African Man Sings Propanganda Song for CCP 90th Anniversary

An African man named "Brother Hao" sings a Chinese Revolutionary-Era propaganda "red" song to honor the Chinese Communist Party's upcoming 90th anniversary.

"Wishing the Communist Party a happy 90th birthday!"

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the founding political party of the People’s Republic of China and at 78 million members strong, it is also the world’s largest political party. The CCP (or CPC for Communist Party of China) was founded on July 1, 1921 in Shanghai, and to commemorate the upcoming 90th anniversary of the party, a man who calls himself “Brother Hao” [literally: proper younger brother, “younger” denoting a sign of respect] sings “The Words of Chairman Mao are Memorized by Heart”, a “red” song [a Chinese Revolutionary-Era propaganda song].  The song was written by Fu Fengcheng, who is also responsible for having written other famous “red” songs like “Song of the Red Star” and “Azalea”. This video was accumulated nearly 1 million hits within 2 days of being uploaded onto popular Chinese video sharing website Youku and currently has nearly 4k comments.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

[Dialogue and lyrics from video:]
Nana, shoobeedoo-pay-ay

Hello everyone!
I’m Brother Hao, the King of “Red” songs
wishing the Communist Party [of China] a happy birthday on their 90th anniversary.

The red sun shines everywhere [upon the four corners of China]
The ideology of Chairman Mao radiate a gold light
The heat of the red sun warms the bodies of the people
The glory of Chairman Mao’s thoughts shines light into our hearts
Shines light into our hearts

Chairman [Mao’s] idealogical thoughts are disseminated everywhere
The people of the revolution have made their stand
Men and women, people both old and young, will all simulaneously enter the war
These people will fight this war with an invincible strength without equal
An invincible strength without equal

[I’m] singing this melodious “red” song
from me to all of you.
I am your stalwart African brother
Brother Hao,
wishing for a more prosperous/greater China
and a better standard of living that will likewise continually improve.
[I] hope that the people of China
and the people of Africa
will eternally [serve] as good brothers [to and for each other].
How about it?

[Since we have] the words of Chairman Mao that are memorized by heart,
No matter if [faced with an] enemy both crazy and violent,
We will set an inescapable trap [for them]
and use it to bury all of those cruel and greedy robbers
And bury all of them
and use it to bury all of those cruel and greedy robbers
And bury all of them
And bury all of them

An African man named "Brother Hao" sings a Chinese Revolutionary-Era propaganda "red" song to honor the Chinese Communist Party's upcoming 90th anniversary

An African man named "Brother Hao" sings a Chinese Revolutionary-Era propaganda "red" song to honor the Chinese Communist Party's upcoming 90th anniversary

Comments from Youku:

lyjydd :

Really very geili~~~[it is] overflowing with feeling!!!


Unite [an alliance] with Africa, and defeat the United States.


Hey! Brother, you are too niubi! It’s a pity I don’t have any money unfortunately! If I had money I would completely package [commercially promote] you. So talented!


It is a completely irrefutable [fact]: black people and the ethnic minorities of our country are completely the same; besides being good at singing and dancing, talented at sports and have a knack at the matters of love/lovemaking, they are without a single redeeming feature.

yalong222: (responding to above)

If it wasn’t for these minorities living on the periphery [of China] protecting you, you would be done for by now, you know that? (This is exactly the reason why you people don’t dare to let us be independent.)

weeiji: (responding to above)

Take a look at history and you’ll know, [just what happens during] minority reign/rule.

[Probably referring to the Qing Dynasty when the Manchu minority was the ruling dynasty that suffered great humiliation from Western powers and was the last surviving line of royalty before China became a republic]


[You wield a single shot] rifle as though it were an [automatic] machine gun, and for that I ding you.


China and Africa forever brothers.


This guy is Rambo’s younger brother.


The quality of the ideological thinking of that time period [Revolutionary-Era China] is very high. 赞赞赞.


This is the first time I’ve ever heard a “red” song that sounded so good! [He] even sings [these “red” songs] better than our own Chinese pop idols! Only you deserve to be truly called “niu“!


Chairman Mao will always reside in our hearts. [His legacy/memory] can never be erased.


These old original Revolutionary-Era songs are actually quite pleasant to listen to when sung well.
Let’s think about this for a second: the five-star red flag [of China] + portrait of Chairman Mao added with an old revolutionary song
—–the background is classic!!!


A song that wasn’t that pleasant to listen to originally is given a very noticeably modernized feel after a black person uses an R+B style of singing, and it is now very pleasant to listen to~ admirable. [On the other hand,] if you let a Chinese national sing [these songs], they can only sing emotionally, but are unable to sing with an emotion that can move people. [I admit], this may be taking it a bit far, heh.




Well sung. I ding you, for you have the traits of an original founding member of this country.


Sung terrifically! And you look very cute, like Li Kui, 搞笑.

[Li Kui is a main character from the classic Chinese novel “Water Margin“, who is a reckless and crude character with a dark complexion nicknamed the “Black Whirlwind” who would succeed in battle due to his aggressiveness and strength but not because of strategy or tactics.]


“Red” songs are still the classics [the best], you can hear them a hundred times and not grow weary of them, and then compare them with the lyrics of today’s pop songs…


Mao Zedong’s fan.


This brother is so amusing/funny, he even blows Chairman Mao a kiss, 赞.


Sigh~~Comrade Chairman [Mao], since he worships you [so highly, please] take him away then 汗.


Good, the friendship between China and Africa is like brotherhood, [and together we can] defeat imperialism… Hey, you know what I’m talking about..


Long live the people! Long live Mao Zedong ideology! Long live the friendship between China and Africa! In reality, neighboring countries are both a means to an end as well as an end goal. In regards to foreign strategy, if we only treat the other side solely as a business partner then we should be friendly with those we can use, and abandon those which we can not use. This ability to have strategic foresight is [what we are] most lacking. Ever since the founding of this country, China has had a policy of providing free assistance to Asian, African and Latin American countries, and at present time it appears that China has established its image as the country with the strongest foundation in the third world. As we move further forward into the 21st century and China simultaneously has foreign relations and does business with Africa, we should pay attention as [we watch] the residents of the countries of Africa construct hospitals, schools and other public infrastructure institutions because we can see the exemplification of this strategic foresight [come to light]. [After] the Korean War of 1950, we picked up our moral obligations toward our fraternal countries/allies, which is something those “economic animals” absolutely are incapable of understanding.

wwtian: (responding to above)

The acquisition of morality and justice is likewise an important national benefit.


Those that insult Chairman Mao… who don’t support Grandpa Mao… you guys understand… take a look at your money, who is on it??? 搞笑


I don’t really understand, what does China’s leaders have anything to do with him?


This guy’s singing isn’t bad.


This sound was recorded in a recording studio.


I’m here to ding your good Chinese! However, I despise laowai like you who come to ingratiate [flatter] yourselves to us! Too many laowai have figured out the Chinese people’s arrogance and receptiveness to flattery, [and use such methods when they are really] all coming to cheat Chinese people out of their money!

我是小熊杰里米: (responding to above)

That’s right, the moment Chinese people hear others praising them, they forget themselves. These garbage black people are nobodies in Africa, but they come to China and can get by simply by singing a few “red songs”, seriously despise [them].

q5603153: (responding to above)

When Chinese people finally get rid of their narcissism and arrogance is when China will fundamentally become strong and powerful.


Human scum!

我是小熊杰里米: (responding to above)

Agreed, I’ve spent 3 years in Africa before. The people here are actually very low and slippery/cunning. At present, just Nigeria alone has 50,000 of its people staying illegally in China; the vast majority concentrated in Guangdong province, and they are cheaters and liars. Once they come to China, they will do anything to stay here, because China is who knows how much better than their lousy countries. Sigh~~just seeing these garbage I am disgusted.


I admit I have been successfully brainwashed by you.

An African man named "Brother Hao" sings a Chinese Revolutionary-Era propaganda "red" song to honor the Chinese Communist Party's upcoming 90th anniversary

Yellow, white, black…. chinaSMACK personals.

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    I truly wonder what it feels like to be a black in mainland China.

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    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      Jax try “life behind the wall.” Jo Gan’s website for starters. I have come across a number of post written by Black people in China, so there are some out there. Good luck.

  • Foreign Devil

    This just goes to show how shitty life in the African nations are compared living in CHina. The guy is just so happy to be out of Africa. Also I bet he met some Chinese girls who made him fall in love with everything Chinese.

    • Jax

      Going from african women to chinese women is a huge downgrade. Africans have the greatest curves on the planet.

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    • You sure he is in China? Doesn’t he have a gun?

      • HubeiJames

        My first thought was that this could be an American.

        Some blacks in American consider themselves “African” so I wouldn’t take too much stock into that he calls himself 非洲人.

    • UAX

      if life was so great in your country why didnt you stay there?surprising you are mixing with pple from shitty countries.

  • Boris

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  • Nathan

    Thank you ‘terroir’ for posting this article. I remember an argument on ChinaSMACK several pages long with characters such as B-Real refuting every word I said when I leapt to defend the Chinese people after some one said “if this guy was black he’d be ………..”

    See you fuckwits, this is living proof that being black doesn’t mean your a piece of shit to the Chinese people. The “it’s because I am black” argument is so piss weak and shows your own prejudices against yourself.

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    • 0311

      Prob be differant had he not been singing some commie BS praising Mao Ze Cunt.

    • Jon

      “These garbage black people are nobodies in Africa, but they come to China and can get by simply by singing a few “red songs”, seriously despise [them].”

      – from the Youku comments.

      • phranky

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    • You understand that most of the Chinese people commending this guy are being paid by the government, right?

      Many Chinese people I know are literally afraid of black people. Then again, I live in a 3rd tier city so foreigners aren’t the norm.

      • anon

        I wouldn’t just say the comments commending him, I’d include a lot of the bashing comments as well.

    • B-real

      Nathan thanks for mentioning me and taking everything to heart. I still stand by the fact that Chinese are racist in within their realm of the mainland. This guy has just opened bigger doors for himself by being able to sing Communist tunes. But its an insult to my intelligence to demean myself to put on a black face and do a jig to be able to do business in the land of the HANs. Take yo ignorant ass home and think about it, then stop and say to yourself “I will never understand because I am not black” and let those who have been trespassed rant and bitch.

      If he were anyone from anywhere in the world chinese would love it too.

    • Here is another patriotic song sung by Hao Ge

      • Thank the government for blocking me from seeing Chinese nationalist music. Who knows what would happen.

  • Ethan JRT

    Pretty good voice! For some reason I never thought of Africans as having absurd Sinophilia… but I guess it can happen anywhere.

  • Capt. WED

    I haven’t read the comments yet but this is awesome!!! Why isn’t this shit autotuned? We also need to Daddy Chang to drop a verse. I can hear it now.

  • anon

    Wow, that’s a lot of bullshit comments.

    • As had been pointed out to me: yes, it’s true, most of the comments are “positive”. Brother Hao has brought out the wumaodang, but I think that’s precisely the point. Brother Hao has sung a “red” patriotic song and so has ellicited the proper patriotic response.

      The only “negative” comments I could find are right near the end [sorry Nathan]. While it doesn’t make up for being so one-sided, I personally found that the use of logic/rampant racism counteracts the imbalanced other side–that is to say, many supportive dings prove their point. (well, maybe not the racist..)

      I’ve found that if I just translate and not go out of my way to illustrate a point of view, then the article will (hopefully) speak for itself.

  • Dan Danger

    The CCP gets a lot of support from backwater undeveloped nations with degraded, uneducated and violent cultures.

    • eattot

      your not a good bird either, i never saw you write a good sentence on this site, i’m wondering how dark your inside is.

      • B-real

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        • James

          The reason CCP gets their support is because they are bring jobs and prosperities to those countries through investment backed by the government. I think eattot is trying to use a chinese metaphor here.

          • B-real

            So was I, but with a twist of logic and a hint of smart ass.

          • Joe

            I only saw a hint of dumbass B-real

      • Dan Danger

        I have written good things and supportive of Chinese people. Chinese people are typically kindhearted and helpful. On this matter however I think we live in the 21st century and this mentality of ‘revolutionaries’ waving Mao’s little red book and sporting a rifle while singing revolutionary songs is a bit tired and dated and it is time for the world to move on. China can find allies in the modern world other than this buffoon.

      • Boris

        Bird? Dark? Maybe a black-bird.

  • Jess

    I remember seeing a video of this guy on tudou before! He was singing some other patriotic song, and trying to get the crowd all worked up…and they just sat there. Did not even clap along or cheer or anything. Silly audience.

  • Jeff

    So the blacks are going to take over China one day?

    Take a look how that worked for the USA…

    Maybe that is WHY China doesn’t like blacks to enter China?

    • I’m pretty sure the blacks were brought as slaves to America and continue to have lower average incomes and higher unemployment than any other demographic.

      • Vakeesan

        @ Tommy,

        Africans were brought to America just because Americans are lazy and need someone to do help them do their work

        • bert

          Not “ARE” lazy you dork. Growing cotton REQUIRED a great deal of labor. Study history!

          • Originally cotton production wasn’t the main use of slaves. They were just free labor. After the invention of the modern cotton gin (late 1700s) mass amounts could be quickly processed, all the needed were lots of people to do the simple work of picking it. Who can you make work in the hot sun for 13 hours without paying them? Oh yeah, I know.

    • phranky

      I wonder what the racist remarks are all about!!!

    • cb4242

      And you think people love and accept China with open arms?

    • cb4242

      And why do you think that that is? First of all, Blacks are NOT trying to take over everything, Whites have already done that to other non-whites, it’s called colonization. By the way, how’d that work out?

  • Ethan JRT

    ‘Minds me of the good ol’ days:

    (That’s a link to the best music video of all time, in case anybody’s wondering.)

  • no need for a song of the article

    Brother Hao

    totally 牛B


  • mille

    Mao are responsible for millions and millions of death, the guy was fucking tool.

  • Chinese Netizen

    Just doing this so he doesn’t get a beatdown when authorities find he overstayed his visa (again) whilst selling “stuff” on the streets of Guangzhou…

    • KfU

      Favourite comment:

      “Long live the people! Long live Mao Zedong ideology! Long live the friendship between China and Africa! In reality, neighboring countries are both a means to an end as well as an end goal. In regards to foreign strategy, if we only treat the other side solely as a business partner then we should be friendly with those we can use, and abandon those which we can not use. This ability to have strategic foresight is [what we are] most lacking. Ever since the founding of this country, China has had a policy of providing free assistance to Asian, African and Latin American countries, and at present time it appears that China has established its image as the country with the strongest foundation in the third world. As we move further forward into the 21st century and China simultaneously has foreign relations and does business with Africa, we should pay attention as [we watch] the residents of the countries of Africa construct hospitals, schools and other public infrastructure institutions because we can see the exemplification of this strategic foresight [come to light]. [After] the Korean War of 1950, we picked up our moral obligations toward our fraternal countries/allies, which is something those “economic animals” absolutely are incapable of understanding.”

      This is what happens when you only watch CCTV…

      The corrupt governments in Africa may like the influx of RMB and bribes – but most of the jobs created go to the thousands of Chinese they ship-over to undertake the work… whilst the locals watch on with resentment – unless they work in a mine, where they can have the pleasure of being beaten by their Chinese gang-leader…

      The average african on the street hates the Chinese just as much as they hated the earlier colonizers of their continent… whether they are from Zaire, Niger, Zambia or wherever…

      Still.. the more China gives (in return for the exploitation of African mineral wealth) hopefully the less of my taxes goes on “aid” to buy some tin-pot leader a new jet or mansion…

      different century, different master, same shit…

      • Chad

        Ironic that you call him out for being brainwashed yet you are parroting garbage Western propaganda (“free press”) about how China is treating Africa like Europe did.

        Read The Dragon’s Gift by Deborah Brautigam to get a more accurate account from a third party who has actually been in Africa and researched China’s impact on it for years. The story she tells is quite different from the story the media tells.

      • Baas Babelaas

        Straight up bro – nail on the head. African folk don’t like Chinese (believe me, I’ve asked plenty) and Chinese folk are generally scared and/or revolted by black folk.

        There aint no ‘brothers-in-arms’ bullshit going down.

        China be the new colonizer and the African don’t dig it.

      • Ethan JRT

        This is an interesting question, and hopefully I can get a better feel for it this summer, when I’ll be working at a Chinese machinery/construction/retail company in Lusaka. Based on the research I’ve done so far, though, I’d say that African-Chinese personal relations are not nearly as simple as some make it out to be, and there’s big variance by industry and location. You’re going to like someone a lot more if they’re working to build roads and power plants and treating your workers like human beings than if they’re strip-mining copper and firing at them with shotguns when they peacefully protest working conditions. (FYI I’m referencing Zambia in both of these scenarios.) If you’re interested in this, I suggest reading what’s been written on the topic by Howard French: with long stints as a freelancer & NYT writer in Africa and Shanghai, he’s as much of an expert as you’ll get on the subject, and I’m pretty excited for his upcoming book.

    • phranky

      I think you meant to say ” whilst selling the ”stuff” you enjoy buying and using”

    • phranky

      Apparently some of you slit-eye Chinks are too damn ignorant of the fact that there are millions of Chinks living and working in Africa. There are Chinatowns mushrooming in almost every major city in Africa. Take a trip to Nigeria –that’s if you can afford to buy an air ticket– and you’d be amazed at the number of Chinese you’d find hawking wares on the streets of Lagos and Abuja. Not a few of them are without a valid visa! I lived in South Korea for a couple of years. While there, I met so many Chinese people who sold virtually everything they had to pay the ‘Mafia’ that smuggled them into Korea.

  • Jones

    Haha “Unite with Africa and defeat the United States” hahaha suuuurrrrre

    • Laugh all you like. They’ve already conquered Canal Street, NYC . . .

  • Jones

    And why is he mimicking the rapid recoil of an automatic weapon with a bolt action (Arisaka?) rifle? How is he going to be a faithful Mao grunt if he doesn’t even understand the basics of firearms? I guess he could use a machete.

  • UAX

    Whatever his reasons or feelings leading to him singing this song,do not necessarily represent the views of a continents pple as a whole.
    Any one who doesn’t know this already is exceptionally dumb.

  • No way!!! Some random guy (who definitely represents his whole country if not his race) is singing a *ahem* wonderful…. song because china basically owns his country now.

    It’s interesting how many of the comments talk about Africa and china being brothers (despite one being a continent and the other being a country, can’t even say that there’s a singular culture in Africa).

    What’s even more interesting is the talk about fighting imperialism and colonial powers….. Are these people blind toward china’s obvious colonialism in Africa? It’s not sugar-coated or hidden in grand ideology. It’s blunt: “We give you massive amounts of money, we ship in chinese workers to take your resources. We don’t ask how you spend the money, you smile and nod with whatever we do.”

    Oh well, china’s path and level of growth is entirely unsustainable and the system will implode sooner or later unless some serious fundamental changes are made.

    First of them should be the abolition of everything related to that monster Mao. Burn the body, print new money that actually reflects china, crush his God-awful legacy and try to educate the population on how truly evil he was.

    • Chad

      Colonialism? You do realize you just described trade? Money for resources without any conditions. What a concept. Heck sometimes it’s even infrastructure for resources. Man, everybody seems to be exploiting Canadian resources in the same way. I’ve seen workers from various countries working on the oil here. Nobody tells us what to do with the money we get either. Terrible! If only China could be like the West and only give money to the African countries if they follow their “advice”, then and only then will it not be neo-colonialism. /S

      As I said to a commenter above, read The Dragon’s Gift by Deborah Brautigam and stop eating up that propaganda with a bucket.

      • Yeah, cause Canadians are definitely slaughtering each other and rape is systematic through the country… It’s just awful there, have you seen the news? Children starving in the streets, medicine is scarce and only warlords with machetes and AK-47s are in charge, but hey get killed off by the rivals every now and then, so you don’t have to worry about a stable local government at all. Yup, Canada is totally the same as Africa…

        Try again, there might be a reason for all those restrictions, they might save lives and actually help to improve the overall situation.

        But yeah, a single book will definitely clear everything up and explain it all away.

        Who do you think is really in charge in all those chinese ventures? Who do you think actually benefits in the end? Come on dude, these aren’t hard answers.

        • Kong

          Yea, those “restrictions” are totally altruistic. Big Papa UN coming to help the poor colored peoples with their backwardness. It’s not as if the situation is reflective of a colonial imprint at all.

        • Chad

          Hey, I’m just telling you what China is doing is called trade. Just because the African countries are less developed doesn’t mean it becomes neo-colonialism. What the US and IMF did/do is far more reminiscent of neo-colonialism than what China is doing ironically. I can’t even imagine what you would say if China controlled African economic decisions and told them it was for their own good because China knows better.

          And it’s interesting you ask who benefits in the end because I just read an article on how Africa is growing at double the rate that it did in the 90s. Coincidentally, China is now Africa’s largest trading partner and is the one providing a lot of the money.

          And the book is excellent by the way. It debunks a lot of the myths the media has been spreading about China-Africa trade.

        • Joe

          So China has to solve all of Africa’s social problems just to trade with it? Please kill yourself, your stupidity is overwhelming.

  • 0311

    HongJian shows his true face!

    • eattot

      this is the funniest comment i ever saw, hahahaha~~
      whatever, this guy really sings very well though i despise everything of mao, i remember when i was a kid, as along as i saw a totem of mao, just threw it in toilet in one second.

    • Hongjian

      I think all americans should be lined up and brutally raped by a swarm of blacks – and then shot.


      • 0311

        You just wish you were American. Just admit it you envy everything about them. No get back to singing ur Nonsense HeiJian.

      • Jones

        Haha you aren’t German. You’ve never been there haha
        Google Translate is pretty cool, I agree!

      • Ralph (aka Jeff & jeffinflorida)

        You must never have been to the USA as that’s pretty much what happens now. Blacks rape everyone – especially the prized white women – and they rob and kill as much as they can. And of course they blame it on racism, saying the whites give them no choice. Too bad the blacks have killed the USA and maybe for good.

        [Note: Please do not pretend to be multiple people.]

        • cb4242

          You also forgot to add that most of the highest heinous crimes ever perpetrated especially “white-collard crimes” child molestation, incest and serial killings against women (usually white women) are done by whites and of course they blame it on their childhood, physical and mental abuse from a family member. Too bad that the richest whites in the USA destroyed it for good. There, I fixed it for you.

    • anon

      I can’t imagine Hongjian being so jovial.

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    Is this guy mentally retarded?

  • GodsHammer

    SOmeone sings a song in praise of the country that he lives in and immediately all that 50% of you (foreign and chinese as well) can contribute is racism? Really makes me sick. He’s no more stupid of delusional than any other singer of patriotic craptastic songs.
    In general I am sick of internet cowards and racist fucksticks.

    “Once they come to China, they will do anything to stay here, because China is who knows how much better than their lousy countries. Sigh~~just seeing these garbage I am disgusted.”

    Riiiight… coming from a Chinese, this statement is truly stunning. How are these guys any different than the millions of Chinese that inhabit EVERY country on earth? All the students that find any and every method to stay in the ‘evil west’?

    Seriously, some of these people need to STFU.


      Why such an emotional reaction? It is true: Africans are happy to live in China cause life over there is better, at least they don’t have to fight (literally) to live; Chinese on the other hand prefer living in the west, they can enjoy democracy, fresh air, and a normally-populated environment. Some westerners love living in China and other developing countries for sexual reasons

      • Chris #1

        Can’t argue with that.

      • Foreign Devil

        He tells it like it is.

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    Power of a black D

  • MassiveBender

    So much better and less lame than that white guy singing some shit song last week.

  • Master Huang

    does anyone know what is it called in China, a slang for “Black” people?

    • bobiscool

      uh.. you mean “黑人” (black people)?

      I don’t think there’s a derogatory word for black people in Chinese.

      funny video. wonder how much he got paid to do this. 50 cents?

      • Jones

        Hahaha bobiscool, you’re always funny. “I don’t think there’s a derogatory word for black people in Chinese”. You’re a hoot!

    • 老外

      黑鬼子 – Hēi guǐzi – black devil

      I’m actually offended by the use of 鬼子 as a racial slur. Oddly enough, I have no problem calling someone a nigger, wetback, spec, honky, timber nigger, prairie nigger, forest nigger, sand nigger, etc… it just seems wrong to call another human being a “devil.”

      Although I do frequently use “日本鬼子” when encountering Japanese, or speaking of Japan in general. But that’s different; the Japanese are inhuman psychopaths.

      • You’re just a troll, trolls don’t get offended. I wonder, if you have cojones to say these words to people on the streets of New York or LA. Would be fun to watch, but of course it won’t happen. Internet trolls don’t leave their rooms.

        • 老外

          You’re entitled your opinion, son.

          Actually I have the “cojones” to say this on the streets of NYC or LA. You probably won’t believe me, but I’m not actually a troll, and 鬼子 really does offend me — except when used against the Japanese.

          • Foreign Devil

            So that means your a Chinese Christian. Reserve your greatest hate/fear for the Japanese and the Devil.

          • cb4242

            Oh, I doubt that very much. There is no way on God’s green earth that you would ever go to a bar, club or ANY establishment and use that word right to their face. If you did and you were still standing, that would be like actually watching Jesus walk on water and to live and tell about it. But I agree, internet trolls just like to stir the pot, no cojones whatsoever. lol

          • GodsHammer

            老外- Hey you forgot CHink, Gook, Nip, or Yellow Bellied Rice Monkey etc… I’m not against these any more or less than “black devil”.

          • Capt. WED

            GodsHammer this guy is most likely not Chinese because of his name.

      • cb4242

        Buddy, you got serious issues.

        • 老外

          Oh, you have no idea. ;)

      • ray

        >“日本鬼子”the Japanese are inhuman psychopaths.
        老外…youre sad person.
        It was 70 years ago. . . Now the Japanese are polite, clean, quiet.Japanese has been selected as the best tourists .
        (three consecutive years)
        Positive Effects of giving to the world:Japan is always higher

  • mp

    He’s probably just looking for a Chinese girl, and in his own limited insight believes this is the ticket. China for Chinese, Africa for blacks. Otherwise, just like the US has many Chinatowns, China will have its own Detroits and Oaklands. Blacks as a group cannot maintain a high level of civilization, so beware. It is the same all over the world. Before the blacks murdered all the white French and mulatto hybrids, even Haiti was a nice place.

    • GodsHammer

      So, as usual…the racists come out to play. Just pathetic.

      • mp

        Sorry. Reality is racist. Go live in Oakland and Detroit for a year, and then come back and tell us how it was.

        • cb4242

          I lived in Oakland for 5 years and it was fine. How about trying to live in Newport Beach where you have the Nazi Low Riders?

          • mp

            Five years? In Oakland? The black section? The West side? Must have been in the 50s? Or in Montclair, Rockridge, or Piedmont section. If you think the current crime rate in Oakland is fine, then you are one desensitized bro. On the other hand, compared to South Africa, or the Congo, you probably have a point. Wait until the Africans in Guangzhou become indigenous Chinese after several generations (if that’s possible). By god I pity the Chinese if it ever comes to that.

          • cb4242

            Nope, 10 years ago. Had a great time and it was not that bad. I have seen more shit go down in OC than in Oakland on a more grand u scale. There are some parts in the states where Blacks and Latinos go that are dangerous and visa versa, personally, I never had a problem in those areas, fear and ignorance sometimes makes people see or believe whatever they want to believe about a person, race, religion, culture. You need to try to get over your racism and fear. We’re all the same.

          • Capt. WED

            No matter where you are if you step on the wrong toes you just may get it. That’s life.

          • mp

            It will get worse in California. SCOTUS just ordered thousands of left coast prisoners released. They will be mostly Mexican and black, and many of these (if not most) are gang-bangers. Expect trouble soon.

            The idea that “we are all the same” challenges reality. But reality is the first thing to go when embracing ideology. Chinese who lived through the CR and GLF know this better than anyone.

            Whites and East Asians can generally get along because they have similar IQ levels, and are generally more adaptive. They share an historical background steeped in high culture and civilization, albeit taking different forms. Africans are less adaptive, have lower IQs (on average) and hence are less malleable. They have no indigenous civilization, and have not even demonstrated (historically) a written language of any significance. [Do not cite the example of Egypt, as I am speaking of sub-Saharan Africa, whose peoples share a different genotype.]

            Again, China would not be China if it allowed permanent black immigration. In the long term, I suspect that China’s African intrigue (their quasi-colonization of the Dark Continent) will cause them more harm than good. But your guess is as good as mine, or anyone else for that matter.

          • Capt. WED

            !!!Sturmfront invading Chinasmack!!!

            I browsing Sturmfront the other day and you know what is funny, same butthurt shit about women. I LOLED.

          • Capt. WED

            don’t you ass usually get laughed at by all the other sturmfront members for yellow fever. LMAO.

        • cb4242

          Been reading those propaganda “Bellcurve” books again, huh? There are NO scientifically studied facts that one group has a higher IQ than another soley based on race. I don’t how many books you read by “Stormfront or AmRen” you have the human race. We are all the same. Oh and by the way, I live in Japan, if you think that the majority of the Japanese or Koreans and Chinese want to go sailing off in the sunset hand in hand, you are really sadly mistaken. They don’t share your fictional analogy. Nice try…

          • Ted

            Not to agree with mp, but do you live in a minority section of your city in the usa or wherever you are from? If not, why not? Have you ever done so?
            It’s a fact that blacks bring up the rear in educational achievement and always have. Here are some results published by the federal government. It’s not propaganda.

      • fenqing

        So you label everyone racist when they speaks the truth? Like mp said, go live in detroit for a year and tell me how you like it there.

    • farful (aka Jeff)

      Amen. I remember when New York City was run by Irish and Italians.

      Ok I’m not THAT old but I read stories about those were the guys to fear.

      Now blacks have overrun the country and made it one big ghetto. How sad.

      • cb4242

        I thought “ALL” of New York city was always historically a ghetto. So that means, all races turned that way, for shame it is.

      • cb4242

        Tell me, how do you equate “fear” with “ghetto?” so that means worrying about getting a bullet in the head or being chopped up and becoming fish food is much better under the Italians than being in a ghetto of minorities??? Where the hell did you get your education from? A 7Eleven??!

  • farful (aka Jeff)

    WOW a black man with a gun. Anyone realize that this video was taken in New York City?

    At least the dude is aligned with the Commies and not Al Quada – at least for now anyways.

    Next month will be seeing his picture after trying to blow up a car in Times Square…

    • cb4242

      So that means the Mafia in New York are White?

  • Whatever

    I think this website would benefit from some moderation. Why do you allow racists comments and abuse?

    • Chef Rocco

      Fauna is exercising FOS to an absolute sense in this website, seemingly no moderation at all, except revealing multiple commenting names. We don’t know why she prefers this way, maybe she is a firm believer of FOB or she is motivated by readership and profits, maybe both.

      Anyway, we are witnessing is a trolling heaven here. But whatever, some people need to troll just like some long to be high.

      • Actually no, Censorship is alive and well here on chinaSmack. I know several commenters that are both intelligent, moderate and not racist at all, however they’ve been blocked for either engaging in conversations for too long or for calling out the racist trolls on both sides.

        Hong Jian is a perfect example, he advocates pretty much everything imaginable as long as it’s hurtful to “Westerners”.

        On the other side, there are a number of people who use racial slurs in their posts and don’t really make any sense or contribute.

        I’d love it if it really was laissez-faire here, but it’s not sadly.

        • Hongjian

          Which is not true.

          I was moderated and my old account b& more than once. Sometimes my hate-speech didnt really appear here to make a difference, but I have never wittnessed the same happening to other primitive western- or bangzi-origin haters.

          ChinaSmack is just another hipster site, like many more hipster sites originating from China, filled with americunts, yuropeons and wannabe-hipster Chinese kids who are thinking that unquestionly loving the western world and bashing their own country is just sooo cool and hipster, that they may have a better chance in impressing the materialist bitches and whores at their college.

          So, this has nothing to do with laissez-faire, but more with haters who are going to hate anyway.

          deal with it.

          • 0311

            As long as you Live in a Western Country(Germany) You agruments hold no water. Your a Hypocrit a sell out and the laughing stock of ChinaSmack. Now go dress up like Hitler, paint on a lil moustache, sing your commie songs and flex your wet noodle in the mirror

          • staylost

            Does that make you an “americunt” or a “yuropeon”, Hongjian?

            China is awesome. I’m loving it. Too bad you can’t be here too!

        • anon

          Elijah, as someone who doesn’t put much stock in your judgment of who is intelligent, moderate, or racist “at all”, please entertain me by telling us who these several commenters are that you know whom you apply such superlatives to?

    • Fauna

      Please read our comment policy.

      It is funny that some people always think only they are moderated. That is not true.

      • UAX

        it just happens that everything goes with you as long as it drives traffic to your site..
        Moderate this shit….be professional….

        Go ahead you can delete this comment now,,its what you best at.

        • Jeff

          You must have been the kid that always reminded the teacher to give homework to the class and the first one to cry racism when other people got something that you didn’t ( like brains…)

  • dirtywhiteboy

    for a website that constantly is filled with comments bashing Chinese people for being racist, I see way too many embarrassing comments above

  • Bass Babelaas

    Please, please, please Wu Mao, please remember this – Africa and China are NOT brothers, and not united against anyone in the West.

    Generally speaking, African folk dislike Chinese, and generally speaking, Chinese dislike or are scared or revolted by black folk.

    That is fact, my pedigreed chums – like it or lump it.

    Right now the Chinese are going into Africa and pillaging it, colonial style, and I promise you, your African ‘brother-in-arms’ despise you for it.

  • Hongjian

    Ohhh… So much delicious western tears. Must lick them all.

    Sorry that China is successful in ‘your Africa’ now, while giving a wet fuck about your precious ‘universal values’ and shit.
    Butthurt much? Go on and supply random african rebels and terrorists with weapons, money and positive propaganda in your media – in the end, you americunts and europoors have already lost the great game in your own fucking backyard.

    The delicious mininerals and oil are for China. And only China!

    Get the fuck out, impotent whitefags! Your history is over.

    • Alikese

      Is it racist if I hate all Hongjians?

      • Hongjian

        No. Because the feeling is quite mutual.

        • Alikese

          You only say that because you love me.

    • Marsvin

      Haha oh so amusing these trolls. Can’t do anything in the real world so they do the only thing they can: trying to upset people on the internets. Not realizing how it demonstrates their own impotence. Keep it up, you’re highly amusing to this “whitefag” :)

      • Hongjian

        “trolling” is always related to one’s perspective.

        for the majority of ChinaSmack, who are either hipster chinese kids (hanhan-style), foreign white-losers, or white-losers in China being english teachers and thinking that they have enough brains to engage in provocating DEEP discussions about what is happening in this country, their daily verbal vomit made of intellectual fallacies and half-knowledge is what I consider the real trolling.
        In this light, someone who countertrolls these scums is actually someone who is closer to truth than most shitty mouthbreathing rednecks here.

        • john digmeme

          Except that your post here is not replying to anything, just:

          “blah, blah, HAR, HAR, Angola is for China, Nigeria is for China! Suck it whitefags! ooo delicious tears, LOLOL!”

          Sucks having to define yourself with negatives, huh? I can only imagine the butthurt you experience just going through the motions of everyday life…

        • Ray

          Brother Hongjian! I admire you for your fight for the glorious reds! But what are you doing wasting time here on this inferior non-chinese website made to be viewed by unintelligent scums of the non-chinese race.

          Brother! Why did you lower your own value by learning their so called garbage of a language, we need but to speak the great fortified language of the heavenly kingdom!

          • Foreign Devil

            Hongjian, sounds like a Chinese national living abroad who failed miserably to fit in socially . . whether he is in AMerica or Germany. .. but can’t admit to himself that he still would rather keep living in his adopted country than go back to China.

            Careful people, he may go postal!

          • King Tubby

            Hongjian = PRCs very own Charlie Manson.
            Minus the female followers however as he is a pillow biter.

          • Baas Babelaas

            He’s got one sad follower – Ray.

    • 0311

      WOW you diss your own Europoor what a confused lil man u must be. DO u need a hug?

    • Alex

      Guys, don’t feed the troll

    • Jones

      Your English is very good for someone who hates all of us Westerners so much! Very interesting, indeed! I bet that must burn your bottom that you had to learn such a language! Haha! Who hurt you, Hongjian? WHO HURT YOU??

      • UAX

        Speaking a language is a means to an end,,doesnt mean you have to adore the native speakers nor their culture,,,i bet with your pea-sized brain you manage to say 你好! now tell me what does that mean? are you so in love with the chinese?

    • Chunghwa

      for a second I thought I clicked the wrong link and ended up in /int/

      sure is /int/ in here

  • rudiooo

    black people, inferior in every aspect. not even to mention the yellowish with above supportive comments.

    this negro must come from a real shit hole, having (social) affinity with this crap.

    • cb4242

      Probably either had a black guy beat the crap out of you or your girlfriend left you for one. My, my ignorance is truly a bliss.

      • rudiooo

        uhm no, neither. just annoyes me to see this dumb manifest, especially from an outsider.

        maybe i was to harsh, not in every aspect; some sports they do quite well…

        • UAX

          no me think you are just afraid,,,,feeling threatened maybe??????

      • rudiooo

        uhm no, neither. just annoyes me to see this dumb manifest, especially from an outsider.

        maybe i was to harsh; not in every aspect; some sports they do quite well…

        • UAX

          does it matter where he comes from? we are all on the same platform now aint we,,,while some you might teach English (haha what a career???),,,some of you might sing,, and still others might just laze around,,,its what you achieve at the end of the day that counts,

    • Joe

      Back to Stormfront rudiooo


    • cb4242

      Again, not true. Why must speak in idiot nonsense able platitudes. Thinking like that equates to the British, French, Spanish, Dutch were THE most vile of lowest level of lifeform, colonizing other nations and justifying it through religion, this is the problem with white arrogance, it knows no bounds.

      • Jackman

        Seriously, there are Africans who are happy to be in China and there are those who are not. Overall, the racism from Chinese is reducing so it is a good thing. People on this website should avoid the use of absolutes in their speach.

  • Peter

    It’s amazing that people still embrace Mao. He was one of the most destructive leaders in human history, and they still worship him. Then again, it shouldn’t be a surprise. While living in NYC, I found Maoist groups, as well as those claiming to follow the teachings of JiangQing! I wonder how many followers Reverend Moon has these days.

    • Capt. WED

      I know, some people crazy.

    • donscarletti

      In places like Peru, Nepal, India and probably Africa, the teachings of Mao have always gone hand in hand with violence. They love Mao’s teaching because it says that the most important thing is revolution and whether that involves stealing a village’s food supply, killing the children of your enemy, pressing 12 year old boys into military service or just enjoying some good old fashioned rape, as long as it forwards your cause a bit, then it’s fine.

      So my guess is this guy is some form of Maoist Rebel. Who knows how many innocent Africans have died or will die at the end of that rifle he proudly so displays. I hope whoever he is fighting catches him and just fucking slices him.

      • Capt. WED

        you are also kind scary.

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  • TomTuttleFromTacoma

    He’s obviously brainwashed.

    • John Candy is easily one the greatest Canadian actors ever.

      God bless his soul.

  • fireworks

    Just enjoy the song and dance by a foreigner singing a Chinese patriotic song. Great talent. He’ll probably get a gig on the numerous Chinese entertainment programmes.

    There is nothing between the lines except Africa is buying Chinese goods and Africans are looking towards China rather than the West in terms of economic development.

  • cheong

    Zhong Guo, wan sui wan sui wan wan sui

    Thank you for the song.
    It’s lovely.

  • jd lang

    nigger will cling to anything that is slightly better than their own shitty countries, shitty cultures, shitty everything.

    • GodsHammer

      SO deep in your understanding of history. Go on, please enlighten us.

    • cb4242

      Free press and “liberally” biased press are two completely different things, something that most journalism lacks in almost every country.

    • cb4242

      So by that word definition, that would include all the lazy ignorant whites that profited from colonizing, raping, pillaging and murdering people of color? Wow, I learned something new today.

  • Po Han

    Wonder how he would have felt if Mao had gone to Africa to kill, torture and starve to death millions?

  • hanyucha

    Sounds like The Lion King – akoona matata!

  • Paul

    I wonder who brainwashed this man…

  • Rod

    “Human scum!”

    One thing Chinese and American Netizens have in common is that there’s a lot of idiots. Some guy sings the National Anthem of your country and you call him scum.

    I think this guy’s pretty cool. Singing the NA of another country takes guts, and it takes even more to put aside your national pride and say, “Let’s be friends”. It’s what China and America should do, really.

  • dim mak


    Sadly accurate…

  • Am I the only one thinking this is playback? I never heard an African speak let alone sing Chinese this good (well, if it’s really sung by himself, congratulations)

  • ACE

    Niggers are Naggers and nobody wants to be near any blacks because they’re ALWAYS BAD NEWS!!! NIGGERS = DRUGS+SCAMS!
    Switch off the lights and they just disappears………

    • phranky

      Black, white, yellow, brown, red or what have you, we are one and same people. Take the skin off your bones and what you’ll find would amaze you! The kind of racist remarks some of you guys put up on here is sickening. What kind of values do you guys have? What kind of parents begot you guys? People like you are the reason why the world is so messed up! What a pity!

      • rudiooo

        hey smartie, don’t blame us, blame religion.

    • cb4242

      So I guess you are one then, you’re nagging and you most definitely be on drugs to rant on ridiculously like that. You just made your own point.

    • undertaker

      so what about the yellow pigs.they will do thesame.yellow pigs do all those bad things you just named them,so what is the different?the only different is that blacks are niggers as yellow pigs are yellow pigs.

    • xiao jie

      whites equals paedophiles paedophiles serial killers

  • Jeff

    I know this guy. He’s an English teacher in Shanghai. Spends all his free time boffing Chinese girls with his extra-long penis. They love him – at least the females do. The me dislike him because the girl’s holes are never tight again.

    • is his Chinese really that great?

  • Justice

    I can’t just figure out the slightest thing black people have done against Chinese people yet Chinese just hate blacks for nothing. From history nobody ever thought Chinese will be racists. Because they suffered racism. EVEN BLACKS ARE RESPECTED IN CHINA. That is what Chinese say when they have to refer to foreigners.
    About 99.9% of all blacks in China are Africans but when you ask a black guy anywhere in China where he comes from, he will say Canada, America or any other country outside of Africa. Can somebody explain to me WHY, given that everybody is proud of where they come from, including the Chinese?
    When in all other civilized countries we see all manner of people mixed and working together, Africans have to come from developed countries before they can find something to do. As if adopting another country is the solution, the color itself is the source of all hatred. Chinese separate people people into good and bad as if they know how to make people. As if people chose to be who they are.
    What have we done to Chinese people?
    Now, Africans can’t get their visas renewed.

    • Jeff

      Maybe because it’s a known fact that blacks commit crimes and rape and the Chinese are afraid of blacks? Maybe because the Chinese are easily spooked – hence the term for blacks – Spook.

      Maybe because the Chinese see that blacks have largely destroyed Africa and the USA and want to keep them away from China ( as they are doing a pretty good job of destroying China themselves…).

      Maybe because the Chinese are equally as racist as blacks and hate every other race type and color of people?

      So many reasons of course.

      • Justice

        I presume you are Chinese. what makes you think blacks have destroyed America, when all Chinese want to run away to America ,when these days young Chinese boys want to imitate Michael Jackson and many black stars in America?. In America, people are viewed individually not like you Chinese , where people are separated like a farmer separates sheep from goats. I have been in China for some time and I have seen numerous occasions where powerful and rich Chinese treat their fellow Chinese like thrash, when some citizens never feel they are part of the country. We don’t have tall buildings in Africa, but at least we value human life. ( Not afraid writing all these things). But remember, many countries in Africa have higher GDP/PERSON than China. It is the fear that when blacks take control of the world (which is bound to come) there will be vengeance. I promise you, we will not.

        • cb4242

          Finally, someone with logical, rational common sense.

        • xiao jie

          it so saddens me we might not be around to see the day when all these empires fall. and then its the turn of the blacks. rome fell.greek fell. britain fell. america seems on its way.
          i hope we treat these white coloures folks and their descendants with this much its ones fault they were born black. da day will surely come.

          • Capt. WED


            My life doesn’t suck even tho I have firstworld problems. HAHA. TOO FUCKING BAD!

      • xiao jie

        well seems like white people have never done anything wrong. witch hunts. roman rule.the crusades.holocaust.columbine shooting.slave trade. in fact white people have never raped or killed or noted for crime.afghanistan. the pope had better hurry up and declare them saints

        • undergroundman14

          With all those things done by white people, why do non-whites continue to want to live among white people in western nations? Are non-whites brainless or what?!

      • Stephane

        When going through all the comment I am impressed by the level of bullshit some people are talking about
        1st: most all of you don’t know Africa because Africa is not a country, you cannot compare a Nigerian with a Ghanean or a Congolese The mentality is different it is like comparing a Chinese with a Japanese (sorry for you).
        2nd: If some of you went to school, you should know that there is only 1 human race I repeat for the deaf people: 1 HUMAN RACE
        3rd:Ahh yes’ all the african are murderer, rapist, liars, good dancer, good singer, lazy bla bla bla. And all the chinese are hard worker, like robot, not thinking a lot, stupid, hypocrit and bla bla bla. Seriously when you will get away with this easy made assumption.
        I will tell you that there is some African that are hard worker educated respectable, trustworthy, taking care of their family like there are some Chinese too. Before comparing what cannot be compared you should open your little mind (the racists are pointed) and think first. And you should take into consideration the environment. Take a Chinese baby and raised him in a foreign family. What do you think he will become…
        I am done for know to all the people that respectable don’t be offended by my comment. But I should clarify things here..

    • undergroundman14

      “Africans have to come from developed countries before they can find something to do”
      You mean that they (black Africans) have to come from nations founded and developed by white people, or indigenous to white people, (a European nation) like France or England, both of whom have sizable black immigrant populations (unfortunately).

  • superman

    he is very very good.. amazing talented

    • xiao jie

      this man is an idiot. singing a chinese song when its people hate you. this what i dont get about africans or blacks. we seem to love all the races that hate us with a passion but not our own kind.

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