38-Year-Old Chinese Virgin Seeks Husband, No Sex After Marriage

38-year-old Chinese virgin Tu Shiyou has gone online to look for a husband. Here, she holds her certificate of virginity.

From Mop:

“Goddess of Chastity” Seeking Husband: Public Servants & Virgins Preferred, No Sex for 3 Years

On March 20th, the 38-year old “Goddess of Chastity” Tu Shiyou publicly advertised for a life partner, preferring Party members, public servants and virgins, without any sex before marriage, and no sex life during the first 3 years of probation after marriage. Her marriage hunting drew attention from many netizens. “Another Sister Feng has arrived.” Netizens exclaimed how on earth could a man endure such a test? The Goddess of Chastity will become the Leftover Warrier.

At 3:58pm that day, soon after this news has been released, it has been forwarded for almost ten thousand times in around an hour, up till 10:20pm, it has been forwarded for 47,640 times, commented for 21,091 times.

“Go look on Mars.” “Just be an unmarried woman for the rest of your life.” Most netizens think with her terms for marriage she’ll find no man. And with the attitude of spectators looking for amusement, netizens decisively forwarded/spread the news. “Another Sister Feng has arrived”, “pure publicity stunt,” and various netizen comments started flying.

“It’s the first time I’ve made public my search for a husband since becoming famous.” During a phone interview with Tu Shiyou that night, she acknowledged it was posted by herself, because not long ago she had been persuaded by others that its time to get married and she herself also thinks that she’s already 38 years old and has no more time to wait. So she turned to marriage hunting in hopes she can quickly find happiness [marriage], but never thought the reaction would be so big.

Regarding her 6 conditions for marriage, Tu Shiyou says she wants to keep her ideal of virginity before marriage, and hopes her future husband would share the same ideal, so she asks for “absolutely no sexual acts before marriage, virgin men preferred.” As for why Party members and public servants are preferred, “Their style are usually more decent and upright, and tend to like a pure and clean female like me.” She says she’s 38 and still keeps her virginity, which will attract men like this.

In the face of large numbers of netizens accusing her of seeking fame, Tu Shiyou expressed denies it.

From Sina Weibo:

贞操女神: “Marriage Hunting” I’m 38 years old, master’s degree, virgin. Now looking for a life partner nation wide: 1. Honest and upright, Party members preferred. 2. Has an honest job, no previous marriage, civil servants preferred. 3. Under the age of 40, master’s degree or higher. 4. No sexual contact before getting married. 5. No sex life during the first 3 years of marriage as probation, only after probation can there be husband & wife thing. 6. Virgins are preferred. No exceptions for terms 1-5, any interested men please leave a comment. [害羞]

38-year-old Chinese virgin Tu Shiyou's online marriage advertisement has attracted plenty of Chinese netizen attention.

Comments from Sina Weibo:

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So joyful! Three years of probation after marriage where you still can’t have a sex life! Two people lying on the bed counting stars?


Terms 1 to 4 are considered high standards, term 6 is simply a delusion and wishful thinking, so I won’t comment further. But… the fifth requirement, of no sex life during the first 3 years of marriage, well… sister, it would make a man impossible to live with you on earth. Advertising for marriage is a big deal, so you should also be cautious with your requirements! I suggest you delete it! For your sake!


Looking for Party members make sense, communism believers don’t eat earthly things, made of special materials, fact is most captured Party officials are found having concubines.


Fuck, the front door of the loony bin probably wasn’t closed tight and out escaped you, right?!


Term 5 means not fulfilling a wife’s duty.


Respectfully request Goddess of Chastity to keep your virginity to death, to be an example of a holy virgin for China. You’ve already endured for 38 years, just endure 12 more years and it’ll pass, and after you pass away, have the virginal membrane mounted and auctioned to establish a virgin fund.


Instead of advertising for a marriage partner, you’d be better off applying for the Guinness World Record for “The Most Long-lived Virgin” and who knows, it might even make it easier for you to achieve your goal…


Ha-ha! This lady is either hyping herself [seeking fame], or she has a mental disease and need to see a shrink!


Goddess, I basically meet your requirements, but I humbly think, every day I’d rather watch AV [adult videos] and masturbate than to have sex with you.


Damn, shows up another shameless publicity stunt maker, shameless enough to be invincible.


Has personality, only she’s ugly!


Why does other people marriage hunting bother you? Just don’t go apply, why the hell call her names? Everybody has the right to choose their way of life. Even if she’s torturing herself, she’s not forcing any man to marry her. Don’t understand why you’re call her names.


Yet another who wants to be famous, using this method is rather disgusting.


If Sheldon came to China and joined the Party, he would be your ideal husband.

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  • lmao

    she’s definitely not welcome on my sofa

  • dim mak

    Enjoy never passing on your genes lady

  • dogbert

    She looks like an old hound dog.

  • Jeff

    hahahaha oh god this shit is hilarious

  • yay

    she’ll probably find that type of man who can fulfill all her requirements in Japan lol ….oh and SOFA !

  • Chinkicide

    Yee, yee, support 0-child policy.

    • Interested

      Karma is good thing.

  • so the first three years she can be one’s maid.

  • dim mak

    >Honest and upright,
    >Party members preferred

    haha oh wow
    missed it the first time

    • I know right?

      It’s like so many things pounding into your brain with the absurdity of it all and that one just floors you hahahaha.

      1. She’s already 38 and only wants under 40 men…. Gonna happen.
      2. No sex for 3 years after marriage….. Gonna happen.
      3. Dog face 38 year old woman looking to get married…. Gonna happen

      4. Wants a government official who’s pure, virginal and upright………….. PFFFFFFFTTTT BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      What a wasted life… my God.

      • mr. wiener

        O.K the armless chick has definitely got my vote now. Even if Ms. Tu didn’t have a no-nookie clause in the marriege she is definitiely a “Tu”-bagger [oh god, another bad pun, I’m a Filipino for certain]
        The Qing dynasty mummy probably isn’t a party member, but he was a government official. The sex thing wouldn’t be a problem even if he’s got a permanent stiff. [Shit , back to Manila for me]

      • notorious

        awww she’s not a dog face at all. seriously. i do think she has odd face posture though. i think it’s due to mental illness. there’s a vacant look to her eyes. i think with some makeup and a nice hair do she’d be fine.

        and you’re right. 30s is the worst age to search for a husband, or even a boyfriend. for one, most men are already married at that age. 20s is the time to date. 30s is the time to mate. 40s…well that’s usually when people start thinking about divorce so she might have better luck with a man over forty or fifty.

        • Johnny Basic

          Most Chinese people have a vacant look in their eyes, to be fair.

      • Alan

        As opposed to shagging every guy in sight, and getting pissed every weekend?

        • terroir

          There is a fine line, and then there’s outrageous over-compensation and extremism.

          You must have had a tough time working with watercolors.

          • Alan

            There is a fine line, and then there’s outrageous over-compensation and extremism.

            And ne’er the twain shall meet, eh?

          • terroir

            Are you just being obvious spouting cliches, are are you speaking about your ongoing feud with Elijah?

          • Alan

            Are you just being obvious spouting cliches

            Perhaps. But are you saying she is bad for remaining a virgin, and not pushing a pram around at 16, smoking a fag, and working towards anklebiter number 2 to bleed more welfare? I may be a socialist, but fair play to her, she at least works for her living.

            are are you speaking about your ongoing feud with Eli jah?

            That is upto him, my email is publically available. I won’t make my phone number known for obvious reasons.,

          • @ Terroir

            Don’t feed the Retarded Stalker Troll.

      • fabulous

        This is not absurd but logical; bordering on genius.

        From looking at her photos and both rounds of comments, she isn’t most men’s idea of desirable. This means that she will find it hard to be choosy when picking partners for marriage or even sex. Why should she have sex with men who aren’t her ideal? So she has spent her 38 years doing what she wants. Not a desperate woman sleeping with desperate men. Good for her.

        Eventually she recognizes that the second half of life will be more secure with dual incomes. Even more secure with a government income. How then will she, with a face like that, ever be able to secure this sort of man?

        She intelligently advertises for a gay man seeking a beard. Who else is both able to fulfill those criteria and happy to do it? A gay man who is being hounded by his family to get married. By not specifically advertising for a gay man, he gets to keep face and maintain any charades he has in place (He’s too wild for one woman. He’s married to his job. He spends all his time on foreign message boards commenting about how the proud Han should stand up for themselves against Amerikkka.) and she gets security without having to have sex with a reject whose money isn’t even enough to lure a woman.

        What a brilliant woman… but you are right Elijah, without God it is still a wasted life.

        • notorious

          that’s a good theory. plus, she could always buy a dildo to replace a man in a situation like that. brilliant!

    • Interested

      >Honest and upright,
      >Party members preferred

      Well, western propaganda brain-washed people certainly will not believe.

      If you live in China, you will noticed that party members are much better citizens than ordinary people.

      Bashing them you want. During the war, their strength will match that of SS.

      • Harland

        So, during the war, they will massacre Jews by the thousands? Good Party members, always doing what’s best for China.

      • Anon

        Who needs western propaganda when we have scary people like you?

      • Brett Hunan

        Lol keep this shit up. havent seen you post on cSMACK before but I am formally inviting you back. Let your remaining days and comments be plentiful.

      • dim mak


        You’re right I’m a brainwashed western dog

        Now you should tell the real Chinese people their party members are better citizens than them and will turn into the SS during war

      • terroir

        “Party members have better lives than ordinary people”

        Yes. The best way to serve the people is to have better priviledges and opportunities than them. Who needs this democracy thing?

      • Chinkicide

        I agree with him actually. Party members play a huge role in the chinese population control. Forced abortion, forced eviction, etc.
        Just take a look on this female chinese.
        Also a big hail to the chenguans for similar reasons.

  • eattot

    she must suffer a lot from fighting against her lust, or would not be so aged as a virgin, even 38.

    • Medical Advisor

      I think she knows principles of lust very well.

    • El negro pedro

      Well she has an excuse for her face, what is yours?

      • Alan

        Dude, eattot looks cute, I’d love to take her out for a few beers…

        • Chinkicide

          Low standards you have there, dude.
          O wait, you need those beers for ..
          Ok, now it makes sense.

          • Alan

            Low standards you have there, dude.

            Then what are your standards, brother?

          • mr. wiener

            A shaven head with an SS rune tattooed on it no doubt.

      • eattot

        i do not wanna waste one word to ugly or boring men, hope no any reply from u !!!

        • Alan

          Yeah like that is my real photo,lol.

          Hope not any replies? These are public forums right here?

          I only said you look cute, take it up with the OP’s?!

          • notorious

            Alan, much respect due. You handled rejection like a man and not like some kid with a bruised ego. a stupid guy would have tried to call her a name.

          • eattot

            i did not write that to you but to El negro pedro …
            i know its not your photo,in fact every time i see your photo it makes me laugh, so funny, hahahaha!
            when i was in school, they called me a lan…..

          • Alan

            a stupid guy would have tried to call her a name.

            Thanks man, my bad!

          • 平凡人

            I second that, I think eattot is cute too. That guy must be from mars.

    • notorious

      my best friend was a virgin into her 30s and she was horny all the time. we had a laugh once because she was in her car and saw a homeless man masterbating in an alley, stopped, rolled her car windows down and watched hahahaha.

      but i think as in my case, i haven’t had sex since … ouch, late 90s (i usually just say 10 years to save myself some embarrassment). So I won’t say her standards are unrealistic other than waiting 3 years AFTER marriage which is just nonsensical. Why not just date for 3 years then get married? A trial is what DATING is for.

      Besides, I don’t think this woman is ugly at all. i think she just needs a bit of makeup. she’s just frumpy. me on the other hand, I look sexy all the time just in case i change my mind i want to have the right underwear on haha.

      oh yeah, that Miss Feng is really unfortunate. Her hair is too flat. i hope she finds the love she’s looking for.

      • eattot

        how old r u, may i know?
        there is an old virgin in my office too, once she asked me how sex feels like…..hahahahaha!
        in fact, i think most of people live in loneliness and no enough sex life at all.

        • Alan


          You make some good points. I believe it is more common than we can know.

        • notorious

          I’m about the same age as the lady in this article. I’m 37 years old.

          My only advice to a younger woman is youth goes quickly so enjoy this time now :) get plenty of sleep every night and stay out of the sun, it will cause you to age quickly and get wrinkles. At my age I don’t have a single wrinkle on my face and still look fresh.

          • eattot

            i live in anxiety these days…it’s impossible not to worry for a girl at my age. marriage, career, money…but now much better, i made up my mind already.
            i look young too, hehe! i have a lolita heart because. hahaha!

          • mr. wiener

            Neither of you ladies should sell your selves short. But just remember to have fun. Life is for living as tomorrow we are worm food. :)

          • Alan

            Cold water on the face each morning, I do believe that also helps preserve facial skin….god, I sound like a metrosexual, lol.

          • notorious

            alan, i haven’t heard that one but i have heard that bathing in hot water ages the skin so perhaps i might deduce that the opposite is true :) I’ll give it a try for a week and see what happens. If i can take cold water!

        • Jeffli

          “there is an old virgin in my office too, once she asked me how sex feels like…..hahahahaha!


          I think threres a few ol’ Virgins here on this thread too hahaha!
          no not you, I mean not that I know or don’t know you a….. errrr I mean about the others … errrrr gosh ……. I guess what I’m….trying …errrr …..hmm………the men! yes! errrr I was was errrr referring to the men……. oh gosh, lord! I did it again …… very “four weddings and a funeral” isn’t it?

      • dim mak

        10 years? You don’t look so bad in your old pic
        Get yoself a MAN girl

        • notorious

          lol dim mak. i have a few “suitors” out there but i’m holding out for a man who i believe genuinely loves me. And for someone i genuinely respect.

      • Foreign Devil

        Uh why haven’t you had sex in over 10 years? Are you frigid or do you do something to scare guys away??

        • notorious

          i took a vow of celibacy after my divorce so i won’t be choosing the wrong man based on physical attractive. one year turned into two, two into four and next thing you know i was trapped in this weird sexless vortex. physically, i look more attractive and more polished than i did when i was younger and had too many guys chasing me, but then i think i emit some strange vibe that scares guys. one man told me a few years ago that he was “so in love” with me but didn’t think he was good enough and feared that i was too successful for him (many years ago when we were friends and flirting). Either that is the problem or its the fact that if i like a guy , i hide my feelings, bury them deep because i don’t want him to know. i fear i might be reading something that’s not there and maybe he does not like me and i’ll end up being embarrassed. the special guy has to make the first move and make it clear that he wants me. otherwise, i’ll just continue to hide. SEE THAT, i overthink the whole fucking process.

  • Ah Q

    Sex would not be a problem because her look makes me flaccid. But maybe Dashan wants her.

    • roflstomp

      We all know he’s been with other men.

      • Love it!

      • Patrick

        Actually didn’t know… I mean has the look, married a popular beautiful actress, oh trophy wife closet case. Yeah I gotcha. But is it true or B.S.?

    • Rod

      Haha. I’d pay to see that.

  • now in this case send her to the blak man or white man

    • A GUY

      Uhh. No thanks.

  • Ah Q

    Or she can have a ghost marriage with the Qing dynasty mummy.

  • moop

    even if there was some 40 year old guy who has never had sex, do you think he’d wanna save it for someone with than punim?

  • jeffli

    Well I tell you what!
    If I did marry her then 3 years and one night later, I would strip her down, dress her up to look like Dr. Frankenfurter from “the Rocky horror picture show” [cheap make up and fishnet skockings style]
    and empty my blue nads with her
    teaching her
    everything I know
    everything I don’t know but heard about
    and then we’d surf the net and do everything that can be found on a web site with xxx on it!

    Yup she looks hot! I reckon once she starts she’d never stop!
    consider me her potential “dam buster” her “yin” energies will flow with me!
    seriously I gotta see her in fishnets kneeling before me undoing and sliding out my patent leather belt and handing it to me then telling me how naughty she feels as her deep breaths flow over my turgid ,,,,…………..
    well now you know what I’m getting at…
    and as she is currently inactive I bet she does not shave down…… there.
    hoo my haa! no. 1 bby!
    hot hot hot hot hot!
    She will be my venus! yeah she’s got it!

    • mr. wiener

      Bluuurgh…! Oh god ,I just threw up inside my mouth and had to swallow it again…… XO

      • jeffli

        thanks for the kiss and hug “XO” but I don’t do guys. not into sword fighting. lol

    • Alan


      I cannot deny, I like the way your mind works man!

      Good post!

    • Foreign Devil

      This proves that there is a man for every woman. Especially in China were women are in short supply.

  • typingfromwork


  • whichone

    maybe she was a he, takes a few years to adjust after operation


    By the looks of her, I think she’ll remain a virgin for the next 38….lol.

  • Hi: Tu Shiyou:
    I have not had sex for 10 years, but unforunately I’m over yor required age limit as I am 58 years old. But I do commend your statements as they are in line with Jesus’ teachings.

    • Feces Masticator

      Bwahahahaha! You’re an idiot.

      • lonetrey

        Why? You’re as much of an idiot as he is.

        So if his reasonable life choices are idiotic, so are yours. If not, then you don’t have a problem.

    • pervertt

      Jesus said to hold out for 40 yo virgin Party members?

      That doesn’t sound quite right to me.

      • whichone

        I think he is talking about Jesus Gonzales, his Mexican friend, not the middle eastern dude portrayed as a white dude, promising to return to earth but was busy last two thousand years.

    • Foreign Devil

      Jesus was always having hot bath’s with his male “disciples”. Of course he didn’t have sex with women! Baptism was just a metaphor for initiating those male disciples in the bath with manhood.

      • Truth Hurts

        Belittle Jesus all you want, that’s fine – you’ve had and have nothing to fear from Christians – we don’t have to defend or come to his rescue over Words! But lets see how brave you and your Words really are!!!

        What about AhhLaa and his prophet MO?
        Do you belittle them in public?
        R U chicken?
        Or Is It – that all the false g ods don’t bother your inner spirit and there is no physical disturbance in you from these false deitys names?

        When you hear / think of Jesus; who is the Way, the Truth and the Life; the Son of “YahWeh the Most High” Is that when you start losing it?

        Living on sinking sands!
        In the end Satan (evil) will be cast into the Lake of Fire and those who choose to follow that crafty, lying deity and his ways – will follow!

  • lonetrey


    If Sheldon came to China and joined the Party, he would be your ideal husband.”

    LMAOO I laughed so hard at that!

    Also, she’s got extremely unrealistic standards. But I’ll give this to her: she’s already more interesting than all the girls I know.

  • navighost

    So three years of just blowjobs AFTER marriage? Sounds sweet.

  • [email protected]

    This is actually the complete list of her requirements (TRUE):

    “Marriage Hunting” I’m 38 years old, master’s degree, virgin. Now looking for a life partner nation wide: 1. Honest and upright, Party members preferred. 2. Has an honest job, no previous marriage, civil servants preferred. 3. Under the age of 40, master’s degree or higher. 4. No sexual contact before getting married. 5. No sex life during the first 3 years of marriage as probation, only after probation can there be husband & wife thing. 6. Virgins are preferred. 7. Must pee sitting down. 8. Must keep genitals tucked between his legs at all times. 9. Prefer that I can shave my husband’s beard myself, prefer non-heavy-beard types, prefer non-hemophiliac types. 10. No eye contact during my “special time”. 11. Must sleep in separate bed, must provide separate bed, must share separate bed with my grandfather. 12. Must be able to cook and clean, prefer vegetarian, uncircumcised vegans also especially preferred. 13. Must keep himself clean. 14. Must not smoke. 15. Born-again Christian’s preferred, born of virginal parents also preferred, baptized in lake of fire preferred. 16. Must have been born by way of C-section delivery, breach delivery also OK. 17. Must not drink. 18. Good driver preferred, gives way to other virgins preferred, merging with other lanes forbidden.

    • jiayi

      ‘Good driver preferred, gives way to other virgins preferred’

      lol I can’t even.

    • blackflagnation

      lol…I’m surprised she didn’t add “farts must be silent and be of pleasant odor” to her crazy list of requirements

    • terroir

      “15. Born-again Christian’s preferred, born of virginal parents also preferred, baptized in lake of fire preferred. ”

      Inspired. We should make a list of her list of requirements when she comes around looking for a husband again ten years from now.

      Anyway, if she’s looking to hook up with Jesus there’s a way, it’s called getting “nun”.

    • mr. wiener

      Great post! :)

  • Ryo

    This chick pass the “sell by” date long ago. She could demand all she wants but no normal man will get near that rusted hole she calls a virgina.

    Another thing is any chick who’s gives a list of ‘demands’ for boyfriends should also provide a list of her ‘offerings’ as well. And I can’t really see what this chick can offer except more ‘rules’ that’s not listed.

    • notorious

      wha’ts wrong with a list? What if it said

      1.) I want to get married to some guy. Don’t mind if he’s ugly or overweight.
      2.) Must be willing to allow me to support both of us.
      3.) will give him a blow job twice a day.
      4.) will serve him hand and foot. Hello!

      i bet he wouldn’t mind a list like that.

      • But the difference between your list and her list is that your list is compatible with the laws of supply and demand.

        Is there a huge demand for mentally deficient, cold-fish old maids with weird faces? No…

        Is there a huge demand for MILFs who like to take care of their husband and brings in some dough? HELL YES!

        Bugatti can charge whatever they like because their products are the envy of the world, literally mobile pieces of art and science alchemically combined into heavenly bliss.

        Chery on the other hand is liable to kill you with their cars and are worth exactly what you pay for them (something around 20,000RMB). If they were to charge as much as a Bugatti Veyron, then they’d be scorned and laughed at just as much as this silly person.

        Supply and demand, everything in Nature follows it.

        • notorious

          Elijah you are always so analytical. i was just having some fun with the comment about a woman with a list. which going back now, i realize i misread ha.

          • True, I can’t help it.

            I see the situation as it is and then the patterns and under-currents jump out at me.

            Not that I’m apologizing, I’d say it’s better than childish innuendo and/or bald-faced stupidity.

            No worries, I was having some fun with you as well, hence the colourful metaphors used (Veyron, QQ).

            Pleasure as always..

        • Alan

          Chery on the other hand is liable to kill you with their cars and are worth exactly what you pay for them (something around 20,000RMB). If they were to charge as much as a Bugatti Veyron, then they’d be scorned and laughed at just as much as this silly person.

          Hahaha, so predictable, you divert from a virgin onto your usual source of hatred, some things never change, oh goateed one!

          Your hatred will consume you whole eventually and I doubt even your wife can save you from yourself, that is fact.

        • sudon’t

          As you say, scarce commodities command high prices. What is a scarce commodity in China?
          Answer: females.

      • donscarletti

        Point 2 I think most guys might be offended by. While most men would never object to a second source of income for the couple and a wife who is less bored, “support both of us” kind of sounds like what a chauvinist man would say when he wants his wife to quit her job so the dinner can be on the table when he gets back. This would make most men feel emasculated.

    • Chinkicide

      “Another thing is any chick who’s gives a list of ‘demands’ for boyfriends should also provide a list of her ‘offerings’ as well. ”

      Essential and outstanding idea.
      But how you going to teach female chinese this?

      • sudon’t

        Chinese females know they have the upper hand. Scarce commodities command high prices.

        • Qiu Shi Sheng

          Only if the dude is fugly and has no potential… I have a friend who is just like you complaining day and night about Chinese chicks digging gold… and never lift a finger to actually make some real financial progress in life.

    • Agreed.

  • Harland

    Honestly, how is this much different from average Chinese sex life?

    1. First date, introduced by friends.
    2. Second date. Job interview for marriage, full disclosure of salary and family’s wealth.
    3. Third date, basically engagement if she accepts the results of 2. above.
    4. Three months later, marriage.
    5. Sex on wedding night.
    6. Second sex on some other night, which results in a successful pregnancy.
    7. Man is, thereafter, celibate. Woman refuses sex as she already has what she wants (a child) and sees no further need for sex. Moreover, she sees sex as bad for her husband’s health (as per Confucian principles of “too much yang”) and will not see her meal ticket’s health endangered.

    I know way too many Chinese couples who are EXACTLY this way. Why on earth would a Chinese woman endanger her health by having sex when she already has a child? Too much yang makes you sick. It’s been proven by science, and if you doubt me, consult Baidu Answers where this topic has been discussed at length.

    • notorious

      if too much sex makes you sick, half of america would be dead lol

    • finger lickin good

      if that’s the case, why the fuck do they need a one child policy einstein?

      oh, wait, you are writing about YOUR sex life. got it, my bad.

    • dim mak

      >Too much yang
      Pick one.

      In my experience it’s Chinese girlfriends that sex me the most. The white girls are the ones that pull the once-every-two-weeks bullshit.

      PS: “yang” is a Daoist concept, Confucianism is a system of morals.

      • Alan

        PS: “yang” is a Daoist concept, Confucianism is a system of morals.

        Agreed, and a loose set of morals at that, as it is humanistic in nature, and only obliges respect and deference to family.

        • The Dude

          Loose set of morals and humanistic?

          Only obliges respect and deference to family?

          Your understanding of Confucianism in principle and practice is so loose as to hint at no knowledge of the subject at all.

    • Johnny Basic

      Almost spot on…except that a lots of the men, thereafter, scuttle to the ‘hairdressers’ after dark once every few weeks, or sexually harass young work colleagues.

      Baidu Answers is a treasure trove of credulous nonsense, as well as the mumbo-jumbo about yang deficiency, there’s also a lot of worry about – HERE COMES THE SCIENCE BIT! – the zinc deficiency that can arise from too much ejaculation.

      • mr. wiener

        Eat more bananas

    • Ted


  • bobiscool

    Frankly I’m very surprised at the response of the netizens.

    Is number 5 really that hard to satisfy? REALLY? Come on.

    I mean if she was a half-decent looking 30 year old, sure.

    But just look at her! Anyone who is thinking of taking her as their wife probably isn’t thinking about sex… Seriously… They’re probably just some desperate loser who wants to get married to save face or something.

    • > They’re probably just some desperate loser who wants to get married to save face or something.

      > to save face or something.


  • Gay Azn Boi

    And this is why a lot of men are gay :p

    • terroir

      And I thought you guys are gay because you’re too damn sexy to stay straight.

      Oh, and you love the pole. That too.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Haha yup. I love white guys with big poles.

        • dim mak


          I will hunt you down and drop you on my yellow totem, bouncing you up and down like a beach ball, grinding against your prostate until you cum hands free all over our tummies.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Most gay guys (myself included) are slutty and promiscuous. I’m not ashamed to admit it. When someone calls me a slut, I see it more as a compliment.

          • sudon’t

            All men, gay or straight, are naturally sluts. Unfortunately for us straight men, women are not naturally slutty. Enjoy your good fortune, gay men.

          • Qiu Shi Sheng

            Unfortunately for us straight men? Sir you are in the “Unwanted straight men” class.
            Please read the signs and comment accordingly.

        • jeffli

          from behind its all the same, isn’t it?
          don’t shave and use the back door how can you tell the diff?

          lights off all that sort of thing?

        • jeffli

          tell the truth if I had to choose between sister and AZN ….
          Well AZN you’d be doing a lot of pillow biting in my house, haha.
          do you CD? ;-)

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Sure if you want me to :p

  • 到秋叶原去找吧!
    There’s a lot of captivating forever virgin otakus around Akihabara! *game over*

  • notorious

    i can see in her eyes that she is mentally disturbed.

    • Foreign Devil

      No that is just the normal traumatized and defeated look Chinese women get in their 30’s when they realize they are just another cog in the CHinese industrial machine and their youthful hopes and dreams have faded away.

      • mr. wiener

        ….Then they have to live life vicariously through the achievements of their children [tiger mums] while their husbands are away shagging younger women……yes FD I see what you mean.
        On a personal note. My wife used to be a gynocologist nurse. She was trying to use the ultra-sound on a lady who was in with her third child. You can either use an ultra sound on the tummy, or often you get a more accurate picture if it is used internally. No dice, this lady was a virgin. “How is this possible?” the doctor wanted to know.
        It turns out both of her kids had been born through C-section and the lady’s husband didn’t like to have penetrative sex. His idea of a good time was to “hose the area down”, so to speak.
        So a virgin birth is possible. To my knowledge there are at least 2 little potential messiahs studying in middle school in Taiwan.

        • Visitor

          Just when you think that you have heard it all, up pops another screwed up story. 3 children and still a virgin shit. they are the second, third and fourth coming of the messiah.

          He doesn’t like penatrative sex and she doesn’t seems to mind. Just how messed up are these people. He needs to have his head read before it is to late…….

  • notorious

    Wow… look at all the supermodels calling this woman ugly.

    i wish i was as handsome as some of the guys posting these comments :)

    • moop

      yet you said this:
      “i can see in her eyes that she is mentally disturbed.”

      • notorious

        yet i did not call her ugly. she has a sort of vacant look in her eyes. actually she reminds me of lau kar leung. those sad droopy eyes.

        • moop

          your condescending comment insinuated that those of us commenting on her looks (myself included) were superficial and hypocritical. then you followed up that statement with an equally shallow and superficial comment of your own

          “i can see in her eyes that she is mentally disturbed.” is that same as saying “i can see from her face that she is ugly”. infact i would say your assumption is much worse

          • notorious

            mentally disturbed and ugly are two different things. one being entirel metaphysical and the concept being completely physical. i actually wrote the vacant comment before i wrote the other and saw all the handsome fashion models posting here, calling her ugly.

            Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, indeed. But it is a harsh thing to out and out call a woman ugly, especially when she is not.

          • moop

            i took her physical appearance and made a comment about her physical appearance. you looked at her physical appearance and commented about her mental state. which is more judgmental?

            i don’t care either way, i think both comments about her (mine and yours) are free game. i just think its asinine that you are trying to take the moral high-ground when the both of our comments were anything but

        • terroir

          Your penchant for making lost connections between non-related subjects must make you the worst Charades partner in the history of boozeless parties.

          It’s your Doruman paws, really.

          • moop

            i don’t get it

          • terroir

            It’ll usually hit you when you’re doing some thing mundane like menial work. Have a journal nearby to jot it down, or in a pinch, a couple of stone tablets if the burning bush be sparking spontaneously.

  • Alan

    This explains the sex shops and female sex toys, or why these older middle aged women take their time over choosing cucumbers in the local supermarkets.

    Jeez, she must be double clicking her mouse solo, at least!

  • jiayi

    Get your mind out of the gutter all you perverted Chinese ladies! Even for old ladies like her everything revolves around sex. She looks a bit mad. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time than ponder the meaning of life by either being a massive slut or a giant virgin?

  • mouth

    “So joyful! Three years of probation after marriage where you still can’t have a sex life! Two people lying on the bed counting stars”

    No sex AND the have to sleep outside??? (When’s the last time stars were visible in Chinese cities?)

    What does this woman bring to the table exactly?

    • sudon’t

      Good question. Personally, I would expect a very large dowry under those conditions.
      But even then, how much would it be worth to enter into a relationship with a thirty-eight-year-old virgin, who is obsessed with chastity? Clearly, she has mental health issues – issues which you would have to deal with for a very long time. Besides, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Communist Party.

  • blues

    Proof that having a master’s degree and being 38 doesn’t mean you’re excluded from being retarded.
    Someone clue her in that having kids after 35 is getting risky, and waiting until at least 41 is all kinds of fked up for your baby.

    • Both of my parents were in their 40’s when they met. But hey, my parents are old.

  • Maikoh

    Not sure if trolling or srs.

  • Castro

    Your old virginity is like one of our French withered pears: it looks ill, it eats dryly.

    William Shakespeare

  • terroir

    As Dan Savage has said before, the only thing worse than a person bragging about how much sex they’ve had is a person who brags about how much sex they’re not having.

    At some point her great shame has become her great pride. For comparison‘s sake this is like the symbols of the Great Wall of China (tyranny and slavery) and the Alamo (humiliating military defeat) that China and the US have reappropriated to become symbols of greatness.

    There’s just no way she can look upon her virginity as anything other than saintly. For example, she can never write the following want-ad:

    “A rusted-shut lock that has never been opened seeking any key to open it. Must be a key that opens locks.”

    Shelf-lady deluxe.

    • Boris

      I believe it was Oscar Wilde who said,
      ‘Marriage is the price men pay for sex,
      Sex is the price women pay for marriage’.
      Which kinda makes her a cheapskate.
      Anyway, in Kedafu’s absence I dedicate song of the article to her husband of the future:
      -Beat it.

    • Wow. That was deep.

      I have read Dan Savage’s column before.

  • Visitor

    Is a b/j out of the question….

    I think you need to lower your standards. You are not a beauty queen. I think , if they have a pulse you should take them.

  • Visitor

    Is a b/j out of the question….

    I think you need to lower your standards. You are not a beauty queen. I think , if they have a pulse you should take them.

  • this woman can’t be serious!

  • Pete of Perth

    I hope she swallows.

  • mp

    “Our goal was always to encourage virginity of unmarried Party members, but only as a means of showing the masses that that self-control contributes to achieving the Communist ideal. This is the real motive behind the gangster Lin Biao, and the demon monster Ye Qun, fleeing to the Soviet Union. Lin was sexually deprived, and Ye was sexually depraved. It was from this decadent upbringing that Lin Liguo attained his nickname “Tiger in Bed.” Is it any wonder that, because of this, Lin Dodo Lehang vowed never to express sexual desire for party loyalty?”

    “After the Chairman’s death, our most misunderstood directive was Hua Guofeng’s, “Two Whatevers.” Hua’s statement, first printed in Jiafangjun Bao, “Study the Positions Well and Grasp the Member Hard,” was originally meant to show that whatever female cadre the Chairman wanted, and whatever he wanted to do with her, was acceptable. After the 5th Plenum, reactionary counterrevolutionaries led by the Deng faction undertook a coup, and Western-style sexual deviancy once again became the norm.”

    Jiang Qing, Statement on CCP sexual ethics during the Cultural Revolution. Official trial transcripts; December 12th, 1981.

    • donscarletti

      Ha ha ha, if it was not for the “Study the Positions Well and Grasp the Member Hard” I would believe it to be an actual transcript.

      Problem is, the puns don’t work in Chinese. 位置 = physical position, 职位 = organisational position, 体位 = body position (including sexual). 会员 = member of a committee,器官 = organ (body member).

      Still, fantastic comment sir!

  • Marl Karx

    I am a 37 year-old foreigner with no education looking for a life partner. Here are my stipulations: 1. Dishonest and immoral. 2. Has no job, a previous marriage, lazy women preferred. 3. Over the age of 40, did not finish even middle school. 4. Lots of sexual contact before getting married. 5. Must have a busy sex life during the first 3 years of marriage as probation. Only after probation can there be husband & wife thing (which is no sex). 6. Virgins are not preferred.

    • elizabeth

      I believe that this is irony or sarcasm because I cannot fathom anyone having even to advertise with such low standards.

      Ms Tu should buy you a square meal for saving her face.

    • Lol.

      That………might actually be harder to find.

  • jeffli

    Its three years and one day later after our wedding.
    She woke up earlier than me to go shopping and avoid the inevitable consummation.
    she walks in the door about 10am with a big cabbage in one arm and a bag of various dried preserved vacuum packed sea(river)food snacks.

    I’m standing in front of her in my dressing gown. As the door shuts a breeze “whhhwhwh” pushes aside the front of my gown revealing my not too docile manhood pulsing it’s commands to her wet obsidian eyes.
    She deftly places our provisions in the kitchen, returns to find me at rest partially reclining on the sofa (sorry guys) legs slightly apart.
    She tries to peek at what is under my gown lurking in the shadow thinking today what ever is there will be hers, when from the bedroom exits a 182 cm dominatrix that would put Xena the warrior princess to shame), Xena the “Greek” Chinese Dominatrix has Tu bound and gagged with Tu now enjoying the struggle, and with dexterity of a Master chef Xena uses large textile scissors to cut off her clothes ever so slowly starting with the erogenous zones first ……………………………………………………………………………..
    Do you want to know more?

    • mr. wiener

      Have you considered a carear in chicklit\porn? You’re very good.

      • Alan

        Indeed, it’s very good, I see her, in a leopard skin nightie, the sweat dripping on her back, as she unfurls the covers, and reveals her full beauty……..

        • mr. wiener

          Nice try Alan, .but a little too mills and boon for my taste :)

          • Alan

            Indeed mr w, my imagination can’t match that of Jefflis, I eagerly await his trembling fingers to quit quivering over the keys of his laptop, and type out the next installment for us all to devour and savour….

    • Alan

      I can go one further….if i may.

      I see her dressed up as an east german border guard aka nikita the elton john video, thigh high boots, latex gloves, hat, and doggie collar, submissive, yearning, she reaches down to feel inside your gown, her own moistness becoming apparent…..

      • mr. wiener

        That was much better…until you got to the “her own moistness” thing. Too much erotic writing is by the numbers , or “IKEA porn” if you like, stay away from the formulaic and you’ll be a chick porn domina in no time.
        Next time I want a story about Ms. Hu alone at night in a western supermarket [or deserted chinese morning market] confronted by a stand of cold grapes, strawberries, eggplants and Lebanese cucumbers :P

        • Alan

          Next time I want a story about Ms. Hu alone at night in a western supermarket [or deserted chinese morning market] confronted by a stand of cold grapes, strawberries, eggplants and Lebanese cucumbers :P

          Amen to that brother!!!

        • Jeffli

          Or maybe …… god forbid it (AZN BOI ‘d be tickled by it…) a Mr. Hu encounter?
          His eminence hunches over your back as you feek his pulsating naked manhood ever pushing deeper against your P-spot……………………….blah blah

    • Jeffli

      well continue then, good? yes I’m good too!

      so as I’m chillin on the sofa(sorry sofa kings) Xena proceeds to hook Tu’s bound legs on a contraption hanging off the top of the door jam. Tu meekly struggles yet deep down is longing for this sexual catharsis as she enters the dark world of hedonism.
      Xena shouts “you bitch!” *smack! a strap of bamboo supersonicaly meets the the buttocks sending loud whimpers through Tu’s gagged mouth.
      I look on half turgid as this Domina punishes Tu and bright red wheals on Tu’s backside turn to purple.

      Tu now ungagged is voicing threats in both broken zizzzling English and in Chinese, as Xena instructs her to talk sexy or recieve further “treatment”, meanwhile it is quite evident that this ever so decadent situation is having outward physiological effects on Tu’s body.

      Do you want to know more?

  • fisher

    fuck youself!

  • 平凡人

    In the first place, marriage seems quite impossible. Secondly, should it ever happened, the probation can be longer than 3 years or maybe infinite. This is just crap, another publicity stunt.

  • poor lady

    • Jeffli

      nothing poor about Eattot at all!

  • Carl

    I guess she’ll have to decide. Most Chinese men of that age will be married, 老外 not necessarily. But no 老外 will be a virgin at that age, or want to not have sex for 3 more years if he hasn’t had the opportunity before.

    Maybe a gay guy who wants to pretend to be straight would be her best choice.

  • Cyrus Howell

    I can’t wait to write her a letter.

    She is 38 and wants a man to carry home the groceries and fix things around the apartment. That should be great fun. Who wants to make a living being a professional virgin anyway? Not like she is going to get pregnant at 38/39. Slim chance there. A lot of women get mental when they hit menopause.
    She wants a Communist Party official? Great! They want professors or hot women. Wonder who her parents are (or were). “We are still communists. We can’t change.”
    Doubt her father was a Christian missionary.

    He may have been a Muslim. They don’t receive 72 virgins in Paradise.
    They only get one 72 year old virgin. It is a tough economy up there too right now.

  • Mao’s Dong

    Forever alone.

    • Ariane Arianna

      LOL! I was about to say that!!! LOL hahaha

  • DanZ

    Damn…I’ll have to download at least 3 years of porn…

  • kenny

    Chinese man have money and they are thinking money can buy everythings.Chinese woman already woke up and now choosing foreigners.Why chinese girl choose foreigners because of , love , romantic , respect, well educated, handsome, care body (good smell body and theets) , well sexual activity(size), socıal effects(know how to eat, drink and speak), if maryy can birth more than one babies and babies can speak 2 language is mother language, can go another country live to another culture and lifestyle, less stress from parents, freedom, not need to spend life for empty things(buy home or car by credits)…well many of reasons for these things.Chinese woman can decide herself future life and when decide need to think two times…

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