6 Government Buildings in Wuxi that Look Like the US Capitol

The office building of Wuxi City Jiangyin City People’s Court of Justice.

From NetEase:

6 Buildings Similar to the “United States Capitol Building” Appear in Wuxi

Recently, a netizen revealed that in Jiangsu Province Wuxi City there are least 6 buildings which are similar to the United States Capitol building. They are 4 courthouse office buildings in Jiangyin City, Yixing City, Nanchang District, and Gaoxin District, and 2 buildings in Huishan District and Huaxi Village Farmers Park.

The luxurious building at Huaxi Village Farmers Park.

This picture is of the luxurious building in Huaxi Village Farmers Park.

The luxurious building on Wuxi Huishan District Huishan Avenue.

This picture is of the luxurious building on Wuxi Huishan District Huishan Avenue.

The office building of Wuxi City Jiangyin City People’s Court of Justice.

This picture is of the office building of Wuxi City Jiangyin City People’s Court of Justice.

The office building of Wuxi City Nanchang District People’s Court of Justice.

This picture is of the office building of Wuxi City Nanchang District People’s Court of Justice.

The office building of Wuxi City Gaoxin District People’s Court of Justice.

This picture is of the office building of Wuxi City Gaoxin District People’s Court of Justice.

The office building of Wuxi City Yixing City People’s Court of Justice.

This picture is of the office building of Wuxi City Yixing City People’s Court of Justice.

Comments from NetEase:

运输大队长 [网易上海市网友]:

The government buildings face the south, those with cause but not money may not enter.

人民日报人民日 [网易北京市网友]:

It’s always been a bunch of Americans judging the Chinese.

dgysd [网易湖南省邵阳市网友]:

The buildings look similar, but what about the law?

1324155360009 [网易加拿大网友]:

There is no most shameless, only even more shameless.

网易山东省济宁市网友 ip:112.236.*.*:

Having the appearance of others but not their character [essence], and I don’t even dare to mention America’s laws. A country where there it is dangerous for a citizen to even say too much, hehe, so sad.

王满银 [网易重庆市网友]: (responding to above)

If you don’t like China, you can get the hell out! Why bother sticking around? Don’t ask what the country has done for you! First think about what you’ve done for the country! Without the country being rich and powerful, can your family/household be happy? I strongly request that NetEase implement a real-name account system, because there are so many scumbags talking trash about our government officials on this platform. These guys are all impotent [useless, cowards] in the face of the Diaoyu Islands [aka Senkaku Islands], and only act self-righteous when inside the country [or discussing domestic matters]!
A son never thinks his mother ugly, a dog never thinks his master poor! Remember, you are a Chinese person, the specific embodiment of being patriotic is to love our government officials like the Americans love Obama! A person must never forget their roots! Learn to be grateful! Everyone must remember to do their best to be a “Four Haves” [someone with dreams, ethics, knowledge, and disciplines] who contributes to the society like me! Thank you everyone for your support.

网易内蒙古赤峰市网友 ip:123.179.*.*: (responding to above)

If our government officials do something meaningful/real for the people, I trust everyone would love them, but what have our officials really done? The higher [central] authorities, I don’t know, but from the government officials around us, I don’t feel there’s anything about them worth our love. Always saying they serve the people, that they’re the good sons of people, but in reality? Which one of them isn’t standing high above the masses, doing nothing but “face” projects, and in the end, driving people to death, using all sorts of methods to take taxpayers’ money and stuffing it all into their own pockets? It takes more than a million yuan to buy yourself a village head. They talk about anti-corruption all the time, yet corruption is right in front of them… I can only say that people like you are ignorant, and patriotism is also no like what you said.

alexkyo [网易上海市手机网友]: (responding to 王满银)

Forgot to take your medicine again today? Put on your underpants, and return to your room, I’m going to increase your dosage.

网易辽宁省朝阳市网友 ip:175.149.*.*: (responding to 王满银)

“王满银”, is it? I’ll give you a real-name system. I am Zhou Hongwei of Liaoning Province Lingyuan City.
And today I simply want to flame you. Fucking, who TM didn’t zip his zipper and let you out, who was it? Hurry and zip it up, and put this cock back in. Then eat a basket of estrogen so it’ll stay flaccid for the rest of its life.

小强大佬 [网易广东省东莞市网友]: (responding to above)

Brother, I support you, that guy named “王满银” is just fucking a piece of garbage, I don’t even know how his parents made him.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 穿针的线?!:

Still the old saying, the government will never treat themselves bad.
The ordinary common people’s well-being is only to be talked about, the places where children have classes are just for show; To solve one person’s pension problem requires them waiting for N number of people to come handle it, while the purchase of school buses is only because they were forced to.
Look at our village governments, county governments, town governments, city govenrments, etc, each is more niu than the other.

腾讯乌鲁木齐市网友 驍騎校尉…:

Why does an IPhone 5 cost 399 USD in the US? Why does it cost 5290 RMB in mainland China? The main reason for this huge difference is because China’s taxes are too heavy. “Using what comes from the people on the people” is what they should do.

腾讯上海市网友 舍得:

The Americans see it [the Capitol Building] as the highest symbol of “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. Chinese see it as the supreme symbol of absolute hegemony, vowing to compete against the US…

腾讯网友 Hunter:

No matter how impoverished we are, we must not let the leaders be poor. No matter how hard it is, we must not let the government cadres suffer!

腾讯网友 739600513:

The awesome Heavenly Kingdom, America is dying. Their Capitol Building is only at the same level as a China’s local courthouses. Compared like this, China’s economy must be ahead of America’s by several hundred years! May I ask the mighty officials working in these buildings, when will space shuttles and aircraft carriers be manufactured to be your transportation?

腾讯贵港市网友 380101999:

Very imposing/stylish… Hehe… If even the Construction Bureau can approve them, what is there left for us to say?

腾讯网友 394379904:

Emulating strong countries is good, but I hope it’s not just limited to architecture. Learning from their ways of governing a country is the way to enrich our country and our people.

腾讯网友 623:

First: These buildings have been around for a long time already… Second: It’s at least better than those impoverished areas building fancy government buildings. Third: On this, whatever we say is useless. It should be the country that issues standards. Like engine capacities for automobiles given to civil servants. What does everyone think?

腾讯乌鲁木齐市网友 淡泊:

Same old same old, just look at the government buildings everywhere, how many of them are shabby? The leaders wouldn’t notice? This is the so-called lighting & landscaping projects and beautification projects that every city is doing, all funded by the tax money that both large and small business have worked so hard to earn. Who can understand?

腾讯网友 放屁崩出屎:

Even this is worth mentioning? Original poster, are you a refugee who just arrived in China? This is a very normal thing.

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  • Pam the Blam

    Rotundas = direct and shameless copying of the U.S. Capitol Building. Got it, China. Thanks.

    • s2pp0

      The U.S. Capitol Building based on designs from foreign architecture.

      How the fuck are so many seppos this retarded?? I just don’t understand

      • s3pp9

        oh, wait…Discovery Channel, History Channel, etc.. Now I know why so many of these seppos have no fucking idea about the real world

        • mr.wiener

          That is 4 different name changes in one article. Can you just stick with “Seppo” in the future, the idiot we know and loathe?

          • Germandude

            Well, you can never be satisfied, right? Respect his creativity! haha

  • White Guy in USA

    I just wish they would copy our Bill of Rights.

    • themig

      yeah in this case all Han males have the right to vote first and then 100 years later the women and in the 2160s the tibetans and uygurs get the right to vote. Copy america exactly i advocate http://american-dystopia.tumblr.com/

      • Lacompa Cida

        When we copy, we insist that we copy the worst of every country. That is the Chinese characteristic.

        • lostalien

          as you talk shit about other countries and post lies about your own. just remember that shiny new iphone you have or the computer you use to post messages or do your “work” was invented by americans.

          and the internet was as well

          copy? means no respect for others work.

          • lacompacida

            Hmmm… you checked your sense of humor at the cloak room ?

          • Chell-bell

            Wasn’t the internet created by a British guy? just asking, please don’t send me an essay

          • cc

            Yes it was

    • s4pp0

      Only America needs a Bill of Rights, because they are to fucked-up to know common decency and kindness. Not that you gov. gives a shit about that crap now anyway, seppo lemming

      • donnachadh

        Yeah, and owning soap proves that you are dirty.

      • lostalien

        oh really? At least we don’t teach our kids its ok to shit on the ground/subway. we hold doors open for people, we don’t cut in line, we dont take our shirts off in public places when dining, we don’t push each other in and out of the subway

        fuck you. americans are far more considerable than you are.


        • MrT

          just in front of subway trains :-0

      • Now now….stop whining, you sniveling bitch. I was very polite when I declined to have a pint with you. Get over it.

      • MrT

        Kill Bill!

    • Mens_ReaL

      Careful…advocating fundamental protections for Chinese citizens against their government makes you a cultural imperialist and will draw flames like moths to a …erm….flame.

    • donscarletti

      The Bill of Rights goes up to the 10th amendment to the US constitution. However, up to the 13th it is still completely legal to own people and make them pick your cotton. I would say the Bill of Rights did a pretty mediocre job at protecting freedom.

      • G$

        You have to understand, it was a different time. People that weren’t white were literally unequivocally believed to be inferior.

        • donscarletti

          Africans may have been believed to be inferior, however slavery involving the transportation of Africans was a contentious issue throughout its modern existance. Somersett’s Case, which forbade slavery in the British Isles (though not in British Colonies) was decided in 1772, before the US constitution was penned. Some other countries never practiced it.

          As far as I know, people in the days of the slave trade probably always knew it was evil, it just made good economic sense in certain industries.

  • Germandude

    Funny to see. Hopefully the people know what the building (the White House) stands for. That should constantly remind them what is lacking in this country and hopefully they strive to achieve the same.

    Then, the next step should be a direct copy of the Statue of Liberty on Tianamen Square.

    • Lacompa Cida

      These buildings don’t look like the White House at all. They all look like the US Capital.

      • Germandude

        Oh man, you are right. What drove me to write the White House last night? I don’t know.

      • Jahar


    • Elijah

      They did build a replica statue in Tiananmen Square. It was called the Goddess of Democracy and the common people rallied around it before being mowed down by armed soldiers and crushed by tanks in 1989. It faced off against the over-sized portrait of Mao and has been brought to every remembrance service held in Hong Kong for the victims ever since. I went to those services while I was in Hong Kong, the candlelight vigils were/are moving.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Oh wow, I am in that picture. I have black hair, white shirt, and facing the camera. Yeah, that’s me!!

      • Seddo

        When I was younger I didn’t agree with the US restrictions on civil rights and racism*, so I started to follow Martin Luther King, Jr. I thought the country would be on the right track.

        Martin Luther King Jr was then killed by the government before his movement could ‘take off’

        When I was older I took interest in John F. Kennedy for the same reasons.

        John F Kennedy was killed by the government before his movement could ‘take off’

        There are also a multitude of riot and protest deaths internally, not to mention millions of deaths in overseas military ventures. But seppo tards only know Tiananmen and Tibet.

        • starting

          Its also the Chinese Govt’s objective to persuade europe and USA to avoid an economic collapse. but however it is not my objective or the objective of true Chinese asian nationalists

          • lostalien

            nationalism = the sound of idiots standing up for their country when we ALL should stand together.

            humans – the galatic joke of the milky way

        • Seddoisaretard

          You’re a retard if you seriously think JFK and MLK Jr. were killed by the government. I bet you also think that the government was behing 9/11.

        • David

          You do know that MLK was killed 5 years AFTER JFK right? Also, JFK was the government so I a not sure who you think killed him.

      • linette lee

        Hong kong still remember tiananmen square incident. It’s being talked about every year. They light candles for them every year. :(


    • yanjing

      #2 has a direct copy of the Statue of Liberty on the rooftop.

      • elizabeth

        That is probably because the building houses an American body. The Chinese characters on the building mean ‘American Garden/Agriculture exhibition center/museum’…or something to that effect. Correct me if I am wrong.

        In any case, all (neo-)classical buildings have roots in Greek and Roman classical architecture. They all have similar features such as a portico, dome, doric, ionic or corinthian columns, symmetrical plans etc. There’s no point in debating who copies who, really. Only that it is puzzling why the Chinese prefer to adopt western architectural elements instead of their own unique architecture for government buildings. A sign of times that leadership is changing? Hopefully, yes, in emulating the creative virtues of western culture, not just superficially.

        • Cristi

          And don’t forget the influence of greek-stalinism. The portic, big doric columns are the same you can find inRussia, North Korea, Eastern Europe, or in Tian ‘an men or in any place with structures built from to 1949 to 1976. About the Dome, well that’s not rerally socialist-esque, or can’t remember the dome in any famous socialist landmark building. Maybe I’m wrong. That looks more like churches example (saint Paul in London, saint Peter in rome) or Pantheon (Rome and Paris).

      • linette lee

        I saw it. Wow…china has a statue of liberty on the rooftop of one of their building. Do they know what the lady of freedom stands for? What an insult. China has no right to put her up like that if they don’t believe what she represent.

    • s5pp8

      What it stood for is long gone. I would pity any county that now strives to be like the US, but fortunately most countries see through their bullshit now (have you seen many of the UN resolutions recently?).

      • Guest

        You must be from East Germany.

        • Germandude

          What makes you believe that he is from Germany at all? Just wondering.

          • hess

            my gues is that hes making a joke about the DDR and not the present eastern part of germany

    • Jahar

      Dude. It’s not the White House. It’s the Capitol Building. I can’t believe a Canadian is pointing this out.

      • Jahar

        oops didn’t see that someone already pointed it out. my bad.

        • Germandude

          You also didn’t see that I already admitted to making a mistake. Shit happens.

  • Germandude

    @Kai or any other moderator:
    Would it be possible to show how many people upvoted (dinged) it each comment up?
    I think it would be interesting to see the numeric support of each comment. Not just for this discussion, but in general. I would like to know how many upvotes for example 王满银 [网易重庆市网友] got and how many the guys responding to him/her.

    • Kai

      Interesting, in the course of answering your question, I learned today that NetEase is starting to surface “quality” comments in addition to “popular” comments now, something Youku started doing this year as well.

      I believe Peter translated 王满银’s comment because it was quoted in a response that made it into the “quality” comments section. Unfortunately, the upvotes for a comment quoted inside another one aren’t displayed, which means our blogger would have to dig through all the pages of comments to find the original comment in the reverse chronological order section in order to find the number of upvotes. This isn’t very practical. Just to satisfy your curiosity this time, I’ve done it, but I don’t think we’ll be doing it in the future. In the past, I think our bloggers have made notes of the number of upvotes if the comment itself makes a reference to it.

      王满银 = 22 upvotes
      网易内蒙古赤峰市网友 = 97 upvotes
      alexkyo = 2 upvotes
      网易辽宁省朝阳市网友 = 6 upvotes
      小强大佬 = 5 upvotes

      Browsing through the pages of comments to find 王满银’s comment, his comment certainly got a lot of responses, though the responses didn’t get that many votes. For comparison, the most popular comment (by 运输大队长) currently has 5384 comments.

      I’ve written about the problem of “popular comments” before here, and I think its interesting that sites like Youku and NetEase are now adding editorial selection and surfacing of comments in addition to surfacing through votes by the masses.

      • MrT

        crap system all around

  • the ace of books

    Oh, how much I love the comments to 王满银. I seriously IRL lolled for about five minutes straight. Thank you, The Chinese Internet, for giving 五毛党 what for. :D

    • Germandude

      Yeah that comment is really hilarious. Like everything one does should first be checked if it’s beneficial for the country or what?

      And then my highlight of “Remember, you are a Chinese person, the specific embodiment of being patriotic is to love our government officials like the Americans love Obama!”

      Since people here mostly like Obama and mostly dislike their corrupt officials, I want to know how many upvotes this comment got compared the ones opposing him.

      • Mens_ReaL

        That comment was hilarious. I live among virtuous officials filled with Confucian loyalty to the leader that heaven mandated for them.

        They mostly say he is a communist and should be deported to China. Isn’t exporting virtuous rule a thing?

      • donscarletti

        Yep, 50.9% do. A good proportion of the rest like to call him a Muslim, blame him for the 2007 economic implosion, claim that he is supporting America’s enemies and so on and so forth.

  • Lacompa Cida

    Are the washrooms clean ?

    • lostalien

      i bet they are far cleaner than anything I see in Beijing

      • lacompacida

        So Wuxi washrooms are cleaner than Beijing washrooms ?

  • dytfugihkj

    those buildings remind me of las vegas.

  • ThinkBlue

    I’ve ALWAYS wondered what the white house would look like with one of those Chinese accordion gates in front of it.

    • MrT

      and a red flag.

  • S4ppo

    No. In non seppo-centric reality; 6 Government buildings that took architectural influence from Irish/French/Roman historical designs.

    Please don’t be such failtards…please

  • thmswhnr

    Highest form of flattery, I guess.

  • alien

    The awesome Heavenly Kingdom,
    America is dying. Their Capitol Building is only at the same level as a
    China’s local courthouses. Compared like this, China’s economy must be
    ahead of America’s by several hundred years! May I ask the mighty
    officials working in these buildings, when will space shuttles and
    aircraft carriers be manufactured to be your transportation?

    whomever said this obviously is a total moron because to most people we don’t give a rat’s ass about the white house. and its not the same as your local buildings.

    and do you care that much about those who rob you blindly?

    bend over dude, here it comes again. hpe you enjoy your oppression with a side of fries.


    • Alphy

      And they say Chinese don’t get sarcasm.

    • hun

      thanks for proving you’re a total moron

  • MrT

    Its for the mock battle practice, part of the invasion plan.

  • Terminal01

    Meh, DC is copied from Greek and Roman architecture anyways.

  • njren

    I was inside the building in Huishan (yet another “high-tech development zone”) a few years ago. It was as cavernously empty as it looks in the photo save a screening room to show visitors how grand everything was going to be. It was mostly surrounded by fields and one expensive new housing estate across the road. Perhaps they’ve grown into their planning by now. Or not. Anyway, it’s all just government money looking around for something to do. Probably just like farmers persuaded to cash in their plots.

  • We used to have “America Land” theme park just outside of Hangzhou. It had replicas of many of the more famous US landmarks such as The White House, Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, etc. Actually I never went inside but I saw some from the road. Kind of cheesy. It’s still there but it’s another park now and they demolished all the USA stuff.

    Gotta love 王满银 [网易重庆市网友]’s Kennedy ripoff of “ask not what your country can do for you………….

    • Alphy

      I was going to say the same thing. This 王满银 guy is quoting Kennedy, who right after that sentence stated: “My fellow citizens of the world, ask not what America will do for you, but what, together, we can do for the freedom of man.”. At the time the call to defend freedom equates to defending against communism.

      Talk about irony.

  • A Lu

    Wait, chinese buildings looking like the capitol in the US?
    What about the capitol in the US being a shameless copy of the capitol in Rome?!?

    • ScottLoar

      No, the US capitol building is not a “shameless copy”. I suggest you try and understand Western architecture, especially that of the 18th century, by looking up the term “Palladian architecture”, then look to the history of the US capitol.

  • Gerhana

    I just received a message from my China Chinese friend. Her uni came up with ridiculous rule about not bringing personal belonging to uni and no feeding of stray animal. She is in Harbin its cold and those animal outside, sometimes the students take them in to help them. She was angry so she complain and wrote fcking [uni name]. They got her and save the screenshot and everything and now shes in trouble, a level 4 problem (there are 5 level? at the 5th you get expel? what a strange rule but it is China perhaps I shouldnt be surprise).

    She apologize to the leader which should suffice but they keep wanting to punish her because she feel guilty about the whole thing, and she said she would do anything because she feel disturbed. I just hope they wont take any advantage of her because she is quite beautiful and based on many article posted here, it makes me worry. She is forced to write an apology by her Uni and make it sound like the uni didnt force her to do it. She is also being watched now. She is my close friend. What should I tell her? you guys have more experience than me in China, do you have some sort of advise? the only advise I gave her was that if they try to take advantage of her, she should immediately report to her parent and keep all the evidence. If you have something serious to say regarding this matter that can help my friend I would really appreciate it because I dont know what else to say to her. Be serious please.

    if something happen to her i will go berserk.

    • ScottLoar

      Gerhana, calm down. There is nothing you can do to help except calm down your friend.

      She has written an apology which is standard practice, admitted her guilt which is expected, and now must act contritely. Admission of guilt and acts of contrition is what she must do. In time this will pass, excused by the school as “youthful stupidity”. Do not, do not look for confrontation; you both are powerless and without influence. Also, it is already a public matter so don’t go imagining private situations.

      • Gerhana

        you are right Scott we are both a nobody… I guess I will just try to calm her down and make it sound like it will pass, hopefully this will help her

        • DavidisDawei

          Hey Fire,

          “revenge is a dish best served cold”

          “The GodFather” (by Mario Puzo)

          • Gerhana

            anyway shes calm now. I kinda owe her… and this is all I can do when she needs help, a pity. I will pay my debt in some other way.

  • linette lee

    ……….The buildings look similar, but what about the law?…………

    I like this comment. :)

  • Duke

    I might have a heart attack from the shock! The Chinese have copied something else American! Really!? You mean Chinese people don’t have the ability for any original thoughts and have to copy EVERYTHING they do from someone else? I need a moment to catch my breath. Here I was thinking China is the new “leader of the world” and your telling me they are just a bunch of unoriginal copying retarded monkeys. Are you sure Chinese copy everything? Perhaps you have forgotten the major advances the Chinese have made in….. or the recent invention from china called the …… or how about the major scientific breakthrough that china recently made in …… I’m drawing a blank right now but I’m sure there is something! With the worlds biggest population, the most money and the most intelligent population there has to be something that china has given the world in the last 62 years besides tea and rice!

    FYI that was sarcasm. I hope this website doesn’t waste time with articles about how the Chinese try to copy EVERYTHING that America does or has done.There wouldn’t be room for any other articles on here.

    • Germandude

      Cool. Which melody should I play while reading? And as a sidenote: Wasn’t RAP to include rhymes?

      • Duke


  • Guppeh

    Original inspiration for the U.S. Capitol building dome:

    • ScottLoar

      Quoting a wikipedia source doesn’t help, i.e.

      “Thornton (the amateur architect whose plan was approved) was inspired by the east front of the Louvre, as well as the Paris Pantheon for the center portion of the design.”

      Again, the US capitol building is an example of 18th century Palladian architecture, not a copy of something somewhere else; that explains the similarity of such buildings. Or, go to the official website http://www.aoc.gov/us-capitol-building and appreciate that Thornton was an amateur.

  • oldschool

    those look european. u.s. capitol is roman-greco influenced but these buildings would fit right in many european cities.

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