7-Year-Old Chinese Boy Drove Drunk Father Home On a Tricycle


This is currently one of the most popular topics on Sina Weibo under the hashtag #Kid Drove His Drunk Dad Home#, with over 7 million views.

From Sina Weibo:

@新浪广西: #Kid Drove His Drunk Dad Home# “A 7-year-old son skillfully and calmly drove a tricycle to carry his drunk dad home”, do you know this good Chinese son? According to netizens, on the night of January 5th, a man in the northern part of Yichuan City in Guangxi Province, drank late into the night and passed out. His 7-year-old son wearing a winter coat, drove a tricycle to carry him home, in a round trip totalling more than 20 km, he drove with both skill and composure.


Comments on Sina Weibo:


The child did not know this is illegal, he only knows his dad passed out in the cold on the streets, he just wanted to bring him home.


Shouldn’t we be more concerned about whether this father fulfilled his duties as a parent?? A 7-year-old child drove his father home alone, a child who drove over 20 km at night, did the bystanders think this is a show?! This is a foolish and dangerous activity, and to call him as skilled and composed meant that this is not the first time this child drove a tricycle?!


Such a dangerous act, yet no one stepped in to stop it, no one bothered to call the police, this cannot be encouraged. Those under 12-year-old cannot ride their bikes on the road, let alone electric tricycles. It was a miracle that nothing happened, I was fearful.


This father is so irresponsible! Such a young child, what will they do if something happens! But I must say, in some remote areas even 10-year-old children starts to learn how to ride motorcycles. Having a driver’s license is a joke, I hope relevant departments will manage this, but can it not be through fines? Because most of these children are left-behind children!


He makes me feel awkward as a 20-year-old who just learned how to ride the bike.


There are so many in this world who are not fit to be parents.


His little feet is wearing slippers right? Facing the wind, so pitiful.


A mature kid, an unreliable father.


The kid only knows that he have to take his daddy home.


The kid is very brave, but this is not very safe.


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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • biggj

    This kid’s like Short Round from Indiana Jones. hahahahaah


    • Mighty曹

      Hahaha… I just watched it again a few nights ago on SyFy.

  • codfilet

    I was driving a farm tractor at that age, but this really is quite an amazing young man. life is tough when you’re saddled with bad parents.

    • bujiebuke

      “life is tough when you’re saddled with bad parents.”

      I couldn’t agree more. Let’s hope this little guy has a more nurturing mother or grandparents.

      • 宋易

        You mean the mother or grandparents that sent a 7 year old to pick up his drunk father 10km away in the middle of a cold winter night? If the evidence is accurate, our hopes are dashed.

        • codfilet

          Probably not the first time he had to do this-maybe the mother rode along for a few times, but she was too angry or disgusted to go this time-who knows?
          Someone had to throw his Dad into the back of that trike,too.

        • bujiebuke

          perhaps, it’s a good guess. Who knows what kind of situation he’s in right now – probably not a good one from the looks of it.

    • NeverMind

      My father forbade me to ride a bicycle on the streets even when I was 15 years old telling me I would die in an accident. This made me have all kinds of fears. I am not sure whether I wish I had parents such as these.

    • mr.wiener

      Like a boss.

    • sk8erry

      But driving on streets is much more dangerous, both to him and to other people

      • codfilet

        Definitely-and at night,too.

  • DC

    stuff like that builds character. he’ll be a man among his peers.

    • biggj

      Or end up killing him and his father. One or the other. lol

  • 山炮 ShanPao

    Lets all stop and take pictures of the cute kid.

  • monster

    i can not light on the motorbike at all.

    • monster

      let me test my new avatar

      • biggj

        Selfie? lol I’m just joking.

        • Zappa Frank

          she is obsessed with dogs

          • Kai

            I still have no idea who this “ed” person is.

          • Zappa Frank

            I remember in the past she told ‘snob dog’ to me, but she used also with others. There was a time where she believed one of the user here on CS was one guy she dated.
            Another thing is that she alternate some comments completely out of head with comments that are serious and reasonable, even the level of her expression changes a lot from post to post. Still not clear if she is a skilled and refined humorist or simply crazy.

          • mr.wiener

            We may never know, though I’m leaning to the latter.

          • David

            I think that is a reasonable lean.

        • mr.wiener

          Oww! I felt that burn from here,

  • Kai

    Any of you guys in China ever watch the Chinese TV show X-Change (变形计), where they swap a city kid with a country kid?

    I’ve always seen it in the middle of the night, like past midnight. I don’t know if it has any other time slots…oh wait, I just looked it up. Apparently it’s on every Monday night at 10 on the Hunan TV channel. It’s a great show.

    • Joe

      but the show is fake and set up, it’s pretty clear most of the drama are scripted

      • Kai

        All “reality shows” are to some extent “scripted”. They may not dictate what is said but they can influence what happens, and they can dramatize further with editing. But I wouldn’t dismiss it as completely fake or even mostly fake.

        More importantly, the value I’ve found in it isn’t the drama but the aspects of life in this country that the viewer is exposed to that they may not be aware of. I wouldn’t watch it for the drama–as tear-jerking as it may be to see little kids realize what punks they’ve been or how much they miss their family despite the greater comforts of the city–but for its very real juxtaposition of the gap between the haves and have-nots in China.

        • Amused

          I agree with Kai one hundred percent on this one, reality TV shows are REAL folks, no bullshitting!

          On a completely unrelated note, my new buddy Kai and I are on a small vacation to some place called the Jersey Shore, where he swears he knows a chickenhead named “Snooki” who’ll blow the both of us for a Miller Lite…

      • biggj

        So is every single reality show. I never ever got into any reality show…it’s all garbage.

        • Surfeit

          In Spanish ‘Big Brother’ one of the contestants is a goat.

          • Sienna Smith

            my money’s on the goat. goat ftw

          • Surfeit

            TEAM GOAT!

    • tiara6918

      He’s a perfect candidate for the show. I do watch hunan shows on youtube as they have an official account there-https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUM8x224JrX8LH89NXkVPgE9zvJ3hcU76 , so if you’re not in china better check it out. Hunan tv might even put him on happy camp and he’ll get even more famous

      • FYIADragoon

        I can’t even understate how ironic it is that a Chinese government owned television station is uploading its videos onto Youtube. I wonder if they get preferential access to the undersea lines for those upload times…

        • Dax

          Xinhua has a Twitter account…

  • Dr Sun

    I want a kid like that

  • don mario

    this is a badass kid! his parents are morons though. i saw a little fat kid riding a scooter on the outskirts of shanghai once. not as young as him, maybe 13. still looked pretty funny though.

  • Mighty曹

    That’s a very responsible son. LOL. Looks like it isn’t his first time either.

  • codfilet

    Yeah, this kid drives like a boss, but did YOU ever drive your motorcycle to Kindergarten????


  • Toasty

    I particularly like the fact that he bothered to get all dressed up against the cold with a big coat and hood, but he is still wearing slippers…..

  • crimsonarmor

    skillfully? the kids was damn lucky he didn’t hit and kill anyone. Good son? breaking the law is the sign of a good son right? driving without a license and way under age. I guess the father didn’t really set much of an example.