Abe’s Drunken Wife Kisses Rock Star At VIP Bar

Abe’s Drunken Wife Kisses Rock Star At VIP BarJapanese magazine Female Seven has reported that prime minister Shinzō Abe’s wife kissed 53-year-old rock singer Tomoyasu Hotei at a bar. Akie Abe was spotted drinking with friends at a VIP bar in the South Aoyama neighborhood of Tokyo, where she called her idol and requested him to come along, later leaning intimately on his shoulder and kissing his neck. The Prime Minister’s Official Residence has denounced Akie’s behavior, and expressed concern it may affect her husband’s popularity. One netizen said Japanese women rank first when it comes to infidelity.


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  • guest

    Should we read something into this, someone has!


  • WghUk

    Money, power and men.

  • does not matter at all!
    i even kissed a pretty girl in bar, it’s so good!

    • Vance

      Send me a picture next time!

      • last year when i was in sh. now i live at hometown.

        • Vance

          Shanghai does sound like an interesting place.

          • i do not know.
            now my life is changing and changing…
            i feel all my dreams are gone, i try my best to grasp any little happiness and chance.

          • Vance

            That sucks. I know all about dreams being gone. What do you think will make you happy? Money? Work? A good husband? God? Something else? You must figure that out and then go for it. What else is there to do? We must live on.

          • i do not know either.
            guess is money.

          • Vance

            Money can give you many things but it can be a picky lover. It comes and goes as it pleases, and you have to work very hard for it, but maybe you are a good lover for Money.

          • i do not wanna work at all.
            i am so tired of all this mess. work hard does not help much at all.
            enough, stop here!

      • guest
        • hahaha!
          you are so funny!
          this ohoto is so lovely!

          • guest

            I guess you approve of interracial teddy-bear dating then!

          • stop, enough of this kinda nonsense.

          • guest

            Oh come on, your not the only one allowed to have fun on here! Just don’t go down to the woods today!

          • why?

          • guest


            If you can’t view youtube

            “If you go down to the woods today,

            You’re sure of a big surprise.

            If you go down to the woods today,

            You’d better go in disguise.

            For every bear that ever there was

            Will gather there for certain because

            Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

            Picnic time for teddy bears;

            The little teddy bears are having a lovely time today.

            Watch us catch them unawares,

            And see them picnic on their holiday.

            See them gaily gad about.

            They love to play and shout,

            They never have any cares.

            At six o’clock their mummies and daddies

            Will take them home to bed

            Because they’re tired little teddy bears.”

          • haha, you are so silly!

          • guest

            and your not?

          • i am not, i am sure!

          • guest

            oh yes you are!

          • enough!
            kick your ass!
            how much do u know me ???
            nothing at all!
            go away!

          • guest

            dont want to know you
            why not go kick your ass!
            fine don’t talk to me i not bother you!

          • Bman

            You are = you’re.
            Even Doo Doo Bear got that one right.
            Please don’t hate me.

          • guest

            their, there, they’re!

            if you are going into english teacher mode at least pick me up for my capitalisation, or lack of it, as well!

          • Bman

            capitalization I can deal with as mobile phones are horrible with that.
            As for ‘your’; your incorrect usage made your flirting with your chosen bear less successful than in the days of yore, where your intentions that you’re gonna chase her would have been clearer than in your previous postings..,
            Yer welcome ;)

          • guest

            i am not flirting i just find her amusing, if shes going around going fk you, kick your arse blah blah blah time to time then she should be mocked a little, just as much as i should be.

          • Bman

            Yeah I tease her a lot too. I just keep waiting (hoping) for her to admit she’s not really so bad.
            Just be aware that Mega Troll the Master Racist stops by to defend her sometimes. He’ll make you think twice about how nasty people can be when they feel they’re safely anonymous ;)

          • Vance

            Who the hell defends DDBear? I saw one defense of her from about 4 years ago, and that was polite. SOme people, like me, are not mean to her but I’ve never seen any post visiously defending poor DDBear/Eattot.

          • Bman

            Didn’t you see that 3 hour rant from MrTibbers4u (North vs South Korea article)? He called me every name in the book,then insulted every aspect of my humanity after vowing to never rest until he destroyed me, or something like that.

            That was all because he:

            1. thinks I was attacking helpless DDBear (you’d have to read through a lot of ranting, but this seemed to be his motivation)

            2. a loser in my home country (we all love stereotypes)

            3. used to pushing people around because I’m a part of the master race (HIS delusions, NOT mine)

            “Third are the locals that are simply practicing their English and are responding to the comments by the Westerners.”

            That’s part of his ChinaSmack food chain. Seems I (we) are at the top, and our natural bullying tendencies lead us to pick on poor DD Bear.

          • Vance

            No I missed that. Would have been fun to read. lol. I thought he was one of the people who blasted her but maybe only he is allowed to or something. If I have the right guy, I think he has a race chip on his shoulder. He kept bringing racism out of comments I made on something else that had nothing to with race, if I remember correctly.

          • Bman

            Ha ha, oh, you got the right guy. He’s dead set on bringing down the tyranny that is the white man. Apparently my anti-racism, environment loving, peace-on-earth stance is a common cover for the evil that lurks inside people like me…

          • i think you two can make a good couple!
            he is a silly cute guy. just so simple!
            but i am not a kid already, i can not stand a guy writes silly words to me all the time, just so simple~~~~
            i do not mind making friends with him, if he is in china, i even can invite him to visit me.
            but you two, especially you, always say sth mean to me.

          • Bman

            HAha, ok…
            You see, when you say hurtful or racist things about people, that makes me (and other people) angry. I was taught to help and protect people whenever I can. And I love to do that.
            So then I say things to hurt you, and I’m sorry. But there is a lesson. When people say bad things about others, it hurts them. It hurts you, but it ALSO hurts the Koreans or Japanese you throw hate at just because of where they were born.
            Racism is ALWAYS wrong. It is judging people’s hearts based on skin color or nationality. And if you learn to know people and respect them instead of insulting them based on something they cannot choose or change, more people will know and respect you.
            And they will say nice things to you :)

          • i do not care what others say.
            just leave me alone.

          • Bman

            Oh, but you do care. Everybody does.
            I don’t expect a thank you for my advice, but I do hope you think about it.
            Good night.

          • Vance

            I don’t say mean stuff to you.

          • ok,you do better!

          • haha!
            i love to watch ice and fire too! now i am reading chinese version novel.
            haha! but i think maybe because the writer is a totally old straight man, these female inside none is too atractive.
            do not mention that dragon girl to me. i am not into that kinda charactor, neither shortie.

          • Bman

            Yes, she can be annoying, but I like her more now.
            Also…she’s got dragons!

          • haha! she can not control them soon. no one is easy inside.
            if have to choose, i choose to be littlefinger.

  • DC

    Abe needs to fix his domestic policy..being made a cuckold in public is political suicide..

    • mistertibbs4u


  • mike921

    Yep, the fozoku lifestyle for Jap women also ;)

  • Haha

    What’s the matter? Wives of powerful local Chinese businessmen and officials kiss me all the time and more, nothing wrong with this.

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