Airport Cleaner Finds Gold Jewelery, Faces Life In Prison


From Tianya:

An airport cleaner who only makes a thousand yuan per month unexpectedly “picked up” [found] a box of gold jewelery worth over 3 million yuan RMB next to a trash can! The most staggering things is that this kind of “good luck” for this “lucky person” was actually the beginning of a nightmare.
As a result of this windfall, 40-year-old cleaner Liang Li may be prosecuted by the judicial organ for theft, and if convicted, because of the huge sums, the harshest punishment Liang Li faces is — life imprisonment!

She, Liang Li, is 40-years-old and from Kaifeng, Henan province. She works for a cleaning company, and is responsible for the cleaning of Shenzhen Airport Terminal B Departure Hall. Around 8:20 in the morning, Liang Li was cleaning as usual in the Terminal. The first time she walked to the #19 check-in counter, she saw two female passengers with a child next to the trash can eating seeds, between them a luggage cart with a small cardboard box similar to instant noodle boxes on it. After 5-6 minutes, the passengers hurriedly entered the security check point. After a while, Liang Li arrived at the #19 counter trash can and saw that the small cardboard box was still on the luggage cart. Thinking that they had abandoned/discarded it and seeing that there were no people around, she treated it as a discarded article and put it in her cleaning cart. Then Liang Li continued to work in the hall. At around 9 o’clock, Liang Li walked to #16 restroom at the hall’s north side which was about 79 meters away from where the incident occured, telling a co-worker Cao X that she “picked up” a cardboard box, that within might be a battery, to first put it in the handicapped restroom, and to give it back if someone were to claim it.

Around 9:40, Liang Li and other cleaners gathered on the 3rd floor to eat breakfast together, and amongst them Liang Li again told everyone that she found a cardboard box, that is relatively heavy, and could be a battery. At this time, another cleaner Ma X asked to go see it, and that if it were a battery to give it to him to use for his electric scooter.

With this, Ma X and Cao X went downstairs to the handicapped restroom where the cardboard box was, and after opening the cardboard box discovered that actually bags of gold jewelery were inside. The two people took out two bags and after taking one each, left. When it was almost time to get off work, Cao X saw Liang Li and tod her that the cardboard box probably contained gold jewelery. Liang Li did not believe her, went to that restroom and took out the jewelery to see, and also gave a piece of jewelery to her co-worker Han Ying to go ask the gold jewelery store in the terminal hall. Han Ying came back to tell Lian Li, this jewelery is the same as the gold jewelery sold in the jewelery store. Liang Li thought Han Ying was joking with her, thinking it was impossible for such valuable things to not be claimed by anyone, and at most they were the fake jewelery that are sold on the side of streets.  No matter what, they were found and not stolen, so at worst he could take them home after work and give them to children to play with or gift them to relatives and friends. So after getting off work at noon, Liang Li took the cardboard box back to her home.

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At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Liang Li’s co-worker Cao X yelled from the bottom of her rented apartment, saying: The thing you found, the owner has called the police. Liang Li told Cao X, saying it will be fine if she just turns it in tomorrow when she goes to work.  Around 6 o’clock in the evening, two people came to Liang Li’s home, saying they are police, asking her whether or not she picked up a cardboard box. After checking that they were police, Liang Li voluntarily took out from under her bed that cardboard box and gave it to them. The police took Liang Li’s entire family to the police station.

Apparently, on that morning at 9 o’clock, the airport police stations received a report from a man called Wang Tengye, saying that he was an employee of a jewelery store in Dongguan City, that on that morning at 8 o’clock at the #19 counter while handling the paperwork for checking in luggage, the airport staff told him that valuable items cannot be checked in, so he immediately went to the #10 counter 22 meters away to ask the manager on duty, and had put indeed put a 14 kg cardboard box of gold jewelery on the luggage cart, and this luggage cart was parked next to the #19 counter trash can. 10 minuteslater, when Wang Tengye returned to his original place, he discovered that the box had disappeared, and hurriedly called the police.

That night, the airport police using plain clothes policemen found this gold from Liang Li, Cao X, and Ma X. Through appraisal, the jewelery found with Liang Li was a total of 13599.1 grams of pure gold, worth RMB 2,893,922 yuan; with the gold jewelery recovered from Cao X and Ma X being worth 106,104 yuan and 66,048 yuan.


Comments from Tianya:


Compared with the street racing case, [killing] a human life is inferior to picking up gold…


Sigh, those corrupt officials embezzle several tens of millions but are only sentenced under 20 years, so who told us to be little ordinary citizens? No money, no power, no background, only able to scream and yell on the internet, but what use is it?
(The above was randomly generated text, I only pressed several of the 26 letters, and do not know why these Chinese characters appeared, could it be that my computer has a virus? I hope a skilled person can help me resolve it. )


If even this is sentenced forever, then everyone must remember: do everything you can to “embezzle” and not “pick up”.


I saw a piece of news today, there was a corrupt official who embezzled a lot, but was only sentenced 15 years.
Had I known it was like this earlier, I would have gotten some gold and let the corrupt official pick it up, so this way he can be sentenced for life OH YEAH~~


Murderer, light sentence.
Embezzler, light sentence.
Rapist, light sentence.
Because they are the government’s people.
Without stealing and robbing, others must always be locked up.
Not pocketing the money one picks up is a virtue, but it can’t be a necessity, right?


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Actually I wanted to hear what that stupid cunt who lost the gold jewelery has to say.


My god, returning the lost things is good enough, why send a low-level cleaner to prison? Isn’t this a little too much? If I were that person’s child, I would definitely murder the owner after I grow up. He would become my mortal enemy, the trash, losing his own stuff yet still blaming others!!


To be honest, if a box of jewels were placed in front of me, I also would very likely not turn it in, with the reason being:
1. I may not be able to find the owner.
2. The most important thing is: In this society, there are people who do bribery, corruption, stealing robbery, swindling, burning, killing, and looting, while all of our legal ways to get rich have basically all been blocked off, so we can only acknowledge that we do not have the fate of winning a million through a 10 yuan lottery ticket (a lot of those are to cheat the ordinary common people right?), so if there were such a get rich opportunity placed before me, am I not allowed to think that this was bestowed upon me by the heavens, and not take a chance?


Chinese characteristics: officials embezzle several tens of millions only sentenced a few years, ordinary citizens find money sentenced forever.


I think this case and Xu Ting’s case are very different. To this point I still think Xu Ting was wronged:
According to logic, when we are applying for bank cards, we are signing an agreement with the bank, but there is one thing that is not written on this agreement, but we must all admit, and that is:
However much money I withdraw from the card is however much money the bank should deduct.
If you do not acknowledge this agreement then the bank will lose its credibility. So when Xu Ting withdrew 100 yuan, but the bank only deducted 1 yuan, we know: the bank breached contract!
The bank breached the contract but made Xu Ting pay for it, this is ridiculous.


China’s law is already not a virgin, having been raped but not learning from her mistakes afterward.


This is without question theft.

Airport luggage cars are not supermarket shopping carts, what is inside is personal property.

If this cleaner is innocent, then the shipping people, etc. in the airport can arbitrarily determine other people’s things to be “abandoned/discarded” things.


Wow, the job of picking up trash is really dangerous.


That owner truly TM is a SB lowly person, the law is a whore any person (here person is of course rich people) can fuck.


I ding this post with 70 km/h speed, allowing me to ding it 5 meters high, 20 meters far.


Comments from Sina:


When we promote not pocketing the money one picks up, it is not to say that one must not pocket the money one picks up. She found something and has the right to first consider before acting. The person who lost something should earnestly request the finder to return to him, and appropriately give a reward.  If the person who lost something seeks his items through the police, then treats the finder like a thief, then that goes against society’s rules. If the law then wants to charge the finder with a crime, then society has been flipped upside down! Because that finder could destroy the found item, and as long as he does not admit it, he is completely innocent.


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1. Withdraw fake money from ATM — the bank denies responsibility.
2. Online bank robbed —> depositor/account holder responsible.
3. Bank accidentally gives too much money —> depositor/account holder must return.
4. Bank accidentally gives too little money —> not responsible if you left the counter.
5. ATM machine error gives too little money —> User responsible.
6. ATM machine error gives too much money —> User stole, be jailed forever.
7. Guangdong Kaiping Bank boss embezzles 400 million —> jailed 12 years.
8. ATM error spits out extra 170,000 for ordinary commoner Xu Ting —> jailed forever.
China’s characteristics.


This incident has given me an inspiration: Do not recklessly pick up things from the ground, but the responsibility of cleaners is to maintain cleanliness, so may I advise that in future no one be cleaners, lest one day you unwittingly become Liang Li Number Two, arrested on charges of theft.


According to Japan’s legal regulations, even if someone finds something and returns it to the owner, the owner must pay 6-12% of the lost items’ value, and if over one month no one claims the lost items, the itms are automatically the finder’s. I think we should also enact this statute.


Safekeeping 3 million gold jewelery like this? Liar, he should be charged with negligence!


I am speechless, finding something and not returning it can be sentenced for life? I often pick up 1 mao, 1 yuan, etc. money on the streets, and have never thought of returning it to others. I turn around give it to a beggar. Is doing this breaking the law? I can certainly say that if 3 million were placed in front of me, I definitely would take it. We all covet, right? Me taking advantage is not allowed? There are also people who pretend to be noble and virtuous, saying they would not pocket what they pick up. That is because you did not pick up enough. If there really was 3 million in front of you, we should ask how many people in China would be able to avoid pocketing the money? How many people have argued daily with their boss because their wages was short 50-100. How many people have argued half the day with a vendor at the market to save 1-2 yuan. If you had 3 million, let me ask, would you still care about that 1 yuan of money? Finding 3 million is life sentence! If it were me, I would immediately and stealthily leave the country because with 3 million I can do anything! This is just my personal feelings, it is relatively extreme.


Brothers, China’s laws protect the rich, so just stop hoping.

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