thank you. I already can tell by how elijah jumped in on the race conversation on some other topic that he is a typical north american racist. I really don’t like american white women — well i like some because many of my friends are white and i don’t like american white males, can’t stand them actually and don’t see how asian people find them so fascinating. american blacks kind of see them the way a chinese person see a japanese person. Just don’t like them.

            On the other hand, I like europeans. not saying that they don’t have issues, but less than americans in general. so when i come across an “elijah” type, my dislike for them comes spewing out.

            americans in general are ignorant and retarded.

          • Again with the ignorance and stereotypes…

            “I just can’t help being racist cause…. cause I just don’t like other races. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate all of them, I have some friends from a different race. I just really hate people from another cause they’re all the same. Elijah is a secret racist cause he responded to my obviously racist comments.”

            Are you serious?!?


          • epuff

            Elijah, stop replying to everything I type. I don’t fucking like you, HONKEY, now go the fuck away. Moving forward, I will not reply to your rubbish. Go blow yourself.

          • Awwwwwwww look at her!

            She’s so cute! Yes, she is! Trying to use a racial slur like that cause she has nothing else to say.

            Who’s got a sad clowny face? You do!

          • mankouzanghua

            E Puff, whatever color you are, you’re a racist. If you honestly don’t believe you’re racist then you might be mentally handicapped as well.

        • dim mak

          >this thread
          >race relations in america
          >my face

          • epuff

            Dim Mak, you make the perfect statement.

            it is race relations in america. Typical race baiting honkey like elijah biting on my every word, looking for fault. Kind of how white people follow black people around in america, looking for fault. Making assumptions and stereotypes, and my thinking he’s a piece of shit in the street. That’s pretty much how it goes.

            this whole thing with elijah started because someone on here called me a nigger (probably Elijah under a different name), and he attacks me for responding with a video link about the black woman’s history of strength, claiming it had no effect on him. Obviously, he was the person who wrote the slur otherwise he would not have gotten so defensive about a video that had nothing to do with him. Thus, starting the bickering.

            If it wasn’t him then he should not have stuck his nose or his viewpoint about the video (like i asked for his fucking analysis) which is meant to inspire my people and also as a retort to the person (elijah) who wrote the slur. the cracker should have kept his cracker views to himself. I can’t stand whitey, i hate the way they look, their smell, that nasally whiny voice they speak in like women. I hate the way they walk. they are massively annoying. everything about them is grotesque and terrible. their red ugly faces. There are many exceptions to this feeling I have, until someone like Elijah comes along to remind me that I actually hate them. Elijah can go to hell in a handbasket because he will get no civility from me. He is wasting his time because a honkey is not worth talking to. If I could, I would send blast them all into the stratosphere and watch them burn on reentry. Fuck him.

            I don’t have a problem with white people. I have a problem with AMERICAN white people.

          • dim mak


            Everyone should read E Puff’s posts and take a moment to appreciate America’s diverse society

          • epuff

            appreciate it all you want. because when it comes down to it, when it comes to my being an american, born there and my family being in this country for HUNDREDS of years, douchebag’s ancestors probably came well after mine.

            I don’t speak to white people unless it is absolutely necessary and even then it is like pulling my teeth because i hate the way their beady bird eyes are peering at me. Am I nuisance in our society? no, because i don’t look for white peoiple and go out of my way to avoid them. otherwise, they may know me as the pleasant black woman because I am kind and charitable to others. Does this mean I like them? no. it means I behave like a lady. If white people stay where they are and leave me alone, then I have no quarrel with them.

            But they absolutely insist on having their opinion, i would rather they just die than talk to me.

          • epuff

            …and one more thing. I’m done posting here. seems like I can’t get away from white people EVEN on a chinese forum. I may still read some articles from time to time because it is all so interesting, but as far as interacting – I would much rather not.

            Good luck! Or Jia You!

          • donscarletti

            The greatest part about epuff’s racism is that she’s arguing with a Hong Kong/Chinese guy (dim mak) and she’s lamenting that she has to endure white folks like him.

          • epuff

            sigh. i wasn’t arguing with dim mak. even if he was taking a shot at me. the point is that, we are talking about race in america because of race baiting by elijah. i often mention my race in some topics because my race has a lot to do with my viewpoint. so i tend to preface my comments. perhaps i shouldn’t.

            i’m just saying that the undue hostility stems from elijah’s presence and him making race an actual issue. notice, there have been other white people here that i had no problem with over the past few weeks, and some I have been able to amicably disagree with. but then all it takes is one and it’s that same personality type malingering about in this country and abroad. i can’t stand that type of person and that’s it. So i’ll let that be said, and that’s it.

            p.s. many of you do not understand what “racism” means.

            a black person cannot be racist. I am PREJUDICED, perhaps bigoted because I do see many people as being the same. But if anyone of those same people walked into my business I would treat them the same as a person of any other race, despite my dislike.

            A person who is racist, acts on his prejudice. And that is the difference.

          • “Honkey”



            “I can’t stand whitey, i hate the way they look, their smell, that nasally whiny voice they speak in like women. I hate the way they walk. they are massively annoying. everything about them is grotesque and terrible. their red ugly faces”

            “i would rather they just die than talk to me.”

            “a black person cannot be racist.”

            “stems from Elijah’s presence and him making race an actual issue”

            ” i often mention my race in some topics because my race has a lot to do with my viewpoint.”


          • moop

            i doubt you are american epuff. americans never, ever ever EVER use the word “mum”. you’re a liar. but you are a racist

      • Pilot 82

        Was with you there on some points until you started dissing Black men Puff…You may be jaded by some past experiences with them….but that is no reason to paint all with the same brush judging by some of your statements…There are Black fathers out there who don’t fall into your stereotype…They do sacrifice for family and put there needs first…have you come to think that the failed relationships with Black men were also a reflection of your attitude? It takes two to tango.

        • E Puff

          i actually prefaced my statement with this “Many brothers are good people and they don’t get a lot of press but –”

          I was referring to one type of man. And why do people assume that some woman is jaded? bad people come in all shapes sizes races and colors. In this instance, I was referring to one type of man since the idiot tried to make a uninformed point about why black men date women of other races, which is simply that they are open minded and black women for the most part are not interested in men who are not b lack.

  • Regina.

    I can understand why they chose to do it this way. There are many ways to promote equality and show the public just how women aren’t treated or even seen as equal, but this way too makes sense. I guess it’s meant to represent how women are treated as objects/possessions/property. How even though it’s 2012, females are still held to different standards than males, and all of this is oppressive. The men being on leashes, crawling on their knees is, I suppose, a turning of the tables. Instead of a woman being controlled and forced to fit a certain image, these men are being controlled in a very degrading way at the hands of a woman, literally. I think the Chinese people that commented on this think it’s stupid and disrespectful without trying to understand the meaning or psychology behind it. It’s not saying that men are worthless or are less than women. It’s meant to say THIS is how men treat women, so how do you feel when you see it the other way around? Actually I think this was a bold move.

    Anyway. Sexism still exists in China and girls are still held to different standards (world-wide, not just in China). Or double standards if you will. I don’t care if a few Chinese guys are pussy whipped. I think it’s driven into Chinese people’s skulls that men are the default gender.

    • donscarletti

      The thing is though, “satiric reversal”, as my English teacher called it, has never been an effective communication method.

      Suppose for instance after the Srebrenica massacre, you want to make the Serbs feel sad for the Bosniaks killed and support making peace. So what you do is go to Belgrade and show a film where Bosnian militia guns down 16,000 Serbian men, women and children (double that killed at Srebrenica). What effect will this have? My guess is it would be great propaganda for the warhawks as the populace always suspected the Bosniaks wanted to kill them anyway and this would play to the fear that all jerks are driven by.

      The second reason it doesn’t work is the mixing of reversal and exaggeration. Not only would nearly all men be unwilling to lead a woman around on a dog leash, most men, including chauvinists and sexists would mercilessly beat the shit out of any fellow male they saw doing something that. It could simply be brushed aside by saying “but that’s not what men do to women”, and they would be right.

      For some reason, certain people, instead of trying to think about how their message is coming across, tend to blame others for taking it at face value. This is evidence of poor communication skills and a stunted sense of empathy. Sadly, these days, the torch of feminism is largely carried by women who simply lack the requisite empathy to understand males, their thoughts and emotions and their role in society.

      If you want to make men identify with oppressed women, you need to find yourself a your own “tragic octoroon” character, someone who they can identify with that is oppressed by men. The best example in this is actually a man’s sister, I’m sure no man would want to see a sister having her potential squandered by a chauvinist husband or boyfriend, I certainly wouldn’t. Work along those lines and you might reach more people.

    • OMG Regina with an semi insightful comment without resorting cursing China or Chinese men. Bravo!

  • lxpatterson

    What is the difference between performance art and drama? This guy is like a street busker with a social conscience, it’s not exactly “fine art”.


    oh thats to show that Girls should be equal ?

    first look i was thinking it shows mans current situation in Chinese society, and to make man equal but OK

    its art isnt it

  • Kim Lee

    Although I think I understand the point they were trying to make, I believe they failed. It didn’t generate much discussion about gender equality as people fixated on the literal aspects, not the “symbolic”.
    And on a more personal note, I’m not exactly sure why this was claimed to have been inspired by my case. Trust me, LY doesn’t have “deep seated gender equality issues”. He thinks everyone (of both genders) is inferior to him.

  • TojoFan10000

    i would never put my face in contact with shoes which have been used to walk on Chinese public sidewalks, never the less kiss them. chinese air is a health hazard within itself.

  • moop

    if money could be personofied the chinese would come from around the globe to lick boot

  • Follow the path of Female Supremacy!
    It is our one and only future.


    I thought this kind of madness was a Western thing. I guess China won’t be taking over the world after all. WHITE POWER!!

  • Bj Junaidi

    Waw,, dont know what to say to that

  • Big Ears Tututoo.


  • This is more into the realm of humiliation, dominance and submissiveness, NOT equality even if it is art. Respect and equality are earned between the sexes. Women hold quite a fair bit of power in Chinese society, and if they want to be treated equally to men, they have to first deserve it and stop trying to force their husbands to be their little puppies.

    Yes, domestic abuse and violence is a terrible thing, there should be harsher laws and police involvement and not police walking away saying it’s a private matter. Not trying to show through art that men should be submissive to women as then Chinese men will be wussy pussies.