500 Men Mobilized to Find American Pilot’s Body, Reactions

The rescue team has salvaged the body ashore.

Some of the search and rescue team members.

From NetEase:

Shenyang Mobilizes 500 Men, Finds American Pilot’s Body After 70 Hours

September 17, at about 1pm, at the Cai Lake Airport of Liaoning Province Shenyang city Faku county, a small aerobatic aircraft from American aerobatic team MACH1 accidentally fell into Cai Lake during a test flight after being assembled. On the plane were an American pilot named Dave Riggs who attended the aerobatics performance and an interpreter of Chinese nationality. After the accident, the Chinese interpreter was sent to the hospital, but later died despite emergency rescue efforts; the pilot was missing. September 20, part of the wreckage of the small aerobatic aircraft and the dead body of the pilot were salvaged ashore by China’s Ministry of Transport Beihai Rescue Bureau.

The search and rescue team has salvaged the body ashore.

September 20, Liaoning Province Faku County Propaganda Department released information stating that after more than 70 hours of search and rescue, the missing American pilot’s body had been salvaged ashore. This picture is of the salvaged remains of the pilot.

Some of the search and rescue team members.

According to a staff member of the Faku County Propaganda Department, after the accident happened on September 17, headquarters of the Second International Aerobatics Conference of Shenyang Faku immediately assembled multiple search and rescue teams including the Ministry of Transport Beihai Rescue Bureau Dalian Rescue Base, Shenyang Red Cross Blue Sky Rescue Team, and provincial and municipal police forces and fire departments, mobilizing over 500 people and multiple boats, employing internationally-advanced underwater sonar techniques, and salvaged the body of the plane crash pilot ashore.

Some of the search and rescue team members.

Some of the search and rescue team members.

September 20, Shenyang Cai Lake, part of the wreckage of the small aerobatic aircraft which accidentally crashed into Cai Lake during a test flight on [September] 17 and the dead body of the pilot salvaged ashore by China’s Ministry of Transport Beihai Rescue Bureau. Photographed by Liu Wei

Comments from NetEase (1 & 2):

ttt453 [网易北京市网友]:

The time when we respect the lives of our own compatriots’ as much as we respect this pilot’s life is when we truly will become strong and powerful.

山河在哭泣 [网易河南省商丘市网友]:

A Dutchman lost his computer in Zhuhai, the police found it in 24 hours. An American lost his horse, the police traveled tens of kilometers to get it back. A Japanese lost his bicycle, the police found it overnight. A Russian man lost his passport in Ningbo, the police searched through 5 tons of garbage to get it back. All these indicate: As long as it’s a foreigner who has lost something in China, the end is always a happy reunion!

wqnmlgbgwy [网易山东省网友]: (responding to above)

The status/position of foreign “bosses” is indeed high.

睡狮已醒 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

READ  Wanted: Chief Porn Identification Officer, 200k Salary

Wu Qiyao, the last Chinese Flying Tigers squad member passed away, ending a legendary life from being a flying ace to a three-wheeled pedicab driver. He once shot down 6 Japanese fighters, went to Taiwan, struggled to return to mainland, was sentenced to 20 years of reeducation through labor in 1954, made his living by riding a tricycle after serving that sentence, and was political rehabilitated in 1980. Still, he [made had to make his living by] riding a tricycle.

Wu Qiyao (1918-2010.10.13), male, was born in Fujian Minqing County Shiwudu. Fighter pilot of China’s Flying Tiger Squadron Fifth Battalion, Commander (Captain) of his detachment squad, Lieutenant Colonel of the Chinese Air Force, had participated in 88 air battles against Japan, with over 800 hours of air combat, shot down 6 Japanese fighters, damaged 3, had flew the Hump 4 times. He was shot down by Japanese fighters 3 times, and was severely injured. He had participated in the surrender ceremony of the Japanese Air Force in Zhijiang, the surrender ceremony of Japanese Army in Nanjing, etc.

After the victory of World War II, he gained the title of “Distinguished Flying Cross” which was granted to him by AFHQ, along with other titles such as “Aviation Medal” and “Collective Unit Medal of Honor”. The Nationalist Government had granted him 17 medals of honor.

Passed away 2010 October 13 in Hangzhou.

Please take note: [He] returned to the mainland “on his own”, was reeducated through labor for 20 years, and “still” [made his living by] riding a tricycle!—–How many 30 years can a man have in his entire life???

牛求异 [网易浙江省温州市鹿城区网友]:

[The government] rescue their own people, and they also rescue Uncle Sam’s people. Not for anything else, only because Uncle Sam can take care of both his family and his mistresses.

睡狮已醒 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Please let the flying squad members with their bones scattered be buried in dignity.

If you didn’t see it with your own very eyes, you definitely wouldn’t believe that the world-famous “Flying Tigers Cemetery” is actually an unmarked burial-mound filled with untended bushes. [August] 12, reporters of this article arrived at the Flying Tiger Cemetery in Kunming. On a small hill in the suburbs, over 500 tombs of the martyrs’ are dug, their coffins destroyed, their bones scattered. This cemetery site that was discovered in 2007 and monumentalized in 2008 is still in ruins. (August 13, China News)

不是过路滴 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

If it was a Chinese citizen who fell [into the lake], the result would be like this: The rescue team was dispatched (perhaps a few dozen people), searched for 24 hours, and it was fruitless! The search continues ([but] perhaps as soon as the reporters were gone, they’d be withdrawn)… and then nothing… Those who have the same feeling, click/upvote. [8,288 upvotes during the time of translation]

网易北京市网友 ip:111.206.*.*: (responding to above)

There would even be a 5,000 yuan salvaging fee. Incidents upon incidents slap the faces of our own compatriots. Whose country is this???

中立靠左右 [网易山东省济南市网友]:

Only one question: How much money are they going to charge this time?

[Note: Refers to a salvaging/recovery fee. In 2009, Hubei Jingzhou University students He Dongxu, Fang Zhao, and Chen Jishi died trying to save a drowning child. When asked and begged by fellow students and teachers to help recover the boys’ bodies from the river, local boats had apparently refused to help unless a salvaging fee was paid.]

戴三个表的牛逼 [网易辽宁省大连市网友]:

When searching for a foreigner, even high technology is used, but what if it was an ordinary [Chinese] person?

Comments from Phoenix Online:

凤凰网新浪微博网友 迷雾中的记忆:

If Chinese people meet with a mishap in America, would they receive the same [treatment]???

凤凰网上海市网友 普陀大块头:

Americans are so enviable, even dead Americans receive better treatment than our own people. [The rescue teams] didn’t ask for salvage fee, did they?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 杭州的胡先森:

It would be nice if there came a day when [the government] treats their own people with this kind of respect.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 嘟噜呜:

Life is no doubt important, but I also see these slavish faces. Our compatriots’ lives are low [cheap], but deep in their bones, they are even lower.

凤凰网腾讯微博网友 神龙:

If it was the people [a Chinese citizen] who fell [in the water], [the government] definitely wouldn’t bother.

凤凰网腾讯微博网友 李玢:

Haha. [The government] indeed spared no efforts kissing America’s ass.

凤凰网腾讯微博网友 远方的天空:

If you want to be a man with dignity while alive, and be respected in death, emigrate!

凤凰网新浪微博网友 司马瑶瑶:

It’ll be nice when the lives of Chinese people as treated as important as this.

凤凰网腾讯微博网友 张逸风:

If an ordinary [Chinese] commoner fell [into the lake], would [the government] dispatch 500 people to recover him? I reckon a bunch of fishing boats would come and ask you: The salvage fee is 100k, do you want to salvage or not, boss?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 笨笨易:

Once again proving: Even American dogs are more valuable than Chinese people!

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Loopins

    I lost my bag from my car being broken into. The policeman didn’t even want to come to inspect the damage. Foreigners don’t always get preferential treatment.

    • Beijing, Bitch

      Are you white? You need to be white to get special treatments in China.

      • 剑胆琴心

        he is right…
        someone broke in at night took away my ex’s laptop…we went to police station,they just did not care much…
        in big city they do not treat foreigners as well as in small cities…

        • Gordon Gogodancer

          It’s quite sad that Chinese have to encounter a specific situation with their own eyes before they can finally realize that all the crap their compatriots bitch about it often crap.

        • lonetrey / Dan

          I think that’s the same sort of reaction I’d get in America as well. Not because I’m Asian or America’s police is bad, but simply put it’s rather hard to track down a laptop without an idea of who took it. Feels like in your case the police mentally checked out ages ago. :/

          Sorry to hear this had to happen to your ex.

          • firebert5

            That seems to be the norm in most countries. Cops choose their battles, putting more focus in the cases that seem they have a greater likelihood of being solved. At least in the cases where the cops are not totally corrupt. So…not China.

        • C

          Unless you pay them you get the rich treatment.

        • Middle_Kingdum

          Someone stole my laptop?

          • 剑胆琴心

            who your?
            do not reply like this!

          • Terran Observer

            Well, on some part, you should be thankful that nothing bad happened to you. Things are replaceable- life is not. Let us just accept the reality that not all whom we ask for help will really help us.

      • winterbitten

        The Japanese dude obviously wasn’t white.
        Lots of foreigners have had lots of problems and lost lots of things with no special treatment, white ones at that.

        • Loopins

          What Japanese dude? If you’re referring to me..I’m British thanks.

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        no you need to be rich to have special treatment in China

      • Loopins

        Yes very white

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      Yes indeed, but some people only need ONE good example to have an excuse to vent their frustrations. As you mentioned, in a lot of situations people/the police couldn’t care less what happened a foreigner. Still, everybody agrees that it sucks to be a Chinese guy in China, so let them complain, nothing anyone of us can do about that.

    • C

      If you would of paid him 200 he would of helped you, i am serious on this always pay them the will find, do, and help however they can.


    At least they found the Chinese before the American.

    • David

      haha that is because the Chinese guy was still alive, he probably yelled for them.

  • Muca

    What is it with this anti-foreigner obsession. F***** Hell if a Chinese dude gets missing in Europe, he would get exactly the same treatment as described in the article. Stop blaming your moral emptiness on foreigners. You guys have done this to your country yourself, live with it.

    • Angie_Mac77

      I agree, but I think it’s more about envy. The way many seem to express their feelings is asking “why do THEY get so much?” when the real question should be “why do WE get so little?”

      • Muca

        Very true to that. But some posts are just downright racist. I find it an alarming trend.

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          It happens everywhere. In just about every country when a foreigner gets better treatment, there will be those who ask “Why not us?”

    • guess

      I find that a number of Chinese citizens are petty, cowardly, only looking out for themselves, opportunists to take advantage of any situation. how can others respect them if they don’t respect themselves. complain all you want. the one phrase says it all: “You guys have done this to your country (yourselves).”

      wake up, faggots!

      • guess

        and I can imagine that instead of learning a lesson from what people are writing, they get offended and resentful. So I might as well add immature to the list above.

        BTW, scratch faggot from the post above, I got carried away. Nonetheless, Chinese people are an utter disappointment

      • Cauffiel

        As my Irish co-worker says, “They’re all self-obsessed bastards.”

        • ptptp

          Aren’t we all?

          • Eurotrash

            Nope. Maybe a little self-centered. The only non-Chinese that are “self-obsessed bastards” are politicians and the .01%.

      • Eurotrash


    • BJ’s Air is Awesome

      Couldn’t agree more. When Chinese people start respecting their own Country and own People, maybe, just maybe, they will get more respect for themselves. Because as things are, they can be scum of society.

    • Germandude
    • Eurotrash

      Exactly. Right on.


    Que racist rants from chinese

    • Cauffiel

      I love it when its publicized that some Japanese guy got special treatment. I love how much anything Japanese winds them up.

  • Angie_Mac77

    “It would be nice if there came a day when [the government] treats their own people with this kind of respect.”

    I’m sure if you just sit and wait for it, it’ll happen.

  • Wololoo

    This kind of searches are covered by my traveling insurance. So of course they use better equipment to find me, since they will get paid for this. Same goes for the american probably.

    • 二奶头发

      That was my thought. I’m sure the US embassy or insurance company will get a bill in the mail.

      As for the chinese guy who said if a chinese person met with a mishap in the US would they receive the same treatment…. he forgot about the boston bombing victim

      • Guang Xiang

        we ought to all make some Chinese accounts so that we could refute their comments

        • Cauffiel

          I always find myself wanting to reply directly to the chinese netizen comments more than the cS comments.

      • Fanduril

        That looks shooped.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    That amount of manpower, 500 people, really does seem excessive.

    I’m beginning to accept other people’s explanation that “travel insurance covers this so they use high-end tech while they can.”, because I can’t imagine THAT much preferential treatment.

    China can’t possibly be that blatantly biased in public.
    (I have a feeling I’m going to eat these words later on.)

    • Nick in Beijing

      Prepare your ketchup there lad.

      Of course the Chinese government can be that biased in public. Why do you think they have such an image problem? High end luxury cars with government plates and private drivers. Lavishly decorated government offices, “research trips” abroad to “study” foreign ways of doing things. Shall I go on?

      • Repatriated

        I wonder if they really switched over to using Chinese cars now? I’m pretty sure Audi sells more black cars than any other color…because they sell so many in China…

      • Cauffiel

        Sure, but, seriously, even middle class people can afford private drivers.

    • Zhegezhege

      To be fair, the PRC does have an established track record of pulling out all the stops to salvage bits of American planes that meet with unfortunate accidents.

      (And they have got away with a lot worse in public!)

      • Cauffiel

        Reverse engineering technology. China has for decades and will for decades longer buy with slave labor or steal every bit of technology they can.

        • takasar1

          Cycles and all that

  • biggj

    The 3 officials were called in to lend their expertise.Since we all know Chinese harmony can be converted into 21.6% oxygen when need be. When the officials focus hard enough they can actually breath underwater for long periods of time. They found the missing man and are now waiting until next next time for another adventure.Also once the 3 officials where on the scene, they send the 500 men home since it only toke the officials 20 minutes to find the man….and that was including 3 smoke breaks.

    • firebert5

      They learned all of these techniques and more from studying their dear leader, Mao, as he swam in the Yangzi! Mao Ze Dong thought will lead the nation to harmony!

      • David

        Wait, I thought Mao walked ON the water?

  • Claude

    Now this is fun. Where are you situated financially in Chinese culture.


    Post your results if you’re in China or have lived in China.

    • biggj

      So I make more than 99% of the people in china…..or does 99% make more than me? lol

      • David

        It means your making more then me, I only beat out 95%, but then I am a poor teacher.

    • Cauffiel


      Wanna complain, Chinese netizens? Y’all can suck it.

    • donscarletti


      I guess I can’t “occupy” with the cool kids now.

  • So… was Lin Biao in that lake or what?

  • greg

    To most of the comments/complaints translated above: In my opinion, a large number of Chinese people don’t value their own lives. This is reflected by their behavior towards others and their lack of respect outwardly. Why should anybody else? Give respect to get respect. You think everything is so unfair. We all get what we deserve.

  • Repatriated

    Think they are watching “Tom and Jerry”?

    • Cauffiel

      Those are full grown, mature men. How dare you suggest they are watching a children’s show while they are supposed to be rescuing their compatriot. It is obvious they would only skirt their duty to watch Prison Break!

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      Yes, it’s true that people tend to watch that cartoon with much attention….like is he gonna catch him? is he gonna catch the little bastard!?

  • Washington Bullets

    What on earth do the Netease users think would happen if it were a Chinese national in the same situation but in the United States. Do they think we’d just let the plane sink and not even care? We’d drag the goddamn lake till all the fish are gone, and Americans wouldn’t even question why they’re doing it for a foreigner. It would also be more expensive to do the job in America, still, no problem.

    Always complaining about the treatment of foreigners but not about the way they treat each other. American and foreign “Bosses” “Dogs”?? I don’t even think we have such an epithet for Chinese people here. Alas, there are ignorant racists everywhere. Don’t disparage the dead man who’s body was dragged, disparage the officials who wouldn’t give a fuck if you drowned in the lake. If there was equal care were to be given in both cases, this would be more sad than sensational.

    Gah China, Learn 2 compassion.


      Yet another reason why I’d never want to be a Chinese person living in China unless I was filthy rich.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    oooooaaaaa…. there’s the dude with the umbrella in the rescue effort shielding himself from the sun, so precious, so lovely!


    Severe, crippling inferiority complex FTW!

    • YourSupremeCommander

      you are now officially the most ugly kamikazipilot.

  • Angrysock

    My brother got a counterfeit bill from an ATM from a big bank in China. He tried to get it replaced with a real one from the bank and they accused him of fraud! We called the cops and they smugly told us that we made it all up and had no evidence. Foreigners are not always treated with respect in China.

    • Thor

      It’s always the last guy of the chain that has to pay for the first one…

  • dodi

    I’m sick of all the foreign trash that comes to China and get treated like king sh*t, when they are nothing but bums living on government handouts back home.
    go back to where you came from.

    • Hey, nasty little fenqing wumao, go and stick your well planned post up you well laid queer arse, foreigners do get treated like that, and with good reason. What about Asians getting handouts and demanding this and that? Too many trolls on here lately.

    • Terrik

      I’ll make you a deal, if the millions upon millions of Chinese leave my country, I’ll leave yours.

      Until then…

    • Claude

      Hey now… my country has been taking Chinese people for over 100 years and still take them when they show up in rusty old boats from the southern provinces. They are processed as refugees and given welfare checks until they are sorted out through the back log of refugee claims. They are treated very well not only are they given money but called sir, madam and “clients” as opposed to “refugees”.

      We embraced Chinese people and allow them to flourish and build China towns. There’s a China town in every city in the world. My city of Vancouver has two. The old China town in East Vancouver and the city of Richmond that was once white middle class until it was taken over by the Chinese. Largely no complaints with the people of Vancouver. Sure The Chinese have experience racism but in the past it just gets better and better for them as people are better educated and enlightened; unlike yourself. Canada must be wonderful because the Chinese keep coming.

      Here’s a link for you to help enlighten you better because clearly your not terribly enlightened. I hope you take the time to better educate yourself or any other small minded bigot viewing this site on the benefits of immigration.


    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      Sorry. I prefer to stay in China and be treated better than a bum in the west. Most Chinese are kinder to me than people where i come from. Also, there are no jobs where i come from. Apart from the pollution, it’s a good time to be in China.

  • linette lee

    500 men and big equipment to search for a body. wow. I guess China wants to look good in front of the American. I bet if I drown they will send in one dude with a rope. haha..lol.

  • Germandude

    A 24 year old Chinese girl fell 500m down of Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze, on sunday evening:


    At 8.30 pm on sunday, her boyfriend called the mountain rescue service and approximately 3 hours later, her body was found through the use of infrared cameras. The guy already got a psychologist as support and an autopsy as well as a transportation of the dead body to China are planned. All paid by insurances.

    A quick check on German forums with this incident being the topic are full of condolences and best wishes for the family. No complaints about costs towards insurance or else.

    Unfortunately, I cannot find another English report about this on the German web, but let me assure you, no single comment about comparing value of a life like the following ones under this cS article can be found:

    “If Chinese people meet with a mishap in America, would they receive the same [treatment]???”

    “Once again proving: Even American dogs are more valuable than Chinese people!”

  • [email protected]

    500 men mobilized in china … that means 498 idiots and maybe 2 who know what to do… don’t be overly impressed by massive numbers in china …

    • Probotector

      No, but they think it’s impressive: “we have the tallest buildings, the oldest civilization, the largest population, etc., etc….”

  • bujiebuke

    I guess if you cherry-pick from the comments, Chinese netizens come off as morally bankrupt philistines. But that’s not really true is it? Just read the comments and some of them bemoan that indigents should receive better treatment without alluding to “foreign preference”.

    While we are commenting on netizen reactions to a tragedy, how many times do you see message boards filled with racist jokes whenever there’s a tragic accident involving Chinese people? I recall a more recent example where two lives were lost on an airplane crash and someone on a news channel decided to make a cheap joke about it (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/26/ktvu-fired-producer-fake-pilot-names_n_3658308.html). My point is, the comments of a few does not necessarily represent the feelings of the whole.