Africans in Guangzhou: Opportunities & Discrimination

Africans in Guangzhou, China.

From NetEase, QQ, & ifeng:

In Guangzhou, there are about 200,000 Africans, increasing 30-40% every year. The locals believe their language skills are very poor, but they have very nimble business minds; Locals believe they are undisciplined and unorganized, but their religion and groups are extremely cohesive; They, in Guangzhou, have built the largest African community in Asia.[click to enlarge]

Africans in Guangzhou, China, entering the Canaan Clothing Market.

As Chinese companies have entered Africa to find resources, African businessmen have also come to China, “the world’s factory”. Businessmen ship cheap goods to Africa, where 50 far-away African countries quickly consume these daily consumables that can’t be produced in their own countries. At the end of the 90s in the 20th century, the first batch of Africans came to Guangzhou, their first stop being Canaan clothing market [Clothes Trading Center]. Now, however, with Canaan clothing market as the center, many goods for export markets have sprung up in the surrounding one kilometer area. The people of Guangzhou have gradually come to call this area “Chocolate City”.

Black Africans in Guangzhou, China.

Most Africans don’t actually live long-term in China, only often traveling between Africa and China, as little as once or twice a year, or as much as once a month. The majority of people operate a shop in their country, but personally come to Guangzhou to select goods to ship back. Photo is of several African businessmen and a Chinese businessman negotiating prices.

Chinese women wiping the nose of an African infant.

Scant funds, don’t care about brands, loves to bargain, likes low-end products are characteristics of the large groups of African businessmen. Over time, these characteristics have led to Chinese businessmen to discriminate and become impatient with them. “[They’re] the most practical in doing business the most practical, whereas you can see those European and Americans and Arabs are just different,” a Chinese seller said. Nevertheless, the trade market’s business is very flourishing every day, and the African demand for cheap goods have allowed the processing factories around the outskirts of Guangzhou to prosper. Photo is of a Chinese seller wiping the nose of an African buyer’s infant; using “friendliness” to get business.

Africans and Chinese at a street-side food stall.

In Xiaobei, not far from the trading market, is Guangzhou’s largest African neighborhood. Many Africans coming to China for the first time will stay here, living with several or even over a dozen people in a room, beginning their “gold rush” here. Why have they collectively chosen Xiaobei? One long-term researcher of Africans in Guangzhou says: “This place has Guangzhou’s first proper Muslim restaurant.” And in Africa, those who believe in Islam are the majority. Photo is of an African youth eating at a food stall.

Africans on the streets of Guangzhou, China.

As it is understood, there are 20,000 Africans who have stayed over 6 months. However, if those who illegally overstay and those who frequently come and go are added together, “the real number” should be around 200,000. This is equivalent to 2% of Guangzhou’s registered population. The expansion of the African’s export business has also spawned African restaurants, African logistics, African intermediaries and other supporting businesses. African businessmen have also brought African laborers and African service staff. Photo is of locals who are no longer unused to seeing Africans.

Africans seated at the tables of a street side food stall.

The people of “Chocolate City” start their day of work at noon; At night, people began their nightlife. Even if they are the lowest level of black laborers, they too will come out to spend their meager salaries. In practice, the main reason they like to come out at night is to avoid police inspections. Affected by visa “tightening”, quite a number of the African laborers here do not have legal residence permits, while many visas and passports are also expired. Photo is of Africans drinking beer at a food stall.

Africans at mass in a Catholic Church in Guangzhou, China.

Guangzhou’s other African gathering spot is Shishi Catholic Church. Every Sunday afternoon, Shishi Church’s English Mass feels like one is in Africa. Not only is 80% of the congregation for mass “black faces”, even the service staff are all African youths. Sometimes, there are over 1000 Africans attending mass.

Nelson, a Nigerian in Guangzhou, looks at some motorcycle parts.

When Nelson, a Nigerian, arrived in Guangzhou, he lived a typical “luggage bag” life—-carrying several tens of thousand of yuan here to purchase goods and then afterward stuffing them all in a few large luggage bags to fly back with him to Africa. “If I’m lucky, I can get on the plane without it being overweight and having to ship it.” Nelson says that the money for the his airplane ticket and for the goods to be purchased was pooled together by his entire family, that he must earn money, otherwise he will be looked down upon when he returns to Africa. Photo is of Nelson at a motorcycle parts store selecting goods.

An African on the streets of Guangzhou giving some money to a child beggar.

Nelson finishing a day’s work, giving a little girl begging on the streets some spare change.

Nelson, a Nigerian, ordering food at a restaurant.

For a first-timer like Nelson, language is the biggest barrier. On this day, Nelson has just discovered that the batch of goods he just purchased is short a few shirts. He doesn’t know if the Chinese seller forgot and wants to call to ask but isn’t able to. Language barriers and major cultural differences often bring a lot of trouble, and this makes him very depressed. Photo is of Nelson ordering food at an African restaurant.

Nelson, a Nigerian, at a photo booth in Guangzhou, China.

Even though some say only 15% of Africans have obtained success in Guangzhou, Nelson believes that simply having his own business in China can be considered good fortune. There are also African compatriots who have come here to work for a living but end up being unable to save enough to go back, and must even avoid the 500 yuan fine for each day overstaying on an expired visa. Photo is of Nelson at a printing shop developing photographs to mail to his family in Nigeria.

Emma, the head of the Nigerian Association in Guangzhou.

Ojukwu Emma, a Nigerian, in comparison to those Africans living in the villages-within-the-city [ghettos], is of the minority that has their own office. At the same time, Emma is also the “head” of the Nigerian Association. Photo is of Emma and his Chinese employee in his office, with the Hong Kong SAR flag, Nigerian flag, and Chinese national flag in the back.

Emma, counting RMB cash notes.

Authorized by the Nigerian Embassy and because the number of Nigerians in Guangzhou are many, the association helps them take care of certain things more easily, such as collecting money for medical care for compatriots who are sick and helping newcomers with living arrangements. Emma says the association not only helps its own countrymen, it also helps Chinese and people of other countries in disputes with Africans. Photo is of a Chinese businessman who with Emma’s help was able to recover money that had been conned. Emma says: “It isn’t easy being the association’s leader, as one gives much more than one receives.”

African businessmen in Guangzhou, China.

The vast majority of Africans doing business in Guangzhou organize themselves by country, each having their own associations and leaders. Their titles are different, with some called “Chairman”, while others called “Leader”. Most of them are older, more highly educated, and their businesses more successful.

An African in China wearing a watch with the Chinese flag.

The leading reason for these African businessmen’s success is because they are known for “being trust-worthy/honest, and handle business according to Chinese norms”. Photo is of a meeting of the Nigerian Association where a businessman’s watch has a Chinese “five star” flag on it.

An African's Chinese wife.

There are even some African bosses who through their ability and economic foundations have married and had children in Guangzhou, laying down roots in China. Photo is of an African businessman and his Chinese wife.

Africans and Chinese eating on the street.

However, most African still live in their own circles, them believing that Chinese people are very difficult to engage, and thus difficult to become friends with. One African businessman says: “My family has asked me what I have seen in China, and I say I have only seen jeans and black people.” According to Arnold, an Associated Press journalist previously based in Africa, China doesn’t actually have racial discrimination against Africans, “the so-called discrimination is instead similar to how urban residents discriminate against people from the rural countryside who have no money nor know the rules.” Photo is of Chinese and Africans at a food stall.

A Guangzhou police officer talking to an African.

A Chinese person who is familiar with Africans says: Africans are afraid of the police, so they do their best to avoid contact with the police. According to regulations, they are supposed to register at the foreigner service center within 24 hours of entering Guangzhou, but they have this fear, so they don’t go register but this actually creates problems for themselves. Photo is of a police officer checking the identification of an African personal.

Africans protesting in the streets of Guangzhou.

In 2009 July, a black person attempting to hide from the Guangzhou police inspection/check accidentally fell from an 18 meter building to his death. This incident incited hundreds of blacks to gather in front of the police station the next day in a confrontation with the police.

An African in Guangzhou, China showing the middle finger.

At that moment, Guangzhou’s Africans begin expressing their own voice. Photo is of an African using the middle finger during the confrontation.

Photos of Africans in China.

Posted on a street-side photography stall are several souvenir photographs of Africans. Even though the visa to enter China is difficult to obtain; even though in China they still get looks, the number of Africans going to Guangzhou still increases by 30-40% every year. Reports show that more and more Africans through Guangzhou are gradually spreading to Beijing, Shanghai, and other cities.

Comments from NetEase:

谬悠 [网易福建省福州市网友]:

If you can understand Fujian people leaving their hometowns, going all over the world to find a living,
then you can understand these Africans.
Of course this has nothing to do with the law.

drinkspring [网易江苏省无锡市网友]:

Guangdong should limit the number of Africans.

溜溜乡王保长 [网易重庆市网友]:

Chinese people will pay the price for their kindness, and the Chinese government’s lack of supervision will become a factor in Guangzhou’s future unrest/turmoil. Next, Guangdong’s Africans will strive for political rights and the support of the international community.


I think children who come from the rural countryside are even more capable of understanding and empathizing with the situation for Africans in Guangzhou, because both of them are people who live at the lowest level of society, forced to expend N times more effort in order to climb up.

崖柳 [网易山东省烟台市网友]:

What can Africans bring us besides AIDS?????!!!!
I am a customs officer who monitors infectious diseases, just look at how many people checked that are AIDS sufferers from Africa and you’ll know we should keep such garbage far away.

hugejob [网易美国网友]:

To be honest, I don’t have any confidence/trust towards Africans.


Poverty breeds violence and crime, while wealth breeds greed and slaughter.

路漫漫兮要修理矣 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

On one side is family planning and on the other side is a loose immigration policy. I won’t see a black person become Chairman in my lifetime.


Chinese people know their place and are orderly wherever they are, an active and motivated people… As for black people, they are lazy and carefree wherever they are, and like to cause trouble, not diligent in learning, nor in work. One day, Guangzhou too will have riots, beating, smashing, and looting and then they’ll recognize their mistake, and be paralyzed. While Han people are limited form having children and these black people have so many, what will we do when they come? Paralyzed. Go to Xiaobei, it’s all black people, I don’t even know if I am in Guangzhou or Africa.

网易河南省洛阳市网友 [桜木様]:

I’m been to Guangzhou and I must say this place has almost become Africa… Strongly demand that black illegal immigrants in Guangzhou be investigated. You guys should stop posturing and go to Guangzhou yourself and take a look and you’ll see, so sad.

网易广西桂林市网友 [没毛的狮子]:

Blacks are simply a low-level race—– This comment is something I heard elsewhere.
Think about it and you know it is true. When white people ruled South Africa and social resources were in the white people’s hands, all various aspects of South Africa achieved great development! But after Mandela overthrew white rule, South Africa, it can’t be said that South Africa hasn’t had development, but the development has all been focused on modern technology to increase social improvement, but there’s almost no social control development and the violence rate has increased daily!!
Then look at all the back people in the world. Those who are successful are all obviously concentrated in the sports, obviously becoming rich overnight, basically all unable to control their own J8, repeatedly dividing their own assets in divorces until they are bankrupt. Or those who can control their own J8 all squander their wealth, while those black people who can considered at the top of any field are rarer than rare, and can essentially be considered non-existent.
In reality, black people are gluttonous and lazy, unrealistic, and those who can work hard are rarer than rare, wanting in their bones to do little but still get a lot. They don’t seek to improve themselves!!


I haven’t interacted with black people so I don’t know, but them relying on their own labors can’t be wrong, right? At least it is much better than those who rely on their parents.


The inevitable product of opening up and reform. Right now, the only to do is put an end to discrimination.

zxr584520 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

I look down on two kinds of people the most: One is racists and the other is black people!

xmair [网易福建省厦门市网友]:

The majority of blacks are representatives of promiscuity, violence, and AIDS.

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        • Irvin

          Of course not. We are an intelligent, cultured, philosophical and kind race at heart.

          I being the exception, but then again I was raised by white people.

        • Brett Hunan

          Why don’t you stop generalizing (being racist and ignorant), and accept that Europeans enslaved blacks, Indians, South Americans, North Americans, Muslims, etc. because they thought they were superior to the others. The list goes on and on.

          If one was to look at the social factors involved, they could see that China was an isolated nation for quite some time, whereas Europeans have been living together with blacks for hundreds of years.

          Give China some time… once it becomes more of a global nation there will also be more acceptance.

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            Well then, my comment pretty much repeated what you’ve said.
            Granted at the time yours haven’t been posted yet.

            I guess what I’m trying to say is.. I agree.

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            I’m not generalising. I am merely forming an opinion on the comments read. Chinese comments.

            As I said, if that is really a good representation of the comments as a whole, then it shows a frightening level of ignorance. I also believe that if you ran a similar story in Europe it wouldn’t get similar comments to such a degree.

            I take your point about China only recently opening up. Perhaps you are right, and in time it will change. I certainly hope so.

          • Canadian_Skies

            Ask Chinese university students to describe the world in 50 years …

            The majority will indicate China’s world dominance.

            Brett Hunan, you were offended at others generalizations, but offered your own ignorance in return-China becoming more of a global nation somehow equals acceptance using ONLY social factors as consideration. C’mon … really? I mean, …. really?

            Brett, you threw in the joker card “time” as in “Give China some time” I count this among the statements claiming that China is still an underdeveloped country. Brett, they are an underdeveloped country because the government wants it to be that way.

            The greatest divide of rich-poor is in China. This makes for plenty of opportunity to champion the people from richly influence, maintaining the rich-poor divide, and gaining support from the poor.

            Brett, when do you think China will stop claiming to be an underdeveloped country? When? When, Brett? When?

          • Brett Hunan

            Thanks Canada, I almost forgot my name there for a second

          • Brett Hunan


            Also, I am talking about common people. Not the government’s interests. These two are not to be mistaken.

            Give the “people” some time to become acquainted with the fact that China is not the only country in the world, and we are all going to have to live and work together in the future if we want to survive.

          • brizmat

            the big problem with you chinese is that you talk too much. brett, one step a head doesnt necessarily take you to the peak. you are saying time as if that time is in months. you are talking about enslaving and it reminds me that blacks are now doing the same to you. anyway, where do you think china would have sold there most fake products if it was not in africa? you should really talk your shit because you are just seeing things taking place, and you dont know how they come about

          • Brett Hunan

            Brizmat… me??? Chinese???

            If saying Chinese people need more to spend time with other cultures mixed in makes me Chinese too, I guess empathy has shit the bed.

            My point, Jizzmat, was that Europe and America have had a mix of many races, religions, and cultures for (at the very least) hundreds of years. In China it is more like tens of years.

            Give China some time to get accustomed to living with other races. People need time to adjust. It may take a few generations. It took Europe and America hundreds (thousands) of years and there is STILL racism.

        • Sunshine

          I believe, as The People’s Republic of China is still a developing country, that the mindset, philosophies, and cultural mentalities of its people, en masse, are in development as well. Remember, we opened our doors to outsiders, took a first peak at people that look different from us, do things differently from us, a mere 40 years ago.

          With that said, I agree with you in that Chinese people are, on the whole, more ignorant and racist than Europeans or North Americans of today. However if you look back 60 or so years, was the mentality of the Caucasian race so different from that of the Chinese? We need more time, maybe.

          • Wes

            It’s funny, but England has its own form of bigotry against new immigrants such as Muslims that are currently outpacing the lower areas of England. I just feel that any country that has poor immigrants, that come in remarkable numbers, will tend to be polarized to some extreme depending on the economic impact that new incoming nationality brings with them. And those Netizens in China should learn that when Chinese Americans come into the US, they aren’t exactly welcomed in some places either. And just like most people they have their good and bad propensities.

          • Canadian_Skies


            China has been toting the “still a developing country” card for far too long. With its resources and manpower, it could have become the most advanced country, 20-30 years ago.

            Here’s a question you can’t answer, when will China stop parading themselves as being an underdeveloped country? When you’ve had plenty of time, the worlds money, the manpower, … how much more time do they need? By 2014? 2018? 2019? 2594?


          • Time is not the only requirement for development. Human race began in Africa. Why is Africa underdeveloped? The reason is because there are many different things that must occur together for progress. Some things human race can control, such as collective dream, will, and effort. But there are some things that are out of human race control such as disasters or the action of other humans. I think everyone should already know this.

          • whododat

            Canadian_Skies is an average white or expat Canadian, you can tell by the way it talks about China.

            One China man on the block is toooooooo many, 400,000 is an attack against the whites and on the new muslim culture there.

            And China will take as long as India to become the #1 power.

        • Chad

          Stimpy, please go take a look at the comments section on any subway fight video on Youtube or any news article on Fox, CNN, CBC or Yahoo that potrays blacks negatively. If you still think these Chinese comments are more ignorant or racist than the ones coming from Europeans and Americans, then you’ve already made up your mind from the very beginning.

          • cb4242

            CNN, FOX do NOT portray Blacks in a negative way. Just because they don’t follow the mantra of the liberal media doesn’t make those networks racists. Give me an example as to how FOX of CNN gives Blacks a raw deal? Also, you have quite a few Blacks working there. I used to work for a FOX affiliate, so I want to hear this.

          • Chad

            I meant the comments section of mainstream media in general whether it be the FOX News Blog or CNN or Yahoo, CBC, etc. Not the article writers themselves. Of course, political correctness and lack of anonymity prevents them from speaking their minds. The WSJ community is pretty intelligent and tolerant though.

          • cb4242

            Yes, it IS true about the mainstream media, but still show me or prove to me that FOX or CNN has an agenda against Blacks. In working there 6 years, I never saw it, so you know something I don’t??

          • Chad

            Oh my god… again, I never said Fox or CNN had an agenda against blacks. I’m not sure why this is so hard to understand. I said, and I’ll say again, that the COMMENTERS (AKA INTERNET USERS) on the Fox News blog and on CNN make a lot of nasty comments against blacks when the opportunity appears.

        • If you take any video on Youtube dealing with immigration in Europe and then look at the comments, you will find masses of examples of Europeans leaving ignorant and hateful comments on the immigrants. It’s no different, it’s just that when you are part of the group doing the hating, you don’t see the hatred.

      • Silent Observer

        This is to Fauna:

        As an African American living in Shanghai I find your articles on blacks in China often lead to race baiting, and doesn’t really get down to the core issues. It doesn’t allow for critical thinking and remedy of the situation between blacks and Chinese. You simply provide articles that are intended to provide shock value and even more deep seeded hatred between our two races.

        All of the articles that you have posted about blacks and Chinese have been wholly negative and provide no positive social interactions between blacks and Chinese. Why choose articles that reinforce the negative stereotypes of both races? You have to admit it can’t be all that bad. After all I am a successful black person in Shanghai who is married to a Chinese woman. We have a beautiful daughter together. Why not deal with the situation that will present itself 10 years down the line; when you will have all sorts of mixed race children in China onteracting with the Han. where are the interesting positive stories every once in a while. Your website sometimes reminds me of the National Enquirer

        It breaks my heart to see the comments section of the common Chinese, and the way you guys think of us(blacks in general). Should I, after reading your articles get my 9 mm, and go on a rampage and start shooting every Chinese I see? because that’s how we seem to you guys, a bunch of poor gang-banging sociopaths, with no feelings or complexities of our own. Why not mix it up a little? I’m tired of hearing the same song and dance. Because I am living proof(and there are many of us out there) that the two races can indeed get along.

        • Negative things are usually more popular than positive things. Why?

          We do not use articles to provide positive social interactions between blacks and Chinese. That is not our purpose. It is also not our purpose to provide negative social interactions. Only you can decide how these articles will influence your interactions between blacks and Chinese.

          • Irvin

            After reading the article I wanna kick one.

          • cb4242

            How about trying to kick yourself first, in order to jump start your ignorant brain.

          • Lakehouse

            When you are part of the group doing the hating, you don’t see the hatred.

          • Silent Observer

            Then what is your purpose? Don’t you want your website to evolve into something more than a Chinese National Enquirer?

          • Just John

            Extra Extra, Read all about it, a Silent Observer tries to upgrade a blog from what it is to what he thinks it should be.

        • Wallimo

          Dude, fuana didn’t write the article she translated it, maybe she can’t post a positive article because no one on mop or net ease has written a positive article about Africans in china! This is giving you insight into how the Chinese express their views on the original articles. I understand your point but the only way to change this would be not to post it and frankly that’s not the point of china smack, gotta show the good bad ugly as long as it’s popular on the Chinese bbs that’s the china smack way!

          • The original NetEase article is not very negative. You can see there is much positive and maybe you can say it is neutral. It is only trying to show the life of Africans in Guangzhou including why they go there and also what difficulties they often face. There are positive articles and posts about Africans, but I think everyone should know already that positive things do not often receive as much attention as negative things. Many of the comments are discussion or debate about other people’s comments. I think that is the same situation here and on all of the internet.

        • Chef Rocco

          Silent Observer, I concur with your general feelings about the effects of chinaSmack.

          However, I think you take comments and articles on internet including chinaSMACK, too seriously. As I observe, to a great sense, for many people, internet is just an exit for their frustrations and negative feelings toward variety of things in real life. You would be surprised at the big difference between the real person and the person who you think should look like based on their online comments when you meet these commentators face to face.

          My advice to you: trust your personal experience and keep your optimism. Enjoy your life in China and don’t let some online negative comments disturb you, which neither are representative of the real persons, nor the opinion of majority people.

          • cb4242

            Amen! I agree with that.

          • xpan

            Been living in china for a while now and i must admit that i’ve come across the bad and good chinese people..They point at you,laugh at you for no reason and take pictures of you which is very rude..At first i find it hard to cope with but after staying little longer i discovered how to cope with them,after all this is their country

            You made a point here which is very use full to all BLACKS living in china

            Trust your personal experience and keep your optimism. Enjoy your life in China and don’t let some online negative comments disturb you, which neither are representative of the real persons, nor the opinion of majority people.

            WAY TO GO…

          • whododat

            Talk for your self Roccoon, time for him and the rest of you foreign devils to pack up and go home, China is not built by immigrants or foreigners.

            And his personal experience should the same as what Chinese in foreign lands face, racism.

            Why should it be different, he is not Chinese.

          • Silent Observer

            I would hope so.

        • cb4242

          @Silent Observer

          What you fail to understand is that the individuals that make these kind of incendiary and hateful comments are very timid, small-minded thinking people with a very limited and uneducated brain and thinking process. Remember, people that talk like that usually don’t have any real confidence or suffer from a degree of inferiority complex. Many Chinese that hate Blacks actually don’t know why of don’t know the slightest of African history or culture.
          They have a lack of world understanding and believe and buy into stereotypes and what the mass media puts out.

          Smart and educated people never think like that. When you ask ANY of these racists for a good viable solution to bring the races together, they give stupid childish statements and what is even funnier is to hear racist whites making comments about another country and another culture as if they have a say in it, that to me is the funniest thing. The races are mixing, it’s good and better that way. Can’t be stopped, nor undone, so either they just have to accept it or the people that don’t like it, can leave; there is always that option.

          No one can feel good to see that kind of ugly and pathetic rhetoric, but usually it comes from “racist Whites” not being able to do anything about it and that Whites overall are becoming a minority and they want to lash out, find a scapegoat or a fall guy and it usually is Blacks and the Jews. In Asia, Chinese, Japanese and Koreans don’t get along so well. Not trying to generalize, but the fact is, the racist Asians don’t know anything, especially the Chinese, because they have a very limited world point of view. Of course, Chinese and Blacks can get along, but for that to happen there needs to be more of a better outreach and cultural education. Chinese will NOT be able to get Blacks out of their country just like Europe can never rid themselves of muslims and the U.S. can never rid itself from illegal mexicans. Racist people need to be properly educated instead of listening to David Duke, AmRen and Stormfront. These idiots should troll there and stop wasting the time of people here that want to bring the two groups together to promote a better understanding.

          • whododat

            Chinese will NOT be able to get Blacks out of their country just like Europe can never rid themselves of muslims and the U.S. can never rid itself from illegal mexicans.

            The whole stinking world is finished.

            That’s all we need to know, now where are those doom’s day whatchamacallits and set it to go off at midnight, just when the blacks start to mate all the white and China gals.

          • Lakehouse

            @cb4242 I couldn’t have stated it better than you just have–

          • Silent Observer

            What do I tell my daughter when she grows up?

      • TAKE5

        True stamente Fauna.
        I said the same thing at a party once and the lady was offended. Her husband agreed with me.

  • FYIADragoon

    Chinese calling blacks low level people, while praising whites would do well to remember that Hong Kong still is the best part of China, and that is due to solely to the superior management of the British. The blacks aren’t the only people who can’t rule their own land properly when compared to whites.

    • Anon

      You really wouldn’t think that Chinese people would be disposed to believing in racial determinism giving the state of things in China. Of course, they are the exception to the rule because mean foreigners put China where it is today.

      • Unfortunately the truth if PRC sucks at governing (other than working majority of their citizens like slaves and using sheer numbers), it is a truth that the Chinese populace must admit to move forward. Unlike its predecessors (with the exception of Qing and Yuan Dynasty), the PRC (in the gov level) had a complete lack of creativity, morality, and responsibility.

    • Chad

      It’s funny because Chinese people in Hong Kong today are managing their own countries than the British in their homeland, as is Singapore. Embarrassing.

      • Chad

        I mean *better than

      • FYIADragoon

        British let in too many Muslims. It still remains to be seen how well the Chinese will manage Hong Kong. Singapore on the other hand, isn’t just managed by the Chinese. But it is managed well.

        • Chad

          There’s a lot of problems with the UK that have nothing to do with the muslims. Blaming them is pretty unfair.

    • Joe

      >Hong Kong
      >best part of China

    • Brett Hunan

      I’m American and I say Hong Kong sucks because its filled with foreigners. There is no culture. Its just like being in New York or London.

      Students in Hong Kong are no different from mainland- (memorizing and never asking inquisitive questions like “why”)
      It is supposed to be an “international city” but people are just as racist as and more rude than mainlanders.
      Lan Kwai Fong is a joke. I don’t think I have ever visited without seeing a fight.
      The best thing about Hong Kong are cheap, decent quality, suits and lots of Indian food.

      • FYIADragoon

        None of the things you listed aside from Lan Kwai Fong have anything to do with Hong Kong’s management. Culture and proper management rarely go hand in hand. If you wanted culture in any of the current 1st or 2nd world countries, you’re about 50 years too late.

        • Brett Hunan

          You saying that Hong Kong is the best part of China is opinion.

          You are wrong, the Hong Kongers want to keep their culture. Its all they can do to cling onto kung fu and CNY.

          Hong Kong is an expensive shithole. For my brothers small 40 square foot apt (not on the island) it costs him about 7000HKD a month. With most of the Hong Kongese making about twice that a lot have to double or triple up for a few years. Thanks England.

          Why is it that the dirtbag foreigners who make up the larger portion of Lan Kwai Fong are making money more than locals? Thanks England.

          The Hong Kongese workforce have no rights. 12 hours a day with 2-4 days off a month. Thanks England.

          You can’t see shit outside for 4 months of the year. School children can’t play outside because of the pollution (didn’t know about the protests last year, huh?)…

          Thanks England.

          • Um….. Hate to break it to you but I live in Hong Kong and not on the island or even Kowloon or Lantau.

            Frankly speaking, Hong Kong is an amazing place. The service industry is one of the best in the world.

            Public Transport is truly world-class.

            Living costs (aside from rent) are pretty fair and market oriented.

            It has a thriving economy with massive opportunities around every corner if you’re willing to look and take the chance.

            It has a civilized culture with traditional Chinese roots unlike the mainlanders from china who are neither civilized and are without real historical roots except those hoisted on them by the Party.

            The visa system is extremely direct and easy to get through.

            The laws are clear and protect everyone.

            The media is as free as is possible with lobbyists and political pressure from different groups.

            You want to know the bad things about Hong Kong? All the causes come from china interestingly enough…

            It’s overcrowded…. Thanks china!

            Some people spit and throw rubbish on the ground… Thanks china!

            Real Estate is an extreme bubble because of speculative buyers who try to buy face and a Hong Kong Permanent ID card by having an empty apartment here… Thanks china!

            The political system is halfway between a potential democracy and a total puppet government despite the Party’s promises not to interfere in Hong Kong’s affairs…. Thanks china.

            Here’s a quick question I’d like yo ask you: Do you think a single person who lives in Hong Kong wishes it was never controlled by the British and kept by the chinese? They couls all trade in their ID cards for a lovely hukuo……………..

          • Brett Hunan

            Well, when you only give the two choices, I would choose British over Chinese rule too, Elijiah.

            But Hong Kong, as nice as you say it is, isn’t a great place to live (in my opinion).

            This debate has gone on long enough, but I was just letting ForYourInformationAcrabRangoon know that his insistence that Hong Kong is the best place in China is just opinion.

          • Tinsoldier

            Thanks England Thanks England Thanks England. I am sure that the good old US of A in its very brief history has done more than its fair share or fucking up other countries.

          • FYIADragoon

            Fun fact, the F in the name stands for fuck. Guess what the Y stands for? ;P

            And its not my fault you’re obviously too poor to enjoy Hong Kong. Elijah has already made most of the points I would hit on. Maybe you should go live in the “cultural utopia” with the other “culturally sensitive” ESL teachers of the mainland instead? The living costs there are typically more oriented towards your kind.

          • Brett Hunan


            You obviously cannot believe that I condone the US’s foreign policy.

            Ron Paul 2012

      • Throne Toilet King

        Spoken like a true American. “Culture” has to be exotic and quaint otherwise it’s not real culture.

        Maybe if everyone wore grass skirts and ran around screaming, “Me so horny!” Hong Kong would finally develop some culture.

        Lose the White Man’s Burden mentality and stop making us look so bad.

        An American who likes not having laduzi.

        • Brett Hunan

          Listen, Lonely Spoiled Latin King–

          How about you elaborate as to what the culture of Hong Kong is.

          If you travel around in Europe, you will see the culture influencing people’s way of life. Tell me where in Hong Kong, (aside from the little red lanterns hung up around New Years) there are any visible and obvious signs of Chinese culture.

          • Throne Toilet King

            Ha! So the only culture Hong Kong is allowed to have is Chinese culture? Haha, someone’s enamored with Confucian bullshit.

            Ignoring its unique fashion, cinema and music scenes, HK culture is one thing: being able to get onto a subway without being shoved by people who think that if they miss that train, they will die, or worse, lose face.

            Also, blame Shenzhen for the pollution. Hong Kong is not an industrial city.

            You should also blame Mainlanders for high rental prices. The wealthy Chinese have bought a ton of property in HK and have driven up prices as result.

            Lastly, 40 square feet? …

            Do you know math?

          • Brett Hunan

            Head shot: Hong Kongese are Chinese, always have been.

            Block: I meant 400 square feet.

            Low Kick: Maybe you should check out on how much pollution comes from its own power plants, vehicles, and marine traffic.

            Finish Him: Hong Kong’s culture consists of boarding the subway?? I think “grass skirts” and “me so horny” holds more dignity.

            YOU LOSE!!!

          • Throne Toilet King

            I don’t need to argue about sociology with people who confuse fighting and FPS genres in their video game analogies.

          • Brett Hunan

            Im sorry, the crowd was roaring so loud I couldn’t hear you

          • Misia

            Which year is it where you live, 1811? Culture is fluid, when several different cultures get mixed up the outcome is, guess what, still culture.

          • cb4242

            Sorry, Brett.

            Ron Paul will NEVER, EVER be President of the U.S. No matter what you think or wish and thank god for that! Some of his ideas are not bad, but other than that, he’s a loon, it’ll never happen.

          • Brett Hunan


            Regardless of your opinions, Ron Paul has the best foreign policy in recent American history—- Get the f*** out of all occupied countries and focus on what is going on back home.

            Since we were debating England vs. America fucking up other countries, my response is that Tinsoldier was right and Ron Paul’s foreign policy would change that.

            CB- Which of his ideas are not bad? Why is he a loon? Such statements are merely your uneducated/uninformed opinion.

            Is he a “loon” because you are a far right conservative? Myself I am a left-leaning independent but would vote Ron Paul in a heartbeat.

    • cb4242

      So that justifies to racially discriminate against an entire race???

      • FYIADragoon

        Its just ironic that they’re first to start the discrimination.

        • cb4242

          The Chinese, yes. It is stupid and sad.

  • lonetrey

    After reading this article, I have a slightly better opinion of the mainland Chinese people. I admit, I have been slightly racist against them in regards to their attitude toward foreigners.

    My thoughts were something along the lines of “Stupid Chinese people. Why do they look down on black people? Must they repeat the mistakes of America in order to try and become the same as America?”

    I’m glad to see that I wasn’t as right as I thought I was.

    • JR

      Ahhhh….. you missed the comments section then?

      • lonetrey

        err. Well, I was formulating my opinion based on the photos and the article itself rather than the comments. I mean… no one is shown throwing rocks or beating the crap out of anyone in a fit of racism or anything….

        I suppose the rest of China has some inferiority complex or something, but at least the citizens of Guangzhou seems to be decent.

        • Anon

          You should know that Chinese are masters of the passive-aggressive. They like to say there’s no racism in China because there are no organized Chinese-supremacist groups beating up foreigners, but it’s horseshit.

          • B

            Also in response to your passive-aggressive racist post. I have many friends who are 華人 , born outside China raised in one of the most multi-cultural countries in Europe, yet they seem to all share similar racist view on black people. While executing comments that has forced me to drop my jar more then once. (an example is referring to black people as ; yellow mans slave)

            Yet they don’t hesitate to point fingers at the white community and call them racists, which is something that is puzzling me. So from my (limited) experience, yes I agree, very much passive-agressive to the point that they apparently are not conscious over their own racist view.

          • GodsHammer

            One kind of has to be passive aggressive when one average example of the people that you’re hating could likely physically deal with 10 AVERAGE members of your tribe.
            Other people might call it a ‘bitch-move’ but Chinos call it smart.

            Kind of like the racist white guys on CM who constantly post shit that they’d never say face to face with black people or even in front of other white westerners. Kind of a ‘bitch-move’ IMHO.

          • chillout_you_zhongguoren (aka mao18 & HunanBrett))

            So… looks like the Chinese dudes studying overseas in America are getting in on the action now too, sleeping with white girls over here… just saw this blog:


            Hmm, and look! no racist comments.. unlike on some Chinese sites

            [Note: Please do not pretend to be different people by using different names.]

          • That blog is only 3 weeks old and has not been updated in 2 weeks. Popular Chinese forums have millions of daily readers. That is why there is a difference in comments. Is that blog your site? Are you promoting it? Please do not use multiple names to pretend to be multiple people.

        • Joe

          Nah, beating up black people because they’re black is a white thing to do.

          • cb4242

            …And Blacks putting a bullet in the ass of whites because they’re white is a black thing to do.

          • TAKE5

            Quoting JOE “Nah, beating up black people because they’re black is a white thing to do.”

            Quoting cb4242 “…And Blacks putting a bullet in the ass of whites because they’re white is a black thing to do.”

            Gentlemen …neither of your statements are true.

            Joe have you been beaten up by a White guy? (school fights don’t count)

            CB have you been shot in the ass by a Black guy?

            Unless your taking about prison, Black people gun down and beat up other Blacks, White people gun down and beat up other Whites.

          • actionjksn

            The vast majority of racist attacks in USA are blacks attacking whites. The media and law enforcement call all black on white attacks, random NON hate crimes and the media heavily publicize any white on black incidents.

          • cb4242


            No doubt, I was just responding to Joe’s stupid rant to show what a loon he is. But your point is totally correct.

      • B

        Yeah where one of the highlights was “I look down on two kinds of people the most: One is racists and the other is black people!”

        That is hilarious.

        • Anon

          This is a common phrase that comes up in every thread about black people in China ever. It’s a reference to something, but I don’t know what.

          • B

            oh, I had no idea. I thought it was an inner struggle by the author.

          • Stu

            Sounds like it’s paraphrased from austin powers: ‘There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures… and the Dutch.’ In any case it’s a positive sign, since it’s clearly a joke.

  • Andrew

    Bloody disgusting racist comments at the bottom…

    • This is the internet and chinasmack, what do you expect? lol

  • GodsHammer

    One would think that after Chinese have spread to all parts of the world that they (of all people) would be a bit more understanding of the plight of the immigrant. Welcome to the WORLD Chinos!!!
    1.5 billion people here and it’s pretty homogenous…throw some pepper in the mustard and all of a sudden they’re afraid that Africans might get some say in how things are run? Jesus….do they even understand what Chinatown and Asian business associations do in North American cities? Same thing.

    • Capt. WED

      What the fuck. Chinese people don’t know jack shit about anything. They especially don’t give a fuck about us overseas. At least they don’t give a fuck about me so I don’t really give a fuck about majority of them. I’m not racist.

    • Tengu

      Well in Boston and other cities the “Chinese Merchants Association” was the American arm of the “On Leong Tong.” Murder racketeering, drug trafficking…also a lot of benevolent activities. Ran all the gambling parlors.

      Boston they found about 12 Kilos of heroin in some Bean Sprout washing machines sent from China…

  • MrT

    Chocolate Town now in Guilin.(soon to be city?) The Tribal gangs have moved in a took over Normal University area. Many do all kinds of business…..

    • eattot

      you still have face to show up here….
      go hell!

      • Nyancat

        Try taking some English lessons eattot, you will achieve greater success in getting your point across. Ah now you should know how it feels when people that are not from your country come in and make themselves at home. I’m mostly referring to how a certain group of individuals leave China, then go to places like France, Malaysia, Singapore and so on and have the audacity to expect the local population to bend to their will! The instances i’m referring to are the protests about Tibet by Chinese waving flags in a foreign country (lol at the irony).
        Another incident I read was about a PRC family in Singapore asking a local Singaporean Indian family not to cook curry, wow seriously? That’s like coming to China and asking someone to stop eating noodles. I’m not racist towards Chinese, heck my better half is Chinese, so before telling another person to go to hell consider the fact that many Chinese have made other countries their homes, so I think it’s even now.

      • cb4242

        eattot, what are you trying to say, my dear? Please, try and get your point across, try again.

  • Mirmidon13

    Oh lord, the irony is killing me! When i read all the comments of the Chinese Netizens i feel like these people suffers from historical amnesia…

    Since the early 10’s Chinese emigrants have been roaming the earth in search for place to prosper, until the point where you can go anywhere in the world and find a chinese person. So, my point is: What gives them the right to judge those who seek a better life?

    Seriously… some times China can be the capital of the double standards, like for example their take on racism. They find no problem in quoting outdated “racial positivism” when it suits them, but then get angry when the same though is used on them. For example The “Yellow Peril” that fictional character that portrayed the Asians as sneaky, evil, lowlife, scum that was slowly taking over the West.

    • MrT

      Most these Black Africans (Nigerians) are more racist then any other nationality I have come across in China. They are operating as tribes and gangs, going around with weapons. (they hate Americunts btw)
      They are totally unsociable with any one else accept Chinese who they manipulate.
      The Chinese police are only just getting to grip with this fact in GZ, so the blacks Africans are now moving out of GZ to try and escape the police crack down.
      There all using the same name “Obama” making it very difficult to track these people.
      Its a shame because there are plenty of normal good behaving blacks from other nations, backgrounds, cultures who are getting classed the same as the Africans because the Chinese can not tell the difference.
      Regards the business dealings here, yes many are exporting clothing but many are also importing other “goods” and into some serious sht.
      Its a big problem spreading like a epidemic, expect more visa restrictions to come into play.

    • Capt. WED

      because they don’t give fuck man. They are ignorant. Ignorant is ignorance.

    • Capt. WED

      By that I mean by definition they are not immigrants so they wouldn’t know what it’s like to immigrant to other country. Plus that they are ignorant. You are expecting most of these people to have a brain and think…not happening anytime soon.

  • Blackbitch

    We are Black and proud. We come to China to bring business hence boost your economy. Its your country and you are free to choose who comes in, just be careful least we decide who comes to our continent too. The cheap products we purchase are made in China bye Chinese right? Need I say more?

    • Are you a jet fighter pilot? Is “Blackbitch” your call name?

      Also: is that part “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” really true? I don’t think it is but the romantic in me doesn’t let go.

    • Irvin

      We’ll survive without your business, we make more as street vendors than selling to you anyway.

      • Dave

        Obviously, that’s why all these Africans gave up, and went home empty handed. Wait, no, people are selling their goods to them!

        Huh. I guess the proud, great peoples of the Heavenly Kingdom do need the lowly foreign trash after all.

        • Irvin

          Not a matter of need, but a matter of necessity, If there’re thrash in your front door with terribly smelling odor, you’ll want to sweep them away with haste even if it means selling your product at a discount price.

          • Dave

            That makes no sense.

            The merchants aren’t paying them to go away, they’re doing business with them, encouraging them to stay.

            Nice try, though. You can pretend the Chinese are better than Africans if it makes you feel better.

          • Nyancat

            wow the pot calling the kettle ‘black’

          • Irvin

            You can pretend africans ain’t cheap, poor and smelly if it makes you feel better.

          • cb4242

            Not pretending, just hitting you with a dose of reality.

      • cb4242

        Irvin, what do you know about cheap and smelly? Have you ever tried soap and if you don’t like it in China, you can always leave yourself, you don’t have to stay, no one is putting a gun to your head.

    • lonetrey

      Pride goes before a fall. Pride that blinds often stops people from seeing how both sides are really made up of many good people and many bad people.

      There are dumb useless poor smelly black people out there. There are also dumb useless poor smelly Asian people out there.

      There are also rich powerful well-groomed black people out there. There are also rich powerful well-groomed people of many other different race out there.

      Lets leave it at that before it becomes a matter of who’s majority of the minorities are worse because I have a feeling that you (as well as so many others) may lose that much face and pride in that argument.

      • GodsHammer

        Can’t one be poor and well groomed too? Or maybe rich and smelly (like a factory laoban…reeking of stale sweat on polyester golf shirt, baijiu, and cigarettes)? ;) Just sayin’

  • This one takes the cake: “I look down on two kinds of people the most: One is racists and the other is black people!” WTF?

    • Mark

      Just someone with a bloody good sense of self-deprecatory humor in my opinion.

    • That’s a quote that is refers to this one:

      “There are only two kinds of people in the world: those that separate people into two groups, and black people.”


  • jiayi

    Wow. Just wow.

    It’s true, Chinese and Black people really do get along like an old guy and a midget!

    Truthfully I CBF making people on the internet try to see how wrong they are anymore. Sometimes you have to remember that like all threads and articles, the internet makes it accessible to a delightful mix of both the spiritually enlightened AND the people who probably have a little shrine dedicated to Dr Death in their porch. Then we have trolls which is a different story altogether…

    Anyway, inneresting article, Fauna.

  • Will

    Interesting, 200,000 people with 4% growth per year has the makings of a substantial minority.

    • Dave

      As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 12.78 million.

      That’s over 1.5%

      The Han can’t have that.


    “What can Africans bring us besides AIDS?????!!!!”

    Foul odors, crime, civil unrest and abandoned offspring.

    • Irvin

      Sad but true, I really don’t know why the indians and blacks in china smell so bad. It’s really hard to be in the same elevator with them, even worst in the gym.

      Blacks in the caribbean and america don’t smell at all.

      • Nyancat

        you perv stop sniffing people. also wow u must be kidding right? a lot of guys in china like smoking once they open their mouths then you can’t compare to the smell of sweaty indians + black, so yea don’t say ur shit don’t stink.

        • Irvin

          Dude……let me put it this way: their odor is so strong you can smell them from the other side of the room with a napkin covering your mouth.

          If SARS was as strong as their odor the china would be under populated by now.

          • cb4242

            I hate to admit it, Irvin is right on this one, I will give him that. But some Africans do smell as do many Chinese, Koreans and for some reason, many eastern Europeans. This is not a racist statement, I have many African, Korean and Chinese friends, they are very clean, but they often have a strong oder, so hygiene is NOT the problem, it’s the diet. Most Japanese don’t smell, it’s not that they are cleaner, but they don’t eat so much garlic and meat compared to Chinese and Koreans. African Blacks and Africa as a whole has many spices that many western people aren’t familiar with so for us, it might be a bit more offensive.

          • Anon

            For Indians it’s their acidic spice diet. Any human who infuses himself with a spice diet (from young) will end up smelling the same. For Africans it might be the metabolism mismatch with climate but not so much bath habits. Hear those complaints anyway? Bathe harder and more often.

        • S.

          Two words: taxi drivers…

      • GodsHammer

        then maybe…just maybe it has nothing to do with skin color and more to do with food and deodorant choices?

    • Mirmidon13

      Are you serious!?

    • King Tubby

      Ah gee PP. Even after your extended holiday, you should be able to do better than that.

      Guys, be aware that PP’s dad is a black brother from one of the US army bases who met his mum in a 1000 won barber shop. Both of them took one look at the result and blew Dodge.

      Even though you are an orphan with issues, we still love ya PP.

  • a proud african

    what on this earth have we Africans done to Chinese to deserve such comment and racial abuse from them. come to African and see the number of Chinese doing labor jobs there.

    • Stu

      Ha! Good point… but don’t judge China based on what you see here. It’s only a small sample, and internet comments in any language tend to be more extreme than what you actually find in real life.

  • hanyucha


    Life for black guys is much worse in Beijing. Beijingers really don’t like black guys. I said to a taxi driver one time, if you had to choose between a western guy and a Chinese guy to marry your daughter, who would you choose. He said the western guy. I said, so what about if the guy was black. He said that he couldn’t accept a black guy literally because of the colour of his skin. It is not exactly racism, more like colourism. If you took the brain out of black guy and implanted it in a white guy, I think Beijingers wouldn’t even know the difference. Very much a surface thing.

    • Irvin

      Racialism is an intricate topic, on one hand one can refuse service or equality to someone of different ethnicity.

      On the other hand one can refuse to sleep with or marry one that’s not of their own race or of another ethnicity, but is it still racialism? or merely personal preference?

      I personally can’t see myself sleeping with a black, but then again I’m a pretty racial person. But I did slept with a white girl and I never liked white people.

      Everyone in the civilized world say racialism is bad, but not many can say why. When I was in the caribbean I was subject to alot of racial discrimination both verbal and non-verbal.

      What I notice is: every time they discriminate against me it seems they really getting a kick out of it. So why is it bad? One person’s expense brings joy to many. Just like comedians.

      It also really brings people together, both the one being racial and the ones being discriminate against. It brought the blacks together in america. Also remember that white crazy guy from the subway? the chinese really came together to beat the crap outta him, It’s hard to see chinese working together like that on their own accord.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is: there’re no absolution in life, perhaps racialism isn’t as bad as everyone said it is.

      • Brett Hunan

        Haha Chinese always fight like that. Gang up on an individual if you think you can win.

        I have never seen a fair fight (I have lived in several urban areas) involving Chinese people.

        If you saw the Hoyas v. Rockets team photos too you saw the trainer kicking a downed Hoya with 3 others around.

        And you call it “Chinese working together like that on their own accord”.

        If you saw 5 whites and a Chinese guy, you will see a 1 on 1 scrap fight. Can’t blame just the Chinese, I had about 11 South African Indians (worse than either nationality alone) kick my ass 2 years ago.

        • TAKE5

          if you saw 5 white guys and 1 chinese it would be a 1 on 1 scrape fight?..hahahaha Why would you make that statement? You were making your point just fine, and then you had to go screw it up. you could not leave it at “chinese might gang up on you”. It makes you look like you have a whiteman as superman complex, get over your self. You and i both know white guys will gang up on your ass too.

          • Brett Hunan

            You are 100% right. I have no idea why I wrote the “white” statement.

        • Brett Hunan

          i guess it depends on where your from. not white… your roght that was stupid and i was a little drunk when writing. anywaus im gonna pull my foot out of my mouth now

      • diverdude

        ‘birds of a feather; flock together’ ~

  • Irvin

    I lived in gz, one time out side of a black gathering the whole street was fill with blacks, I was wondering if I’m still in china.

    Personally as a business man I prefer europeans and north americans, but business is hard and now we even have to deal with the blacks.

    If they want cheap goods they really should go to yiwu instead though.

    • Nyancat

      I’m pretty sure that the Europeans and Americans look at you as you would look at a black person, so even though u don’t seem to like them, you still do business with them, a man of honor.

      • Irvin

        True, like they say: nothing personal, just business. That’s why I sell to blacks with no discrimination, I sometimes even shake their hands, but I always wash it afterwards.

        • Brett Hunan

          Thats good Irvin… I am sure he washes his hands after too.

          Given the nose-picking, loogie hocking, lack of soap in public places found everywhere in China… I am glad you are washing your hands more often.

          • Tengu

            Remember the toilets too.

            When’s the wee Hunanini due?

          • Brett Hunan

            Hey Tengu…

            I haven’t been around for a few days.

            Our fighter has moved on. We miscarried.

            My wife’s a bit of a hormonal wreck right now. It’s sad, but I think we are going to try again in a few months.

            Thanks for thinking about our little one.

          • Nyancat

            @Brett Hunan really sorry to hear about your wife’s miscarriage, you might want to ask your wife to talk to your doc about using Progesterone, my wife took these pills and we now have a healthy baby boy. You can read up on it here hope it helps you two out, best of luck!

          • Tengu

            Brett, sorry to hear about it. Yep, she’ll be wreck for while, so will you. Interwebs are funny in how we connect…my thoughts are with you.

        • cb4242

          So what ethnicity are you, big shot?

  • Julian

    what a comfy sofa!

  • Dave

    “Chinese people know their place and are orderly wherever they are, an active and motivated people.”

    Ha. Ha ha ha.



    • Nyancat

      hahahahaha, oh man I just shit myself laughing reading this comment.

  • Dinx

    The person/owner of this website that wrote these article is the biggest racists I have ever come across in my life. Anytime he/she wants to write up something about blacks or Africans, he/she put so much hatred in the article. I have been to different parts of the world and even most part of Africa and the number of chinese is so much. During Libya crisis, the number of chinese that came back is more than 40,000 people.

    The Nigerians you mention with hatred and other Africans you called with hatred have contributed a lot to the chinese economy. Do you know how many Chinese will be out of job if the whole Africa stop purchasing from China. You said that they are evil but if you check the biggest evil, then look no further because it is chinese people. Do you know the hazards you caused to other countries because of your fake products?

    Stop spreading hatred among your fellow human beings. You may not like your fellow human being but you shouldn’t lie against him. You are no better than him if you do that.

    • Irvin

      There’s too much love already, some hatred is good for a change. Are you black? I hate black people.

      • Dinx

        No, I belong to that race that your girls can dump all your guys just to sleep with. The race that your parents can give out their daughter and ask us to until they have something that look like us. I believe you know the race I belong to now.
        Stop the hate, low life.

        • Irvin

          No biggie, I hate white people too.

          • Tengu

            You hate everyone, consistency is good.

          • cb4242

            How about hating yourself?

        • Lakehouse

          Well said Dinx-

        • Lakehouse

          Well said Dinx–

    • kacha

      pullin out the race card…

      • mao18 (aka chillout_you_zhongguoren & HunanBrett)

        LMAO I think some commenter posted this above.. but..

        I bet Chinese losers bitching on sites like this will eat this up

        [Note: Please do not pretend to be different people by using different names.]

  • lololol

    It’s quite strange how the comments show that a lot of netizens do judge against the africans, while the article says that they don’t. Hmm

    • Irvin

      Not strange at all, if the article was translated from a chinese based news website then it’s heavily edited to suit the government’s “harmonious” agenda.

      • mr. weiner

        Actually I didn’t think most of the chinese netizins were that racist, There was the remark about AIDS from some dickhead of a customs guy [minor official, what can you expect] and a couple of blowhards talking about Black people being of a lower race [having never talked to one in their lives no doubt]. To most chinese seeing black folk is a new thing and they’re still a bit ignorant about the whole thing….If you want to see truely racist coments you should go to the southern states in the USA or my home country Australia.


        • Tengu

          Sadly, some of he south is less racist than the north. I live in what is probably the most liberal state in the nation.

          1976, US Bicentennial, a photo was taken of a shirtless, angry , white guy from South Boston jabbing a black man with a flag pole, knocking him down the stairs, US flag was wrapped around the pole.

          Guy doing the poking was unemployed, black man was a well known attorney. Happened right in Boston’s Government Center, 200th Anniversary of the founding of the country.

          So racism is all over…sadly.

          “Christ-on-a bike”
          – mr. weiner
          “Guo Meimei Responds to Red Cross Controversy – Part 2”
          Friday, August 26, 2011 11:16 pm

        • hooots

          What do you know about racism in the South Mr. Weiner? Racism is something that is prevelant evvvverrry where. I will definitely say that it is less prevelant in the South than in many other regions of the world. It’s almost a cliche to say the South is racist. I have dealt with much more serious racism in other places than in the South. A Chinese guy tried to stab me because I was American. Ask some black people in the South if a white person has ever tried to stab them because they were black. And because of this incident I don’t say,”North East China is racist.” Let’s just get away from generalizing about enormous populations of people. Group hug?

  • ODB

    Ignorance used to be bliss, but now it just leads to hatred. These netizens fear the unknown

    • cb4242

      Couldn’t have said it better!

  • mgorzynski

    the africans here are pretty hardworking and business saavy. unlike the african-americans who are lazy and feel entitled to a lifetime of handouts!

    • roger dodger

      so basically there is no difference between you and the Chinese netizens

    • SnarkyCow

      Based on what facts or evidence? Do you know anything about African history in the US? About how blacks were doing very well until the government conspired to arrest and criminalize black youths during the late 60’s?

      I doubt you’re educated.

  • nice to know that people still confuse africans with african americans haha. Of all of the people from africa that I have met (Around a dozen or so) each one has been unbelievably kind and warm hearted. Personally I would love to have a society based around that concept, however of course not everyone in Africa is so kind. Of the African Americans I know, (maybe around 100 or more,) very few share the same outlook on life. Different strokes for different folks, but if the people are pleasant, why bother complaining?

  • Cleo

    I want to open up a hostel catering to them and we can air music videos in the common rooms!

    And introduce them to authentic top notch cuisine.

    They’re modest, Muslim and they sit neater than the two Cantonese guys at the next table.

    They’re smart and refuse to buy glitter. They’re the “Most practical.”

    I feel GREAT LOVE just thinking about their frugal ways. We should see how they do with tai chi in their spare time. It might look really GOOD.

    Africans are the only reason I would want to do a business in Canton.

    Chinese must NOT swindle Africans. NEVER do it. You will be personally very sorry if you do.

  • Vinniez

    Comments from every place in the spectrum. Good to see China is pretty in line with the rest of the world if not more so in terms of racial openess and integration.

  • Misia

    “Poverty breeds violence and crime, while wealth breeds greed and slaughter”

    A little too tranchant, too skeptic maybe, but this guy has a point.

    P.S. Gotta love how no one gives two fucks if 1 South African out of 3 is HIV+, but if that South African migrates then all of the sudden boom, everyone magically realizes just how damn serious that issue is. People who don’t live following justice have no right neither to complain about injustice nor to be treated justly.

  • coala banana

    “China doesn’t actually have racial discrimination against Africans,”

    WTF ?

    i live now over 6 years in china as the only foreigner in our company. work, live and eat together with chinese for years. Sometimes more then 1-2 years pass without seeing any other foreigner. I still haven’t found 1 chinese who doesn’t hate blacks. When i ask them why they hate black people so much, they always answer “look at their skin color, and how dirty they look”. When they see a chinese girl with a black guy, they generally look down on them. So i think its a color thing in the first place, and race thing in the second place, cause after the black people which they hate the most, come japanese and then the rest of the western world which of course are all american or brits and all speak english. Kinda reminds me sometimes of the few years i spend working in the US. I have even found americans where i had the impression that they have a hard time to believe that there is a world outside the USA.

    • Foreign Devil

      What lost village do you live in that you don’t see a white person for a whole year??? Every city in China has plenty of white tourists and English teachers and business travelers.

  • Amelia

    Black, White, Chinese, Korean, Whatever
    They are still people – I have read a lot of racist comments on this topic, can those people be more open-minded please.
    Black people DO NOT represent AIDS or violence.
    P.S There are China Towns in London and New York. What difference does it make having another culture widely based in GuangZhou? You shouldn’t just judge a race by what you’ve heard or read off the internet or even by a person you don’t like. This is a disgrace to the world.

    • Irvin

      “I have read a lot of racist comments on this topic, can those people be more open-minded please.”


    • cb4242

      You are a very logical and rational person. You are 100% correct. We are all in this together. If that ignorant Irwin would need a knew Kidney and it came from a Black person and didn’t know about, he would walk around happy and frolicking around, as long as his ass is alive, he wouldn’t care, if given the choice of life or death.

    • Anon

      But White people DO represent AIDS (invented as a bio-weapon in WW1 by conspiracy theories) or violence (Colonialised Red-Indian America / slaughtered Mayans, Aztecs, colonised Africa and India, the Malayas, occupied China, nuked Japan) ironically. Are there Africa-towns in USA? Not the ghetto-harlems, but the authentic culture of Africans.

      • Tengu

        Couple of spots on the islands off North Carolina…

  • Snarl

    This is extremely ironic! I was there, I know many of these people, including Emma (pictured), and I helped with the research that created the basis for this article. I never thought I would see it here! 0_o

    • Stimpy

      Why is that ironic?

      • Snarl

        One doesn’t expect to see the products of their work show up on websites that they read. It’s ironic because it’s the last thing I expected to see here.

        • Irvin

          That’s not irony, more like “surprised” or “flattered”.

          • Snarl

            adjective /īˈränik/ 
            Happening in the opposite way to what is expected, and typically causing wry amusement

            It seems to fit the usage. Besides, do you have nothing better to do than comment on whether you think a word was used correctly?

          • Irvin

            I was just trying to deliver you from your ignorance.

          • Snarl

            It has clearly backfired you ignorant ass.

  • mp

    From the article: ” In 2009 July, a black person attempting to hide from the Guangzhou police inspection/check accidentally fell from an 18 meter building to his death.”

    Accidentally? Maybe so, but it reminds me of the time in the early 60s when the police were searching a lake in southern Mississippi. Unexpectedly they they drug up a negro from the bottom, all wrapped up in about 20 feet of heavy tire chain.

    The white sheriff, trying to make sense of it all, replied, “Just like a negro (I sanitize his actual words) to steal more chain than he can swim with.”

    • Snarl

      Actually what happened was that he underestimated the height. He thought he could jump down, but the fall was too far and he died. He was being chased by police at the time, his visa had expired.

  • kacha

    bad move china, you’ll soon have ghettos like americans, britons, and columbians, haitians, etc…
    not trying to be racist but it’s very hard to say africans produce anything good…look at fuking africa…place is shat for centuries

    • Misia

      You’re so right Kacha, if Africa is what it is it’s 100% African people’s fault. It’s not like we’re talking about the most unjustly exploited, colonised, abused, unluckiest continent in the whole world. Everybody knows there was a time when Africa had all the wealth and luck you can think of, then its people wasted it all on caviard and champagne. The Western world has no responsibility whatsoever in this.

      Seriously, the internet is the only place where you can talk like that and you know it, so have your little fun while you can.

      • Irvin

        So what you’re saying is: they can’t even defend their own shit.

      • kacha

        The majority of blacks are representatives of promiscuity, violence, and AIDS.

        copied that somewhere….think hard about this. not how true is this statement? people, don’t fugin blame other people for your own stupidity. and actually, the western world has LITTLE to do with this. last time i checked the idiots in the continent were killing their own people. i’m being too harsh now…

        they brought it on themselves.

        let’s not talk about africa. here in america, where opportunities are plentiful – hell you can even get a free meal. we’ve got a thing for welfare, education, and healthcare. and still we got a wild pack of these idiots. mind you, this is not everyone BUT STILL a sizable amount of ___ people. new orleans during katrina, haiti, south africa….s**t holes

        if you have time, i urge you to watch this. he sometimes rambles, but you’ll be surprised to see how much of this is actually true.

        • SnarkyCow

          Uh, right. COINTELPRO, as well as another of other government programs never happened, and didn’t result in the massive setback of the African American community in the US.

          You’re right, bro.

      • cb4242

        Well, I can see you are very educated and know your history well. Never know blacks loved so much Caviar and Champagne. That’s a whole lot of spending for the country to end up broke. Maybe, you should try again, go back, re-learn history and try to make a decent argument next time.

      • Snarl

        Adam Smith explores the idea of why Africa has failed to develop in The Wealth of Nations. He makes a solid argument that it really is, by and large, their own problem, and not one that was foisted on them by those “evil” whites. It can be and it has been argued both ways, but don’t discount other assertions on the premise that yours must be right.

        • Misia

          Did Africans ever drop bombs on Europe just to exploit their natural sources, just to steal their oil? Do Africans have a colonizing tradition to match Westerners’? Did Sicilians get shot in the middle of the Mediterranean sea trying to get a decent life in Libya or maybe it was the other way around?

          Also, Westerners accusing other races of promiscuity / violence is beyond laughable, same as Asians like Michael Hughes standing against multiculturalism when their countrymen are very literally all over the world. And you talk about body smell like it’s an issue worth discussing. Body smell. You’re just emotional, weak people.

          • Misia

            (Sorry Snarl, I obviously clicked on the wrong message, I meant to reply to kacha’s post)

          • Snarl

            “You’re just emotional, weak people.”

            Misia, Misia… you’re trying so hard to express your bigotries against white people, that you forgot to say anything in defense of Africans. By the way, since you don’t seem to know much about African history, you might as well learn that Africans more than matched the indignity of the colonies (which, it turns out, benefited Africans greatly), as African tribal warlords in the past have been more brutal and inhuman toward other Africans than any other people group in history. Just look at Idi Amin for goodness sake. Or the African slave traders of centuries past (what, did you honestly believe it was those evil American farmers that came to Africa and took them back to the colonies by the boat load?).

          • Misia

            You’re right, I don’t know much about African culture, all I know is that if nowadays we talk about Westernization (not Africanization, Westernization) there has to be a reason. You don’t impose yourself on a worldwide scale without being aggressive.

          • Brett Hunan


            Michael Hughes uses the picture of John Cho, an actor from Los Angeles (Harold and Kumar go to White Castle), as his avatar, so you have no idea whether or not he is Asian, white, black, brown or red.

            Who cares what anyone says over the tubes (you are becoming emotional too)… tell all your friends vote Ron Paul 2012 and get rid of “westernization/Americanization” everywhere except America.

            You make decent points, but weak emotions got the best of you.

  • Coon Catcher

    200,000 nigs in Guangzhou and more everyday. Disgusting. China needs to smarten up. Look what they did to the USA. When the nigger population in China reaches that of the USA, the Chinese people will be able to experience the full animalistic behavior of these niggers. Let China have taste of the LA, NY, Chicago, or Detroit style riots. A nigger has one place in society; hanging from a tree at the bottom of a rope around its neck ; )

    • mr. weiner

      get back under your bridge troll.

    • cb4242

      Well, since you brought blacks to the US and push and force them to accept entitlements and make them co-dependent on the liberal party you are breeding a disaster. The liberal Democrat system during the later 60’s was designed to keep Blacks down and for the most part still has. Granted, everyone is responsible for their own life and has to accept accountability, but to say or to put the blame solely on blacks, makes you look like an ignorant peckerwood, like the inbred you are. You can always take a boat and go back to Europe, trust me, we wouldn’t miss you. Bon voyage, ya son of a bitch! ;)

    • Foreign Devil

      Daniel Carver! Welcome to Chinasmack

  • nn

    There are a lot of friendly Africans in China, and they are quite smart as far as I know. I also see so many dumb white in America wasting their life in party. They don’t know economy, either outside world. I feel like many Chinese lack of good sense of judgment. One of my Chinese gal just said to me: Wow, you take ballet class in US, that must be the best in the world. I told her, that is bullshit, Chinese ballet class is way better than class here. But I cannot stop her thinking that America is the best. I guess unless a person travel a lot and open his or her heart, he or she might see the world more objectively. I guess most of the people in the America have such a bias: European>North American>dogs>Asian~South American~African

    • Capt. WED

      No I think it depends on which side of the bed you woke up that day. The order I mean…On most days I think YOUR dog > everything else.

    • Capt. WED

      I think it will go down the mass extermination one of these days, I’m sure it will happen.

    • Tengu

      Actually the best ballet classes are at the Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Best ballet dancers male AND female are Russian, fact. You can tell a Russian dancer when you see them.

      Chinese dance well technically, but are stiff in bringing any “life” to their roles. They’re new to classical ballet, the one who emigrate to the US will be fine, they stay in China, they’ll continue to be stiff, it’s a subtle form of self expression they cannot seem to overcome.

      Want to see good creative Chinese dance go see, LDTX (Lei Dong Tian Xia) out of Beijing.

  • Llanero

    Are we sure that these are actual Africans and not just Chinese cosplayers?

    • LaughingCow

      You are the greatest.

  • liu mang

    Copied and pasted from above.

    “Chinese people know their place and are orderly wherever they are, an active and motivated people… As for black people, they are lazy and carefree wherever they are, and like to cause trouble, not diligent in learning, nor in work”

    first of all many chinese people are not very motivated. they are slow in their office works. and many of them are lazy and quite a few are not orderly, if they were, there would not be such horrible traffic problems. simple rule of thumb on the roads but they don’t exist in beijing. i dont know about gz.

    second the people who always say something negative about another race of people is usually quite close minded and stupid. how could you slam an entire race of people based on a few people that you know.

    i on the other hand have seen many “blacks” who have far better education than most people and have worked hard to make their lives better.

    there are good and bad people in all ethnic backgrounds.
    if you think all chinese people are good or if any ethnic background is entirely good

    then you are delusional and need a labotomy

  • Hongjian

    I can see why Chinese react so strongly towards them blacks.

    After all, we Chinese arent even a bit better than the lowliest nigger from the bronx.

    When Africans need a cure for AIDS and collective incompetence, Chinese need a second cultural revolution plus nationwide brainwashing-campaign as cure for our collective retardism and corruption. Just as lots of blacks, Chinese also need to have their niggerism getting beaten the fuck out of the heads – with metal spiked leashes, if neccessary.

    With this, that giant faggot and retard Liu Xiaobo wasnt even wrong. China needs at least 300 years of western colonialism to unfuck the people’s minds and to wipe clean the corrupted culture. Any less than this, no chigger has a right to feel better than an average nigger.

    • mr. weiner

      Hongjian you poor self race hating sap will you please stop with the “Nigger” coments? It’s bad enough that you are putting down your own race , but you will never develope as a person until you stop putting down others. The worrld is full of three kinds of people regardless of race : good fuckers, bad fuckers and some people are just fuckers.
      I think you’re falling into the latter catagory at present..

      • Rosemon Pilot

        LMAO!…from the way you some of you racist chinks and cracker jacks carry on about Blacks….I just sit her in amuzement at your ignorance….So it brings me great pleasure to hit you with a little history lesson 101…AHEM

        ….Life itself started in AFRICA!!! THE ORIGINAL CHINESE WERE BLACK!! Your earliest ancestors migrated and adapted to the various regional climates of what you today call china!!! I almost pity you lost souls….but if I had a government who treats me like shit….and a small dick…I’d be pretty pissed at Black people too!!! You poor babies!!! Suffering from many of life great inequities!

        • TAKE5

          Rosemon, dose it really matter that man came out of Africa?

          When the revelation was new it had impact, now it’s getting old and played out to reference it…at leas that is how i see it. It sounds more like a lame excuse or defense when one has nothing else to say.

          I understand your frustration with the way some here carry on about Blacks, but if someone is determined to hate you they will.

          • Rosemon Pilot

            Take 5….within the subject context of this article about the chinese hating “AFRICANS”….Yes… me it does matter in relation to the topic at hand.

            It will never be a played out reference as long as far as I see it. It’s niether a lame excuse or defense…I have plenty to say and could go on forever. Yes people will hate you just for the sake of it…but it doesn’t mean one should just let it go unchecked.

    • cb4242

      I had absolutely no idea as to what that rant was about. Hongjian, put the bong down for awhile.

    • BufferCow

      Hong. There’s a reasonable point somewhere in that over the top, ludicrous rant.

      You’re at 11. You should take it down to a 5.

  • jason

    The comments left by the Chinese aren’t that racist when you look at some popular message boards based in the United States. Seriously, has anyone checked out comments on Yahoo news articles in the past years? Most of those people are probably card carrying KKK members, and it’s like the fourth most popular website!!! I can say without a doubt if this article was “americanized” and posted on yahoo about blacks, arabs, whoever, they’d all be just as if not more racist with a thousand thumbs up for each of those comments.

    • Capt. WED


    • Snarl

      If only everyone could agree on a common definition for racism and differentiate it from personal preference, and rational choice. Until then, we can continue to point the finger and call everyone else racists. This topic has long since been bleached in the political wash.

  • Josh

    For some reason, it’s difficult to believe statements like this:

    “According to Arnold, an Associated Press journalist previously based in Africa, China doesn’t actually have racial discrimination against Africans, “the so-called discrimination is instead similar to how urban residents discriminate against people from the rural countryside who have no money nor know the rules.” Photo is of Chinese and Africans at a food stall.”

    When people comment, unprompted, with this:

    Blacks are simply a low-level race—– This comment is something I heard elsewhere.
    Think about it and you know it is true.

    oh and this one is a gem

    The majority of blacks are representatives of promiscuity, violence, and AIDS.

    • Chad

      Of course those 2 handpicked comments represent all of China. Do you also use Youtube, Fox News, CNN, and Yahoo comments to represent the USA? If so, it seems like everyone else is like the KKK.

    • GZ-EXPAT

      China is a big country, the attitudes towards Black people are not the same troughout the country, in guangdong people are very open towards foreigner, but in other provinces attitudes can be a less different

  • Andy B

    Haha you Chinese are sooo racist.

    The funny thing is that no one likes you apart from old white men who like having sex with your boys and girls and any other Asians they can find.

    Most of the white people I know say they you smell and yet there I am defending you guys. Until I read rubbish like this.
    I’ve been to Chinese three times and don’t have a problem with you guys but you really need to get with the real world.

    Once you have an economic slow-down like all capitalist economies do you’ll have all the problems you need without writing rubbish about blacks.

    • Chad

      I always get a chuckle when seeing a racist whining about racists.

  • I’m against the intrusion of africans into asia full stop! multiculturalism doesn’t work

    • Foreign Devil

      Micheal, you look Asian. . are you living outside of your ancestral country? I hope not!! Otherwise you’d be a huge hypocrite.

      • whododat

        I betcha that you are, Foreign Devil.

        Better go home and practice what you preach.

        Chinese when to other places to work as slave labour, you whites should thank them for building your country with their blood for $15usd a year, that’s cheaper than black slaves.

  • Hm… so it appears the infamous “breaking point” of China is starting to show again? So, how hard will the powers to be in Beijing will lock down borders in near future?

  • Foreign Devil

    As Chinese immigrants have infiltrated every other nation in huge numbers it is only right that China begins getting lots of immigrants. And those immigrants should have equal rights.

  • frank


  • >China doesn’t actually have racial discrimination against Africans, “the so-called discrimination is instead similar to how urban residents discriminate against people from the rural countryside who have no money nor know the rules.”

    Follow by huge amounts of racism inthe comments. Awesome.

  • thunderkat211

    “No, I belong to that race that your girls can dump all your guys just to sleep with. The race that your parents can give out their daughter and ask us to until they have something that look like us. I believe you know the race I belong to now.
    Stop the hate, low life.”

    Clearly the guy who wrote this comment has been to China or maybe lives in China. So true. I am also part of that race and everything about this comment is true. Sorry, the truth hurts.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      What makes whitey so great? Is it his ability to enslave other races, move from his homeland to go take over another man’s land? Is it his ability to build enormous financial institutions & corrupt societies eventually bringing down societies and all economies and institutions with him? Is it because whitey has pretty much caused chaos on a global scale but has also risen to such a high level of economic wealth that those other than whitey look past his horrific wrongdoings because the image of whitey is the image of success or wealth created from the impressions people get from 1 country.

      1/2 the word already knows what whitey has done, and what really makes him the REAL n*gger on the block. When the other half wakes up, guess what – You’re still going to be white! So whatever claim to greatness you want to make, go right ahead.
      You really just sound like one of the ignorant chinese commenters above. At least people can attribute their ignorance to a closed society and lack of education. Sorry can’t say the same for you cuz your white remember!

      • rollin wit 9’s

        That is not directed at you thunderkat – just thought u should know i can read haha

  • Love China

    i read a comment written by a chinese that has really upset me… “What can Africans bring us besides AIDS?????!!!!” The chinese population really need to stop associating such negative things with foreigners. there might have been a marked increase but there is no proof watsoever that aids was spread due to foreigners. the pre-70s born chinese need to open its eyes, without foreign investment, china would b nothing… NOTHING!!! for china to open its boarders again to foreigners was a necessity. i dare modern china to close its boarders again. it wont survive 5 years… fact.
    i love china and i love the chinese ppl. the chinese friends i have made here are kind and extremely loving. china was an extremely big influence getting the world out of the recent financial crisis. but chinese remember, u need the world as much as the world needs u. i just hope such racism will vanish soon and be more accepting. Zhong guo jia you!

  • HunanBrett (aka chillout_you_zhongguoren & mao18)

    Stop the presses! Chinese now spreading AIDS in the US of A:

    Oh, irony of ironies…

    [Note: Please do not pretend to be different people by using different names.]

    • Brett Hunan

      isn’t that just an opposite copy of a website that got an American kicked out of China?

      USA already has AIDS

  • Willy Wonka

    200 thousand + blacks in China!?!? Why!?! China has 1 billion plus. Does this make sense to anyone? How many whites live in China?
    I doubt it’s that many.
    If China really wants to let in non Asian foreigners wouldn’t it make sense to let in more whites instead blacks and not making them be half assed “english teachers”?

    Look at it this way. Let’s see what the white race has contributed to China and the world in general and compare it to what has been by blacks.
    Whites: automobiles, trains, planes, satellites, television, computers, refrigerators, microwave, electrical technology, etc. And to China specifically the formerly white nation known as the USA has allowed businesses to bring such technology and innovation via manufactury which the Chinese were able to recreate on their own now. Such things were born in white minds not black.
    Now let’s look at what blacks did for the world and China.
    Blacks:……(crickets chirping).

    Not to mention Chinese + white make nicer more intelligent and better looking children if such marriages occur than black and Chinese.

    • Misia

      Sure, ’cause producing things is totally what matter most, and physical beauty is so relevant. Go on please, you’re proving my point much better than I ever could.

      • cb4242

        You are truly welcome!

      • cb4242

        You are truly welcome!

    • cb4242

      Willy Wanker

      Look at it this way. Let’s see what the Black race has contributed to China and the world in general as to the overall contribution of the United States.
      While Whites were drinking their lemonade, they practically built the country, yes, forced to, but still by their hands. (Had to correct that record) but let us look a bit deeper, shall we?
      Blacks: Air Conditioning unit, Almanac, Auto cut-off switch, Cell phone, Clothes dryer, Elevator, Blood plasma bag, folding chair, guitar(thanks Jimmy) ice cream scooper, lock, mail box, pencil sharpener, record player arm, refrigerator(sorry, dude, you lied on that one. J. Standard-black man-1891, spark plug, stethoscope, stove, thermostat control, traffic light, typewriter.
      And a whole lot more…
      And to China specifically the colorful nation of the US has allowed businesses to bring technology and innovation, which China and the world benefited from. These things were born in the Black minds.
      Who started WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, most white collar crimes, child molesters, serial killers, who killed the Jews, Gypsies, Blacks within the last 80 years? ….Whites.

      Not to mention that also Chinese or any other Asian for that matter make beautiful as well as intelligent and extremely exotic looking children. @Wanker, they do exist, go to Jamaica, Europe and the US and you’ll see for yourself.

      But don’t worry, the marriages will increase between Blacks and Chinese and that’s inevitable, which is a good thing.

    • Kyle

      Willy Wonka,

      Don’t you know that blacks are responsible for the creation of every advance civilization in this world, including China? Just watch this video:

      You will get a great laugh like I did. Isn’t there anything that these “people” won’t try to steal, including other people’s culture?

      Trains, planes, computers…. those all came from the genius minds of Africans. I’m sure they are in China building advance spaceships for the Chinese. If not for the Africans, Chinese society would have collapsed already. But thankfully, that’s not the case. China will soon be able to colonize other planets because of African technology.

      • cb4242

        Just like Whites stole and pillaged almost non-white people for hundreds of years. Forgot to mention that, eh? And yes, blacks have contributed to the advancement of the US, so Blacks aren’t claiming to have invented the wheel, but just like other people living in the US, invented many things we all use today. *See my previous post. Be careful what you wish for, China has stolen a lot of technology from other countries, again, not reinventing something, just making it cheaper, much, much cheaper and in the end, the way things are going, China might and could possibly attack the US and I don’t think Blacks would be the people that they would attack first.

        That made me laugh.

        By the way, if you search on youtube, you will find the Koreans also said, the same thing that they are the ones that created civilization, so that means, many people jump on that bandwagon, not only militant Blacks. Get your facts in order.

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