AKB48 Sister Group SNH48 Member Voted Hottest in China by Japan

From QQ:

According to Japanese media reports, recently a certain Japanese media selected the most beautiful woman in China, however the surprising winner was not Fan Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi or other internationally known beauties but Ju Jingyi, a member of China’s idol girl group SNH48. Because of this Ju Jingyi became the top search term on several Japanese sites.


Japanese media using the title “China’s number one beauty in 4000 years”, to highly praise Ju Jingyi of China’s idol girl group SNH48, which led to numerous reposts online, and became a hot search term on many sites. According to reports, Ju Jingyi was a second generation SNH48 member and is currently in team NII, she came 4th in the group’s general election.


Japanese media’s selection was supported by Japanese netizens, “Ju Jingyi surpassed Mai Shiraishi of the idol girl group Nogizaka46.” However regarding the result of the selection by Japanese media, Chinese netizen had different opinions. Some expressed “she is good looking but girls like her are plentiful in China.” Other netizens expressed, “this girl only conform to Japanese standard for beauty, and having foreigners judge Chinese beauties is too weird.” Other netizens quipped “is she really the most beautiful? Would she dare to show her forehead?”

Comments on QQ:


She is good looking, but the problem is that girls like her are plentiful in China.


Because she look like a Japanese AV idol.


My wife is the most beautiful in the universe!


Little Japan is debasing China, they think Chinese beauties are merely like this.


What the fuck does whether our country’s women are beautiful have to do with you! You Japanese only like women who look like blow-up dolls.


Do Japanese all like this type? They only like cute lolis?

❦Clown༢ུ ღ:

With no make-up, no PS [photoshop], no cosmetic surgery, may I ask can you still recognize her? Think about it, haha…


It’s a pity [she] is not shooting AV [adult video].


Sora Aoi is the number 1 beauty.


SNH48 is the sister group of AKB48. By saying this Japanese media can pander to the mind of Chinese Otakus, while at the same time promote their entertainment industry! So what is so bad about this? Those agree, like this comment!


Chinese girls, don’t need Japanese people to judge.


Japanese people’s standard for beauty is very narrow, they only like the loli type…


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  • biggj

    She looks like she could be a Final Fantasy character.

    • mr.wiener

      Your final fantasy character? :)

      • tool


        • DC


        • AbC

          no… your is correct.

        • mr.wiener

          Um…No I mean’t the 2nd person possessive pronoun.

          • Merohedral


          • mr.wiener

            Guilty as charged.

  • AbC

    “Because she look like a Japanese AV idol.”
    I was going to say she looks like female characters in Japanese Hentai… but I guess that comment is also true.

  • Charles

    She looks 15, too young… but still very beautiful.

  • tomoe723

    I can’t help but agree with Chinese netizen comments above. I’ve seen prettier Chinese girls. She’s very stereotypical idol girl look. In fact, some AKB48 members look better than her. >.> For Japanese media to publish this is clearly downplaying Chinese beauty.

    • terroir

      ” For Japanese media to publish this is clearly downplaying Chinese beauty.”

      Yes. There is one Chinese standard of beauty to which to masturbate, and there can only be one.

      Millions of hurt feelings are awaiting compliance.

      • tomoe723

        That’s reassuring if you ask me. At least they know which standard of beauty to masturbate to, and the rest, although more beautiful, is treated with a certain level of respect and dignity, and not with perverted looks or actions.

    • Frank.

      To be frank, Fan Bing Bing is over rated. Her head is kinda weird. It’s big at the top bit thin at the bottom and her eyes are too big for that face. It is like someone tried to come up with the ideal Chinese beauty with bits from famous people and ended up with her. Also, she is a shit actress. The only reason I know of her is that she was on billboards here and had a funny name.

      • tomoe723

        I wasn’t referring to Fan Bing Bing as the prettier one. You should visit China or perhaps check local blogs. You’ll find posts of local goddesses like a certain school teacher or student beauty.

  • Bluex

    Just want her au naturale look to decide.

  • monster

    Japan lost entertainment market in Asia.
    In my father’s time, they all knew several very famous japanese films and actors, now we only know AV girls.
    Many years ago, Japan romance sitcoms were super popular, now we do not care at all. They like to make heartless powerful and evill women more and more, their spirit in their video works has been walking too freaky far.

    • Ktrang

      they lost to tvb and korean sitcoms

    • Bluex

      Thats because Korea and China/Taiwan/HK does not have any porn industry. I bet if they do you horny men would know more AV stars than film and drama actors.

    • Ken Morgan

      TBH there are some famous Japanese actors. The problem is just how heavily scrutinised they are. For instance Noriko Sakai. She rose to fame through the 90s and 00s. Then shock horror she’d taken a stimulant drug and fell from grace.

  • wnsk

    “China’s number one beauty in 4000 years” — I don’t even have to look at the girl to know this is a rubbish claim made by an idiot(s).

  • Guang Xiang

    China finally exporting some cultural power!

    • Joe

      but SNH48 is a scion of AKB48

      • Guang Xiang

        Damn, foiled again!

      • and those are all offshoots from H1N1.
        If it doesn’t kill us, it gives us immunity/makes us stronger

        • Frank

          And tone deaf.

  • guest

    Something fishly here.

    1. No links to which Japanese media said what.
    2. Odd that she just happens to be a member of sister band to a Japanese band.

    • Japan Media Watch

      The story of supposed vote by the Chinese, was printed by the Japanese nationalist media called Search China. They often take stories about China, translate supposed stories of Chinese people glorifying and admiring Japan, into Japanese language print for the Japanese audience. Of course, many of the such stories are either fabricated or exaggerated. Much of the Japanese media right now, is turning into Japanese right wing fantasia, where self praise on Japan, and superiority of Japan, etc etc. As much as China’s own censored media is a problem, Japan’s media is quickly getting up there to match China’s. At least in China, they don’t print self praising news everyday, like they do in Japan. Those are matched by Japan’s feverish pitch of xenophobic stories on their Chinese and Korean neighbors. It’s really fascinating to see what’s happening in Japan currently.

      • Sillian

        Search China is definitely one of the creepiest Japanese media outlets I’ve ever seen. I can understand political right-wing media but Search China is just…creepy. Is it related to Record China? Record China articles seem very popular on Yahoo Japan.

      • ClausRasmussen

        >> supposed vote by the Chinese

        There was no vote by the Chinese. Instead the girl was selected by a “certain Japanese media”. Japanese netizens later approved of their decision but didn’t vote either

        There seems to be no lies or fabrications involved, just some good natured media hype

  • Joe

    key terms: “pettanko” and “oppai”

    • Pettanko is PURITY! Pettanko is JUSTICE! Pettanko is WORLD PEACE!

      No one can defy that.

  • AKB48 is the scum of the earth. Akimito is the devil of Japan who sucks up all the money from mentally ill otakus who spend millions or billions of yen on AKB CDs just to get “handshake” tickets.

    Did anyone get my reference from the recent South Park episode, “Freemium isn’t Free?”

    I wonder why the Japanese government doesn’t do a thing to stop such a madness in Japan.

    • Small twon

      Dude, no G-man will touch a goose lay a golden tax egg.

      • Alex Dương

        G-men can be really stupid at times, though.

        • Small twon

          Well..there is that.

      • What the fuck are you talking about?

        • David

          They don’t do anything because the government makes tax money off of it. That is what he was saying.

    • 42

      Because the Japanese government are all kiddy porn jail baiting perverts aswell !

  • If I May


  • Choosing between the two, At least the woman on the right appears to have a developed figure. The girl on the left has the body of a 12 year old (girl/boy)

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      Its disturbing how many chinese men dream of one day having a girl that looks like she is 12 year old

      • Is that because they believe a 12 year old girl will be chaste/pure/untainted?

        • Don’t Believe the Hype

          In general that is probably true, but why girls feed into it is beyond me. Honestly, many of them dress like American elementary school girls- tieras, puffy skirts. Its beyond strange and borders on peverse as it goes beyond wanting to look “pure” to looking “cute” and thus, there you have it- a billion 12 year old looking 18-30 year old women.

          • ClausRasmussen

            >> dress like American elementary school girls

            They’re just playing the hand they’re dealt

            Asian girls are usually flat breasted and flat assed so they can’t dress as Western women. Instead they use that they are typically much younger looking and go for the cute girlish look

          • tomoe723

            I wonder where you got your statistics for this. The bra and panty sizes may be smaller than western counterparts, but we are not usually that. Is this personal? You’ve only dated flat breasted Asian women?

          • ClausRasmussen

            I have eyes in my head and that’s what they see

            Maybe it’s a matter of perspective: If you’re an Asian living in Asia you probably have a concept of “normal” breast sizes based on what you see, but I can tell you that if you live where I do, surrounded by well fed Scandinavian women, Asian women are definitely flat breasted and flat assed in comparison

            Btw: Please don’t take this as I’m saying one is better than the other. I think Western women and Asian women are all beautiful, but each in their own way

          • Alex Dương

            I think a few weeks / months ago, some people were joking with you / maybe calling you out because you said you once had an unpleasant experience of carrying a woman on your shoulders during a concert. Some of these people said it wasn’t a problem carrying a Chinese woman, and you replied by noting that you carried a taller, heavier Northern European woman xD

          • ClausRasmussen

            Yeah, I remember that lol.

          • tomoe723

            I’m sorry but your perspective is skewed. Compared to western counterparts, most Asian women don’t flaunt their breasts/cleavage in public. You’d think it’s small/flat, but they’re not. You just don’t see it clearly. The same goes for the asses.

            I also don’t think that western women have larger breasts on average. It’s too varying. Sure I’ve seen large ones but it was also because they were fat. But on average, it’s just the same in most of Asia.

          • David

            and they get upset when you call them a woman instead of girls. Even the 40 year olds want to be called girl.

    • ClausRasmussen

      >> appears to have a developed figure


      • HaHa – Oh she’s Korean?

        • ClausRasmussen

          You don’t know her !? It’s Sola Aoi, Japans most famous AV actress and hugely popular in China

          I’ve seen some pictures of her going from standard flat breasted Asian girl, to what you see above, and then back again lol

          • Never heard of her, but did a Google search and checked out the images… Wow – some nice photos!

          • ClausRasmussen

            Hehe… But she is also good looking Asian girl “au naturel” (notice how her boobs have shrunk)…


            Last I heard was that she’s now living in Beijing, presumably making a shelling f*cking business honchos and CCP bigwigs. Well deserved imo.

          • David

            Sora Aoi

          • ClausRasmussen

            Both are correct as Wikipedia phrase it “Sola Aoi or, less often, Sora Aoi”

            I believe she changed her name from Sora to Sola after her career ended

          • David

            That is what I get for not being a big enough Jap AV fan lol

          • Bluex

            Nope, it’s been always either Sora or Sola. Sola is probably how non-Japanese people call it since the Japanese name is literally called “So-ra”. Japanese language doesn’t have the “L” vowel.

          • ClausRasmussen

            Then I wonder where the Sola transcription come from. She was originally Sora (in Japanese), how did that become Sola?

  • Japan Media Watch

    Dress her up in sailor moon school girl uniform, and there you have your Japanese AV idol.

  • Irvin

    Maybe I watch too many japanese porn, but she’s my type too. Love the 12 years old look.

  • don mario

    which one is japanese? japanese have a fetish for young girls .. like, preteen looking… so do chinese.

  • don mario

    she looks like she has had plastic surgery, any reports of such or am i just talking shit?

    • 42

      You are talking shit, and if that is plastic surgery, I want my wife to have one.

  • Jahar

    As for people thinking that girl is the most beautiful in China, they are going to be choosing from women that the people have actually seen before. Of course there are better looking girls here. But no one outside of China is gonna be able to name any of them.

    When they say Fan Bing Bing is the most beautiful, I even feel that is ridiculous. She’s a good looking woman, but I see hotter girls here at least once a week (well I did when I lived in Hankou anyway). Different strokes for Different folks, I guess.

    • Frank

      Fan Bing Bing is over rated. The only reason anyone remembers her is that she has a hilarious name.

    • BillBo

      So, the obvious question is who do you say is most attractive then? Never heard of Bing, but I googled her and she’s obviously attractive although I wouldn’t imagine she’s the hottest of some 600+ million women there :P At least she doesn’t do the whole lolita thing, I can respect her for that.

      • Jahar

        Some random girl I saw on the street, probably.

        • BillBo

          I mean like celebrity wise, someone you could google :P

          • Jahar

            Oh I don’t know more than 3 or 4 Chinese female celebrities. My whole point was that the ones you can google aren’t going to be the best.

    • 42

      Oh come on grow up, by most beautiful girl in China, meaning celebrity beautiful. You probably believing Miss Universe is the most beautiful woman in the galaxy…..

      • Jahar

        Grow up? How is saying this childish? And also, my point, which went over your head, is that there are girls on the street that are more beautiful. And lastly, why on earth would you assume that I “believing” Miss Universe is the most beautiful woman in the galaxy?

  • Jahar

    If you don’t think Sola Aoi is beautiful, or that other girl when she’s properly photoshopped, then you need your eyes checked.

  • FYIADragoon

    You work with what you have. The lolita fashion is kind of weird (similar to the same way that tanning is in the states though…), but I think most women tend to dress and style themselves in a way that best makes use of their best aspects. Its just people on both sides of the pond that tend to misinterpret these things (the Chinese have misinterpretations of Western women that are similar to yours of Asian women).

  • Tommy Wang

    I understand this started from Japanese twitterverse with some folks religiously admiring this girl. There is much difference between Japanese news media and resposts sites if you’re talking bout a story like this, both heavily utilizes social signals to find viral trends…

  • vincent_t

    Choose 1 too.

  • BillBo

    I’m always weirded out by the sexual tastes of the Japanese… they love women who look and act like little girls. Especially creepy is the contacts these girls wear that make their white/colored ratio of their eyes bigger in favor of the colored portion (as seen in top photo). Makes them look like the eyes of a baby or small child….

  • David

    yea, that is why Mao only like 12 year old virgins when he was old enough to be their grandfather, because he thought they looked older. lol

  • donscarletti

    What’s wrong with the one on the right exactly? Jaw too square or what? I think your standards are a little too high if you classify that as “need to get eyes checked”. Boobs are probably fake, but since we can’t see signs like scars or the outline of implants we can treat them as real here for purposes of argument.

    The one on the left is pretty too, but I suspect she’s about 12 which sort of limits her appeal. However my 28 year old girlfriend has a similar figure, which is fine since at my level of charisma I only ever could have had the choice between fat and skinny and she’s easier to carry and buy clothes for. It’s convenient, I can hug her with one arm.

    Assuming the one on the left _was_ of the age of consent, I’m sure you’d be thrilled to have either.

  • lolnicetry

    lol stop trying, it’s painfully obvious how much you’re trying to put down chinese people, the girl on the right would in no way be considered beautiful in china. her nose is too wide and just generally isn’t pretty. girls that are considered are actresses like fan bing bing and liu yi fei.

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