All Unvaccinated Dogs In Qinjiang To Be Slaughtered

All Unvaccinated Dogs In Qinjiang To Be Slaughtered
Qingjiang town in Sichuan has recently decreed that all unvaccinated and large dogs will be mandatorily slaughtered, even if the dog has a collar and a clear owner. If the dog has an owner the owner will be the one to pay for the killing. The people behind this statement say that this is an effort to get rid of rabies, and that recently there have been too many cases of crazed dogs biting people. Most people support this statement and commend the government for taking action on this issue. Netizens say that if we don’t kill them it’s just waiting for them to hurt people.


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  • As a lifelong hater of all dogs, I think this kicks ass!

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      I don’t hate dogs, but that’s not the reason I disagree. This only stops the symptom, not the disease. People will still throw out dogs they don’t want, those dogs will still get bitten by rabid animals, and the rabies bites will still happen.

      And there is no guarantee that this program will keep running, or that the people supposed to do it will care.
      “Hey is that a dog?”
      “Should we catch it?”
      “Well we should but that would mean getting up…”

    • LostLaowai

      Weird that you hate dogs so much since you look like one so much.

      • Better to look like a dog than look like a pig the way you do. At least dogs are cute.

  • Use

    I don’t even like dogs and this is pretty awful… What about you dog gets stuck in a kennel and if you don’t pay to get it vaccinated then it gets put down after x days.

    Sounds way to fascist

  • Boob 2000

    Agree with the program. People are more important than dogs. If you don’t get your dogs vaccinated, they pose a safety risk to the public.

    If the dog owner is too cheap or does not give a damn about other people and does not get their dog vaccinated, the dog’s owner assumes responsibility for the dog being put down.

    • LostLaowai

      I hope you come back as a dog in your next life.

    • Jahar

      Well let’s just kill everything that’s not human, just to be on the safe side.

  • Boxed_Sushi

    “To get rid of rabies”

    Dogs aren’t the only problem. There are many other creatures out there who can carry rabies, too. Seems like an excuse to reduce the overflowing dog population.

    I hope the dogs at least get put down quickly and painlessly.

  • donscarletti

    I don’t think I could justify the same thing happening to un-vaccinated children, but it would make for some nice rhetoric.