African Man Sings Propanganda Song for CCP 90th Anniversary

An African man named "Brother Hao" sings a Chinese Revolutionary-Era propaganda "red" song to honor the Chinese Communist Party's upcoming 90th anniversary.
An African man named "Brother Hao" sings a Chinese Revolutionary-Era propaganda "red" song to honor the Chinese Communist Party's upcoming 90th anniversary.
"Wishing the Communist Party a happy 90th birthday!"

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the founding political party of the People’s Republic of China and at 78 million members strong, it is also the world’s largest political party. The CCP (or CPC for Communist Party of China) was founded on July 1, 1921 in Shanghai, and to commemorate the upcoming 90th anniversary of the party, a man who calls himself “Brother Hao” [literally: proper younger brother, “younger” denoting a sign of respect] sings “The Words of Chairman Mao are Memorized by Heart”, a “red” song [a Chinese Revolutionary-Era propaganda song].  The song was written by Fu Fengcheng, who is also responsible for having written other famous “red” songs like “Song of the Red Star” and “Azalea”. This video was accumulated nearly 1 million hits within 2 days of being uploaded onto popular Chinese video sharing website Youku and currently has nearly 4k comments.

A copy on YouTube:

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[Dialogue and lyrics from video:]
Nana, shoobeedoo-pay-ay

Hello everyone!
I’m Brother Hao, the King of “Red” songs
wishing the Communist Party [of China] a happy birthday on their 90th anniversary.

The red sun shines everywhere [upon the four corners of China]
The ideology of Chairman Mao radiate a gold light
The heat of the red sun warms the bodies of the people
The glory of Chairman Mao’s thoughts shines light into our hearts
Shines light into our hearts

Chairman [Mao’s] idealogical thoughts are disseminated everywhere
The people of the revolution have made their stand
Men and women, people both old and young, will all simulaneously enter the war
These people will fight this war with an invincible strength without equal
An invincible strength without equal

[I’m] singing this melodious “red” song
from me to all of you.
I am your stalwart African brother
Brother Hao,
wishing for a more prosperous/greater China
and a better standard of living that will likewise continually improve.
[I] hope that the people of China
and the people of Africa
will eternally [serve] as good brothers [to and for each other].
How about it?

[Since we have] the words of Chairman Mao that are memorized by heart,
No matter if [faced with an] enemy both crazy and violent,
We will set an inescapable trap [for them]
and use it to bury all of those cruel and greedy robbers
And bury all of them
and use it to bury all of those cruel and greedy robbers
And bury all of them
And bury all of them

An African man named "Brother Hao" sings a Chinese Revolutionary-Era propaganda "red" song to honor the Chinese Communist Party's upcoming 90th anniversary

An African man named "Brother Hao" sings a Chinese Revolutionary-Era propaganda "red" song to honor the Chinese Communist Party's upcoming 90th anniversary

Comments from Youku:

lyjydd :

Really very geili~~~[it is] overflowing with feeling!!!


Unite [an alliance] with Africa, and defeat the United States.


Hey! Brother, you are too niubi! It’s a pity I don’t have any money unfortunately! If I had money I would completely package [commercially promote] you. So talented!


It is a completely irrefutable [fact]: black people and the ethnic minorities of our country are completely the same; besides being good at singing and dancing, talented at sports and have a knack at the matters of love/lovemaking, they are without a single redeeming feature.

yalong222: (responding to above)

If it wasn’t for these minorities living on the periphery [of China] protecting you, you would be done for by now, you know that? (This is exactly the reason why you people don’t dare to let us be independent.)

weeiji: (responding to above)

Take a look at history and you’ll know, [just what happens during] minority reign/rule.

[Probably referring to the Qing Dynasty when the Manchu minority was the ruling dynasty that suffered great humiliation from Western powers and was the last surviving line of royalty before China became a republic]


[You wield a single shot] rifle as though it were an [automatic] machine gun, and for that I ding you.


China and Africa forever brothers.


This guy is Rambo’s younger brother.


The quality of the ideological thinking of that time period [Revolutionary-Era China] is very high. 赞赞赞.


This is the first time I’ve ever heard a “red” song that sounded so good! [He] even sings [these “red” songs] better than our own Chinese pop idols! Only you deserve to be truly called “niu“!


Chairman Mao will always reside in our hearts. [His legacy/memory] can never be erased.


These old original Revolutionary-Era songs are actually quite pleasant to listen to when sung well.
Let’s think about this for a second: the five-star red flag [of China] + portrait of Chairman Mao added with an old revolutionary song
—–the background is classic!!!


A song that wasn’t that pleasant to listen to originally is given a very noticeably modernized feel after a black person uses an R+B style of singing, and it is now very pleasant to listen to~ admirable. [On the other hand,] if you let a Chinese national sing [these songs], they can only sing emotionally, but are unable to sing with an emotion that can move people. [I admit], this may be taking it a bit far, heh.




Well sung. I ding you, for you have the traits of an original founding member of this country.


Sung terrifically! And you look very cute, like Li Kui, 搞笑.

[Li Kui is a main character from the classic Chinese novel “Water Margin“, who is a reckless and crude character with a dark complexion nicknamed the “Black Whirlwind” who would succeed in battle due to his aggressiveness and strength but not because of strategy or tactics.]


“Red” songs are still the classics [the best], you can hear them a hundred times and not grow weary of them, and then compare them with the lyrics of today’s pop songs…


Mao Zedong’s fan.


This brother is so amusing/funny, he even blows Chairman Mao a kiss, 赞.


Sigh~~Comrade Chairman [Mao], since he worships you [so highly, please] take him away then 汗.


Good, the friendship between China and Africa is like brotherhood, [and together we can] defeat imperialism… Hey, you know what I’m talking about..


Long live the people! Long live Mao Zedong ideology! Long live the friendship between China and Africa! In reality, neighboring countries are both a means to an end as well as an end goal. In regards to foreign strategy, if we only treat the other side solely as a business partner then we should be friendly with those we can use, and abandon those which we can not use. This ability to have strategic foresight is [what we are] most lacking. Ever since the founding of this country, China has had a policy of providing free assistance to Asian, African and Latin American countries, and at present time it appears that China has established its image as the country with the strongest foundation in the third world. As we move further forward into the 21st century and China simultaneously has foreign relations and does business with Africa, we should pay attention as [we watch] the residents of the countries of Africa construct hospitals, schools and other public infrastructure institutions because we can see the exemplification of this strategic foresight [come to light]. [After] the Korean War of 1950, we picked up our moral obligations toward our fraternal countries/allies, which is something those “economic animals” absolutely are incapable of understanding.

wwtian: (responding to above)

The acquisition of morality and justice is likewise an important national benefit.


Those that insult Chairman Mao… who don’t support Grandpa Mao… you guys understand… take a look at your money, who is on it??? 搞笑


I don’t really understand, what does China’s leaders have anything to do with him?


This guy’s singing isn’t bad.


This sound was recorded in a recording studio.


I’m here to ding your good Chinese! However, I despise laowai like you who come to ingratiate [flatter] yourselves to us! Too many laowai have figured out the Chinese people’s arrogance and receptiveness to flattery, [and use such methods when they are really] all coming to cheat Chinese people out of their money!

我是小熊杰里米: (responding to above)

That’s right, the moment Chinese people hear others praising them, they forget themselves. These garbage black people are nobodies in Africa, but they come to China and can get by simply by singing a few “red songs”, seriously despise [them].

q5603153: (responding to above)

When Chinese people finally get rid of their narcissism and arrogance is when China will fundamentally become strong and powerful.


Human scum!

我是小熊杰里米: (responding to above)

Agreed, I’ve spent 3 years in Africa before. The people here are actually very low and slippery/cunning. At present, just Nigeria alone has 50,000 of its people staying illegally in China; the vast majority concentrated in Guangdong province, and they are cheaters and liars. Once they come to China, they will do anything to stay here, because China is who knows how much better than their lousy countries. Sigh~~just seeing these garbage I am disgusted.


I admit I have been successfully brainwashed by you.

An African man named "Brother Hao" sings a Chinese Revolutionary-Era propaganda "red" song to honor the Chinese Communist Party's upcoming 90th anniversary

Yellow, white, black…. chinaSMACK personals.

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