Alibaba CEO Pressurized To Donate In Wake of Tianjin Disaster

Alibaba CEO Pressurized To Donate In Wake of Tianjin Disaster
Netizens have taken to Alibaba CEO Jack Ma’s Weibo account to pressurize him to make a donation in wake of the Tianjin explosions. Netizens made quite upfront comments like, “Why don’t you donate? You’ve bought a house at 1,300,000 RMB/square meter,” “You’ve got so much money, why don’t you donate to Tianjin?” and “When are you going to announce your donation?” Many news commenters took a different angle, with one saying the behavior was shameless, stating that donation was a personal choice, and asked if the trolls had donated themselves.


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  • WghUk

    Why target only Alibaba, there are hundreds of thousands of corrupt Communist officials with enough cash to rebuild another Tianjin!

    • Bman

      Yes, wasn’t there a story/cover-up about how Grandpa China is actually worth billions? Still can’t read the Times because of that one. Imagine what the combined wealth would be?

  • David

    He was PRESSURIZED to donate? I think that would kill him so he could not donate. Be honest, this is not a person translating (or should I say translated) these articles, it is just Google and the owners of the sight are still collecting ad revenue. How stupid do you have to be to pay to advertise here? I think he was PRESSURED to donate by netizens.

    • donscarletti

      “owners of the sight are still collecting ad revenue.”

      That should be “site”.

  • DD Bear!

    i think it’s quite easy to understand why netizens behave like this.
    quite some actors and actresses donated money this time.
    he donates often, so it’s quite normal.

    • hypebeast88

      thats true. But he doesn’t have to donate to everything right? just sayin’

  • Ajeje Brazov

    the social system should not rely on donations..

  • Jahar

    So, good work. Now if he donates, it’s not because he wanted to help, but because he caved to pressure. Also, how do they know he hasn’t?