AKB48 Sister Group SNH48 Member Voted Hottest in China by Japan

From QQ:

According to Japanese media reports, recently a certain Japanese media selected the most beautiful woman in China, however the surprising winner was not Fan Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi or other internationally known beauties but Ju Jingyi, a member of China’s idol girl group SNH48. Because of this Ju Jingyi became the top search term on several Japanese sites.


Japanese media using the title “China’s number one beauty in 4000 years”, to highly praise Ju Jingyi of China’s idol girl group SNH48, which led to numerous reposts online, and became a hot search term on many sites. According to reports, Ju Jingyi was a second generation SNH48 member and is currently in team NII, she came 4th in the group’s general election.


Japanese media’s selection was supported by Japanese netizens, “Ju Jingyi surpassed Mai Shiraishi of the idol girl group Nogizaka46.” However regarding the result of the selection by Japanese media, Chinese netizen had different opinions. Some expressed “she is good looking but girls like her are plentiful in China.” Other netizens expressed, “this girl only conform to Japanese standard for beauty, and having foreigners judge Chinese beauties is too weird.” Other netizens quipped “is she really the most beautiful? Would she dare to show her forehead?”

Comments on QQ:


She is good looking, but the problem is that girls like her are plentiful in China.


Because she look like a Japanese AV idol.


My wife is the most beautiful in the universe!


Little Japan is debasing China, they think Chinese beauties are merely like this.


What the fuck does whether our country’s women are beautiful have to do with you! You Japanese only like women who look like blow-up dolls.


Do Japanese all like this type? They only like cute lolis?

❦Clown༢ུ ღ:

With no make-up, no PS [photoshop], no cosmetic surgery, may I ask can you still recognize her? Think about it, haha…


It’s a pity [she] is not shooting AV [adult video].


Sora Aoi is the number 1 beauty.


SNH48 is the sister group of AKB48. By saying this Japanese media can pander to the mind of Chinese Otakus, while at the same time promote their entertainment industry! So what is so bad about this? Those agree, like this comment!


Chinese girls, don’t need Japanese people to judge.


Japanese people’s standard for beauty is very narrow, they only like the loli type…


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