600k Worth of Goods Fall Off Truck, Looted Within 10 Minutes

Chengdu truck driver Wang Hongjun searching for the lost cargo that fell off his truck and was instantly looted by passersby.

Chengdu truck driver Wang Hongjun searching for the lost cargo that fell off his truck and was instantly looted by passersby.

From NetEase:

600,000 yuan of goods fall off truck, looted within 10 minutes

April 3rd, while delivering cargo, 600,000 yuan worth of goods fell off of Chengdu driver Wang Hongjun’s truck. Upon discovering the lost goods, Wang Hongjun quickly drove back, but within that span of 10 minutes, the goods had already been completely looted. After the matter was reported by the media, already 8 of the items have been returned or the the people who had picked them up found, with 1 item still remains unaccounted for. A lawyer says if the victim don’t have relevant evidence, those who picked up the goods cannot be accused of the crime of misappropriation/theft.

The above video reports that Wang had been hired to deliver 12 boxes of clothing and he points out to reporters where the boxes had fallen on his route. The boxes apparently held at least 90 pieces of clothing by a so-called Korean brand. Retail prices for a t-shirt was over a 1000 RMB while a jacket was nearly 2000 RMB. Calculated this way, each box was worth around 100k RMB each.

Around 1:50 in the above video, Driver Wang falls to his knees in tears begging for people to return the goods to him. He says he has no other choice, 600k is an astronomical sum for him to pay back. He is the sole earner in his home, earning 3000-4000 RMB per month, and only 200 RMB per trip while he has an 80-year-old mother at home to take care of, and 2 daughters in school.

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At 3:00 in the video, a Mr. Wu is shown and interviewed, having returned a box he had picked up. He says he saw the boxes fall and had honked his horn but Wang did not hear. He described some of the other people who stopped to pick up the dropped boxes as sanitation workers and other drivers.

Wang’s contact number is provided at the end of the report.

Images and captions from Sina (1 & 2):

Chengdu truck driver Wang Hongjun searching for the lost cargo that fell off his truck and was instantly looted by passersby.

Truck driver Wang Hongjun anxiously searching for his lost cargo.

A Chinese sanitation worker returns one of 9 boxes of goods lost by Wang Hongjun.

Sanitation worker returns the goods he picked up to Driver Wang.

Chinese truck driver loses 600-700k worth of cargo, looted by passersby.

Driver Wang hopes kind-hearted people will return the goods they picked up.

Chengdu truck driver Wang Hongjun searching for the lost cargo that fell off his truck and was instantly looted by passersby.

After some of the lost goods had been recovered, Driver Wang feels slightly better.

Truck driver Wang Hongjun gives a cash reward to a sanitation worker who returned a box of cargo that had fallen off of Wang's truck.

Driver Wang takes out money to thank sanitation worker Jiang.

On Sina Weibo:

@成都同城会: “Millions of netizens use weibo to find cargo, all 9 boxes of [lost] goods found” : Driver Wang dropped boxes of goods worth 700,000 RMB while on the 3rd Ring Road, which was looted by passersby. Over a million netizens on weibo commenced a search and according to reports 8 boxes have already been recovered. This morning at 2am yet another person contacted Driver Wang, and arranged to return the final box of lost goods at Huaishudian in the afternoon! At this point, the whereabouts of Driver Wang’s 9 boxes of goods are all accounted for. Thanks to all the warmhearted netizens and warmhearted city residents!

Comments from Sina Weibo:


So we can see, good people are still the majority! And there are just too many times that the internet is just full of the ugly things, that what is shared and spread are those morbid and shocking things, in order to get clicks. Makes people think everything is a terrible mess. So from now on internet websites should promote good people and good news, and actively lead society to develop in a healthy direction.


This is good, I’m still willing to believe the beauty of humanity.


This is the power of weibo!


Wow, the character of our country’s people has been raised.


Even if the beginning make people disappointed, the ending makes people excited and happy. Kind-hearted people are still the majority in this world. [太开心][太开心] Good news, good dreams!


[鼓掌] I like a society filled with love.


Sigh…the fickleness of humanity… Never should have taken it in the first place… Things that should’ve been returned to their owner from the beginning… Now all that has been done is what should’ve been done… and yet they are commended and praised…


Am I becoming more and more upright/honest, that I get really upset and sad when I see news about things being lost, that seeing this heart-warming tale has brought me close to tears… Thank you to all the kind-hearted people who returned the goods, so that the driver gets a comedy ending, so that I can truly laugh/smile.


Unbelievable, looted and then returned. Is this people coming to their senses? No, I think its more about the pressure of public opinion.


This is wonderful, seeing driver Wang’s happy smile, I feel that China has hope after all. [嘻嘻]


This kind of thing happening in the China is still quite deserving of praise. [赞]


A small step for individuals, a giant leap for society… Thought it can be discussed forever, the fact that this was achieved is still quite remarkable.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Dr. Dust Cell

    successfully looted mah sofah?

  • Tom Swift

    Of course, if he had tied his packages properly on the truck, instead of simply throwing it in and hoping magically it would stay on, the boxes would not have fallen off. I have seen too many of these idiots with zero disregard for anyone else on the road. Every day I have to swerve to avoid the piles of mud on the streets due to the truck drivers overloading their vehicles. Don’t even get me started on the speeding. lack of mud flaps and the use of side lights pointing right at other driver’s eyes.

    • Ah I saw this story as it was posted and I just knew within the hour there would be some expert blaming the driver for a mistake. I mean you’ve never made any more mistakes.

      • Tom Swift

        It is one thing to make a mistake but this is not a mistake. It is systemic bad driving and lax or non-existent enforcement of rules. What kind of training did this driver go through before he became a driver? How did he calculate his load capacities of the material he was hauling? Or did he just show up with a truck or did he know someone at the shipping company? Doesn’t take an expert to know that truck drivers in China have little regard for anyone else on the road. I was hit two years ago by a truck driver turning without looking and my knee is still swollen from the accident. I have no sympathy for truck drivers.

        • did you ever listen to yourself? :-S

          Life is short bru.


          • Patrick

            Screw peace, flesh search tom swift, chinese justice OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!!!!!!

      • Made In World

        I agree. Those foreigners always make jokes about our driving. They are just jealous because we are so much better at driving than they are.

    • pete

      I’m sure most truck drivers in China would like to have roadworthy vehicles, work reasonable hours, carry the right loads, and not have unrealistic deadlines. They don’t always have a lot of choice in the matter. Logistics is a cutthroat business (customers only care about price, not how the goods are moved), and unless there are good regulations it’s a race to the bottom.

      It’s not just China – look at how logistics in the US is done. Logistics warehouses are the closest you’ll get to a sweatshop in the US.

      • Christina


      • coala banana

        sure, there are a lot of things they would like to have, no doubt, I too would like to have a BJ from Scarlet Johansson, but its not gonna happen I guess……however, its good to point out rights, but without mentioning obligations and responsibility (which should be set as pre requirements for “i like” and “i wish”) you have no point.

        How about the “drivers” first show that they are trustworthy and loyal BEFORE you give them a new vehicle with all the bells and whistles ….?

        And what are “right loads” BTW ?

        A good start would be when this irresponsible cocksuckers would at least FASTEN their loads the right way, but hey…we all know this is not gonna happen in china, therefor, no one knows chinese people better then other chinese people. I think a chinese boss knows very well why he (must) mistreats his employees from time to time. I also don’t buy his crocodile tears and his 80 year old mother and 2 kids story….if he would have fasten and secured his load in the first place…..but no he didn’t….talking about irresponsible behavior ! Not just towards himself, other vehicles and the people inside….I am talking about his responsibility to keep his job, which BTW supports his mother and kids…..the solution is easy, isn’t it ? fasten and secure your load so you can prevent trouble and will not endanger your families life…fact is, he did not, which makes him in my eyes just one of so many irresponsible careless chinese males….

        and who told you that HIS truck wasn’t “roadworthy”, and who told you that he didn’t work “reasonable hours” or had “unrealistic deadlines” ?

        He just had 9 packs of clothes packages to secure on the back of his truck…is that NOT the “right load” ???

    • 平凡人

      True, the driver should ensure his goods are securely fastened to the truck. However, at times due to the road and traffice conditions; it is impossible to be 100% secured. I am disgusted with 2 facts,
      1) looting;
      2) the customer is charging the drive retail price for the losses, BS; I doubt those clothes can be sold 100% based on the price on the tag.

  • Brett Hunan

    Wow I wonder how they found it all.

    Even though the looters might get off, I think they should all be arrested. They obviously meant to take it without the intention of returning to owner.

    • anon

      Sounds like the people who took them ultimately came forward and returned it thanks to the media and online coverage. I agree with some of the Chinese commenters that its awkward to be praising these people for doing what they should, but positive reinforcement does work. Japan, for example, has official rewards for things lost and found. Of course not everyone does it, but behavior and norms can be influenced by sticks and carrots.

      • Ryo

        It’s just that they wouldn’t be able to sell the clothes easily. Imagine if all those boxes contained iPhones or iPads. No way all of it’d be returned.

  • notorious

    I agree with : 大嘴韩乔生

  • coala banana

    1. what fucking brand has t shirts costing 1k and a jacket 2k ???? I am not talking about that the prices are too high, I mean the comparison between a t shirt and a jacket from the same brand, and pricing structure. A T shirt price of 1000 is really high, not even Burberry, Bally, Ferragamo, or Brioni T shirts cost that much. However, if a t shirt is 1000, then the jacket should be at least 5-10k…wouldn’t that make sense ?

    2. transporting, without securing the load, and not realizing that it has fallen down, is not just dumb, but also incompetent and irresponsible and put other people and drivers in danger….

    3. he should be fined

    4. having 2 children and a 80 year old mother, which all rely on him, make him look even more disgusting and irresponsible. Someone who is in tears and want others to feel petty about him and the people he cares about, should take his job more serious in the first place, when he relies so much on his salary….

    • Blars

      Ralph Lauren has T-shirts costing that, about 1200 last I looked. You wouldn’t know if you buy your “brands” down on piracy lane. A brand jacket in China easily go for 8000 rmb. Gant which I don’t regard as a brand equal to Boss or Armani still have jackets going for 6000 rmb.
      I agree with you on truck drivers having problems to secure loads. Chinese overall have a problem with responsibility. They talk about family and how important that is but can’t stop to think about consequences. “What would happen if one of my boxes fell off my truck and landed on the head of some old woman and she died, would I be able to keep my job and support my family?” or “if I’m not tying my load down, what will happen if it fall off?” Sometimes I have suppliers sending stuff off to other suppliers, we always count and take photos of the load because too often there are goods missing when it arrives at our other suppliers, it happens too often that goods are missing. And try to tell a driver to secure a load better and he just laugh at you. He doesn’t laugh when he has to pay us for lost items. Now, if this twat had just stopped to think “what if?” he wouldn’t have to. If he only had listened to the foreign devil he would have had a few more bucks in his pocket.

  • xiaopengyou

    Clothing was likely returned not because the goodness of people’s hearts or fear of being identified, but because it was bra’s size 36DD and “woman” sized t-shirts and jackets, on their way to the shipping yard for export.

  • Xiongmao

    Might be one way to calculate it but the production price is probably closer to 5 percent of the retail price for clothes like that.

  • [email protected]

    How’s the shot of the peasants greedily eying the open wallet at the end. Probably thinking ‘how we can loot that too?’

    • coala banana

      now as you say it, looks like you are right on ! not easy to be an honest person in china….

  • Shanghairen

    I’m not sure why employees in China think they are responsible for causing their company to lose money. Can they really be sued? Wages garnished after a judgement against them?

  • diepvux

    take a read and think deeply about humanity

  • SteveLaudig

    Using the term “looted” gives a profoundly false impression of the actions and intents of the finders of the goods. Other possible better terms would be “found” or “saved” or “held for true owner” or “safeguarded”

    Loot verb [ trans. ]
    steal goods from (a place), typically during a war or riot : police confronted the rioters who were looting shops.
    • steal (goods) in such circumstances : tons of food aid awaiting distribution had been looted.
    looter noun
    ORIGIN early 19th cent. (as a verb): from Hindi lūṭ, from Sanskrit luṇṭh- ‘rob.’

    • coala banana

      you sound like a hardcore liberal !

      I am 7 years in china, can’t remember to see or heard of a chinese “safeguard” things he found, or “held for the true owner”….

      this people could have just moved the packages to the roadside and left them there to ensure that no cars hit them, and that the real owner founds them easier….but not, they carried them away ! the only reason they brought them back was that they were afraid that security cameras (which are everywhere), caught them.

      The matter was reported to the media, and just THEN the looters (ooh sorry, I mean the “safeguarders”) decided to bring the goods back. Sound the me that the “founders” get cold feet, and brought them back….afraid that a security cameras caught their lazy dumb asses…

      safeguarding ? at home ? in the trunk of your car ? how is the true owner suppose to find you and the goods ? doesn’t make sense, don’t you think ?

      safeguarding is to stay there where it happened, and wait, to get sure no one carries them away (stealing, looting…), or at least to show some sense and put them to the roadside and leave then…..taking things away which don’t belong to you (without leaving a notice where to find you and the goods) IS stealing and looting….

      think about it….

      • Justin

        I left (or actually my friend left it, because I gave it to him to hold and he set it on the floor, and I forgot to get it back from him) a box full of expensive music equipment and my 1TB hard-drive plus my cables and all sorts of shit on the floor of a store in Beijing. The guy not only held it for me. He wouldn’t give it back to me because he had seen my friend carrying it and believed it belonged to him. So, yeah, there are good people here who are honest and will safeguard your stuff, but I guess that doesn’t fit in with your racist worldview that allows you to portray all Chinese people as subhuman dogs.

        All 9 boxes were returned to the guy. Are you telling me that if you saw some boxes laying in the street, you wouldn’t be like “Hey, free stuff!”. You would just wait around for the truck to come back first? It’s finders keepers and these people all had the decency to return the shit after they heard the guys story. So stop trying to spin this into another one of your racist troll screeds.

  • staylost

    Not securing your load is incredibly irresponsible. It falls into the same category as drunk drivers for the total disregard for other people’s safety.

    That being said, was the business also aware that he was being asked to haul cargo in a dangerous way? If they were, I agree with others posting here that it wasn’t the driver’s fault, but the business that should be fined.

  • Rod

    “Driver Wang takes out money to thank sanitation worker Jiang.”

    Because ‘thank you’ isn’t enough.

    • mr. wiener

      Nothing says thank you better than a Hongbao [Except in Coala Banana’s eyes, He’d prefer a BJ from Scarlet Johansson]

      • coala banana

        of course ! and after the BJ i wouldn’t even thank her. When its done its done, a thank you afterwards wouldn’t make much sense. It would be polite, yes, but its kinda embarrassing for both, to say thank you after you had an orgasm….for her anyway, kinda hard to talk with a mouth full….

        • [email protected]

          of vomit?

        • mr. wiener

          I bet you don’t kiss her afterwards.

          • coala banana

            of course not, I am not a pervert :-)

  • korea21

    if this happened in America they would of been sold on the black market and never seen again

    • Vince

      Thanks for that counterfactual, now do you have anything worthwhile to add?

    • staylost

      If that happened in America everyone would look at the clothes and laugh at the weird crap they call fashion in South Korea.

      • pada

        It would be really no problem if that happened in America. But the most important thing is—It shouldn’t happen on Black Friday, especially when Americans were armed with pepper spray, instead of shotgun.

    • Made In World

      IF it happened in America… funny thing is, it doesn’t…

  • Capt. WED

    LMAO you expert Chinahands in all your dealings with the chinese didn’t notice this chinese “ritual” where someone take out their wallet to thank the other person and is refused. The other person is supposed to politely decline.

    When the actual situation has a need for mentioning FACE, FACE is no where to be found.

    Got to give it up for these China experts on Chinasmack!

    • correct, none of us old chinahands particularly noticed or even pointed that
      out. you have no point.

    • mr. wiener

      Well spotted.
      But does that mean he paid the fella , or they went through the whole “please accept my money in thanks”…..”No really I couldn’t”….”I insist”. Pantomime for a bit until money finally changed hands? Do you think they’d have the same ritual with hongbao, or is that more final?
      I’ve returned stuff to its owners twice in Taiwan, A wallet and a satellite receiver thingy that fell of the back of someones bike. They both insisted on giving me a fruit basket and a big box of chocolates respectively. Do you think this was because they thought a whitey was less likely to accept money? [they were right, I wouldn’t have wanted to take their money]

    • [email protected]

      The look on that sanitation worker’s face told me she(?) was VERY happy to accept that money (holding the cash in her hand while he counted out more was kind of obvious in that regard) . I saw no indication that your ‘declining the money’ scenario would have gone down. Is that the point you were making? Cos I would say you are incorrect if that’s so.

      • Made In World

        I’m not trying to argue with you here. This is a legitimate question/observation. When you offer money and the other refuses, the money doesn’t usually end up in the hands of the person refusing, does it? That seems unusual to me. Usually they’d put their hands up and push it away.

        From the picture, it looks like she’s accepting the money. And why shouldn’t she, anyways?

  • notorious

    I need immediate mandarin assistance… I need to say “ugly girl” but I understand that the pinyin for girl is “nu-hai-er” right? I thought “ugly” was “nan kan” so would it be nan kan nu-hai-er? Not sure if it makes sense to me? And I’m not calling anyone an ugly girl it’s for something I’m writing.

    • eattot

      ugly_chou or nan kan, girl-nv hai or xiao gu niang.

    • notorious

      Thanks Eattot! Much appreciated.

      I haven’t heard the word “chou” before, I wish I knew what it sounded like. I know Nan Kan though. I know the words “Nu Hai” but have not heard xiao gu niang. Which is more commonly used? So can I say nan kan nu hai?

      • A GUY

        say CH and end with ohh. Chou. 臭 it is fourth tone and means stinky or inferior.

      • A GUY

        Also I want to hear your view point as a woman on a discussion that was had on the how I met your mother article. It was about what women want in relationships and a man, and no woman chimed in.

        I really want to hear your take. It’s the one that starts with drivel about Beta males.

        • notorious

          Who is this for, eattot or myself? I will have a look either way.

      • mankouzanghua

        you could just say “chou nv”

        the “Chou“ is 丑 (third “checkmark” tone) and means ugly, not be confused with stinky 臭 (fourth “sharp downward” tone)

        the “v” in pinyin/putonghua is not the same as a “u”, but you need to hear it spoken to learn the difference.

        xiao 小 means little, gu niang 姑娘 is girl, but some interpret the word as having a “country” feel to it, which some girls will not like being called.

  • lxpatterson

    the bent of this article is certainly more humanistic than what it might be if this was north america. if stuff fell off a truck here it would be covered by insurance and the question would be what if i had hit this box going down the freeway at 60 mph (and it destroyed the bumper of my vw)? the fiduciary responsibility would be on UPS or whatever shipper was carrying the goods and their insurer and not the driver….certainly it would cost more to repair my car than that box of clothing. And in my view I am certainly less sympathetic because there are stories all the time about trucks who don’t secure their goods properly and having tires and other dangerous items falling onto the freeway blocking traffic and causing accidents. I think this is the difference (cultural and legal) between here and china: companies have to really take responsibility to ensure their employees are working in a safe and correct fashion.

    • whichone

      I think the reason companies take responsibility in the States is because they can get sued, without an adequate legal framework in China, companies will not have the incentive to be safe.

  • elizabeth

    Those are ridiculously overpriced goods with cost of goods just a miniscule fraction of the price.

    If I were the driver, I wouldn’t sweat over the price but cost of goods if I really had to pay for them.

    What about insurance?

    That’s the kinds of things some unscrupulous businessmen do to the poor. Prey on vanity of the weak-minded (in which case the prey do not deserve sympathy) and rob the poor of unjustifiable amounts to make money.

    But I will give credit to businessmen who are philantropists and do good for humanity with their talents and resources while profiting from their businesses.

    Sorry Fauna, my e-mail address was wrong in the earlier post.

  • tbh

    nice to see this type of story

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  • Cleo

    And you know Bass to Mouth Akihito has ordered the yakuza to recruit poor Chinese laborers to work at Fukushima. Too bad, he hasn’t had much luck and has to give cancer to Japanese workers instead. The Chinese could FIX the problems there in no time. TOO BAD, baby rapists, you’re on your own.

    • Brett Hunan

      I will find backers to pay you 50 cents for each time you don’t post.

      • mr. wiener

        I’m in for a dollar!

      • Made In World

        I like a dose of ignorant, paranoid, tabloid propaganda every once in a while. It clears the sinuses…

  • Cleo

    The Americans unmasked the Japanese Liars as having had a secret nuclear weapons program for DECADES – yes, all the time that they were scolding India and other countries for getting nuked up, they were far ahead. And this week, they are lecturing the IRANIANS. Peace boat, my Aunt Fanny!


    • Brett Hunan

      Welcome back Cleo. You should be very excited! After many long afternoon chats over coffee with the chinaSMACK and koreaBANG staff, they have decided to make a website that might fit your tastes.

      Whereas chinaSMACK is for people interested in China, and koreaBANG for things happening in Korea, shitONjapan is right up your ally. I think you will find it raging with other misanthropes just like yourself.

      When the website goes official, Fauna will email you so you can head on over and shit on Japan anytime you like.

      Until then, I suggest reading books, becoming more social, and avoiding chinaSMACK. Instead, save your hatred for the little island that could, and wait for shitONjapan.com to officially open.

  • Mulla

    What are you proud of? There should be no looting in the first place.

  • Jess

    Maybe its just a publicity stunt to advertise the Korean branded goods?

  • Trayvon

    Japanese people would never do something like this. Shame.