7-Year-Old Chinese Boy Drove Drunk Father Home On a Tricycle


This is currently one of the most popular topics on Sina Weibo under the hashtag #Kid Drove His Drunk Dad Home#, with over 7 million views.

From Sina Weibo:

@新浪广西: #Kid Drove His Drunk Dad Home# “A 7-year-old son skillfully and calmly drove a tricycle to carry his drunk dad home”, do you know this good Chinese son? According to netizens, on the night of January 5th, a man in the northern part of Yichuan City in Guangxi Province, drank late into the night and passed out. His 7-year-old son wearing a winter coat, drove a tricycle to carry him home, in a round trip totalling more than 20 km, he drove with both skill and composure.


Comments on Sina Weibo:


The child did not know this is illegal, he only knows his dad passed out in the cold on the streets, he just wanted to bring him home.


Shouldn’t we be more concerned about whether this father fulfilled his duties as a parent?? A 7-year-old child drove his father home alone, a child who drove over 20 km at night, did the bystanders think this is a show?! This is a foolish and dangerous activity, and to call him as skilled and composed meant that this is not the first time this child drove a tricycle?!


Such a dangerous act, yet no one stepped in to stop it, no one bothered to call the police, this cannot be encouraged. Those under 12-year-old cannot ride their bikes on the road, let alone electric tricycles. It was a miracle that nothing happened, I was fearful.


This father is so irresponsible! Such a young child, what will they do if something happens! But I must say, in some remote areas even 10-year-old children starts to learn how to ride motorcycles. Having a driver’s license is a joke, I hope relevant departments will manage this, but can it not be through fines? Because most of these children are left-behind children!


He makes me feel awkward as a 20-year-old who just learned how to ride the bike.


There are so many in this world who are not fit to be parents.


His little feet is wearing slippers right? Facing the wind, so pitiful.


A mature kid, an unreliable father.


The kid only knows that he have to take his daddy home.


The kid is very brave, but this is not very safe.


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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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