65 Years of Chinese National Political Slogans, Reactions


From Sina:

65 Years of National Political Slogans

In the wake of National Day, I’ve collected the most famous national promotional [political] slogans for the past 65 years. Let us look back at this tumultuous road.


1949, Chinese People have Stood up.


1950, Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, Defend the Homeland.


1951, We Must Sternly Repress Counter-Revolutionaries.


1952, the “Three-Anti and Five-Anti” campaigns


1953, The Party Line is the Beacon Shining on Our Work.


1954, We Must Liberate Taiwan.


1955, Walk the Path of Cooperation.


1956, Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom; Let a Hundred Schools of Thought Contend


1957, Long Live the Great Leap Forward. Surpass England in Three Years, Catch Up to America in Five


1958, The People’s Commune is Good.


1962, Never Forget Class Struggle


1963, Learn from Comrade Lei Feng


1964, Learn Industry from Daqing, learn Agriculture from Dazhai


1964, Prepare for War, Prepare for Disasters, For the People


1966, Weed Out all Class Enemies.


1966, Revolution Justified, Rebellion Legitimated!


1968, The Sky is the Limit, Much Can be Accomplished.


1969, We Will Not Attack Unless We are Attacked; If We are Attacked, We Will Certainly Counterattack


1974, Criticize Lin Biao, Criticize Confucius


1975, The Four Modernizations


1976, Strike Down the Gang of Four


1978, Practice is the Sole Criterion for Testing Truth


1978, Emancipate Our Thinking, Seek Truth from Facts


1980, Reform and Opening Up


1980, Having Just One Child is Good


1981, 5 Stresses, 4 Beauties, 3 Loves


1982, Quadruple [GDP]


1984, Time is Money, Efficiency is Life.


1986, Long Live Understanding.


1987, One Central Task and Two Basic Points

1989, Maintaining Stability is of Top Priority

1990, Upholding the Four Fundamental Principles [the Socialist Road, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, the Leadership of the Communist Party, and Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought)

1992, Development is the Hard Truth

1992, Construct Socialist Market Economy with Chinese Characteristics

1995, Three Emphases Education: Stress theoretical study, political awareness and good conduct.

1997, Extricating the State Enterprises from Difficulties in Three Years

2000, The Three Represents

2003, Harmonious society

2006, The Eight Honors and the Eight Shames

2007, Scientific Development

2009, Protect Growth, Protect People’s Livelihoods, Protect Stability

2013, The Chinese Dream

2014, Crack Down on Both “Tigers” and “Flies”

Comments on Sina:

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True lies.


Yes, indeed testing the people’s intelligence.


National slogans represent the path going forward, so that people will not be lost.


Long live understanding!


Our Party…has changed.


From brazenly evil gradually to faintly disgusting.


The beginning was exploring, the middle was being lost, then it was being on the right path, and now it is about making improvements.


As long as the government no longer oppresses the common people.


The Chinese Dream, such wishful thinking, haha.


Here to check your water meter.


Reject formalism, reject bureaucracy, reject thousands of years of unchanging slave mentality in the Heavenly Kingdom. This slogan is more befitting reality!


So all these years we’ve just been shouting slogans, so let’s just continue shouting slogans then! Either way, I’m already used to hearing the “serve the people” slogan!


The first 30 years turned China into hell on earth, the later 30 years has brought order to disorder, and now we are gradually getting on the right track with reason/rationality!


All lies.


Which school provides the best excavator skills?


This is how Chinese people’s slave mentality was formed.


Is commenting allowed here, I’m so scared.

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  • mr.wiener

    Four legs good, two legs baaad.

    • vincent_t

      All animals are born equal. But some are more equal than the others.

      • Jahar

        Equal with chinese characteristics.

    • Teacher in China

      Animals must not sleep on a bed WITH SHEETS, Comrades!

  • ClausRasmussen

    Why are they so fond of “a number of this and a number of that” slogans? It sounds odd to my ears

    • Zappa Frank

      I’m sorry but your question forces me to report you. Expect someone knocks at your door tonight..

      • lacompacida

        They will be checking on your water meter.

  • Irvin

    One thing is sure, though you can’t vote and there’s only one party in the government, it’s constantly changing sometimes even more than democratic systems.

    I hope their next slogan would be: “Pussies are great! in dongguan we trust”.

  • lacompacida

    The Party had been right all along. Long live the slogans !!!

  • ChinaPrat

    “Long Live the Great Leap Forward. Surpass England in Three Years, Catch Up to America in Five”

    Catch up how? Economically? Industrially?


    • arterius2

      Though in the picture, it clearly says surpass England in 15 years, with no mention of America, not sure where he’s getting his translations from.

      • SongYii

        probably the captions in the original article. if you go to netease, a lot of photos and captiona dont match.

      • Kai

        It would appear the guy who assembled the list tried to find images to match the historical slogans, rather than vice versa (transcribing the slogans from the images). The slogans are historical, while the images were just illustrative examples. There was one official slogan and probably all sorts of variants actually used throughout the country on posters and such.

  • B*tches, Leave

    ah, propaganda … so stupid for the educated man, so smart for the common folk … one of the last presents the Nazis gave human kind … cherish it!

  • must touch brain

    Hilarious. Reminds me of the painted churches of Romania. They figured the best way to brainwash illiterate people was with paintings not so much like these…

    • ClausRasmussen

      I think only the last one can be compared to the Chinese propaganda posters. Number 2 and 3 are using a completely different visual language. Number 1, well… on a Church, really?!

      • must touch brain

        It’s ok to pick them apart but in the end it’s all still propaganda for the masses.

        • Kai

          Jesus was an Engineer.

          And humans killed him.

          That’s why they were coming to destroy us with the goo.


          We failed them.

          • Joe

            shhh shhh it’s going to be ok

          • mr.wiener

            Stop eating the spotty red mushrooms!

    • Zappa Frank

      without reading I thought the first one was about Tarzan…anyway no Jesus during Adam and Eve time.. the rest are really funny. Would like to see which kind of church, I bet it’s one the American churches that are rampant in the east Europe…

    • Do you know though when animals and man were not able to live together like this? You say you “must touch brain”, but have you read the Bible, have you understood and known our Creator, and do you understand eternal life and how these things will be restored? I am an educated scientist yet also born-again Christian who knows that eternal life and a new nature is possible. Also, before Noah’s flood (the answer to my first question above), we were at peace with animals and there was no fear. Impossible? Do you know some people believe apes just gradually became humans and could talk, yet have no proof for it? Listen to the lies that evolutionary scientists teach, having no facts to back them up…great stuff: http://www.EvolutionVsGod.com

      • JayJay

        Man, you are so deluded. Why pick Christianity? Why not Judaism, or Islam? Or Speighatti monster? What does Christianity have that other religion don’t? What makes it true? And what about the things in the Bible? Homophobia, pedophilia, violence, stoning, horrible things against women? Do u believe all that?

        • Mateusz82

          The “Speighattie monster”(sic) was created as a feeble straw man argument against Christianity, so likely wasn’t picked for that reason.

          As to why Christianity, likely the poster is Christian, and believes in it. I know, you believe your religion is the one true religion, and believers in other religions are all deluded.

          • Alex Dương

            Why do you think FSM is a straw man?

          • Mateusz82

            It fits the definition of a straw man fallacy.

          • Alex Dương

            So what aspects of FSM do you believe “misrepresent” the arguments / positions of Christianity?

        • Probotector

          I think you’ll find it’s only Islam that nowadays teaches pedophilia, violence, stoning and ‘horrible things against women’. Btw, pedophilia is not in the Bible. Also, it’s more likely that the secular culture you subscribe to promotes more violence than Christianity ever has.

      • vincent_t

        No shit! eternal life is coming, but 1st can you do us a favor? Take the pill ur psychiatrist gave u.

      • Myk

        I believe God created Christians, because when we were at peace with the animals, the lions got really hungry and needed a snack. The Romans were the only ones who really understood God.

        BTW, I always wondered, what was God doing before he flipped the light switch? Sitting alone in the dark for an eternity?

      • Lei Feng’s Hat

        I love Chinese Christians. Well, ahem, allow me to explain. Since, as we all know, whatever the Chinese get their hands on, they eventually destroy – well, you do the math; with more and more Chinese ‘becoming Christians’…

        Holy cow. Somebody better get on the phone to the Pope in Rome..

      • Escalante

        I watched the video you posted. Assuming that there is a creator which is our father, what stories would our father have told his children over 2000 years ago when there was very little scientific vocabulary? Imagine the false things parents need to tell their children in order to keep them in line when their children have a very limited vocabulary. Historically, people lacking in vocabulary need falsehoods to govern their lives. Now that humanity has creeped out of its child-like stage into an “older” stage with scientific vocabulary, we can move away from the stories and move onto giving a more and more accurate account of our origins and predict our futures. From an objective theist’s point of view, science is God’s way of telling people what the truth really is. We just have to get better and better at listening to it and developing our vocabulary to explain our world. It’s not fair what Ray Comfort does in his video. In the end, he reveals himself to be an ambushing trickster. You can’t go around trying to make people feel stupid as a way to trick them into believing what you believe. His argument is based on Darwin as being the final interpretation of evolution which Darwin is not. Ray Comfort also makes no mention of common ancestry which can be proven by DNA. Lastly, when species turn into something else, of course they are still that thing which they are. We may not have a new name for what something has become, but that does not mean that it ceases to be what it was before. For example, let’s say you as a Homo sapiens just came into existence distinguishing yourself from other members of your genus but the sapiens label hasn’t been placed on you yet. No matter what new name anyone calls you, you are undeniably a HOMO.

      • must touch brain

        Put on your glasses and see the cheese. I’ve heard it all before having lived in a monastery for two years. As a vegetarian, i’d really like believe that all animals could live together peacefully without eating each other but sadly, there’s this thing called reality.

    • It’s always ironic that there are people who believe, without facts, that we just randomly for no reason evolved from animals, but then say that the Bible, which never derails from how the Creator has control of every atom, ever creature He created, mock that there are talking animals, and of course animals at peace with humans.

      Evolutionists believe we are animals. Talking animals. So can or cannot animals talk?

      And do you realize why we are the only ones that wear clothes, address our sin issue, know our Creator (yes, He is very knowable, but most don’t want to, just like a professional thief doesn’t want to befriend a police man), go into space, study science which shows, even on Mars, the wonders of our Creator, etc. etc.? We are not animals. We are even made to be above angels. Yet to reject that is to throw our purpose all away, to even throw eternal life serving and reigning with Jesus Christ all away. Read the Bible,and your eyes will be opened. Reject it,that is ok, but realize what you are totally rejecting.

      • We are animals and we learned to use tools and systems such as agriculture to become top of the food chain. Many animals also use tools and ingenious methods to survive, it’s just that we evolved with the most potential.

        You’re obviously not a very good scientist if you think science indicates any evidence for religion. You’re basing you believes on texts that were written by people, people who like today use propaganda to control the ignorant who will listen.

        Its only possible to read the bible with eyes closed.

      • must touch brain

        Keep screwing that chicken if you like. I told you i lived in a monastery before. I didn’t reject anything. I actually loved it there but apparently i didn’t fit in. I don’t see how you can say human lives are somehow more important than others. A life is a life. Some humans need to get over it. My life has been very good and not thrown away at all.

      • Teacher in China

        Nobody with half a brain think that “we just randomly for no reason evolved from animals”. Read at least one book explaining evolution before you post ignorant shit like that.

  • commander

    The problem is few Chinese believe in slogans, but no one publicly express their disbelief.

    • don mario

      still seemed to work though.

  • NeverMind

    Slogans are created to appeal to the lowest denominator. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. There have been disasters all along, but it has been no small achievement to get millions of people out of poverty.

    Whether you hate the Chinese government or not, I am just glad my wife and her family were able to get out of poverty and be able to afford a honest and decent middle-class life in China. Few of her family members had died of starvation in the past.

    • SongYii

      its a small acheivement to lift millions from poverty when the manner by which you do so is removing your foot from the back of their neck.

      chinese common people deserve a bulk of the credit for the success of opening up. most of the officials who take credit for it might have been equally effective from prison, where they belong.

    • don mario

      the proof is in the pudding? thats an extremely fucked up pudding from the last 60 years. i wouldn’t eat it. even the current pudding is a mess. tastes like dirt particles. oh and an honest and decent life doesn’t exist in china. lying and saving face is the way of life there.

  • AbC

    “1984, Time is Money, Efficiency is Life”
    For some reason, most Chinese companies have interpreted that as ‘time is money, efficiency is greater than life’.

    • Jahar

      There’s absolutely no efficiency though…

      • don mario

        agreed 100%

    • David

      You mean “Making money is greater then the lives of the people working for me”,

    • don mario

      more like ‘Time is money’ ‘So spend all your time working to earn money’ ‘Money is life’

  • Amused

    A plethora of reasons to never give up gun ownership :)

    • don mario

      the world is already corrupt mate. gun or not the powers that be are still making us all their slaves while destroying the planet.. guns are useless in this fight.

  • Ken Morgan

    Pfft you call that propaganda! they haven’t seen the BBC news, it’s like Foxnews but with a thin veneer of credibility.

    • Boris

      You’re giving Fox News way too much credit here.

  • FYIADragoon

    That plan to surpass England and America sure worked out well, eh?

    • Probotector

      True, the GLF was a massive catastrophe, but look at England and America now, compared to China.

      • don mario

        now look at uk and usa.. they are much lesser shitholes than china?

  • Rose

    There are only 196 countries in the world…

    • Sophia Dalke

      lol pwnt

  • Karze

    Hypocrite: Resist aggression: When Tibetans resist Chinese aggression its called counter revolutionary.

  • Surfeit

    ‘We Will Not Attack Unless We are Attacked’

    ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Huh?’ ‘That ocean is ours!’ ‘Dude, it’s well within 200 nautical miles of my country…’ ‘YOU ARE ATTACKING US!’

  • Insomnicide

    60 years later, Taiwan still remains oppressed by capitalism and democracy…I guess we the Chinese people are just simply not working hard enough on the liberating part.

    • don mario

      chinese are still putting in the work.

  • zachary T

    Did anyone else mentally put at the end of all of these the phrase, ” LOL,JK” if you haven’t I suggest you try it, it naturally fits all of them.

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