Why CCTV Coverage of Hurricane Sandy Shouldn’t Be Criticized

Hurricane Sandy flooding on the east coast of the United States.

The following post was amongst the hottest today on the popular Chinese Sina Weibo microblogging service, with over 51k reshares/forwards and 13k comments spanning over 650 pages so far and climbing rapidly…

From Sina Weibo:

@安普若-安校长: I think we shouldn’t criticized CCTV for its extensive coverage of the America’s Hurricane Sandy situation. So many children and relatives of government leaders, including the children of the various big and small leaders within CCTV itself, are all studying abroad or working in America, with New York and the East Coast further being where many leaders’ children are concentrated. With a hurricane this big, if CCTV doesn’t report it, would you have the leaders go watch English CNN? The leaders are also parents, with the long-suffering heart of parents, right? What CCTV is doing is a good thing.

CCTV news report about Hurricane Sandy affecting the East Coast United States.

A satellite view of Hurricane Sandy on the east coast of the United States of America.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


So this is the real reason…the poor government leaders.


CCTV is so filial.


How could China’s leaders not care about America? There is family there!


I think our government should donate money to America, wait until they’ve restored/rebuilt their home, then manufacture artillery to attack our Diaoyu Islands!


Don’t they usually report disasters that are more serious than usual?

A lone pedestrian buffeted in the rain and wind as Hurricane Sandy hits the eastern seaboard of the Untied States.


There are a lot of very outstanding Chinese people and America has the world’s best higher educational institutions, the largest economic system, so Chinese-Americans excelling there is a good thing. Even if their parents used to be corrupt officials or unscrupulous businessmen, of bad backgrounds and guilty of serious wrongdoing, if their next generation being in American can be infected by the ideals of freedom and democracy, then use their various efforts to give back to China, that too is a good thing…


Yep, too ignorant, do people not know that for some people, that [America] is their motherland [true country]?


Like I was saying, every channel on television was reporting about the hurricane in America, it’s even more important than the Diaoyu Islands matter.


When 70 people died in Beijing [during a recent rainstorm in July], we didn’t even see this much urgency!


Hehe, they can’t report domestic affairs, and now they’re not allowed to report some foreign affairs either?

Hurricane Sandy flooding on the east coast of the United States.


CCAV most sympathizes with the people’s hearts, and even more with the leadership.


Criticizing someone without using expletives, now that’s an art!


Out of humanitarian consideration, I won’t criticize CCTV this time. I just hope that in the future it will treat equally the children of the leaders and cadres and those of the ordinary people.


When government leaders check the weather reports, first they look at Beijing, second New York, third Sydney. Definitely a view of the whole world.


All we can blame is our own children for not being in America.


The leaders are the sons of the people, so their children abroad would be our grandchildren, and we should care about them too!

Hurricane Sandy flooding on the east coast of the United States.


Use the humanism of the revolution to care about [these] class enemies.


Indeed indeed, CCTV’s flattery [of the higher-ups, government officials] is very well done!


I’m reminded of a joke my friend once told: If the Lianghui [Two Meetings] were held in September, then I bet a lot of people would request leave, because they have to send their children off to America [for the start of the school year].


Actually, America is just one province of China, so there should be reporting.


There are also the houses and cars the leadership cares about, and whether or not they’ll be destroyed by the hurricane.


This must be forwarded! Because it is both very justified and what more is the actual truth.

What do you think? Is there an unreasonable amount of coverage on CCTV about Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the United States?

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Hurricane Sandy flooding on the east coast of the United States.

Devastation on the eastern seaboard of the United States after Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy aftermath in the United States.

A fleed of yellow taxicabs flooded after Hurricane Sandy.

Debris on American streets after Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy flooding on the east coast of the United States.

Additional images: NetEase (1, 2)

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  • jahar

    Is this really a story?

    • jahar

      Also, are those pictures of the burnt houses really from Sandy? Or something different?

      • gumiho

        That’s Queens,New York.

        • linette lee

          That’s Breezy Point in Queens NY. Close to 100 homes were destroyed and burned down. They are close to the water and were told to evacuate. The authority didn’t shut down the power. The storm hit the area downed some power lines and houses went up on flame. Very sad and sorry. :(


          • linette lee

            NY fire department are the best and the finest in the world. They are real life heroes. God bless them.

      • daveL

        @jahar When a natural disaster hits the financial centre of the world it’s HUGE news. Stop being ignorant.

        • Harland

          And yet if the same storm had hit anywhere else the victims would be the butt of cruel jokes. New Yorkers suck and give Chinese a run for their money in the “most self-centered pricks of the world” category.

          • Tony

            Wow, you must be a New Yorker then!

        • Jahar

          This story isn’t about the hurricane. It’s about China reporting it.
          You’re an ass. I’m not talking about the hurricane. I’m talking about China showing it on the news. How is it news that Chinese news has news about a storm. God you’re a jackass.

  • Ruffled Feathers

    Dare I say, sofa!

    • The sofa got washed away!

      • linette lee

        Your sofa got washed away to the Atlantic ocean.

        • Kukuku

          linette, is that you in the picture?

        • Ruffled Feathers

          Thanks for pointing out the Atlantic Ocean is east of New York

    • Alphy

      I don’t get how the comments get listed any more. It doesn’t seem chronological, is this Mod’s attempt to remove sofa comments? In all seriousness how does it work? Can someone please explain?

      • Ruffled Feathers

        It’s all screwed up

      • Kai

        Click the Discussion tab above the comments. You can choose how to sort the comments. After level 5, the comments can be a bit more confusing because Disqus will group comments responding to the same string together. In other words, just like level 4 and below, except without indents.

        • Alphy

          Thanks for letting us know!

  • I wasn’t able to read Chinese comments when I saw the shocking images below. To all American friends: Hang in there! Our thoughts are with you.

    • Guest

      Thanks :)

  • expatrick

    The whole world should be reporting and caring about this hurricane! America is the guiding light of the world.

    • Rainer

      Damn Bin Ladin making trouble from under the ocean!
      We are all American!

    • El Puma R.

      People like you should get their tongues cut off

    • cc

      In your hole it is.

  • Hu R U

    Retribution on NY for reporting on our dear Prime Minister and his family….
    NYT and Bloomberg, go farkked off

    • moop

      yes, the mandate of the heavens is punishing nyc for reporting on what a scumbag even the best of china’s politicians are. a lot of chinese people have always talked about how he was different until now. guanxi is the root of corruption in china and until guanxi and neoptism are frowned upon by society, china’s corruption problems will not change

      • themig

        actually, Wen jin Biao didnt know even half of those relatives even existed. One thing good about china compared to countries like japan,syria, mexico is that the very top leaders in China arent the ones with the most money and power. Its the people behind the scenes sort of like the Illuminati or jewish zionist of China

        • moop

          who cares if he didnt know them, i bet his personal accountant does.

        • El Puma R.

          Finally someone making sense here. Check the one yuan bill it’s got David’s star on it.

        • Alphy

          Haha you guys are too much. Really? The premier didn’t know his Son and Wife made loads and loads of money with his political connection? Did you guys even read the investigative reporting on NYT? They have evidence to back up the claims. The biggest gains were not his far away relatives but his immediate.

          Have you not heard of New Horizen Captial? It’s one of the leading private equity firm in China that His son co-founded. What about An Ping Insurance? You know how much stock His family bought before it going public? It’s basically open insider trading. Do some research instead of spilling non-sense like Jewish Zionist of China. The people with most money are listed, check out how many Billionaires in China have direct relationships with Government officials. It’s not even hard to find, everyone knows it in China and even government knows how serious the situation is. BTW none of them are Jewish.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Retribution, yeah, sure, like the Sichuan earthquake in 2008 was retribution for the CCP crushing dissent in Tibet?

      Also, ‘our dear Prime Minister’? Who the hell talks like that about any government official? Only the indoctrinated.

      • dave

        Or a troll.

      • A Lu

        You forgot the north koreans

        • Ruffled Feathers

          Well, that’s ‘Dear Leader’, but basically, yeah.

  • moop

    we know why they give this coverage, and it shouldnt be a surprise to anyone that there has been so much coverage. hopefully they’ll see that it takes a super storm to kill 48 people in the US yet like 70 people died during a rain storm here in beijing. i know the ccp wants to make the us look bad and chaotic and unsafe but it also this coverage also speaks to the ccp’s ineptitude at providing basic drainage systems for their people

    • Rainer

      Moop you must be remarbly silly to mention this 48:70 stuff while everybody know the death toll in Katrina was as high as over 1,200.
      You should also be grateful CCP only made US “LOOK bad and chaotic and unsafe” while US IS “bad and chaotic and unsafe”, though we dont need CCP to tell us that US is “bad and chaotic and unsafe”.
      Guess you must be the dumbest in your class.

      • moop

        you’re comparing a level 5 hurricane with a rainstorm?

        • dave

          If a rainer says that a hurricane is the same as a rainstorm, who are we to argue?

          • moop


    • jin

      1. dont post lies, 48 people???

      2. a big dissaster happened, why wouldnt they report this news? they did it when the tsunami hit japan and sichuan earthquake.

      3. i know that in your head all chinese try to make foreigners look bad right?

      4. how did reporting a news become something to make other country look bad?

      • moop

        “dont post lies, 48 people??” well dipshit, at the time i wrote that post, the fatalities were 48 people for the storm”a big dissaster happened, why wouldnt they report this news? they did it when the tsunami hit japan and sichuan earthquake.” they are over-reporting this news, no-one would criticize them for covering it. they over-covered the shooting in colorado here in china too and we all know why: so the chinese will look and say “美国跟乱, 还是中国好” or some nonsense like that. i remember a lot of people reveling in the fact that japan got hit by the tsunami, saying that it was deserved, i’m sure the ccp and fenqing loved the coverage of that as well”

        “i know that in your head all chinese try to make foreigners look bad right?”

        no, but the ccp does and they have to out of necessity, its one of the tools they use to give themselves legitimacy. the worse they make the outside world look, the more stable china appears to the citizens and therefore the country is more stable for the ccp.

        “how did reporting a news become something to make other country look bad?” again, when its over-reported ad nauseum and moves from journalism (which china lacks in reality, but lets just use that word) to agenda-pushing.

        inconclusion: wake the fuck up

        • Seppo1

          So, what’s your affiliation with this website fucktard? If this is an open forum then you should lay bare your connections, or lack there of (or in your simpleton seppo terms: put you cards on the table).

          It’s pretty fucked up if people like you are influencing discussion on this forum, then on the other hand bitching about censorship in other countries.

    • linette lee

      There is a lot of coverage about hurricane Sandy is because USA has a huge chinese population especially in California, Hawaii, and NY. The Chinese have a lot of investments in USA. Of course they care what’s happening over there.

      • Righteous American

        That’s a good point, but is the Chinese offshore population and investment greater than that of its mainland?

        • seppo1

          Only a fucktard seppo would ask something like that. Here is a challenge for you: do not watch any TV for three months, do not read anything from the news websites that you normally visit. Abstain, only busy yourself with your immediate surroundings.

          I know you will never be able to do that because you are a hopeless, retarded seppo. Your kind is destined for prison, the army, poverty, or your current state…nothingness

          • reddit

            reddit is ok

    • El Puma R.

      That, added to the fact that CCTV never reports more than 70 dead.

    • Koji Kabuto

      the whole coverage is just a diversion to the 18th congress next week.

      • Seppo1

        No, it’s insignificant people like moop that try to create a diversion. If you sat down and read about what was happening, like a normal human being, and ignored the ‘coverage’ from random people that you don’t know, you would understand.

    • donscarletti

      Three pillars of Chinese news. The leaders are really super busy. The country is improving. Laowaiguo is dangerous too, especially for Chinese.

      • seppo1

        Laowai with an agenda are dangerous: moop

    • Seppo1

      Wouldn’t take much to show that, would it?


      I’m guessing you are at the head of this circlejerk moop

    • Seppo

      I guess the meetup has been cancelled…unless one or two of you are feeling adventurous. If the main contributors to this site hide away while spewing poisonous shit day-to-day, what’s the point? Let’s have one meetup.

      Come to meet me for a pint (or two) If you are game

  • cc

    Where are all the looters?

    • White Guy in USA

      They are all dead, we shot them already.

      • cc

        Night sites or the whites of there eyes?

        • Issa Scott

          I was wondering about looters as well. Not that I think everybody in the USA has a gun, but New York and area has a large population, there would have to be a few “bad apples” out of the millions. AND the area would have some very wealthy targets…

          • White Guy in USA

            Everybody in the USA has a gun. You Loot, We Shoot.

          • cc

            Yep, they do, that’s why the place is so fucked up.

          • White Guy in USA

            I bet the Chinese persecuted under the Cultural Revolution wish they had guns to protect themselves.
            The same goes for North Koreans and the unarmed Mexicans at the mercy of the armed cartels and corrupt governments.

          • Seppo1

            Prior to USA intervention, how many murders were there per year in Mexico? Where were the Zetas soldiers trained?

            I’ve seen the beheadings with chainsaws / etc. That’s not a turf war, it’s a ‘war on drugs’ and anyone that associates….

            Zetas (trained in the USA – on the record) = USA

          • White Guy in USA

            Just as many when the Spanish massacred the people of that area for several hundred years.

          • Greco

            tard on tard. Keep it up. Can I donate to you?

      • Seppo1

        Where are you posting from?

        Another fucktard seppo with a chip on his shoulder perhaps?

    • wacky

      so is this the right time to go looting? i am going to new york soon

      • White Guy in USA

        You Loot, We Shoot.

    • Tony

      There was some looting in Coney Island but for the most part there hasn’t been much.

    • Kai
  • Fancypants

    It’s effing pathetic that Chinese people think ABCs are the result of corrupt officials sending their kids off to America. We’ve been there long before China opened it’s doors.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      It makes good propaganda

    • Harland

      They’re not talking about ABCs. I think you’ve got a case of psychological projection – projecting your negative feelings onto others.

      They’re talking about the children and relatives of Chinese government officials – the vast majority of whom are from China.

      • themig

        WRONG! they are talking about ABCs and Chinese americans, I’ve never met a single mainlander who did not think a Chinese living in America was not the children of a CCP official. the only exception was one uygur

        • Damn, are they really that ignorant about their own country’s emigration patterns?

          Do they think Bruce Lee’s parents were CCP officials, since he was born in San Francisco?

          • themig

            the name bruce lee does not ring much of a bell in China the way it does in hong Kong or the West. Jackie Chan would be more familiar to mainland Chinese but he is not a Western citizen

          • Dr. Jones Jr.

            Li Xiaolong is quite a familiar name in China, actually. They just aren’t as familiar with his English name or his actual Chinese name compared with one of his stage names.

          • mimomimo

            There is a fast food chain called ‘Kung Fu’ in mainland China that appears to have Bruce Lee as a mascot…

            It’s an utter travesty.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            Ahahaha, I think I saw one last week in XinBeitou in Taipei, Taiwan! :D

  • vincent

    Has anyone else within China had trouble visiting Chinasmack? I keep getting this error ‘The webpage at http://chinasmack.com/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.’

    • Germandude

      chinasmack no problem. gmail.com? Yes… Today at least.

      • vincent

        gmail is acting up today as well as chinasmack for me, and two days ago it was google.hk looks like the internet in China is broken.

        • Terrik

          There’s internet in China? Could have fooled me.

          • vincent

            Yeah I think there should be a segment on Ripley’s believe it or not dedicated to this very subject.

        • the ace of books

          Several parts of the internet. cSmack and the Goog, certainly, but other English-language sites, too. Been so that my Renren is the only thing that’s coming in reliably.

    • Issa Scott

      I have noticed things are a bit slower and sites that use ads or draw info from google, twitter and facebook are much slower. I think it is mainly caused by the CCP tightening online security while the “Two Meetings” are going on AND that more and more sites are linked together. Linked sites tend to time out or wont load since the blocked link will always time out ( say, a la Youtube ).

    • Seppo1

      It’s Karma. Stop being such a fucking cunt, and at least try to be a fucking normal person when you are talking online. I do NOT want to engage with you people! Get your shit together so I can go away. Otherwise there will be leakage offline

      • mr.wiener

        Gosh , you must feel very manly after sniffing at the arse of damn near everyone who comments on this site.
        Do you have any original insights of your own to offer perchance? [related to the stories that is, not that ax you seem to be grinding against Americans]

        • mr.wiener

          Thanks moderators.

  • BigJ

    Song of the article “Rock you like a hurricane” by the scorpions. :)


    Here I am
    Rock you like a hurricane :)

    • Seppo1

      I bet you are a short 5.8 nothing whitey

      • seppo1

        Big Joke. Meet me and back it up

  • nolly fletcher

    All i have to say is that the world is full of nuts everywhere who need gov’t propaganda to cool down their thirst for blood.

  • the ace of books

    “if CCTV doesn’t report it, would you have the leaders go watch English CNN?”

    Amigaaaaad, them poor leaders! We should totes cater to them because their poor hearts is breaking!

    Look. I get that there’s parents with kids on the east coast, yes. But a TV station showing certain items in order to cater to 0.0001% of the population doesn’t even begin to make sense. Try harder :D

    Also: liking the netizens’ comments, especially the one re: the storms in Beijing in the summer. They haven’t forgotten that. The variety is good, too – some people calling BS, some people taking it seriously, as 孝 is, in fact, serious business.

    Finally: Damn, that picture with the cabs.

  • Fire

    cant access the man set on Fire article

    • Ruffled Feathers

      That’s probably because of the whole ‘Fraser Gate’ scandal.

      • Fire

        a scandal? what did i miss?

        • mr.wiener

          Silly boy went and googled Fraser stewart and posted all his personal information for all to see. Apparently he is receiving threats now. Bastard act.

          • Fire

            Hm that is bad. That explain the name changed to Guest and the closing of the thread. Not bad mod. Thanks for sharing, Didnt really see any scandal when I read it just then.

          • Guest

            Actually that isn’t what I did. I just highlighted to Mr Stewart that he

            was extremely indiscreet with his personal information online and that,
            should someone choose to to so, they would find it extremely easy to
            wreck his career both here in China and back in the UK. There
            was no threat on my part and certainly no re-posting of his “personal”
            information (which he had posted publicly online himself).

            Given that
            Chinese netizens (like those the world over) are a volatile bunch and
            may have considered his repeated grossly offensive comments on this site
            as just cause for a “human flesh search”, which could only have ended
            badly for Mr Stewart, then I can only comment that his decision to “lie
            low” seems eminently sensible.

          • mr.wiener

            Riight…silly me, you only push people off train platforms to teach them not to stand too close to the edge…..gottit.

          • haotian

            The guy is a little school yard bully. He’s being totally childish, I used to hear this shit when I was 14/15. He knows he was being a prick, he’s just desperately trying to justify it and avoid any serious repercussions. I’m still at a loss as to why he isn’t banned from this site, and had his IP given to his local police department.

            He’s also stated that banning him would be useless, as he can use a different IP to gain access to the site and continue posting. That is also illegal. If you are banned, and you circumvent the ban, then that is classed as unauthorised access.

            So not only can he be charged with harassment, attempting to incite hatred and harassment, but also unauthorised access. So why the mods are not reporting him, I do not know. That’s what I would have done.

            I think we need to do a boycott of CS until this little prick “learns a lesson”. So from now on, I will no longer visit this site, post on this site or have anything further to do with site. Who’s with me?

          • mr.wiener

            I’m not with you and and many issues will not be. Boycot if you like, I’ll miss some of your more sensible posts.
            A malicious attack of this nature on someone ,even if I do not agree with them, is something that cannot be condoned. I would strongly press for silly boy to be banned. That is my opinion and I would be gratified if the mods would see fit to do so.
            If they do not, I’ll see it as their business and not throw a hissy fit over it.

          • haotian

            It’s not throwing a hissy fit, but by not banning him they are effectively giving him free reign to do something similar again. What if he posted something worse? For example, MrT apparently found out where my parents live, and was hinting that strongly to try and freak me out. What if he or someone else posted their home address and telephone number?

            I also think MrT should be banned for attempting to intimidate me like that. I feel that this isn’t just a matter of banning someone or not, it’s a matter for the police and the courts. MrT’s posts were effectively harassment, intimidation and stalking, Silly boy’s just went one step further. But what about the next step? These guys need to be banned, and have their IP’s and other identifying details handed over to the police.

            It might also be wise to contact their ISPs and have their internet access revoked altogether. I don’t think that would happen in this case, but the police would probably warn them of those possible consequences if they either tried to continue it here, or did the same thing somewhere else.

            Fauna needs to make it clear that these kind of people have no place on this site. I get the feeling that nothing further has been done, with regards to police or bannings, because both MrT and Silly boy are Chinese guys. There’s possibly very little apart from blocking access to the site that Fauna can do.

          • Sillyboy

            They did ban me. I can’t post under my usual IP or name. I just can’t stand to see you keep bitching when they already took action. I am posting here once more to tell you to stop hating on the mods, and that I’m not going to comment after this because the mods don’t want me to and I’ll respect their decision from here out.

          • haotian

            Wow, you’re dumber than I thought. After having carefully explained to why posting here again while banned is completely illegal, you go ahead and do it again. What a fool. I really hope they pass your IP on to your local police station, or contact your ISP and have your internet access revoked.

          • Sillyboy

            I really was going to stop commenting, but now I think I might continue, just because it riles you up so much. By the way, that’s a cute photo of you with your niece. You look like a real nice guy. Too bad you were so careless.

          • MrT

            Get fucked your off you head

          • MrT

            I never posted your parents address you did that your self, the man who says is abuse of LSD got him into University in China.
            Total retard and you still cant see where you went wrong, throw that Apple mac in the bin full of spyware you know.

          • Sillyboy

            I’m sure you’ll be interested to know that his Chinasmack comments can now be found from the results from Googling “fraser stewart china”. This will probably haunt him forever. This, kiddies, is why you don’t act like a dick with your real identity online. Learn from Fraser’s mistakes!

          • Sillyboy

            P.S. I’m not Chinese or in China, you racist bro? No wonder they don’t like you.

          • Pretty certain that “this guy” is not a guy, haotian. But I don’t think a boycott is the right solution. It’s the “little prick”(?) that needs to be punished, not the site. I think we’ve all made it clear that this bitch needs to go. It would be really fucking stupid for them not to deal with the situation.

          • haotian

            I’ve already emailed the staff, and asked that he be reported to the local authorities for this. What he and MrT are doing is called cyber stalking, and is a very serious crime. In fact it’s punishable by up to 2 years in prison and a $5,000 fine. So the staff need to report him to the police, immediately.

          • Sillyboy

            You must really be new to the whole internet thing.

          • MrT

            jesus is it never ending with you? do you think you have not broke any laws in China? God help you if the authorities catch up with you in China, you have blown all your contract commitments in every shape and form by attacking the Chinese government and posting articles all over the internet to that end.

            You need to get out of dodge,and go see a shrink.
            Thats if you don’t get deported first.

          • haotian

            I’m curious to know what these “repeated grossly offensive comments” are. A lot of people on this site post similar things, some of it is even worse. Why do you find mine so offensive?

          • Ruffled Feathers

            He doesn’t, it’s just you were an easy target. He’d probably do it to any one of us if he knew our details.

          • Haotian….do yourself a favor and stop responding to this cunt. Alot of us are on your side but now you’re becoming an annoyance and your own worst enemy. We don’t want to keep yakking about this. Keep pressuring Fauna by e-mail. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that they want to resolve this issue.

          • haotian

            Yeah, I wasn’t replying to him, mostly other people. I’m not going to make another post about this, because it’s obviously encouraging him. Peace out bro.

          • Sillyboy

            That’s actually not me. I don’t put random linebreaks in my posts.

          • haotian

            Yet he still isn’t banned.

          • Kai

            Holy mother of god…you guys are still at it…

            I’ve emailed both of you (Silly Boy and Fraser Stewart) privately.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Can I talk to you about the whole issue with Fraser Stewart?

            He’s contacted me personally, and sent me the email you sent him regarding his ban and your general position on the issues between him and ‘silly boy’.

            Now, he obviously used his real name and posted links to public information about himself on the internet. However, as an academic, and someone who is relatively well known in academic circles, having this kind of personal information available online is common. Most professors and academics leave their contact details online. The problem is, this guy, ‘silly boy’ crossed the line and used that information for malicious purposes, in order to slate Dr. Fraser, because he was an easy target. It is also clear that he made threats against Fraser and was inciting people to attack him or threaten his employment. You have the relevant posts to prove this. I’m afraid that Fraser is correct, this constitutes a crime, and is provable in court. Because China Smack is hosted from the US, and because ‘silly boy’ is American, this would fall under US legal jurisdiction. As the administrator of this website, you, Fauna and your colleagues have a responsibility to administer fairness if cyber bulling occurs, especially if it’s to the extent that a person’s safety is at stake. I’m afraid that it’s not mere trolling that has occurred here.

            Frankly, the message you sent out to Fraser seems like you just want to wash your hands of the whole thing and simply not deal with it. In banning them both, you seem like a school teacher who caught two pupils fighting, but can’t figure out who’s to blame, so you just punished them both. This isn’t really a responsible act. As I mentioned, ‘silly boy’ clearly started this.

            Moreover, the whole issue of Fraser being banned because he was ‘making threats’ against you doesn’t really make sense. As I mentioned, because you guys administer this site, it’s up to you to deal with this issue accordingly. Fraser was upset because ‘silly boy’s’ posts about him were left up on the forum for a long time, and it seemed, at the time, you guys weren’t really dealing with it. A number of other people raised this issue as well. The fact of the matter is, he was making legal threats against you because he was at his wit’s end. You should know that a threat to take legal action against someone is not considered to be a threat that constitutes hatred and vengeance in the same way as, say, threatening to beat someone up. He is entitled, as is anyone, to make such threats if he fells he needs to. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean he’s done anything bad. Now I believe that Fraser was somewhat hasty in his choice of words, but if you consider the situation he is in, (having his privacy violated, receiving threats via email, etc.), you can’t blame him for being indignant. In any case, you don’t seem to be that bothered about what happens to him.

            Now look, it is up to you how you want to proceed. Fraser wants you to give ‘silly boy’s’ details to the US Attorney General and report this as a cyber crime. It seems that this is the responsible thing to do.

            It’s also time for the rest of us who comment on here to reflect on this issue and really analyze the integrity of how this site is administered, and whether or not we should continue to use it. If a bully like ‘silly boy’ can do this to Fraser, he or someone else can do this to anyone of us. It is irrelevant how ‘silly boy’ got the info on Fraser, the issue is what he did with it. In not pursuing this as a criminal act, you are stating that you don’t see a problem with this kind of thing. Is that the message you want to project?

            I hope you will consider carefully the issues I’ve raised, and will hopefully realize that Fraser is a victim in all this, and should be shown more cooperation in resolving this issue.

            I await your response.

      • Fraser Gate?…….hmmmmmm…………………… . .I’ll allow it.

    • Seppo1

      you missed ruff…fuck the rest of your stupid name…lled feathers. But this is more of a fishing expedition to see which seppos come to your rescue

    • Seppo1

      the internet is more open than your mum on a Friday night. Don”t talk shit because You are a seppo/or retarded

  • The video ads that have appeared on this site have lessened the amount of time I spend here. I hate having to stop listening to my music just because there’s small, annoying ads playing with no pause or volume buttons.

    • Here! Here! Fauna this has been too annoying.

      • Seppo1

        doctoring /etc/hosts/ is the way to go.

        But you’re probably dirty seppos, forcing your internet rules on the rest of the world

    • El Puma R.

      there is a plug-in that will make your life easier: it’s called adblock plus I think.

  • Kim


    • Hu R U

      I would no totally disagree….it used to be a God fearing nation….
      Look at South Korea, fervent Christians, a blessed lot, powerhouse of Asia, this did not happen by chance

      • Tony

        Does he also hate the 250,000 people of Korean descent who live in NY and NJ?

  • peye

    If, as claimed by some, it is the children of Chinese officials who are living in the US,then it might, in my opinion, also be the case that the officials( or not so official) who are issuing the US visas for the children (not only) are not immune to see money as the medium that greases the skids.

    • Expat in Shanghai

      At what point in history were officials from one nation able to issue visas into another? They can provide their children with passports, but the princes / princesses need to go through the US consulate to pickup a golden ticket.

  • I can’t see any of the pics. The coverage was important because it was a rare storm in arguably, the financial hub of the world (not to take anything away from other financial centers, but all roads lead to NYC in finance), and there may have been a little bit of “look even America has crazy and dangerous storms”.

    Natural disasters are not only a third world thing, but the response to them in a first world country should be first class, by the people and the government.

  • {shrug} If it bleeds… somewhere else… it leads.

  • Alex

    “Criticizing someone without using expletives, now that’s an art!”

    I find this amusing; as if Chinese people did not know it was possible to argue without having to raise your voice and swearing.

  • linette lee

    Here in NY is pretty bad. Many areas close by water are flooded. Houses destroyed due to the strong wind and water high tide flooding the highways and houses close by the water. Public transportations like subways and buses have been shut down for 2 days. Public schools are closed for this whole week. Many home are left without electricity. Hurricane Sandy did some damages to NY.

    I remember in hong kong as kid we used to have stronger wind and heavier rain than hurricane sandy. We always have typhoon every year in Hong kong. Wind gust of 90 miles per hour easy. I remember seeing small tornados in the ocean far away from my apartment building. I lived on 15 floors and I can see part of the ocean. Our buildings never collapsed and our drainage system are built to handle typhoons.

    • Tony

      It was the tidal surge that did the most destruction this time. We’ve never seen anything remotely like that before. Irene, the 2010 Nor’easter and the 2010 tornado did more damage to my neighborhood since I’m on top of a hill.

  • Alphy

    Alright so I watched CCTV just for the fun of it before I left work this morning. They are still covering the storm and how their leader have send a letter of condolence to Obama.

    I don’t think it’s really that strange that they are reporting on a superstorm that no one have ever seen in their lifetime. It’s freak storm, and it’s normal to be reporting on it. In fact BBC news has been reporting on this non stop for couple of days as well. You don’t see articles saying how corrupt Bristish officials are because of that reporting do you?

    What I take away from the sensational interest on this topic is that, many Chinese netizens are very dissatisfied by their leaders and believe most of their wealth and children are living the good life in US from their profiteering activities in China (OK much truth to that). Though I have to say in these past several years the Chinese media and online discussions in China has been much more open and can now basically openly criticize government officials and their doings.

    • Germandude

      Not that I want to win a safe bet, but shall we bet the CCTV coverage will stop pretty quickly? I am certain that they won’t show many pictures in the next days of Obama going to shake hands in NYC. I am also certain that they will not report about NYC going “back to normal” rather quickly, like on sunday the marathon being held.

      And the reason for this is psychological. Remember after the Sichuan earthquake, how the president took care of the people? Did you see all the help from the people and the government after the earthquake? Now, what have you seen about NYC?

      This won’t work for the educated of course, but it works for the poor and uneducated. You know, glorious leaders and such…

  • peye

    Reply to expat in shanghai Yes they have to go to a consulate .Perhaps that is the place where the skids are located and the greaseing takes place. Of course it may not be the only place.

  • MrT

    Standard practice, when ever there is a disaster in China ( every week) CCTV covers every other single disaster around the word (small or big), to say look its not just us!

    Makes ya all feel better yea?

  • Jim

    Not sure if it was mentioned yet but LOL @ the person who put a “caution: wet floor” sign out

  • Con ate dog

    All those poor people. It says nice things about Chinese society that folks here are showing sympathy.

  • pockets

    If you’re heavily invested in something, you like to watch it, though the good and the bad.

  • alan

    “Like I was saying, every channel on television was reporting about
    the hurricane in America, it’s even more important than the Diaoyu
    Islands matter.” Maybe *every* issue should be considered more important than Diaoyu Islands.

  • Sarah

    Plenty of ppl in China who are not in any way affiliated with the government have loved ones in the US, even ppl who aren’t rich. Seriously give them a break on this one.

  • tavelinglight

    China (especially in 1975), the U.S., Bangladesh, etc., have suffered much worse storms by body count, but they weren’t globally significant. This one is.

  • dim mak

    What’s the controversy…?

  • “The leaders” – take us to them.

    Cause all I’m seeing are bloated pigs in Pinko lipstick… http://i49.tinypic.com/a2etjr.jpg

  • aeasdfli

    What is up with all those netizens in china believing all chinese americans come from families with people in positions of power? geeze louise. most of us come from poor families who built success in america from the bottom up.

    • Jennster

      they meant recent Chinese international students, not cantonese people

  • chairde

    I live in New Jersey and we got the full force of the storm. It was like nothing I ever seen or heard before. When the storm went over our neighborhood it sounded like a freight train running over us. The Delaware River near my house ran backwards against the normal tide. Trees were broken like match sticks and cars were thrown around like they were toys.

    The storm was a thousand miles wide and went through here like a bowling ball but we were the pins. I had matches, water and food saved. When the electricity went out we started to eat the food because it would go bad in a few hours. The rain and the wind was scary. It was actually raining sideways for awhile. We started a fire in the fireplace and lit all the candles we had in the house. During the storm the wind was frightening. It made the house shiver just like your skin will shiver on a cold day. We all survived and are doing well but I have to admit I was scared and I’m an old man. We old people had to pretend that we were brave so the young kids wouldn’t be scared. I don’t wish that experience on anyone in the world.

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