38-Year-Old Chinese Virgin Seeks Husband, No Sex After Marriage

38-year-old Chinese virgin Tu Shiyou has gone online to look for a husband.

38-year-old Chinese virgin Tu Shiyou has gone online to look for a husband. Here, she holds her certificate of virginity.

From Mop:

“Goddess of Chastity” Seeking Husband: Public Servants & Virgins Preferred, No Sex for 3 Years

On March 20th, the 38-year old “Goddess of Chastity” Tu Shiyou publicly advertised for a life partner, preferring Party members, public servants and virgins, without any sex before marriage, and no sex life during the first 3 years of probation after marriage. Her marriage hunting drew attention from many netizens. “Another Sister Feng has arrived.” Netizens exclaimed how on earth could a man endure such a test? The Goddess of Chastity will become the Leftover Warrier.

At 3:58pm that day, soon after this news has been released, it has been forwarded for almost ten thousand times in around an hour, up till 10:20pm, it has been forwarded for 47,640 times, commented for 21,091 times.

“Go look on Mars.” “Just be an unmarried woman for the rest of your life.” Most netizens think with her terms for marriage she’ll find no man. And with the attitude of spectators looking for amusement, netizens decisively forwarded/spread the news. “Another Sister Feng has arrived”, “pure publicity stunt,” and various netizen comments started flying.

“It’s the first time I’ve made public my search for a husband since becoming famous.” During a phone interview with Tu Shiyou that night, she acknowledged it was posted by herself, because not long ago she had been persuaded by others that its time to get married and she herself also thinks that she’s already 38 years old and has no more time to wait. So she turned to marriage hunting in hopes she can quickly find happiness [marriage], but never thought the reaction would be so big.

Regarding her 6 conditions for marriage, Tu Shiyou says she wants to keep her ideal of virginity before marriage, and hopes her future husband would share the same ideal, so she asks for “absolutely no sexual acts before marriage, virgin men preferred.” As for why Party members and public servants are preferred, “Their style are usually more decent and upright, and tend to like a pure and clean female like me.” She says she’s 38 and still keeps her virginity, which will attract men like this.

In the face of large numbers of netizens accusing her of seeking fame, Tu Shiyou expressed denies it.

From Sina Weibo:

贞操女神: “Marriage Hunting” I’m 38 years old, master’s degree, virgin. Now looking for a life partner nation wide: 1. Honest and upright, Party members preferred. 2. Has an honest job, no previous marriage, civil servants preferred. 3. Under the age of 40, master’s degree or higher. 4. No sexual contact before getting married. 5. No sex life during the first 3 years of marriage as probation, only after probation can there be husband & wife thing. 6. Virgins are preferred. No exceptions for terms 1-5, any interested men please leave a comment. [害羞]

38-year-old Chinese virgin Tu Shiyou's online marriage advertisement has attracted plenty of Chinese netizen attention.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


So joyful! Three years of probation after marriage where you still can’t have a sex life! Two people lying on the bed counting stars?


Terms 1 to 4 are considered high standards, term 6 is simply a delusion and wishful thinking, so I won’t comment further. But… the fifth requirement, of no sex life during the first 3 years of marriage, well… sister, it would make a man impossible to live with you on earth. Advertising for marriage is a big deal, so you should also be cautious with your requirements! I suggest you delete it! For your sake!


Looking for Party members make sense, communism believers don’t eat earthly things, made of special materials, fact is most captured Party officials are found having concubines.


Fuck, the front door of the loony bin probably wasn’t closed tight and out escaped you, right?!


Term 5 means not fulfilling a wife’s duty.


Respectfully request Goddess of Chastity to keep your virginity to death, to be an example of a holy virgin for China. You’ve already endured for 38 years, just endure 12 more years and it’ll pass, and after you pass away, have the virginal membrane mounted and auctioned to establish a virgin fund.


Instead of advertising for a marriage partner, you’d be better off applying for the Guinness World Record for “The Most Long-lived Virgin” and who knows, it might even make it easier for you to achieve your goal…


Ha-ha! This lady is either hyping herself [seeking fame], or she has a mental disease and need to see a shrink!


Goddess, I basically meet your requirements, but I humbly think, every day I’d rather watch AV [adult videos] and masturbate than to have sex with you.


Damn, shows up another shameless publicity stunt maker, shameless enough to be invincible.


Has personality, only she’s ugly!


Why does other people marriage hunting bother you? Just don’t go apply, why the hell call her names? Everybody has the right to choose their way of life. Even if she’s torturing herself, she’s not forcing any man to marry her. Don’t understand why you’re call her names.


Yet another who wants to be famous, using this method is rather disgusting.


If Sheldon came to China and joined the Party, he would be your ideal husband.


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