6 Foreigners Urinate on Shanghai Freeway, Netizen Reactions

The 6 foreigners are urinating.

From Sina Weibo:

@央视新闻 [CCTV News]: Outrageous! 6 Laowai Collectively Urinating on Shanghai Elevated Freeway Exposed Online: According to Xinmin.cn, recently a weibo with a picture of laowai collectively urinating on an elevated freeway triggered heated discussions amongst netizens. At present, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps Elevated Freeway Detachment has already found this bus, and launched an investigation into this incident. According to the bus driver, it was a group of Danish men that the bus was carrying, who drank and made a ruckus the entire way, and even grabbed the steering wheel to force the driver to stop before then getting off the bus to urinate.

The 6 foreigners are urinating.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


[衰] This is probably because bathrooms are scarce… Try going out on a long-distance bus before you comment…


Damn! Have all their dicks cut off!


They all say: China is exactly like this! [汗] In China, one can learn to litter wherever you please, cross the street where you please, and relieve yourself wherever you please, so on and so forth!


Is this how so-called civilized foreigners are civilized? [挖鼻屎]


Are foreigners’ characters necessarily high/good? There are garbage everywhere.

Comments from Sina:

手机用户 [上海]:

To hell with doing as the Romans do, and learning from Chinese people, that’s all fucking bullshit. Have you ever seen any Chinese people urinating on an elevated freeway? And doing so collectively? You even despise yourselves. Those foreigners are simply sons of bitches.


Confiscate the instruments of their crime.


If it were a group of Chinese people doing such a thing in a foreign country, I bet it’d make headlines both domestically and overseas!

手机用户 [福建福州]:

Should be deported.

手机用户 [广东深圳]:

Foreign countries often report on the low/poor characters of Chinese tourists overseas, but the characters of foreign tourists in China are not much better. On the internet, you can also see the ugly behavior of foreign tourists with low characters, such as peeing and littering on our Great Wall.

Comments from NetEase:

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河里蟹 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Confiscate their 6 criminal instruments.

河里蟹 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

The bus driver should be severely punished, and the 6 tools involved in the crime should also be confiscated.

txs321 [网易广东省惠州市网友]:

Their characters are even worse than Chinese people!

正义的炽天使 [网易澳门网友]:

Pissing into the wind results in getting all wet!

清风泛舟 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

A trouble caused by beer? Nay, it’s the problem of their characters!

Comments from IFeng:

凤凰网广东省网友 nzzm318:

A group of mad dogs! Don’t think all foreigners are civilized, there are a lot of garbage amongst them!

凤凰网海南省网友 海南一说:

Everyone says the behavior of Chinese tourists overseas is uncivilized. Now it seems that the behavior of foreign tourists in China is even less civilized. Those people who blindly worship the foreign and revile their own countrymen can shut up now.

凤凰网浙江省网友 yijiguanchayuan:

Who are they insulting!?

凤凰网广东省广州市网友 凤凰网友:

Strictly investigate the illegal parking of the bus. Human flesh search the six animals, and spread this picture. No matter how dirty China is, it’s not a toilet for laowai!

凤凰网湖南省岳阳市网友 那不勒斯:

What kind of environment creates what kind of people.

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  • Dannisi

    When you gotta go, you gotta go

    • radbab

      Most adults can hold their water. Dogs too if you train them… for the rest there’s diapers

      • MonkeyMouth

        for the rest, there are assless pants, you mean?

    • Baojiu

      A 500ml wide-neck plastic bottle like those Nalgene bottles are a traveler’s best friend when you have no place convenient to relieve yourself. Backpacker’s wisdom.

    • Monkey blue

      Damn straight! Try not to go after a few drinks

  • A Lu

    people pissing in public, what a news!!
    who’s never done it upvote this! down with foreign savages!!!

  • The pot calling the kettle black? Pardon for my indifference about this incident. This is nothing compared to how some Chinese tourists behave in Taiwan.

    • mr.wiener

      None the less there must be some sort of law those drunken idiots broke. They deserve to be fined at least. And if they fine them they should fine every ijit who thinks it’s ok to drop their pants and take a shit in the gutter and parents who don’t pooper-scooper after their incontinent offspring on trains.
      I’m all for the “when you gotta go you gotta go” philisophy , but you could at least get the driver to stop somewhere less public.

      I’m a little weary of this whole “You people are uncivilized” when when push comes to shove we are all shite flinging monkeys.

      • MrT

        yea we normally piss back into the cans we just drank out off and role em down the aisle. daft cnts.

      • MonkeyMouth

        monkeys? whats that supposed to mean? racialist! i agree.. on a bridge in full view of the collectors road…. not so nice.

        • jeffli

          monkeys means monkeys! you want to make it a racial thing in order to garner pity then go ahead,
          In my book if people cant make the effort for a little social order concerning their bladder and bowels then they are no different from the shit flinging monkeys!

          • MonkeyMouth

            on behalf of all monkeys everywhere, let me proclaim that this ignorant behaviour will not be tolerated. watch out next time you go to the zoo, or e mei shan

          • mr.wiener

            I climbed e mei shan once. Those freaking monkeys would not take no for an answer and mugged a group in front of me. I waded in with my walking stick and had a stand off with a big alpha male until a group of with guides [ complete with slingshots] came up behind me a and let loose.

          • ScottLoar

            Souvenir vendors on E Mei are that aggressive, eh?

          • MonkeyMouth

            at least you go the joke. better then that idiot jeffli

    • Rainer

      C’mon! In Taiwan they are pissing Danish way too. Difference is they always pull down the pants to the knees.

  • “No matter how dirty China is, it’s not a toilet for laowai!”

    But it is a toilet for Chinese? Such hypocrisy…
    I saw so many Chinese doing this while I traveled through China. I encountered a 4 year old boy shitting on an escalator in a mall, while the dad was laughing…

    • Red Scarf

      Yes, but laowai’s toilets have to be of higher standards!!!!!!!

      • LuoyangLaowai


        • Red Scarf

          That is the dumbest reply I have ever seen. Its obvious the sarcasm has flown right over your head.

          • MrT

            There is a good business to be had in China, proper clean toilets, charge money to use them like they do in other countries.

            Service stations here charge money to use them but there still a shit and stink pit.

            You only got to see the long queues at KFC (etc) toilets to see people here want and need clean modern toilets.
            No wonder these guys chose to piss on the street when you consider the real options.
            Not to mention all the Chinese perverts that now hang out in the toilets trying to get a peak at dck. Sad cunts.

          • linette lee

            You know what. That’s a good idea. We need to open a business for modern ultra clean bathroom for the public in China(with victoria secret fragrance inside those bathrooms..sorry, I like that smell in my bathroom. Bathroom must smell fresh and clean,) And make it cheap so it will be like 10 cents(usa) to use the bathroom. I think people will go for it. I am sure the china chinese are sick and tired of dirty bathroom that gov’t don’t maintain or there are none. Put some bathroom in the highway too. what’s the name of this business? What do you think?

          • MrT

            Stinks R not US

          • linette lee

            hahahha…….lol you are good!

          • linette lee

            How about SHIT POD? There is an outlet for you to charge your ipod while you are shxting. lol….XD Your ipod gets service too.

          • MrT

            Yea they could have a Navigation APK so you can find the crapper quick in time of emergency.

          • Alex

            you would need to find some kind of super cleaner to keep that maintained

          • 10 cent per person minus 50 cent per person to keep the place clean after the damage has been done

          • Panda Banana

            hmmm, “chinese are sick and tired of dirty bathroom”…?? then who made the bathroom dirty if not chinese people ?…and do you really think that the ordinary mainlander would spend money to pee, when he can pee outside for free? ever been to china? so chinese people are sick and tired of dirt they created in the first place? get real man…!

          • acropunk

            This is the dumbest reply to a reply I have ever read. Obviously the meta-sarcasm went in one ear and out the other.

          • Red Scarf

            And this was the longest awaited dumbest reply to a reply to a reply I have ever read. Obviously the yotta sarcasm had to pass through your gastrointestinal tract and then had circle the world several times using second class post.

          • acropunk

            Yes, constipation problem.

    • Rainer

      Actually there is no difference between the migrant workers of China and of west. They are all like London drunks in early morning.

      • I just do not understand what is so bad about it. I would rather say bad things about the driver than the few foreigners. I guess the Chinese themselves see it everyday that some people are peeing on a highway. I remember when I had a business-trip in a little bus. It stopped at the bridge over the Yellow River and 5 chinese colleagues peed into the “yellow river”.

        Then I understood why it was callled the yellow river…

        I just do not understand the hypocrisy of the action. The chinese are spitting on the street, also peeing wherever they want, let their little children shit on escalators (I didnt understand how the dad can even laugh while his little emperor was taking a dump on an escalator. I mean he does not have as much time as he want. It takes like 10 seconds till you are at the top…), throwing pigs into the water, polluting the enviroment, throwing trash on the streets…
        … and then when someone just pees on the street, it is considered totally bad.

        • Simon

          it’s because most chinese are un-educated and/or uncouth to begin with, hence there is some level of tolerance for their lack of mannerisms. These whities obviously should have had enough education to know how to conduct themselves while being overseas. you must be stupid to not see what is ‘so bad about it’.

          You’re just like the chinese father seeing his son shitting on the escalator laughing about it also ‘not seeing what is so bad about it.’ Both idiots.

        • Murdock84

          Hahaha, this is China. hahahahahahahahaha

      • Justice

        I am Glad that a black dude was not involved. They are white so it’s ok. It would have been a different story if they were blacks. White is God in China

        • Justice , U got that right ! lol .. Hell would’ve break lose on their comments ..

        • Hongwu Emperor


          And if I was there at the moment I’d throw a rock they would never miss.

          Aimed at the most sensible regions… mwahahahahha

      • When I traveled to China.

        I regularly saw people peeing off of bridges and highways. In fact, the person (adult) who was giving me a ride from the airport peed off an elevated freeway in shanghai. And this person was from a educated well to do family. He later went to study in Canada.

        I was encouraged to do the same – I held it in for the rest of the 2 hour ride…

        I would love to do it too.. I imagine the feeling of breaking society’s rules with no repercussions would feel very liberating and daring! – but I was too afraid.

    • i see we’ve got ourselves a whoriental

    • Normally I would be on your side of this argument, but I think the distinction here is that a foreigner chooses the country he travels to, whereas a local has no choice. It’s reasonable to have stricter tolerance on that basis. That’s not to be construed as an argument for xenophobia. It is a very rare case that I would make that argument, but when making comparisons that involve jurisdictional differences, it’s also necessary to compare what choices and options were legal and available.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Yeah. Dont get how it’s hypocritical to not want foreigners to come into your country and piss on the streets even if locals do it. There’s kind of a difference.

    • meo fio

      There’s a difference between kids doing it and grown men doing it

    • BiggJ

      I know sometimes I see chinese piss and shit everywhere…I just thought I would google it.LOL …What was I thinking? lol. Starbucks has a nice bathroom. Why would you opt to piss in the front of the shop infront of god only knows how many people? There was actually alot more pics, This is just the first adults I came across. Most were parents letting their kids shit and piss on trains, in restaurants and every other place you can imagine. Pissing and shitting in public I have no problem with really, just choose the right place. Example: in a bush or behind a tree, down an alley . Just be a little more discreet that’s all

      • Germandude

        Post those on weibo under the Danish story and check if chinasmack will translate those reactions…

      • linette lee

        hahahaha….yes yes yes. Post those photos on weibo in the China chinese face. So they can look at themselves and change. Let them raise hell and those china parents won’t do that with their kids anymore.

        • BiggJ

          The one that made me laugh is the kid shitting in the trash can. The security guard has his priorities all backwards. It looks like he’s going after the guy with the camera rather then the kid taking a shit. LOL If I was the guard I was let people take pictures and laugh at the kid, Maybe he would think twice about doing that again. lol

          • jeffli

            never belt a monkey who has taken a dump! It’ll fling it at you! Haha….. Monkeys…….Crazy monkeys shit anywhere and and fling it at you … haha ……… sad isn’t it?

        • Do you guys really want 1.3 billion people to start using disposable diapers? At least poop feeds the plants.

          • jeffli

            1.3 billion people flingin shit would be worse?

            Does a bear shit in the woods? …(Chinese don’t…haha)

          • La Mano Gaucha

            The thought of those disposable diapers littered all over the place made me cringe like a motherfucker!!

          • bert

            The problem is some of those plants are vegetables that you might eat. Hep A B or C anyone? There is a proper place for pooping, I hope you know that.

      • filabusta

        Don’t forget the picture of a kid in the Guangzhou metro shitting on the train from a few months ago on chinasmack.

      • Rainer

        Other people know how to google too:
        Look how gorgous they piss, without even raising a leg, I mean a hinter leg:

    • don mario

      this really is a pot calling the kettle black situation.. truly one of the dumbest netizen reaction so far!

      • Dr Sun

        All I can say is I guess these posters have never walked the streets in the UK after 11.30pm, people pissing and shitting everywhere, after leaving the pubs, clubs and their favourite Indian take out.

        • don mario

          i was talking about the chinese reaction. english yobs piss and puke and fight in public – nobody would shit, how are they gonna wipe it? -after they are drunk but its still nowhere near as bad as the chinese levels of it.

    • Magellan

      When in Rome…

  • MaryJane

    Is it me or is the thought of strapping, young foreign invaders waving their d*cks for all to see slightly erotic?

    • mr.wiener

      I’m sure that’s what went through the minds of the people in the opposite lane. “hmmm….erotic!”

      • Germandude

        No. Wrong. “Peace on you.” – “Yeah, piss on you too!”

      • MaryJane

        That’s what I’m thinking about you right now, papi. Can I sit on your face? …⸮

    • MrT

      The real story is, all the wives in the cars sitting next to their husbands.
      You could see how that would piss em off.

  • slob

    At first I was expecting a story about a couple of plebs thinking they’re boss in China and pissing wherever they please to deliberately annoy the locals. Clicking on the link I find it’s a case of 6 drunken men wanting to piss and doing what the locals would do anyway. The only problem is stopping a bus on the freeway to block traffic. Other than that, what’s the big deal? If the nobshits want to embarrass themselves, let them.

    • MonkeyMouth

      they should invent a new dance craze. Dan-men style! and jump around holding gigantic cucumbers and pretend to piss everywhere

  • Red Scarf

    And in the mean time there’s a bus on the highway blocking the flow of traffic, damn that bad bus driver *shakes fist*. Tthat would be the head lines if they were pissing up against the bus instead.

  • Germandude

    Yeah, great. Tourists coming to a country in which people can hardly differentiate. One foreigner behaving like shit – ALL foreigners are shit. In this case, multiply by six.

    Stupid guys indeed, especially doing it in the middle of the lane… You did all foreigners living in Shanghai a great favor.

    One of our fellow Chinese students (a girl!) was shitting on the floor inside a Bank in the Netherlands. Surprisingly this didn’t make it online, eventhough video footage was created…

    • Dannisi

      Twisted as I am, gotta find that video

      • Germandude

        It’s from 2004. Good luck by contacting ABN Amro Bank, Arnhem, Netherlands. The Dutch guy that recorded doesn’t have it anymore.

        • Schade. Würde es gerne mal sehen und auf weibo hochladen :D

    • linette lee

      Don’t blame them. They got on weibo for the chinese to see. Let the china people and china gov’t ask themselves this question. “Do the china chinese shit in their own street?” It’s a good chance for them to reflect on their own action and the china gov’t to set up more clean public bathrooms.

    • Girls are poopers too. *whispers* Sometimes, they are bigger assholes.

  • Rick in China

    “Have you ever seen any Chinese people urinating on an elevated freeway?”

    Fuck this guy. A few weeks ago I was walking with a buddy to a corner store about half a block away. In that time, about 20 meters from my apartments gate, on this side street (2 lane cement road) where there is some construction/those cement construction walls, we crossed a grown man shitting shamelessly on the roadside beside the concrete wall.

    His girlfriend was a few meters infront of him playing on her phone, we stared and commented, hoping to stir some shame – he just looked right at us with a blank face like a puppy caught shitting where he shouldn’t, no shame though…..

    He got up, wiped with some crumpled paper, left it on top of his shit pile, and they walked on as if nothing had happened.

    Urinating on a highway? Wow, what a disgrace. How about the full grown men who drop trow and shit on the roadside shamelessly ffs.

    • bert

      Yes, but the problem is Chinese DO NOT EVER judge themselves and when a whitey or darkie does it then they will notice. Chinese will pull it out and piss and others just move over out of the way. Laowai does it and either they get closer to look or someone chimps out.

  • grovesman

    Children being held over trash cans in hospitals to drop deuces or pee, or peeing in malls, or restaurants or…and bathrooms all just steps away.

    I’ve had to pull over to pee when driving on the highways here, but I usually find a somewhat discrete place to do it (although not always).

    Nevertheless, these idiots deserve to be reprimanded. If for no other reason than because of the danger they put people in for stopping the bus on the highway.

  • BiggJ

    Well they could have just pissed on the bus like a regular chinese person…:)

    They were drunk. That still know no excuse. I don’t understand chinese people though…..It’s perfectly normal for us to it, but when someone else does it.they are garbage and shit. Just kind of funny.

  • haha

    They are just following what the Chinese did.

  • MrT

    When in Rome…

  • LuoyangLaowai

    When in China do as the Chinese do Right. RIGHT???

  • LuoyangLaowai

    When I travel around China and I HAVE to take the Buses, When the Bus stops on the side of the road at some mom and pop shop for a pee break. I always pretend to to understand the person trying to get 1 yuan from me for pissing in a hole. I REFUSE to pay for a Natural body function.

    • At least when you pay, they try to maintain it to keep making that dolla dolla bill yo. If it were just plain free, there wouldn’t be TP for your bunghole. The train station toilet in Guangzhou were kept neat as can be, but no one is there to even sell TP. Point is, if it was free, you might not want to step inside >_>.

      • linette lee

        Why you have to pay to pee and shit. The gov’t should have public bathroom and cleaning crew.

        • I never said you “have to” pay. I said I rather use a paid facility for my bodily functions. Keep another person on the payroll if you will. You can take your ones and twos and do it in the public, it is at no charge of course. Side note: How many times have you seen the gov. do a good job in maintaining cleanliness. Expectations vs. Reality.

          • linette lee

            So why china gov’t don’t have enough public bathrooms and maintain a cleaning crew? I am just curious. Do the china chinese pay tax to the china gov’t? Where do those tax money go to?

          • If you have to ask..>_> <_<

  • cb4242

    Chinese spit everywhere and pass everywhere, so now you have a few foreigners pissing on the sidewalk, big deal? Can’t believe that this even made news headlines.

    • radbab

      It’s a difference if I pee on my own carpet or if you visit my place and do it ;)
      I think the Chinese feel the same about this.

      • cb4242

        That’s just disgusting, but nothing new. In Japan people don’t do that, would never think about doing that. It’s how the host culture presents itself. In China, people that visit the country and see that kind of behavior think its ok to do as the locals do, “When in Rome….” If the Chinese don’t want to see that, they need to learn to piss in a rest room like most normal people do.

      • mattsm84

        Yes, its different because in one instance, the carpet is soaked in piss, and in the other its soaked in piss.

    • Rainer

      “Sidewalk”? The news is they were pissing in the middle of street, well, against wind, while all their wives were doing same thing on the bus floor!

    • chinese friends tell me childrens pee and adults pee is different. so these men shouldn’t be given the same freedom as children to pee on the street

  • dave

    Huh, and here I was told by one of my first Chinese friends that pissing in public is no big deal. “Of course you can do that, don’t worry, this is China!”

    Goddamn double standards again.

  • Bugs Bunny

    men pee everywhere in shanghai…..

    and some fucking hateful peeping tom,really should cut off their dicks…

  • mattsm84

    Oh man. I walk past a public park on my way to work each day. I must see 35 to 50 different grown men pissing outside in a week. I can’t wait until CCTV does a story on that place.

    • MonkeyMouth

      good for the grass

  • I hear somewhiteguy making a comment that they had bigger d**ck :) so they were allowed to do it…

    • somewhiteguy(sarcasm)

      Apparently China smack doesn’t understand sarcasm, because they deleted that comment

  • radbab

    I though it’s just Chinese who do ridiculous things like parking their car at the highway (favorite one – the guy who parked his car in the curve of a 2 lane on-ramp from one elevated highway to another in downtown SH) to take a pee. Thanks you foreign a**hats for proving me wrong and for giving a really damn great example to the locals.

    I’m a foreigner. I live here. I don’t care if you’re Chinese, American, Danish or the Queen of England herself, just behave like a civilized person for f***’s sake. There’s tons and tons and tons of restaurants here in Shanghai (and public toilets too). And unlike in Europe nobody will bat an eye lid if you go in, take a pee and not consume anything and leave. It couldn’t be more easy.

  • LongJohn

    I usually run over the Mainlanders who defecate squatting on the pavement in Hong Kong “by mistake”. It’s priceless to see their dumb shitfaces sitting on the floor in their own shit, to perplex to express any grief to that clumsy laowai.

    • linette lee

      I don’t think these are china city folks like the shanghainese. They will never do such thing shitting in the street. I think 99% of these china chinese are migrant workers from rural areas of china or other poor areas from Guangdong or Guangzhou. China has a lot to work on promoting public safety and manners

      • As Dogbert says, “63% of statistics are made up; including this one.”

        • Shazza


    • MonkeyMouth

      thats a great ‘fight club homework assignment’

      • Alain

        Each of you has a homework assignment, I want you to go out and …..MonkeyMouth had just started something big, he just didn’t know it yet. Loved that film.

  • Kelvin Ng

    hahahaha. Chinese filthy men spit and piss in the streets and nobody says anything, but when 6 foreigners do it then its all in the news
    How do you say “double standards” in Chinese..your pathetic. China is a toilet anyway

    • men? i nearly got spat on by a woman yesterday. my first memory of china was the security guard at the airport spit as i walked out the exit. she was a woman. sexiest woman i ever seen!

  • MeiDaxia

    really? 6 Danish guys do this and now ALL laowai do it? Right…

    • nintendo-nerd

      Yea? Some Mainlanders eat cats and dogs, and westerners think all Ethnic Chinese in every country around the world do it… and your point is what?

      • Alexander

        two wrong ignorant stereotypes don’t make a right…… education is key!

        • david buckley

          2 wongs dont make a white

  • I don’t get why they’re upset…have they never gone on a roadtrip and peed on the side of the road…

    Though, I guess they didn’t have to pee into oncoming traffic…
    But seriously, they just love to bitch about foreigners. This isn’t even the worst thing could complain about.

    • Red Scarf

      “I don’t get why they’re upset…have they never gone on a roadtrip and peed on the side of the road…”

      Yes, but they don’t like it Laowai style.


      Due to major inferiority complex against white foreigners and Japanese, and superiority complex against all other foreigners. This results in stories like this where the only reason it’s a story is because they are foreigners. Still wrong but if they were Chinese it would be a non-story.

    • Monkey blue

      Haha. That’s funny. Why don’t they piss on the other side of the road? Do they drive on the right side as well back home.

  • BiggJ

    I piss in public all the time….but when I do I wear these….no ones none the wiser…lol

    • I guess I’ll use these for road trips. http://www.go-girl.com/

      • BiggJ

        No need, Just buy these glasses and you can piss anywhere you like. :P If you are already chinese then I guess you are in luck:) No need to buy anything. lol

        • Lol anything to save a buck!!

        • linette lee

          bigg J be quiet. Those that do that are from poor rural china areas. The major cities china chinese don’t do that. Blame the fxcking china gov’t and their zero access to good public education for the rural poor chinese and migrant workers.

          • But you just said people from Guangzhou, a major city imo does that too. Stereotypically, yes. There are always exceptions so don’t go around sounding like everywhere in China but HK don’t stink.

          • YourSupremeCommander

            Half the people in ANY major Chinese city is from the rural fucking boondocks.

          • Hmmm… yes, let’s go a bit further back and pretty much everyone came from some village/boondocks. Due to the need for trade came finance, ports and cities. Once moved, these assimilated people after a few generations are called city people. If we want to categorize such people base on location sure but don’t exclude HK as I was saying. So, thanks for the clarification.

          • BiggJ

            Don’t blame the government because your momma never raised you right. lol

          • linette lee

            my mama raised me right you dick head. ;)

            The rural people get left behind from china improving economy. They don’t get equal access to good public school system and healthcare. Not that china education system is any good anyway. These poor rural migrant workers or parents don’t understand what’s manner. How can you blame them? china gov’t needs to start educating them properly.

          • Rick in China

            Yes, economic inequality – poor access to education/healthcare. All very good reasons for why people take shits in public places. Argument won! Congrats Linette!

          • BiggJ

            That’s bullshit, China had what..5000 years to figure this out? I was never taught in school not to shit like monkey anywhere I please or piss like a dog plain view of people….And I don’t go around doing that. It’s just chinese culture.

          • SuperHappyCow


          • MonkeyMouth

            i[‘ll give ya 10 bucks for them specs, man

          • manujoro

            “The major cities china chinese don’t do that” Seriously??!! You really believe that?! Have you ever been to China?

    • MonkeyMouth

      wow…. wow…… wow…… them specs rule. do they do x-rays?

    • Rick in China

      Dude, those glasses are so inappropriate and so HILARIOUS, but one problem – I realize the skin colour is intended for white people to wear them and have “Chineezy” eyes, so it matches their skin color, but it just looks weird without a little more tan.

    • hahahahaha! ur a dick! lol

  • YourSupremeCommander

    The bus driver should of shut the door and slam on the gas petal.

  • linette lee

    oohhh….hahaha….lol. Their defense will be they have assimilated into the china culture. That is what they should tell the china officers . haahha…lol. I am sorry, I have to throw this one in.

  • Julianne

    I have ridden on long-distance buses in China several times where the driver refused to stop so that riders could use the bathroom. That may be what happened here. They needed to use the bathroom and waited a long time. When the driver still didn’t stop they grabbed the wheel and forced him to pull the bus over. While their actions are regrettable, it was better than going to the bathroom on the bus (which I’ve seen too).

  • 5,000 years of uncivilization

    Thanks to these drunk losers, foreigners in China are hated more now than ever.

  • Some people are really geese clutching jars of precious marbles made from face & pride. They quack so hard that they their marbles roll off the jar.

  • I was once on twenty hour bus drive from Henan to Guanzhou, They had buckets on the bus that kids were going in. Imagine the smell twenty hours later! That said I think educated people should be trying to set and example, not joining in.

  • Charlyboy

    Live in HK. Just two days ago saw a decently looking mom putting her little boy (3y maybe) pee in a garbage can in the middle of a really busy street in commercial Wan Chai… hypocrisy at its best

    • Charlyboy

      Edit: she was with a friend/relative speaking in mandarin. I lived in mainland before coming to HK.

  • Laowai

    com’on guys.. usually chinese shit in the street ( and in the KCR ) and pissoff everywhere, so dont be too genuine and say that guys was not good.. so still far from what usually can see done in china..

  • commander

    It is understandable to see an outpouring of public outcries for other nationals’ wrongdoings on a freeway–a rude behavior that appears to the Chinese to be a western arrogance.

    Although more details need to be identified, those guys might not be able to ignore pressing physiological signals.

  • Winterbitten

    “…such as peeing and littering on our Great Wall.”

    My friends and I were walking the Great Wall and saw Chinese citizens urinating/defecating in one of the discrete corners.

    “…If it were a group of Chinese people doing such a thing in a foreign country, I bet it’d make headlines both domestically and overseas!”

    Is it just me, or do I not see this making the 10 o’clock news?

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      I’ve seen that too and the stench was so bad, you just know they are using some of the towers as a public toilet. One would think at least the Great Wall would be off-limits for this kind of behaviour. One would be wrong.

    • MonkeyMouth

      lets get mr chen and mr wong to piss off the top of the eiffel tower.

  • [email protected]

    I am a rural man. I have no social graces so I don’t know how toilets work. I pee like a dog when using a urinal, and squat on the seat of a toilet spraying feces all over the seat and bowl and floor and when not doing this I am letting my children urinate and defecate anywhere and everywhere. I am a rural man.

    I am a dutch man. I need to pee so I pee on the elevated road in front of traffic. I really need to pee. I am a dutch man.

    I am a local Shanghainese. I have a Lexis and an iPhone and I smoke in front of my children and talk loudly everywhere and clip my fingernails in restaurants and pick my teeth at the table and blow my nose onto the ground and let my pomeranian crap anywhere it chooses. I am a local Shanghainese.

    I think these Dutch guys acted like morons. Though were I to see Chinese guys doing the same thing, it would not be the same feeling, that they were acting like morons, but instead that they were just doing what Chinese do. So, when in Rome, right? Right?

    • Germandude

      Danish men! Danish – Denmark. Dutch – Netherlands.

      You’re welcome.

      • [email protected]

        fair enough

        • MonkeyMouth

          the dutch would be shitting because they just snorted a big fat line of K-3

  • Washington Bullets

    I love driving in the US on long trips, enough woods on either side, sometimes it feels great to just take a leak, especially when way out in the country and you don’t want to hold it for like 20 something miles. What I don’t get is why they felt compelled to go while on an elevated freeway, in the middle of shanghai, and yes, they should be fined, but so should anyone else caught relieving themselves out in public.


      I think they had to go for a while, that’s why they forced the driver to pull over. You’re right that everyone should be fined equally. Unequal treatment isn’t fair.

  • nqk123

    anti laowai campaign begin.

  • ShanghaiHustle

    In China I’ve seen Chinese taking a shit on the street, while completely sober so…..

    • YourSupremeCommander

      How did it taste?

  • This is probably the worst thing that foreigners have ever done in China.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      You forgot what they did in the late 1800’s – early 1900’s. Need to brush up on your history.


        I think he was being sarcastic.

  • Geez, first they want us to do things the Chinese way and respect the culture…these guys try their best to blend in and do things like everyone else, and now they get chastised for it.


      Have you ever seen a bunch of Chinese peeing facing oncoming traffic? Peeing against a wall is a little more discreet than peeing in full view of oncoming traffic. Although both are gross. The best, cleanest, public bathrooms in China are at McD’s and KFC, just like most of the world.

      • MonkeyMouth

        dont forget Dico’s. even their name makes you think of ‘dookie’

      • I’ve seen shits being taken in public before. Plenty of pissing everywhere. If that counts…

  • Alex L

    Like some of the other comments here I’ve seen parents letting their kids relieve themselves on the city streets in Beijing and other places. Maybe it’s just because foreigners are doing it and that makes it newsworthy. It’s gross but if it’s not against the law in the respective country, what can you do?

  • Timface

    You people are ridiculous. The public toilets are the only places that are dirtier than the streets in China. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people peeing (or worse) on the streets, up against buildings, in trashcans, in bushes… it’s no wonder that people remove their shoes when they go indoors and no one ever puts their bags on the ground.

    Chartered buses are supposed to have on-board bathrooms to avoid this type of problem.

    Now, as for these idiots on the bus… yes, they acted like animals and were most likely drunk. It has nothing to do with them thinking less of China, and everything to do with them being drunk idiots. They would have pissed on any highway in any country of the world. Even their own.

    Stop all the laowai hate and pulling the ‘foreigners look down on China’ card… it just makes you look xenophobic and small.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Removing shoes before entering in a house/court is an ancient important tradition linked with cleanness and respect for one’s place/court/temple/etc, that existed since the Zhou Dynasty.

      So that’s not related to the ‘dirty-ness’ of the streets on modern days, since some of those cool people stayed almost all the day on those huge palace/government buildings, not walking around the streets,etc

      Of course, now on modern days it would EVEN BETTER to remove your shoes on entering home, be it in China or any place outside the Great Wall.

  • Jay K.

    “Strictly investigate the illegal parking of the bus. Human flesh search the six animals, and spread this picture. No matter how dirty China is, it’s not a toilet for laowai!”

    haha but its okay for chinese to go overseas and drop deuces anywhere they please, I’m not even mentioning the amount of deuces they drop on a daily basis in their own country… do as the romans do except taking a shit in public

    • dropping deuces. i’ve not heard the expressions before. i like.

  • When I first arrived in China, I was stuck in a taxi on a Shanghai highway. Traffic was at a stand still due to fog. I had to pee really bad, and managed to convey it to the taxi driver (I didn’t speak a word of Chinese then). He said he also had to pee, and motioned for me to get out and pee because he was going to as well. So we both peed on the side of the highway and no one gave a shit. You could see other people doing the same.

    • linette lee

      So you had made your first donation to China. lol. ;)


    Why couldn’t the bus driver pull off where they do it on the side of the road away from oncoming traffic? I mean I can see guys peeing against a wall but to do it like that is indecent and disrespectful to other drivers. What if there were families with kids seeing that? Seems to me they were looking for attention. The whole “look at us” factor, even thought they were drunk. And Chinese oblige by giving them the attention they were probably looking for. Not sure if they would do this in their own country but I’ve never seen anything like this in the US and if it did happen people would surely be yelling at them to zip it up. Must be a power trip for foreigners when they see 6 of them can cause such a stir in a nation of 1.3 billion.

    Of course most foreigners wouldn’t do such a thing just as most Chinese wouldn’t do this either. I sense inferiority complex rearing it’s ugly head again, which contributes to the big ruckus over one little incident.

    • Rick in China

      If you look carefully at the lines and road – there isn’t really a better place to pull off to the side. It’s half in a little white boundary where the road previously split to the side lane, and on this type of road there isn’t an actual road-side, it’s an elevated road.

      They’re not peeing in a lane – they’re peeing on the lane divider, where there’s a white painted gap about the width of a vehicle between the divider and the rightmost lane.


        I saw that but I think they could have gone a few miles down the road and found a wall to pee against, assuming the road didn’t go on like that for miles. Or at the very least peed facing the bus. Maybe partly the fault of the bus driver too, he probably didn’t think anything of it. Anyway, fair or not, you gotta admit it doesn’t look good for 6 foreigners to pee facing traffic. Seems they may have been looking for attention.

  • JesusFuckingChrist

    remember that Chinese kid that took a giant shit on the public train

    • MonkeyMouth

      then dad handed him the tissue

  • ChuckRamone

    Chinese come to America and secretly pee in cokes, and Westerners go to China and openly pee on the freeway.

    • carmouflagger

      Lmao.. are American cokes more fizzy?

  • Showdaddy

    On morning while running last week, a guy was just peeing off the steps onto the sidewalk. I had to swerve to miss the stream. There were trees and walls all withing a few-steps distance. He could’ve chosen any of them.

    On the same morning, I saw a taxi driver calmlyu peeing in front of his car, a park with a bathroom being next to his parked car.

    I don’t condone these Danish men, especially with regard to their behavior on the bus; they should be punished for endangering public safety. As far as the urination is concerned, however, it’s not as if I don’t see Chinese men peeing outside all the time, too.

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