600k Worth of Goods Fall Off Truck, Looted Within 10 Minutes

Chengdu truck driver Wang Hongjun searching for the lost cargo that fell off his truck and was instantly looted by passersby.

Chengdu truck driver Wang Hongjun searching for the lost cargo that fell off his truck and was instantly looted by passersby.

From NetEase:

600,000 yuan of goods fall off truck, looted within 10 minutes

April 3rd, while delivering cargo, 600,000 yuan worth of goods fell off of Chengdu driver Wang Hongjun’s truck. Upon discovering the lost goods, Wang Hongjun quickly drove back, but within that span of 10 minutes, the goods had already been completely looted. After the matter was reported by the media, already 8 of the items have been returned or the the people who had picked them up found, with 1 item still remains unaccounted for. A lawyer says if the victim don’t have relevant evidence, those who picked up the goods cannot be accused of the crime of misappropriation/theft.

The above video reports that Wang had been hired to deliver 12 boxes of clothing and he points out to reporters where the boxes had fallen on his route. The boxes apparently held at least 90 pieces of clothing by a so-called Korean brand. Retail prices for a t-shirt was over a 1000 RMB while a jacket was nearly 2000 RMB. Calculated this way, each box was worth around 100k RMB each.

Around 1:50 in the above video, Driver Wang falls to his knees in tears begging for people to return the goods to him. He says he has no other choice, 600k is an astronomical sum for him to pay back. He is the sole earner in his home, earning 3000-4000 RMB per month, and only 200 RMB per trip while he has an 80-year-old mother at home to take care of, and 2 daughters in school.

At 3:00 in the video, a Mr. Wu is shown and interviewed, having returned a box he had picked up. He says he saw the boxes fall and had honked his horn but Wang did not hear. He described some of the other people who stopped to pick up the dropped boxes as sanitation workers and other drivers.

Wang’s contact number is provided at the end of the report.

Images and captions from Sina (1 & 2):

Chengdu truck driver Wang Hongjun searching for the lost cargo that fell off his truck and was instantly looted by passersby.

Truck driver Wang Hongjun anxiously searching for his lost cargo.

A Chinese sanitation worker returns one of 9 boxes of goods lost by Wang Hongjun.

Sanitation worker returns the goods he picked up to Driver Wang.

Chinese truck driver loses 600-700k worth of cargo, looted by passersby.

Driver Wang hopes kind-hearted people will return the goods they picked up.

Chengdu truck driver Wang Hongjun searching for the lost cargo that fell off his truck and was instantly looted by passersby.

After some of the lost goods had been recovered, Driver Wang feels slightly better.

Truck driver Wang Hongjun gives a cash reward to a sanitation worker who returned a box of cargo that had fallen off of Wang's truck.

Driver Wang takes out money to thank sanitation worker Jiang.

On Sina Weibo:

@成都同城会: “Millions of netizens use weibo to find cargo, all 9 boxes of [lost] goods found” : Driver Wang dropped boxes of goods worth 700,000 RMB while on the 3rd Ring Road, which was looted by passersby. Over a million netizens on weibo commenced a search and according to reports 8 boxes have already been recovered. This morning at 2am yet another person contacted Driver Wang, and arranged to return the final box of lost goods at Huaishudian in the afternoon! At this point, the whereabouts of Driver Wang’s 9 boxes of goods are all accounted for. Thanks to all the warmhearted netizens and warmhearted city residents!

Comments from Sina Weibo:


So we can see, good people are still the majority! And there are just too many times that the internet is just full of the ugly things, that what is shared and spread are those morbid and shocking things, in order to get clicks. Makes people think everything is a terrible mess. So from now on internet websites should promote good people and good news, and actively lead society to develop in a healthy direction.


This is good, I’m still willing to believe the beauty of humanity.


This is the power of weibo!


Wow, the character of our country’s people has been raised.


Even if the beginning make people disappointed, the ending makes people excited and happy. Kind-hearted people are still the majority in this world. [太开心][太开心] Good news, good dreams!


[鼓掌] I like a society filled with love.


Sigh…the fickleness of humanity… Never should have taken it in the first place… Things that should’ve been returned to their owner from the beginning… Now all that has been done is what should’ve been done… and yet they are commended and praised…


Am I becoming more and more upright/honest, that I get really upset and sad when I see news about things being lost, that seeing this heart-warming tale has brought me close to tears… Thank you to all the kind-hearted people who returned the goods, so that the driver gets a comedy ending, so that I can truly laugh/smile.


Unbelievable, looted and then returned. Is this people coming to their senses? No, I think its more about the pressure of public opinion.


This is wonderful, seeing driver Wang’s happy smile, I feel that China has hope after all. [嘻嘻]


This kind of thing happening in the China is still quite deserving of praise. [赞]


A small step for individuals, a giant leap for society… Thought it can be discussed forever, the fact that this was achieved is still quite remarkable.

Written by Fauna

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