Age-Guessing Website Goes Viral On Chinese Social Media

Age-Guessing Website Goes Viral On Chinese Social Media

In what seems like the course of a night, Chinese social media is full of people posting the gold cards from which guess a person’s gender and age based on a photo, many of which are selfies. When the software guesses their age younger than they really are, netizens say things like “I’m embarrassed to even pretend I’m this young,” but when it guesses too old the disapprovingly say things like “I felt the evil that comes from Microsoft.” The webpage, which accumulated over 210,000 pictures within hours of going up, is based on facial recognition software from Azure.

Source: QDaily

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  • Necrogodomega

    This thing is all over Weixin and Weibo. Even Western nets.
    Microsoft really got a winner with this, yet it’s so bad at the “guessing” sometimes I feel like it’s the Baidu picture translator thing.

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