Air Force Leader Orders Helicopter Fleet To Circle Hometown

Air Force Leader Orders Helicopter Fleet To Circle Hometown

A high-ranking officer of the Guangzhou air force ordered a fleet of helicopters to circle his hometown to “send his greetings” to it after obtaining official permission. 40-year-old Colonel Xu Desheng said that he really misses his fellow countrymen from Xiantao after being away for years, and wanted to give them an aerial display of the country’s power and prosperity. Xu was responsible for leading a fleet of helicopters that carried the national flag during the September 3 WWII parade. The most popular netizen comments showed support for the event, with some even bashing those who lamented over the expense.

Source: qq

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  • mr.wiener

    [sings] Zhong guo! Feck yeh!…comin’ to save the mothafeckin’ day now!

    • Amused

      I thought that was “here to steal your motherfucking sea lanes” ;)

  • Vance

    I would agree with the netizens summarized here. Why not give your hometown a show to let them enjoy what their tax money buys. Better than some politician flying around in them to go to his fundraisers. (I know. Commies. They don’t have fundraisers because they don’t have to run for re-election, but they have many personal functions I’m sure.)

    • Jahar

      I don’t have a problem with it, but I think it should be based on giving a show to the people of the country, not just one guy’s hometown.

      • Vance

        I can see that point. Of course, I guess that’s what they did Sept. 4.