4 Girls Fall To Death To Escape Dorm Fire

Shanghai Business School girls' dormitory fire in Room 602.

Four Shanghai Business School girls fell to their deaths after trying to escape from a fire in their sixth-floor dorm room. They were 19 to 21-years-old and were all studying economics.

When the news first happened, many BBS forums began talking about this incident. Many Chinese netizens expressed their condolences and many others argued about what happened. Here are some of the BBS discussions and comments:

From KDS, “Shanghai Business School fire dorm pictures and video, they had a chance“:

From the video and pictures, it can be seen clearly that climbing along the side to the dorm room next door was definitely not something that was not possible. I do not know if we should say these few girls were brave or not for their judgment. If there was someone next door to help rescue, by lending a hand, maybe it [the result] would have been much better.

The dorm in the video:

Room 602 of a girl's dormitory at Shanghai Business University with black smoke stains after fire.

This is easy to climb. My home was like this too. When I did not bring my keys. I would just climb in.

It does not matter if it i easy or not to climb over, they must install firefighting system in the dorms in the future.

Right now it looks easy to climb…
But 1. The dorm room next door did not have anyone to help.
2. Maybe just looking down and seeing how high it was, they did not dare climb over.
3. The intensity of the fire was big, so they could not be so calm.

May God bless them, amen!

“there is no accident”
It was all a result of negligence.
A building problem.
A management problem.
A thinking/mindset problem.
A society problem.

No one will probably dare to live in this dorm room ever again.

Fuck! They deserved to die! Such a short distance and they did not know to climb next door. This IQ, this consciousness is so poor it makes humanity disappointed.
Waste of life, Death’s [the Death God’s] method’s were entirely correct.

No matter how you say it, the people in the next door dorm room ran off to protect themselves. If they were still there, they could have kicked down the door from the outside…and then ran.

It is probable that the fire was too big at the time, and the heat forced them to run towards the balcony, and then they did not know about the situation next door. We can see from the pictures very clearly that they could have climbed, but from their position on the balcony maybe all they saw was a wall. In addition to being extremely scared, and the fire being overwhelming, so the result was that the girls jumped!

It was just an ordinary fire, there were not even a lot of combustibles that were ignited, so in theory it could not have spread on a large-scale.
What I do not understand is how the people next door did nothing to help rescue them, no matter if it was just standing next door and yelling, running a rope, or extending a hand, any of that could have saved 4 lives.
The picture is too ridiculous, on one side four people have died, on another side there are clothes hung out to dry safe and sound. To reflect from another angle, this is society’s sadness. Everyone only looks after themselves.

From KDS, “Regarding Shanghai Business School’s dormitory fire, come see this“:

A friend happened to be living nearby took this picture, said this was the state of the fire right they jumped.
Pretty big…

Witness picture taken after the four schoolgirls jumped to their deaths.


Such a big fire, I bet if it was me, I would also jump.

Jumping was the only option.

There were only a few seconds for escape, once the time has passed, the only road left is death.
When meeting disaster, remaining calm is the most important.

This picture says it all, you have no choice but to jump!

Indeed one could only jump, burning to death would be even more painful.

With the fire already so big, there would not have been anyone to go help them.
This is because the boys and girls dorms are too far from each other.

What the hell were they studying? What the hell was in their brains?
Why not try to climb sideways, it would have been the most effective, I do not believe that all four of them would have died if they had tried climbing sideways.

It is said that the electric water kettle had not been unplugged the night before. When the electricity came on in the morning [the electricity for Chinese university dorms are often turned off at night], it burned until it exploded~ 
If you say jump, at least jump out towards the door, why go towards the balcony to jump…but the fire was indeed pretty big, and when the fire has gotten this big, the only option left really is to jump!

The poorest/most pitiful are the four girls’ parents.

In the past, my dorm room was on the sixth floor too, and I would sometimes forget to bring my keys, so I would climb in from the balcony next door. The girls should have climbed, jumping down was the worst plan, very regrettable, but when Death has come, you cannot escape.

What a shame!
The problem is that those who jumped after should have see what happened to those who jumped first! And they still chose to jump, I bet it is because they had no choice! Truly pitiful!
Actually, the only exit should be the floor below, but maybe the floor below already evacuated!
Can everyone consider just how desperate the people there were? They could have climbed to the lower floor, but there was no one to support them!
Truly what a shame!

I bet if it was the boys dormitory, there would not be many who would simply jump down.
If there really was no way out on the balcony, they should have found a way out, whether it was going towards the side or going down a level…
You guys watched all those American disaster movies for nothing.

From KDS: “Heart aches after seeing one of Shanghai Business School’s student’s Xiaonei profile“:

Journal, signature, and comments, sigh.

Victim Liu Wenwen's Xiaonei profile.


Their family members must be heart-broken.

A moment of silence…may they rest in peace.

This kind of stuff I cannot stand the most…suddenly I feel terrible…

It seems people are still human and have feelings after all… [this person is impressed that people have left comments expressing concern]

The truth must be said, if the electrical heating rod was her’s…

Now the clicks are in the tens of thousands…comments are still waiting for the first thousand. [This person is disappointed that many people have read the news but did not leave a reply]

What a shame, what a shame.

Honestly, the most pretty is her, she is pretty good-looking.

Hope they can be happy in heaven!

Comments from NetEase:

Everyday there are people dying, I have become numb!

China has too many people, a few dying…I have truly become numb.

These things always happening…
…is truly sad.

This kind of thing really should not happen…
The higher authorities and school administration were not in place, causing today’s tragedy, hopefully the higher authorities will diligently take care of this.

This is not just one case, the reports are always this little, perhaps there are still more that were not reported!

“Value life highly” is not a joke, it is a lesson.

A moment of silence for the four female students, presents flowers.

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The burned remains of dorm room #602. Those are the bunk bed frames.

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