Beautiful Girls…Or Amazing Asian Pretty Boys?

From Mop:

Chinese cross-dresser Kong Ming

Japanese cross dresser Luxfero

Japan sexy crossdresser Luxfero

Japanese Luxfero

Li Yugang

Feminine boy Yi You Shi Yi

Pretty by Yin You Shi Yi

Li Jingcheng tattoo

Cross dresser Li Jingcheng

Li Jingcheng cross dresser

Cross dressing pretty boy Li Jingcheng

Duo Luo Mei Mei

Yao Yao Er

Cute Chinese cross-dresser Yao Yao Er

Chinese cross dresser Yao Yao Er

Pretty boy cross dressing Yao Yao Er

Ri Gao Liang Ping

Ri Gao Liang Ping

Cross dresser Chinese Xiao Kui

Hizaki roses

Hizaki fancy dress

Cross dressing Jiu Yue Zi Yuan China

China cross dressing Duor (Duo Er)

Sexy cross dressing pretty boy Duo Er

Sexy legs black dress Aiko from Taiwan

Taiwanese Aiko pretty boy cross dresser in black underwear

Taiwanese cross dresser Aiko lyin gon blue sofa

Cross dresser Liang Ping

Japanese schoolgirl or cross dresser Mo Li (Molly?)

Japanese cross dresser Mo Li shopping

Li Jingcheng traditional dress series

Li Jingcheng traditional costume series

Li Jingcheng cross dresser

Li Jingcheng cross dressing

Li Jingcheng red

Li Jingcheng scroll

Li Jingcheng scroll

All of the beautiful girls in the above photographs are actually men.

Comments from Mop:


I admit I am hard~~


I have to say I am a little envious of them. Tell me, how are they so pretty? Sigh, yet still men!



I can’t go on anymore…if I keep looking at them I will no longer have any interest towards women…


All pretty girls, how many women would feel ashamed after looking at them. Haha.


Actually, women should look at Brother Chun. With such a powerful Brother Chun, how can they be ashamed~


I keep hovering between hard and not hard?


Dammit, I hate it when people say I look like a girl.


LZ, this post tells us that every time we SY to a photograph, we must first Baidu that photo first, just in case…


Kao, with already this many, it wouldn’t hurt to add one more…


Men are becoming more and more like women, and women more and more like men…this society is so…


Remember, everyone, when you are out at night [at nightclub, bar, etc.] to not be deceived by exterior appearances! Especially those “girls” who don’t like to open their mouths! [It would be a] tragedy! A painful lesson!

What do you think? Would you be fooled? Would you admit it?

More pretty girls, pretty boys, and maybe some pretty boys who look like pretty girls. chinaSMACK personals.

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  • Doto

    “I admit I am hard~~”


    • 可口可乐

      I’m pretty sure that I’ve fucked a few of these on my last trip to Thailand. Oh well, it was cheap.

      • There is no way those were men. I don’t believe!

        • pepsi

          make-up can do wonders…

          • kaneshiro

            +1 to Dr. Giggles… ha

  • dethebile


    Fauna, I am so excited I forgot what the post was about.

    Deng yi xia,

    Oh yeah, looks like girl boys.

    Well, I always do a hand-test before.

    Susa Playa Yan Shit Korea, waiting for your post; you always make my day.

  • HaamSapTjai

    It is oke to be turned on right?
    There are some pictures where I really can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl. I am so confused!

  • yeesh

    asian males and females look alike so its easy to make the transition. lol

  • russian_nick

    What’s the chinese for package check?

  • confused

    So, are they all males?

  • watch out…. IT’S A TRAP!

  • james

    does it really matter?? its not like ur gonna do them, just a picture.

  • This is actually part of a Chinese plot to take over the world. As you might know, due to the “one child policy” we have a surplus of men. By turning these “bare sticks” into pretty boys, China will be able to turn you white folk gay. Or should I say, even gayer. I think this post alone will create a few thousand homosexuals (maybe you, reading this right now!). Then Westerners stop breeding, while we continue to pump out peasants faster than a white Bugatti Veyron.

    • God

      lol…don’t worry about “whites” not reproducing. With all the pollution you have been sniffing, swallowing and drinking since the parents of your parents were born, you might not be able to reproduce at all…Or wait a minute, isn’t it that Chinese guys are starting to develop female hormones? Must be the chickens!
      Rot in my hell, little racist piggie.

    • MM

      Yeah, uneducated peasants who can’t think for themselves. For the most part, Chinese people (Mainland Chinese People) are brainless and aren’t creative enough to develop without copying the west. Chinese people will never amount to the western world. China taking over the world, that’s a total joke. I have to say, ABC’s are some of the smartest people I’ve ever encountered, but they would never come back and represent China. They will help the west become a much more innovative place for the future.

      Keep pumping out those peasants because they aren’t going to get you anywhere. Actually, they are useful for something, making buildings that have a 12 year life span.

      • xuan

        you guys are so stupid to not see sarcasm… c’mon.. REALLY? are you really that dumb, lighten up a bit. and china taking over the world IS possible in the future, if they had the desire to, china can pull out all it’s money to make the american economy collapse. a fifth of the world’s population is chinese, keep that in mind and statistically asian people score highest on iq-tests. and because you’re all: “ooh west is best!” you forget the fact that poor peasants make sure they study extra hard to climb up, the poorer they are, the more motivated and ambitious.. you racist tards with no sense of humor

      • asada

        all of the great inventions actually originated from the empire of China, like the printing press. Read history.

  • 250

    If you find some attractive it doesn’t matter because they look like girls. Some pull it off others really don’t.
    I never understood who would be their lover. Straight men wouldn’t like the hidden surprise and gay men wouldn’t find you attractive. I suppose you have to find someone who doesn’t mind being confused.
    Any insight from the gay men on this site?

    • shui3

      i wouldn’t hit and i’m bi

      too freaky for me even

    • Teratorn

      I’m a lesbian and I’d take any of these pretty creatures home. :)

    • Eva

      Bisexual female, and I would in a heart beat.

  • le gasp

    omg it’s Hizaki.
    Make-ups do wonders.

    • HIZAKI ftw! Are any of these other lovelies artists we should recognize? (I LOVE Hizaki. What a musician!)

  • Yin

    That Li Jingcheng fellow is pretty good, but then he does have professional makeup.

  • Name (required)

    “I admit I am hard~~” and “continue to pump out peasants faster than a white Bugatti Veyron”

    LMAO Big Time

    • skyline

      omg that had me in stitches ROFL

  • Cactus543

    Does not know what to think

  • Rick Katoey luva

    I like the one in the sailor outfit and high stockings.

    Hands off her. He’s mine!

  • whichone


    When they look in the mirrors, I wonder if they are turned on by that they see or repulsed by the knowledge of what’s underneath. I sure am confused.

  • FYIADragoon

    2,3,4,6,7,11,12,13,17,19,22,24,25,26,27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 confirmed for making me incredibly aroused. God, why is fapping to traps such a guilty pleasure?

  • roflcopter

    Those men are prettier than any white girls I’ve ever seen!

    • roflcopter

      chinese people are the most beautiful in the world – even the men are beautiful.

  • Unknown

    I’d tap that. All of that.

  • Amazing Pretty Boys

    Are those girlie boys Shanghainese? There are certainly many girlie boys in Shanghai!

    They look so much more elegant and feminine than Shanghainese women… Shanghainese women should ask for advice on this.

  • martin

    a ladyboy with tons of guns… that sounds like some kind of gay theft auto or something like that…

    • Kai

      LOL, I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed that one. That’s pretty freaky.

  • Half these “women” look like men and most of the rest look like girls who went through puberty with a bad case of PCOS. China has a long way to go before it can beat Thailand and become the ladyboy capital of the world.


    ALL asian dudes are pretty much bitches .

    • yeesh

      omg…i was thinking the very same thing! lol

  • In ancient times both China and Japan had a tradition of guys playing girls in theatrical productions. I suppose the historical precident has already been set.

  • ShanghaiSteve

    Is this a compilation of Asian “lady boys” or are these photos only of Chinese men?

  • One wonders if this might lead to a new sociological paradigm where men masquerade as women when a species population transcends the environment’s ability to support it; and why Asian men O.O Hahah

  • Shanghairocks

    I am back.. with my loneliness

  • It’s so hard to believe, damn he is look like gorgeous girl

  • mimi

    Wow, the first pic looks like the actress, Fan Bing Bing!

  • 王老吉

    Reasons for why is so easy for chenese men to look like girls:

    1- No beard. Everybody who have met a chinese guy know that he will not be able to grow a beard until he is at least 20 or more.

    2- They are all very thin. As much or more than girls sometimes.

    3- Emo-Hair. For some reason, chinese boys (and girls) love emo-hair, for a chinese boy to be considered cool, he must have at least one eye covered by his hair.

    4- And of course the small penis. Which is well know thing, so it~s easier to hide it.

    P.S.: That´s why more and more chinese girls prefer Laiwais (Foreigners)!!!

    • 可口可乐

      All I have to say is you have a stupid ass handle.

    • Kai

      China’s greatest export seems to be in providing superiority complexes to certain foreign men who are desperate for one thing or another to make them feel “better” about themselves and over other people.

      Some mainland Chinese girls find you attractive and prefer you over the average mainland Chinese guy. Good for you. Have a cookie.

  • Tins of sardines

    Seems to me that someone went to their local corner hairdresser and took some photos of the male staff.

    I wonder which one is Rolfcoptor….

  • ImmortalTechnique

    If I squint real hard, I can kind of see that those are dudes. But hey, those are some really good-looking dudes.

  • Treewizard648

    Is this common in China? In the US this type of behavior is discouraged.

  • Nicholve

    Gays! I’m OK with gay people but they’ve gotta showcase they are gays.Otherwise gender could be such a confusion to people…

  • dim mak

    Aren’t these “ladies” Japanese?

    And also, I sense much jealousy in this thread.

  • cmfeirs

    Why is this even on Chinasmack? To talk about how good Chinese men can look like women? Thats nothing to be proud of. I will give China that gold medal any day, week, month, year, decade, century. Ohhh, did i forget score?

  • Ceci

    That guy who likes showing his shoulder, I just wanna point out, that his shoulder is really manly.

  • Ceci

    Btw, apparently most of them are not Chinese. Mainly are Japanese, judging from the watermark on the picture, and their dressing style.


    LOOK AT THIER HANDS… hahahaha, I would notice a dirty man hand like that in the first 2 mins.

  • Mingster

    Well, speaking as a gay Chinese guy living abroad, I find these pics are amusing. Unfortunately, for a majority of gay guys, these pretty “girls” are not the object of desire. They will attract more attention from “straight” guys than gay men.
    We like our guys who look manly with muscular gym-toned body.

    These girls should be a hit in a typical drag show in the West for sure.

    • Tins of sardines

      Well, considering the gay population accounts for about 2-5% (so I am lead to believe) of the entire population, it would make sense to target the other ~97% of the male population for a sneaky bit of anal in the broom cupboard on the their lunch breaks.

      Since I also have your attention, do gay men like one legged guys with big pink puffy nipples or little brown ones?

      I have one of each.

  • fjasj

    Fauna, I am not sure how you feel about the commentators on this site. You must be glad that there’s so much activity on here but on the other hand, they’re mostly uneducated bottom-of-the-barrel Western trash/人渣! You might as well disable the comment section.

  • LOLZ

    They did a good job hiding their adam’s apples, must did surgery in Korea or something.

  • Eli

    fashion is a sign of uglyness so intolerable it must be changed every 6 months

  • LOLZ

    I had my doubts but I think all of them are actually guys. Here are more info about these cross dressers.

    孔铭 – The “girl” in the first pic. The link below shows the guy dressed as a guy.

    Luxfero – The “girl” in the second pic. I found her weblog. You can find more of her pics are at the bottom.

    李玉刚 – the 3rd “girl”, and professional actor in traditional Chinese opera. The wiki link shows him dressed as a guy.


    吟游诗忆 – The “girl” in glasses. I found her baidu myspace page. According to some of his posts he had a pic of himself a guy in the profile but it’s not there now.


    李竟成 – The 5th “girl”. I found his pic album. Total emo type.

    堕落魅魅 – The 6th “girl”. His baidu myself page.

    • Pretendiname

      That is the most impressive cyber-stalking I have ever seen.

  • dirtywhiteboy

    i can hardly believe that all of these people are dudes. Some it is kind of obvious to tell, others unless I had read the thread I would’ve had no idea. This doesn’t make me gay right?!?!?!? right? lol

    • Mingster

      No, you are not gay. You are just “curious.” lol.

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  • Dana

    I’m a girl and I gotta admit I’m jealous that most of them look prettier than I am.

  • cmfeirs


    This site is for the top political stories inside China. This isn’t even a story. There’s no reason to post it, and nothing to comment on. Ridiculous. You do seem happy that you finally have something to be proud of – – “asian men make better cross-dressers than whites, whoooooooooooo. we win, we win!!!” admit it, its a stupid article to even make the cut for China Smack.

    • Kai

      LOL, WUT?

    • Ashley Schaffer BMW

      When did this site become exclusive to the “top political” stories in China?

  • Gao

    LB/TS girls can be hot!
    I date one be for :)

  • gump27

    I must say the person who post ugly male teeth with lipstick is no a true man, he fails. I am male and i am straight, but no much to say.

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