Air Algerie Flight 5017 Plane Crash, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Air Algerie passenger plane in flight.

Air Algerie passenger plane in flight.

Currently the second most popular microblog post on Chinese social network Sina Weibo…

From Sina Weibo:

@央视新闻: #Air Algérie Passenger Plane Crash# Passenger Plane That Algerian Air Traffic Controllers Lost Contact With Confirmed to Have Crashed — Today, contact was lost with an Air Algérie MD-83 passenger plane operated by Spain’s Swift Air 50 minutes after take-off and it has been confirmed to have crashed in Niamey, the capital of Niger. The plane was carrying 110 passengers, and 6 flight crew. (CCTV reporter Ge Ziyi)

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Next month I’ll be taking Malaysia Airlines back home, wish me luck!


[泪] Requesting good luck wishes. On the 30th, I’ll be flying from Shanghai to Kunming, and it’ll be my first time flying. Requesting best wishes. [得意地笑]


Please bless that my flight to Australia tomorrow to be smooth and problem-free. Requesting upvotes and best wishes. [飞机]


Tomorrow I’m taking the [Malaysia Airlines] MH113 flight back home. It’s the same flight path as the one that went missing, the one to Beijing. I simply refuse to believe [it’ll happen again, I’ll be so unlucky]. Everyone wish me lucky.


August 26th, Seoul, Korea nonstop to Urumqi, Xinjiang. I hope everyone will wish me luck.


I think all these air disasters are not merely coincidence. Why did they lose contact? Can the planet continue enduring [what humans are doing to it]? Perhaps experts already know what the relevant reasons are. Perhaps the earths’ magnetic field has been damaged.


These pilots [in all these recent cases] are all summer workers [similar to “temporary workers“], right?


Every since Qvod has been shut down, there are more and more people “hitting planes” [an intentional pun of the common euphemism for male masturbation].


This year really is the unlucky year for the airline industry. If one day I am to take a plane to come find you, you must believe this is true love that transcends life and death!


Too are too many people “hitting planes”.

The story is also currently the top trending topic and #hashtag# on the popular microblogging platform.


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