8-Month-Pregnant Mom Faces Abortion Pressure From Authorities

8-Month-Pregnant Mom Faces Abortion Pressure From Authorities
A 41-year-old pregnant woman from Chuxiong City is facing pressure from provincial police, medical staff and her husband to abort her 8-month-old unborn child. The Chens, not being only-children and already having a child, would break family planning law by having the baby, in which case Mr. Chen would face dismissal from his official post at Chuxiong police. Concern has also been expressed about Mrs. Chen’s age posing a health risk to her child. One netizen suggested that Mrs. Chen divorce, marry a childless man, give birth, divorce and then remarry Mr. Chen to preserve both the baby and her husband’s job.

Source: Netease

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  • Necrogodomega

    This is a beautiful story of how things really look like here.

    • jin

      Read the follow up and shut up.

  • Vance

    See this is one big reason China is so slow in developing. They have 1.3 billion people with brains and talents that can contribute to society, but when they make personnel decisions based on stupid superficial items, they do not efficiently use the talent pool available to them. They would fire a policeman because his wife is pregnant? So if he is a good policeman, now society has lost his talent. It is a good way to maintain average mediocrity in the society.

  • Foreign Devil

    I thought China did away with the one child system. .

    • tim

      they did. how ever in many rural area’s news doesn’t go that far. and governments are corrupted .so they keep it from ordinary people.

      this is why there should be a future license child law. people too stupid shouldn’t have children world wide

  • tim

    in todays china. anyone may have 2 children. it will be against the law now if government intervenes and threatens any person in mainland china to give up their 2nd child.

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