5000 RMB Per Sperm Donation Offered by Jiangsu Hospital

An Asian nurse in blue holds up a bottle of donated semen sperm.

An Asian nurse in blue holds up a bottle of donated semen sperm.

From ChinaNewsweek:

Hospital Announces 5000RMB per Sperm Donation

“The People’s Hospital of Jiangsu announces: 5000RMB for sperm donation.” On the night of May 16th, this weibo message posted by us caused quite the discussion among netizens. “Famous hospital asks for sperm donation, could this be true?” Facing netizens’ skepticism, this reporter visited the provincial hospital to seek confirmation, and the hospital said that the announcement was indeed real.

Reporter Seeks Confirmation: 5000 RMB per Sperm Donation is Real

“The People’s Hospital of Jiangsu announced: 5000RMB for sperm donation.” Lasting till 9:12 am on May 18th, this microblog message, posted by the official weibo of ChinaNewsweek has gotten over 700 reposts/forwards. To verify whether or not the announcement was real, as many of the comments doubted, this reporter contacted the phone number given on the announcement. The man who answered the phone claimed that he was an employee of The People’s Hospital of Jiangsu’s Sperm Bank. He explained that it was a new policy of the hospital to give a 5000RMB allowance to each donor, which wasn’t to be paid all at once but in installments that include: a 100RMB transportation fee after the first sperm collection, 3000 RMB more after the “task” is completed, and the rest of the allowance if donor tested to be HIV negative six months later.

Doctor Wang Wei who works at the hospital told the reporter that normally donors have to donate ten times after passing the sperm quality test, blood test and other physical tests, and have to rest for a few days between each visit. As a result, it takes about three months to complete the process of donation.

The allowance given by The People’s Hospital of Jiangsu was originally 3000 RMB, raised to 4000 RMB in 2010, and then in March This Year Again Raised to 5000 RMB.

Premises: Rumored “Porn Photos” Not Found

The reporter visited the Jiangsu province People’s Hospital Sperm Bank on May, 17th. Led by a doctor, I entered the “mysterious” Semen Collection Room. The decorations inside were pretty simple. There is an attached bathroom on the left next to the entrance “for personal hygienic purposes”. A couch covered with a white cloth took up most of the space in the room. On the wall facing the couch, there is a relatively “conservative” oil painting of a pretty girl, but there was no sign of the rumored “porn photos” [Note from Fauna: The rumors originate from photographs of sperm banks in other hospitals where there are indeed “sexy photos” on the walls to help the donors]. The doctor told this reporter that an MP5 player is embedded in the wall next to the sofa, and donors can bring USB sticks to play pictures, music or videos that they’ve prepared for themselves. In the next six months the sperm bank plans to move into the Nanjing Science & Technology University campus, where rooms will be more comfortable and cozy.

Photographs of the People's Hospital of Jiangsu Province Sperm Bank.

Rumors Refuted

Rumor 1: Can lie down and make easy money?

Truth: One can only donate once in a lifetime, and the passing rate is low

Many netizens feel that Sperm Donation is an easy way to make money, literally “making money while lying down”. However, Doctor Wang Wei said, each donor is allowed to donate only once in our country, and his sperm will be used to help five females get pregnant. To avoid repeated donation, the sperm banks check each donor’s ID number, and they are planning to build a fingerprint identification system in the future as well.

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Wang Wei also told this reporter that 90% of the donors are undergraduate students. Because the standards are much higher for sperm donation than for fertilization, only a few volunteers can pass the physical tests and get the opportunity to actually donate. Men who are already working [out of school] tend to be under greater social pressures and have more bad habits, so the quality of their sperm isn’t high. University students, on the other hand, have fewer bad habits and thus often provide higher quality sperm. However, the pass rate even among college students is only about 30%, and among non-students, is less than 20%.

Rumor 2: Any male can donate?

Truth: Height, educational background and facial features are also kept in records

Many netizens regard sperm donation as a job with few requirements, some even think that “any guy can do it”. However, this reporter learned that in the sperm bank, sperm donations may also include some “additional conditions”. “According to relevant legislation, men between 22 and 45 are all allowed to apply for sperm donation, but realistically, it isn’t as simple as that.” Wang Wei explained that in Jiangsu Province, donors taller than 1.65m and with at least a diploma are preferred.

“This is to meet the requirements of infertile couples who seek help from the Fertility Center.” “Giving consideration to their future lives, infertile couples might hope that the child has similar physical features as they do, so we take note of donors’ blood type, skin color, straight or curly hair, double or single eyelids, and other non-private physical characteristics,” said Wang Wei.

Rumor 3: Would a donor’s descendants “fall in love” [result in incest]?

Truth: The chance is next to zero, and the child’s legal parents have the responsibility to check history.

“What if my descendants grow up and fall in love with each other?” Donors often hesitate because of this ethical question. As required by hospitals, donors have to sign an agreement and promise to donate at only one sperm bank. It is also required in the agreement that if the child is to get married, their legal parents have the responsibility to inspect whether the father of the child’s spouse-to-be has ever donated his sperm and make sure there is no biological relations between them. Documents of donation will be kept for 75 years and be available to look up for 3 generations. “And it is also stated in the agreement that the sperm will not be used for any scientific research purposes, and will be disposed after being used to help five women get pregnant.”

Comments from Sina Weibo:

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Nice! People don’t have to sell their kidneys anymore! Donating sperm just once can get you an fruit! [Referring to several recent stories of several individuals donating their kidneys to purchase Apple products.]


You pay other people 5000, but I’ll be glad to give it for free.


Can they be arrested by police for downloading and looking at porn magazines and videos?


5000! Damn! While I don’t have a girlfriend, I better seize this opportunity!


1. “Donors can bring their own USB stick to watch videos.” Isn’t it illegal to distribute porn videos in this “harmonious society”? How can it be openly played in a hospital? 2. I feel that the “passing rate” thing is sketchy. What if the hospital lies and tells the donor that he doesn’t pass but actually uses his sperm? 3. Who can guarantee that they don’t sell sperm illegally, because the market is so demanding? Personal gain is okay, but it is a sin if two descendants of the same donor end up marrying each other.


People with some spare semen, hurry and go!


What does a USB stick have anything to do with sperm donation???


Ahhhhhhh! I’ve wasted [the value of] a downtown apartment already!


In in Beijing, a girl says to her boyfriend, “Have you heard? The People’s Hospital of Jiangsu says if you donate sperm, they’ll compensate you 5000 yuan each time?” Boy: “So?” Girl: “If you can handle it, I’d like to buy an apartment within the year…”


Porn shows that it can have a positive social effect.


Market demand is high!


Please cherish this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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  • La Mano Gaucha

    5000 kuai isn’t bad. Is there a sofa in the donation room?

    • Drag

      you can have that sofa full of sperms…

    • Breakinglass

      Yes there is. And I just dumped my tube of sperm on it.
      Accidentally, of course.

      • La Mano Gaucha

        Well, ain’t that nice… People cut line for even this… Unbelievable.

  • Johnny Basic

    Not as easy as it sounds, finding a good-looking, well educated Chinaman who doesn’t sit hunched at a computer screen all hours of the day scoffing instant noodles and chain-smoking…good luck!

    Looking around my office, there are two dozen or so Chinamen, NONE of them fit the bill, and I would imagine this is the case in most places. You’d have thought a gym might be a good place to look, but most Chinese gymgoers (if they don’t disappear never to be seen again after going twice) have a ‘fitness’ regime which consists of guzzling protein powder and hollering like a demented walrus while performing 2 or 3 laughably poor form reps before throwing the dumbbell to the floor. So not much luck there either.

    And college students? Christ, they are really scraping the barrel if that’s where they’re recruiting. Do Chinese parents find the inability to see clearly further than 30 cm without your glasses, pipe-cleaner limbs and acne positive attributes for a surrogate father??

    • Little Wolf

      JB: You nailed the gym part but you left out 3 guys loading up the benchpress bar with weight beyond their wildest dreams then have 1 guy on each side to help them lift it. Oh…and the skinny guy with a little tiny apple for a bicep that can’t stop looking at his reflection every chance he gets. But hey…they’re only cheating themself at least.

      • yesyes

        Missed the guys who take smoke breaks.

        • Widdly Scuds

          and the four guys who take up two machines just sitting there, talking while you wait for them to go somewhere else.

      • the ace of books

        “have 1 guy on each side to help them lift it.”

        This. How is this not considered cheating? I mean shit, if you can’t do it alone, why the hell would you put all that weight on? If you have friends helping you lift (and I’m not talking about spotters, here, but real live lift-your-pal’s-weight guys), YOU ARE NOT DOING THE WORK.

        Grunters irritate the shit out of me. I really like when they’ve done their piece all sweating and groaning and finally dropped their weights (from like three feet up) and start admiring themselves, and then I go up and pick up their same weight, do ten-fifteen reps in silence, and walk away. man points you now have: zero :D

        I have yet to see a dude who seriously works the legs. It’s all bench press and curls and some abs. Does no one know how to do a squat?

        Also, loling hard and constantly at the cheating-curls. You know, the ones where half of it is arm-swinging momentum.

        And these guys wonder why they’re not gaining strength…

        • Little Wolf

          Well….you know, Ace, it looks really impressive….to have the bar loaded up.(and that’s important) I don’t know where the yelling thing comes from…I suppose they read somewhere it can make you .008% stronger and I guess they can use all the help they can get.

          To be honest, my gym has been the scene of more than half of the fights I’ve been involved in during my 10+ years here, though they usually end with 10 to 15 guys dog-piling on me to give the shit-bag I was fighting with a chance to escape. Lately, the gym owner just runs over as soon as he sees somebody talking to me. (Apparently he’s convinced that every conversation with me is going to lead to a fight.) The majority of the gym members are cops, military and gangsters(or a combo) There are not many girls and it’s not fancy. But it smells like sweaty gym-socks and there’s alot of duct tape everywhere, so it’s my kind of place.

        • GodsHammer

          I know what you mean, however… negative reps need you to load beyond capability and only control the descent. So, it’s not always an ego or cheat thing.

    • donscarletti

      It doesn’t matter, as long as the genes are good. Wasted potential is still potential.

    • Silent observer

      Hilarious! I fell off my seat

    • the ace of books

      “hollering like a demented walrus”

      Yeah, I’ve never understood the point of bellowing with each rep. One: people don’t need to count your reps, two: oh my god shut up, and three: if you’ve got enough energy to yell, you’ve got enough energy for ten more pounds :D

    • Chunghwa

      All the Chinese exchange students around here are pretty much all Auschwitz mode, and the ones that do lift are all curlbros.

      • Kaun

        Don’t you guys get the 40+ uncles who are obviously on test, barbell bench over 600 pounds, and spot you without making condescending jokes on you last few reps?

    • bscalled

      as opposed to JB’s genes which are probably the result of the nazi’s breeding experiment lol

  • pada

    Will love to go jerk off there if they hang before sofa a coloured poster of beloved but naked Fuehrer of GW Bush.

    • moop

      they want sperm, not eggs, ya pussy

      • pada

        That they want sperm instead of eggs is the very reason why they deny your entry. :)
        Well, when was last time you not only donated your eggs but also your uterus to your beloved Fuehrer as a show of loyalty, sweetie? I heard whoever Bush screws, a doggie would be born after 62 days, lol!

        • moop

          boring. useless troll is useless. no more food for you

          • pada

            Yes, a “troll is useless” even compared with a Cesarean section cut through which a Bush’s little bitch will be born. When a fat and hairy creation is born, be sure to leave your cut unstitched, please. It’s still useful for me. :)

          • mr. wiener

            Stream of conciousness babble, Too much LSD or weird arse Engrish? Take your pick, I’m not understand it.

    • Harland

      “I have often been called a Nazi, and, although it is unfair, I don’t let it bother me. I don’t let it bother me for one simple reason: No one has ever had a fantasy about being tied to a bed and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal.”
      -— P.J. O’Rourke

      • mr. wiener


  • Mop

    Quality sperm only.

  • Dr SUN

    Damn if only I had known earlier, I’ve wasted millions of yuan just this year alone.

  • jiayi

    5000 kuai is not to be sniffed at. But you have to have a dimploma, obviously so your kid will come out of it’s mom sporting a diploma too? Really China, really? China obviously has no concept of genetics, apart from eyelids, fair skin & height. All that matters. Even if they’re a little brat with a complete personality bypass. Not relevant.

  • jeffli

    Going by the photo accompanying this article 10mL is spot on the average volume. Theres nothing wrong with my Chinese brothers thats for sure! :-)
    Good work! –
    Performance on target and in the median. Pearly white, good viscosity a billion little soldiers ready for action.

    I’d prefer to stand up when donating my “sparklers”

    Its interesting though that in Denmark they were looking at frozen samples from 60 years ago and noticed that sperm counts on average are dropping.

    Male fertility is an issue with increasing frequency in recent years. Modern living is exposing males to pollutants and V.O.C.s that have oestrogen emulating properties which negatively affects sperm viability in males of developed and developing countries.

    • donscarletti

      That reminds me of the time when I found those Shu Qi pictures and I ejaculated so hard it punched a hole in time and space. I heard the loud screaming of Danish scientists through the closing wormhole. I was worried I had knocked the universe up and was going to create a parallel detention for a second.

      • donscarletti

        “Parallel dimension” sorry. This new spell correcting software aggravates me.

      • simon

        epic, you may have just proven string theory through masturbation, who would have thought.

        • jeffli

          Lay off the “ropes” boys!
          stop spraying into other guys cracks and worm holes.
          use condoms!

  • yesyes

    ‘Little Weiner Little Weiner!!!!’


    ‘Don’t swallow this time.’

    • mr. wiener

      It’s been a while [sorry for speaking with my mouth full]

  • John

    There’s a shortage of sperm in China? News to me.

  • The Enlightened One

    Are foreigners applicable?

    Would be kind of funny to see a Chinese man and woman with a white or black kid.

    Everyone would be looking at the man like…”Dude, your wife… green hat… BIG TIME! MORON!”

    • Notorious

      ha like they would ever choose a black man’s sperm. what a sad life that child would have in that country if something like that ever happened.

      • Fely Love

        Are u better than any African ? Jerk ! Ignoramus. My brother is married to chinese and they have 2 happy wonderful children who are adored in their neighborhood. Does that make a sense to you?

  • XiaoHei

    Glad to know that I have been wasting about 15,000 RMB per day and about 25,000 RMB on my weekends here. What a waste…

  • Interested

    Asian eggs are way more worthy

    If you are a young asian American women, you can make a living out of it.

    • Chunghwa

      Retrieval is more invasive though, and a woman can only produce a certain amount of eggs within her fertile lifetime, fixed in stone the moment she was already a foetus. A man can let loose millions every day.

      • Notorious

        i agree @chungwa, I believe men have overpopulated the earth and should be sterilized by a certain age. for example, if a woman becomes pregnant she can only give birth once a year. a man could possibly impregnant more than one woman every day of the year.

        • simon

          than it seems that women are the problem, we need to cull more women..

    • Notorious

      i agree. even if you have a baby in china american people would rush to adopt the child.

      • pada

        It’s a pity that blind flip-flopper and whining free loader and peasant-turned lawyer failed to be adopted by American mama Hillary.

        • Notorious

          but he is adopted by america. he will no doubt become an american citizen, he will write a book about his plight and wrongful imprisonment and rights abuses in china, it will become a best seller, he will become a millionaire, and china will lose face when those abuses are exposed. i hope his poor nephew is free.

          that being said, i don’t think china is bad but most a mericans do think that china is extremely communist and evil so this will validate their suspicions.

          • pada

            He will not become a millionaire since he is already one. Only the stingy narrow-minded debt-ridden Americans are so angry and ignorant of years-long financial support given by NED and FLG and Evangilic for his freedom fighting, communist bashing, hymm singing for US, well, and finger-printing at Newark.

    • linette

      It’ a lot harder to be an egg donor. You have to go through physical examines and be on medications and they inject you with hormones. The drugs may affect your physical and emotional state. It takes a long time to prepare. Who wants to go through that. They need to pay women very well in order get volunteers. Few thousands is not enough. Go adopt a child.

      • Christina

        well to be fair women are paid much, much more, especially jewish and asian women. I’ve seen ads around my school offering 20,000 for egg donors.

        • jeffli


          If you can lay an egg I’d give 500RMB just to see that magic trick!
          duck egg? chicken egg? crocodile egg?
          I’ll double the price to for a platypus egg! LOL!

          good egg? or a bad egg?
          dumb egg? or a cong ming dan?

          black egg white egg as long as it hatches its a good egg?

  • Cleo

    Who would want to get pregnant that badly that they would raise a total stranger’s baby instead of just adopting a half Japanese trick baby? What if that is Japanese sperm?

    • mr. wiener

      Enough with the Japanese thing already!

    • Chinggis was here

      Well, presumably the dad’s to be are watching Japanese porn stored on their USBs – it’s only fair to give back to the biggest market for Hentai and Japanese AV in the world.

    • jeffli

      Yep here we go with the Japanese thing again.
      Listen Cleo the war with the Japanese ended near 70 years ago. It was tragic no-one condones what went on but move on now.

      Most of the Japanese enlisted soldiers were chinese collaborators!
      The Japanese were fighting in the following places:-
      Burma – Myanmar
      French Indo-China (Vietnam/Laos/Campuchea/Thailand)
      Papua New Guinea
      Numerous south pacific Islands.

      So why was so much damage caused in China? China doesn’t want to come to terms with this!

      Cleo Cleo! Bite me! hard! Then punch your self in the nose and go read some history books! Nongmin!

      • pada

        Apart from officially declared 6 millions Jews murdered by white men, German killed much much more “near 70 years ago”. I always wonder why Jews whine loud each day so much that Hollywood has to make quite some films about them miserable victims each year, even if Jews have no sperm viability or infertile wormhole problem. I guess you dont ask them to “move on” or “come to terms with it”, like I do. :)

      • Notorious

        jeffli what is your nationality may i ask?

        • jeffli

          Yes you may,
          I’m the “son of a “1000 maniacs” – Freddy Kruger …… no just joking

          My nationality is Australian,
          My ethnicity is another thing. but includes –
          Central European, Eastern European and Central Asian.

          And you Notorious?

    • Dr SUN

      Could be worse Cleo, it could be ours .

    • Notorious

      if a woman gives birth to the baby how is it a stranger’s baby? men are totally irrelevant nowadays and they are useful only for their sperm. women don’t need men anymore to bear children, especially if she is financially secure. men are only needed to help women reproduce then you can discard the annoying man.

      • redgirl

        No. That is not true. A positive male (Father, Uncle, Brother ect..) in the life of children is so so important. Don’t sell yourself or your fellow man short.
        Good Men are very important to the very young into young adulthood and beyond.

      • moop

        apparently you’ve never seen any statistics on children from single-parent homes. the black community has been hit especially hard by this

        • Notorious

          These are women who have children with men because they are in love, and women who are also careless having children before they are financially stable. Every community (black white, other) have been hit hard by poor single parent homes.

          I think it’s funny though that it’s reported that 70% of black children dont’ have a father or black women don’t have husbands. This info was culled from the 2006 census that found 70% of women who gave birth that year were single. It did not account for women who got married later, and also that info was culled from hospital and government agencies. what people don’t realize is that black people practice common law marriages and women do not report under any circumstances that a man is in the home bec it will affect her income. single moms get tax breaks, earned income tax credits worth thousands every year, free lunches for their kids. if they include a man, they will become ineligible so that number is inflated bec women want to keep benefits.

          • eattot

            then why they must have kids?
            ???what for?

          • Notorious

            @eattot — for love. Even I, as a mother had no practical reason to become married and raise children (even as a divorced woman). I simply wanted them because the need to love someone. Now that their father is out of the house (because we are divorced), it’s a win for me. I was also fortunate to rear them without interference from him while collecting his money to provide for the children at the same time. I moved to a different state so I don’t have to look at his stupid face and told the court to enforce 25% of his paycheck which they have done for the past 16 years. And now that they kids are older and almost adults they love me and hate him. I’ll always have loyalty. When i am old, they will see after me. When he is old, he will be alone because no woman will have him and he was too dumb and weak to make a stand against me and have a presence in the lives of his children. EVen now i am their cherished and loved mama. But Now that I am 37 years old, and my youngest child is 15 years old and in 3 years, will be 18 (a legal adult), I am thinking now about a child, just someone to snuggle up with, be sweet to, love and hug and I think and miss all the wonderful things about being a mother. Birthdays and Christmases, all of those things. Even the challenges. So… I do not want some man’s stinking paws on my body so what can I do? Adopt? Sperm donor? (don’t want a man’s sperm in my body either!) so I have to give it some thought while I am still able. I will have to do this before I am 40 or it’s too late.

          • eattot

            u had kid too young…at that age i even did not know what sex is…and a lot of girls at my age still single in china…
            my fiance wants at least 2 kids,but for me,one is fine already…i feel i want to live for myself more.

          • linette

            Tax evasion ummmm.

          • linette

            one kid is enough. No kid is best. A woman can’t work and raise kids at the same time. It’s not fair to the kid.

          • linette


            Why don’t you just adopt a child. So many kids need love.

          • Notorious

            eattot, you didn’t know what sex was in your 20s wow. i do think it is good to live for yourself too, being a mother is a serious thing. and you have to make too many sacrifies. there are a lot of pros but also many cons.

          • markx

            Gee Notorious, I like the story of how you dealt with hubby, you sound … um ..nice and sweet by nature.

            Poor guy may have been a bit lucky to get away I think.

          • Chinggis was here

            Quote Notorious:

            “men are totally irrelevant nowadays and they are useful only for their sperm. women don’t need men anymore to bear children, especially if she is financially secure. men are only needed to help women reproduce then you can discard the annoying man.”

            “I moved to a different state so I don’t have to look at his stupid face and told the court to enforce 25% of his paycheck which they have done for the past 16 years.”

            “So… I do not want some man’s stinking paws on my body so what can I do? Adopt? Sperm donor? (don’t want a man’s sperm in my body either!)”

            Hey Froggy, become a carpet muncher, that way you’ll be doing men a favour, well, of course I can’t speak for all men, however, you’d be doing a favour to every male I associate with.

            Do the Black Panthers have a feminist wing? The Fempantherettes? If not, maybe you could start it.

            Ps. Change your own car tyres.

            See, this is what happens when you run off and sqeal to Fauna like a stuck pig because CB was giving you grief. There’s no balance.

            Unban Coala Banana!

          • Wang that!

            You obviously have your reasons to have your divorce and I am not here to question that. But I do however disagree with your comment…

            “men are totally irrelevant nowadays and they are useful only for their sperm. women don’t need men anymore to bear children, especially if she is financially secure. men are only needed to help women reproduce then you can discard the annoying man.”

            Statistics on crimes committed by children that were raised by single parents (Both single mothers and fathers)… in 1996 it was 70% (in the US) of all juvenile offenders (I can only imagine it being higher now just based on population numbers.. but that would be purely speculation) and in the UK the stat’s say single parent children are 9X more likely to commit crimes…

            What I am trying to get at here is… balance… nothing is better than a family that has 2 caring parents… There is a need for both, a mothers and father’s tender love…

            Again, I am, in NO way questioning your child rearing abilities. I am just commenting on “men being irrelevant”

          • Notorious

            Chinggis, my only regret about my ex husband is that I didn’t fuck some other man in our bed minutes before he returned from work (so he could find us). Then his nightmare would have come true since he blamed me if so much as any man even dared looked at me. He was too possessive, put me off of inviting a man into my life for good. I like my freedom. Fuck him.

          • Notorious

            Wang that! Thank you for your kind understanding. The reason single parent homes fail and the children grow up scarred is because the mother does not have enough money to provide on her own. The problem isn’t single parenthood, it’s POVERTY. I was fortunate to have grown up with a mother who had a government job and a father who was an entertainer so I learned survival skills early and how to weasle my way into a better life.

      • linette


        haha..notorious. Sounds like your ex really gave you hell. You are not giving other women too much hope about marriages and living with men. I do agree most men are not marriage material, but there are many good men can be good as friends. I always try to think positive, you should too.
        It’s so funny that you say that. My girlfriends and I were just talking about it the other day about now that gay marriages is legal, women now have the option to marry each other and raise kids together. You get the same benefits and tax deduction like heterosexual couples. Legalizing gay marriages actually benefit women too. In the city you will see a lot of single professional women who are much more financially qualified to raise kids. In another 2 years I will be turning 30 and my mom is already harassing me with blind dates. I am not dealing with that crap. I don’t believe in parental arranged marriages. If I meet a good man I meet a good man, if not, I know now I have other option in order to raise kid and start a family.

        • linette

          Chinggis was here

          Please don’t talk down to Notorious and women like her. Listen to what she is saying. She raised her kids on her own.

          It’s not easy being a single parent. I have girlfriends who are also raised from single moms. Their mother raised them with blood and tears. While the fathers can’t keep steady jobs. Quit because they don’t like their boss. Those men rather go drinking in the bars and watch superbowl, instead keeping a steady job with boss they hate so they can provide for their kids. The moms have to work hard full time job and still come home to take care of kids. It’s like working 20 hours a day Monday to Sunday until the kids grow up. The only thing these single moms did wrong was married to the wrong men.

          • Chinggis was here

            Don’t talk down to her my arse! Did you actually read that rambling, hateful, disjointed diatribe?

            The woman has mental problems. I’d suggest she puts some of the child support she’s received from her ex for the last 16 years towards a psychiatrist.

          • jeffli

            Oh here we go …. the “child support resentment syndrome”
            Lets get over that one please.
            Oh and “my tax….blah blah blah” whining by middle classes as they’re too gutless to go critisize the “the wall street criminals” or the “whitehouse criminals”

            “My tax blah blah blah single mothers blah blah” its such a small part of the budget!
            how about ridiculous military spending on over priced goods by contractors and suppliers in bed with govt. politicians just look at the “war on terror” – Blackwater is one example.

          • linette

            Chinggis was here

            Majority of women are not Elin Nordegren getting millions from ex husband Tiger Wood.
            The child support they get from the ex they have to pay for rent, day care(She needs to work full time, someone have to babysit the kids), foods, medical bills, utilities bills, clothes..etc. Now tell me, do you think most of these women get enough child support pay from their ex?
            After all that, she has to come home and cook, clean, and do homework with kids..school, etc..continue to work. Like working 20 hours a day 7 days a week. IT’S NO EASY LIFE. These mothers sacrifice their lives for their kids.
            My girlfriends have tears in their eyes when they talk about their moms raising them remembering as a child. WHERE ARE THE DADS?

          • Notorious

            linette that was very insightful. Indeedly.

            I don’t even need my ex husband’s money but I take it anyway. He even owes me $29,000 USD in back payments. Then I found out he was making more money than I thought. I wish i had known that sooner. The reason I am hard on him is because I do not respect him. After I left him, this man had additional kids with other women, and then all of those women all left him and now they all are taking his money. You know what he told me, he said they keep dragging him to court because they all want what I have. And then he goes and has kids with these people and don’t even see those kids either. He has eight kids total. So since he cannot provide emotional support, he will provide monetarily. what these stupid people don’t understand is that they will never have what i have because a.) they were never married, b.) the judge wouldn’t alter the agreement since the kids are used to having a certain amount of money. So these stupid women had kids and don’t even get 5% of what my kids have from this man. In all, I still feel like they cut into my children’s trust money so I don’t respect them. I don’t respect him. Personally, I don’t respect any man. They are stupid and think with their dicks.

            as for chinggis, who said coala needs to be unbanned. the difference between me and him is that I don’t stalk people, i don’t go around PERSONALLY insulting anyone and if I do, it’s unintentionally. coala was a stalker. Furthermore, I reported him at least a week before he was actually banned. I was told if he acts up again to let them know. I did not let them know, in fact I ignored him even as he hurled racial slurs and epithets and so on. They saw him on their own obviously and banned him from there. No action needed on my part. Especially after he was caught hiding under a dual name using a fake picture.

          • redgirl

            Listen to what she is saying. She raised her kids on her own.
            Well said, linette.

          • Notorious

            thanks redgirl. and now people wonder why I will refuse, reject every man. after i do all the work, raise my kids, build my own security and a comfortable home some guy wants to come in the last hour and be a part of my life. if i ever date again it will be out of sheer boredom. i will make sure that the man is inferior to me and everyway. if he is poorer than me i will make sure he knows it. if he has more money than me, i will use him for every dime he’s got then throw him a way. i will lie to him, i will cheat on him, i will make him hate women and question humanity when i am done. men are stupid and callow. horny and shallow. look how many of these guys call all the women ugly even when they are not, like they are a prize themselves because they think they deserve a beautiful woman when they look like a pig’s arse in the face. i read what men say on the internet where they let their feelings out comfortable and then i think how revolting they are.

        • Notorious

          linette there is some hope for women if you find someone who is married for all the right reasons. Someone who understands the family dynamic, the friendship dynamic, and the lover dynamic, oh wouldn’t he be perfect. Just keep your eyes open for selfish tendendacies and run for the hills if he shows those bad qualities. It’s a matter of sorting the rotten apples from the good. Often younger women (younger than us 30 somethings) cannot discern a good man from bad.

          • redgirl

            Oh No..Notorious.
            That is your path .
            I admire you but . I have 3 brothers who always look out for me.
            But one brother who is someone who I will always admire and hope my son has half his respect towards mankind or womankind .

          • linette


            There are good men out there. If you find one you should treat him nice. Treat people the way you wanted to be treated. But you are right about being cautious. Men will cheat women for their money. You don’t lend anyone your money, car, credit…do not sign any paper for anyone..etc. If you do make sure you have proof in case he refuses to pay back. It is true. There are so many men like that lying and cheating women. How sad.

            That is why I always believe is better for women to stay single instead of marrying to the wrong men. The consequence can be devastating. They end up kicking the men out and have to raise the kids by themselves and be single moms. A very hard life. I don’t want a life like that.

          • Notorious

            that’s very wise linette! It is true, and guilt is worse. so like if you are a single mom and your child has a school play or a school report meeting and you can’t go because you have to work. If you take off your boss gets mad because you are single you are always the one who has to miss a day of work. So you stay and work. Then the teachers think you don’t care about your child because you never come to the school. so you have to try to do both sometimes go to the school sometimes say no and stay at work then both are still unhappy. so that’s why i want to do it all over again now that i can and do it with a free mind.

          • linette


            oh…I see. That is very interesting. It’s like you want a second chance to do it the right way. It’s true. It’s not fair for the kids that mom is not fully available because she is always working. Not too involved with the child’s life. YOu probably missed a lot of precious moments with your kids growing up, and now they are all grown up it’s too late to make it up. You want a second chance with a new child to do it the right way.

          • Notorious

            No, I was able to capture every moment because I put them first. I have the luxury of an education and a proper job that allowed me the luxury of having plenty of paid time off and other benefits that were in place. But still, I never lasted on my jobs too long becaue they eventually got fed up. The funny part though is that every company was a really good one so whenever I moved on after a few years, the next job was an upgrade lol until I found one that gave me the space that I needed, allowing me to be a professional woman on my own terms. There are things you do miss like, you’re not home after school, instead you’re home at 6pm. So all of my free time I dedicated to them, and would not share that time with a man or a boyfriend. even they know that they have had every waking moment dedicated to their happiness. this has lead to the children having high expectations in life and set them on a good path.

          • Notorious

            oh and yeah, this is a second chance for ME to really enjoy being a mom, instead of worrying about building our futures all the time, etc. Now that the future is built, I want to share it the right way. If I have a baby naturally I know my body being in my late 30s will never recover lol. So adoption is a good idea. Maybe start with foster care (which i n the U.S. parents are paid to do) which would give me even more money for the child as we work on the adoption. but foster kids come with a lot of problems. but at least that way i don’t have to choose the kid, the kid would be chosen for me by the state.

          • linette


            It good that you are financially capable and self-sufficient. You were also very lucky with your jobs…getting better job one after another. Many single moms are not as lucky and financially capable on their own. It’s sad.

            Foster kids can come with many problems. Many of them have been moving around in and out different family. It will be quite a challenge to raise a foster kid. But America need more family to adopt them. It will be good for the society also. Some one to take care of these kids that need a loving home.
            For me if I have to adopt, I will go to HK or China to adopt a girl.
            An infant. I am selfish. I want her to be mine.

          • Notorious

            no sadness or pity require my dear, trust me — I have benefitted in many many ways.

            single mothers come in many different shapes, sizes and financial situations. many are able to do well, many are not. it’s not a one-size fit all situation that needs or wants or deserves sadness or pity. i certainly do not think myself an exception because i did not struggle and had a great support system and friends. my best friend who got married a few years ago was a single mother/ when we met eleven years ago she made 10 bucks an hour, was going to a junior college but eventually graduated with an associate, then transferred and got her bachelor’s degree in business adminstration. got married, and is now working on her master’s working as an analyst, bringing in 60,000 a year USD. Between her and her husband over 100,000 a year. if you work hard you will get it. She was the one whose daughter let herself in after school, while she went to work during the day and school at night, getting home after 9pm. but her daughter who lives in a beautiful three story home in a nice middle class neighborhood, has surely benefitted, and is a very accomplished little girl going to one of the best schools in the state, plays for the basketball team, is on the honor roll. so don’t think it’s so hard for every woman or that it’s “sad” because my friend, while she’s off on vacation every winter, and once a spring with her family — they take trips out of the country twice a year, trust me she’s anything but sad, but owns a beautiful house and everything that goes in it. women make the sacrifices they must make married or not. those who don’t, i can’t comment on their situation, because people obviously sometimes have it harder than others. I can also think of women with hard lives who arent single mothers.

            most women go about their business without thinking of their life or families as some sort of “problem” as a society that wants to keep women dependant on men would like everyone to think.

            that’s mostly an ignorant outsider’s perception like “aww so hard” and then you just want to laugh because it’s really their way of trying to shame you. they don’t want the single moms to feel accomplished or acknowledge their success even when they do well For me, I wouldn’t change a thing. so no congratulations needed or in order :) Nor is sadness or pity required. Trust me, any single mother would tell you that if they have to do it again, they would do it the same way.

            Everybody in america has jobs. IN fact, both husband and wife are now working in america, so whether you are a single mother or a married mother, homes are still absent of both parents until dinner time. Inflation, debt, all of those things being the cause.
            lol so if you start to feel sad, try putting it in perspective :) even the poorest of people in america are richer than the average person in other countries so don’t worry yourself too much.

          • linette


            Perhaps sad is not the word. Definitely not pity. Single moms work hard like any women, they don’t need pity. But it would be a bit easier if women have a reliable partner to help raise the kids instead of doing it on her own. A partner like a good useful husband who can split the responsibility.

            …even the poorest of people in america are richer than the average person in other countries so don’t worry yourself too much….
            This part I definitely agree 100%. Also USA in general, is still a country with a good gov’t system. It has problems, but is still better than many other country.

          • Notorious

            no worries, i know your comments came from a place of understanding and compassion. it would be nice, but american men don’t often have a sense of family committment. this is why if i ever dated, I would prefer to date a man who is from a different country, not sure which one yet since everyone has different issues depending on where they are from. i would rule out men from muslim countries for obvious reasons. .

    • Fely Love

      Am a Nigerian . Can I donate ? He he he ! U guys are very funny .

  • Jeff

    Do you think if they take the sperm out of my girlfriend’s mouth it still counts?

  • korea21


  • Cleo

    FYI – superbug strains originate from Japan. So if that is Japanese sperm so the local expat can get himself another bowl of noodles, then your stupid desire to just have a child willy nilly like Kate Gosselin is going to have a bad result!


    Doctors have found a new ‘superbug’ form of gonorrhoea’ that is resistant to a range of antibiotics, it has been announced. Several newspapers have reported on the first case of the strain, which was recently discovered in a Japanese woman. Testing has shown that the strain has resistance against a range of antibiotic drugs, including those commonly used to cure the sexually transmitted infection (STI).

  • Notorious

    i think all the laowai should go, the hospital would never go out of business.

    • Kaun

      As we speak I’m dictating a letter addressed to their fertility department asking if there’s a market for waigorenjuice, whilst doing 20 rep sets of penis push ups which I will alternate with some ball curls to top it off.

      Now all I need is some stimulating material, preferably middle aged…
      Would you mind lending a guy a hand?

      • Little Wolf

        You mean “cock pushups”, right? The term “penis” is disturbing.

        • Kaun

          Not if you make a living as a duck who is constantly on the prowl for sad middle aged women with disposable income..

  • Castro

    Dr. Wang ?


  • Jack

    Here in Australia at a fertility clinic there was a huge TV playing porn videos in the “collection room”. There was a nice leather armchair to sit in while watching the videos. Fridge with coke zero etc.

    • redgirl

      Give that man a medal.

  • dim mak

    Letting people pick seed/egg based on profiling amounts to eugenics. Randomized selection or nothing, I say!

  • Dr SUN

    Sex means nothing Chinese women, they do it for 2 reasons, Duty or money.

    1.They don’t want it often as they don’t expect any pleasure for themselves for it apart from $ for them and support their family.

    2. They will do it to keep their husbands happy, so they wont lose their $ security.

    Sex is a very practical thing to Chinese women, it’s their money bank and they use it carefully, no pay no pussy, be that whatever their status.

    TIC guys, unlike the USA they don’t give it away for just a quick free fun time.

    • jeffli

      DR. SUN,
      You’ve seen Eddy Murphy’s stand up comedy video’s?
      I think you need a Zebra riding Biatch lol


      • donscarletti


        But yeah, I saw that story about Chinese dudes going for some zebra riding ladies and they looked pretty happy.

    • Dr SUN this explains why some (not all) Chinese women in the 38-to-menopause bracket, look back and think they’ve been a little too pragmatic (especially once they’re wealthy through work or inheritance). I find 40+ year old Chinese women willing to experiment with quite powerful physical and emotional scenes of mutual pleasure. I full realise this is not everyone’s cup of tea…

  • Sean

    Rumor 3: Would a donor’s descendants “fall in love” [result in incest]? What a bizarre question. Why would anyone expect that to happen? And why is “falling in love” the way Chinese express “commit incest”??

  • Can foreigners donate?

    • Dr SUN

      No only pure Han bloods, no barbarians.

      So maybe a couple of thousand only, from very remote villages can.

    • Chinggis was here

      @ e peter, NO

  • rich

    HIV epidemic is all over china 2nd only to Africa. It’s a ashamed communist state media and news still keep a tight lip on it. I guess this goes perfect with the CCP’s plan of population control.

  • Allie

    Hi everyone, im looking for a foreigner sperm donor.
    Im mexican and im willing to pay the same amount of money that the hospital can pay.
    please contact me

    • jeffli

      I’m interested!

    • Hi, I’m a product of the top secret US “Super Soldier” program. I’m perfect in every way conceivable. The Bourne movies were based on me, except they got it wrong and didn’t make Jason Bourne badass enough. I would donate my sperm to you, but I’m afraid it’s likely to kill you.

      • Allie

        ge ge, very funny …. but im serious…. so if youre interested send me an email please

      • David.is.Dawei

        Hey Whiskers,

        Are your photos online to view?
        I’d be interested in taking a look.


        • Haha now I’m embarassed. They’re nothing special, as I’m mostly just a hobbyist. But, if you click on my name it’ll direct you to my page on 500px.com. Thanks for checking them out!

          • Dan

            Fuckkkkk. Stunning landscape photography man! Really good. Def something special.

    • Hi Allie. Would you like me to ejaculate into a small jar, or would you prefer me to rendezvous with you and make love? My name is Dolph Lundgren. I starred alongside the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Thanks.

      • David.is.Dawei

        Hey Richard,
        Great Choice –
        People probably think of Dolph as just another bad actor, but he’d be an excellent candidate for her. He is extremely educated, an incredible physical specimen and has the drive/discipline required to create an extraordinary/happy life.

        • Allie

          cheers !!

          • Allie, you’re supposed to be Mexican. Most of us understand a bit of Spanish, lady… Something like the following would be fine: Hola, puedo tener su esperma? Adios…

          • Allie

            do you know that there’s 500 mexican registred in the mexican embassy in china, so my oportunity to get somebody to understand me that i want alguien que me done sus espermas is almost 5% ??
            besides, im latin, but i dont want a latin sperm, if i whould i will write it in spanish belive me =)

          • Allie, I just can’t resist… Are you after insemination (artificially or sexually) by a Northern European, Afro-Caribbean, Chinese, Indian or Malay man? I think we should know… P.S. You rule out Mediterranean men I presume, because they are the main basis for Latinos.

          • mr. wiener

            I have a collection of slightly stiffened tissues under my bed you might be interested in…..