78-Year-Old Invents Selfie Tripod, Already Applied for Patent

78-Year-Old Invents Selfie Tripod, Already Applied for Patent

At a patent exhibition fair in Changchun, the star of the show was Chang Zhaosheng, a 78-year-old surprisingly in touch with modern trends, who has come up with a new kind of “selfie-stick”. At the exhibition, the man who has remains sharp despite his age, relentlessly described the unique facets of his invention. “This isn’t an ordinary tripod,” he explained, “it is adjustable based on the situation, even if Yao Ming was standing in front of me, he wouldn’t block the shot.”

Source: Sina

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  • daz

    Nice. The stability of these will be far superior to your standard hand held selfie stick.

    I actually first saw someone use one of the selfie sticks in Hong Kong. Biggest WTF moment ever.

  • Dannisi

    So, he got a 10 kuai Walmart tripod that he stuck to his vest. I’d patent the shit out of that

    • daz

      Do they actually have patents in China?

  • Jahar

    Just put that third leg on your third leg…

  • NeverMind

    Sounds confusing. Is he going to patent the tripod, the vest supporting the tripod or just the tripod head?

    Would be weird to see a group of 20+ Chinese tourists walking around with these on their next outing abroad and bumping into other people with their selfie tripods. Lel.

  • The age of drones is upon us – you too can utilize the Boomerang drone you wear as a bracelet/watch and when you want to take a selfie, you simply toss away from you, it takes a selfie and returns to you – pretty cool

  • WghUk

    Imagine carrying that around…no thanks.

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