Actress Posts Baby Photos on Sep. 3, Branded Unpatriotic

Actress Posts Baby Photos on Sep. 3, Branded Unpatriotic

Actress Posts Baby Photos on Sep. 3, Branded UnpatrioticTaiwanese actress and singer Christine Fan (Fan Weiqi) has been branded unpatriotic by some netizens after she continued to post pictures of her twin babies online during China’s WWII military parade on September 3. With many other celebrities such as folk singer Song Zuying and Jackie Chan being present at Tiananmen Square to watch the proceedings, some netizens took offense to Fan’s choice of activity for the day. One disgruntled netizen said, “The whole world is watching the troop parade, what about you?!” However, other netizens defended her, with one saying her choice had nothing to do with anyone else.

Source: Netease

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  • Dannisi

    “The whole world is watching”
    Lol, nobody outside China cared about that circlejerk.

    • helsic

      Yep. pretty much sure people back in my country have no idea about that parade.

  • Amused

    She’s Taiwanese, why should she give two shits about the Commies having themselves a farcical backslapping party?

    • guest

      I thought that Taiwanese have “better” feelings towards the Japanese over their ruling years of the island. Can someone correct me?

      • Alex Dương

        Overall, they do, but there is variation. IMO, Hoklo Taiwanese (whose great/grandparents lived under Japanese colonialism) tend to have better feelings toward the Japanese than mainland Taiwanese (whose great/grandparents came after 1949).

        • Necrogodomega

          Form the Taiwanese I’ve ever met, I’d fully agree with this assessment.

      • Michael Selden

        Lived in Taiwan for a long time, can confirm that many (although not all) much prefer Japanese rule, and the large majority of Taiwanese really don’t like China. Almost none consider Taiwan part of China. I think this article is particularly funny because the Chinese are so brainwashed to think that the Taiwanese are part of China but are then surprised when the Taiwanese don’t act like it.

  • vonskippy

    Somehow in their grand delusion, they forgot to mention how the States pulled their ass out of the fire for them.

    • Jahar

      No way man. Xi jinping led the united Chinese army to victory by himself.

  • Foreign Devil

    So on that day nobody else in China posted baby photos, puppy photos and fish face/google eyed, peace sign photos??

  • Alex Dương

    Should’ve posted an American flag, you filthy traitor.

    • Necrogodomega

      Haha, I posted the two “bad guys” of the war and now in today’s world they are quite respected and liked (for the most part).

      I posted that people should live in now and remember that bad guys can become good guys. Don’t forget the past, but don’t let it taint your present.

  • somchai saichom

    It was the KMT (now Taiwan) that bravely fought the Japanese while the communist did almost nothing and now they are claiming for it. Very Chinese.